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Cabinet doors in the kitchen open abruptly and slam shut with an unintentional force as he tries to get a feel of where everything in this new kitchen is. He wants to make some simple eggs and toast but the bread is nowhere to be found and it appears as if a toaster does not exist. Lloyd Banks opens a few more cabinets and drawers before finding all the supplies he needs to make a decent breakfast. The stove flicks on and eggs are cracked as breakfast is beginning to be made. The Sun is in its full glory now and warmly lighting all the houses under it while people are out and about their normal lives. A loud hissing sound is made when beaten eggs hit the searing metal of a cooking pan and he starts turning it so it does not stick. Slices of bread are in the toaster over getting golden brown as the G-Unit rapper opens the refrigerator to see if there is any milk there. Something inside him is craving milk. Within moments, both the eggs and the first batch of toast are finished. Banks places a few more slices of bread to get color in the oven and pours himself milk.

He is busily drinking the milk and looking around for the older rapper's medicine when he walks in. "You can take clothes from my closet. I know you don't have anything here---" 50 says in a genuine tone.

"Sounds cool to me."


"It's ready. I dunno how it tastes. You know I dunno how to cook."

He smiles. "Don't really care if it's good or bad. I appreciate it either way."

"Here's your medicine. You know how much you gotta take right? I don't want you overdosing and shit---" Banks taunts his friend.

"Funny guy. I'll let you get away with that one since you makin' breakfast for me and all---"

"You ain't gotta let me get away with nothin'. I'm good with takin' it myself."

The G-Unit leader laughs at their playfulness this morning. Something clicks inside him. It is getting back to how it used to be before. "I'm just gonna take my medicine."

"You do that. And then let's eat."

The pair sits next to each other in the breakfast nook of the kitchen and eats their meal together. He watches carefully as 50 takes a blue pill and a red pill from separate bottles and pop them into his mouth before gulping it down with some milk. It takes a few moments for his body to process them but the pains of his stomach subside nonetheless and his whole spirit is lifted up high. The conversation over breakfast is light and the food is surprisingly good as they eat it and relax themselves. Lloyd Banks feels more comfortable with the situation as a whole but a part of him is still uneasy at everything. He tries to hide that part; this is their second chance to connect and becomes best friends once again. It is still confusing though. And having Ludacris in his head is not helping any. The slender rapper misses his man. Misses his touch. It always seems like when one relationship is suffering, the other is flourishing. When he and 50 Cent had a professional relationship, his relationship with his man thrived. Now everything is switched up; it is hard.

Breakfast is a complete success and they clean up the mess together before leaving the kitchen behind to try and explore the rest of the house. The buff rapper has energy and is increasingly starting to feel like himself again as they walk around the house through the various rooms. There are many of them; too many to count. The bottom floor is completely explored and the second floor is up next. When the pair of G-Unit rappers become more familiar with their surroundings, they head back downstairs and outside to the large patio. It is a clear and beautiful day outside as rays of chaste sunlight welcome them to the patio. An overly large swimming pool along with furniture adorns outside and creates a peaceful environment. Beyond the house and backyard, a serene manmade lake goes on for what seems like miles. The water is a clear, crisp color as Lloyd Banks takes it all it. It truly is a beautiful house with extraordinary surroundings. 50 Cent walks over to a large swing set in his terrace and sits on it. The wind streams against his face; it is great.

The first day easily goes by for the both of them as they try to adjust to everything that is happening. Lunch and dinner are ordered and they eat, talk, and just enjoy each other's company. 50 is experiencing it again. Something he wants to hide but reveal at the same time. He is fighting against himself but the battle ends up going nowhere because both sides are evenly matched and make him up as a whole. Thing will never be that easy for him. After dinner, the recovering rapper takes a quick shower to clean the skin that is exposed and the pair relaxes downstairs and watches TV. He finds himself looking at Lloyd Banks from time to time and cannot stop. He is an enigma; his enigma. His riddle to solve. It is about eleven at night when 50 Cent gets tired and makes his way to bed. Banks gets up and hugs his friend goodnight, carefully, before he is alone in the large grand room of the house. The hug feels good against his lonely body. It is not long after when he too gets tired; he turns off the lights to the grand room and heads upstairs. Silence fills the house.

