"Good morning, beautiful." a hoarse, familiar, loving voice spoke just as I was opening my eyes. Warmth spread through my chest and I turned to my side.

"Well, good morning, gorgeous." I smiled and got that one adorable, radiant smile I fell in love with in response, "Good seeing you here." 

He called me beautiful. He's been increasingly affectionate in the past few days and it is just thrilling! I can feel he is feeling more and more comfortable about this, about us. And now he called me beautiful. I didn't know it yet, but a ritual had just been established.

I reached out and touched the ruffled blond hair, ran my fingers forward through it and then let them slip down to his ear and cheek. He wouldn't stop smiling.


I heard a soft splash somewhere behind me, and then the little waves carried my pool mattress forward until it was stopped by someone's hand. I pushed my sunglasses down on my nose to see the smiling head of my charming Irishman poking from the water near my waist.

"I'm gonna push you back a bit, it's getting too deep for me here," he said.

I readjusted my glasses and watched the distorted, but still majestically beautiful figure of his body slowly emerging from the water as he moved to the shallower end of the pool. 

"Did you get the sunscreen?" I asked.

"Ohh, no. Sorry, I forgot it inside." he frowned adorably.

"So you don't have any on right now?" that was my very concerned voice.

"Well, no..."

"Okay, that will be my job."

He smiled and kissed my shoulder softly. We had reached the other end of the pool. I quickly looked around.

"Is Zayn asleep?" I asked.

"I think he is." Niall smiled again. His hand was going up and down my arm, "I think it's my turn to float around on that thing while you push me."

"Whaaat, no, get yourself another one. We can float around together like an old couple."

"Come on," he began pushing me off of the mattress lightly, "You need to get more excercise, you're still recovering from surgery."

I already had my legs in the water when I heard what he said.

"That was a month ago. You could have just asked nicely." I was in the water now, making my way to Niall and his glistening chest.

"Yeah, I'm very mean, but I am a great kisser too," he said.

I closed the space between us and our lips connected in a soft kiss. We parted, there were a few centimeters between our faces, he looked me in the eyes, then kissed me again. His hand was gripping my biceps. Mindblowingly wonderful. My fingers left a wet trace on his neck, they stopped to pull him closer and deepen the kiss. Oh, you truly perfect man.


"Cheers," Niall said and put his glass forward.

"Cheers, mate!" my glass began advancing towards his, but stopped midway, "Wait, cheers to what?"

He made his cute thoughtful face.

"To you agreeing to go out on another date with me," he said and laughed.

I stared at him first in disbelief, then in loving admiration.

"Yeah, I'm totally up for that. Cheers!" I said finally and our glases clanked together.

It was a nice, breezy afternoon. Well, it was around 7:30 pm, and the sun was close to the horizon already, those threads of pink and purple already roaming the blue sky. My boy and I were lounging leisurely in beach chairs at the beach in front of the house, drinking cold banana milkshakes (kindly prepared by Harry). Niall was shirtless, truly an angel in those white shorts. I reached out in a familiar gesture and touched his hair. I gently swept the soft blond locks to the side. 

I let the cold liquid run down my throat. Niall smacked his lips upon releasing the straw and I leaned in and kissed him and savored the sweet taste.


He's coming back. I wonder if he told her everything. I hope not...it could potentially cause a lot of problems. Could lead to things we aren't ready for. I sipped my martini. I haven't had any alcohol since the night with Zayn, so long ago. Just one martini tonight, that's gonna be all. If I need to relax, if I need to get my mind off something unpleasant, if I want to feel good, all I have to do is look at Niall.

He plopped down next to me. He let out a sigh and smiled nervously. I was getting worried.

"It went okay, right?" I leaned down and said in his ear, trying to get him to hear me over the music.

He seemed hesitant to answer, and I didn't understand why, why, what could have gone wrong?

