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A strange silence fills the room. So many things are unspoken and unfelt between them that it is impossible to ignore. 50 Cent is genuinely confused by their plans. The younger rapper is going to be taking care of him but the thoughts do not register in his mind. The nurse returns a short while later with a stack of paperwork for him to sign while Lloyd Banks steps outside and dials away on his cell phone. They need a flight as soon as possible so he calls his publicist to set it up. He requests a private jet because of the condition of his friend. While outside, he reflects on what truly happened. He offered to take care of the ebony rap star without so much as a second thought. The doubts are there now and he stays outside to try and sort them out. What about Ludacris? He is sure that his boyfriend will not like this but he has to do it, for himself and for 50. Banks stares through his cell phone because he wants to call his man but he cannot right now. There are too many people around for this personal conversation to take place. He rests his head against the wall.

The G-Unit superstar is busy filling out papers and listening to his nurse talk about how he should take care of himself when he is at home. The types of activities he should avoid for the time being to how to cover up the bandages across his body when he is taking a shower. 50 listens carefully to it all because he wants to be careful and not have anything infected. After the mountain of paperwork receives their signatures, she heads back out of the room to get him the rest of his stuff and then he is a free man. Lloyd Banks enters the room again with his mind deep in thought about Ludacris. He cannot disrespect his man like this but something strong is pulling him toward the man in the room with him. Something he cannot control or fight. His boyfriend will understand. He has to. When the nurse returns, 50 Cent scavenges through his stuff but does not find what he is looking for; a shirt. The rest of his possessions are there though; both his hat and du-rag there with stains of blood. An awful reminder of what happened and what could have happened.

"Something up?" he asks Lloyd Banks as he quickly grabs his phone and wallet from the bag. The rest of the stuff is trash because of the blood stains.

"Huh? Naw. I got a jet for tonight so we gotta kill a couple hours here."


"You gonna stay here until then? What you gonna do?" the younger star asks.

He thinks for a moment. "We could chill with Tré until tonight. I wanna see him before I leave."

"Sounds good. Here," Banks says before taking off his white polo G-Unit shirt and giving it to his boss. He is now in a tank top alone that hugs his body in all the right places.

50 Cent looks at him. His nice body. "What's this?"

"You need a shirt. Can't walk outta here like that." He smiles. It is sincere and warm.

"Thanks Chris. I owe ya one."

"It's just a shirt."

He gently slips the shirt over his bruised, bandaged body and starts to feel more like himself. Immediately after, the rap superstar finds his phone and calls his former girlfriend to see if they can hang out with his son before their flight later on tonight. Marquise just came home from school so the timing is perfect and she agrees to it, happy to see that he is back on his feet once again. Banks calls his driver to inform him of their new plans before they get ready to leave the hospital. The pair gets clearance through the hospital for his driver to pick them up in the hospital administrations parking garage; a private place where only hospital employees are allowed. This is to avoid a media circus. Once everything is cleared, the nurse reports back to them and they head toward the parking garage. 50 Cent's steps are more confident and strong but he is still weak and has to take it easy. They enter the elevator and it lowers to the first floor and the nurse continues to guide them to where they need to go. Outside is warm and a black limo comes into view and both enter.

The ride across the city is long and for the most part silent. 50 is resting as Lloyd Banks continues to looks at his phone in his hand. His mind is overrun with guilt and he wants to call him bad but he definitely cannot right now with the company he is in. He decides to call him when they get to the house and he finds a private moment to himself. The little region of his mind that is left sane is excited to see Marquise however. And he knows it will lift the six-year-old's spirit to see his father becoming stronger with each passing day. When 50 Cent asks about the days that he was not there to witness, he starts to tell him of every important thing he should know of. It is a way to ease the tension between them, to talk about work. The buff rapper is finding it distracting to see Banks in a tank top though. His arms have much more definition in them than he remembers and it looks so good. He has seen his best friend in a tank top before and it never did anything like this to him. Something is definitely different. The ride is finally over and they hop out.

The younger rapper knocks on the door twice as he sees 50 leaning up against the wooden fence of the porch to support himself. He is expending too much energy and begins to feel lightheaded. "Chris. Hi." she says as she opens the door and hugs him. "How are you Curtis?"

"You know me."

"Let me help you inside," she says as she goes over to him and puts his muscular arm around her small shoulders.

"You need any help?" Banks asks.

"Just hold the door open."