Light from the Moon and stars dance against his naked skin as he gets into bed and reaches for his cell. The number is already made up in his mind and he finds it. Two rings and then, "Now I know I really love you," a sexy voice comes on the line and says.


"I was just `bout to call you."

He smiles. "Guess I beat you to it. You still on the east coast?"

"Yep. In New York now. How was your first day?" the southern rapper is eager to know.

"Good. He's looking stronger than before."

"Oh yea? That's good."

"Yea I know."

"What'd you do today?"

"I made breakfast and then we just chilled out here. You should see this place. It's huge---" Banks says admiringly.

"Wouldn't doubt it. You made him breakfast?"

"Yea. Some eggs and toast. Nothing big. You know I can't cook."


"What?" There is something in his tone.

"Huh? Nothin'."

"Bri. You okay baby?"

"Naw I'm good." It is a lie but he does not want to seem selfish or fight with his boyfriend again tonight. He also cannot fight with what his heart wants though.

"Why do you do that?"

"Do what?"

"Lie to me. I know you are---"

"What you want me to tell you Chris?"

"What's really going on," Lloyd Banks almost yells and cuts him off.

"I don't wanna fight."

"You think I do? I thought you said you supported me."

"I did. I do."

"You mad because I made him breakfast Brian?"

"Who the hell said that? I didn't. Stop puttin' words in my mouth."

"I really don't wanna do this shit again." There is a long silence on the line.

"I'm losing it."


"I'm losing it. I wanted you so bad today. And yesterday. And the day before. I can't stop---"

"I know the feeling. I wanted you to be here last night. In bed with me. I hate this but it shouldn't be too long."

"You don't understand Chris. I'm really going crazy here. You have no idea---"

"So what you want me to do?" the G-Unit member asks his boyfriend. They are having the same argument over and over. It is just with different words this time.

"I dunno."

"You want me to leave?" he asks out of nowhere.

"Huh? I---"

"Just tell me what you want me to do and I'll do it. You want me to leave here?"

There is another long pause. This one is more awkward than the one before. "No," Ludacris finally comes back and says. "I know this means a lot to you. I told you I wouldn't force you to choose and I'm not. Stay."

"You sure? I don't want you being mad at me."

"I'm not mad. Just horny."

"Babe---" he laughs. His admission is too cute.

"What? It's true. You haven't given me any in forever."

"You know why. Everything keeps getting in our way. It's like something's tryin' to keep us apart."

"Naw. I won't let that happen. Trust."


"I want you to stay. He's your friend. I know where you coming from."

The young rapper smiles after hearing the words. "I'm so glad you mine."

"All yours. And I got the blue balls to prove it."

"That Banks kid know how to work it."

"That he do."

"I'm gonna go. I'm tired. Be good nigga," Lloyd Banks says cutely but seriously.

"I dunno. I'm gonna try though. You know me; can't promise anything," Ludacris mocks him.

"I'll kick your ass. Believe that."

"Is that a threat or a promise?"

"Both. Go take a cold shower and get some sleep my always horny boyfriend."

"Love you."

"Love you."

The artificial light of his cell phone lights the darkness of the room for a brief moment before it is snatched away once again. His mind is at ease hearing Ludacris say those words to him. Words he needed to hear again to make sure he is doing the right thing. Banks drops his phone on the bed and yawns as his eyes start to close on him. Yet again, his bed is lonely and it is slowly driving him mad. He craves the touch of his boyfriend more than anything. He wants to feel the goosebumps on his skin again. The warm contact of flesh and the dancing of tongues upon one another in the sweetest game of life. The successful rapper starts contemplating it all as the night slowly hovers outside his window. The Moon is a small crescent of its original self and drapes against the black night, creating an elucidation of serenity and hope for all those under it. Lloyd Banks' head rings with his voice. With the last time he touched him. That last thing he said to him. He wants it all but is getting nothing in return. Something deep inside him is on fire. A thirst for more.