"Yeah. It's just that the explanation I gave her didn't seem right, I don't know, she was a little upset. But it's okay, other than that." he said, his hand was going up and down the leg of his jeans and his gaze was following it.

Would that mean he wanted to go public? We're not even officially together, we're just 'trying things out' and that was perfectly fine. It was light, it didn't require too much of an effort, although I was ready to do anything for him. But it was a mutual understanding that we were in fact together. It was so easy. Or had I misunderstood him, his intentions and desires? I know he was scared, I know it still felt weird for him sometimes. As...as it did for me, I must admit. But that was only sometimes. I felt so confused and pained at that moment. What if he isn't happy? But the fact that he completely broke it off with Joanna has to mean something. 

He finished my martini. His hand affectionately rubbed my back and he pulled me into a needy kiss, although 'needy' is not the most accurrate of descriptions. He pressed his lips on mine with force, but it was still loving. I immediately looked around and was relieved to see that the club was dark and dim enough.

Then he surpised me again and pulled me to the dancefloor with a big, although still faintly worried grin. Because when I came to Spain and I saw people partying, I thought to myself WHAT THE FUCK. Through carefree, clumsy, sometimes ridiculously sexual movements, through that radiant, sober smile he made it clear, to me at least, that he was here with me. For me. He was being Niall and that made me so happy. 


I have no idea how we managed to get up this early, but there we were, jogging along the beach, side by side. The sun wasn't even up yet. We were both shirtless and he was gorgeous. Beautifully toned body. He caught me staring at him and grinned. His hair was completely dishevelled. A thin bead of sweat ran from his temple down his cheek. Suddenly he increased his pace and got way ahead of me within seconds. He arrived at the spot where we made our turn, made a big circle in the sand and then started running in my direction. I quickly turned and tried running as fast as I dared this soon after the surgery, but his adorable laughter was just a few meters behind me. 

My blond leprechaun whizzed past me and he wouldn't stop laughing. It was contagious, what can I say, and soon I was laughing too, feeling so, so free, so, so happy, so, so in love with my best friend. He reached the spot where we had left our clothes. Without stopping, he entered the incredibly calm waters of the ocean in big leaps and then dived in, his flawless body quickly disappearing. 

I slowed down to catch my breath and followed after him. So this is why he dived in such a rush, fuck, it was cold! Mimicking his leaps, I neared the spot where he'd reappeared and dived in. I opened my eyes, found his legs and kind of tackled him. We engaged in some cute underwater fighting. We resurfaced laughing and panting. 

"Wait, stop, stop moving," I said and cleared the water off my face, "Stay perfectly still."

Niall obliged and within a minute the waters around us had calmed down. The morning breeze caressed our wet bodies, the sun was shooting its rays right through Niall's now spiky hair and his body glistened. We had gotten used to the temperature of the water now. The light ripples on the surface were reflected on the yellow sand under our feet. I looked around and we were amidst a fine luminous net. Every detail about the sand was visible, the tiny pebbles and shells, and that tiny fish that I'm going to call Nemo. The net swayed lightly, it was almost as if we were in a river. And Niall was dazzling, and oh, his astonished expression... My heart was overflowing with love for him, with joy for the breathtaking glory of everything that surrounded me at that moment. Life was beautiful, always is with him around. And it became even more thrilling when he silently, slowly came closer to me and put his arm around my waist. 

I know this moment probably didn't meant as much to him as it did to me, but I was so happy that he at least made an effort. My heart thudded in my chest in amazed fascination at how marvelous everything was.

We swam around, following the beach line, in long, slow laps. Just savoring the sensation of our bodies gliding through the cool water. I felt strong again. The fresh air this early in the morning. The lack of any noise anywhere around us, only the soft soud of us rippling through. Being together.

Then he floated on his back and I pushed him around. We didn't really speak, only watched, touched.

"I still feel so...dirty and ashamed when I think about the things I did, everything that happened before we figured things out," I said.

