What Happened When Niall and Liam Returned To Their Hotel Room

I love kissing him like this. Just pressing soft pecks to his forehead, cheek, hair or temple while he melts into my side and stares off somewhere. 

Oh, I love kissing him like this too. When he surprises me and meets my lips and it's not pecks anymore. 

And this is just splendid. I can feel his hand squeezing my leg as his tongue keeps going wild. He's such a brilliant kisser, oh look, he's biting my lip. I can't, look at the tent in my shorts.

"No, that was good," I breathed and he smirked at his lap.


I put my hand over his package and gave it a few quick squeezes while seeking his lips for a final lustful kiss. 

He rested his head back on my shoulder. I realized his eyes were exploring my profile.

"I love your birthmark, I love it," Niall said. I didn't reply, I only smiled. "It turns me on sometimes. Everything about you turns me on sometimes."

I would suppose that it's just one of the things we love doing sometimes - sitting somewhere, kind of huddled together, in silence or in comfortable small talk, or perhaps lost in a deep conversation about the mysteries and joys of the world. Silence was prominent this time, apart from when I softly sang in his ear, Somewhere over the rainbow, bluebirds fly...

At some point we realized that not just an hour had flown by and we discussed what we felt like doing. We got up to leave with the intention of having dinner at the hotel restaurant and then visiting a club because Niall was feeling a profound desire to drink, but our plans changed when he stopped and turned to me with a gravely expression just as we were crossing a small bridge. 

"Liam. I need to tell you something very important," he said and looked down then back at me. "I don't know if it's good or bad, but..."

Readying myself for another portion of shit, I reached out and took his hand while in my head 'now what, now what' revolved.

"Go ahead," I said softly.

My boy took a deep breath and licked his lips.

"I'm pregnant."

He sustained the pained face for a moment longer then saw my expression and was quick to move away. I shoved him several paces before me, but that only had him laughing harder.

"I'll show you pregnant," I said, trying to contain my smile, and shoved him again. "Go. Move, we don't have much time."

"You gonna fuck the shit outta me?" Niall grinned back at me. 

I hesitated for a second, "Yeah, you could put it that way..."

The black Mercedes was parked in the shade and Niall told the driver that we'd call him to pick us up a little later since we wanted to just walk for a few blocks. The sun was already burning out and the heat was bearable. We got ourselves ice cream; as much as I wanted to keep watching Niall as he ate his, you know, the ridiculously adorable way he moved his lips and seemed to make the most of every spoonful, I aimed my smile at my own waffle cone. My boy bumped into me deliberately. Then he stole a few spoonfuls of my ice cream and quickly moved away when I tried to take some of his. 

The sky was remarkable. A mass of slowly dispersing clouds was floating around off  in the direction of the ocean, dusted by the finest pink, gentle sky blue, pastel violet and a softer shade of blue. A small friendly cloudie closer to us. Soft - softness, that was the most prominent element of the sunset. The whole impression of overflowing soft hues continued as a darker blue somehow abruptly, making even the most ragged ends stand out against the sharply pale sky. 

You could perceive it as a flat surface, a majestic painting planted on invisible pillars right above our world and serving as a fantastic ceiling. The clouds are just wonderful blotches of magical paint and that's fascinating in its own way too. Or you could see the sky in all its depth. So, so tall, big, spacious. And that fluffy cloud, it has its certain height and its right there above me and it's quite inexplicable. And still marvelously riveting. How I wish I could greet it from up close. 

Oh, oh look, it's split in two. I swear, even if I'd stared at it the whole time, I wouldn't have noticed the fine movements causing the back part of the feathery little mass to float away. 

We walked by a flower shop that I remembered seeing from the car when I was first headed for the Chinese Gardens. I pointed it out to Niall.

"I think it's my turn," he said, finishing his waffle cone.

"You sure? What about New Jersey? It was your turn then," I replied, recalling the restaurant with the quiet music, exquisite food and the gentle hissing of the oil lamps.

"How am I going to carry it around till we get back, Liam?"

