I Sawa Star

By BobbyW

DISCLAIMER: This story is fiction and portrays acts of a homosexual nature. If you are offended by such acts, or you are under the legal age to read such material in your state/country, please leave now.
This story is in no way meant to imply the sexual preference of Devon Sawa or any other character mentioned herein.

!!WARNING!! This episode contains scenes of gay sex from the on-set.


¤¤¤ Part Five ¤¤¤

I pushed my tongue inside his mouth, exploring, just as my hands were exploring his back, his ass, his chest. I could feel his powerful erection pushing against mine from behind his baggy pants. We spoke little, thoughts verbalized in our eyes, in our actions. I shivered in excitement as his tongue lapped over my lips before once again pushing its way inside me.

I pulled his jacket off. Then his shirt. His smooth and lightly tanned skin was almost clammy to my gentle touches. "You okay?" I breathlessly whispered as I kissed his neck. I felt his cheek against mine, the movement as he nodded, unable to speak in his passion.

My penis ached for release as we both fumbled with each other's pants, popping buttons and pulling zippers. As we lowered ourselves onto the bed, Devon's hand slipped inside my boxers and his cool fingers wrapped around my member, a fizzle of electricity sparking at my balls and stop-starting its way to the head of my dick. Slowly, his hand began to ease up and down the length of my shaft, his thumb rubbing at the edge of my swollen head, intensifying the pleasure he was putting me through.

His soft lips against my neck... The hand strokes... The warmth of his own erection pressing against my leg... I was in Heaven.

Slowly, Devon eased his way down the length of my body, his mouth pressing firmly on my chest, my stomach, until finally his breath issued lust on my dick. I gasped as his lips encircled my member and he began sucking and slurping on me.

I was in Heaven.

His tongue lapped over the head of my dick, his lips clenching tighter. And as he sucked, his hand continued the jerking motions he had started moments before. He twisted himself into a more comfortable position and gripped himself with his free hand, the muscles on both his arms straining as he pumped two dicks simultaneously. I thrust my head back in delight as I pushed my hard member into his mouth. He moaned and continued his expert sucking.

I... was... in... Heaven.

"Oh God!" I breathed. "Ohhhh De-von... Ahhhhhh..." I knew I was about to cum. My balls drew up closer to my body; my cock head swelled; my temperature rose, beads of sweat bubbling on my forehead like water on the stove. "I'm... I'm - gonna - gonna... cummmmm..." I managed to warn him.

Devon took his mouth off my dick and pumped harder with his hand. He smiled at me. "I wanna take it," he said. "I want to swallow it all."

"Oh, God! Ohhhh... maaaannnnn.... unph-uhhhh... ahhh... DEVON!" I screamed his name so loud as my cum rattled up the shaft of my dick like a state trooper on a highway with lights flashing. Almost as if in slow motion, I saw Devon turn his head back to my dick, his mouth open wide, tongue probing out as once again his lips engulfed me. When the contact with his mouth and my dick was made, my cum exploded from me with such force that I involuntarily thrust my hips forward, my dick spearing into his mouth and almost making him gag. I could feel my hot liquid spewing into his mouth as he sucked for all he was worth, his Adam's apple bobbing as he swallowed what he could. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh...." I breathed heavily, the last of my cum spilling into him. Gradually, his hand-pumping slowed, his sucking became less brisk. His tongue gave one last lap of my cock head and he looked up at me, a smile stretched across his face.

"That was... kind of nice," he said. He grimaced. I laughed. "No, seriously," he added. "I liked it. It tastes... I don't know. Unique."

I smiled a sleepy, after-sex smile as Devon moved back up the bed and lay beside me. I propped myself up on a shaky elbow and looked down at him. Lying there, in his divine nakedness, how could I refuse to repay the kindness he had just shown me? Well, I couldn't...

¤   ¤   ¤

The cool dawn's sun filtered in through the window to stretch wearily across the bed like a kitten lying between us. I blinked sleep from my eyes and smiled. Devon's breathing, slow and regular, was comforting. Again, the warm fuzzy feeling in my stomach. Did I love him? I wasn't sure. But I was certainly falling in love with him. That was without a doubt.

He stirred when I kissed his cheek. "Morning," I said. He smiled and threw his arm over my chest.

"Morning, yourself," he said. We kissed.

"So," I said, checking the time and looking down at him. "Have you figured things out yet?"

"About being... gay?" He shrugged. "I don't know. Maybe I'll have to try that thing again, just to make certain."

"Oh?" I asked. "What thing is that?"

Devon grinned. "Oh, you know." He reached down under the comforter and gave me a squeeze. "That thing."

"Oh," I said, as the comforter was pulled up over our heads. "That thing!"

Two hours later, we were up, showered, and full of energy. That was when the phone rang. "D'you want me to answer that?" Devon asked over the rim of his coffee cup.

"No, I will," I said. "It could be Mom." I picked up the receiver. "Y'ello?"

"Purple," the voice at the other side said. It was a long running joke I had with Sarah. Every time I said Y'ello when I took a call, if Sarah was the caller she'd say another color. Simple, I know.

"Hey, how are you?"

"So, like, are you gonna come pick me up, or what?" Sarah said. She never answered an apparently pointless question such as how are you?

"You're getting out?"

"Well, you know, it was a toss between going home and getting lots of sympathy, or having the doc move me into the morgue." She laughed at her own joke. "They needed the bed. What's a girl to do?" I could imagine her fluttering her eyelids as she said that last question. "So? Are you coming or what?"

"Um, sure. When?"


I looked at Devon, at his intrigued face. "Okay," I said into the phone. "I'll be over as soon as I can." I placed the receiver back in its cradle.

