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Los Angeles is sunny and warm as Lloyd Banks begins his day with a small breakfast and then a trip to the gym. He has a few errands to focus on while he is on the west coast before he can get to why he is really here. He caught the redeye from New York last night because he heard that Ludacris will be out in LA to promote some of the acts signed to his DTP label. He knows it will be the perfect opportunity for them to get together because he genuinely misses the older rapper. He wants to talk to him and hold him and kiss him. Banks attends a small meeting with the Aftermath executives after his visit to the gym to discuss the progression of his album and which song is to be released as the next single. The meeting is successful and he can tell that the execs are extremely pleased with him as he leaves the building and heads to a photo shoot in the late afternoon. The shoot takes up a lot of his energy and goes on for a long time before the photographer finally releases him. His luggage is still in the White Escalade; he gets in and grabs his phone.

The G-Unit member finds what he is looking for and places the phone to his ear. It rings twice. "Yea? What you want?"

"Who you talkin' to like that kid?"

"Yo ass. Who else talkin' to me right now?"

"You ain't slick," Banks says.

"This is what happens when I don't get any."

"Aww. You miss me Bri?"

"Fuck yea! I need to see you," Ludacris says in a low tone.

"You can't talk?"

"Not here. Gimme a sec," the southern rapper says as he quickly raps the meeting with his crew. He gets into an awaiting limo and speeds off to his hotel in the night. "Sorry `bout that. Couldn't talk in front of everyone."

"Who you with?"

"Was with the DTP crew but they know what they gotta do so I cut the meeting short."

Banks frowns. "I thought you cut it short to talk to me," he pouts.

"Definitely that too. So what up baby?"

"Chillin'. Where you at?"

"LA. Had some business out this way? Why? You out here?"

"I wish," he smiles to himself. "I'm down in Miami doing a radio tour."


"Where you stayin' at?"

"The Ritz-Carlton. Why?"

"Just wonderin'. What was your day like babe?"

Ludacris rests his head back on the seat and tries to relax. "Meetings, meetings, and more meetings. Is there anything else to life?"

"Not ours. You sound tired."

"Tried and horny. Come out here," he says like a little boy. "I want you."

"I can't Bri. Busy as hell."

"Damn. We haven't seen each other in so damn long."

"Tell me `bout it."

"You wanna have phone sex Chris?" the Atlanta rapper asks seductively.


"Come on! I'm horny babe."

"Naw kid. You crazy. I ain't down for that."

"Scared ass nigga. Come on---"

"Just jack off," Lloyd Banks teases. He cannot wait to surprise his man at his hotel later on. It is something they both need and obviously want.

"Ha ha. I want you to do it for me."

"Would if I was there but since I ain't---"

"You ain't gotta finish that nigga. I get you," the southern rapper replies angrily.

"That phone sex thing ain't happenin'. I prefer the real."


"Fuck you!"

"You wish. Let me hit you back later baby. I'm `bout to get in the shower," the DJ turned rapper says as he opens the door to his hotel suite and sets his luggage down besides him.

"Aight. I'll holla later."


The driver informs the G-Unit member that they are about twenty minutes away from the Ritz-Carlton hotel when he asks him. He cannot hide his excitement as the SUV speeds through the streets of California to get him to his destination. He wants this; his body can taste it. He can only imagine Ludacris' juicy lips touching his own. The older rapper's hands roaming all over his body and feeling his most private areas. Banks tries to contain himself because he does not want to get hard, although it might already be too late. The fabric around his dick is already starting to feel tight and constricted as he desperately tries to think about any other thoughts that are not his man. Just as he closes his eyes for relaxation, he feels his phone begin to vibrate on the seat next to him. Lloyd Banks looks at the number displayed on the window and keeps staring at it. Why now? He clicks his phone and ignores the call because he does not need to deal with that right now. Less than five pass before the phone goes off again. Why is 50 Cent calling him now?

The young rapper clears his throat before picking up his phone and flipping it open. "Yea?"

"What's good Chris?"

"Chillin' Fifty. What's going on?"

The buff rapper does not know how to react to being called 50 from one of his closest friends but he takes it in stride. "Chillin'. Just wanted to see where you were. You wanna chill with me tonight?"


"Where you at?"

