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The southern rapper is the first to wake in the morning and when he looks over to see the other man still sleeping beside him; he knows it is not just a dream of his. A trip to the bathroom cleans him up and the fun part of the morning comes at last, waking up his boyfriend. He does not know what their plans are for today yet but he knows that at some point during the day, he will have to say goodbye to Banks. Hopefully it will be later; much later. The older rapper inches closer and closer to the resting body on his bed and begins to kiss his lover's cheek. There is no reaction. Kissing his lips also proves to have the same outcome as before. It is when Ludacris starts kissing the G-Unit member's neck that he starts to get the response he wants. Life stirs within him when he feels the slight wetness on his skin. The mission is accomplished when he opens his eyes and the look at each other. An innocent kiss on the lips wakes Lloyd Banks fully up now and he makes a trip to the bathroom to brush his teeth too. Sleeping next to his man always does wonders for him.

A satisfying breakfast greets both rappers in the kitchen and they eat and relax for the time being. He knows the younger rapper has to leave but does not want to ask when because it will hurt badly. One night is not enough for him to fully explore his man again. The pair decides to work off their huge meal in the house's gym and end up making love on the blue mats on the floor. Neither can physically keep their hands off of the other. Lloyd Banks showers and borrows more of his boyfriend's clothes for the trip back to Connecticut; he packs three suitcases because he honestly does not know how much longer he and 50 will be there together. It is shortly after lunch when Ludacris finally hears the news he has been dreading since getting up in the morning. He helps his man put the luggage into the shiny Mercedes but it is more than evident that he does not want him to go anywhere. The streets outside are empty; the neighborhood is truly a private place. There is no risk of them being caught together here. Banks drops his hat in the car and grins.

"Stay here with me---" he whines while holding on to the G-Unit rapper's hand.

"Babe I can't. I got work and I know you got work too."

"Fuck work!"

"You don't mean that."

"If you stay and put it on me like you did just now then hell yea I do."

Lloyd Banks smiles at the compliment and looks into his man's eyes. "Don't make this harder."

"I'm using all the tricks to keep yo ass here with me."

"You too good a man to do shit like that."

"I'm your man," he states the obvious.

"Definitely mine. You gonna be a brat or what?"

"Fine. Go. Get off my property."

"What? No kiss?"

Ludacris looks at him and feels the irony in their conversation. "You leavin' my ass alone and you want a kiss? Naw kid. It don't exactly work like---"

The sentence is cut off by lips compressing together and tongues mingling with one another. "I'll just take it then."

"Forget you!"

"You want me to do it again?" he almost warns.

"If you do then yo ass surely won't be leaving this house," the DJ turned rapper shoots back. "Go."

"I love you Bri."

"Love ya Chris. Be good."

Lloyd Banks smiles at the last two words and jumps into the Mercedes-Benz to make his way to the airport. A flight is waiting for him to go back to Connecticut to see how 50 is doing. The break is much needed and although he finds it hard to say goodbye to his boyfriend, he knows they will never go this long without seeing each other again. His body was physically hurting for Ludacris and the pain made him crazy. The red sports car races through the streets of Atlanta to the airport; it is nearly three in the afternoon when the slim rapper finally arrives. The car returns to the rental agency and his newly acquired luggage are on their way to the private jet chartered for him. He does not want to do the whole commercial flight again so he shells out the extra cash to fly private. The G-Unit member gets his credentials and body checked for anything suspicious and after clearance comes, he walks out into the tarmac and into the small jet. The only flight attendant offers him a glass of champagne as soon as he enters, which he easily accepts. Banks finds a seat.

He manages to catch a short nap on the flight and wakes up to realize that his missed a call from his boyfriend. They talk while he is still in the air until the pilot addresses the plane to fasten their seatbelts and turn off all electronic devices. The exclusive jet lands in Connecticut at eight exactly as darkness is now starting to take over in the skies. The slender rap star leaves the airport in a black limo and heads back to the massive mansion; back to 50 Cent. A small part of him is hoping that Young Buck, or anyone else, is there when he arrives because he imagines how awkward their conversation will be. Not only the questions as to where he went but why he is back with suitcases now. All of the clothes which belong to Ludacris incidentally. Banks will deal with it any way it comes to him but having other people there is the easy way he wishes to take. The awkwardness will be nonexistent. The long car pulls into the wealthy neighborhood and follows the given path back to the buff rapper's house. It feels like he has been away for more than one day.

