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They serve themselves breakfast and continue to talk lightly as they eat. The weather outside takes another turn for the worse when lightening is added to the picture; it strikes frequently and illuminates the dreary skies above. The day goes by slowly with rainfall ruling it; the lake past beyond the backyard keeps growing with inches of rainwater. The medication has almost taken all of 50 Cent's pain away. His abdomen feels stronger and he wants to get rid of the bandages already because they are such a nuisance. The only thing holding him back is that he does not know if his wound has fully healed yet. A doctor's appointment he has within the next few days will let the recovering rapper know when the bindings will be able to be removed from his body. Lloyd Banks sits outside on the patio and watches the fresh water plummet into the chlorine-laced water of the pool. It has lost its sparkling glow that the Sun is responsible for. Night fall does not decrease in the rainy weather. It is late and they are together in the great room watching TV. 50 gives in.

"You sleepin' boy?" he asks the younger man lounging on the loveseat adjacent to the sofa he is on.

"Naw. Just thinkin'."

"What about?"

"I dunno. Just stuff in general."


"I wonder what I would be doin' if I wasn't a rapper," Lloyd Banks says almost out of the blue.

"What's that?"

"I have no idea. This has been my passion since I was old enough to talk. I don't know anything else."

"I wanted to be a pilot when I grew up," 50 keeps the conversation going. It will all lead back to everything eventually.

"Word? Why?"

"I love planes. I used to love watching them take off and watching them fly high over my head. I guess in a way it was also me trying to run away from my fucked up life. To fly above it or somethin'."

"I see what you sayin'. It was hard for us back then."

"It's hard for us now---"

His fellow G-Unit rapper sits up on the loveseat and looks at him. "What you mean? We got everything we wanted now. All the money, fame, pow---"

"It's not `bout that for me. Never was---"

"I don't get it."

"I'm happy that I'm able to provide for my son and all. I appreciate that more than anything but I never had it in my head that I would be rich one day. I think sometimes I'm still that kid on the streets livin' day to day," he admits into the air.

"You aight? It sounds like something's up."

"You know me so damn good Chris. You ever wonder why?"

"Not really---"

"I do. I always have." The answer is mysterious and can be interpreted in so many different ways.

"I'm not following you here---"

50 Cent sits up on the sofa now and they look at each other. "I'm so sorry about everything in the past. I handled it all wrong and it pushed you away from me. I'm not sayin' this now because of what happened to me. I always wanted to say it since that night but I never had the guts to do it---"

"I---" Their critical stare never wavers.

"I didn't wanna push you away but I was confused and my pride was in the way and all this other shit."

"I dunno what to say---"

"Say you forgive me for all the shit I put you through Chris. Please. I want your friendship back more than anything. You mean more to me than the fuckin' money or titles or any of that shit."

"But that night still happened Curtis. We slept together and I can't forget it," the slender rapper says in a soft tone. This is the conversation they needed to have from the beginning.

"I can't either."

"Have you tried to understand it? To figure out what it means?"


"Why?" he questions. It is a vital question to the success of their future relationship.

"Because I was scared of what I might find---"


"Because I was confused. And stupid. And selfish."

"And how you think I felt?"

"My manliness was threatened that day. And I couldn't let that go."

"Why would you feel that way? I didn't," Banks divulges. "I was confused about it all too---"

"You told me you liked me Chris. I couldn't get past that. I wanted to hate you for sayin' that shit to me but I couldn't. I can't. There's no way I could hate you."

"So what you sayin'?"

"I was a fucking idiot in the past. I want it to go back to how it used to be." His mind says different words but these are the ones that come out of his mouth.

"I think that's all I wanted too. But how can it be like that after everything that happened between us?"

"I dunno. I honestly don't know."

"Can I ask you something?"


"How do you feel about it now? That night?"

There is a long pause. "I've learned to accept it. It happened and was an experience." There is so much more to be said but it does not work for him.


"What `bout you?"

"I moved past it. Your reaction after made it one of the worst nights in my life so I tried to forget about it and move on," the young superstar declares. Even though he has moved on from his one night stand with the man across from him, it is still a source of intense pain for him because of the rejection and humiliation.

