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The Cheeta Club is once again gearing up for a G-Unit party. The red carpet is rolled out at the front of the exclusive club and everyone from the paparazzi to reporters is lined up to take pictures and interview every celebrity that attends Young Buck's album release party. It is around nine when the man of the hour hops out of a limo in front of the club and starts by taking pictures with his fans. After countless other photos and interviews, he makes his way into the club to be asked to take more pictures. People are already on the dance floor dancing, drinking, and socializing as Buck orders a drink and heads to the V.I.P. section to see who is already there. Many people congratulate him on the success of his first single and the album being released and he takes it all in stride because it is all about him at the moment. 50 Cent, Dr. Dré, and Eminem are sitting together in a booth drinking and laughing as he walks up to them. The whole team is almost complete. The only two missing from the group are Olivia and Lloyd Banks. The club becomes party central.

Within the next hour, many celebrities show up to the party and are relaxing themselves in the smooth V.I.P. section as Young Buck starts to dance with a female fan. After two dances, he hops on stage to offer everyone a sneak peek of the album that will be out to the masses tomorrow. He performs four songs off of it, much to the approval of 50 Cent. For the last song, Olivia gets up onto stage and they do it together. The fans are extremely receptive to it and Dré picks up on it. He talks to Eminem and 50 and they trio decide to make the collaboration the second single off the album. Lloyd Banks is still nowhere to be seen as the buff rapper scans the crowd every chance he gets to see if he has arrived yet. Nothing. He and Buck give the crowd another song to get them more hyped up than they already are before the older rapper goes to get himself another drink. The bar is full and a woman pulls him onto the dance floor; he cannot refuse her so they dance together. He heads back to the V.I.P. section to continue to mingle with his kind of people.

It is past twelve and 50 Cent has not seen any trace of Lloyd Banks. Buck, Eminem, and Dré also have not seen any sign of him throughout the course of the party. There is a surge of music and lights and fans as the dance floor becomes immovable because of how many people are on it. The evening is a complete success. The white rap artist is dancing with a fan, Dr. Dré is busily talking away on his phone, and Young Buck is too caught up taking pictures with a group of female fans to notice much of anything else. The G-Unit member wanders over to the bar and opts for a bottle of water because of his dry throat. The youngest member of the team is on his mind. Where could he be on this important night? The buff rapper does not know whether to be upset or anything else because Banks knows the party is going on right now. It does not make sense. Something is not adding up and it is bothering him. When he has a moment to himself, 50 slips out of the club into a faintly lit alley and reaches for his phone. This has to stop right now.

The phone rings three times. "What up?" Lloyd Banks asks.

"Where you at nigga?" 50's voice is almost hostile.

"In Miami. Why?"

"Why you in Miami Chris?"

"Because I have shit to take care of."

"You knew you had to be in New York today."

"I couldn't make it to Buck's release party."

"Why?" the buff superstar asks again. He is angry and irritated at the moment.

"I already told you. I have some stuff to do out this way."

"It couldn't wait?"

"Naw. Had to get it done right away."

"That's some fucked up shit."

"My bad nigga. Shit! What you want me to do?" Banks questions angrily.

"You supposed to be here. We all here but you."

"My bad. It's just a release party anyway."

"You a selfish ass nigga."

"I ain't gonna fight with you. It was my mistake." He feels guilty for what he is doing but he will not let the other man get the best of him again.

"Yea whatever. What's so important that you had to miss this? What's the fuckin' press gonna think about you not showing up to this shit?"

"Don't give a fuck about them. They can think whatever the hell they want."

"The only person you give a fuck about is yourself," 50 Cent shoots back with no emotion in his voice. His anger is unjustified because of what he really feels.

"Not gonna do this. Look. I'm sorry I couldn't come. I am. You know Buck's my boy."

"Why you ain't even call me Chris? That's fucked up."

"I was but then I got busy and forgot. It's my b C man."

"I dunno why you actin' like this," the he says, trying to analyzing the situation.

"It was a frikin' mistake. Let it go. I said I was sorry."

"Sorry can't work all the time kid."

"It can for you." The reply is soft but so that the other man can still hear it. It is emphasis.


"Nothin'. Tell Buck and Dré and Em that it was my fault."

"You can tell them yourself," the G-Unit member replies coldly. "I gotta get back."

"Yea. Peace."