Together, the three of them walk into the house and rest the wounded rapper on the sofa of the living room. His head stops spinning for a while. "Thanks. I'm good."

"Would you guys like something to drink?"

"I'll take some orange juice."

"Let me get some water and two aspirin please."

"Let me go get it."

"You okay?" he asks the older man.

"Yea. Just got a lil' weak back there. Where's Tré? You didn't tell him did you?"

She returns with their requests. "If I did then he would be down here already."

"True," 50 smiles at her.

"Marquise sweetheart. Are you finished with your homework?" his mom yells through the house.

"Almost," the little boy yells back from his room.

"Come downstairs to get something to eat honey."

"I'm coming." He races down the stairs and to the source of his mother's voice. He then stops as soon as he enters the living room. "Daddy!" he screams loudly as he rushes up to his father. His mom intercepts him though.

"Careful baby. Your daddy is still in a lot of pain. You're gonna have to be---"

"Chris! What are you doing here buddy?" he breaks out of her grip and runs over to Lloyd Banks.

"Came to chill with you squirt." He ruffles the small boy's hair and their balled up fists pound together. He looks even more like his father now.

"Hi daddy!" Marquise says as he walks up to the man and hugs him gently. He rests his head on 50's chest, like he did in the hospital room.

"Hey Twenty-five Cent. Surprise."

He cannot stop holding on to his father because he does not want to. It feels so good to have his little hands wrapped around his body again. The younger rapper looks on and smiles to himself at the cute sight that is in front of him. They all talk and relax themselves for the afternoon as both men wait for their flight. 50 does not want to leave the love of his son but he cannot take him to Connecticut because he is still in school. It would have been a perfect opportunity for them to spend time together while he recovers but it is not meant to be. His phone goes off and it is a detective from the police station saying that they have no sufficient leads on who attempted to kill him. 50 Cent is upset but he does not let it show and ruin the perfect moment he is in. His son's hands are securely around him and Lloyd Banks is his friend again. That is all they can be. He will not allow anything else to be between them, despite his feelings. The hours drain away into nothingness and the Sun is beginning to set on the city that never sleeps. Time is never enough.

After a long and hard goodbye to both his son and former girlfriend, he and Lloyd Banks make their way out of the house and into the limo to be ushered off to JFK International Airport where a private jet is waiting for them. He wants to call Ludacris. He has to hear his voice. Lights are everywhere and attempt to illuminate everything as they travel to the airport together; it is the same as the ride from the hospital in that not much is said. Both men are deep in thought about what the next few days of life has in store for them. The G-Unit founder already misses his son and wants his innocent touch once again. The driver follows a special road which allows him to drive to the tarmac so there is not too much of a hassle or frenzy like there would be if the two celebrities stepped inside the airport. The pilot is waiting at the door to the airplane to greet them as they walk up to it. He shakes both their hands and 50 cautiously walk up the steps and into the luxury plane. Banks reaches the last step and looks back at New York. The driver is already pulling off. He heads in.

The jet is in the air and surrounded by nothing else. He watches him sleep. The steady rise and fall of his strong chest. Aside from the captain and one stewardess, they are the only two people on the plane. Lloyd Banks is sitting on a comfortable leather seat as he watches his best friend sleep peacefully next to him. He still has his shirt on. The night's sky is clear as they soar through it to get to their destination. 50 Cent has his hands resting on his lap and the collar of his shirt is slightly off. His head is tilted to the side and his eyes are closed in slumber. He looks so cute. The seatbelt light has been off so the G-Unit member easily gets up and walks to the bathroom. While in there, he washes his face and stares at himself in the mirror as droplets of water scrape against his skin. The day is long and he too is missing rest but he has to be there for 50. He can worry about himself later. Banks grabs a few tissues and wipes his face before walking back. He instead sits on the seat by the window on the other side of the aisle before digging through his pocket.

When it is in the palm of his hand, he looks around to see if they are alone in the cabin before flipping through it and dialing. It rings three times. "I was wonderin' when you was gonna call me," Ludacris claims as soon as the lines are connected.

"Huh?" he is slightly lost because of how much is on his mind.

"Haven't heard from you in a few days babe. I hope you being a good boy."

"I miss you Chris."

"I'm Chris now too? I like it almost as much as I like you," the southern rapper sexily tantalizes to his boyfriend.

"What you doin'?"

"I am waiting in the studio for a few of my acts of mine to show up. You?"

