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The rapper puts his phone on the nearby coffee table, sits back, and lets his mind wander away from him. Even though he feels guilty about his son missing a day of school, this is more important to the both of them right now. And that is all he is thinking about; the right here and right now. He is happy he called and asked for permission first because he didn't want her worrying about their son. Their relationship did not work out but he does not harbor any hostile feelings toward her. How can he? She gave him the precious little boy sleeping upstairs. 50 grabs the bowl and rests it in the sink before walking back up the stairs to check on the youth. Upon entering their bedroom, he finds the coverlet completely covering Marquise's body. He sits next to his sleeping son and gently removes it from the unaware child. His sweet, pure face comes into view as the rapper goes in and kisses his cheek. There is no response. A second attempt also proves to be futile. Finally, he uses his teeth to affectionately bite the little boy on the cheek.

"Oww! That hurts!" his son incoherently whines as he hits his father away.

He laughs. "Time to get up Twenty-five Cent."

"Why'd you bite me?" the boy asks, finally opening his eyes and throwing a pillow at his father. He rubs his cheek.

"Because you've been sleeping forever."

"Hmph!" he replies as he moves away from the rapper.

50 jumps on the bed and position his legs astride Marquise's body. The boy looks up at him and they stare at each other for a while. "Hi son," he says as he smiles.

"Father," the six-year-old responds in a proper tone.

"So formal lil' boy."

"You're lucky I can't stay mad at you."

"Of course you can't. You love me too much Tré ."

"Yea," the youth says before moving closer to the giant man on top of him and kissing his cheek. "Now let me go. I gotta use the bathroom."


50 Cent informs his son of the changes made while he was sleeping and the boy is more than happy to have more time in the mansion with his father. After he eats a bowl of cereal, the pair relaxes themselves around the house. They engage in many wrestling matches, a few games of hide and seek, and Marquise even accompanies the rapper while he works out in the gym. When the Sun is far on the west side of the sky, the two leave the house and walk along the beach, which is practically in their backyard. As they are walking along the shore, the six-year-old holds on to his father's hand tightly and when 50 looks down at him, he just smiles. A peaceful feeling surrounds the rapper as he and his son continue to walk along the beach, waving to some of their neighbors in the process; they are old and do not recognize the superstar for who he is. He orders Chinese for dinner and the two eat in the dining room, sitting across from each other at the massive table. After dinner, the two wash up and relax on the bed with the TV on.

Marquise is so preoccupied watching cartoons that he does not see when the rapper picks up the box containing his ID band. "Tré ?"

"Yea dad?" he answers, not looking away from the TV.

"I got you something son."

"Huh?" he looks at his dad and finally sees the gold box. "For what?"

"Being a good boy in school and listening to your mother."

"What is it?" his voice is excited.

"Come open it and see buddy."

50 Cent hands the box to the boy and he looks at it for a minute before looking back at his dad. "You didn't have to get me anything daddy."

"I know baby. I wanted to. You deserve a reward for being a good lil' man. Open it."

The six-year-old opens the box and bright orange tissue paper greets him. He drops the cover on the bed and fingers through the dazzling paper until they come across something cold. He takes it out of the box; all the while 50 is staring at him. The diamonds and sapphires reflect the light of the room as Marquise checks it out, not knowing what to say. The look on his son's face makes it worth it to the rapper. The youth sees the name his father always calls him sparkling blue with sapphires and the background white with diamonds and immediately hugs him. He is mesmerized by the shining and how nice it looks and his father offers to put it on his wrist. It fits perfectly and Marquise thanks his father once again by giving him a tight hug and kiss. 50 Cent kisses his son back and they spend a little while longer watching TV together before the boy starts to drift off to sleep. He pulls the blanket over their bodies and turns off the last light on the nightstand next to him before going to sleep. Tomorrow is their last day together.

In the morning, the guys walk down the stairs together to find some breakfast. 50 makes himself some coffee and gives his son a glass of milk while they enjoy bagels. He notices the band around his son's wrist, realizing how perfect it fits and looks on him. They talk at the table as they eat, trying to come up with something to do before they have to go back. He doesn't want them to reach late because he knows Marquise has school tomorrow so they decide to keep it simple and stay in the house. 50 Cent didn't care what they are doing but as long as he is with his son, it didn't matter. He rarely has time to just do nothing so it is a blessing to him. After breakfast, the duo walk onto the patio and the rapper sits on a lounge chair looking on as the youth sits on the edge of the pool with his feet in the water. He splashes water madly with his feet as his father keeps a watchful eye on him. It is only a matter of time before all his clothes and body is wet. He laughs when the six-year-old walks up to him, drenched with water.