"Oh. I guess that's good."

"When are you gonna tell me how you really felt that night? What was going through your mind---"

"I did," he lies.

"No you didn't. You told me why you pushed me away."

"I don't have an answer for you. I don't think there's one."

"There has to be. You just don't want there to be. You said it yourself; you're scared to find out what's there."

"Don't throw that back in my face Chris," 50 Cent shortly answers back. He wants to tell him. Something inside is eating him alive.

"I'm just sayin'."

"What you want me to say?"

"Nothin'. It's cool. I'm tired. I'm gonna get some sleep."

"Okay," he says, more than disappointed in himself. He wanted the conversation to be so much more but words did not want to be spoken and his true feelings are still lodged within his throat.

The other rapper walks out of the room, his mind screaming with new thoughts and sensations. What just happened? He climbs the stairs two at a time and when he is finally on the second floor, he follows the familiar path to his room. 50 Cent continues to sit there and stare at the path that Banks used to walk out of their conversation. He swallows hard and gets up to turn off the light in the kitchen and go to bed himself. The day proves to be more draining than he can handle and rest is all his body needs now. Upstairs is dark when he gets there and Banks' door is closed when he passes by it, the first time ever since they have been living here. The buff rapper contemplates knocking on it but too much damage has already been done today so he pushes the urges away and walks to his room. Antibiotics touch his lips and go down with a bottle of water before he crawls into bed and tries to go to sleep and escape today. Lloyd Banks returns from brushing his teeth and jumps into bed himself. More than ever now, he is missing Ludacris. His warm touch.

Trees sway within the gentle caress of the wind and create soft waves on the huge manmade lake of the community. Life is at a standstill for the night as everyone innocently slumbers under the black night's sky. The dark skin of 50's exposed arms reflects the moonlight perfectly as he gathers strength for another day of life. The conversation only a precious few hours ago proves to be much harder to comprehend and accept than either man initially thought. It was so long overdue and now that it has happened, they do not know how to begin to deal with it. So much was said and done between them in the past that it is impossible to go back and mend it all. In a room down the hall, Lloyd Banks' body is facing the large window of the room and air subtly and synchronously cascades into and out of his body. The steady rise and fall of his toned chest plays against the silver light of the Moon and creates a sensual and inviting sight. When will everything finally be over for them? A foreign light invades the room and a loud racket breaks the silence.

Banks jumps up on his bed and his eyes try their best to quickly adjust to the submerging darkness. He reaches for the ringing object close to him. "Hello?" his voice is faint but starting to show signs of life.

"Babe. Hi. What's up? What's good? What you doin'---" the slurring voice of his boyfriend Ludacris comes on the line.

"Chris? It's three in the morning baby."

"It is? Just wanted to see what you doin'---"

"Where are you?"

"I just got home from this party. You should've been there. It was so much fun---" His words are almost to the point of incoherence now.

"Why'd you drink so much Bri?"

"I didn't. I'm tired."

"Babe you drunk as hell."

"I'm not!"

The G-Unit rapper yawns and rests his head back on his pillow. "Go to sleep. You'll feel better in the morning."

"No I won't. You won't be here with me so how can I feel better?"


"You dunno how much I miss you."

"I do know. I'm sorry. I didn't want---"

"You're not! If you was then you'd be here with me. We'd be together---" his man says with too much emotion in his voice. His voice is still barely comprehendible.

"Baby calm down."

"I am calm. I can't fight what my body wants Banks kid. What my heart wants. I'm tired of tryin'."

"What's that mean?"

There is a long silence on the line. "You want him then go get him---" the Atlanta rapper words are smeared against his own voice.

"You dunno what you talkin' about. Go get some sleep."

"I'm not sleepy! I wanna kiss you and suck you and fuck you. I want some dick."

"Christopher Brian Bridges go get yo ass some sleep nigga!" he says, trying to sound intimidating but fails to do so. He wants to do all those things with his man more than anything too.

"Only my momma's allowed to call me out like that. And you ain't her---"

"Please Chris. Go sleep it off. Don't you have stuff to do tomorrow?"