The slender man sighs and checks his surroundings once again. His conversation cannot be heard by anyone. "I'm in the air. Flying to Connecticut."

"What's goin' on up there? Ay, how's that nigga Fifty?"

"They released him from the hospital."

"Oh word? That's good. Some good news today. Finally."

"You are?"

The Atlanta DJ turned rapper stays quiet for a moment before saying, "Of course. He may have some issue with me but that don't mean I don't wish the nigga well. I think, in the end, we all gotta look out for each other."

"That's what I gotta talk to you `bout---"

"I knew something was on your mind."

"What? How?"

"Your voice sounds different when you got something to say. I know you too damn well baby boy. What's up now?"

He sighs once more. "We goin' to Connecticut. To his house there."

"Fifty? You goin' with him to his house?"

"The doctors told him to take it easy so he's gonna chill out at home until he recovers."

"Straight. And where do you fit into all this?" the DTP rapper inquires.

"I'm taking him there to make sure he's good and all."

"Oh. Aight. That's cool."

"That's not all---"

"It's never that easy. What's going on?"

"I offered to look after him," Lloyd Banks says after a while. Again, he raises his head to check around him.

"Look after him? How?"

"Just help him until he's strong enough to be on his own again. The doctors and nurses even said that he shouldn't be by himself until he's stronger so I said I'd take care of him."

"Why'd you do that? He's a grown man. He can take care of himself."

"Because he's my friend Chris. And I know if I was in the same position he would do the same thing for me."

"I doubt that."

"Come on baby. You don't know him like I do," the G-Unit member says to try and defend his decision. He wants his boyfriend's support on it.

"How long you gonna do this?"

"A week or two for the most."

"What `bout your career? You just gonna drop everything you worked so hard for to play doctor to this nigga?" he is trying hard to keep the only sliver of patience he has left inside him. More than anything, he is jealous.

"I gotta be there for him. I have to do it."

"Why? You feel guilty about what happened so now you gotta make it up to him?"

There is another long and awkward silence as Banks stares out the window to the dark sky all around them. "He's my friend."

"That's not what I was hearing before this shit happened. Look I gotta go."

"Oka---" the phone line dies instantly.

Lloyd Banks does not even look at his cell phone as it turns lifeless in his palm. His eyes are glued to the air outside as he continues to think. The phone call hurts him in more ways than one. He hates fighting with Ludacris because he knows how much he loves him. The stewardess interrupts him from his thoughts and offers a glass of champagne, which he takes and gulps quickly. 50 Cent is still resting across from him and his eyes drag over to that direction. Why does he want to do this so badly? Everything the southern rapper said is true but a small part of him also knows that he is doing the right thing. An overwhelmingly strong impulse is telling him to call his boyfriend back but he fights against it. More thoughts encircle his mind as he looks out the plane window and tries to think about them all. It seems like whenever he tries to do the right thing, it never turns out to be the right thing at all. Should Banks take his words and back off from the situation he put his own self in? 50 opens his eyes and looks around before finding who he wants to see.

He stares at the younger man for an eternity, taking in the image of him and scalding it into his brain. "You aight Chris?"

"Yea. I'm good." He looks over to the other rapper's direction.

"What you sittin' over there for?"

"Givin' you some space to rest. You feeling better?"

"Come here."

Without hesitation, Lloyd Banks gets up and sits back down on the seat right next to him. 50 gets closer to him and says, "Why you lyin' to me for?"

"Naw. I ain't lyin'. I'm just tired as hell. Today was too long."

"I know the feeling." His eyes are not off the young star. It is uncomfortable and feels as if there is a stoppage in the time continuum.


"How long have I known you Chris?"

"I dunno. `Bout nine, ten years?"

"And don't you think I know it when you lyin'."

"I'm getting a headache and I'm tired."

"Yea. We should be there soon." 50 Cent does not persist because although things may seem great between them, he know that deep below the surface, there are many unresolved issues between the both of them.

The pilot comes on the speaker a moment later and informs his passengers of their descent into Connecticut and to put on their seatbelts. Both rappers comply with the order and brace themselves for landing. Their flight attendant comes by to make sure they are securely strapped in before returning to her post and getting ready for the landing herself. Their forearms are touching but neither notice it as the airplane begins to shake and rattle due to the air pressure beating against it. It is perfectly normal. Their bodies thrust up and quickly back down when the wheels of the air carrier screech against the floor and finally come in permanent contact with it. Lloyd Banks quickly moves his hand away from the armrest when he realizes that it is rubbing against 50's. Another announcement from the pilot ensures them that it is smooth sailing from now on. The buff rapper feels a sudden and sharp pain in his stomach but it wanes after a few moments. He needs rest; his body is screaming for it. The plane finally stops and they get ready to cautiously depart.