"Problem?" Devon asked.

I smiled. "No. Sarah's getting out of hospital. She wants me to go pick her up. You wanna come?"

Devon looked at his watch. "I better not. Got to go see my agent."

"How are things with him?"

"It's okay. We've both calmed down since that first night I met you. Things are going back to normal." He kissed me long and hard and said he'd see me later, then he left.

¤   ¤   ¤

When I arrived at the hospital I sat motionless for a while, in the parking lot, staring across at the entrance of the huge white building. I could see, from my vantage point, that Sarah was sitting on that bench - the one where I had met Devon - and she wasn't alone. Mig, tall and handsome, draped an arm over her shoulders and appeared to kiss her cheek.

After a short time, I got out of the car and approached.

"Hey," Sarah said. "I thought you'd decided not to come."

"Fashionably late," I told her. "Hi, Mig."

Mig stood. "I gotta get back to work. Nice meeting you again, Bobby." He turned to Sarah and hugged her. I turned away, offering them some privacy, and I could hear kissing sounds. Moments later, as I turned back, Mig was saying, "I'll call you." He smiled at me, lingered a second longer at Sarah's side, then pecked her cheek and walked back inside the stark, oppressive hospital building, his body almost appearing to be swallowed by the cool darkness as the automatic doors drew closed behind him.

Sarah sighed. I hesitated for a second, then purposefully threw an arm over her shoulders and helped her hobble-crutch her way across to the parking lot. "So," I said, with an attempt at indifference, "are you and he... like, going out?" I knew there was a quality of jealousy in my voice; I couldn't help it. I felt like a brother to Sarah. We were practically joined at the hip - mentally, if not so much physically any more.

She tightened her grip on her crutches and I could see her scan the parking lot for my car. She grimaced. "I don't know," she said. "I think so. I hope so." Almost wistfully, she glanced back over her shoulder at the hospital. Quietly, as if to herself, she whispered, "I really hope so."

"You really like him, huh?"

Sarah shrugged, a flash of the old happy-go-lucky girl that I knew creeping over her features as she grinned. "No, I just get off on dating people I hate!" she said.

I feigned exasperation. "Some things just never change, do they?"

Sarah laughed and I helped her into the car. "No," she said. "But I'm glad they don't change."

¤   ¤   ¤

I eased myself down along Devon's warm, toned body. His hand gripped my shoulder as I worked a fist over his cock. All thoughts of anything else disappeared from my head, replaced by the sole notion of making Devon cum, of making this young man I was falling in love with feel as much pleasure right now as he had ever felt in his entire life. Three days had passed since Sarah was released from hospital, three days since Devon had "discovered" himself and we had spent the entire night together. Now, after three days of sheer joy, I felt that I truly was in love with him.

I stopped my downward movement as my face came in line with Devon's naked crotch, his throbbing penis in my hand, his balls, peppered in blonde hair, looking ripe and juicy between his legs. With my tongue, I traced his happy-trail of pubes from his navel down to the base of his cock, then continued the lick upwards along his shaft and across the head of his dick. His body quivered in ecstasy and my own throbbing member pulsed in my pants. In the dimmed lights and with Mozart's Requiem playing softly on the stereo, the setting couldn't have been more perfect, the mood any more right.

"Oh God!" Devon gasped as I engulfed his cock. I needed to swallow him, I needed to taste him. I played my lips over his cock head, my tongue pushing at his cum-slit. And as I took more and more of him into my eager mouth, I could feel every contour, every vein, every pulse, as more and more blood rushed in for his mounting orgasm. I worked a vacuum on his dick, my lips sucking like a child at his mother's breast.

Devon moaned and held my head over him as he pushed himself into my mouth. Time after time, thrust after thrust, I could feel his dick expand, his balls in my hand filling up with ready sperm. He spread his legs and my finger tickled his anus. What I would give to have my stiff member inside him. But that would come in time, I knew. Right now, I had to concentrate on giving him a wonderful climax with my mouth. I continued sucking.

I continued sucking even as the phone at my beside began to ring. I continued sucking even as Devon's breathing became more rapid and he gasped, "Oh, fuck! Oh maa-annn..." I continued sucking even as his hot salty sperm exploded into my mouth and, wash after wash, it slivered down my throat. "uhnhhhh..." Devon managed. "F-uckk... pho-ne..."

Still pumping gently at his cock, squeezing out the last drops of his juices, my tongue circling my mouth to catch as much as I could, I breathlessly answered the phone.

Sarah. She'd be over soon. With Mig. And Pizza.

Perfect, I thought. But at least we had the afternoon to ourselves. And besides, the four of us hadn't had a proper get-together yet.

"Sounds like fun," Devon said. "Do I have time for a shower?"

"Sure," I told him. "But only if I can join you."

Devon smiled a huge, broad smile. "I thought you'd never ask."

¤   ¤   ¤

Three days. Mig had called Sarah five times in those three days, and visited her twice. Devon and spent two of those three days at my house, the other day we had spent out.

Three days. Three days was all it took before things started to change quite dramatically. My head is still in a spin; I don't quite know what to make of it all yet. The idea was brilliant. The plan was foolproof. But how were any of us to know what would become of us all? Where we would end up? Not even Devon, who sparked the idea after a conversation with Sarah, could have prepared himself for the next three months. "The possibilities are endless," he had told us. In truth, the probabilities were limited. We were driven in one constant direction, never erring, always moving towards the same goal.

And the girl with the infectious smile, the girl whose name even now we cannot discern, would live on in the memories of five young adults bonded together by events too preternatural to understand...

That's it for Part Five. Stay tuned for Part Six, coming soon.
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