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Lloyd Banks sees the Sun rise the next morning because he did not sleep. His body woke him up a while after he fell asleep last night and he was unable to embrace that sweet slumber again. The whole conversation is on his mind. Everything about it. 50 forcing him against the wall, pressing his hard body into his, and trapping him there. Thinking about it only gets the younger rapper more upset and makes his brain function less properly. His mind is clouded and his judgment is severely detached from the rest of his being. Once again, the buff man is getting under his skin and inside his mind. The G-Unit member eats a very small breakfast because he is not hungry but he needs the energy before he gets himself ready to go back to the set to hopefully finish the video. Back to the set that was a literal war zone last night after everyone left. 50 Cent disrespected him that night and there is no way he can forgive that. Banks leaves his hotel suite midmorning while his thoughts still resonate on the one moment in time. He has never seen him act that way.

A completely new scene is set up for the video on the set when he arrives and he takes a moment to appreciate it before he is rushed into wardrobe and hair and makeup once again. 50 is trying on some clothes in the wardrobe trailer when he enters and after an awkward and forced greeting, both rap artists go their own ways. No one around them picks up on the uneasiness because they are all so busy trying to keep everything to the schedule. Lloyd Banks tries on a couple of shirts before he decides what he wants and then finishes getting prepared for the first shooting. The older rapper is already on the set when he approaches and the music blasts out from nearby speakers as the cameras start rolling and translating everything into film. On camera, it appears as if nothing is going on between them because they are professional but it is all a lie and only for the good of the music video. After a goodbye with no emotion involved, Banks is left alone to finish up the rest of the shooting for the video. It is past one when it is done.

The slim, tattooed rap star does a few radio interviews and television shows to promote his new single and video to the world. He misses Ludacris. He misses his man and he cannot tell him about the talk with 50 Cent because he knows his boyfriend will only get more upset and he does not know where that will lead. He cannot lie to him though. They are a team after all and he loves him so much. The tour is finalized by the record company and is forthcoming soon so that will manage to occupy almost all of his time. Banks wants it all but he is ending up with nothing at all. It is extremely hard to be successful as well as nurture a relationship while in the industry. He cannot give up either. His music is who he is. It is his outlet from the world. His relationship with the DTP leader is who he wants to be. What he wants for his future. That much is certain. Lloyd Banks' completes an interview in the heart of Atlanta before he cannot take it anymore. He needs that human feeling. He needs the touch of his man. He needs to get away from the stressful week and 50.

He motions the driver away and walks up the path to the house he has only been in once before. Two knocks indicates his presence on the vast property. "Chris baby! What up?" Ludacris asks when he opens the door. His smile is so strong and alluring.

Lloyd Banks is overcome. He hugs on to the other man tightly and says nothing. He feels it when the older rapper kisses him over his head. The moment is pure. "I miss you."

"Damn! I couldn't ask for a better surprise."

"I was hoping you'd be home."

"Yep. And here I---"

The G-Unit member tastes the words on his man's lips. It is so damn sweet and perfect. "God I missed you too. I missed this." They walk into the house and to the grand room where they sit together.

"Just chill with me Bri."

"What happened Chris? You're upset."

"No I'm not. Just stay there."

"Chris. You lying to me again baby."

"I need you. I want you."

"What's going on?" the Atlanta DJ turned rapper asks. He is starting to worry about his man.

"I think I fell in love with you here. The first time. I was too scared to admit it to myself---" Banks says in a low and heartfelt voice.

"Are you okay? Talk to me---"

"I love you Bri. I think I always have."

"I love you too baby. So much."

"Don't leave me," the younger star insecurely and softly says once again. His mind is a mess and cannot handle all the emotions that come with seeing the man that is holding him right now. It is uncontrollable.

"I wasn't planning on it. Why would you think that?"

"I don't. You doin' anything tonight?"