"LA. Had to come out this way to handle some business."

"Oh," 50 says, disappointed. It is evident through his melancholic tone. "I thought you was still in NY."

"Nah. You aight?"

"Yea. Yea. Straight."

He is lying and Banks wants to know why but he does not need this right now. "Okay."

"I just called to see how you were Chris. I can still do that right?"

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"You want nothin' to do with me anymore."

The statement slams into the younger rapper's head and he is momentarily speechless. "I---I never said that," he mumbles.

"Didn't have to. I see it."

"What you want me to do Curtis? You the one that pushed me away. And now that I'm tryin' to move on you accuse me of all this shit?" Lloyd Banks says as he steps into the elevator of the lavish hotel and begins to ride it upwards to the sky.

"You think I pushed you away because I said I didn't want to be in a relationship with you? I ain't gay Chris man. I don't see other niggas that way."

"So why'd we do what we did?" he quips.

"I dunno. It just happened."

"Classic Fifty Cent answer---"

"Can we please not fight? Please?"

"I'm busy. I gotta go."

"It's nine over there. What you gotta do?" 50 Cent boldly asks. He wants to try and work out their issues once and for all but it is unlikely now.

"You ain't gotta worry `bout me."

"So damn stubborn."

"Whatever you say. I'm out."

"Who's the one running now Chris? Answer me that," the superstar rapper asks in a low but powerful tone. It is the truth. The roles are now reversed.

"Dunno. It's not worth it anymore."

"What you so scared of? You loved being my best friend just like I loved being yours."

"Ages ago. Your point?" Banks quickly snaps. He is out of the elevator and near a large window looking over the city. He does not want this; he wants Ludacris.

"Nothin'. I guess you right kid. Shit's not worth it anymore."


"Yea one."

The void between the two G-Unit members keeps getting wider and stronger, forcing them further and further apart and it has him slightly worried as he continues to look out onto the city below him. He needs a minute to gather up all his thoughts and lock them away before he can face his boyfriend, whose suite he can plainly see from where he is currently standing. Why did 50 Cent have to call him right now? Why did he even bother to pick up, knowing deep down that it was going to be a bad idea if he did so? Things have never been harder on Lloyd Banks and even though he has Ludacris in his life, he feels alone. The amount of history that he and the buff rapper share is hard to erase and forget. It can never be forgotten. After the tough battle to lock everything away, he clears his throat and takes in the serenity of the city of Los Angeles one last time before walking up to the massive double doors that grant entry into his man's hotel room. A deep, strong breath passes through Banks' body before his knuckles meet the wooden door.

The southern rapper's eyes light up immediately when the door swings open. "Chris---"

Lloyd Banks rushes into his lover's arms and kisses him with all the passion he has been saving; everything is released in that one moment and time freezes and bends to their love. The Atlanta rapper is completely caught off guard by this but closes his eyes and falls into the spiral of love he has for the man kissing him right now. Every nourishing emotion and feeling rush back through their bodies and it suddenly does not matter how long they were apart for. None of it matters but the moment both men are tangled in. Ludacris kicks the door close with one leg while his arms wrap tightly around his prize. His possession. His love. The moment is too perfect and the kiss does not end out of the risk that everything might crumble beside them. Banks' fingers trace the arch of his man's delicate back and the sensitive skin he finds there is driving him crazy. They both saved up so much for the other and now is the time to spend it all. Spend it all for something they both want and need so badly. Their intimate kiss finally falls apart, leaving both in heaven.

"You lied to me---" Ludacris says after their lips quickly connect for another time.

"You gonna get on me for one lil' white lie baby?"

"Naw. I'm gonna get on you for a whole different reason."

"Now that's what I'm talkin' `bout. By the way, surprise," Lloyd Banks says sweetly as he stares into his boyfriend's eyes.

"I gotta repay you for this surprise."

"I'm counting on it."