"I dunno. Don't care `bout that shit."

"Please babe. For me?"

Ludacris takes another small break before getting out, "I just wanted to hear your voice since you not next to me."

"You killin' me here. It's hard for me too---"

"I love you Lloyd Banks nigga. So fuckin' much. More than you'll ever know. More than everything in life---"

"I know you do. I love you so much too."

"You gonna call me tomorrow? I wanna hear your voice when I'm sober---"

His heart melts. "I promise baby boy."

The phone line goes dead and the G-Unit member is left alone once again. His eyes are forcibly closing on him because of his premature wakeup call but his mind is working overtime wondering about his boyfriend. Why did he drink so much tonight? Why can they not just be together? Things are always getting in their way of finding happiness with one another. The backlight of his phone disintegrates and he is lying in complete darkness again. Banks is worried about his man. This separation is slowly ripping them to shreds and it is the worst feeling in the world. It is enough. Both have had enough of everything. Ideas churn deep inside his head but the scenario demands more than he can afford to give. The conversation with 50 Cent earlier pops back into his mind and he begins to realize that there is more to be said. The night will be rough. Just like the last one. And the one before that. Lloyd Banks' head is on a pillow and his eyes are piercing through the high ceiling above him. A lucid sleep is able to visit him for the second time of the long night.

"Buck's coming by to chill out for the day," 50 says as the young rapper enters the living room with a bowl of cereal in hand. There is a forsaken tension between the duo.

"Oh word? What time?"

"An hour or so. You sleep good? You look tired---"

Banks munches on his cereal. "I'm good. A lot on my mind you know. Ay listen," he changes the topic completely. "I gotta head out for the day."

"Why? What's goin' on?"

"I got some shit to take care of. Contract deals and all."

"Yea. We have been here for a while."

"It's a good thing Buck's coming by. He can hang out with you when I'm gone."

"Sounds like a plan to me," the buff rapper agrees. It is evident that something is bothering him. "When you coming back?"

"Should be done by tomorrow. You'll be straight right?"

"Yea I'm good. Go handle your business. I know I've been takin' up all your time lately."

Lloyd Banks smiles when he finishes his meal. "It's nothin'. You gettin' stronger. We gonna be out there killin' it soon."

"You right."

It takes less than twenty minutes for the limo to arrive outside, ready and waiting to carry him to the airport. He and 50's fists pound together in a sign of friendship and respect. Young Buck is still not there but he will be so Lloyd Banks leaves with an eased conscience. He can tell that something is different with his friend. Maybe the time apart will do them and the still straining relationship the good it needs to survive. That cannot bother him right now though. There is another fading relationship that needs his more immediate attention. The sleek car pulls out of the driveway and goes about its way as 50 Cent watches it disappear through a window. The house suddenly becomes so lonely and his chest starts to hurt slightly. His heart. The day is hot and the ride is long but it will be more than worth it at the end of his trip. While on his way, Buck calls him to say that he is almost there and Banks takes the time to fill him in on their new situation. The other rapper is more than willing to spend the night and look after his boss in case anything happens.

The elongated black car arrives at the airport and the rap star gets out and attempts to obscure his face with one of 50's hats as he walks into the bustling place and tries to find where he needs to be. A warm clerk checks him in and he sits in a waiting area for about twenty minutes before the flight finally starts to board. A woman's voice over the speaker system warns everyone to have their tickets out for the flight attendants so Banks reaches into his back pocket and fetches the first class ticket. Throughout his entire stay in the airport, only a handful of people are able to recognize him and ask for his autograph. He pleads with them to keep it down so as not to attract any more unwanted attention to himself. First class is empty and the G-Unit rapper manages to get a row to himself so he sits by the window and watches out to see a skycap guiding another jumbo aircraft into its port. He smiles to himself when he remembers 50 Cent's admission of wanting to be a pilot when he was a child the night before. The seatbelt sign clicks on and the plane begins to move.