The driver is generously tipped and leaves the next instant as he looks through various pockets of his pants to find the key to the house. A tiny butterfly flutters wildly deep in his stomach and he does not know why he is so nervous. It is not his first time being in this house or alone with 50. Banks just needs to get his mind used to it again; the short trip down to Atlanta already manages to unravel his thoughts and forcibly reduce his guard. A brass key finds its home in the keyhole and the lock of the door clicks release to allow him entry. He carries all of his luggage inside and leaves them at the edge of the grand staircase before walking into the kitchen to get himself something to drink. A bottle of cranberry juice catches the young rapper's eyes and he gulps it down before returning to the stairs. There is no sign of 50. Of anyone. It is too early for him to be sleeping. Lloyd Banks carries his luggage upstairs and his heart faintly subsides when he hears the shower running in the master suite. Everything finds a place in his room and he walks back to the kitchen.

50 Cent walks into the kitchen a while later to look for something to eat in the refrigerator. "Chris boy. When'd you get here?" The young rapper is startled out of his skin.

"Damn! You scared the hell outta me man."

"Sorry `bout that." Their hands shake together and they embrace in a friendly hug.

"Just got back not too long ago. How you feelin'?"

"A lot better."

"You got the bandages off?"

"Naw. Not yet. I wish they were though," he says as he eyes the man in his kitchen. Where did he go? What did he have to do?

"Where's Buck?"

"Had some business to work out so he left this morning."

"You did good by yourself?"

"Yea. We won't be here much longer. I gotta get out there. I miss being Fifty already."

Lloyd Banks nods his head at the admission while he is fixing himself a sandwich. "I know you do."

"What's up with all the luggage in yo room?"

"Just got some clothes. Figured you'd be tired of me borrowing all yo clothes by now."

"Didn't matter to me."

"I got my own now so it's better."

"Yea," 50 says with his mind occupied. He watches his best friend make the sandwich in his kitchen. It feels too good to have him back.

"What?" he asks when he notices the other man staring at him. "You want one?"

"Naw I'm good."

The G-Unit founder feels an excitement in his body that he cannot deny or come to get enough of. Lloyd Banks came back. He is back in his house and they are alone just like before. If it does not happen now then it will never happen. He feels the gunshot wound almost completely healed now and he is rarely in any pain anymore. It is no lie either; he desperately wants to go back to being 50 Cent now. They talk over the kitchen table and he tells his best friend how both Olivia and Young Buck were with him yesterday and how he talked to Marquise later that night. The house goes silent for a while until they start talking about work and the amount of projects that will be awaiting them upon their return into the game. Banks should not have too much to do though because he is just waiting for the tour to finally be planned. His singles are still in rotation across the country and the album sales have exceeded any of their expectations for it. Being with 50 is like a small vacation for him and he does not feel guilty about taking a break from work. His nonstop work.

The superstar rapper lies on his bed late that night and allow endless thoughts to run through his head. The house feels different now that the other man is back; it definitely feels better to him. When his thoughts start to stray to where he really wants them to go, he stops it because they cannot go there. It feels like their friendship is still stuck in the middle of it all; it is neither fixed nor completely destroyed. The unknown is making 50 both upset and frustrated because he does not know how to approach the situation with Lloyd Banks. Things cannot remain like this forever and he has to find a way for them to talk it out. His body is telling him something he does not want to listen to because it is the whole truth. A little light from the Moon gleams through the curtains of the room and offer him a momentary solace from his constant thinking. Banks will always be on his mind. He is embedded there. 50 Cent shifts his muscular body on his bed and tries to close his eyes to get some sleep. Tomorrow will be different. How exactly he does not know but it will be.

The next days pass by as the ones before with the conversation being light, the awkwardness still a contributing factor to the suffering relationship, and true feelings still being kept hidden away. It is all a mess and neither man has the insight to advance toward it with confidence or resolutions. Why is it so hard? Why is he making it so hard? The buff rapper is filled to the very brim with the discomfiture still looming between them and it is time to make his move to fix it all. It is way past time to let Lloyd Banks know how he truly feels about everything altogether. They are in the den and the TV is one but no one is watching it seeing as both is busily typing away text messages on their cell phones. Night adheres to the horizon and stars scatter throughout the dark blanket of sky while it goes completely unnoticed inside the mansion. 50 stretches out his arm and looks up at the other man on the sofa adjacent to his own. His concentration is solely on the small gadget in his hands as he types away on it. He looks out to the sky.