As requested, a shiny blue rental BMW convertible is waiting for them when they check out of the airport. 50 Cent opens the passenger door and easily slides in as his best friend walks around the front and hops into the driver's seat. He is in no condition to drive but it is apparent that he wants to take the sexy car for a spin. After they both buckle up, the G-Unit member sticks the key into the ignition and the engine roars loudly. In a matter of seconds, he shifts the gears of the car and they are leaving the airport; it is almost nice when they do so. The superstar rapper presses a button and the roof of the car immediately starts to retract and cool wind is blowing on their faces. Lloyd Banks is pushing the car to its limits as they follow directions to the house on the car's GPS system. 50 looks at the man next to him from time to time during their long ride but he does not understand it. Banks is oblivious to it because he is having fun; he cannot remember the last time he drove himself somewhere. It is a truly liberating feeling. They pull into the quiet neighborhood.

The house is magnificent and seems to go on for days. It is extremely large and exceptionally well furnished. This is 50's second time being in the house since he bought it. It seems so much better this time around but he does not know why; it is the same house after all. The pair walks into the foyer and a clock on the wall says that it is almost eleven. Both are tired and just want to get some sleep. Exploring the house fully can wait for another time. Banks finds the kitchen and a glass in the cupboard to get himself a drink of water. His throat is dry. He loves the house. The feel. The mood. Everything about it is perfect. He finds the buff rapper already carefully going up the stairs so he follows him. A little ball of nerves forms deep inside his stomach but the reason for this is unknown. He is in a house alone with a man he has had feelings for so that could be the cause. 50 Cent remembers the path to his master bedroom and follows it while Lloyd Banks looks around. He is definitely going to get lost because of how huge the house is. There are endless rooms.

"You're the first person to be in this house besides me Chris," he says as they finally reach his bedroom.


"Dunno. Just worked out that way I guess. Still haven't had a housewarming party yet."

"Maybe now you can---"

The overtly large bedroom is beautiful with paintings, rugs, and a bed that looks spacious enough to fit five people. "Nah. Not now. What do you think?"

Banks looks around and takes it all in. The room is beautiful. The house is beautiful. "It's nice as hell. This place is over the top."

"That's why I bought it. You know how I do."

"Yea. Always like to show off."

"Ay ay. You hurtin' my feelings here."

"Sorry," the G-Unit member says as he looks away at anything else.

"Better be."

"You good or what? I gotta get some sleep. So come on, let me tuck your ass in already."

"Fuck you nigga!" 50 Cent smiles that irresistible smile of his. "I don't need tucking in."

"You straight though?"

"Yea. Thank you for doing this for me. For being here with me," he says softly. It is sincere and honest.

"You're welcome. I know if I was in the same position you'd be there for me."

"In a heartbeat Chris. Never doubt that."

The twosome finally part ways with Lloyd Banks leaving him alone in his room after saying good night and receiving his shirt back. It is way too soon. Stars sprinkle throughout the solar system above as he stares out at it, wondering what to do. If it is the right thing to do at all. The buff rapper yawns and walks into his new closet to find it full of his clothes, shoes, and all the accessories he can think of. He grabs two towels and walks into the bathroom to take a shower. One of the towels is wrapped tightly around his bandaged chest so it will not get wet and he strips the rest of his clothes off and takes a very quick shower. 50 uses the showerhead to sprinkle water to the upper part of his body while regularly showering the lower part. It is a hassle but he has to do it. Soap touches the G-Unit founder's skin briefly before it is all over. It is the shortest and least wet shower he has ever taken in his life. 50 Cent quickly brushes his teeth and takes some painkillers before getting into bed. His eyelids are heavy with stress, weakness, and anxiety. He falls asleep.

The young rap star finds a room that is close to 50's and decides to call it his own for the time he is here. It is past twelve when he finally is settled in. The room he chooses has its own bathroom so he takes a shower and just leaves his boxers on. The water manages to wash almost all of the stress of the long day away from Banks and for this he is grateful. His body feels refreshed and new as he flicks on the large TV in his room. A late show is going on and he suddenly changes his mind about the entertainment box and turns it off. Walking out of his room, he slowly follows a similar path to 50 Cent's room; he has to check on him. The door is ajar so he slips past it to see if everything is okay. The ebony rapper is already sleeping and seems comfortable as he looks on. Lloyd Banks stands there for a while and continues to gaze upon him before finally deciding to get some rest himself. He leaves the room and closes the door behind him before walking back to his own room. A convenient table lamp is switched off and he scoots his body under the covers.