Lloyd Banks clicks his phone close and rests it next to him as he thinks. He is beginning to regret skipping out on someone he should be supporting. The buff rapper is right; the press will have a field day with his absence from the party tonight. Some things just cannot be avoided and he needed to get away from it all. It would be hard to see 50 after their intense and harsh conversation in the park. He could not face that so soon. A pair of strong arms snake up his body and manage to snap the G-Unit member out of his trance as he looks down to see who he is sharing the large bed with; Ludacris. His eyes are so pure and inviting that there is no resistance. Their lips meet in a soft and sweet kiss but the young rapper's mind is still running amuck with thoughts of disappointment and failure. He should be there to support Young Buck, no matter what his personal feelings toward 50 Cent are. It is business. He cannot enjoy the kiss, as much as he wants to. His boyfriend starts laying kisses all over his naked upper torso and they feel good. Too good to enjoy.

"What's wrong baby?" the southern rapper sincerely asks his man when he manages to peel his lips off his body.

"I dunno. I should be there---"

"Well it's too late now."

"I know. I feel bad. I should've been there to support Buck."

Ludacris sighs. "He knows you support him. Not showing up to one party won't change that."

"The press is gonna go crazy with this shit."

"What's the worst they can do? Make up shit that isn't true `bout you. It'll die down in a couple days."

"Everything's so fucked up."

"No it's isn't Chris. You just letting it be."

The G-Unit rapper looks at his lover and smiles softly. "How and why do you put up with my crazy ass?"

"A lot, lot, lot of patience---" he smirks cutely.


"You make me feel good. Real good."

"In what ways?" he coyly asks.

"You know what ways. I ain't gotta say it. Just stop lettin' that nigga get to you."

"I don't!"

"Chris baby. I know you. You do."

"No I don't Bri. Not anymore."

"Okay," the older man replies but it is sarcastically. It is accidental but how he honestly feels.

"What's that mean?"


"You think I still let Fifty get to me?"

"I know you do."

"How you figure this shit?"

"Chill baby. We just talkin' here," Ludacris informs him. He does not want to fight now, especially since their day has been nothing but perfect thus far.

"I'm curious to hear this shit. Go ahead---"

"The mess that happened at the park. Perfect example."


"I only bring it up because I know how much power you give him over you. He can't hurt you Chris. I won't let him."

"He can't," Lloyd Banks tries to convince himself but it is no use. 50 Cent has so much power and influence over him, still.

"Don't let him."

"It's so fuckin' hard baby. I dunno what's wrong with me."

"Look at me," the DJ turned rapper requests as he guides his boyfriend's eyes into his own. "Nothing's wrong with you Chris. It's never been you. It's always been that nigga and his issues. You too good for him. Always were."

"Don't feel that way."

"You are. I don't even know why you went to the park with his ass in the first place."

"I told you why."

Ludacris eyes him. "Are you sure you were only there for the kid?"

This is all the reason to come clean. "I'm not sure. I'm still trying to figure it out."

He looks at the man next to him seriously and stops for a moment. "So you lied to me---"

"No. I---"

"I asked you if you were there for the boy or for him and you told me the boy Chris. You lied."

"I was there for Marquise. I dunno what happened."


"A little part of me was there for him Bri. I was trying to deny it but I guess I can't."

"What's this game? You say you over him then you not? I don't get it."

The hurt man looks away. "It's no game. Look at me," Banks says as he turns his man's face to meet his. "It's no game. I swear."

"Why can't you leave him behind you?"

"He's my first everything. It's hard."

"I love you Chris. And I'm honest with you. I expect the same too."

"I know---" the G-Unit rapper trails off. He does not like hurting his boyfriend with his uncertainty. "It's not fair."

"It hurts that you felt you couldn't tell me about what you were feeling. What'd you think, I was gonna blow up or some shit?"

"I didn't want you to hate me Bri."

Ludacris uses his fingers to rub both his temples. A headache now resides in his brain and he hates it. "I can't hate you. I just want you to talk to me babe. We're a team now. Your problems are my problems too."

"Are you mad at me?"

He sighs softly before moving in closely and kissing his lover and best friend sensually on his smooth lips. "No. You made a mistake," he states when they fall apart.

