I Sawa Star

By BobbyW

DISCLAIMER: This story is fiction and portrays acts of a homosexual nature. If you are offended by such acts, or you are under the legal age to read such material in your state/country, please leave now.
This story is in no way meant to imply the sexual preference of Devon Sawa or any other character mentioned herein.

WARNING!!! This "episode" contains graphic sexual acts.

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¤¤¤ Part Two ¤¤¤

When my cell phone rang, I jolted awake. The alarm clock read 07:59. I groaned. What sane person would call at this time of the morning? And then my heart began to pound. Devon Sawa? Could it be? Would he really call me like he said? I picked up the phone and was almost too scared to speak. Devon Sawa - calling me!

"Are you there, dipstick?"

"Huh?" I said. "Oh, Sarah. Hi."

The phone screeched. "Don't you 'Oh hi' me, young man! Do you know what they're feeding me over here? I've, like, got this leg stuck in the air, a TV with no cable, and baby-food-mush for breakfast!"

I sighed. "And a good morning to you, too!"

"So are you coming over or what, Bobby?" Sarah asked.

"You sound cheery!"

"I'll tell you what cheery is - it's when you're bored out of your mind and your ankle itches and you can't reach it. It's when you wake up to the sound of birds outside the window and all you want to do is throw your breakfast at them! It's when -"

You'll have to excuse Sarah - she's a bit angry since she broke you leg two days ago.

"-you hope and pray that when you turn on the TV you'll see something other than day-time talk shows and cereal commercials! And when you do turn it on, what do you get? Huh? day-time talk shows and cereal commercials! Ugh! And turn that infernal racket off will you?"

My alarm clock had marched into 08:00 and the radio blurted a Backstreet Boys' song intermingled with static. I'll be the one...

"I'll be the insane one if I have to stay in here much longer!" Sarah said. I turned off the infernal racket.

Then I smiled. "Listen," I said, trying to get her attention. She had gone into a speech about the care she was receiving at the hospital. "I'm glad you called. I've got something to tell you. You'll never guess who I met last night after leaving you!"

"Guess? What do I look like?" Sarah said. "A quiz master?"

¤ ¤ ¤

As usual, Sarah didn't believe me. I could have told her my cat died (if I had a cat) and she would have yawned and said, "That's nice. Can you fluff my pillows, please?"

I think I better stop here and tell you a bit about Sarah. She's not usually this mean. Normally, we're everyone's worst nightmare when we're together - in a nice way, of course! We're always getting up to something. She's such a tomboy. I guess she's got more male genes than I do! But she's upset because of the accident: her fall. She broke her leg while out skating. She was training to get on the local girl's hockey team and now she's cooped up in a hospital room with nothing to do but stare at the walls. So I'm sure you can appreciate why she's a little mad!

Anyway, sitting beside her now, I watched her eyelids flutter and her head sink forward. Then it jolted upright again and she looked at me. "Are you going to just let me fall asleep here, or talk to me?"

"I-" I began.

"Anyway," she said. She nearly always started a sentence with "anyway". "You probably should go. It's bath time soon."

"Yuck!" I laughed. "That's not a sight I'd care to see!" She insisted on kissing my cheek before I left. I said goodbye, and walked slowly and deliberately through the hospital and out into the parking lot. I was determined not to let that place get the better of me. Last night I had been spooked or something. Something told me I had to get out of the hospital. Maybe it was Devon; maybe my unconscious mind knew he'd be there. I don't know. But today, I kept my head held high and I walked out, breathing calmly, steadily.

Outside, I felt my temples. Was I getting a headache?

On the highway, going back home, my phone rang again. Without thinking, I picked up and said, "Hello?"

"Um, hey, is that Bobby? It's Devon. Devon Sawa."

"No shit!" I said, and thumped on the breaks.

"Hey!" Devon protested. "Is that anyway to greet someone you barely know?"

"Sorry," I said, my voice cracking, my hands shaking. I pulled into the side of the road and closed my eyes. Oh God. "Um, hi."

He laughed. "What are you doing?"

Nothing, I thought. Absolutely nothing. "I'm, ah, I'm just going home. I was visiting Sarah again. At the hospital?"

"Oh, yeah. Listen, you know I said you owe me a coffee? Are you free this afternoon?"

"Am I free?" I asked. "Am I free?" Of course I was free! I'd love to meet up with him again! God! "Well, I guess I am. I didn't have anything definite planned. You?"

¤ ¤ ¤

Devon wiped some perspiration from his brow and flipped his Nike ball cap back on. He smiled and said, "You're not very good, are you?" I scowled. He laughed. "I'm joking, man! I'm joking!"

I feigned exhaustion, then turned, jumped, and flicked the basketball over his head. The ball slammed against the backboard and circled the hoop before flopping in. "All right!" I whooped.

"Oh yeah," Devon said. "Mr Tough Guy. Mr Professional. Watch this." He took the basketball and turned away from the hoop. Then he kind of half-jumped-half-skipped backward and released the ball into the air. He lost his footing and fell to the ground with a loud thump. The ball slipped neatly into the hoop and bounced back toward him.

