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50 Cent awakens later in the day to find himself on the sofa and his blanket and pillows strewn all over the floor. He sits up, yawns, and scratches his head before getting up and picking up everything that is scattered on the floor. Navigating through the mess he creates, the rapper finds his pants on the floor and puts them on before walking into his bedroom. Lloyd Banks is not sleeping on his bed nor is he anywhere in the room. In fact, his room looks as if no one spent the night there. He wonders if it was all a dream but dismisses everything before stepping in the bathroom to brush his teeth. Confusion takes over him and he does not know why he persisted that Banks stay with him the night before. It is because he felt guilty and that is what he keeps telling himself. It cannot be anything else. He will not allow it to be anything else. The morning is as busy as ever as 50 looks to get something to eat. Looking through the hotel menu, he orders breakfast and searches his phone to see if he has anything important to do today while he waits.

After breakfast, the rapper relaxes in his suite and makes numerous business calls to the people that need to hear from him. He gets a message from Dr. Dré saying that there is an emergency meeting he needs to be at later in the afternoon. It does sound important so he makes plans to attend at the Aftermath record office, where the group usually gathers for all their business meetings, before scheduling himself a ride to a nearby gym because he is free until the meeting with Dré . The driver gets there around twelve and 50 decides to go it alone because he needs to be by himself to think and the only time he has to think besides right before he goes to sleep at night is when he is at the gym. Everything runs through his mind as he works out his body and he needs this to happen so he can sort out all his feelings regarding Banks. The upscale gym provides him with the privacy he needs to work out as he enters their private locker room and changes into a pair of shorts and a wifebeater. His muscles loosen up as he begins to stretch them.

While running on the a treadmill, the buff rapper's mind manages to escape him and all his thoughts become loose and start to overwhelm him. He stills remembers the feelings he felt while he was inside Banks that night. The very same feelings that haunts every inch of his vulnerable body. He cannot allow himself to succumb to them because they are wrong. 50's body is confused by what he is feeling and because he is fighting against it so hard. This allows all his insecurities and fears to manifest themselves because he is so busy fighting against the idea of Lloyd Banks and how he made him feel that night. His body is high off of adrenaline as he continues to try and get past all the obstacles that are defeating him. It is all too much for him to handle and the superstar rapper stops the treadmill and sits on the floor to catch his breath and regroup his stinging emotions. Nothing is being resolved in 50 Cent's mind and he is becoming so frustrated with himself and his inability to move past the night with his best friend.

"Fuck!" he says under his breath as his knuckles meet the floor.

The door to the rapper's hotel room opens and he walks in, talking on the phone. He is assuring Dré that he will be at the meeting later and finds out that Eminem will also be there. 50 hasn't seen the white rapper in months because of his vacation with his daughter and is excited to see him. He hangs up with the rap producer and instantly grabs a towel before heading into the bathroom to shower himself. Although he did shower after his workout in the gym, it was more rinsing the sweat from his body and not an actual shower. 50 Cent is careful not to look in the mirror because he knows what he will see there; weakness. Banks is getting to him in every imaginable way. It is uncontrollable and he hates it so much because he has no power to defend himself from the constant bombardment of his thoughts. The shower loosens and relaxes his muscles and manages to subside some of his emotions but not the ones he wants to be silenced. He feels raw and exposed and wants everything to stop. Loneliness overcomes him.

His back is pressed against the wall and his eyes are closed as water crashes against his strong chest and trickles down his body. It takes him a long while before he finally manages to get the upper hand on his emotions and tries to tuck them deep within himself. It works to an extent but remembering being inside Banks gets blood flowing into his dick and he remembers that he hasn't been with anyone since then. He is horny. 50 tilts his head up with his eyes still closed at the first touch of his most sensitive area. His hand glides back and forth along his shaft, creating a slight friction and heat that is most welcoming. 50 Cent continues to tease and stroke his eager member because he desperately needs the release. Every single thought about Lloyd Banks is screaming through his head and the feeling of being inside the younger rapper only manages to fuel his raging hard rod even more. He decides not to fight it at the moment because he needs to feel good right now. He needs to know that he is still sane on some level.