"I had this party at my boy's house but I'm not going now. I'm worried about you. Did something happen with that nigga?"

"No. He's not worth it. But you are to me."

"I'm confused Chris---"

"I love you."

"I know you do babe."

"I wanna show you," the G-Unit member says as he looks into his boyfriend's eyes. Everything he wants from life is within those the two vivid orbs.

"Why are you---"

The kiss is swift and unexpected by the southern rapper and he cannot help but to fall into it because it is so soft and warm and manages to sting him at the very back of his brain. The intimate moment shared on the sofa of the great room in the mansion is unparalleled and makes both men forget everything from their past. Ludacris wants to stop it and find out what is going on but the urges of his body are speaking loudly for him as well as controlling him. He cannot resist the temptation to take Lloyd Banks into his arms and genteelly caress his smooth skin through his fingers. It has been so long that they have been deprived of feelings and touches and tastes. It cannot hold out any longer. Kisses that were once innocent and meek are now morphed into devilishly assertive and opportunistic ones. It is a passionate game that will have both rappers feeling the rewards within a matter of moments. Hands begin to freely roam their prizes as Banks grunts and tries to absorb it all. He cannot allow 50 Cent to take away the happiness he is able to find on his own. He will not.

Tongues are knotted together in the worst possible way while fingertips become ever so sensitive to touch. Blood and hormones are racing as the DTP rapper feels himself growing more and outgrowing the front of his pants. Lloyd Banks climbs over him and rests his body on his lap while his legs sit astride his body and slightly presses into his hips. Their lips fit perfectly together in their lustful game while the night slowly begins to pass them by. Ludacris' hands make their way to his boyfriend's lower back and rest there for a brief second before they get to work tugging and pulling at the barrier that separates him from pure skin. In a smooth and carefree motion, the G-Unit member's shirt is slipped off his body and thrown away while their tongues continue to taste its forbidden fruit. Banks easily grinds his hips against his lover's lap, feeling something strong and hard poking him in the process. He wants it. They want it. The southern rapper plays with the bare skin in front of him. His fingers cradle it sensually while their lips are still together.

The Atlanta DJ turned rapper's shirt comes off with great ease as well and both men briefly break apart to remove the rest of their clothing before the night can truly begin. Their bodies habitually crawl back into the same position as before and once their lips connect once again, it is like they never broke apart. Banks hands are cupping his man's face as he kisses him while he feels a pair of hands trail along every inch of his back and butt. The moment is so innocent and pure and right on every level. The secret messages behind every touch and stroke to the loving whispers of encouragement and pleadings lets him know that he is in the right place. This is where he needs and, more importantly, wants to be. The southern rap star plays with his tongue until they break apart for air. He then kisses along his boyfriend's jaw line and down his neck while Lloyd Banks is rubbing his head and shoulders; an obvious sign for more. Their bodies are almost home. So close to having it all. Ludacris expertly uses his tongue to lick and suck skin that belongs to him.

"You wanna go to my room?" the older rap superstar stops flickering the sensitive skin of his man's neck and asks.

"No. I want you here. Now. Give it to me."

"You don't know what you do when you talk to me like that---"

The kiss again. The need is now more present than ever. "From what I'm feeling under there, I have a good idea. I want you."

"You got it babe. You got me."

There is a short moment where nothing is said and nothing is done. Both men know its meaning; they are too dependent on one another to stop now. Their love is their drug and it will keep them committed to each other. No one will be able to rob them of that. This is right. It has always been right. Now that both rappers accept it, the warmest and most secure feeling blankets their cozy little world. The harsh, cruel world outside around them is nonexistent when they are together and that is all that matters. No work. No fans. No past feelings. The G-Unit member is so tranquil and safe when he stares into his boyfriend's eyes. Something is there that he cannot get away from. It traps him like a moth to the flame and he is addicted to it. Ludacris kisses him sweetly and softly on his already slightly pink lips because he simply can. He loves him so much. It has never even entered his mind that he could be experiencing these types of feelings for another man but he is captivated by Lloyd Banks and the love they share together. It is both scary and comforting to him.