After 50 Cent scoops up his son and takes him upstairs to get him clean and dry once again, they settle on the sofa and watch some TV for a while. Marquise is a ball of energy though, jumping on the sofa and playfully punching his dad on the arm as he is watching the TV. It isn't long before the rapper wrestles him onto the sofa and starts tickling him in a frenzy. The youth is to the point of tears when he finally decides to stop and let him catch his breath. He lies down next to the rapper, the top of his head pressing against his thigh, and watches the TV. 50 takes his arm and gets a closer look at the ID band, making sure that it fits right and that it is locked on tightly. It looks perfect on him with the platinum, diamonds, and sapphires exquisitely complimenting his golden brown skin tone. He kisses his boy's hand affectionately before getting back to the TV. Marquise cuddles up to his father and the muscular rapper protectively wraps both his arms around him, not wanting to let go or for the moment between them to ever end.

"Did you have fun with me this weekend Tré ?"

"Yea!" the boy replies, not having to think about it.


"Yep. I had so much fun daddy. I don't wanna go back to school tomorrow."

"What do I keep telling you lil' man?"

Marquise sighs. "School's important."

"Very important."

"But so is hanging out with you."

This catches the rapper off guard and he does not know what to say for a while. "Thanks Tré . I did something right for once."

"I mean it daddy. I love spending time with you."

"Ditto shorty."

"I know it's harder for you to always be there for me. I'm not mad. It's not your fault daddy."

"How'd you get to be so smart and thoughtful Twenty-five Cent?"

"I dunno," Marquise replies cutely.

"You're a good boy."

"Trying to be."

"That's why I bought you that," 50 Cent says, pointing to the expensive ID band. "You really like it right? You can say if you don't---"

"I do like it."

"Okay. You can tell me anything Tré ."

"I know. Just like you can tell me anything."

"Yep. I tell you everything lil' boy," he says as he looks at his son. "You know everything about me."

"Is that bad?"

"Nope. It just means I trust you the most."

"So how much did you pay for this?" he asks, fiddling with the new piece of jewelry wrapped around his wrist.


"Just wanna know."

"I'm not gonna tell."




"Nope," 50 Cent tries desperately to stick to his guns. "You're not getting a thing from me kid."

"Fine," the six-year-old pouts.

"All you need to know is that it cost a lot of money so take care of it."

"Okay, I will. When are we gonna hang out again?"

"I'm not sure buddy. I'll try to make it soon okay?"

He can sense the disappoint Marquise's voice as he says, "Okay."

"I love you Tré ."

"I love you too daddy," he says and then hops into the rapper's arms.

"Go get your stuff packed. I promised your mom I wouldn't bring you back too late."

"Okay," the little boy groans before jumping off the sofa and disappearing upstairs. 50 pats him the six-year-old on the butt before he disappears from the room.

50 Cent is sad to see the weekend go, realizing that it is too short a time to spend with his son. As much as he wishes they could spend more time together, it is impossible with his demanding career and the boy's schooling. He was already allowed one more day with him and he would have to be content with that for now. Shortly after Marquise goes upstairs, he turns off the TV and follows him because he has to gather his things as well. It is around five in the afternoon when the pair leaves the mansion and head back to the busy city New York is known as. The black Yukon Denali speeds off as the sky is rapidly darkening above them. As hard as he tries, Marquise cannot stay awake during the ride, falling asleep on his father's lap during the long ride back to his house. 50 caresses his cheek and arm with his index finger, already dreading the fact that his little boy won't be next to him when he wakes up tomorrow. His son is under his skin and when he's around him, the rapper wants and tries to be a better person. For the both of them.

The sky is completely black now and sprinkled with numerous specs of light when the Denali pulls up to his ex-girlfriend's house. 50 opens the door of the SUV and gently shifts his body so as not to wake Marquise before getting out of the car and picking up his son, the boy's head is resting on his massive shoulder as he walks up to the house. The driver begins unloading all the youth's stuff from the trunk as the rapper knocks on the door, adjusting his son in his arms. A look of relief is on his mother's face when she opens the door and sees her son in the arms of her former boyfriend. She steps aside and lets the massive rapper into the house, directing him up to their son's room. She is surprised to see him sleeping so early because she can never get him to because of all the energy he usually has. As the driver starts bringing in his stuff, she helps him with it. He returns to the SUV and she closes the door behind him as 50 Cent walks into his son's room and rests him on the bed. He draws the blanket over the sleeping youth.

He adoringly stares at the chaste child as he sleeps before sweetly kisses him on his forehead, cheek, and hands. "I love you Tré . I love you so much." The rapper does not want to leave the bedroom but reluctantly has to.

He makes his way back downstairs and sees Marquise's mother waiting for him. "Looks like you two had fun."

"Yea. I didn't want it to end."

"He has that effect on you. You want something to drink?" she asks as she leads him into the living room.

"I gotta catch a flight soon so I can't stay long. Thanks though," he replies and sits on the sofa.

"Was it what you expected?"

"This weekend?"


"It was more than I was expecting. He's such a good boy. You're doing a great job raising him," the rapper says, staring directly into his former lover's eyes and smiling. "I really mean that."

"Thank you. It's hard but I'm trying the best I can."

"Yea I know. Don't stop."

"I'm not planning on it."

"Thanks for letting me do this."

"You're his father," she says definitively. "I want you two to have a close relationship. Especially since he loves you so much."