The fabric of his boxers starts to move under the coverlet; it is his desire for more and something he is currently not getting. When his finger accidentally brushes against an exposed nipple on his upper body, it creates a feeling that is practically lost to him. The G-Unit member does it again and again; each time he takes away more pleasure from it and his dick is rapidly outgrowing the confines of his boxers. He needs to feel good. His body wants to remember some sort of pleasure. Any kind of sexual pleasure. Something that has been denied for so long. Lloyd Banks utilizes one of his hands to stroke both nipples, one at a time, while the other sexily rubs down his toned body and toys with his navel for a short while before getting to where he wants it to be. He rests his hand on the front of his boxers and feels something big converge with it. Complying with his body's strong demands, the young star shifts his body so he can pull his boxers down and away from his aching member. A strange sense of elation takes over and soothes him. Freedom at last.

Banks kicks off his boxers and they land on the floor close to the bed, unforgotten, as his hand begins rubbing against his blood engorged shaft. It feels so damn good. It follows his length up and down numerous times and it feels like his meat is growing more and more at his touch. Under the sensitive teasing of his fingers, nipples are hard and attempt to soak up all the bliss that they are receiving. He moves his hand away from his now quicker rising and falling chest up to his face, where fingertips manipulate even smoother skin. A once slow rhythm of pumping his erect rod begins to increase in speed and orgasmic frenzy starts to make itself known; at least the first remnants of it. The slender rapper continues trailing his hand all over his now heightened body, leaving his face to touch his muscular arms. Lloyd Banks traces circles on his neck and lightly drags two fingers down both sides of his abdomen before making the third and final trip down the center. His other hand is now firmly gripping his hard dick and propelling more and more pleasure into him.

The other hand finally reaches its objective as it rests over his warm balls and starts tinkering with them. The hypersensitive organs are more than receptive to the touch as the young rapper begins to feel the whole experience of self satisfaction. He gropes his two walnut-shaped balls and yanks and tugs at them to make his entire body more gratified than it already is. It works. He feels every sensation against his skin in his heightened state of bliss while his rock hard rod rapidly travels in to and out of the tight cavern created by his crunched up fist. Low moans and grunts ricochet off the walls of the room as time yields to his power. Lloyd Banks' eyes roll deep into his head and his hips begin to buck up and down as the bed comes to life under him. It vibrates with his sudden movements and this only manages to enhance the feeling altogether. There is a deep rumbling in his throat because he is careful not to be too loud while his hands continue to assault the most intimate part of his body. The edge of the world is near. Everything is forcing it to be near.

A white rope bursts forth from the G-Unit member's tender dick and flies in the air before it meets with the skin of his lower stomach. A steady stream of spurts erupts after and manages to make a liquid mess on his abdomen. Both his hands are still pleasuring his softening member and churning balls while it still continues to spit up the sticky white fluid. Hips return to normal from bucking wildly and air fills up his lungs after almost being to the point of deprivation. Lloyd Banks takes deep but swift breaths in an attempt to regain his composure and feed his body the vital essence it needs to survive. His dick melts down to its flaccid state in his hand and he finally opens his eyes to be greeted by the dark once again. After a few moments to regroup his thoughts, he just pleasured himself in 50 Cent's house, the rap star hops out of bed and makes his way to the bathroom to clean up the mess he made on himself. A short shower grants him clean skin once again and Banks crawls into bed for the second time. His head touches the pillow and reality is gone.

The next few days are spent very much like the first. Dr. Dré and Eminem stop by to visit though and all four men catch up with each other and what is going on with the business aspect of their lives. The white rapper also informs them that there are no new leads on who shot the G-Unit founder. He is upset at this revelation but tries to hide it because it is not the time or place to get into it. They spend the day together and the pair leaves after nightfall because they both have appearances to make the following morning. 50 feels good seeing them and they both comment on how much stronger he is looking. Lloyd Banks looking after him is doing wonders. When he asks about Olivia though, neither knows where she is. Since they have been in Connecticut, she has called him once and nothing more. It bothers the buff rapper a little but he understands her position in it all. They were not exactly on good terms before the shooting occurred so why would he all of a sudden expect them to be perfect again? The same logic applies to the relationship he and Banks share.