The Atlanta rapper sits there on the bed and holds his man tightly as they try to navigate through their everyday lives. Lloyd Banks clutches on to his body as they embrace and try to cope and understand everything that is going around them. He still feels guilty about blowing off the G-Unit party in New York because of his selfishness but he needed to see Ludacris because his insides were starting to hurt. Being together and having the older rapper holding him intimately does manage to take away all the damaging and destructive thoughts clouding his mind. It is something he needs; something they both need. The Miami night is warm and sticky as both men passionately kiss in it; the last conversation being the furthest thing from their minds. This has to work. There is no other way to accept it. Banks guides his boyfriend's light body back to the softness of the sheets as their tongues become entangled and fight for pleasure. He has to learn to not deceive himself or the person under him anymore. His best friend. His lover. His boyfriend.

The Sun hangs high in the sky, signifying midday in California as the streets are lined with as many cars as people trying to get to their destination. The G-Unit member is busily typing away numerous text messages on his phone while the driver speeds through the traffic to a meeting with his record executives that he is already late to. An early morning appointment ran off schedule so he has to make up the time as quickly as possibly but it seems to only be slipping away from him. Banks turns his hat from the backwards position into the front so the visor can shield his eyes from the Sun's beating rays but also so there is a slimmer chance of him being recognized and mobbed on the streets of Los Angeles. After answering as many text messages as he can, the young rapper steps out of the car and walks into the Interscope offices for his business conference. It is only him and he could not be more pleased. He is not sure he can face Young Buck after completely ditching his release party for his own pleasure with Ludacris. He follows the predestined path.

A receptionist he has come to know greets him warmly and says that he is expected in the conference room. Lloyd Banks is not quite sure what the meeting will be about so he hesitates a little before going in. A fountain with water offers him a small haven before he has to go in and face his bosses. The G-Unit rapper has never been this nervous to meet with the Interscope executives before but he knows why. His own guilt is toying unmercifully with him and he suddenly does not want to be here or do this today. It cannot be ignored though and he is already late so he drinks the water from the cone-shaped paper cup as if it was a shot and tosses the remains of it in a nearby garbage can before taking a series of deep breaths. It is too much hype for this. Banks does not know why he is this nervous, almost like he is meeting with the record label for the first time to see if they would take a chance on him and sign him. The slim star locks all his troubles away and enters the large room to find only one of the executives sitting there, shuffling papers.

"Chris man. Late, late, late," he says as he taps his watch and gets up. Their hands shakes and their bodies benefit from a brief embrace.

"Sorry yo. You know the life of a rap superstar tryin' to stay in the game."

"Don't I know it. Come on, sit down and let's talk."

Lloyd Banks takes a seat next to the executive and asks, "Where's the rest of the group?"

"Out on business. You know the lives of record executives."

"You good. Thought you boys did everything together."

"You think you funny Banks?" he asks as he laughs.

"I've been told. So what up?"

"Yes. Let's get to business. First, where were you for Buck's release party?"

The G-Unit rapper sighs to himself and produces a lie to one of his bosses. "I was in Miami trying to collaborate on a record."

"Really? How did it go?"

"It fell through at the last minute. The whole record crashed."

"Damn. That's rough. You should've been there though."

"I know. I'm sorry `bout that. It was my fault." He is honest in his apology because he now regrets not being there to support his family.

"I had to personally clean up the mess you made Chris."

"What mess?"

"You know the press and their rumors. Since you didn't show, all the major papers want everyone to believe that you're going solo and screwing G-Unit."

"Shit. It's not like that."

"I know. But you see how not showing up to something important targets you?"


"Your publicist and I had to work hard to squash those rumors. First your solo performance at the VMAs and now this. People are going to talk," he explains.

"I know."

"But it should be taken care of now. Just be careful in the future."

"I will." The young superstar cannot say much to defend himself because he is wrong. "I'm really sorry about all this."

"Be careful okay?"


"You know there's a tour in the works for you right?"

"Yea. It was mentioned to me."

"Well give it another month."


"Buck's album will be in circulation good by then so you two can co-headline together."

Banks is excited. A chance to redeem himself. "Straight. Any opening acts?"

"Not yet. The tour should be about two months in the U.S. only. A world tour will most likely happen by the end of the year."

"All sounds good to me." His mind strays from business to Ludacris. It will be increasingly harder to see his boyfriend when he goes on tour. This is the price for sitting on top; loneliness.