"Damn. It's night already---" the ebony rapper finally takes note when he happens to glance out the window.

"Shit. Where'd the day go?"

"I have no idea. You hungry?"

"Nah. I'm gonna put this thing down before it takes over my life," Lloyd Banks exaggerates in reference to his cell phone. "Whoever wanna reach me can reach me tomorrow."

"I think these things already control our lives."

"You right. Technology's a bitch."


"What happen?"

He looks over to see 50 fidgeting with the bandages squeezing his body together under his tank top. "This shit's itchin' me."

"How much longer they say you gotta keep it on. It's been a while---"

"I know. I went to the hospital yesterday and they said only a few more days. The wound should be healed by now."

"It should."

"I'm gonna take this shit off," he says with a deep annoyance in his voice.

"What? Naw Curtis. It's just a few more days."

"It's drivin' me crazy. I gotta get this off. You gonna help me or what?"

"I dunno man. What if you not healed up all the way yet?" the younger star tries to reason. It is dangerously risky.

"I know I am. I don't feel any pain and the nurse said I was in good shape."

"I dunno C. This is risky---"

"Please Chris. I got the scissors up in my room," he attempts to coax his best friend into doing it for him. It would be unsafe if he were to cut them off himself. "I need you to do it for me. Please."

"You sure `bout this?"

"I hate them. They gotta go now."

The G-Unit member sighs and hangs his head for a few seconds to think about the request. He can never deny the man sitting across from him. "Aight. I'll do it."

They walk in silence through the first floor of the house and up the stairs to his master bedroom. Lloyd Banks is following him and thoughts of doubt and nervousness are riddled in his mind. The only thing convincing him to go through with it is how desperate the rap superstar is to have his body finally free. The bullet wound has had sufficient time to heal by now and this lowers his self-doubt slightly. 50 Cent walks into his room and immediately to the bed before sitting on it. A pair of shiny surgical scissors is on the nightstand next to his bed and the G-Unit rapper instantaneously becomes intense once again. They are really about to do this, not knowing if it is the right thing to do at this time or not. He walks over to the bed and picks up the extremely sharp cutting object and watches as the other man begins to easily slip off his tank top. Even with those white bandages adhering so closely to him, 50's body is still magnificent. Banks looks closely before walking over and sitting in front of him on the bed. Their bodies are facing each other.

Their eyes find each other's and stay there for an eternity before the buff rapper says, "You ready?"

"Yea. This thing looks sharp."

"It is. No pressure," he smiles. It is too irresistible.

"None right?"

"Go slow."

"Okay," Banks utters. This is the first time since that one night they shared together that he is touching the man so intimately. Something rushes back.

"I trust you Chris. I always have."

Their eyes will not break apart now. The words resonate in his mind until he is finally able to snap out of his thoughts and get to the task at hand. The slender rapper chooses a spot off center from 50's built abdomen and gently presses the cold cutting instrument against his skin. His skin flinches at the momentary change in the temperature before he relaxes again and watches the first stitch of the heavy bandages being cut away. The process is nerve wrecking because he does not want to pierce into skin so it is as slow as possible. Lloyd Banks concentrates on his fingers and tries to follow a straight path down to remove the bandages. Nothing is said but so much is going through 50 Cent's mind. His body feels so good, both because it is being released from its confines and that the other man is touching him. He looks down at his fellow G-Unit member as he continues to snip away against the white cloth. The skin of his chest can breathe again and then he feels the cool rush against his abs. It is done. The constraints are off at last.

Lloyd Banks breathes a sigh of relief when the bandages unravel from the other man's body and fall on the floor nearby the bed. In the light of the room he can see the scar; the skin still looks tender there. It is a small black ring enclosing rough flesh, the body's best attempt to suture up the wound. 50 sees him staring and continues to look while he examines it. His body feels great and whole once again. The skin is faintly discolored but apart from the rawness, it looks healed in general. The younger rapper extends his hand and cautiously touches the wound. There is a reaction from the other rap star but having these fingers on him is more worth it than the small pain. It only looks rough but is actually somewhat smooth to the touch as he continues to feel it. When it is certain that he is healed up enough, he retracts his hand but in an instant, 50 Cent meets his hand and presses it back onto his flat stomach, above the lesion. Banks looks up and into his eyes for the meaning but does not find any answers. The buff rapper moves in closer and closer to the end.