"He's a special guy."

"Just like his dad I suppose."

"He asked me if we were ever gonna get back together."

"He did?" she asks, slightly shocked. "What did you say?"

"I tried to explain it the best I could to him. I think he got it."

"Oh. I saw something on his arm," she says, obviously uncomfortable with the subject.

"Oh yea. I got an ID band for him. He really likes it."

"It looks expensive."

"It is, but money is no object now. Anything he needs, or you need, just let me know."


"I told him that I still love you but that it wasn't the kind of love I once felt for you."

"I see."

"He's smart. He understood."

"I hope so."

"I gotta get going," he says as he gets up.

"Okay," she says, walking him to the door. "Look, I want you to be a bigger part of our son's life. I can't tell you how excited he was when I told him that you were going to be with him this weekend. You need to be there for him. To teach him things I can't. I can't raise him myself Curtis."

"I'm gonna try okay? I already promised him I would. It's all I can do right now."


"I'll call to check up on the both of you," 50 Cent says as he kisses her on her cheek and walks out into the night.

"Bye," she manages to say, not knowing why he just did what he did.

The next few days get back to normal for the superstar rapper with him having to do various interviews, press conferences, and appearances. True to his word, he calls his son to see how he is doing. What his former lover said to him that day makes perfect sense. He has to make the extra effort to be there for his little boy. He tries to call them every free chance he gets now as the first step. 50 Cent has to do this for them both. The night's air is chilly in New York City as he gets caught up in his thoughts, completely forgetting that Lloyd Banks is going to be stopping by later on. His mind is only on his son as he is taking a shower. The boy is his life and he desperately wants to find some way to be in his more. Warm water falls from the showerhead and attempts to soothe the rapper's tense muscles but it proves to be hopeless. He wonders how much longer he can keep this up before disappointing his son completely. 50 Cent can't shake the feelings that he will eventually. A loud chime at the door draws him out of his thoughts.

Shutting the water off, the troubled rapper wraps a towel around his waist and makes his way to it. "Ay man," he says to his best friend. "Wasn't expecting you so soon."

Lloyd Banks looks at the remarkable sight in front of him. It is magnificent. "You busy son? I could always come back," he teases.

"Fuck you lil' mixed nigga. Get in here."

"How can I say no after that?"

"Keep getting slick Banks."

The younger rapper enters as 50 closes the door behind them. He watches as the built man disappears into his room to get some clothes on and sits on the sofa in the living room. "So what's good kid?" he yells out.

"Chillin' man. Busy doing everything."

"I see that."

"Let's not talk about work. I'm so sick of Fifty Cent right about now," the jaded rapper says as he makes his return to the living room in a pair of black sweatpants and a t-shirt of the same color.

"Word? What's going on C man?" Banks asks, looking at his close friend with concern as he sits next to him on the sofa.

"I dunno Chris man. Fucking shit sucks."

"What shit?"

"My fucking life. I hate this shit."


"All this work. And stress. And everything. I---"


"I dunno. It just doesn't seem worth it."

"What you talking `bout? It is worth it nigga." Banks is confused because he does not know where all this is coming from.

"No, you don't get it."

"Then make me."

"I have all this shit, but then it's just me. I ain't got no one to share all my money with."

"You can have anyone you want."

"I don't want no fucking hoe that loves the money more than she loves me Banks. Fuck that shit. I'd rather remain single that go out like that."

"Yea. Where's all this coming from?" Lloyd Banks asks his close friend. He is curious to know since he's never heard the rapper speak this way before.

"My mind's been on Tré a lot lately."

"What's the squirt got to do with this?"

"I want to be a good dad for him. The dad he needs."

"You are."

50 Cent looks at the younger rapper straight in the eyes. "Sending him money every month isn't being a good father Banks man. That shit's weak."

"But you can't always be there for him. It's your career and he knows that."

"I know but it's a lame ass excuse. I'm gonna fail him. I know it. Sooner or later."

"Naw Fif. I know how much you love that lil' guy. That shit's not gonna happen."

"I don't wanna keep giving him excuse after excuse," 50 admits, more to himself than anyone else.

"Yea I know. It's hard being a parent in the industry."

"I don't care about that. He deserves a good father."

"And he has one. Stop being so hard on yourself Curtis man."

"I'm just stressed. The weekend we spent together was the best though Chris. You should've seen him. He's so smart and perceptive," the buff rapper fondly says with a smile.

"Got no doubt. He must take after his daddy," Banks says as he pats his friend on his muscular bicep. His hand lingers there for a moment.

"So what about you? What's good with you nigga?"

"Chillin' man. I'm doing good. Been working on some lyrics. Doing TV appearances and all that. You know how I do."

"Sorry man. Didn't mean to dump all that shit on you."

"No sweat kid. I'm here for your psycho ass."

"Thanks a lot," the older rapper says sarcastically. "You know you one of the only people I trust like that though right?"

"I know."

"That's not gonna change."

"I'm hoping not," the G-Unit member says truthfully. "You're a good guy. You'll see it sooner or later."