A small light attempts to illuminate the entire room and his cell phone violently goes off. Banks reaches out for it and looks at the number before picking up. "Hello?" his voice is trite.

"Hey. Did I wake you up?" the strong southern accent of his boyfriend fills the line.

"No. I'm just `bout to go to bed."

"You sound tired."

"Yea." It is awkward. Everything between them.

"I don't like it Chris. I'm really tryin' to understand it but I don't like it."

"I have to do it."

"You don't owe him anything. He can pay a professional to look after him while he's recovering," Ludacris offers confidently.

"I dunno what to tell you."

"I don't like you being there---"

"If you love me then you should trust me---"

He interrupts, "I do love you. And I do trust you. It's him I don't trust."

"He's my best friend Chris. I trust him. That should be enough."

"He should just hire someone to look after him."

"I'm not doing anything right now. The tour's been pushed back. I already got all the singles I'm gonna get from the album. I need a break too."

"How convenient," the DTP rapper says derisively.


"That you all of a sudden need a break after all this shit happens."

"You tryin' to say I set this up for me?"

"Did you?"

He is not in the right frame of mind to fight and the remark slices through him. "Another thing you two have in common. You both have the power to hurt me," he responds with very little emotion in his voice. Everything is draining away from him.

"I told you never to compare us again."

"Why are you so insecure baby? You know how much I love you."

"I also know how much you love him."

"That was in the past. I moved on from it."

"Did you?" Ludacris seriously asks. "I always just took your word for it but now I dunno what to think."

"Why would you say that to me Chris?"

"Because I don't like this. I'm going crazy here. I miss you so much baby. We haven't seen each other in so long."

"I know---"

"I feel like you're using his injury to put him in front of me again. I can't deal with that."

"That's not how it is," he defends. "What, are you jealous?"

"Yes. Yes. I am jealous of him. I don't know how or why but I am," the Atlanta rapper truthfully admits to himself as well as his lover.

"Listen to me; I'm tryin' to fix things between us. That's why I have to be here for him. You saw how hard it was for me to avoid him before. We work together. We're friends. It's too hard to go back on that now---"

"I understand that but you were doing the whole professional relationship."

"And it was too much stress to keep avoiding him and actin' like a hard ass."

"This is all because of what happened to him."

"Part of it is," the G-Unit member says. "You don't know what it did to me when I heard he got shot baby. I started thinking about all the shit I would never get to say or do with him anymore and I realize how selfish I was being before. Yea he made mistakes but so did I. I can't hold it against him. I'm asking you to trust me Chris."

"I do trust you. More than anything I do babe but I dunno---"

"I really want your support on this. You're who I love and want to be with. Not him or anyone else."

"I hear the words but some part of me is not letting me believe in them."

"I don't love him. Not anymore."

Ludacris thinks hard for a long period and nothing is said. He sighs. "I'm only goin' along with this for you aight? I still don't like it but I realize that me forcing you to choose isn't the right way either. I love you Chris. I always have. I really want this to work between us."

"Me too."

"Damn you for being such a noble guy! Shit, that's one of the reasons I fell for you in the first place."

"Crazy," he laughs.

"That and you so damn cute."

"Really? How cute?"

"Don't push it boy. I miss you," the older rapper says out of nowhere.

"I miss you too."

"When we gonna meet up?"

"I dunno. It better be soon."

"I hope so too. I love you Lloyd Banks kid. I'm gonna get some sleep."

"I love you Luda boy. Night."

He yawns after the phone call ends and stretches out his limbs as he stares up to the darkened ceiling. A shallow wind is rustling trees outside as Banks puts his phone back on the nightstand and tries to close his eyes. It does not take long for them to open again and for his mind to keep reiterating to check on the rap superstar. The floor is cold on his feet as he gets up and makes the trip out of his bedroom once again to check on the wounded man. The house seems to be darker than before, if it is even possible, as the G-Unit rapper maneuvers through it to get to the largest bedroom in the house. 50 Cent is sleeping on his side with the covers drawn waist length over his body. The white bandages reflect the light of the Moon perfectly as he stands there and stares, just like last time. The house is more than quiet and once he is sure that 50 is okay, Lloyd Banks leaves the room for a second time of the night. He shuts the door behind him and walks up to the inviting, comfortable, and cozy bed of his room. It is mocking him. A sweet slumber takes over.