The southern rapper does not want anything or anyone else. This is it for him. He is who he is meant to be with in this moment of time. When an unexpected kiss from his boyfriend snaps him back to reality, it only means one thing. Banks slightly elevates his lower body while his legs tightly clamp on to his man's thighs for the support he needs. Ludacris slips his hands below the body above his and teases his own dick to utilize his precum as lubrication before he tries to line it up with the younger star's hole. It is a small challenge because of the positions their bodies are in but after a sufficient amount of work, the two bodies formally connect as the tip of his wet dick tastes the tight entrance above it. Lloyd Banks shivers faintly because the head of his lover's dick is cool but their lips connect in no time. The DTP rapper uses this open opportunity to begin to force entry into the small aperture. He jolts at the intrusion, mainly because there is so little lubrication and it feels rough against him, but calms himself down and tries to enjoy his favorite ride.

The G-Unit rapper grips the cushions of the sofa tightly and closes his eyes as he feels his man's lips and tongue on his face, lips and neck. It is a cycle; he uses his full lips and sensual tongue to comfort him as he continues to slip more of himself into the opening. Banks is used to the invasion by now but it still manages to hurt from time to time. It has to be taken slow but pleasure is immediate and abundant. His lips dive towards the Atlanta rapper's and the kiss is hard and full with lust. Ludacris' thick and long dick is almost completely buried within his body and he starts to experience heaven once again. Once the hard pole is pushed all the way in, both men relax and sweetly kiss for a moment because this experience will not be rushed. Their lovemaking will not be rushed because it has to be savored for every last second. Their bodies demand nothing less. His hands are holding onto Banks' waist as he feels him slowly start to move up and down on his shaft. A grunt leaves his lips but he continues to stay still and let the man on top of him work.

Lloyd Banks works the rock hard rod in and out of his aching body and starts to gain a steady momentum before he feels his lover match his movements with thrusts of his own. Their lips are entangled together and their bodies too gone with pleasure to notice much of anything else. The plunges are strong and provocative as their whole bodies bind together and return home for the first time in a long time. The southern rapper firmly has his hands planted on his boyfriend's butt as he works his large meat into and out of the cavern he is so familiar with. Two bodies grind together and rapidly try to adjust to the overwhelming amount of pleasure while each rap artist cannot help but to grunt and encourage one another. A smooth friction is created and a warmness that was absent before is floating between them as their bodies gyrate together to form love. Uncorrupted, perfect love. Banks throws his head back as his body is bouncing up and down and Ludacris' lips are locked on to his neck. This can never be wrong. The plowings go deeper and deeper into his body.

The younger superstar continues to grip the cushion behind him for support but uses his other hand to play with his untouched member. It is rubbing against his boyfriend's hard stomach when he grabs and yanks it in an arousal of blissful satisfaction. The heat between their needy bodies rises while the tip of the Atlanta rap artist's dick reaches its spot. His spot. When Banks opens his eyes, multicolored fireflies surround and continue to flicker brightly around him. His own dick is jumping at his touch and he knows he cannot last longer. Both men's lips find each other's again while Ludacris continues to pump his hole with all his might. In a familiar twitch, he balls give the never-ending struggle up and release his liquid deep into his lover's lower body. He grunts and stutters and cannot see straight as his powerful thrusts fall into week and uncoordinated ones. Lloyd Banks kisses him hard and begins to release himself in his hand. The sticky white liquid drips on his hand and onto his man's stomach. They both need are and to recover.

A small kiss seals the session after the Atlanta DJ turned rapper pulls out. "You aight baby?" he asks as he looks into his man's eyes. The G-Unit member is still sitting on his lap.

"Yea. I needed that."

"So did I. Now you wanna tell me what's goin' on?"