50 Cent does not know why but hearing that from the rapper next to him comforts him on a level he never thought possible. During their moment of silence, he searches his brain for an explanation but comes up with nothing. The feeling is strong and the ebony rapper fights hard not to give into it because he does not know it. It is hard. He wonders what Lloyd Banks is thinking about. He would give almost anything up to get a glimpse of the man's thoughts. He then suddenly remembers a night similar to this one where he and Banks were hanging out in a hotel room. It was the night he was touching his tattoo. His mind remembers it vividly; from how detailed the tattoo looked to how soft the young rapper's tender skin felt under his fingers. 50 does not know what the reasons for these new thoughts in his head are but they always suck him in whenever he's close to his friend. As much as he doesn't want to admit it to himself, he is confused and scared about what is going on inside him. No one can ever know how he feels right now.

"You aight nigga?" Lloyd Banks asks after a while.

"Huh? Yea I'm straight," he replies, not sure if he sounds convincing or not.

"You thinking `bout Marquise?"

"Yea," he lies. He is really thinking about the man sitting next to him.

The younger rapper did not want to push so he decides to change the subject to anything else. "What you got planned for the rest of the week?"

"Same old. You know how it is."

"You planning to see Marquise anytime soon?"

"I want to but I dunno if I'll have time."

"Make time C man. He's your son."

"I know that! It's easier said than done Chris. You know that."

"Yea. It'll work out. Don't worry," Banks says as he places his hand on 50's toned shoulder. His fingers feel the strong muscles.

"It always does some way or another right?"


50 Cent hates to appear weak in front of anyone but he knows it can't be helped right now. He does not know what to make of anything. His mind is telling him that he wants to be alone to think but his heart wants his friend to stay with him. There is a war waging inside the rapper's body but he does not know why it is happening or the importance of any of it. All he knows is that he wants Lloyd Banks near him. He somehow manages to make things better on a level that 50 has come to be dependent on at the moment. There is another silence between the two friends and neither knows what to say to each other. The younger rapper knows something is wrong with his best friend but he doesn't want to pressure him into talking. It's the last thing he wants to do and all of a sudden, feels uncomfortable in his presence. Feelings linger within him and he does not know how to handle them, or what their true capacities are. It's an opaque and unspoken feeling of respect and more. Much more. Against his will, he stands up to leave.

"Aight man I'm gonna head out. You gonna be aight?" he says with a slight hint of sadness in his voice. 50 does not seem to notice this.

The superstar rapper ponders the words just said to him before blurting out, "No. Stay."

Lloyd Banks stares down at his friend, who finally looks up to meet his eyes. "You sure?"

"Yes. I want you here," he says. He is confused about everything.

"You look like you wanna be alone." Banks does not know why he says that because he wants to stay. There is no other place he would rather be.

"Please." 50 does not want to result to begging though he does because his brain is going a million times faster than what his body can register at the moment.

"Okay. I'll stay."

50 Cent's insides overwhelm him with guilt and he thinks for a split second about telling his friend to go but the selfish part of him does not allow it. It does not register to him why he is fighting so had or why it means so much to have Lloyd Banks stay with him right now but he knows that somewhere deep down inside him, he wants it. The same awkward silence as before blankets the room because neither man knows what to say. Banks wants to comfort his friend and help him deal with everything that is troubling him but he does not know how to. He does not want to push but he cannot take seeing his best friend so beat up. It is affecting him more than it should. The rapper's head is buried in his knees with his hands securely wrapped around them. The stress of being 50 Cent is getting to him and the worse part about it is that he is succumbing to it all. It has never been this bad before. He wants more time. He wants his son. He wants everything to be right in his world for once. It can never be that way.

He looks up when he feels his best friend's arm around his shoulder and stares into his eyes, not blinking or moving. The moment is perfectly still for a while until it starts to happen. The buff rapper sees something in his Banks' eyes that he has never seen there before. A fire stirs within them and he interprets them the best way he knows how. He removes his arms from around his knees and brings his hand up to caress the younger rapper's face. There is a slight hesitation but he does it anyway, resting the palm of his hand on the side of the other man's face and stroking his cheek with his thumb. The skin is smooth to the touch as 50 Cent continues to do this, his eyes never leaving the other pair. Lloyd Banks is now gently rubbing the older rapper's muscled arm, not knowing why he is doing so. 50 stops stroking his face before his hand roam down and unbuttons the top button of his friend's black shirt. His fellow G-Unit member moves closer to his body as he does this; a sign that he approves of what is happening.

It becomes increasingly hard for the men to look each other in the eyes so they avert their eyes anywhere else. 50 concentrates on loosening more buttons between his fingertips and manages to make his way down the line but gets stuck on the very last one. Is he really thinking this? Is he really doing this? Does he really want this? Going against himself, he frees the last button from its confines. He can tell Banks' eyes are still on him because he feels them there and so he does not look up right away. Instead, he focuses on slipping the black shirt off his friend's body and manages to do it successfully. The shirt falls on the sofa as 50 Cent takes in the exposed upper body in front of him. Numerous tattoos line most of the skin and the moment suddenly becomes surreal when he feels the younger rapper's hands rest on his stomach in an attempt to get his t-shirt off. Shifting his well defined body, he grants his friend better access and lifts both his hands up as Banks' hands hook onto his shirt and pulls it up over his head.