Niall didn't react and I realized he couldn't hear me because his ears were below the surface. I slid both my arms under his body and lifted him up abruptly. he jerked in my embrace, trying to find stability, and I smiled down at his adorable expression.

"Oh, it's cold, hold me," my boy said and snuggled into my body.

I carried him out of the water, not worried anyone might see us. Well, there were a few people down in the direction of the public beach, but they were all minding their own business. And not the kind of business Harry and Louis would be minding if they were here. I let him slip out of my arms when I reached his beach chair and immediately covered him with his towel, hurrying to grab mine as well. We stood in the sun and soon we were warm and dry again. Ah, Spanish sun. I put on my shades and laid down in my beach chair.

"This is amazing," Niall said.

I grinned at him.

"I'm glad you think so," I reached out and he squeezed my hand, then just held it in his.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sun on my skin. We hadn't brought sunscreen, but then again, I doubted anything that bad could happen this early. I doubted anything bad could happen this particular morning. I felt sleepy too and was just drifting away from the beautiful reality and into a sunny land of dreams when I felt Niall release my hand and stand up. I opened my eyes, he came over to my chair and in a swift movement he was lying on my chest, right in my open arms. 

He never said a word, just reached for a dry towel into the bag we had with us (I'm very considerate) and then covered us with it. His hair was pleasantly tickling my pecs and my chin when I rested it on his head. 

"I think this is a little dangerous, anyone could see," I observed.

"No one will see, it's 7:30 in the morning," he said.

"Well, still. Someone could recognize us." I was now affectionately rubbing his belly.

"I really don't care, I want to sleep."

"Niall, I don't know if it's such a good idea...Maybe we should move to the pool."

"Come on..." he pleaded in an exasperated tone.

I grabbed our straw hats from the bag.

"At least put this on," I handed him his hat.

He put it over his face. I kissed the top of his head and followed his example. I let out a content sigh. The soft sounds of the ocean, the distant cries of birds. You have no idea how amazing his body felt in my arms, his weight on my chest, his warm skin on mine. It was so much different than holding a girl. He was strong, he was masculine even if this relaxed. And I think he was mine. Although not officially.



I took a deep breath.

"I love you."

I didn't feel him tense, nothing happened. I was sure he had heard me, but after a few seconds I started regretting my words. It was way too early. We aren't even boyfriends. Now he'll get scared. Fuck. Fuckfuckfuck I fucked up again.

"I love you too. I really do. I think I'm ready to say it, yeah," a wave of heat surged thorugh my body. 

"I'm so, so lucky."

I squeezed his hand tightly and a little after that we both fell asleep.


When I entered our bedroom, the only light was coming from the TV. My baby, my blond man, my Niall was on his back, clearly shirtless, covered up to the shoulders by the light sheets, his arms resting on his belly. The definition of adorable. He saw me and grinned and patted the matress next to him. I beamed. Walking over to the bed, my gaze fell on the familiar stuffed toy next to the mirror. I bit my lip and quickly jumped under the covers. 


With our second week in Spain almost over came the realization we had had enough rest and were ready to be a little more active. 

"We should be back soon, you guys get ready," said Louis, grabbing the keys from Harry's outstretched hand.

A moment later he and Zayn were out the door, headed to the airport to get Eleanor. The original plan was that Jess would be flying over with her as well, but with all the shit that went down between her and Harry...They have started talking again though. I think Harry really cares for her as much as she is always ruining his days. But I trust Louis to give him advise on this. I am too happy.

We spent the day sightseeing. If you take a stroll along the beach in the direction of the city, past our spot, you'll eventually reach the end of the beach where there are only luxurious yachts and other nice boats. Past that marina rises a hill, a gorgeous park with steep pathways that lead up to a majestic monument and the fairly preserved stone walls of the old city.