To this day, 50 Cent still does not know why he offered to take care of him at the hospital the day of his discharge. Maybe it is something he is never meant to know. So many things are still unspoken between them and he does not know how to even approach the topic. It is one of the hardest things he has had to do in his life so far and he is not sure if he can confront it or not. Lloyd Banks is nothing but great to him and he at least deserves to know the truth behind everything. Why he pushed him away. Why he could not admit his feelings. Why everything tore them apart completely. 50 sits up on many nights and reasons through it all. It is so much easier to tell his fellow G-Unit member everything in his mind than it is in real life. It proves almost impossible in the latter scenario. The rest of the week floats by uneventfully until the superstar rapper convinces Marquise's mom to let their son spend the weekend with him in Connecticut. The six-year-old is still too young to travel by himself so Banks travels back to New York to retrieve him.

Marquise excitedly runs to his father and kisses him feverishly when he sees him. This is the first time he is seeing the house as well. His house. Everything 50 does and owns is for his little boy. Implicitly powerful emotions take control over him when he sees his son. It is something inexplicable and but comforting and soothing at the very same time. Lloyd Banks smiles to see father and son reunited, even if only for the weekend. The house will definitely be full of more life now that a six-year-old is living with them. It is a welcomed change though. He already marks his room upstairs and puts one of his suitcases on the comfortable bed before walking around it, simply amazed at how big it is. How big the entire house is. He knows he will get lost here. The younger rapper helps him bring the rest of his stuff to his newly christened room before they go back downstairs to grab some lunch. 50 Cent watches them together when they are all in the kitchen. The way they play around and laugh and smile. They look so cute. They are his two boys.

The trio of friends spends the rest of the afternoon showing the newest member of their gang around the massive house his father owns. His eyes grow wide and sparkle on many occasions as he notices the many rooms, televisions, and overall exquisite things the mansion is adorned with. Banks watches carefully what kind of father 50 is; what kind of man he really is under all the layers of his hardcore façade the public only sees. This is who he developed those strong feelings for back then. Back after the first time. He is holding Marquise's hand as they walk from room to room in the house and trying his best to explain everything and any questions his son may have. It is more than precious. When the Sun disappears for the night, they order Chinese for dinner and enjoy the time they spend together. 50 Cent walks with the little boy upstairs and gives him a bath in preparation for bedtime. He gets a pair of blue pajamas out of his suitcase, dries his son's skin thoroughly, and slips them on over him. The ID band on his hand still twinkles as if it is still new.

The six-year-old knocks on Lloyd Banks' door. "What up squirt?" the rapper says when he opens the door. He is in a pair of black pajama bottoms only.

"Just came to say good night Chris."

"You goin' to sleep so early? You punk!"

"Hey!" he exclaims before punching the older man on his side. "I'm not a punk and it's almost twelve."

"Okay okay. My b. Night short stuff." He bends down to the little boy's level and they hug for a long while. "Tell your daddy I said night too okay?"

"Will do good buddy."

Banks ruffles his hair and stands in his doorway to see Marquise trot off to his father's room. "Night Marquise," he says to himself.

"Daddy?" he asks when he enters the large master suite of the house.

"I'll be out in a minute Tré. I'm brushing me teeth. Did you brush yours?"

"Yes," the little boy replies as he hops up onto the large bed and turns the channel on the TV from the remote he finds.

"Hey! Why are you in my bed lil' boy?" 50 emerges from the bathroom and notices the sight in front of him. It is magnificent to his eyes.

"Because it's way too big for one person. You have to learn how to share father---" he teases.

"You lucky I'm hurt lil' Twenty-five Cent."

"Don't say that. I'm not lucky daddy. If it was then you wouldn't be hurt," his son's voice is almost to the point of cracking as he begins to tear up.