It goes farther than it should but neither man wants it to stop. Feelings of passion, lust, guilt, and shame overwhelm and engulf Lloyd Banks' mind and it proves to be too much for him to handle. Everything he's hid away from the world, and his best friend, comes to the surface in all but a second and he feels exposed and vulnerable to the rapper sitting next to him, rubbing on his craving skin. Neither says anything because their actions are doing all of the talking for them. His hand is on 50 Cent's hard pec, his thumb unintentionally brushing against his rapidly hardening nipple. A silent moan escapes the older rapper's mouth and his hand travels down Banks' chest and stomach before stopping on the buckle to his belt. He is not sure of what he is doing as he goes for it and begins tugging it off his friend's semi-naked body. After very little effort, his buckle becomes loose and his pants are taken off his body. They now stare at each other, the moment surreal and unexplainable. 50 feels it when his sweatpants too are being taken off.

50 is in a pair of black boxers while his fellow G-Unit member is in a pair of navy blue ones. He places his hand on Banks' lap and casually lets it rest there. He is nervous and does not know where these convoluted feelings are coming from. He knows it is wrong but he cannot stop himself. The feelings are too strong and he has to manifest them in some way because they cannot be controlled. They are controlling him and his every movement and action. Lloyd Banks' hands are on either side of his bare body as he stares at the hand on his lap, which is closer than any man's hand has ever been to his dick. A quick moment of indecisiveness is stomped out as 50 Cent reaches over and rests his hand on his friend's crotch. His eyes are completely attentive to his one hand on top of the younger rapper's dick, which he can feel through the fabric of his boxers. His curiosity gets the best of him and his hand gently squeezes Banks' package, soliciting a slight jump from the man. He does not know how far this is going to go.

Lloyd Banks is confused as he is sitting on the couch next to his best friend 50 Cent. Almost all their clothing is off now and the older rapper's hand is on his most private area because he wants it to be there and not because it is an accident. As much as he wants to feel uncomfortable and disgust at the situation he is in, he finds it hard to because of how much he wants it. How much it is turning him on. It all goes way back to the beginning. The first day the two of them met, Banks felt something. He may not have known what it was and probably brushed it off but it is back now and in full force. This is something he wants, something he's wanted for a long time now. 50's hand on him fills the young rapper with feelings he's never experienced before but he is sure that he doesn't want it to go away. Once again, he feels his friend slightly grab his dick and manages to swallow down a groan. Banks, still puzzled by the whole situation, feels his hand move over to the older rapper's lap and rest there. He goes for it.

His hand grabs onto his friend's semi hard dick and he begins stroking it through his boxers, much to the approval of 50. The older rapper strokes his back, mimicking all the motions he is feeling. With enough stimulation, each man is now rock hard and desperately eager to see how the scenario plays out. 50 Cent's eyes focus on his hand movements and he can see the head of Lloyd Banks' dick poking out through the slit on his boxers. This is wild, even for him. As much as he wants to stop himself and apologize to his best friend for acting the way he is, he can't. He does not know what is stopping him but he can't do much of anything beside sit there and play with the other man's stiff dick. The younger rapper's hand around his swelling manhood does nothing but bring him pleasure. He has not been intimate with anyone lately because of work and then with him trying to spend more time with his son. There hasn't been much time for anything else but on an extreme level, this is working. Someone is making him feel good.

The pair catches each other in a quick glimpse but the both hold on to it. "What are we doing?" Banks' finally asks in the shyest voice.

"I dunno."

"Me too." There is a long moment of silence. Everything is quiet in the room. "You aight?"

"I guess."


"Let's keep going." 50 needs someone to make him feel good right now and they've already come this far. There really is no turning back now.

"You want to?"


The rappers become silent once again and let their roaming hands do all the talking for them. 50's free hand begins moving up and down his friend's chest while his other hand is still fondling his dick. It is wrong on every level but neither man can stop what is happening. Lloyd Banks removes his hand from his friend's dick and touches his muscular arms. He cannot contain his excitement as he rubs the bulging muscles of the older rapper's arms, running his fingers past tender skin filled with ink. It isn't long before his hands find themselves going down to his chest, teasing his nipples once they are there. 50 Cent moans at this, an apparent encouragement for more from his best friend. He wants the man to touch him more and more. For him to explore every part of his body because his hormones are in charge now. After sufficiently teasing the brown nipples; they are erect now, Banks moves his hands even lower the strapping body to his friend's hard abs. His index finger traces over every crease and indentation.

"Take off your boxers," 50 says as his hands rescind from his friend's throbbing meat.

"You too," Banks almost desperately replies.