We took a slow walk up to that monument, enjoying the light wind in the alleys, among the trees. Thankfully, we are all in a good shape and were able to handle the steep slope. Well, okay, I did get a bit tired, more than I usually would. 

Louis looked so happy with Eleanor. I watched him quite a bit and noticed that that happiness seemed to be somehow different than the one written all over his face when he's with Harry. But the gleam in his eyes was the same. Ah well, it's their business, not mine. Besides, Harry didn't seem bothered by it at all. He was enjoying himself, flipping his curls in every direction. 

It was a little scary up there. I felt dizzy looking up at the monument, trying to take picture, and Niall casually held me from behind. We told Eleanor about us. It was very awkward at first, but I think she's fine with it. I trust her not to tell anyone, so that's okay too. 

That evening we finally had the fancy dinner Louis planned. We dressed as formally as our wardrobes and the weather allowed and went to the Italian restaurant where my man and I had our first date. It was an great night and it was a step forward into acceptance.

Harry moved to sleep in Zayn's room for the few nights that Eleanor was with us, and sometimes we could hear recognizable noises from the bedroom under ours. 


"Where are we going?"

"I can't tell you," the blond man said closing the trunk of the jeep.

"You have to tell me."

"No, I don't. Come on, get in the car, we got to get going."

I reluctantly got into the passenger seat. He got in from the other side and started the engine, quickly backing out of the little parking in front of the villa. 

"You're not going to get us in trouble, are you?"

He looked at me exasperatedly.

"We're going on our second date, okay? Let me at least try to be romantic here. It's not my thing anyways."

I clamped my mouth shut. Oh. 

"I'm sorry." I said, "This is actually a pretty good start if you're trying to be romantic. Thank you."

I smiled and tentatively put my hand on his where it was holding the steering wheel. He smiled back. His hair was messed up and he looked cute and extremely hot in his grey shorts and white T-shirt. We were both dressed casually, but not too casually. He warned me to choose my clothes carefully. I kissed his cheek.

It was quite early, 9:30 in the morning and we had only a brief breakfast. I was dying to know where Niall was taking us, what he had planned for our second date, DATE, but I knew to be patient. I was ready to leave myself in his hands. And he's trying to be romantic. He's making an effort for me. I felt a little bad, I really didn't want him to have to do things he doesn't like just for me. But he seemed to be excited about this too.

He stopped at a big supermarket just outside town, told me to wait in the car. I was puzzled, but I did remain seated. He blew me a kiss and fifteen minutes later he knocked on my window to wake me up. He opened the door with a huge grin and handed me a simple, but absolutely beautiful bouquet of flowers in different fresh colors. I gasped and took them and burried my nose in them and then threw my arms around Niall's shoulders without even looking around to check if someone's watching. He hugged me back, tightly. As soon as we were back on the road, he slowed down and I kissed him. I have the best guy in the world, okay?

"I don't want you feeling like a girl, but I thought it might be nice if I got you flowers. They're pretty," he laughed sheepishly.

We had a bit of trouble with morning traffic jams, but after that the ride was a smooth one. We talked so much and we jammed to the radio that played not that popular, yet incredibly good music. We had been on the road for an hour when I couldn't help it anymore.

"Where are we going? Come on, just a hint!" I pleaded.

Niall smirked. 

"We're going to France."

"What?! France?!" I shrieked, oh he must be kidding me.

"Yes, I'm taking you to France. And don't freak out, we're gonna cross the border in like 15 minutes. I can turn on the GPS now that it's not a secret anymore," he laughed. 

I slumped back in my seat trying to comprehend his words. He's actually making the effort of taking me to France for our second date.

"I love you."

A huge smile spread over his lips.

"I love you too."

"Did you take our passports?"

"No, we don't need them, There is no actual border, it's just a sign."

I had dozed off again and woke up when Niall turned off the engine. I ran my hand through my hair and he smiled at me. He was still holding the steering wheel with one hand. I looked around. We were at some sort of a parking and there were old style (medieval even) houses with pots of gorgeous pink and purple flowers around us. 