"So just be prepared for that."


"Let me see," his boss says as he rifles through papers and his brain. "We talked about the party and you have all the up to date information on the tour, what am I missing?"

"Maybe that's it?"

"No. Oh. Do you want another single from the album?"

"Don't you guys decide that for me?"

"Yea but the team hasn't been able to sit down and discuss it all. So we're giving you the power."

"To decide if I want another single?" Lloyd Banks questions. Most artists never get these types of opportunities for their careers.

"That and which song you want to release if you choose to. Whatever you choose, we will support and promote it as if we chose it ourselves. Is that clear?"

"I understand."

"Think about it and let us know what you decide."

"Will do." He is excited. He is definitely going to release another single but he does not know which one. There are so many of his favorites.

"Okay, I think that's about all we needed to cover in this meeting. You got everything?"


"Okay. I'm on a flight now. Behave yourself," the executive teases as he gathers up all the paperwork spilled across the table and gets up. The rapper gets up too and they hug once more.

"I'll try to be."

"You better be. I'll kick you out of G-Unit if you don't."

The door opens and closes and the slender rapper is left alone in the large conference room. He thinks about everything that was said to him and immediately tries to come up with his next single but it is harder than he expects. There is so many different ways he can go with it but he needs to be careful because he has to use this opportunity to impress his management team at Interscope as well as Dr. Dré, Eminem, and 50 Cent. Banks ransacks his brain but cannot think of which song he wants most so he lets it go for the moment. Looking out through the large windows of the room, he can see the busy streets below him and gets caught up in it for a while before picking his hat up from the table and placing it on his head. Apart from the talk about not showing up to Young Buck's release party, the meeting goes extremely well and he could not be more excited as he leaves the room and gets himself another drink before heading to the elevator. Lloyd Banks leaves the elevator behind him and stops abruptly when he notices someone. Why now of all times?

"Chris man!" 50 Cent says excitedly as he finishes up his conversation with the receptionist and makes his way over to the younger rapper. "What you doin' here?"

They hug but Lloyd Banks is not feeling it. "Had some business to take care of. But ay---"

"You talked about the tour?"

"Yea but---"

"Why you ain't tell me you was out here? I was about---"

"I gotta go kid. So much to do ya know---" the G-Unit rapper trails off, trying to extricate himself from the situation he is now in. This is the last person he needs to see right now.

"Where you off to in a rush?"

"Meetings and all."

50 loses his smile and becomes serious. "You can't chill out with me for a quick minute Chris?"

"Can't man. I gotta be across town in a few."

"That's fucked up," he says in a very low voice as he looks away. The slender man is definitely avoiding him.


"Nothing. I guess I'll catch you later than." The superstar rapper is disappointed and hurt but will not let it show.

"Yea. One."

Lloyd Banks steadily walks past the receptionist and waves slightly before exiting through the front doors and leaving the building behind him. He eagerly jumps into the awaiting car and looks back to see 50 Cent still standing there and looking in his direction as he speeds off into the city. With the building creeping further away, the G-Unit rapper finally turns around and convinces himself that he did the right thing; at least for right now. His mind is racing a million miles a second as he tries to calm it down and relax himself. 50 Cent still has that effect on him and he doubts if it will ever change. His face is glued on Banks' mind. He looked hurt and upset but it cannot bother him because if it does then he will be regressing into his past once more. That cannot happen because it will control him. The young rapper continues with his day and does his best to completely ignore the situation in the Interscope offices because dwelling on it will only make him crazy. This is the way it has to be, for the both of them. It is the hardest path but the right one.

The Sun dips below the horizon to the west as the surrounding city become illuminated with bright lights. The night is windy but surprisingly calm as the tired rapper is finally able to conclude his hectic day. It is nearly eight when he walks into his room and sits on a nearby chair to take his shoes off. His stomach is growling and his skin needs a shower badly and his heart is missing Ludacris. The first thing to be tackled is a soothing shower. Warm water cascades off Banks' toned body as he lathers soap all over his dark skin in an attempt to get himself clean. A seafood medley after the shower hits the spot and drowns out his appetite. His body is tired and his mind is shot because of another never-ending day and he walks around the lofty suite and turns off all the light. His bedroom is dark until he turns on the TV and gets into bed. Fresh breezes blow against the drapes and enter his room as he flips through the channels before settling on a late night talk show. Lloyd Banks reaches for his cell phone and lowers the TV down in the process.