Both men get up almost instantaneously and stare at each other, nerves getting the better of them. They have never done this before and are not sure what to expect or what is expected of them. In a bold move, the older rapper reaches across and hooks his hands onto Banks' narrow waist. Their stare never wavers as 50 slowly moves his hands down, bringing the boxers with them. He continues with the pace until his friend's boxers are down to his knees and he is standing naked in front of him. The buff rapper lowers his own boxers as Banks kicks his off and stares at the other man's dick. It is uncut, fairly thick, and long. He is temporarily mesmerized by it and cannot help but keep looking. 50 Cent's voice asking him if he wants to go into the bedroom brings him out of his trance. He silently nods in agreement and the two men silently walk into the luxurious bedroom. The superstar rapper takes a second to check out his friend's butt while they are walking. He likes what he sees but is not sure of how far things will go between them.

"You okay with this?" the older rapper asks.

"Yea. I've kinda wanted this for a while," he admits like an innocent child.

"Word? Banks man I didn't know." They sit on the edge of the bed.

"No one does. Gotta be careful and shit you know? So I just kept it to myself."

"Yea. You nervous?"

"Yea. Haven't ever done this before."

"I haven't done anything with a nigga before either."

50 does not know how to feel with his friend's admission of his feelings. Before tonight, the very thought of this would disgust him but here he is, naked and next to another man who is also naked. He admits to himself that on some level, it comforts him to know that Banks wanted to mess around with him all this time. He finally gets his chance tonight. The clock says that it is one in the morning when Lloyd Banks grabs on to his best friend's rock hard dick and begins gently stroking it in his hand. 50 Cent presses the palms of his hands into the bed to support his massive upper body and closes his eyes as he falls into the hand job he is receiving. He keeps up with the same pace, happy with how much pleasure he is bringing to his rapper friend. His other hand eventually snakes down and cups the other man's low-hanging balls and beings toying with them. All of this is still not registering to him right now. His eyes still closed, he feels a wet and warm sensation engulf his dick. He opens them to see Banks sucking his dick.

The stars drape the sky of New York City as 50 Cent is watching his best friend's head slowly move up and down on his dick, the sensation slowly driving him mad. He winces a few times when Lloyd Banks' teeth accidentally grazes against his tender flesh and tells him to be careful. The young rapper's hand is firmly around the base of 50's dick as mouth tries to take in as much as he can handle without choking, which is only a couple of inches because of his inexperience. His other hand is massaging the muscular rapper's balls, much t the approval of him. As Banks becomes more comfortable with his movements, he uses his tongue to lick the head of the other man's dick before gently running it down to the base. He repeats this process back and forth as if he were licking a popsicle, the tip of his tongue running back and forth. The buff rapper grunts and groans from the pleasure he is receiving. He doesn't know why but this is making him harder than he has ever been. More and more blood is filling his engorged manhood.

Lloyd Banks again swirls his tongue around his friend's dick, trying to mimic movements and actions that females perform on him. His hand leaves 50's balls and moves toward his own dick and he starts stroking it, trying to get the rhythm synchronous with his sucking. He dick feels like it is about to explode in his hand because of how horny he is. He is sucking 50 Cent's dick and he likes it. As much as he's tried to fight his true feelings in the past, he no longer can. He loves the taste of the forbidden fruit. His forbidden fruit. He lies on the bed and stares up at the ceiling of his hotel room as pleasure surges through his buff body. It is everywhere from his erect dark brown nipples to the very edge of his fingertips. His inhibitions are completely gone now and all he cares about is the pleasure. He gives into it, not caring if it is right or wrong. The pleasure is far too overwhelming for his body to refute anyway. His thumb is toying with his nipple while his other hand is rubbing his abs. It is all too much for him but he wants more.

He sits up and the pleasure speaks for him. "Ride my dick nigga."

Lloyd Banks stops and looks up at him. What he hears confuses him. "What?"

50 rests his hand on the younger rapper's lap and strokes it for a minute, not saying anything. It is almost like he is thinking before saying, "Ride me. I want you too."

"Naw man. I never had it like that," the rapper replies nervously but honestly.

The older rapper moves closer to his friend and whispers in his ear, "Come on."

A slight shiver goes up Banks' spine at the words. 50's smooth voice in his ear is too much but he manages to hold on to the little bit of sanity he has left within himself. "I'm scared," he admits.

"We'll go slow."

"I dunno."

50 places his finger and traces circles around the muscles of the younger rapper's shoulder. "Promise."

50 Cent's sultry voice and caressing fingertips manage to rob him of the small portion of sanity he tries so desperately to hold on to. He wants pleasure, more pleasure, and silently nods his head, agreeing to do it. Pleasure is the only thing that matters at the moment to each man. Lloyd Banks crawls up onto the bed and lies in the middle as he looks out the window to the night's sky. His heart is beating out of his chest and his stomach is in one huge knot as he sees his friend looking through the drawer of the nightstand close to the bed. His eyes lure away from outside and focus on the other man. The huge 50 on his back catches his attention as Banks realizes that the only thought in his head are his past actions tonight and everything leading up to the moment he is now in. Is this really happening to him? Did he just agree to ride his best friend's dick? Why is the mere thought of the buff rapper inside him turn him on so much? As hard as he tries, the questions he put deep away within his mind keep resurfacing themselves.