50 Cent's wet hand slides back and forth on the turgid shaft of his dick while he concentrates on his best friend and how he felt the night they were together. It does not seem wrong to him at this moment as he keeps stroking his hardness. His free hand slithers up his body and starts flicking at one of his dark brown nipples. He is too into it to care about anything else. Pleasure courses along every inch of his body because of how intense it feels. The rapper's hand continues to work his meat in a more rapid speed than before while the roughness of his sudden tugs and jerks only heightens the experience and creates that same twinge in his balls that he has felt so many times before. He is so close but so far from ending it all. From not feeling good anymore. From not feeling free from his thoughts. Cum blasts out of the tip of his overly excited dick and crashes onto the floor of the tub, where it meets with water. 50 milks his softening member and watches his cum fall to the tub, not remembering the last time he jacked himself off.

A towel is wrapped around his waist as the rapper emerges from the shower and tries to find something wear. As the business meeting with Dr. Dré and Eminem looms closer, he gets into the professional and business mindset and locks all his personal feelings and struggles away. It is time for work; he can try to figure out everything else later and hopefully with better results. He removes the towel and puts on a pair on boxers and a pair of black baggy jeans. He still does not know what to make of what just happened in the shower and just decides not to go there because he already has too much on his plate when it comes to Banks. It's best if he try to put it out of his mind and concentrate on other things. He hopes this meeting goes well because he does not need the added stress of work on him as well. 50 grabs a G-Unit sweatshirt and puts it on before rolling up the sleeves to his forearms. A black NY hat rests on his head and he fetches his wallet and phone before he is out the door once again. The car speeds away into the city.

The ride tries its best to relax the tightly raveled rapper but to no avail. His body betrayed him in the shower earlier and that only manages to show him how weak he truly is. There is a spot inside him that will always be susceptible to Lloyd Banks. His personal session in the shower only manages to reinforce that theory. 50 Cent drops the black hat from his head and runs his palm over his short hair as he tries to think of ways to get his body, mind, and heart back in sync with each other before it is too late. The task will prove to be an even greater challenge than the buff rapper could ever expect because each of the key aspects that compose him has a very strong will of their own. Nothing is willing to compromise, resulting in a painful and confusing stalemate. He does not want this. The last thing he wants for himself is this. But it is in his head for eternity now and as much as he wants it to be erased, his mind will never give him the satisfaction. The driver informs 50 that he is where he needs to be. All thoughts lock themselves away.

"Late as usual Curtis," Emimen states in an unsurprising voice as 50 opens the door to the large conference room of the Aftermath office.

"Finally ended your vacation lil' spoiled white nigga?" he shoots back.

"Ay fuck you aight," Slim Shady says as he gets up and grabs the rapper into a friendly hug.

50 takes a seat next to him. "What's going on Slim man? Where's Dré ?"

"Running around all over the place. You know how busy that nigga is."

"He here yet?"

"Yea. Been here before me but he's upstairs talking to some execs."

"What's this about?" 50 Cent is eager to know.

"All he told me on the phone was that he found a new artist to sign."

"Word?" he says excitedly. "His rhymes tight? Do we know him?"

"She doesn't rap. She sings."

The buff blankly stares at Eminem for a while. "You serious?"

"This is what he told me."

"He gonna sign a female to the Aftermath label?"

"Naw. G-Unit."

"Mine? Why?"

"I think he thinks it's time for a female in G-Unit. You know, to catch other females."

"I dunno about this."

"Just relax man. We're not gonna do shit to mess you up," Slim Shady assures the rapper.

"You see my feelings though right?"

"Yea. It's gonna be an adjustment Fifty man. Let's see what he's thinking."

"Yea. How's Hailie?"

"She's doing good."

"And her mother?"

"You know Kim. Crazy as ever."

"It's your fault. You one fucked up white boy," 50 Cent says as he smiles at another of his best friends.

"Don't say shit when I wipe that smile off your face in a minute."

"I wouldn't expect anything less Marshall Mathers III."

"You gonna call me out like that Curtis Jackson III?"

"Always got something slick to say don't you Slim Shady? Can never keep yo mouth shut."

"And you know this. Don't act new."

"You boys get along before I drop y'all's asses off the map," Dr. Dré says while standing in the doorway to the conference room.

"Nigga please. We make way too much money for your ass to drop us," Eminem states the fact proudly.

"Oh you niggas confident huh? I like that. Makes money. What's going on Fifty?"

"Chillin' Dré . Wonderin' why I'm here," the rapper says as he gets up and hugs Dré for a brief moment.

"What; I can't call a meeting to meet with my two favorite boys?"

"Nigga when did we become your favorites?" Slim Shady asks.

"Dunno," the super producer says as he sits at the head of the long table. Eminem and 50 sit on either side of him and are facing each other. "Let's get down to business shall we?"

50 switches off his playful side and becomes business oriented. "Let's."