Lips stick to each other once again as both men slowly make their way toward the bedroom so their lips will not fall apart. The feeling is indescribably overwhelming to have their lips touching once again. It sends jolts of pleasure down Lloyd Banks' body and his brain is groveling with him for more and more of it. His body is addicted to Ludacris and the things he does to him and the way he makes him feel. The pair slowly walk together until a large bed comes into view. It has to be christened and will be shortly. While in the room, the G-Unit member slips his hands under his man's shirt and feels his strong abdomen before driving his shirt up his smooth torso and removing it completely. In the mean time, the southern rapper is busily unbuttoning the many locks that keeps his lover's shirt adhered to his sweet body. Articles of clothing are tossed into a forgotten pile on the floor while both rap artists make the transition from standing up to the bed. Banks is pushed onto the bed but he brings the older rapper down with him and kisses him strongly.

Fingers delicately but swiftly get to work undoing belt buckles and pant buttons so the moment between them will only be experienced to the fullest. The DTP rapper maneuvers his body so his baggy jeans can easily fall off his body and his navy blue boxers are also defeated in the process. He is completely naked when he flips Lloyd Banks on top of his body and takes off the rest of the man's clothes in one swipe all the while their lips never the other's. Hands roam almost foreign bodies in an attempt to get reacquainted as small, tender moans ricochet from the walls of the vast room. The present moment is spent becoming familiar with it all once again. Remembering how it feels and how bad each man has missed it. Banks sits on his lover's flat stomach while both his hands cups the man's face in their kiss. Ludacris' tongue meets the younger rapper lips and once they grant him access, tongues fight to bring pleasure to the body it is attached to. 50 Cent has since disappeared from his mind. He does not care about any of it right now.

"Damn Chris. Damn I missed this---" the southern rapper says in between their heavy kisses. "I missed you baby."

"Yea. Yea. I missed you too. Never knew it could be this good."

"You ready to feel even better?"

"Been born ready homie," Lloyd Banks sexily says before connecting their lips together once again.

No time is wasted as both men face the opposite direction and begins to get to work on the other's neglected dick. Ludacris engulfs his man's hard, pulsating member into his mouth and begins to suck hardly on it to extract the pleasure from within. It begins to work when he feels it shiver and jump in his mouth; he is doing something right. The G-Unit member uses his fingers to lightly trace the insides of his lover's thighs as his head plunges back and forth on his steel rod. Their dicks twitch, jerk, and revel in all the pleasure they are receiving but it will not go too far because the night is still far too young for it to be over so soon. The feelings are there and Lloyd Banks knows it; he just does not know how to face it. It is something he wants more than anything but it is also something that scares the life out of him. Fingers find soft and yielding flesh on the quest to total gratification domination while both rappers continue to suck on each other's now aching dick. If they do not stop now then it will all be over far before its time. Banks stops.

"Come kiss me," the young rapper says as he looks up.

"My pleasure."

The DTP rapper's full lips cover his own as their tongues taste each other's again and again. The fighting has subsided and is now replaced with peaceful cohabitation. Both have learned to work together to garner satisfaction to each man. Banks' fingers touch every piece of naked flesh he can possibly reach. Every part of Ludacris, from his biceps to the back to his smooth head, feels tender digits encircle around them while their bodies slowly and sensually grind against one another's. Everything feels so right to him. To them. Hearts beat irregularly while adrenaline is released into the blood stream to cause the experience to be heightened in every single way. Lloyd Banks is sure his lips are now red because of how hard his lover is kissing him but does not care about anything but his needs and his boyfriend's needs. The Atlanta DJ turned rapper's hands run down the sides on his man's slender body and rest on his hips while his mind wanders away from him. When an overpowering image comes to him, he ends their kiss and shuts his eyes.

"I want it," Ludacris states before opening his eyes again. "I want you."

The intensity of his gaze automatically tells Lloyd Banks with his statements are all about. "You sure Chris? I don't wanna rush you---"

"No," he interrupts. "I want it. Been wanting it for a while but was too scared."

"Are you really ready for it baby?"

"Yea. I wanna feel it."

The southern rapper's back meets the bed again and their lips touch briefly before their journey begins to take that pleasant twist into their own world. Lloyd Banks wants him to be as comfortable with it as possible so he uses his lips to try and relax the man below him. They circle under his jaw; a visible hickey is left behind, and kiss his ears and chin before going down his lover's strong neck. His fingers rub against and gently pinch Ludacris' nipples as his hands rest on the younger rapper's back. His wet tongue tastes the raw flesh as it follows a predetermined path down the light skin. The nipples are erect and wet before the G-Unit rap star leaves them and heads lower down the body he is worshipping. A series of short and ticklish kisses are planted around his boyfriend's navel while his hands are teasing and fondling with the older man's hard dick and free dangling balls. Banks takes the head and first few inches into his mouth and his head moves up and down on the rod. Grunts and groans are heard and this encourages him to do more.