This should not be happening. It cannot be happening. But it is. Their lips are close together. And closer and closer until the inevitable truth takes over. Lloyd Banks closes his eyes and flies as far away from his body that the kiss will take him. No thought is in his mind. He cannot remember if outside is lit by the Moon or the Sun. Quivering fingers are still up against the hard and toned stomach of 50 Cent. His boss. His once best friend. Their kiss is the most innocent and purest thing in the heavens as his body falls for it. Their bodies fall into everything that is happening together. No tongue is involved; not right now. It is not about that. It is about love. The need in the older rapper's body keeps growing to catastrophic proportions and is rapidly becoming uncontrollable. This is how it should have been like the first time, something he realizes and regrets now. So much time was wasted because of his own selfishness. 50 gently rubs his hand back and forth on Banks' trapped hand as his other hand reaches up to his best friend's face to stroke it easily.

They will not stop. Ludacris is nonexistent. The superstar rapper's full, smooth lips are still crunching against his and he can taste him. A taste he has savored for since as far back as he can remember. A taste that makes his hair stand on end and instantly twists his insides into knots that are almost inhuman to untangle. Banks continues to see dark and his mind is a blurry mess but it all falls into place as if meaning to take place. Their paths continue to keep being crossed for this moment. There is an indescribable passion behind the kiss that neither can ignore nor leave alone. Hearts race and blood becomes as hot as pure lava traveling through veins while it all still continues to take place. 50 wants it bad; his body language and sensitivity says as much. The slowly growing member in his pants also tells him that this is right; it is what his body wants. Blood starts to be rushed back into Lloyd Banks' brain and it all hits him. What is going on and what he has and the magnitude of his mistake. It does not take more than a second for him to pull away.

"No. I'm not gonna let you get away this time Chris---" the G-Unit founder says while pulling his man back into a kiss they both want.

He struggles to get free. "No. I can't."

"Yes you can. I want what you want. I always wanted what you want."


The attempt is futile as their lips sync together again in a more passionate kiss than before. It is going to happen whether he wants it to or not. His lips are so soft and smooth and devilishly wicked in taste. The G-Unit rapper cannot help himself but to fall for it all over again; his boss. When 50 feels the initial struggle and resentment melt away from his lover, he makes his move to get what he has wanted again since they did it the first time. Those feelings will be there and stronger than ever. He leans forward and guides the younger man onto the bed while they still kiss and taste each other's lips. Lloyd Banks feels his head hit against the bed and his former best friend hovers over him. It is all going to happen and elation occurs; he wants it to. He can never resist the buff rapper and does not even know why he bothers trying. He is under his skin in so many ways that it has to happen. 50 Cent rests himself on the lower stomach of the man under him while both his hands dart out and press into the bed on each side of Banks' head for structural support.

He darts out his tongue and enters the mouth of what has been denied for so long, mainly because of his own pride. The young rapper dismisses his reluctance and replaces it with eagerness; he rests his hands on the other man's butt and squeezes it. They do things that neither thought were even possible the first time together. Things that show way more than just a sexual connection. They are making love. 50 Cent grunts in his mouth when he feels the pair of hands on his butt and shifts all the support to his knees, which are digging into the bed, to start removing clothes. Banks rises up his body, their chests come in contact for a brief moment, and the shirt is thrown far away. Tongues massage and lick intimate flesh while he runs his large hands down the slender body of his best friend. They explore every plausible area until he feels the other rap star make a move for his pants. The lace tied together becomes free with little effort and 50 transfers his body around to get rid of the accursed thing. They fall off the side of the bed and stay frozen.

Lloyd Banks slips his pants off and his boxers come off as well as he feels a pair of eyes observing his body. He is more than naked now. His fingers hook onto the other man's boxers and they nonchalantly come off as well. 50 immediately interlaces both their hands together and press them into the bed above their heads while the assault of kisses comes to life again. Hips grind into bodies and dick become engorged with blood as both man stands at full mast in a matter of sweet seconds. The muscles are tense and rippling all over his back and arms and it is insanely enticing. Their hands stay together to keep each other warm while lips and tongues erotically touch the right spots to get each rap superstar aroused. The young G-Unit member tilts his head back, allowing better access into his mouth, while he grinds his hips up into his new lover's. The act is sin but he cannot control it or himself. He cannot do it for his own life. Where did he learn how to kiss like that? Where did he learn how do these things to make Banks feel like soft clay in his expert hands?