50, his back still to his best friend finally finds what he is looking for in the small nightstand drawer by his bed. He pulls out a Tuxedo black shade condom from an almost full box and almost instantly remembers that he does not have any lubrication. He concludes that the lube from the condom will have to work as he slides the drawer close again and finally turns back to face the other man, who is looking back at him. Banks' nipples are erect as one hand is on his flat stomach while the other is on his side. He tries his best to relax as he sees 50 Cent crawl closer to him and tear the black wrapping of the condom open. He watches as the superstar rapper slowly unravels the darkly-shaded condom over the thick mushroom head of his uncircumcised dick and begin rolling it down his monster manhood. His size begins to scare the younger rapper lying on bed and his mind begs him to stop everything. His body feuds with this notion however and it is enough to overpower his head. His body wants it more than his mind does not want it.

The rapper scoots his body to the lower portion of Banks' but is still not between his legs. "You ready?"

His mind desperately screams out no. "Yea," comes tumbling through his lips.

"Gimme a pillow."

Banks reaches over his head and grabs one of the many pillows the bed boasts. "What for?" he asks as he tosses it to his friend, who is now in between his legs.

"To make it easier for you. Lift your body up."

The young rapper does as he is told and 50 slides the fluffy pillow under his body. The pillow manages to cushion his lower back and butt while his legs are being spread apart to grant better access. He shifts awkwardly as his friend continues to spread his legs apart and start raising them in the air, allowing him proper access to what he really wants. Each passing second sinks into their brain and everything becomes a reality to the pair. His legs in the air and 50 Cent starting to hover over him is starting to freak him out and excite him all at the same time. His legs hook and lock onto the buff rapper's arms and he looks up at the ceiling, trying everything he can to relax his mind and body to prepare for what is about to happen to him. How can he though? Their eyes link together and stay that way as the tip of 50's dick kisses his best friend's entrance. Lloyd Banks makes no motion at this and rests there, waiting for the pain to consume his body. His dick, with the condom for protection and lubrication, begins to penetrate the tight rapper.

"Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck!" he screams out in pain as the head of 50 Cent's dick fights with his uncompromising anal muscles.

"Relax," he tries to comfort his friend.

"Fuck! This shit fucking hurts Curtis man! Take it out!"

"Just relax Chris."

"I can't! Shit hurts too bad! Take it out nigga! Take it out! You're too fucking big!"

"Chill. Chill out. Get used to me."

Banks' breathes deeply and tries his absolute hardest to relax himself. As much as he thinks the pain will never stop, different sensations become known to him. Pleasure. The traces of it are faint but his body is starting to accept the invader that is stabbing at him. His brow is already sweaty and ten minutes have passed before he tells 50 to keep driving further into him. The older rapper slowly tries to navigate the head of his dick deeper into the cavern belonging to his best friend, being careful to keep his bubbling hormones in check. As much as he wants to force his dick deep and fast into the man below him, he fights off the impulses because of how much pain he knows he is in. His thick meat slowly disappears into Banks' hurting lower body as his mind is pleading with him to stop. The weak traces of pleasure are gone now and pain resides in his lower abdomen as 50 Cent keeps pushing into him. He cannot begin to imagine what it would feel like if they were doing this without the lubrication of the condom.

After an uphill battle against his friend's tight insides, 50 Cent finally manages to push through and insert all of himself into the man. At Banks' request, the rapper waits there so his insides can conform to fit the long pole inside him. He does not move because he fears the pain will only worsen and tries his best to relax himself once again. The older rapper cradles his legs on his strong shoulders and also tries to remain still but it is hard because he is so horny. He bites his bottom lip in an effort to get his mind and raging hormones under his grasp but it does not seem to do the trick. The G-Unit member's warm insides gently caressing, massaging, and teasing his dick makes it impossible for him to stay still. He keeps impatiently waiting until his body physically can not anymore. Starting off slowly, 50 Cent begins to rock his hips back and forth in a smooth motion as the body under him writhes. Lloyd Banks' closes his eyes and tries to enjoy his first time being taken. He did, after all, agree to do it on his own free will. He does want it.

"Are you okay?" 50 asks while his hips still sways rhythmically against his friend's body

"Ease up a little C man. This shit hurts," Banks honestly admits.

"Sorry kid."

"Just gimme a couple seconds."

"No doubt. You so tight though."

"What you expect fuck nigga? This the first time I'm doing this shit."

"Chill Chris," 50 Cent smiles. "I'm just messin' with you lil' mixed nigga."

"Fuck you Fif!"

"Can't. That's what I'm doing to you now," he grins.

"You ain't slick bitch!"