"G-Unit's been pretty stable no?"

"I'd like to think so."

"You, Buck, and Banks are straight. The first album's in stages."

"Yea, there's a lot of good stuff we came up with for it," 50 agrees.

"Before we get too deep, when's the next time you can work on Banks' album?"

"Whenever. What you got?"

"I'm putting it on you Fifty. You gotta get some studio time and help him wrap that shit. We wasting time and money every day it's not done," Dr. Dré says as he looks at him.

"You ain't gonna be there?"

"I gotta get started on Buck's shit too. We got the core for Banks' album already. Just run with that and finish it up."

"No doubt. I got it. Weren't you out in ATL working with Buck?"

"Yea. Shit came up so we had to cut it short. I got some beats though. I'm heading to New York tonight to try and finish that and start recording."

"He got lyrics?" Emimen asks.

"Yea. He just needs some strong beats and hooks."

"Straight," he replies with satisfaction.

"Aight, aside from those three albums on the table, what's going on? What's this nigga talking about?" he points to the white rapper.

"The boys upstairs thinks G-Unit could use more appeal," Dré says with finesse.

"Appeal? What the fuck?"

"Chill. They think the group can be bigger than it is now."

"G-Unit's huge right now. We got everybody anticipating records from both of them in the near future."

"We gotta ride this shit through now. They won't be anticipating forever," Slim Shady says.

"Yea," 50 agrees with his colleague. "These niggas upstairs think that throwing a girl into G-Unit is gonna do what?" he asks, not sure of the motives behind putting a female in G-Unit.

"Mass appeal. The group as a whole would only benefit. More people would see you four as relatable. You, Banks, and Buck represent for the niggas and she represents for the ladies. They seeing it as good marketing. She got skills too and not just a pretty face."

"You got that extra time to develop her Dré ? With me tied up with Banks and you with Buck and this crazy white nigga taking year-long vacations, can we develop her?"

"You gonna make me seriously hurt you Fifty."

Dré ponders his thoughts for a moment, ignoring Eminem's threat. It has to be this way. "Gonna have to make time. I know I'm gonna put her in at least one of Buck's tracks. Try to work her into one of Banks' tracks as well. Let her become known as the female member of G-Unit then we'll worry about her solo album after. When she gets more fame."

"That should give us some time," Eminem says.


"I dunno about this Dré . G-Unit is pretty solid as it is."

"Just think of it as an addition to the already solid group. She's not here to take away from you boys. Just to add. It's all about marketing."

"I see what you're saying. She got real talent? I don't wanna promote someone that just looks good. That's weak."

"Wouldn't bring her here if she didn't."

"How'd you find her?"

"I was doing a radio interview in Las Vegas and she called up to talk to me. She sang on the radio and it sounded pretty good."

"You take her in the studio yet? For a test?" the white rapper wants to know.

"Not yet. I'll have the secretaries set it up though. Y'all niggas wanna meet her?"

"Let's see what you got here," Eminem says as he leans back on his chair.

"I gotta see the new member of my G-Unit boys."

"G-Unit boys and girl," Dré corrects the buff rapper.

"We'll see about that."

Dré gets up and walks out of the conference room before returning with a woman who seems to be nervous. Eminem and 50 look at each other before getting up and shaking her hand. The woman introduces herself as Olivia when she shakes both rappers' hands and takes a seat next to 50 Cent, her new manager and boss. The rapper does think she is pretty as he stares at her for a moment while Dr. Dré is talking to the group. Her light brown hair flows down past her shoulders and compliments her caramel skin tone exceptionally well. She is paying extra close attention to what he is saying because it is all so new to her and she needs to gather the tools she needs to be a success from the three very successful rappers she is now sharing the conference room with. Olivia does notice the buff rapper looking her direction from time to time though, as if he doesn't know what to make of her. She feels uncomfortable at first because she has to get used it him, along with everything else. This will be a challenge.

Olivia is his responsibility. She is a part of his G-Unit crew now weather he likes it or not. The meeting turns formal when Dr. Dré retrieves a few contracts from a folder and passes them to her, explaining what each one means. She reads them over carefully and understands everything that is being said to her by all three rappers before she signs them. Now officially the first female of G-Unit, they all get up and 50 hugs her, noticing how nice she smells and how soft her skin feels next to his. He knows he is going to have to put in the extra work to develop her but he does have a good feeling about the newest member to his group. Dré may prove to be right after all. The producer informs her that she will be flying to New York tonight so he can see how she is in the studio and to also try and work her into Young Buck's album. Olivia sincerely thanks them all before leaving because she has to pack some things to take to take across the country with her. 50 Cent's eyes follow her out of the conference room, his attention is thrown off.