"You like it?" Niall asked.

"Yeah, I think I like it."

"Yeah. Well..I hope you do like it, it wasn't easy choosing it. For our date I mean," he laughed nervously, "Because there are too much people who know we're in Spain already, and I just thought it'd be much nicer to go away. And it's not as hot here too. We're actually pretty high right now. I asked around town, and the guy from the store across the street from the beach suggested we come here. It should be nice. I just want us to enjoy ourselves."

I listened to his rant patiently and nodded at the appropriate places. I understand him being nervous. I'm feeling a bit shaky myself. So it'll be my duty to act as normal as possible in the next few minutes. I need to show him everything's fine, and it will be as long as he's here. And I also need to show him how cheesy I am. 

"Yeah, alright. Let's go then. Are we gonna walk around?" I asked, opening my door.

"Oh, no, no! You'll see. Come on," he was smiling now.

He opened the trunk and took out a tourist backpack and a few bags. I kept staring in confusion even when he thrust the bags in my hands. 

He looked around and referred to the crumbled sheet of paper in his back pocket and then he lead me down a small street, past a few small cafes until we reached what looked like a small park. He stopped at the beginning of one of the alleys.

"Well, um...here we are," he said and laughed again, "Ta-daa...Let's find a nice secluded spot."

He started forward. Oh...Oh! We're having a picnic!

"We're having a picnic?"

"Erm...yeah, you could call it a picnic. I just want us to have a nice day alone here, and I know you like this kind of things, so I thought..."

He smiled. I transferred all of the bags I was holding into one hand and threw my arm around his shoulders. 

"I do. I think we're gonna have a fantastic time," I said and tried a reassuring smile, "Thank you."

A huge oak. We spread a blanket in the shade, took out all the stuff Niall had packed. So much food. And it's surprisingly fresh.A plastic bag containing a knife, forks and napkins.

"Well, we don't have a picnic basket, so that's the best I could do."

A cooler: a few cartons of sangria, bacardi. Plastic cups. Bread. Delicious stuff. 

"You've outdone yourself, babe!" I remarked jokingly and he laughed and it warmed my heart so much. 

Under the cool shade of the big oak, we spent hours talking and eating and drinking and not speaking. Oh, how fascinating it was to be with him! His eyes never stopped sparkling, his smile never came off his adorable face. We were so freely affectionate with each other, I was surprised, we toched and felt and caressed and cupped and kissed, and we laughed so much and told long forgotten stories. The grass was so green, so soft, the gardens across the alley were lush and wonderful. 

I was lying in my back with my hands locked on my belly. Niall was sitting, finishing his drink. We hadn't spoken in a while, but that was fine. I was enjoying the roof of leaves and branches that let sunlight stream through and hit my leprechaun's hair.

"Niall, you're beautiful."

He craned his neck to look at me. He slowly smiled, he was blushing.


"So uh...I take it trying things out is working out?" I asked.

He put down his cup and turned around to face me completely.

"I think it is," my boy said. He played with a napkin, then with a small flower, "I'm liking this very much. But...I..I just still don't want to think about telling people. I don't know. It's...I'm just scared and I prefer to keep it this way. To just enjoy it."

I nodded. 

"Well. I'm fine with that. I'm very happy with you," I reached out to stroke his arm and he smiled.

I withdrew my hand and out it back on my stomach. I closed my eyes, enjoying the way a big patch of sunlight was falling right on my face. I took a deep breath. How marvelous the air here is. Next to me, Niall was shifting and when I opened my eyes, he was assuming a lying position too. He leaned on his elbow and smiled briefly.

"I watched gay porn yesterday," he said and smiled sheepishly at the checkered surface of the blanket. It was a very nice and colorful blanket.

My dick twitched. I chuckled.

"You watched gay porn?"