Lloyd Banks has wanted this for a long while but never wanted to push his boyfriend into doing it because he knows how much it hurts and how comfortable you have to be with the other person for it to go as smoothly and easily as possible. Hearing his lover say the words to him manages to make him calm and has his body quivering with the anticipation of it all. He places himself in between Ludacris' legs and takes in the sight of the other rapper below him. He is so sexy. He begins to spread his legs, not believing what he is about to do. What he asked for. The G-Unit member licks his hand with a copious amount of spit before coating his hard pole with it. He contemplates using a condom so his lover's first time will go smoother but he does not have one and does not want to ruin the moment by asking the other man if he has one. Nothing can break their moment or bring either down from the high their bodies are experiencing. Banks continues to use his own spit to coat every inch of his pulsating dick. It will make all the world of difference in a bit.

A small amount of light seeps into the room and bounces off their skin; it sets the perfect mood to make every dream come true. He spreads his man's legs farther and farther apart before his tight entrance comes into view. Banks hovers over the southern rapper's torso and presses one hand into the bed for support while the other is firmly gripping the base of his slippery dick. Ludacris winces and makes a cute face when he feels something cold and hard pressing against his virgin hole and tries his best to relax because he does want it. He does want his man inside him; to feel the new things he has been missing out on. It is only fair. The very tip of Lloyd Banks' sensitive rod starts forcing its way into the unexplored cavern of his man and the Atlanta rapper immediately howls out in pain and retracts his body up. He is so tight. When a sincere and meaningful look cajoles him back into position, it begins once again. He relaxes and imagines anything to keep him that way as the G-Unit rapper begins to press into him softly. The pain is immense and daunting.

Ludacris clamps his teeth down into his full lower lip and tastes blood in his tongue as his virginity is slowly being taken away from him. He does not know how to react because he feels like his insides are being torn into shreds from the long invader violently poking and stabbing into it. He pushes his lover on the stomach, a sign to stop, and tries to adjust himself to fit the large head that is now inside him. The pain is too much to bear and he does not feel any sort of pleasure. It hurts and burns and feels weird. Lloyd Banks carefully shifts his weight and bends down to comfort his man; the pain is clearly written on his face. He kisses him softly and ensures him that everything will be alright and to take as much time as he needs. The DTP rapper selfishly pulls their lips back together because when they are connected, he temporarily forgets the pain his lower body is in. He wants this but never expected there would be so much pain involved. He greedily devours Banks' lips with his own and kisses him hard to try and relieve some of the pain he is in. It is harsh.

"You okay babe?" the G-Unit member asks as he looks into his lover's eyes. There is hurt there.

"No. This hurts Chris."

"I know. You wanna stop?"

"I dunno."

"You getting used to me? It feels different or the same?" Banks asks.

"It's getting better. Guess I'm getting used to it."

"It's only painful at first. You'll love it after." They are talking so close to each other that their lips are practically touching.

"Is that a promise?"

"Oh yea. One that will come true."

Ludacris pecks him on his lips sweetly before saying, "Let's keep going."

"You ready for it?"

"Now or never. Just gotta suck it up."

"Be strong baby."

The young rapper devises a plan to make things go more smoothly and have their bodies connected effortlessly. He becomes more aggressive with his kisses and uses his tongue to roam the insides of his boyfriend's mouth while one of his hands slides down his body and grabs hold of his dick. The pleasure will overwhelm his body so much that he will not have any opportunity to think about all the pain he is in. The DJ turned rapper jolts when he feels a hand come in contact with his attention deprived pole and starts to moan in his man's mouth when he starts to pump his hard shaft up and down. The moans are drowned out by heavier kisses and the stroking become more rapid as he slowly begins to force more of his dick into the tight hole. Ludacris arches his back and yells out but another kiss manages to stop him and take a small amount of the pain away. He feels the G-Unit rapper's member go deeper and deeper inside him, ripping tissues and forming a tunnel in the process, as he bites his lover's lips and tries to accept it all. He needs it.