I rushed to his side. "Are you okay, Devon?"

Devon groaned, then laughed. "I got it in, though, didn't I?"

I smiled. "Yeah, you did." I held out my hand to help him up and said, "Come on, it's probably time for that coffee now."

He took my hand and got to his feet. "Not yet, dude!" he said. He put his hand on my chest and gently pushed me back. "I still have to whip your ass." He nodded at the basketball hoop and thrust the ball into my arms.

I shrugged. "You can try," I said.

We continued shooting hoops for a while, every so often our bodies coming into contact with one another. The heat issuing from his arms and chest was inviting. Once, when he wrapped his arms around me in an attempt to get play of the ball, I thought I felt his crotch press against my ass. He laughed when I stumbled at the intense feeling I got deep in the pit of my groin and he managed to get the ball from me. He pat me on the back then slam-dunked the ball. "Better luck next time, man!" he said.

Better luck next time what? I thought.

The ball park was deserted expect for Devon and I, extravagant graffiti scratched over the walls signifying that this was once (or perhaps still was) a "hang" area for the local kids.

Devon dropped the ball into the hoop. Again. "Okay, okay, okay," I said. "You win!"

He smiled and I blushed at my rude thought. "I knew I'd whoop ya!" He shook my hand, rather formally, and then lightly punched me on the arm. "Okay, coffee? Or soda?"

"Oh, soda. I'm too hot for coffee," I said. We found a juice stand not far from the court and took our drinks through the neighboring park where, complaining of the heat, Devon took his shirt off. I tried not to look at his smooth chest, tried not to get an erection. But I failed. I salivated over his finely chiseled pecs and perfect nipples.

Devon caught my stare, but luckily, he thought I was staring at his juice. I had finished mine just seconds before. "Hey, if you're thirsty you should have got two!" I bit my lip and told him I was fine.

We walked for a little way and found a shaded spot on the grass to sit and talk. I had failed to ask him about his agent today - I thought if he wanted to talk about it he could. But now I mentioned it.

"I'm not sure," he told me. "I called him this morning. He was a bit cold, but told me to come into his office tomorrow. I'm kind of dreading it."

"You don't need to dread it," I said. I knew what I was about to say may have been foolish, may have gotten me a slap in the face, but I decided not to think of that. So I said, "What with your good looks, if your present agent drops you, hundreds more will be lining up to sign you!"

Devon simply laughed. "And you're not so bad yourself!" he said. He pushed me and I toppled backward onto the grass. He pulled his knees up to his chest and wrapped his arms around his legs after spreading his fingers and raking a hand through his thick blond hair. He smiled at me and sighed. "They've got talks of a new movie in the air. I don't know much about it. But apparently they are considering some very big names for it too."

I sat upright again and mimicked his sitting position, facing directly on him. "You're a big name," I said. "In fact, I would have said you're pretty famous!"

"I'm not doing it for the fame," he said. I nodded. "It's just something I want to do: act. I enjoy it. If Graham doesn't take me on again, I might never act again."

"That'll never happen," I tried to reassure. I hoped it would never happen. I took the basketball and sat it on the grass, lying back so that my head rested on it.

I heard him say, "I hope so." And then he was on top of me. He forced the basketball out from under my head and laughed, then pinned my arms down. I was instantly hard. Our eyes locked onto each other and I couldn't blink, couldn't breathe. My heart rate began to soar.

Devon smiled. Then he blushed - and I could tell why: he too was getting hard. I could feel him pressing against my legs through the thin fabric of his shorts. Then his eyes narrowed as he saw that I was hard. I smiled nervously at him.

He smiled nervously back...

¤ ¤ ¤

...Animal passions took over. We became something more than two people together. We were lust. We were formless.

From the park, we had rushed to the privacy of my home, which wasn't far away. We had locked ourselves in my bedroom and were immediately in each other's arms, embracing, hugging, touching. The instant our lips met for the very first time, I felt the explosions of chemicals I didn't have names for course through my being, my very existence. My breathing shortened as my ecstasy heightened. Devon performed miracles on me that I thought could never have been done. He awoke sensations I didn't know I had, feelings I never knew.

As we broke from our first kiss, I confessed, "That was... that was excell-"

"Shhhh," Devon hushed. He closed in again, his lips parting as they caressed mine, his warm tongue probing forward into my mouth, circling around my own tongue. I moaned, my hands slipping down his smooth naked back. Our throbbing cocks, straining in our shorts, pressed against each other. I ached to be released.

Devon smelled wonderful. He had that clean showered smell, mixed with the very slight tang of sweat from our basketball game. I pushed into him, deliberately making us collapse on the bed where my hand slipped over his chest, pausing momentarily by his nipples before easing very gently down his taught stomach and over his shorts to feel his cock. All the while, our tongues strained to taste as much of each other as possible. Devon spread his legs further apart to allow me full access. My fingers slid down over his balls and between his legs where the tip of my pinkie caressed the skin of his inner thigh.