"Why you gonna ruin the mood like that?"

"Mood's over baby boy."

"Not yet," Banks says slyly. "I think I need a shower. And from the looks of it, so do you---"

"That a challenge?"

"Take it how you want it Ludacris."

"I see how it is."

Both men get up and Lloyd Banks follows the older rapper into the shower because they are both sticky and hot and definitely need one. He will eventually tell him about the most recent encounter he and 50 Cent had while shooting his video but he does not want to ruin their time together by talking about it. He also cannot lie to the man he loves. The shower lasts extremely long, both men cum again, before they get out, dry their skin, and change into some of Ludacris' close. His closets are huge and it seems as if he has every pair of shoes ever made by man. The G-Unit member has a hard time navigating it to find something to wear but eventually finds a pair of boxers, pajama bottoms, and a tank top. They are comfortable on him and his boyfriend emerges wearing almost the same thing. In the kitchen, the duo finds something to eat and watch television while they do so. The leftovers manage to hit the spot for them both and they return to the darkened living room once the kitchen is spotless once again. The TV is low and no one is watching it.

Banks has his head on his man's lap and trying to watch the program but it is uninteresting. His mind is wandering. "You gonna tell me what's up now or what?" Ludacris breaks the silence in his house.

"Huh? What?"

"Come on. Don't make me ask again."

"It's nothing. I'm good."

"You're lying."

"I'm not Bri."

"Take me serious Chris," the southern rapper says in a more severe tone. "I know something happened and I'm sure it has to do with that nigga Fifty."

He sighs. "I don't wanna talk about it. I just wanna chill here with you baby."

"I'm worried about you. What did he do?"

"It's the same shit. We were shooting my new video and it was the same shit over and over again. It always is."

"Why's he in your video?"

"I asked him to be. It's business. We are in G-Unit together."

"I guess," he replies uncertainly. The thought of the two of them being so close together upsets the Atlanta rap superstar but he does not let it show.

"It's not like that. You know that. I told you I can't avoid him---"

"Yea. I know. I'm just being stupid."

"He doesn't mean anything to me anymore. We just on the same team now."

"Yea. That's all he did? Talk shit."

"Yea---" Lloyd Banks apprehensively answers.


"He came back when the day was done. I was getting changed and he came into the dressing room."


He stares straightforward and stops for a long while. Ludacris looks down at him. "He pushed me into the wall and told me that he was only gonna let me push him so far."

"The fuck? He pushed you?"

"Calm down Bri. It's not that serious."

"The fuck it isn't! He put his hands on you!"

The G-Unit member shoots up and holds on to his boyfriend. The embrace is meant to calm him down. "You're overreacting. He didn't hurt me. I guess he was upset or something---"

"And that gives him the fuckin' right to disrespect you like that? Let me go."

"Baby please. It wasn't that serious---"

"You're doing it again. Defending his ass," he retorts in an irritated tone. His anger is more than clouding his reasoning.

"I'm not. He didn't hurt me. If he did you think I would've let him get away with it? He was just being an asshole babe. Calm down."

The older rapper screams out in frustration. Banks is still holding on to him and is now sweetly kissing his neck. "Let me go Chris. Get off me."

He does as he is told and backs away. "This is why I didn't wanna tell you. I know you don't like him---"

"I hate him," the former DJ interrupts.

"He's not important to me. To us. Just forget about him."

Ludacris tries his absolute hardest to calm himself down. It is taking all of his willpower and so much more. "You gotta see where I'm coming from---"

"I do. But he's not worth you getting angry over. Listen to me." Their eyes meet. "He's trying to play me. I know how he is. I'm just gonna ignore him."

"Play you?"

"Get a rise outta me. I didn't give him the satisfaction in the dressing room so he left. It's all his game."

"I swear the next time I see his punk ass, I'm gonna punch him right in his fuckin' mouth."