"No. I didn't mean it like that buddy. I'm sorry okay?"

"Okay. You wanna watch some TV?"

"Whatever you want son." The G-Unit founder opts to leave his tank top on because he does now want to scare the six-year-old any more by exposing him to his heavily bandaged body. He slides into bed next to the tiny body that is already there. They begin to watch the television

"Are you sure you're okay daddy?" he then asks out of practically nowhere.

"Yea squirt. Chris has been lookin' out for me since I left the hospital."

"He must really love you."

50 stares at his son in the dark though he is oblivious to it. "Why do you say that Tré?"

"Because. He really cares about you. He's always looking out for you."

"I suppose so---"

"Yea. He's a good guy. I'm glad you guys are friends."

"Me too son. Me too."

"Are you in any pain?"

"A little. But you're making it all go away," the buff rapper smiles and honestly admits.

"Me? How?"

"Because of your love. I couldn't go through this without you by my side baby boy."

"I was so scared when mommy told me what happened to you. I couldn't stop crying---"

"I'm sorry about this."

"It's not your fault. Did they catch him yet?" Marquise asks with almost no emotion in his voice. He will not let the man who almost took his father away from him win.


"I wish they would."

"Me too. You feeling better now?"

"Yea," his son says as he yawns.

"You want me to take you to your room?"

"Can I sleep here? With you?"

The answer is already in his head and there is no thinking about it. "Yea."

Late night cartoons are going on and both guys are watching it until the ebony rapper looks over and notices that his son is snuggled up to his body and fast asleep. He is truly a sight of pure perfection to behold. Suddenly, nothing around holds his interest anymore except the tiny little life next to him that he helped bring into the world. His thoughts are lost to him as he continues to gaze down at him in the Moon's limited silver light. 50 extends his index finger and strokes his innocent face. It is smooth and flawless, just like the rest of him. Marquise does not filch or even notice the sensitive touch of his father on his skin as he remains sleeping next to him. This is the only medicine he needs. It was, and continues to be, his driving force to fight and get life back into his body when he was lying unconscious on that hospital bed. 50 Cent softly plants a kiss on the small child's forehead before resting his head on a pillow and trying to get some sleep. Light dances on the high ceiling and plays a silent melody that is able to at last usher him off to sleep.

It is early in the afternoon on Sunday and he is relaxing on a lounge chair on the patio while watching Lloyd Banks and Marquise splash each other with water in the pool. The water looks so pristine and enticing but he cannot go in, though he wishes he could. He wants to have the kind of fun they are having only mere feet from him. The day is sunny and there are no visible clouds in the sky as his ebony skin soaks the yellow rays of Sun. The pair in the pool begins to carefully wrestle against each other and blue water droplets begin to fly everywhere. 50 Cent intently stares at them while they play together. Seeing his son smile and laugh puts him at ease because it tells him that things are trying to get back to normal in there. He also takes strong notice of Banks' naked upper torso. He has seen it so many times before but this time it is different. Something the recovering rapper cannot put his finger on. The time of a nearby clock tells him that it is almost four in the afternoon and the six-year-old has to go back soon. The fun weekend is coming to a close.

"Tré," he calls out to his only son.

"Stop Chris! I give up! I give up!" he exclaims as his body is flailing about in the water. Everything soon stops. "Yea dad?"

"You gotta get ready to go buddy."

"It's that late already?" Lloyd Banks asks as he too notices the time hanging on the wall.

"Man---" he groans.

The twosome emerges from the warm water of the pool and immediately feels a cool breeze pass over their wet skin. The cutely shiver together at the sensation. The buff rapper cannot stop looking at him. His soaking shorts are barely clinging to his narrow waist and his slim body is just perfect. They are hanging so low off Banks' waist that he cannot stop looking at it; it is as if sheer willpower is keeping the pair of swimming trunks adhering to his body. Marquise comes over to where he is sitting and grabs a towel to wrap himself up in. The G-Unit member too grabs a towel and begins to dry himself off. The soft fabric absorbs all the water drenching his face, chest, abdomen, and legs. Banks looks at the six-year-old and smiles before balling up his fist and extending it out. Their closed hands pound together and he smiles back also. 50 holds on to and kisses him before patting him the butt and telling to go upstairs and get ready to take a shower. He does not want his boy to leave but he has school tomorrow. There is no way he can miss that, even for his father.