"Yeah. Have you done it, watched any?" he kept his small smile, playing with a grass blade.

"I have, but only once," I replied. He didn't say anyting, although I think he wanted to, "It's okay. There are some pretty...nice scenes."

My baby remained silent. I lovingly slid my hand up and down his waist, then withdrew it. He leaned in towards my ear.

"One of the guys started the scene like this..." he said and I could see his shaking hand approaching my crotch until it finally came to rest right next to my growing dick. 

--- Stop. Play this song ---

His hand rubbed the spot, purposefully staying away from my member, yet grazing it every now and then. He kissed my temple and I didn't dare turn my head, I kept staring up while he moved his fingers to my hard on and started pressing and rubbing and grabbing, and then lower to my balls.

"And then he started teasing the other guy like this..." his hand moved to my leg, up and down, up and down, "And I was getting very...turned on because I thought that maybe I could do this to you..." and now under my shirt, tracing my abs and teasing my nipples.

I was breathing heavily now, wanting to move away from his hot accent in my ear, but still longing for more, paralyzed in my arousal. He kissed my temple again and then down my cheek. His face was right above mine now and he slowly brought his lips to mine while his fingers focused on my nipple. I moaned in his mouth, he slipped his tongue in mine and the kiss turned so passionate and sexual, I was clumsily rubbing his crotch. His hand darted to my pants again, slipped in for a split second, grazing the head of my rock hard dick and making me moan so, so loudly, and then worked on the button. We were making out so heavily, like that night after our first date, and once again I realized how much better, how different it felt to making out with Zayn. He pulled my zipper down and fumbled around and grasped my throbbing dick through my boxers and then I pulled away from the kiss putting my hands on his shoulders, pushing him away maybe a little too roughly.

--- Stop the song. ---

"Wait, babe, wait, please. We can't, not here, oh gosh. I'm sorry," I was panting, "I'm sorry, this was just amazing and, and I really want to go on, but not here..."

He looked embarrassed and he tried to hide it, but I realized my mistake and pulled him into a tight hug. He awkwardly hugged me back.

"Sorry. When we get back to the house. I swear. And I want it as much as you do." I was just throwing in whatever came to mind, my dick was softening.

He nodded and tried to smile. We agreed to take a nap. Both flat on our backs, him covered with a sweatshirt. I found his hand between our bodies and squeezed it and he let me hold it. 


The boys were home too, but after a few comments they let us have the night to ourselves in our room. Eleanor had left the same day and Louis seemed a little down, but Harry was by his side.

It was my turn to shower, Niall was already in bed. I tried to be quick, yet thorough under the warm stream of water, reflecting back on the day. A huge smile broke on my face remembering how magical it all had been. He had been right after all. It ended well and it keeps getting better. Because of him, his amazing personality, his soft smile, his kind, loving heart. 

I knew he was going to be very nervous, embarrased even. Especially after what happened earlier today. But I will make it good for him. I will...yes, I will be the best almost boyfriend and help him feel comfortable.

I walked into our room with the towel around my waist, starting to feel terribly nervous myself. The TV wasn't on, the lamps on both our nightstands were on. My boy was in bed, leaning back on a pillow, the sheets covering him from the waist down. Gorgeous shades fell on his naked torso. 

I stood there, several steps from him. His irresistible eyes were fixed on me. I gently unwrapped my towel from around my waist and held it in my hand. I spread my legs slightly. My dick was hard, standing proud, pointing almost straight up. Niall's eyes dashed all over my body and stopped on my dick and he gasped. 

I suddenly felt big, I felt strong, muscled, but lean too. Somehow perfect for him. My body, he liked it. I love him. I wanted to hold his adorable face and kiss him. I raised my hands and tried drying my hair with the towel. My arms flexed. Niall inhaled sharply. I could see the bulge underneath the sheets.