"No Bri. It's not worth it."

"Oh it will be to me," he responds in a vindictive manor.


There is silence for a while. "Ugh! You killin' me here Chris!"

The young rapper smiles. "No love is a perfect love."

He turns to face the other man. "My love for you is perfect Chris. Never doubt that."

"So you gonna behave now?"

The southern rapper looks away and sighs. "Yea. I'm gonna be a good boy. For now---"

Nothing else is said because there is not anything else to say. Everything is out in the open and dealt with. A collective sense of relief encircles Lloyd Banks' body as he holds on to his man and they watch TV together. Late night cartoons are going on but it is late and both men are tired so they decide to give in to their body's request for sleep. The DTP rap star walks around his house to make sure everything is closed and all the lights are off before he heads up to bed. He takes off his clothes and crawls under the blanket; their lips meet immediately after that and everything goes away. Their bodies click. They work so well together. The G-Unit member cannot stop kissing him because it feels so good. Their bodies keep each other's warm and safe. Banks rests his head on a fluffy pillow and looks up at the ceiling before trying to get some sleep. He turns to his side and feels his man press their bodies together a short while later. Ludacris kisses the nape of his neck and wraps his hands around his boyfriend for the night ahead.

50 Cent wakes up early and begins his day by appearing on a morning radio show. The interview goes by slowly, mainly because he does not want to be there, but he takes it in stride an does what is required of him to do. The morning is bright as he exits the studio and gets breakfast himself and one of his bodyguards, Caleb. They talk amongst themselves in the car and decide to go to the gym after their breakfast. A trip to the gym can only allow him to burn away all the negative stress accumulating in his body. He and Banks have not spoken at all since the ill-fated video shoot and he is seriously regretting the things he said and the way he disrespected the younger rapper that day. It was never his intention but he could not control his anger and hurt. Although the trip to the gym manages to keep 50's body hard and sculpted, it does not do anything for his emotional state. Energy and not stress is released and it feels like he is about to burst with all the bad things occurring in his life, most of which he is responsible for himself.

"You okay C?" Caleb asks in a concerned voice as they are back in the car from the gym. "You seemed out of it at the gym."

"I need a break from all this shit man."

"What's going on with you?"

"Same old shit. You know---"

"It's gotta be hard being Fifty all the time."

The talented superstar sighs. "I wish I could turn him off. He's controlling me."

"Shut his ass up then. Take a vacation away from him."

"Come on Caleb. You know me nigga. Work, work, work," he explains to his lighter skinned bodyguard sitting next to him.

"You gotta stop being Fifty Cent sometimes."

"Then how am I gonna pay yo ass?"

"You ain't funny kid," the bodyguard says as he laughs. 50 laughs as well. "Haven't seen you smile in the longest boss."

"So I guess you good for more than watching out for me huh?"

"You know me; don't like to toot my own horn."

"Good to know I got people I can thrust."

"No doubt nigga. You know Danny and I got you like that."

"Thanks man," the buff rapper says as their knuckles pound against each other's. It is a sign of trust and respect.

"Haven't see ya kid Banks around lately. Where he at?"

The name alone makes his mind go haywire. "Haven't seen him in a good minute either. He out there doin' his thing."

"Oh. I thought maybe you kicked his ass outta G-Unit."

"You got jokes."

"Ay I gotta wonder when I don't see someone for too long. They might've gone and fallen off," he continues to play. No matter how rough things are between them, Lloyd Banks will never get kicked out of G-Unit. He is too talented a rapper for that to happen.

"He just on his own for now. Gotta let my boys grow."

"Yea. Aight we here. Go do your thing."

"Damn. This day needs to be over already."

"Hurry yo ass up nigga."

"We'll see where yo mouth is when it's standing in the unemployment line," 50 Cent flashes him an irresistible smile as he gets out of the car. "Come on."