"You two had fun huh?" the older rapper asks once they are left alone.

"You know it. Just wish you was in there with us," Lloyd Banks replies back before walking into the house to take a shower and get himself ready as well.

50 Cent watches him until he disappears. The back of him almost looks as good as the front. These thoughts of his are corrupting his mind and slowly making him succumb to them. He will never be able to describe how appreciative he is to have someone like the younger rapper in his life. His best friend. Outside becomes a distant memory as he makes his way through the large mansion to the stairs and then beyond. Marquise will need his help with showering and getting his stuff ready to go back to New York tonight. When he passes by Banks' room, he sees a fresh suit of clothes from his closet lying on his bed and hears the shower running from beyond. It does something to the G-Unit founder to see the other man wearing his clothes; something so fervent yet so subtle at the very same time. The little boy loudly calls to his father and this snaps him out of his mind games. His attention is now on his son and getting him ready for his trip back home. He is naked and splashing water about in the bathtub when 50 walks in. He stops and smiles before starting to clean him.

It is physically hard for him to help the six-year-old into his clothes because he knows what is about to happen. They are about to be torn apart again because of an uncontrollable circumstance and it is starting to take its toll on the ebony rapper. The weekend cannot be over so soon; their time together cannot be cut so short. Marquise picks up on his father's doubt and simply hugs him tightly for comfort. They spend a long time this way until 50 hears his son's incoherent sobs. He breaks them apart and wipes the tears away from his sweet face with his fingers. After another hug, they are finally able to get him ready to leave. The boy walks into his room, the one he still has not spent a night in, and gathers up his suitcases from the large closet. The rap superstar follows behind him and together, they take his stuff downstairs and rest it by the door. 50 Cent retrieves his phone and calls to see where the driver is; he is now pulling into the exclusive neighborhood, and then clicks it off. His son is in the den and staring out a large window there. He is sad.

"Hey buddy. You okay?" he walks over to him.

"I guess---"

"It's okay. I'm gonna miss you too."

"I wanna stay here with you and Chris daddy," Marquise says without his eyes ever leaving outside.

"I wish you could Tré. I really want you here but you got school tomorrow."

"I know---"

"I promise I'll see you again really soon okay?"

"How soon?"

50 contemplates this. He wants to be realistic with the little boy. "When I get better. I promise."

"Okay. I love you daddy."

"I love you too Marquise."

The father and son pair hug tightly and is oblivious when Lloyd Banks makes his way into the foyer and is looking at them. He knows what is going on and it makes him sad because he is aware of the positive effect that having Marquise here for the two days has had on 50. It is uncanny and undeniable. He stands there and watches them before a horn is heard from outside. The limo is ready and waiting to take him back to New York and away from his father. Again, the buff rapper wipes tears away from his son's eyes before kissing him on his cheek and telling him he loves him. The driver knocks on the door and begins to load the luggage into the car when it is opened and they all greet each other. The six-year-old jumps up into his arms and they all walk out to the long black limo on his driveway. After an emotionally hard goodbye, he finally peels away from 50 Cent's body and gets into the car, silent tears on his face. Both he and Banks exchange looks for a brief stint before he too climbs into the limo after the boy. It creeps out of the driveway and onto the streets.

It is late and the G-Unit founder is restless because sleep will not embed him. His mind and heart wants him to wake up for Banks' return from New York but his body is too tired to agree with it. It is what he wants though. They have to talk. It is something serious that will keep bothering him until it is done. He is not back yet though and it is almost one in the morning. The slender rapper should have been back by now. It is too hard and 50 Cent's body shuts down on him. Contributing factors like his cozy, warm bed and fluffy pillows conspire against him to push him into sleep. The darkened house becomes quiet as trees sway in a light wind outside. The whole neighborhood is quiet and resting at this time of night. At nearly four in the morning, a car pulls up to the mansion and motion sensitive lights immediately come to life and flick on; they light and guide his path up to the house. Lloyd Banks digs into the pocket of his baggy jeans to find the key 50 gave him before he left earlier, in case of an emergency like this. He grabs it and sticks it into the keyhole.