Banks' hand pulls and tugs at his hard meat as he tries to match it with the slow rhythm of their lovemaking. It is useless because the pace is currently not right. It is pure torture. He knows what he is doing and does not stop until the entire length of his dick is coated with the warm, moist flesh of his lover's insides. He is all the way in. The neatly trimmed hairs of his pubes brush against his boyfriend's butt and tickles a little bit. Pain and pleasure hits DTP rapper's body from both sides and he is confused as to which one to feel first. It feels so weird. So different. Not nearly as crazy as he once thought it was. This is his desire. The man over him is his obsession. Their bodies are finally one; the hardest part of it is over. He kisses Lloyd Banks sweetly on the lips and tells him to stay there for a moment as he tries to get used to it all being inside him. He is having sex with another man and wants it more than anything. Ludacris closes his eyes and immediately see sparkling spots in the darkness. Everything is blank in his mind but then it all comes to him.

Unbeknownst to him, his lower body starts to slowly rock up and down on the bed. The G-Unit member's body shudders at the new waves of pleasure as he fights off the urge to begin thrusting into his man. The southern rapper easily gets used to being impaled by slowly starting to work himself on the rock hard dick that is stabbing him. More adrenaline is rushing through his veins and the excruciating pain that was one present in now replaced with sheer bliss. His virginity slips away from him. Banks can no longer fight off the impulses and begin plowing into the tight hole; he has to mark it as his own. They fit together perfectly as their kiss breaks and he begins to smoothly slide in and out of the older rapper under him. Their movements become easier and more relaxed as Ludacris completely falls into it. He is hooked. One hand grabs the thick shaft of his dick and begins yanking it while the other cups his balls in his hands. They feel warm and his eyes are closed to enhance the mood. Lloyd Banks begins to find the groove between their wanting bodies.

A loud howl echoes off the walls of the large bedroom of the hotel as Ludacris experiences what it feels like to have his prostate touched for the first time. The stars and light blind him as his boyfriend continues to drill deeper and deeper into him, battering his spot with every thrust now. Their bodies being connected in such an intimate way is more than pure sin can handle. He slightly whimpers when Lloyd Banks' fingers dig into his hips; it is for him to support himself as the pace begins to rapidly quicken and become so much more urgent. Everything feels so right. So real. The younger rap star's mind lingers away from the pleasure of his body to something else he has been battling with. It cannot be said now. It will possibly ruin the moment and neither can afford that. Their bodies cannot afford it. The former DJ grunts and hisses at the constant intrusion of his most private part as the assault continues to gratify each man. Using his extremely hard dick like a sword, Banks cuts through his lover's insides to clear the path for himself. It feels too real.

A heated friction melts the two superstars' bodies together in the ultimate satisfaction as the G-Unit member continues to force himself into and out of the tiny hole that is bringing him so much pleasure. His lover is feverishly jacking off his dick; their rhythm together is almost perfect as he vies for the surreal release of it all. The pressure in his lower abdomen increases and he is sure that he is bleeding from his hips because his Banks' fingernails are still deeply jammed into them but the passion of the moment outweighs it all. The plowing becomes provocatively intent and seamless as Ludacris tries to adjust his body to the speed at which his insides are being pummeled. As if rehearsed, both men's dick begins to erupt as they fall off the cliff and for a few precious moments in time, they fly. The southern rapper tugs his still hard dick as cum lands everywhere from the sheets near his body to his now glistening stomach. Lloyd Banks keeps with his powerful thrusts as he continues to empty himself into his older boyfriend. The cohesion finally falls apart.

The exhausted rapper extricates himself from his lover and lies next to him. He kisses the man's serene lips for a long moment. "Damn. You were great."

The adrenaline induced high is fading away and the pain sets back into Ludacris' lower body. "Fuck. Fuck. It hurts."

"I know. Just relax babe. It'll ease it in a minute."

"How was it?"

"Good. Great. I tried to last as long as I could but you were too good," Banks states as he attempts to get under the blanket. His body is suddenly cold. "Come under here with me."

"You wanna feel me next to you?"

"You know this Bri. Come here." He pulls their bodies close together when they are both submerged under the coverlet and the share a short kiss. They are cuddling.

"This really hurts Chris. I can barely move."