"What you think Curtis?" Dré asks him.


"Undressing her with your eyes I see," Slim Shady says slickly as he smiles.

"You got jokes today white nigga. Don't say nothing when I fuck up ya grill!"

"Ouch! Did I touch a nerve Mr. Jackson?"

"Fellas. Concentrate and stop acting like two elementary school kids on the playground."

"Seems like the real deal man."

"I told you so. She gonna give G-Unit a new look. You gotta work with her until she gets a hang of everything. It can be pretty confusing and overwhelming at first."

"She looks like she can handle it," Eminem says.

"Let me know how it goes in the studio tonight."

"I dunno if we're gonna make it tonight. Meeting lasted longer than I expected."

"Buck know?" 50 asks.

"Naw. Call him for me Fifty man."

"I got you. We done here?"

"Pretty much. I gotta get going to the East Coast."

"Just let me know how she does in the studio."

"Aight. I'll catch up with you niggas later," he says as he embraces Eminem and 50 before gathering up the paperwork and leaving.

The white rapper looks at his protégé. "Don't go mixing business with pleasure nigga. Think with this head," he says, tapping his finger against the side of his own head.

"Jealous Slim?" 50 Cent smirks.

"You wish. What you got for tonight?"

"Just chillin'. What you up to?"

"Probably hit up a club to make an appearance. Let everyone know I'm still alive."

"Been gone that long huh?"

"Hailie was just calling to me man. I couldn't refuse."

"I know the feeling. I'll catch ya later lil' white boy." 50 hugs his best friend.

"Aight C boy. Get at me tomorrow."

"No doubt."

The ride back to the hotel is a long one because of the busy rush hour traffic. The driver weaves in and out of lanes to get to his ultimate destination. Walking into the hotel, 50 sees a group of teenagers and when he tries to pull his hat to cover his face more, he realizes that it isn't on his head. His memory tells him that he left it on the table in the conference room. It is too late as the group of five teens instantly recognize him and all rush up to him, begging for his autograph. The rapper is glad that it is a small group mobbing him and not a large one like at his concerts so he happily obliges them; one of the teens pulls out a marker and hands it to him. He signs all their shirts because neither of them have any paper and watches as they all walk away before entering the elevator and riding it up to his suite. The clock on the wall says it is a few minutes past six so he decides to order dinner and watch some TV because it is so rare that he has moments like these. After his dinner, he calls another of his best friends.

"Buck. What up boy?" 50 Cent asks his fellow G-Unit member.

"What's going on Curtis man?"

"Chillin' nigga. You in NY?"


"Dré 's not gonna make it tonight."

"Oh word? That's good because something came up. I was gonna call him later," Young Buck says.

"Where you at? What's with all the noise?"

"Making an appearance at this party. Ay let me holla you tomorrow."

"Yea. Gotta tell you some shit."

"I'll get at you."


The rapper enjoys a quick shower and slips on a pair of basketball shorts and a white wifebeater before he sits back on the sofa and flicks through the channels, nothing in particular holding his interest. 50 wants to relax himself but with so many problems and issues from professional to personal crowding his mind, he finds it extremely difficult. He will have to help Banks wrap his album. They are going to be working closely together until it wraps. Alone. It is still awkward between them and he is falling into the same pattern of not calling the younger rapper as he did before. Olivia managed to grab his attention today at the meeting, weather she wanted to or not and he now has to find the time to devote into developing her skills. Recording for Young Buck's album keeps getting being put off. It is all building up and although he does not want to be there when it all comes crashing down, he knows he will be. And to top it all off, Marquise has been on his mind ever since he left New York. He misses his little boy. He grabs his phone.

"Hello?" his young son asks.

"Tré ? What you doing answering the phone so late son?" 50 asks as he looks at a nearby clock. It is couple of minutes before nine in Los Angeles which means that it is almost twelve in New York.

"Mommy's taking a shower and tomorrow's Saturday daddy."

"So it is. I didn't even notice."

"Been that busy huh?"

"Oh yea. So how are you baby boy?"

"I'm good daddy. Just watching some cartoons."

"You staying up this late to watch cartoons?"

"I can't go to sleep."

"You okay?" The concerned father shows himself.

"Yea. I'm just not tired."

"Did you go to school today?"



"Teacher's work day. I had no school," he giggles.