The towel dropped to the floor and I stepped to the bed tremulously. He was looking up at me, expectantly, uncertainly. His hand reached out to touch me, but I gently stopped it and held it, and I bent down and kissed him tenderly. I lifted the sheets off his body and let them fall to the side. He was nervous, he swallowed thickly, but, oh, he is stunning. His body is the most imperfectly perfect creation of God, along with his soul. 

I climbed on the bed, positioning my body directly above him. I smiled at him.

"Hi," I said.

--- Start the song again ---

He let out an adorable, hearty, shaky laugh. He raised his head and kissed me and I grinned back at him. 

I took a minute to appreciate the uneartly beauty of his toned body. The now slightly tan skin of his chest and his amazing arms and stomach. I pressed my lips to his and down to his chin and his neck where I made sure to leave a small trace, and his chest where I kissed the incredibly soft skin all around and licked around his nipples. It wasn't weird anymore, it all came naturally. His stomach was rising and falling faster and I reached the tiny treasure trail and the lovely bulge in the green boxer briefs. A wet stain was forming on the fabric.

I was ready. 

I sat up, straddling his legs. I started gently pulling on his waistband, biting on my lip, revealing centimeter after centimeter of his gorgeous member. Soon his boxers were past his balls and i helped him take them off completely. I took my time sliding my eyes up and down his dick. He was circumcised, the perfect pink head was exposed. He wasn't too big, probably the same length as me, about 16-17 cm, and he wasn't as thick, but oh, he was perfect. The skin on his shaft was pale, like the rest of his body. He was completely shaved. Yes, he was perfect.

I gently took it in my hand, marveling at how soft the skin is, but how hard he actually is. I stroked it slowly and he let out a drawn moan. I didn't feel dirty. My own dick was throbbing. I smeared the precum he was oozing (which was a lot, I tell you) all over his shaft and then brought my face closer to it. I could smell soap and Niall. Entrancing. I boldly licked his shaft from base to tip, he moaned loudly, the hottest sound in the world. I was now completely immersed in what I was doing, his legs were spread and bent at knees and I was holding his dick and lapping at the head and he was moaning and groaning, pressing his head into the pillow and thrusting his pelvis up until I finally closed my lips completely around his shaft and took it as far in my mouth as I could. He let out a yelp, while I savored the wonderful salty taste, the feeling of how full my mouth was. 

My head bobbed up and down on his length and I even tried applying pressure on the underside with my tongue, all the while palming and squeezing his balls in my other hand. He was panting and whimpering, and writhing on the bed, thrusting his leaking dick in my mouth, his fingers digging into the bed. I went back to lapping at the crown and swirling my tongue around it and teasing the piss slit with the tip, suckling on the whole head afterwards. It didn't take him long to reach the point of continuous groans and I could feel his dick hardening even more in my hand, his balls slightly drawing to his body, until he started literally pissing cum in a spectacular orgasm. I got a bit in my mouth and then I aimed it up towards his stomach while my tongue licked at his balls and my fingers rubbed and pressed on his perineum. 

When I felt his dick finally stopping to pulse, I looked up and he was just uncovering his face. He had had my pillow pressed over it. Oh that boy. He met my gaze. He shook his head with a huge grin. I collapsed on the bed next to him, smiling too. 

"Sorry I didn't warn you.." he said.

"No problem. It was actually kind of...good. I see you're a moaner," I said and laughed when he blushed.

When he regained his composure, Niall wiped the cum off his chest with the towel I'd left on the ground while my member throbbed in anticipation. He insisted on returning the favor, but when he deep throated me, his own eagerness was well evident. I was like holy fuck, this boy will end me! You have no idea how good he was! I think even he himself was quite surprised by his skills, but I pistoned at least five ropes of cum down his throat and into his mouth. Although he spit out most of it, he said it did taste good, it would just take some time getting used to. 

And then I cracked the door to the balcony open, and we fell asleep with me holding him from behind to my body for the first time.