Leaves rustle in the morning's gentle wind but the Sun is nowhere in sight. Outside is black nightmare while both exhausted men continue to catch up on precious sleep their bodies have been denied the past few days. In his room, Lloyd Banks is hugging on to a pillow while the blanket carelessly attempts to cover his body. Although the bed is comfortable, it is empty. Ludacris is not there to hold him and make him feel good. It is something he wants to happen badly. Dismal gray rays start to peak through the curtains and into the room as sleep is disturbed, like so many times before. As much as he tries to fight it, they will not disappear so the rapper finally sits up on his bed and yawns. It is an extremely early eight in the morning. He cannot go back to sleep though. Taking a quick shower and brushing his teeth wakes him up fully and he slips on the same clothes as yesterday, because he has nothing here, and walks out of his room to check on 50. The entire house is still dark but Banks manages easily to get to where he needs to be. It is a short walk.

The G-Unit member pushes the ajar door open more and walks into the almost black room. On the wall, he can see the light of outside fighting with the dark curtains of he best friend's room but losing dramatically. Those curtains need to be in his room as well. His bare feet make no sound against the mahogany when he walks so his approach is more than silent. Banks stands on the side of the bed that 50 is sleeping on and stares at him. His body. His breathing. He feels so sorry for him. The blanket hides the lower part of his body and white bandages cover flesh eager to see light once again. Thoughts are lost to him. He feels his brain a million miles away and leaving his body to try and function without it. The wounded rapper turns from his back to his side and continues to rest. His feet are planted there; he is not going anywhere. Lloyd Banks roams his eyes all over but it is unaware to him. He has not observed 50 Cent sleeping since that night. He almost forgets how peaceful and cute the older rapper looks. Everything in his present is blurry.

A pair of eyes open, unknown to him, and gaze up at the ceiling first. They then look at the intruder in the room. "Chris?"

A dart pierces his world and reality comes crashing down around him. "Huh? Hey."

"Hey. Morning."

"Morning. How you feeling?"

"I still got some pain but I'm good. What you doin' here?" 50 asks, though the answer is more than obvious. A little part of him simply wants to hear it.

"Huh? Oh I was just checking to see if you were okay."

"You didn't have to do that. Why are you up so early anyway?"

"I dunno. Couldn't sleep I guess," Banks responds inaccurately. He is still standing there while the other rapper is staring up at him from his large bed.

"The room's not good? The bed's not comfortable enough?"

"No. Nothing like that. It's great. I guess I just got a lot on my mind."

He eyes the younger rapper. Something about him is so damn enticing. "You wanna talk about it?"

"Nah. It's nothing that important.''

"You sure. I gotta start finding a way to pay you back for this." He is serious.

"Naw. You don't. It's cool. You gotta take your medicine."

"Yea. It feels so damn good not waking up in a hospital bed," 50 Cent honestly admits.

"I can imagine. You got this house stocked or what?"

"It should be. I had them do it when I figured to come here and chill for a while."

Lloyd Banks says something before his brain can revise it, "Aight you go clean up and I'll make us some breakfast." A small smile adorns the corner of his mouth when he realizes what he just said.

"You? Cook? I might end up in the hospital again---"

"You gotta take them pills with some food. I guess you don't want the pain to go away then."

"Okay. Sorry. Sorry. I take it back."

"I thought so."

"You good here?"


50 Cent watches the other man walk out of his room and he smiles to himself. Today is their first official day together and he is more than excited. Things are going to change. They are going to be different between them. He gets up from bed and walks into the bathroom to brush his teeth. It is too much of a hassle to shower with all the bandages on his body so he now limits it to one a day, at night before he goes to sleep. The rap superstar quickly brushes his teeth because his stomach is hurting more than he let on. He needs the relief of his pills and something in his stomach. When he emerges from the bathroom, he walks into the closet to find something easy to put on over his body. The G-Unit founder finds fresh tank tops and shorts without having to dig too deep into it. The cover him easily and he starts to make his way downstairs. Lloyd Banks is cooking him breakfast. Something inside him is shining brightly and he cannot help but smile. This is just what is needed to repair broken promises, truths, and relationships. They will be best friends again.