A once seamless kiss falls apart because there are so many other things to be conquered on his sylphlike body. First comes the cheeks and then the ears and then the earlobes, a place that makes his lover shiver down to the very core of his spine. Once sufficiently teased, the ebony rapper moves down to the neck where he spends more time exploring. He considers himself stupid for not accepting that this is what he wanted all along. This is the reason for his many sleepless nights and his failed relationship with Olivia. Lloyd Banks is his ambrosia and he cannot drink enough of the sacred liquid. His tongue swipes along the neck and exposed collarbone before he continues down to a hard chest, with even harder nipples. 50 kisses them both sweetly and nibbles sexily on one while the younger rapper's hands are glued to his head and begging him for more. For it all. His pleasuring tongue glides away from the dark brown nipples and down his stomach while his own body moves lower and lower. 50 Cent relishes in the unexplored flavor of his man.

A sudden nervousness shoots through the G-Unit founder when his exploration ends at a chocolate wand sticking straight up into the air. This is his first time being so close to another man's dick as well as his first time sucking one. He does not know how to do it. Lloyd Banks looks up at him and when their eyes meet, it gives him the courage to try the new thing he knows he wants to do. His hand grabs on to the base of the aching member and he strokes it for a few seconds before hesitantly lowering himself and putting his mouth on the head. The taste is surprisingly not repulsive, like he initially thought, as he tries to work the thick head in and out of his mouth with his teeth getting in the way. The slender rapper grimaces a few times when he feels sharp teeth against his excessively sensitive rod and uses both his hands to guide the other man's actions. 50 Cent is sucking his dick. He groans in his throat when he feels him attempt to take more into his warm mouth and has to restrain himself from forcing it down his throat. It starts gradually disappearing.

It feels way too good for him to fight it but he uses all his willpower not to buck his hips up and plow his meat all the way down the other man's throat. It is a struggling battle. A quick learner, 50 becomes used to some of the invader entering and leaving his mouth and he feels a warm liquid he knows as precum on his tongue and the walls of his mouth. He is not disgusted by any of it; it only fuels him to do so much more. His starving dick needs attention but that is not his sole concentration at the moment. All his energy is focused on pleasing and pleasuring someone he wants in his life for a very long time to come. Someone he cannot get enough of. Someone he secretly loves. The head and the first five inches of Lloyd Banks' rod is his limit for now as he works it over and over, much to the blissful satisfaction of his lover. His hands are on the back of the ebony rapper' bobbing head and gently guides him back and forth while moans, grunts, and groans fill the air and bounce off the walls of the large master bedroom. His tongue licks the head sinfully.

With the tip of his member being played with unmercifully, he moves on to the neglected lower half. The masculine rap artist gets off Banks' legs and splits them open before closing in the gap between them once again. His chest is pressed against the bed and one hand is jacking his best friend's dick off, the other keeps his legs spread apart. 50 Cent trails his tongue up and down the inner thighs all while still feverishly sliding his hand up and down the turgid shaft above him. It insanely tickles but feels amazing at the same time. His tongue travels in straight as well as circular paths up and down each of the young rapper's inner thighs. With another string of teasing behind them, he moves in closer and extends his tongue to lick the two low-hanging balls he finds in between his man's legs. There is a salty taste to them but it is clear that Lloyd Banks is in heaven because of all the urgent sounds he is making. Both his dick and balls are being satisfied and he has never experienced a sensation like this before. He desperately wants to give out to 50's touch.

The trio of assaults, consisting of simultaneously jacking him off, licking his inner thighs and fiddling with his balls is pushing him further than he has ever been. Even with Ludacris. He never thought feelings like this could ever be experienced and the furthest thing from his mind being that 50 Cent would be responsible for it all. It is what makes the sensations so much stronger and potent; the fact that he is doing it. The cycle continues to stay alive and gratify both men involved in its seductive clutches. Things are unexplained and feelings unimaginable but the bliss is far too addictive for Banks to question any of it. There is no use is trying to sort anything out right now with his brain only operating on pleasure and not logic and reason. The G-Unit founder skillfully works his tongue to the point of giving the other man goosebumps on his skin and has him to the point of screaming his name. It is so close. The saved up fantasy is now a reality and he cannot last much longer. Lloyd Banks pulls him away and up to his lips for another kiss. It cannot be over.