The guy in store turned out to be a very pleasant fan. He introduced himself as Nathan and was more than kind with showing me different flowers. We took a picture and even promised him to have Louis follow him on twitter. Niall left the shop with a splendid bouquet while I got a sneaky kiss.

Back at the hotel the lights around the pool were already on and there weren't many people left. We found Zayn talking to Josh, I was surprised to see them actually having a normal conversation. Niall decided to be all sexy and tease me shamelessly. He wanted to cool off, so he swam a few laps until I almost had to drag him out of the pool.


"Have you thought about using butter?" I asked in between kisses.

Meeting no obstacles whatsoever, Niall's tongue greeted mine again. His crotch was grinding against mine. 

"I've tried that," he said. "It was hell to clean up though."

I frowned as he started unbuttoning my shorts.

"How come you've already tried? I thought--"

"With a girl I met once."

I stared at his wet pinkish lips, still frowning. Droplets of water dripped from his hair onto my abs. Then the revelation splashed over me.

"Oohh, so you-- you did it in the butt? You tried anal?"

My boy muttered a 'yeah' and planted his lips on mine again. My hands were on his hips and ass, mashing his shorts and then sliding up under his shirt. Oh, the unbearable smoothness of his skin, the incredible feeling of the muscles underneath. I helped him discard the polo and he ground his crotch against mine again, returning for a deep kiss and then abruptly sitting up.

"I haven't...done any preparations..." my blond man said. "I haven't cleaned up."

He started getting off of me, but I stopped him.

"Do you usually do that? You don't have to do it, it's okay."

"I don't always do it, but I still have to shower."

He unstraddled me and started taking his shorts off, but then seemed to change his mind. He climbed back on the bed to give me a kiss and disappeared in the bathroom.

"Well, I should come shower with you then?" I shouted.

"Stay right where you are, I'll be right out!" came his answer after a moment.

I gently rubbed my dick while he was in there, longing to jump him and take him that very moment.  I thought about how the day had progressed, a whirlwind of events and emotions, and smiled at the glowing city. 

Then Niall came out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped sexily around his waist. His hair was dripping again, pointing in all directions and his chest was the most perfect glistening creation of whatever created all of us. I immediately jumped off the bed.

"I'm ready," he informed me with a cocked eyebrow.

I smiled and slid my hand down his arm. His lips seemed to be seeking mine, as if there was a magnetic attraction between our faces. I'm pretty sure there was, by the way. It was fairly difficult to part our lips, but I forced myself to do it. Keeping our faces as close as possible, the tip of his nose touching mine, I reached into his towel and grasped his hardening cock. My love let out a little gasp. I moved my hand up and down his shaft slowly. A vein was pulsing, drops of precum I vowed to lick later dribbled in my palm. His eyes remained trained on mine, but I could see his pupils dilating and his gaze floating somewhere behind me.

My own dick was throbbing. I leaned down and started pressing gentle kisses on Nialler's wet neck in an attempt to distract myself, but the buzzing in the tip of my fingers only got stronger. Just as my lips reached his throat and tasted the droplets on his Adam's apple, my hand made a particularly cunning swirl around the head of his dick and he let out a moan that had my own cock jumping and I was suddenly so aware of every sensation - the hardness of his shaft, the tiny drops of sweat forming on my chest, the heat enveloping us, the clean smell of his skin, the pulsing of my member, his soft whimpers, the hardness of his shaft and, of course, the hardness of his shaft. 

I straightened up with a sheepish grin, he was smiling too, although the features of his face were strained. I made sure my grip on his dick was not too much, but didn't stop moving my hand, taking care of his balls with the other.

"I love this, I love pleasuring you," I said softly. "I love seeing that expression of pure...just, pure pleasure, on your face, and hearing the little adorable but very hot too sounds that you make, and...I mean, just seeing you like this..." my hand picked up its pace and his eyes turned glazed again. "And realizing that I'm the reason for you feeling this good...Absolutely remarkable feeling, Niall."