"You want me to get you some pills?"

"Will it help?"

"Not for that pain. You gotta just take it. Man up," the G-Unit member unmercifully teases his boyfriend.

"I am a man!" the Atlanta rapper pouts. "This is all your fault."

"You asked for it."

"Naw. I didn't."

"You're so cute baby but damn you a liar!"

"At least I'm cute," he smiles. "Despite everything, it was great."

It starts to eat away at him again and now that he has the opportunity to fully concentrate on it, it is harder to refuse. "I wanna tell you something."


"I dunno---"

"What's wrong Chris? What happened?"


"What is it?"

"Remember when you told me you loved me?" There is no easy way declare true feelings.

"Yea---" the older rapper answers a little nervously.

"You meant it right?"

"Yes. You know I did---"

"I love you," Lloyd Banks cuts him off completely and stealthily delivers his feelings with the three short words.

"You---you do?"

"Yes. I wanted to say it when you said it but I didn't want you to think that I was only saying it because you was saying it. I felt it back then and I feel it now. I love you Bri."

"I love you too Chris. So damn much." Their lips instantly press against one another's.

"Felt so good to finally say that."

"Felt so good to finally hear it."

"I feel it. I feel you. You make me see things that I never thought possible Chris," the young rapper says. They are cutely cuddled together with their naked bodies under the heavy covers.

"Now you know how I felt all this time. I want you. I want this. Fuck the industry and fuck everything else. The only thing that matters now is me and you baby."

"Still. We can't tell anyone."

"Yea. For our careers. I love my career a lot but I'm starting to love you more Chris."

"For real?" the G-Unit rapper asks, stunned.

"For real. I feel the same way you do. The things you make me feel I can't explain. All I know is that I want them, and you, around me all the time."

"We in trouble here."

"No. We can keep it a secret. Still have our careers and each other."

"I really want that. I really want you baby."

"You already got me," the DJ turned rapper informs his lover. "You wanna go to bed? I'm tired."

"Yea me too. Night baby. I love you."

"I love you Lloyd Banks."

"It's Chris---"

"It's whatever I want it to be," he sexily taunts before their lips come together in a kiss.

Their innocent good night kiss evolves into a more passionate and liberating one as Lloyd Banks feels the weight of the world lifted off of his shoulders. Expressing to his boyfriend how he truly feels overwhelms him with serenity and happiness; he is now in a place that not even 50 Cent can ruin for him. He is so far gone on Ludacris that nothing else truly matters but their ecstasy. Both men begin to drift off into the unknown world of sleep as their tired bodies finally get some well deserved rest. The Moon's silver light is still a driving force in the hotel suite but goes unnoticed as it attempts to fully light the room and breathe life into it. It caresses each rapper's delicate skin as they sleep and attempts to bring the shadows alive but fail. Their true feelings are out in the open now and there is no hiding behind it anymore. It should have never been that way but Banks let his insecurities get the best of him. That uncertain part of his life is gone now and he now sees the DTP rapper as his future. No matter how unconventional, their love is their pure bond.

Both rap superstars are up around the same time the next morning and enjoy a special breakfast together before they have to part ways once again. The short hiatus was desperately needed and wanted by both men; the surprise rendezvous manages to rejuvenate and revitalize them as their hectic lives begin to encircle them once again. The time they have to spend together is limited because of the many things they need to do but none of that is on their minds at the moment. The pair sits closely together on the sofa and watches some TV before they become bored with it and start kissing each other. Lloyd Banks' hand slides down his boyfriend's shirt and rests on his stomach. Meanwhile, Ludacris uses his fingers to gently cuddle the younger rapper's supple, vulnerable neck white their kisses remain tame; it cannot go beyond because neither man has the time to finish what their bodies want to start. It feels so good though. Banks reluctantly breaks away and distances himself from his lover because he feels that familiar sensation engorge his loins.

"Come back here Chris. I'm not done with you yet baby," the Atlanta rapper seductively whispers before crawling over to the other man.

"Don't start something we can't finish kid."

He sighs and stops in his tracks. "You gotta leave that soon?"

"Yep. But don't worry; there'll be other times remember?" Lloyd Banks tries to comfort his crestfallen boyfriend.

"I guess. I want you again---"

"You greedy as hell."