"My baby," Ludacris smoothly says when he picks up the phone. "What up?"

"Hey kid. What's going on?"

"Not much. Just chillin' out here in St. Louis."

"I wish I had your day today."

"That long huh?"

"You don't even wanna know the half of it," the G-Unit rapper says as he sighs.

"Aww my poor baby. I wish I was there. I could rub your shoulders and kiss you and make you feel better---"

"Stop! No fair."

He laughs. "Sorry."

"Baby I want you."

"No can do Chris."

"Why can't you be at my door surprising me tonight?" Lloyd Banks pouts. He needs his boyfriend to touch him and make him forget it all.

"Wish I could but I'm caught up too."

"It's okay---" he sulks cutely.

"You're so cute. I promise I'll make you feel better real soon."

"You mean it? When?"

"Not sure yet. But don't think for a second I'm not missin' you. It's all a front right about now," the Atlanta rapper fesses up.

"I know. What'd you do today?"

"A surprise concert for the fans. A radio interview. A team meeting. Made time for the gym. And then you called me. I'm most excited about the last one. So I'm not sure if you still wish you had my day---"

"No I'm good. You better be most excited `bout the last one."

"Uhuh. And your day my love?"

"A meeting at Interscope. Another one downtown. And some other things."

"Sounds full."

"It was," Banks reinforces him.

"You had a meeting with your record label? About what?"

He sighs loudly to add emphasis. "They decided to drop me."


"They gonna let me go Chris."

"Wait. What? Why?" Ludacris questions in utter disbelief. His mind is racing for answers now.

"Said I wasn't cutting it anymore. I signed some contracts and they let me go."

"Why'd you sign them? Your album was hot as fuck! You better get a good lawyer. I don't believe this shit!"

"Don't," the younger man starts to laugh. "It's all a lie."


"I'm good boy. Just wanted to see what you were gonna say---"

"Chris you punk! Almost gave me a heart attack fuck nigga!"

"Chill baby! I love you."

"Naw. You ain't right."

"Come on. It was just a joke," he says coyly.

"Ohh! You so lucky I love you so much son. Playin' me like that."

"I love you too."

"Man! So what really happened at the meeting?" the southern rapper calms himself down and asks.

"Got chewed out for not showing up at the release party. Talked about a tour---"

"A tour? Word?"

"Yea. They planning to start it in a month or so."

"Why so late?"

"Buck and I are gonna co-headline. So they want his stuff to be out there for a while already," Lloyd Banks explains to his boyfriend. Hearing the other man's voice makes him want him even more.

"Oh. That's a sweet deal."

"Yea I guess."

"What's wrong?"

"It's gonna be even harder to meet up when I go on tour."

"I know. But forget about me. You gotta do this for you and your career."

"It's already so hard Bri. I really wanna do it but I really want you too."

Ludacris smiles to himself. "I'm always gonna be here baby. You gotta take the opportunity with the tour before it goes away."

"Yea. You right."

"You'll be good. We definitely gonna meet up in some cities kid. No doubt."

"I'm hoping so. Ay let me ask you---"


"What song did you like off the record?"

He thinks to himself for a moment. "I got a few. Why?"

"Gimme your favorite one. The record company's letting me choose my next single by myself."

"Oh word? That's sweet as hell."

"I know. You got a favorite one?"

"I Got Ya."

"I was thinking between that one and Set It."

"Go with that one. Your voice sounds cute on that record."

"I ain't going for cute Bri," the younger rapper laughs.

"Go with it though. The lyrics are tight and the flow is great."

"Aight. I Got Ya is my next single."

"I bet it'll hit number one."

"I hope so." He yawns and feels his eyes closing on him. Time slips away when they are talking and especially when they are together.

"You tired huh? Go to sleep baby boy."

"I don't wanna---"

"That's not what your body's saying."

"I'll call you tomorrow babe. Night. I love you Bri."

"I love you too Chris. Dream of me," the DTP rapper slickly says.

"Whatever kid. You wish."