My man mustered up a smile and then kissed me again and his cock erupted in my hand. A choked 'aaahh' left his lips, he leaned heavily on me. Some of the shots hit my abs, some of the hot fluid dribbled on my hand, and I only just realized that his towel was on the floor. A few moments later he was tugging on my underwear and moving his lips against the light stubble on my jawline.

"Bed," he said and I hit the mattress. 

Again he straddled me and his bare chest was centimeters from mine. His eyes bore into mine. I noticed the way he swallowed thickly. I marveled at how magnificent his face was, from the fine hairs in the beginning of his hairline to his lips and calm eyes. He was moving in at a painfully slow rate. I looked away because...I just couldn't, couldn't hold his gaze any longer, and I was glad to have a reason to close my eyes when he finally kissed me. The kiss turned passionate and hungry because, after all, it was Niall, and my dick was begging to be touched properly, while his hadn't gone soft at all. Then I flipped us over and smiled triumphantly, but his expression was as dirty as it gets. 

"Do you remember the story about..the one with the dildo?" I asked and he nodded. 

Gently, hesitantly I took his wrists and raised his arms to pin them on the pillow above his head. Face to face again; I was relieved to find the lust in his eyes growing without a trace of discomfort. I felt guilty for attempting something like this before we've talked about it, but swore to myself I'd initiate a discussion as soon as possible. His forehead, his nose, his lips, while my other hand moved on the side of his torso. I shifted and was soon straddling his chest and my cock was leaking on his collarbone. 

I raised my eyebrows and my blond man opened his mouth in corroboration. A lengthy hiss left my lips as soon as the head touched his tongue because the buzzing was everywhere now. It took more thrusting then I would have supposed, but his mouth was so hot and accepting, even his throat invited me in a few times. Lust and a desperate need to orgasm clouded my thoughts almost fully as I face-fucked Niall, the incredible sensations building up to a massive climax and only a tiny voice whispering that hey, I might be hurting my boy. 

But the cum spewed out in Niall's mouth and I realized I'd released my grip on his wrists because I felt his hand squeezing the last drops out while my forehead was pressed to the cold wall, and I grunted and groaned and my eyes were shut tightly. 

"How was that? Are you alright, did I hurt you?" I whispered when I moved down between his legs again.

"I almost came again," he pointed at his cock and the tiny smeared pool of precum.

He licked his lips and I kissed them immediately afterwards. The salty taste was just fabulous and his cheek was so, so soft, "I'm sorry if I hurt you, I got carried away."

"You should get the lube," my man said before we kissed some more.

"Window or air conditioning?" I asked him after taking out a bottle of lube from my suitcase. He was jacking himself leisurely.

"Air conditioning," he replied. "We might get loud."

His hole was as tight as usual, so two fingers was as much as I was going to get inside of him. I got lost in our kiss, in the tiny whimpers he was making. When I pulled my fingers out, he was more than ready. I gave my dick a few quick tugs and pushed in carefully, watching the way his mouth opened gradually, the way his eyes were on my face, the way he closed them when I was all the way in. Again I pinned his wrists above his head. Leaning forward, I started moving my pelvis still observing his face closely. 

Losing myself in the heat of the moment, in his eyes, whenever he opened them, in the rhythmical thrusting, I bathed in the tingles he flowed through my body. At some point I rested back on my knees and buried my face in his neck where I kissed and sucked and left marks without any shame. The moans, groans and grunts from both of us were enveloping us in their increasing volume. I pounded him without concern, never letting go of his wrists, as he arched his back and writhed under my body. When the cloud of pleasure squeezed us even tighter, I took him in my embrace and fucked him in my lap, hard and deep to the point where I was seeing stars and both of us were slick with perspiration despite the cooler air around us, reaching an almost simultaneous orgasm, moans giving way to muffled screams fuck me, harder, yes, shit im cumming, fuck yes Niall, oh babe, that's it, thats it, yeeeaa ohh, thats it.

Niall let go of my hair, but I held him in my embrace for a while longer before gently letting him fall back on the bed and resting close to his body. 

"Good," I panted. "Excellent..."