He immediately walks into the kitchen to find something to soothe his hungering stomach. The flight only boasted snacks and he is hungry as he rummages through the refrigerator to find some leftovers. It will have to do so he begins to serve himself. The only source of noise coming from the house is him with his rustling around to satisfy his urges for food. Lloyd Banks sits on the lonely table and quickly eats his reheated food because he is so tired. The entire day saps more energy than he has or was willing to give. It is for a good cause though. Helping reuniting father and son, even if only for the weekend, is something he is extremely proud of himself for. An extremely late dinner hits the spot and ceases the rapper's stomach from growling and he makes his way to his room. His body is sticky and tired because there was a scare in the airport on his way back so everything had to be shut down. Everyone was stranded there and he was no different. Banks quickly strips off his clothes and grabs himself a shower. He checks on 50 before getting into his bed.

Both men sleep in the next morning. The Sun does not bother them because rejuvenating their bodies is more important than anything else. Around eleven, the ebony rapper begins to shift in his sleep and his eyes finally fling open to greet the new day. It is bleak, compared to the previous day, and he somehow feels that it is going to rain sooner or later. He brushes his teeth and walks out of his room to find the door of Banks' room ajar. When he peeks his head in to see his best friend soundly sleeping on the bed, a great force of relief drips onto him and coats him. 50 cannot help himself so he steps into the room and gazes at the man sleeping there. His lips are slightly parted and his hands are spread out across the bed while the coverlet covers almost every aspect of his young body. Somehow the buff rapper wishes it was not so but it is. His eyes are fixated on Lloyd Banks and he tries to take every single detail of him in. It is impossible but still worthy of a shot. He stirs under the scrutiny of a pair of unrelenting eyes but is still heavily asleep.

"Thank you Chris," 50 Cent says appreciatively to his sleeping friend and colleague.

He walks out of the room and down the stairs to the kitchen. It is his turn to make them breakfast now and it is something he wants to do for them both. When the superstar rap artist steps into the kitchen, he immediately notices that outside is grayer than what he originally thought from up in his room. He rests his cell phone on the table and as soon as he does so, it goes off. Young Buck is on the other line and the pair catches up for a while before 50's stomach starts grumbling for food. When they hang up with each other, he walks over to the refrigerator and takes out a pack of bacon as well as frozen pancakes and waffles from the freezer. Eggs and orange juice are a must and he begins to cook it all, slowly starting to get the hang of it. A drop of water splats against the kitchen window and then another one crashes against it before a constant bombardment of the droplets occur. The savory scent quickly fills the kitchen at 50 Cent cooks the biggest breakfast of his life. He already misses his son and wonders when the next time he will get to see him will be.

"I thought I was supposed to be lookin' out for you nigga---" Banks states matter-of-factly as he enters the kitchen.

"You already did more than enough kid. Just relax," 50 turns around and says to him. He looks good in a wifebeater and pair of white shorts.

"I'm glad you makin' somethin' because I'm hungry as hell."

"What else is new? What happened last night?"

"Some kinda scare happened so everything was shut down for a minute at JFK," he recalls the past night as he sits at the kitchen table.

"Word? What scare?"

"I dunno. From what some people was sayin', a suspicious package or somethin' like that."

"Damn. You can't even travel anymore."

"Tell me about it. They had us waitin' there for hours. It was hell."

50 Cent looks away and suddenly feels guilty. "Sorry Chris."

"Nah don't worry `bout that. Main thing is that me and the squirt are good."

"He got off okay?"

"Yea. His mom was waiting for us. He was sleeping because he was so tired."

"I miss him already."

"I know. Me too," the young rapper truthfully says. Marquise will always be his little buddy.