The flight seems to last too may more hours than it actually is because of how anxious he is. He tries to sleep but only ends up taking a short nap. The in-flight movie holds no particular interest to him and after three glasses of champagne; he is tired of the bubbly liquid. All the slender rapper can do is stare at clouds passing by and wonder when they will finally touch down on land again. After time seems to pass excruciatingly slow in the cabin of the plane, an announcement finally says that they have safely arrived at their destination and for all passengers to sit down and buckle up their seatbelts. Smoke mingles with the air when the wheels of the flying aircraft scratches into ground and it comes to a complete stop in the port. Lloyd Banks slides through checkout easily and follows the airport to find the car rental agency. A car should be waiting for him already. He drives away from the airport in a sporty red SLK Mercedes-Benz convertible. The objective is clear in his fanatical mind. Gears shift swiftly as the car is pushed to its limits.

The car pulls up to his house and parks in front of the gate to his garage. Banks wipes his face with his hand before walking up to the house he is only minimally familiar with. He knocks and knocks again. "Comin'. Chill out." His drunkenness sounds a million miles away now.

A click of the locks and the door swings open. "Hi," he says modestly.

"Chris? What are you doin' here?" The other man is shocked and cannot stop gawking. He has to be real; this has to be real.

"That's how you gonna greet me---"

Ludacris pulls his boyfriend into his house and closes the door behind them before he presses him against it and connects their lips together. It all feels so right now. "Oh my God! I can't believe this!"

"Damn I forgot how good you do that."

He stares into the younger rapper's eyes. "Please be real baby. Please be here---"

"Oh yea. I'm real aight. And I'm here right now too."

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" He cannot control himself or his hormones. The second kiss is passion-filled and rough, almost to the point of hurting but neither cares. Their bodies are together again. After too damn long. "I wanna rip your clothes off right now---"

"Careful babe. I want that too but these aren't mine."

"I don't care!"

The words stop being spoken and loud actions take its place. The DTP rapper rips part of his man's shirt before pulling it away from his body and tossing it aside to be forgotten; it is now ruined and lying on a puddle on the floor. Banks kisses him back hard as the pair is lead into a den-like room, which is directly adjacent to the front door. He continues walking back until his legs bump into a sofa. They stand there as more clothes are being torn away from needing and craving bodies. Ludacris expertly uses his fingers to manipulate his lover's belt to unhook and his pants fall away shortly after that. The G-Unit member pulls his boyfriend's tank top away from his body and the loose basketball shorts slip down and out without any extra coaxing. Tongues combine together and taste the foreign fruit that was forbidden to them for so long. It is more than just about sex. It is about reconnecting their bodies and its chemistry together. Both keen men fall together on the large and comfortable sofa behind them. They will not make it to his room upstairs.

Crazed dicks rub and stroke together while skin become more alive and vulnerable to heightened touches. Nothing else is of importance right now. The urge for music is gone. The power and influence of being rappers is uneventful and lukewarm. 50 Cent and his recovery is something of the past. They are in the moment here and now and nothing can break them away from it. Banks runs fingers all along a body that belong to him. He touches things that are his and only his. The DJ turned rapper uses his hands to touch his boyfriend's legs and smooth stomach and hard nipples while they attempt to get more comfortable on the sofa. The G-Unit member is pressed into the silky cushions of the sofa while his man is on top of him; they are still kissing passionately and sweetly. Ludacris straddles his hips and sits up; a little pressure is on the other rapper's lower body. Nothing is said or done but everything is felt. Lloyd Banks looks at him as he continues to stare back at him. Their eyes will not break apart and he suddenly feels more than just naked.

"What?" he finally asks when nothing is said after an extremely long time. The moment is broken.

"What are you doin' to me Chris?" the southern rapper asks softly while his eyes are still glued to the man under him.

"I dunno---"

"You do know. You makin' me crazy. I can't get you out of my system."

"You kinda stuck in mine too. Can you come here and kiss me now?"