"Ohhhhhhhh-" Devon sighed. I gripped his cock through the fabric, my hand molding around his swollen member, and slowly, gently, I eased my hand up and down in a piston action. He pushed his hand down between my legs and did likewise.

I kissed his soft, plush lips and his chin, his neck, his shoulder, my tongue licking up the soft flesh of his neck to his ear. I needed his sex.

Carefully, I peeled back his shorts and his white Jockeys, revealing at last the seven inches of his throbbing meat. It was hot when I gripped it, pulsing in my hand with his every heartbeat. "Oh, Bobby..." Devon whispered. I tightened my grip and stroked him from the base of his thick shaft to the tip of his pink head, slowly, feeling his skin move with my touch.

My lips caressed his neck, his collarbone, his pecs, moving constantly further down his body, my hand meanwhile pistoning on his dick. When I reached his nipples I paused before lapping at one and as I did so, I felt Devon draw in a sharp intake of air, his chest raising and his hips bucking into my fist.

I moved further down, my tongue leaving a wet, sparkling trail down from his breastbone, through the middle of his mild six-pack and stopping at his navel. I circled it with my tongue, gently lapped it, and again I made Devon draw in a deep breath. I smiled dreamily as I followed his happy-trail of blond-brown pubic hair down to the thick patch at his crotch. I smelt him, the sweet smell of sex.

My hand was working up a rhythm now, up-down, up-down, gripping tightly, gently squeezing the base of his head every so often, forcing the blood into him, forcing him to enjoy.

I licked his inner thighs and he moaned. I licked the crook between his leg and balls and he almost screamed. "Oh, God!" And then my tongue moved swiftly over his balls and replaced my hand on his cock. I lapped the length of his dick from base to tip and down again. I kissed the soft warm skin as his hands locked onto my head, guiding me, easing me. I slowly swallowed the head of his dick, his flavors exploding the tastebuds in my mouth, a small drop of precum gliding easily down my throat. I took him deeper, my lips sliding down his hot member, drooling saliva mingled with small amounts of his precum.

"Aaaa-ooohhhhhhhhhhh -" Devon breathed. "Oh man..."

I sucked.

"Oh God..."

My tongue circled his head.

"Uhhhnph - Shit, man, that-"

My head bobbed up and down under his hands, his hips bucking into me, his meat forcing deeper into my mouth.

"God... Bo-Bobby... Ohhhhhhhh..."

I tightened my grip with my lips and sucked harder, my cheeks molding to the shape of him as I drew up. His dick swelled. His breathing became erratic. His groaning louder.

"Oh Bobby... I'm... Yeahhhh... I'm - Oh! - getting close, man... Suck it. Oh God. I'm - I'm gonna - cummmmm... Unphhhhhhhh!"

Devon thrust his hips forward, burying his cock deep in my mouth, my tongue raised back against his meat, his hands pushing down on my head as he exploded sweet hot cum into me. I gagged as his sperm forced against my throat, but I refused to move, I needed to swallow his juices, I had to take this part of him away with me. Blast after blast of his creamy cum erupted in my mouth, my tastebuds now going wild. And I swallowed every available drop.

He gave one last hard thrust into my mouth and the last gush of his seed slipped down my throat. Then I felt him relax underneath me. I slurped over his softening cock and withdrew, looking up at him with silvery lips coated in his sperm. His breathing was short and fast, his mouth ajar, eyes wide as he looked down at me between his legs, at his weak member still dripping cum.

"Fuck," he said. "That was the best orgasm I've ever had."

I moved slowly up the bed to lie beside him and I smiled. "I'm glad." I ran my hand up the length of his thigh and over his stomach, watching his dick pulse back to life where only seconds before he was flaccid. He grinned, and rolled on top of me.

"Don't think you're getting off easy, man!" he said wickedly. My cock strained in my shorts, tenting up toward him, and he went down on me.

That evening was the best time of my life. Having felt so alone before, it was strange to be with someone, to be "together". Even if this was a one-off-thing, a one night stand for Devon, a bit of a grope, a coffee, and home - I would always remember him for this. And I would never hate him.

When we were finished and both exhausted, we lay together on the bed, arm in arm, breathing slowly on each other's cheeks, hands not able to stay still for long, lips touching more often than not.

And we fell asleep that way. The picture of perfection. I woke, once, during the night. I could not see the time over Devon's shoulder, but I didn't care. Devon had stayed with me. Watching him now, his milky white skin a little flushed in the heat, his hair damp and sticking to his forehead, I felt an overwhelming urge to cry. Tears of happiness rimmed my eyes. I sighed and chewed on my lip. If only it could always be like this, the two of us. We could grow to love each other. We could become one soul that could not life without the other half.

I lay my head down on the cross of his shoulder and smiled to myself. Devon Sawa was in my bed. And we were together.

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