"Fuck! I want you so much kid," the ebony rapper mumbles when their lips come undone. Their lips are barely apart.

He cannot say anything because it will ruin the moment. He will remember that what he is doing is wrong and make a bigger mess of his life than he already has. Why is this happening? Why is he allowing it to? He wants it. Both his hands cup 50's masculine face and they kiss sensually for the remainder of time. Their bodies want more. Their hearts are yearning for the truth that can only come when there are connected together again. A truth both rappers turned their back on so long ago. Lloyd Banks breaks the kiss and looks into the other man's eyes in the limited light and sees it all there. Everything he wanted to see in the past. The timing is off. He sees into the G-Unit founder's soul and his eyes tell him that this is what he wants more than anything. It scares the slender rap star because it is real and something he knows he will not be able to control. He cannot find himself; he needs saving. Another kiss signifies the true nature of the night and 50 Cent makes a second trip down the body he is addicted to now. Kisses sprinkle everywhere.

Once back in between the G-Unit rapper's legs, he looks up to see if it is the right thing to do and a small nod gives him all the reassurance he needs to go through with it. Something he has wanted to experience again since the first time it happened. His dick more than needs some attention now. Hormones are going crazy and his raging rod wants to make love to someone he hopes will become his boyfriend after tonight. The buff superstar strokes himself a few times until he feels precum leaking out of his chocolate brown dick; he uses the liquid to coat as much of himself as he can. He spits into his hand and also uses that as lubrication to cover his lengthy pole with to make sure the experience goes as easily as it possibly can for his lover. The two keep on staring at each other as doubts and the beginnings of reason starts to obscure Lloyd Banks' head. It is too far to go back now and he cannot deny what his body wants. His heart is the thing fighting against him because he is too busy filling his head with pleasure so he can forget the truth.

50 grabs the base of his massive and slippery tool and feels the anticipation deep within his bones as he starts to move closer and closer to where he wants to be. The things he wants to do to this man lying naked on his bed is making him harder than he has ever been in his life. The very tip of his dick reaches the entrance to Lloyd Banks and he winces when they touch because it feels cold against the sensitive skin. Another devious idea instantly pops into his mind and he removes himself and lies down on the bed. He pulls his lover's body on top of his so that he is sitting on his waist; there is no penetration yet. The G-Unit member gets the idea and slowly raises his body until 50 Cent's huge rod is pointed up and ready to impale him. The tip lines up with his hole once again and Banks applies a little pressure to get everything started. The anal ring inside him gives way after an enormous battle and the ebony rap star starts to see more and more of himself disappear into his best friend. Pain is written on his face but so is pleasure. Lust takes over.

The journey is finally at its climax when his entire dick is inside the tight hole of his man. Both rest there and savor the moment before impulsiveness takes over again and they start to work together as a whole. Almost all pain is gone now and extreme satisfaction fills its place. 50 Cent bucks his hips upwards to drive more on himself into the other man before meeting the bed again. The movements and motions are slow now because he has to get used to this again. Lloyd Banks feels the tissues ripping inside him and screams out a growl when his spot is touched. The spot that keeps him so weak and yearning for more. The rapper below him firmly plants his hands on his hips and starts to get the ride going at his pace. He loves having the G-Unit member on top of him and being inside him this way. His rock hard member being caressed the warm and coaxing insides of his best friend and starting to wear him down. Banks grunts and presses both his hands on 50's clenching stomach for the support he so desperately needs. There is no way this can ever be wrong.

A sweet friction forms a new life in between their connected bodies and offers both warmth and solace from the outside world. Thrusts that were once soft and weak and now becoming faster and more urgent. They manage to go deeper and hit places the young rapper never thought possible before. His head is rolled back and resting on his shoulders and his eyes are shut tightly while he is riding 50 Cent. Feelings are intense and passion is overflowing while they continue to make love. Banks leans over and their chests press against each other while their lips bond together with a great urgency. Their tongues lap against each other and the older rap star's hands roams all over the body on top of his. Strong hands rub against his back and trail down to his butt before groping it. His blood-filled dick keeps plunging out of him with a steady pace while both their lips are still blended together. The slender rapper rests his hands on his lover's muscular shoulders and then traces them down his equally muscular arms. They feel so good on his smooth hands.