He is impatient. He wants his man now and no amount of small talk will manage to change it. Ludacris takes charge again and leans in for another kiss he cannot get enough of. He closes his eyes and enjoys the assault on his sensitive lips because it is too good to pass up. The wet seal of love falls apart and his full pink lips comes in contact with the G-Unit rapper's neck. A place that is perfect for kissing. He grunts and groans at the numerous flickers of his man's tongue and how it works his skin into submission. Hard sucking against his neck provokes the blood to surface and leave a red stain there. A very noticeable spot against his boyfriend's dark skin. The Atlanta rapper leaves the neck and slides his tongue down on a path to erect nipples. He tries his best to give each the same amount of pleasure with his mouth all the while Lloyd Banks is bucking and shivering under him. It is an awesome feeling of power, lust, hormones, and control all rolled up into one emotion. One emotion he cannot get enough of or control. Bodies beg for more.

On his way down, the older rapper licks his lover's stomach and swirls around his bellybutton before reaching the grand price of his neglected piece of meat. His hand wraps around the sensitive organ and follows the shaft up and down slowly, effortlessly, and teasingly. Banks' body jerks at the once denied pleasure as he closes his eyes and utilizes his hands to grab onto his man's wrists; it is a clear sign for more. The southern rapper takes the cue and keeps his hand on the base of his dick to hold it up before his mouth starts to envelop it. He is now resting all his weight on his boyfriend's motionless legs while his mouth takes more and more of the aching member into its slippery and warm grasp. Lloyd Banks immediately puts both his hands on the other rapper's head and pushes him down further and further. He misses feeling this way more than anything. Ludacris fights back against the pressure of the pair of hands on his head when he cannot take more into his mouth. He works on the amount he can easily slide into and out of his throat.

"Oh my God babe! Don't stop! Don't fuckin' stop!" the young star slightly slurs his words.

A pink tongue encircles Banks' overly sensitive dick and causes him to grunt even louder than before. The wet tongue passes over the sensitive head, down along the lengthy shaft, and finally to the very base before flickering out once again and licking his pair of balls. The DJ turned rapper uses his other free hand to gently squeeze and yank his boyfriend's balls while his tongue follows the set path back up. When he has had enough, they get into an even more comfortable position and the G-Unit member puts his mouth on his man's dick for the first time today. For the first time is such a long time. He tries to follow his motions and actions as both their bodies feel ripples of bliss and satisfaction coat it. Heads move back and forth on the sofa as bodies are opposite each other but pleasure is the very same. Lloyd Banks uses his tongue and lips to suck the head of Ludacris' dick. His tongue glides to the underside of his boyfriend's jumping dick and he finds a spot to keep licking. He brushes his tongue right under the head of his dick. A secret crevice.

The spot is too sensitive and Ludacris instantly moans on his dick when he feels it being touched and tasted. His skin is quivering and goosebumps rise to the surface while his man continues to glide his hot tongue to that same exact spot directly below the head of his dick. It feels like he is about to release at the moment so he has to stop it; it feels too damn good. Lloyd Banks does not expect it when he swiftly shifts his body back and lands on top of him, their lips meeting again. A faint trace of precum is tasted on their lips and tongue when the kiss is magnified to become all it can be. The southern rapper grates his hips deeply into his lover's and their erect dicks fight like two swords for control. The fight yields pleasure unfathomable by either so they both meet their hips together to grind into each other to enhance it all to the end. Banks also curves his body up to meet his boyfriend's own. Their bodies cannot be apart during this time. Another war of the tongues wage on with no winner evident but satisfaction everywhere. He backs off.

"I want you Chris. I want you now. I can't wait anymore---" the Atlanta rapper begins.

"We gonna do this the other way," he comes back.


"You ain't gettin' off that easy boy."

Before he knows what is going on, the older man is flipped onto the sofa and his boyfriend is now on top of his body with the most seductive and evil grin displayed on his face. He now knows what is about to happen and accepts it because he wants it too. He cups the back of Banks' head and brings him down for another kiss, an undeclared sign of agreement and impatience at the same time. When everything is settled, the G-Unit rapper works himself in between his man's legs and gets ready to enter him so they can fully reconnect right now. So pleasure can course through their veins and they can experience the strong feeling of love once again. Ludacris opens his legs to grant him better access to the most hidden part of his body. Once he is in position to force himself into the small opening, Lloyd Banks looks up at his man for one final nod of approval before hooking on to his legs and positioning himself better to start it all. The DTP rapper shudders and moans lowly when he feels the tip of his dick kiss his tight hole. It lingers there for a moment.