"Think you slick little boy?"

"Oh yea. I learned from the best."

The buff rapper smiles to himself. "Don't let your mother hear you talking like that. She'll kill you and then come after me."

"I won't."

"I miss you buddy. A lot."

"I miss you too Fifty."


Marquise laughs to himself. "What did you do today?"

"I'm gonna get you when I see you Tré . Watch your back kid."

"Yea, yea."

"Just wait and see. But today, I went to the gym and had a meeting for work."

"What kind of meeting?"

"I signed a new member to my G-Unit group."


"Yea. She seems pretty cool."

"You signed a girl daddy?"

"Yea. My bosses think it's for the best of the group."

"Do you like her?"

"Yea. She looks really talented."

"Oh," the little boy says, his voice somewhat sad and angry.

50 picks it up in his son's tone. "What's wrong Tré ?"


"Marquise--- Tell me what's wrong son."

"They say that you start fights with other rappers and that you're not talented and stuff like that."

"Who says that?"

"People on the TV. I heard it today. Is it true?"

The rapper does not know how to answer because parts of his son's statement are true. "It's hard to explain son."

"Just tell me that it's not true daddy."

"I can't. Some of it is true," the rapper admits honestly.

Marquise stays quiet for a long while. "What part is true?"

"Mainly the part about me fighting with other rappers."

"Why do you do it? They're not even as good as you daddy."

"It's a part of the industry Tré . It's complicated."


"Don't be mad at me baby boy."

"I'm not mad," he tells his dad.

"You remember when I used to tell you that whatever you want in life you gotta fight hard for?"


"It's something like that. I dunno how else to explain it right now. You'll start to see it as you get older buddy."

"I guess."

"Are you okay?"


"What else did you hear?"

"That you got shot nine times."

"But you already knew that shorty."

"I know. But you could've---" Marquise starts crying on the phone.

"It's okay baby. Don't cry."

"I just miss you so much daddy," he manages to get in between sobs. "I don't want anything bad to ever happen to you. I love you so much."

"Relax baby. Calm down okay. Nothing's gonna happen to me."

"You gotta promise me that you'll take care of yourself daddy," the young boy says, still sobbing.

50 wishes more than anything that he can be there to hold his son right now. He would give anything. "I promise Tré . I promise on my love for you that I'll always be careful. I love you so much baby and I want you to always be proud of me. I know its hard son but you gonna be strong. Be strong for daddy okay?"

"Okay. I'll try. Mommy wants to talk to you."

"Curtis? What did you say to him?" She is upset.

"Nothing. He heard some stuff about me on TV and I was trying to tell him what's right from wrong."

"Why is he crying?"

"He misses me. Put him to bed so he can rest."

"Don't tell me how to be a parent to my child," she coldly snaps.

He tries his absolute hardest not to lose his temper with her. "He's our child. Not just yours."

"Sending a check in the mail and visiting him whenever it's convenient for you doesn't make you a father."

That hurts the rapper but he remains composed for the sake of his son. "I'm not gonna fight with you. Can you please put him on so I can say good night?"

"I hate how you make him feel," she says before handing the phone back to her son and standing next to him.

"Yea daddy?"

"Tré I'm so sorry about everything. I'm trying my hardest."

"I know. I'm sorry I started crying. I just can't see my life without you daddy. You mean too much to me."

"I feel the same way little guy. You'll always be the best thing that has ever happened to me. Always remember that okay? The money or fame or awards would mean nothing if you weren't here to enjoy it with me. You're my best friend Tré ."

"You're mine too daddy."

"Okay. Go to bed and get some rest okay?"


"Tell you mom I said that I'm sorry."


"I love you Marquise Jackson."

"I love you Curtis Jackson."

The conversation is one of the hardest the rapper has ever had to endure in his life and his insides suddenly feel broken. He feels empty and like a failure to his only son. The feeling completely destroys him inside and 50 only wants to see Marquise now. It is flowing through his veins and his heart is craving it. It proves to be too much for him to handle all at once and he breaks down. His lifeless body sits on the sofa as his eyes are closed and he is deep in thought, trying to gather everything up and control it somehow. He knows he wants to cry because he hurt his son but he won't allow himself to because crying is a sign of weakness and he cannot be weak. He just cannot. A mental picture of his son smiling and laughing the last time they were together is the only thing he holds on to. It is the only thing that keeps him from losing control and completely hating himself. 50 Cent has to be strong. He has to be strong for Marquise. On the sofa in the living room, sleep triumphs over the rapper's ravaged body.