He notices that every muscle in 50's body is tense and hard and it is making him more lustful by the second. The plowing increases speed and the G-Unit member returns to his upright position and feels a warm hand snake around his dick a short while later. He attempts to match the motions together and this drives the other man wild. He is being assaulted from both sides and the gratification his body is feeling is too much to handle. Everything is overflowing and the final climax is near. His eager rod easily jumps at the buff rapper's strokes and his lower body has learned to accept the huge invader within its clutches; pleasure is going around on every angle to him. Skin is trembling and noises become muffled and incoherent as Lloyd Banks shoots his load all over 50 Cent's rippling stomach. Eyes roll back into his head and his body suddenly feels so drained and tired. The powerful thrusts do not stop but he can tell that the man below him is struggling because of how tight he has recently become because of orgasm. The ebony rapper keeps pumping him.

The rap superstar keeps up with his forceful thrusts and feels the rewards of it momentarily. Lloyd Banks' constricted hole fits him too snugly and he starts to spew cum inside his lover on top of him. His moans are husky and breathless as he continues to empty his now deflating rod. The act is over and the ambiance will soon be broken; everything will come rushing back to hit both men hard. Every aspect of their second time together is better than their first. 50 mimics his once vigorous plunges but fails miserably to reach his highest peak. The G-Unit member gets off of the ride and collapses next to him on the bed; he looks over to see sweat all over his face and his eyes closed. Breathing fights to become normal to both after their most gratifying act is completed. Banks cannot think straight because everything is blurred in his mind and heart. It is fatigue; he does not what to really admit what it is or even try to face it right now with his vulnerable state. 50 Cent wonders what is going through his mind. Was he good? Did he do good? What does it mean?

The G-Unit founder softly makes his way off the bed as his naked form walks into the bathroom. The first thing that draws his eyes once the mirror is in front of him is Lloyd Banks' cum on his stomach. It is officially the first time he has someone else's juice on his stomach besides his own. Receptors are still trying to come down off their high; that is how good it feels to make love to the person he has denied wanting for so long. Something is present in his eyes; something that was not there before. It is true happiness. This is what he wants more than anything. If their relationship could be like this forever then 50 would not know how to repay whoever is responsible for it. The mirrored form of himself manages to keep him entangled for a long while before he grabs some tissues from a nearby box and wipes the sticky white liquid from his abdomen. The ebony rapper takes in his naked body, everything from his hard pecs to his soft dick, before he throws the dirty tissues away and jumps into the shower to clean himself. His life cannot get any better.

Banks shifts his exhausted body the right way and reaches for a pillow before getting under the covers and giving his exhausted body the rest it deserves. All the complications of his single night of passion will have to be dealt with tomorrow. Everything is too fragile now and brining it up will solve nothing. 50 returns from the bathroom a short while later feeling clean and refreshed and sees that his lover is now sound asleep on his side of the bed. Taking a normal shower feels so foreign to him because of how he had to shower in the past because of his bandaged body. Having water touch every inch of his skin manages to relieve the G-Unit member and makes him realize that he is back to normal. His body is healed and he can move past the shooting. Move past it with Lloyd Banks at his side the way it should have been from the beginning. His heart is now subsiding from the adrenaline rush but he does not want it to go away because of how good it makes him feel. 50 Cent utilizes the bathroom once more to brush his teeth before returning to his bedroom.

He sits on a comfortable chair that is in a corner of his massive room and thinks. Thinks about the night and what tomorrow will be like. What needs to be said and what has to get done in terms of them. His body has never felt this good. He is finally able to accept himself and his love for Lloyd Banks and it is both a scary an intriguing notion at the very same time. Both elbows press against his knees and his chin is propped up on his open palms as he looks at the man sleeping on his bed. The gentle rise and fall of his chest as life enters and leaves his innocent body. He is too caught up now to go back or even try to want anything else. This is it for him. A new thought enters the ebony star's mind; his son Marquise. How can he possibly begin to explain this to his precious six-year-old boy? The thought leaves at 50's dire request to himself and he gets up and slips into bed next to his man. Banks does not notice in the least and he stays there to look at him. To see how perfect he really is. Inadequate lighting from the Moon shows him more than enough.

"I love you Chris. Now it can be how it was meant to be." 50 Cent is serious and sweetly places a kiss on the younger rapper's oblivious lips. It is a taste he will crave for the rest of his life.