"Go slow," he quietly relays.

"I will babe."

Lloyd Banks stays true to his word and easily starts tunneling his rock hard dick into his love's body. Small grunts and winces of pain shake the cushions of the elegant sofa but gratification manages to drown out almost all of it. The pressure is powerful against his lower abdomen as he feels himself being forced into and torn apart from the inside. He is gentle though and it makes this experience all the more special and right. The older rapper rests one hand on his stomach while the other begins to toy with his forgotten rod while he is still being invaded. The aches are being relieved and the only thing remaining is pure satisfaction; so much so that his body cannot handle it all. When Banks inserts his entire extensive member into his boyfriend's body, they both relax for a few seconds before anything is done. He hovers over and they kiss again and again. Ludacris surprises him by beginning to move himself up and down the monster that is impaling him because of his raging hormones. Everything goes slow for the precious moments. No rushing.

The Atlanta rap superstar presses both his hands against his man's stomach; he feels the muscles inside it clenching and tightening with every thrust into him. It sensation is like magic in his hands. Banks likes his hands touching him there while he is plowing into and out of him. The pace is quickened and when he notices that the older rapper's dick is not getting any attention, he unhooks one of his hands from his leg and moves in to grab it. A jolt of shock and excitement is sent into his body and travels up his spine so it can be registered in his brain. Ludacris moans loudly when he is being battered from both areas and it proves to be too much for him. It is already so close; he cannot hold out much longer. The G-Unit member struggles to fight against it as well but his plunges are still sturdy and keeping with the rhythm of jacking his man's pole off. It is almost synchronous. The southern rapper feels the burning sensation against his hole because of the friction their bodies create and gives out in his man's hands. Cum splatters on them.

"Fuck! I'm bustin' Chris!" Banks exclaims as he forces exertion to maintain his efficient plowing.

"Ugh babe! Harder!"

He shoots a thick stream of white liquid into Ludacris before pulling out of and falling on top of him. His boyfriend uses his index finger to run circles on the top of his head while his other hand firmly wraps around his exhausted body. They are both sweaty but extremely comfortable in their given position as they slowly feel their heart beats begin to return to its normal homeostasis and the adrenaline evaporating from their blood stream. The southern rapper's breaths are shallow and under him and the sensation of going up and coming down are there every time he takes another breath. Lloyd Banks closes his eyes and tries to gather his thoughts from their activities. His body saved up so much passion, excitement, and love for the rapper under him that it both amazes and scares him. He has never felt this way about anyone, even 50 Cent, before so it is uncharted territory to him and he is not sure what is expected of him. The house is too quiet as Banks lifts his head enough to see his man's eyes still closed. His breaths are almost near normalcy now. It is cute.

The DTP rapper opens his eyes when he feels a pair on him. "You better be spendin' the night right here with me after that---"

"I ain't goin' nowhere baby."

"Damn that felt good."

"Better than good. You know I was great."

He sighs. "Yea. You were great."

Lloyd Banks kisses him cutely. "You got somethin' to eat in this big ass house of yours?"

"You hungry?"

"Yea. I didn't eat much on the plane."

"Let's go in the kitchen. I'll find us somethin'."

"Bri! What'd you do to his shirt?" the G-Unit member finally notices 50's ripped shirt on the floor next to the newly christened sofa.

"What? Who's shirt?"

"These are Fifty's clothes. Damn---"

"Relax babe. It's just a shirt." The words stick to his mind instantly.

"I know but---"

"Let's go get somethin' to eat," Ludacris says in a slightly upset tone.

They look around to find boxers to cover their nakedness and the older rapper also slips on his basketball shorts as well before looking back at his man as he puts on the pair of jeans he came in. 50 Cent's jeans. It is inside him and he feels jealous of it but he cannot make it known because then their perfect rendezvous will be ruined by fighting. This is something he does no want, especially since Banks made him feel so good only a few moments ago. Once in the kitchen, Ludacris ransacks his refrigerator to find leftovers from the previous night and pops it into the microwave to get heated. 50's clothes being on Banks body, touching him so intimately is still on his mind as they eat together in the kitchen. The warm afternoon is upon them and the Sun shines through leaves and water to supply life to the atmosphere. After their impromptu lunch, both men sit together in another large room of the house and watch TV. Lloyd Banks cuddles up next to his man on the sofa and stares at the television, though what is going in is not interesting to him in any way.