The next few days offer him a reprieve from the dangerously fast and addicting lifestyle his life has become and for this he could not be happier. The vacation is short-lived but it manages to boost Lloyd Banks' spirit and energy to get back to his work. He sets up a short meeting with his management team to let them know what he decides to do in terms of the new single and all are on board with his ideas. They set up a video shoot for early the following week before the meeting ends and he heads off to the gym. Working his body out hard gives the G-Unit member a sense of momentarily relief from his problems, especially with the buff rapper 50 Cent. His mind is at ease when he is concentrating on pushing himself to the maximum limit to get the best workout he can get. After a few hours at the gym, he completes a photo shoot and interview before officially calling it a day. Banks catches his breath on the car ride back to his hotel. Despite everything, 50 should be in his upcoming video so he calls his former best friend and informs him of it. It is business only.

Silvery strands of the Moon's light still shine over the sleeping city as the slender rapper jumps awake to the alarm of his cell phone. The first day of the video shoot is upon him as well as his first time seeing 50 since practically running away and ignoring him at the Interscope office. Although he is not nervous, something small is gnawing at him and it will not go away. Banks sits up on his bed as the sleek light massages his skin and rubs his eyes and yawns because he is still tired and the bed below him is enticing him back into its safe clutches. He quickly hops off it and gets himself prepared for day one of production on his new video. The buff rapper calls him to make sure he is up before he jumps in the shower and brushes his teeth. His voice sounds so sexy, still. Keeping his mind preoccupied, Lloyd Banks munches on a quick breakfast and is out the door before the Sun begins so shine its rays onto the city. The ride over to the studio is smooth because most people are still in their beds enjoying the illustrious grasp of sleep.

He meets with the director upon arriving to the set, his set, and is then ushered off into hair and makeup to get his look ready for the first shoot of the day. His body is fully awake now and ready to complete the task at hand. It is going to be an extremely long day, as most video shoots are. Lloyd Banks fits on his clothes and shoes in his dressing room as 50 Cent opens the door and comes in. A casual greeting occurs but there is little feeling behind it because there cannot be. They talk for a few moments before the director calls them onto set; the younger rapper is happy for this intrusion because he is finding it almost impossible to talk to the other man lately. Or even face him. In a matter of moments, both men are surrounded by ladies and the playback begins to start the day. Banks begins lip-synching his verses into the camera as production on the music video comes to a start. He almost loses his concentration when he feels someone brush up against him, touching his butt in the process. After the director yells cut for the scene, he looks around for a while.

There is no way it could have been him. It must have been one of the females in the group. And it if was him, it is a complete accident. Lloyd Banks dismisses the violation and stays on top of his game to deliver one great shot after the next. It is comforting to him on some level to have 50 Cent stand next to him; he has been standing next to him throughout his whole rap career so it only seems right. Aside from everything they went through emotionally, he still demonstrates a great respect and admiration to his once best friend. When the director calls a wrap on 50 for the day, the two shake hands and hug lightly before he leaves the set. A small weight is lifted off the young man's shoulders to see him leave and he feels guilty trying to deny it. After a lunch break, production starts again with the entire crew ready at their various stations. Lighting comes down on him and there is some last minute hair, makeup, and wardrobe adjustments before cameras start rolling once again to capture Banks on film rapping and creating a masterpiece of art.

It is around ten at night and the first day is still not done yet. The G-Unit member is tired and his body yearns for rest but he carries on because it has to be that way. It has to get done and he will not complain about it because this is what he wants for his life. This is always what he's wanted for himself. A few hours missed hours of sleep will not hinder him or his performance on set. After Lloyd Banks collects himself in his dressing room and has a very late dinner, he is energized and ready to get back to work. The rest of the time is spent doing solo shots in various outfits and situations. He is on an expensive silver Lamborghini Gallardo for some shots while he is simply sitting on a chair in a room alone for others. When the director finally calls for an end to the first day, everyone starts clapping because the day is more than successful and Banks cannot be happier. He shakes hands and hugs the director before heading to his dressing room to change his clothes. His shirt is off and his pants hanging loosely on his waist when someone enters.

"What up Chris boy?" 50 Cent says when he makes his way into the room. His brain is immediately assaulted with the image of the other rapper's naked chest and loose-fitting pants that show off his baby blue boxers. "See the day's finally wrapped for you," he tries to gain his composure back. He cannot stop looking though. It is marvelous.

"Yea. It's been a pretty long one," Banks replies back, feeling a little awkward. He finds his clothes and changes into them quickly. "What you doin' back here?"