For a couple of minutes we rested in silence filled with our heavy breathing and the smell of sex. My mind hovered between flashes of everything we did and sleep and for the first I realized just how tired I was. The pleasant buzz was still resonating all through my body. I was lying on my front and I felt my baby move his hand from my back down my ass. A smile tugged on my lips. 

"Can you go again?" he said softly.

I gaped at him. On his thigh I could see his cock hardening.

"Are you serious?!"

"Yeah, if you can."

I considered his words and found the idea challenging, but acceptable. Oh boy.

"You can help me..." I said, sitting up. "Where's the lube? I left it here."

"Where?" Nialler let go of my cock.

"Right here, next to the pillow. It must have fallen."

After the lube was safe and sound from the darkness under the bed and Niall had thrown away the towel he'd been lying on, he stroked my member while we kissed sensually. We paused every time our lips parted and took the gesture slowly, appreciating every detail about the moment. Tender...loving... A ball of warmth was forming in my chest. I don't remember when I've lubed up his now looser opening, but I know I was more than reluctant to pull away from his lips, so I could line up my dick in front of his hole. I moved the head around, getting it slicker too, and was about to push when he said:

"My dad was right. Stop, stop..."

And he tried to crawl away, but I stopped him. His expression had changed drastically, his eyes were darting to different corners of the room, troubled.

"About what?" I was more than concerned because, fuck, I don't want my beautiful man to be upset because of his father's bullshit for a second.

"Look at us, everything we just did...and that we're about to do...it's so..." his face contorted in distaste as he looked for words and I felt my heart shriveling, "so disgusting! We're fucking like...It's just...My father's right, it's just...not right!"

I was shaking my head, how can he say that, Lord, why this, why now...

"Baby, how can you say that?! Yes, do look at us!" I was standing over him again, desperate to make him see. "I love you! How can that be disgusting! I...Our love is pure, it's love, it's simply love and there's nothing wrong about that! And...everything we did, it's...we did it because we love each other! Right? That's...that's why I want to be with you like this, because I love you!"

Completely desperate at this point, I was shaking my head because in my vigor to make him understand I wasn't sure my words sounded convincing even to myself. Niall stared up at me, a hint of that lost look in his eyes. I haven't seen that look since Spain...

He shook his blond head slowly too, "I know. I love you too. I know you're right. It's just....Can't believe he's got such a grip on me."

"Let me show you! You'll feel it! Let me show you!"

He pressed his lips to mine. I took that as a cue to continue and gently pushed in. The head popped in without much trouble. Our kiss deepened as my thick shaft slowly disappeared inside of him, and for some time I forgot to move. His body was warm in my embrace, his hair was soft and his fingers explored my locks.

"You're so beautiful," I said quietly when we finally broke the kiss. I actually felt tears in my eyes because...well, how does someone explain a feeling as powerful and consuming as this one? I felt every fiber of my body vibrating in my overwhelming love for this blond man, for every bit of his being...He shut his eyes tightly and bit on his lips as if trying to battle an emotion.

I made love to Niall and he made love to me. I moved inside of him slowly and sensually until I was high, so high, colors were blending together and we were in a whole different world. Every moan that left his lips took me a notch closer to my third orgasm. chests were pressed together the whole time. My poor balls did their best. In the haze of the insane pleasure and climax of feelings I realized that I've never loved anyone this purely, deeply and strongly before, and I think Niall knew it too, I think he felt it. His orgasm hit him a little after mine and when I heard his gasps and screams and felt his arms tighten around me, I let out a small choked up i love you in his neck. 

"Leak," my man said when I got off of him and started to stand up, but I quickly stopped him.

"No. I'm taking care of you," I stated with stubborn determination.

I stood up and started for the bathroom, but had to sit back down because the stars were back and for a second I went deaf. I kissed him repeatedly once he was done, again and again before I rested on my back and fell into light sleep. I remember that he woke me up sometime later to ask me if I was going out with him and I don't remember who else. I gave him a definite answer by turning away from him and not waking up until he was back much, much later, drunk and loud and wayy too tired.