The rest of the day is spent with both men relaxing themselves and enjoying their limited time together. The DTP rapper kisses his man every chance he gets because opportunities where they get to see each other and spend time together is so few and far in between. As much as he does not want it to be there, Lloyd Banks and 50 Cent together is haunting his every thought. His boyfriend wearing his clothes is slowly making him crazy. He does not want him to go back to Connecticut. When the Moon takes over for the Sun the pair takes a shower together. They make love in there and both emerge with their bodies being more than satisfied for the rest of the night. The shower hits the spot and Ludacris feels more at ease with himself when the G-Unit member asks him for a pair of boxers to wear. His insides are torn up but he cannot help the way he feels. They get into bed and cuddle together while a late night show is playing on the TV. Banks has his head on a pillow while the other rapper has his head on his chest. His skin feels so warm. It is pure sin.

"When you gonna tell me what's been botherin' you?" Lloyd Banks startles him out of his thoughts.

"What? Nothin'. I'm good now that I got you here."

"You lyin' Brian."

"Naw babe. I'm good now. How's Fifty?"

He eyes the top of his head. Something is definitely up be he does not push. The last thing he wants right now is a fight; the moment is too perfect. "A lot better. He still has a few pains but not compared to how it used to be."

"You goin' back there?"

"I gotta. He still don't got the bandages off yet."

"He can take care of himself now though can't he? Isn't that what he's doin' right now?"

"Buck's there with him."

"He's worse than a small kid," Ludacris draws a negative reference.

"Don't say that. He's really hurt."

"He was really hurt. Not anymore."

"That what's botherin' you? Me still bein' over there?" he questions. They cannot afford to have this same argument again.

"I told you I'm good. Chill."

"Why aren't you tellin' me the truth Chris? I didn't come all this way to end up fighting."

"I know. I don't wanna fight either. You dunno how I felt when I opened the door and it was you."

"Felt the same way. Tell me what's goin' on."

"It's stupid," the southern rapper breaks down and admits.

"Not if it's makin' you feel this way."

"I got jealous when you told me that you were wearing his clothes."

"Why? I have no clothes at his house. I'm wearing your clothes right now---"

He cuts his boyfriend off and says, "That's different."

"How is it?"

"We're together so it's okay."

"But he's my friend---"

"I don't like it."

Banks closes his eyes and sighs. "Okay. I won't do it anymore."

It is the words he wants to hear but not like this; under this circumstance. "I'm sorry Chris. I know its stupid---"

"No. I get you. I'd feel the same way if you were wearing one of your boy's clothes. Except I'd probably kill you first---"

"You funny yo. I ain't interested in any of my niggas like that anyway. You the only one," the DTP rapper clarifies as he smiles that extremely sexy and enticing smile of his.

"Say that again."

"You the only one baby." Their lips meet in a kiss after the admission.

"You the only one for me too. It shouldn't matter if I'm looking out for some other nigga or wearing his clothes."

"I love you."

"I love you."

The night is sealed with another passionate kiss. Ludacris feels a world of difference from the moment he admits what is really bothering him and them managing to work it out together. He knows he is stupid for feeling the way he does but he also knows how his boyfriend once felt about 50 Cent. Those feelings will never leave his mind, as much as he wants to forget them. Lloyd Banks feels an arm rest over his stomach under the blanket draped over the bed and moves in to be closer to his man. His best friend. Time should stop right now and never start back again. It will be impossible to leave him tomorrow to go back to Connecticut and a part of the younger rapper does not want to go back because of how his man makes him feel. 50 is still not well enough to get back to work though so he has to be there to watch out for him. It is the promise he made to himself. Banks attempts to close his eyes to get some sleep but is distracted by the Atlanta rapper's kisses on the back of his neck. It feels good. They feel so good and fit together perfectly.