It gets quiet again and 50 starts feeling something he does not expect. Lloyd Banks begins to fuck himself on his dick, moving his body up and down on his massive meat. He goes slowly at first but he steadily picks up the pace as their bodies learn to work in unison with each other's. The older rapper now firmly grabs on to his best friends legs so they stay in place over his shoulders as he begins to move his body as well. He withdraws his dick before thrusting it back into Banks, plowing the man under him. After a while, the young rapper stops fucking himself and lets 50 Cent do all the work. The pain is still there but there is also pleasure; he is sure of it. He forces his aching dick in and out of the tight opening, trying to loosen it up. The friction they create together makes him hornier than before as he continues to take his best friend's virginity. There is a heat between them and he can hear Banks' groans and sounds of satisfaction as he continues to please him. He grips the man's legs tighter and grunts himself.

The buff rapper cradles the hips of the man under him, taking their sexual encounter into overdrive mode. Lloyd Banks' feet are now above his head and 50 manages to hold them there with his strong arms while his dick wildly plunges in and out of the no longer virgin orifice. Moans come from both men and though he knows the pain is still there, all he manages to feel is the pleasure his best friend is responsible for. His mind is numb from the overload of bliss and he never in his craziest dream think that he would feel the way he is feeling right now. Or that he would have 50 Cent to thank for making him feel so good. He looks up at the older rapper to see beads of sweat running down the sides of his face and him gently biting his bottom lip. It is so cute. His own dick is begging for attention so he starts to jack himself off, trying to get it with the same pace as ebony rapper but finding it hard at first because of how fast the man over him is going. It feels like it is about to explode in his hands as he touches it. He is gone with satisfaction.

His condom-covered dick moves in and out of Banks' hole with more ease now and the friction between their bodies manages to make the experience more and more enjoyable with every passing second. The younger rapper his hand wrapped around his own dick and jerks it feverishly because he needs the release. He needs the high he knows will overtake him once he cums. His dick throbs within his hand while he feels 50's fingernails dig into his legs because he is struggling to keep them up. He can tell that his best friend is close also as his thrusts are becoming more swift and plunging. It is a split second when he feels the tip of 50 Cent's dick impale his prostate, causing his vision to become blurry and his dick to erupt in his hands, spewing cum all over his hand, abs, and chest. He moans loudly as he continues to stroke his meat to extract every last drop of the thick, white liquid. He is sticky and sweaty and his body is spent as he slows down with his strokes and tries to recover some energy. He closes his eyes.

The muscle contractions of his body shortly after he cums does not go unnoticed by the buff rapper. He withdraws his dick all the way out of Lloyd Banks' hole before forcing himself back through the stiff muscles, touching the man's prostate once again. The extra friction created by the tense muscles finally manages to throw 50 Cent over the edge and he grunts loudly as cum spits out of his dick and crashes into the black latex condom. It flows like a steady river as he continues to rock his hips back and forth, going in and out of his friend's hole. His once powerful and forceful thrusts are now shallow and weak and he struggles to maintain his rhythm. The tip of the condom becomes filled with the sticky juice of his body and his body finally gives out on him; his dick is soft now and he removes it from Banks and collapses on the side of him. Neither says anything for a long time, both men trying to regain their breath and some energy. A million thoughts run through 50's head concerning the past couple hours of his life.

50 catches himself when he feels the bed move. Banks' shifts his body so his back is toward the rapper. "You okay?" he asks in a slightly slurred voice.

He hears a grunt from his friend but it is not understandable. 50 Cent sits up and looks over his body to see his best friend sleeping. His body is slightly curled up, naked, and sleeping next to him. His reality feels so surreal to him as he gets up from the bed and walks to the bathroom. Once he locks the door behind him, he rips the black condom from his limp member and tosses it in the garbage close by. Insecurity plagues every inch of his body. He tries his best to avoid the large mirror on the wall above the sink because he's not sure what he is going to see if he does looks into it. The shower sprays water at his body from all sides and he feels sick to his stomach at his recent activities. He had sex with a guy. He just had sex with his best friend. The hot water tries to soothe him and bring his mind back to the present but it is gone on insecurity and doubt. He grabs the bar of soap and furiously rubs it all over his body as if it will somehow erase what has just happened. It does not help and his mind is shot.

After an hour in the shower and scrubbing his skin until it is red and raw, an exhausted 50 Cent emerges from the bathroom with a towel around his waist and makes his way to his suitcase. His eyes lay on Lloyd Banks sleeping on his bed. The covers are drawn over his naked body so that his chest is the only part of him exposed and he is hugging a pillow. The rapper does not know what to feel. He quickly gathers a pair of boxers, shorts, and a tank top and changes before sitting on the side of the bed and staring at his best friend sleeping. He cannot escape the idea of them together and wonders to himself why he allowed it to happen. The rapper stares at Banks' body, the slow rise and fall of his chest as he breathes, and then gets up and leaves the room. He cannot sleep in the same bed as the other man. The closet outside his room provides him with an extra blanket so he grabs it and makes his way to the sofa in the living room. The room is dark, only meagerly let by the Moon and various stars, as he drops down on the sofa.