"You can't do this shit without me. Who else you gonna come to when you need to bitch about yo life?" the bodyguards shoots back.

"Aight you got me. Lets go."

After a follow-up meeting to discuss the new statistics of his new shoe line with Reebok, the pair leaves the offices and enters the awaiting car as the Sun begins to dance along the horizon to the west. The superstar rapper has one final item to do to complete his long day and that is to make an appearance at a party tonight. Although he really does not want to go, he has no choice because his publicist already promised the club owner that he would show. 50 Cent thanks his bodyguard for his services and decides to go to the party alone so he can make a quick break if needed. The two shake hands and hug briefly before the car pulls off and carries him back to his room to shower and prepare for the night ahead. Once dinner gives him energy and a shower brings him back to life, the G-Unit founder searches through some clothes to figure out what to wear for his special appearance. A black polo shirt and long baggy jeans look good on him as he finds some jewelry to put on. Black Jordans complete the outfit and he is out the door by nine.

The scene at the club is the same as it always is, chaotic and uncontrollable when 50 Cent finds himself in the center of it all for the moment. He walks into the hotspot through the flashing bulbs of cameras, being extra careful to avoid all the questions that are being thrown towards him. Once everything is left behind, he fixes his hat and his eyes scan the crowded scene, noticing how carefree and relaxed everyone seems to be. Fans scream and ask him for dances when he is noticed but the buff star does not feel like it at all tonight. His appearance is nothing more than that and he decides to simply relax in the V.I.P. section for a couple of hours. With a drink in hand, 50 works his way through the masses to find himself at the entrance to the superior part of the club. The bouncer smiles after immediately recognizing him and unlocks the rope to allow entry. The G-Unit member mingles with a couple of his celebrity friends before finding a secluded booth in the back of the V.I.P. section. He really does not feel like being here or faking it anymore.

Scrolling lights and boisterous music goes unnoticed by the muscular rapper as he is busily typing away on his cell phone. It is a self memo for the important upcoming events in his life over the next few days. There are so many things to do with so little time to do them all in. Some of the selected few who manage to get past the bouncer at the entrance of the V.I.P. section ask him for autographs and dances but he denies them everything because he is not in the mood to do any of it. 50 wants someone here who he can talk to, relax with, and enjoy this this evening with. Dré is busy at Interscope as he always is while Eminem is in Texas doing a special promotional event. Young Buck is all the way in Miami for his album and the G-Unit rapper is not sure where Olivia is. Lloyd Banks is on his mind now but they are no longer friends so inviting him to the club to hang out is completely inappropriate and out of the question. 50 Cent's eyes are glued to his cell phone; he does not even begin to notice when someone starts walking towards him.

She stands there and admires him for a moment before he looks up and finally takes notice of her presence. "Hey," he says too awkwardly. "What you doin' out here?"

Olivia takes him in and smiles. He looks so good and she cannot help herself. "My publicist thought I should make an appearance. Can I join you?"

"Yea. Of course," he says as he gets up and she takes the seat across him. The gentleman in him shows.

"You look good."


"What are you doing over here by yourself? I thought you would at least be on the dance floor working some girl."

"Nah. Not tonight."

"Are you okay?"

"Yea I'm cool. Just not in the mood to deal with all the drama," 50 Cent admits honestly.

"I see. So you're just making an appearance too?"

"Just about. Guess this place got two for the price of one huh?"

The first lady of G-Unit laughs slightly but it is obvious that she is nervous and confused by him. "I guess so. How are you? How is everything?"

"Good. Great. Been keepin' real busy these days. Gotta keep makin' that money."


"What about you? How's everything been goin' for you?"

"Good you know. Hanging in there."

"Dré workin' you that hard already?" the buff rapper smiles that irresistible smile of his. She is, once again, caught. "Listen, it's hard at first but Dré know what he wants. You're in great hands with him."

"I know. I really wasn't talking---"

The hint is there and he picks up on it right away. "You talkin' about us right?"