"Can you blame me? You my sexy thug rapper boyfriend."

"Damn," he smiles. "Those words sound so good coming from your lips." He kisses him slowly and endearingly.

"Your lips feel so good on my lips."

"That too. Definitely that too. Last night was great."

"Did you like it?" They are so close to each other and it is so sexy.

"Yea. Felt weird at first but you had me after."

"I knew you'd like it as much as I do," the G-Unit member grins. He physically cannot resist the man looking into his eyes right now.

"Who knew I'd ever get fucked and actually like it?" Ludacris muses. It is a strange thought to him because of his profession.

"You? What about me? Shit's crazy."

"But feels so damn good doesn't it?"

"You make me feel good Bri. A lot more than Fifty ever did."

"You comparing us?"

"No. I said it because I'm finally starting to get over what I had for him."

"Are you serious Chris?" the DJ turned rapper wants to know. It is crucial to the survival of their relationship.

"I really am. The things you do to me got me hooked on you kid. How you make me feel and how I feel about you. It's not about him anymore. It should've never been. I just couldn't control---"

"It's okay babe. I know what is was for you. You don't gotta explain. Everything's in the past now."

"Yep. You in my future and that's all I'm lookin' at. That and staying in the game."

The southern rapper grins devilishly. "Not if I blow yo ass out the water."

"As if you could---"

"What? Oh kid now I know you frontin'. You know my rhymes are tighter than yours. Don't trip."

"Why you being mean for? After what I did for you last night---"

"For? Don't you mean to? I can't walk straight because of yo ass," the older rapper huffs.

"Hey, you asked for it and I simply obliged," he casually states.

"That I did baby. That I did." Their lips find their way to each other's again within the moment.

"You feel okay? Your body and all."

"It hurts a little but I'm good. It'll go away."

"It will. Then I can come back and make you feel it all over again," Lloyd Banks smirks evilly.

"Fuck you nigga! You ain't funny."

"I am. Aww. Sorry Bri baby. I gotta go. So much shit to do."


"You got shit to do too. Don't gimme that face because you gonna make me want to stay right here with you. Come on."

"You right. I'll walk you out."

The couple find themselves next to the door. The G-Unit rapper holds on to his boyfriend's hand as they look at each other for a moment. "I'll gotta go."

"You gonna be a good boy?"

"I'm gonna try."

"You better be---"

"And what do I get for being a good boy?"

"More of last night," Ludacris sexily states.

"Oh I'm definitely gonna be a good boy then."

"That's what I thought."

"I love you Chris," the younger rapper sincerely and straightforwardly says.

"Damn! I love you Chris."

Bodies cling together and lips find themselves stuck to one another as the duo embrace for one last time before it all comes to an end. It is hard on both of them but it cannot be any other way. Ludacris rests his hands on the small of his lover's back while the G-Unit member's are firmly encircled around his waist. The moment is more than either can handle but that is what makes it all worth it. Because of the pure passion and emotions intertwined between their craving bodies. The kiss breaks apart and the southern rapper sneaks another one in before their bodies separate and prepare to face the world alone once again. Lloyd Banks stares into his boyfriend's eyes to attempt to take it all in before he opens the door and walks away. He knows he truly loves him because of how hard it is to walk away right now. It is one of the hardest things he has ever had to do but the young star takes it in stride and enters the elevator. The DTP rapper stands in the long corridor until he finds himself alone. He smiles before closing the door. He is ready for his long day too.

Lloyd Banks spends the rest of the day wrapping up his business on the west coast before taking the redeye back to New York later on that night. He already misses Ludacris but cannot succumb to his feelings because work has to be done. He is set to appear on a couple of remix records as well as work with Olivia to come up with a few songs for her first album. Seeing her means seeing 50 but he cannot concentrate on that now because work needs to get done and they are all professionals. The flight touches down in the early hours of the morning and the younger rapper freely strolls through the almost deserted airport and into an awaiting car; which then takes off to his hotel. His body is shutting down on him while in the car as he tries to fight it off until he can get to his room. He wonders where and what 50 Cent is doing and contemplates calling him to see if any official plans have been made considering the first female of G-Unit and her album but stops because of how late it is. He did not lie when he said he was starting to get over the buff rapper.