"Just came to see what's good. Everything go okay?" The buff rapper takes a seat on a nearby loveseat.

"Yea. Why wouldn't it? This ain't my first time shooting a video."

"Just askin'. That was a damn long day."

"The worst. My muscles are tired."

"You gave it your all today. Good job."

The G-Unit rapper looks at him and their eyes manage to connect for a brief stint in time. Could it have been him? "Thanks. Gotta please the boss."

"You always please me. You doin' so good right now without any of my help."

"Guess I want it that bad."

"Your passion is what makes you better than most them cats out there now," 50 comments. It lingers in the air.

"Yea. Well I'm `bout to head out. I'll catch---"

"Can we talk Chris?" the superstar cuts him off and gets up and grabs on to his friend's hand. Their eyes mend together once again and he finally lets go.

"What about?" The touch leaves burns and lacerations on his wrist.


"I got nothin' else to say about that Curtis. There ain't anything else left to say."

"Why you being so selfish?"

"How am I being selfish?" the younger rapper looks back and asks. He does not want this conversation but tries to force himself through it.

"You really think cutting me off like this is gonna give you what you want?"

"I never said it would. It's the best way though."

"You keep saying that shit but do you believe it?"

"Wouldn't be saying it if I didn't---"

"That's fucked up how you left me at Interscope that day," he brings that day back up.

"I don't have time for this. I'm tired as hell and need some sleep."

"Keep pushin' me away Chris. See what's gonna happen."

"From what I remember, you pushed me away. Doesn't feel so good when it's happening to you does it?' Lloyd Banks asks as he looks anywhere in the dressing room besides the sofa holding the man that is still a great source of pain and emotional distress to him.

"So this act is to get back at me for that. Punishment---"

"Ain't an act and I ain't punishing no one."

"Bullshit. You know you still wanna be my friend as much as I wanna be yours. You just being a spoiled ass brat."

"Why you even botherin' with this? You got something new to say or what? I really gotta go."

"This shit start back at twelve tomorrow. You got time."

"Not for this," the G-Unit member says dismissively to his boss. Their conversation is going nowhere fast and only managing to waste both their time.

"You always gonna run when shit get rough and not try to fix it?"

"Got nothin' to fix. It's better this way. Now that I think about it, it should've been like this from the beginning."

"Stop saying that shit! It ain't better for no one."

"It is for me."

"You regret being my friend all that time?"

He stops at the question. The young star feels as if someone just sucker punched him. He cannot lie. "Yea. Don't know what I was thinkin'."

Something snaps inside 50. He jumps up from the loveseat and pushes his friend into the wall of the dressing room hard and traps his body against it with his own. Lloyd Banks' bag falls onto the floor. Their bodies are pressed against each other's and their eyes will not break their concentration now. "That's some fucked up shit for you to say to me nigga," he responds in an almost scary voice.

Trying to control his anger, the slender rapper simply says, "Get off me." His voice is calm for the time being.

"You like torturin' me like this don't you? I fucked you over and now it's my turn to feel it---"

"Get off me," he interrupts.

"Or what?"

"Back up nigga," Banks almost screams. He is upset, angry, and feels violated in more ways than one by the man standing so intimately close to him. "You ain't fucking worth it! Never were!"

His eyes are blazing and piercing because he is so enraged. Their stare down never wavers and he is even closer to his once best friend now. Both their faces are almost touching. "I'm only gonna let you push me so far Chris," 50 Cent says in a voice that is unmerciful and unrelenting.

Nothing is said for an infinity of time. With complete rage controlling him, 50 Cent punches the wall next to his former best friend's head hard with his fist and leaves before he does something he truly cannot take back. There is no noise now; everything is quiet as time floats freely by. Lloyd Banks stares straight ahead and does not even blink as his eyes drills through the wall on the other side of the room. He is furious, wounded, ashamed, unstable, and so many other emotions fighting for his body to feel. Once his brain begins to show signs of life again, he picks up his stuff from the floor and walks out of the room. The set is completely empty when he makes his way through it and out to the street. The car ride is short and when the G-Unit rapper gets to his room, he slams the door shut and tosses his bag aside before walking into his room. What happened just now? It is over. That was the end. 50 manages to push his limits farther than anyone else ever has been able to. There is no going back from this night. Banks' body gives out on him.