The female artist looks down and sighs softly. "Yes."

"I'm sorry."

"I still have strong feelings for you Curtis. I never stopped. I can't."


"Did I do something wrong?"

"No. It's not like that."

"So what is it? What happened to us?" The tears are seriously being fought back. It is too much now.

"It was never you. It's always been me. You're perfect."

"How am I perfect when our relationship fell apart?"

50 Cent looks anywhere but where he should be looking. He does not want this conversation right now. "I dunno."

"I still want you Curtis. I'm finding it harder and harder to be your colleague knowing what we've done. What you mean to me---"

"It can't work."


"It just can't. You're too good for me."

"Shouldn't you let me make that decision for myself?" she strategically questions her former lover. Single tears are now streaming down her face as the rest of the club goers are unmindful of their situation.

"I made it for you. Trust me, it's for the best."

"How can I trust you when you're hurting me this way?"

"I never meant to. It wasn't supposed---"

"But you are hurting me. You're denying me."

The G-Unit founder needs to put a stop to this because he cannot stand to hurt someone he cares about this way. They are just not meant to be but he cannot tell her that because he is not even certain of it himself. "I'm sorry; I have to go," he checks his phone and says.

"Please don't walk away from me Curtis."

"I have to be up early in the morning for some stuff. I'll see you around---"

50 Cent almost rushes out of the V.I.P. section and into the car outside, not even bothering look back because he is scared of what he knows he will find if he does. He cannot tell her the truth; it would be meaningless to try because he has not accepted it himself. The driver takes off back to the hotel as he looks out the window at the lights that illuminate the inside of the car for a split second before disappearing forever. His behavior a few moments ago is rude and extremely uncaring but he is sure that if he would have stayed any longer, insanity and a whirlwind of guilt would have taken over his body. The G-Unit rapper arrives back at his hotel and his mind is finally able to climb down from its self-induced overdrive status. Why can he not just enjoy her? Enjoy being in a relationship with her? He does not realize that it is not what he wants. Or he does not accept it as fact. 50 slips out of his clothing and leaves his boxers on as he sits by the sill of one of the large windows of the room and gapes at nothing in particular. He is lost in his thoughts.

Nothing is said to Olivia. Nothing is said to Lloyd Banks. The superstar rapper is a mess and he feels as if his mind is betraying him. There are two people out of the four that make up their G-Unit team that he feels uncomfortable around, one more so than the other. He is pretty sure he knows which one but he will never admit that to himself because he has too much pride to do so. 50 continues to live his life as the cocky, arrogant rap artist he is known as with no regrets. Both situations are beyond his singular control so there is no use continually trying to come up with logical explanations. It is best to be left alone; he submerges himself in work and starts to slowly move away from the two relationship disasters in his recent life. Days go by with work consuming the G-Unit founder; it is the only way to get away from it all. The nights are the worst though; when 50 Cent is vulnerable and alone because of his immaturity and insensibility to those around him whom he really cares about. It does not hinder the growth of the supercilious rapper though.

An early morning workout at a local gym with both Caleb and Danny sees him smiling and laughing for the first time in what seems like an eternity. The trio keeps each other amused with their small talk and general playful attitude while the workout nearly defeats their writhing bodies. After they all emerge from the showers, 50 checks his phone to see that he has three missed calls and a slew of new text messages. Two of the calls are from Dr. Dré and the other is from Eminem. Most of the text messages are also from the super producer and they all read the same; there is an emergency meeting at Interscope within the next two days. He dries his naked skin and gets some clothes on before they all leave the gym; 50 Cent has to wrap up the rest of his business in New York today and be on a flight out to Los Angeles by tomorrow. He calls his publicist to set up a flight for him as he scurries around town to get all of his errands and meeting completed. The life of a rap superstar is so unpredictable and frantic at times that it is hard to cope with it all. Sleeps takes him.