Previously: Niall and Liam came out to their families and then had sex at a hotel in Mullingar. That's pretty much it.

In this chapter:

Home - Water - More water and feelings - Shaking - Projectors, cameras, free - Long time no done this

- 1 -

I closed the massive white front door and the click, that muted thud that announces your arrival to your house and informs you that, hey, you're home, echoed all through. 

"Who is it?" Zayn's voice came from upstairs. I could immediately infer two things from his tone - he was eating and he was in a very good mood.

"Just us!" Niall was in a good mood too.

We walked up to the second floor. Staggering into the kitchen, Niall tried to hide his limp as I threw my bag on the couch. Harry and Zayn were sitting in the comfy tall bar stools with red, cushioned seats and eating at the kitchen counter.

"How'd it go?" Harry asked and carefully wiped his mouth with a napkin. The question was directed at Niall rather than at me.

"This is my hero!" I exclaimed and clamped both hands on my boy's shoulders, shaking him and pulling him to my body.

His face acquired that expression of delight, mixed with a bit of bashfulness and spiced with pride, with his huge grin plastered in the middle. He was so gorgeous, I almost kissed him, but I caught myself. Harry andZayn were smiling.

"So everything went well?" Harry persisted.

"Uhh...well, yeah," nodded Niall, "It could have been better, but it - overall, it was fine. And I feel great about it," He smiled at me too.

Zayn was giving us his sweet smile and me and Niall sat down to have lunch with them, together. A little bit later, while we were still munching on the delicious pizza slices (you see, when Harry orders pizza, it's always the best pizza, and this time was no different - tender turkey, mushrooms, thin tomato slices that had retained their fresh taste, topped with ridiculously delicious, melty Swiss cheese and spiced with a fine, fragrant basil dust), Louis returned and joined us, completing our group. We had to hurry though the meal, but with Niall's laugh sending jolts all through my body ever so often, it was evident for all of us that we were fully back to normal. We hadn't - or I hadn't - even realized that things had been different, but it seemed that the conversation, the atmosphere was...somehow liberated now. Everything was just fine and when Niall limped to the dishwasher Louis said:

"Why are you limping, Niall?" but then he immediately averted his widened eyes in my direction, "Wait, you two finally fucked?!"

"Oh God," mumbled my boy and crouched in front of the dishwasher as if he wanted to crawl inside. I smiled awkwardly and nodded without looking at Louis. Zayn hooted.

- 2 -

"Ooh yea, that's the spot, yeah. Riiight there, Liam, a little harder. Ah, God..." Niall purred in a raspy voice, "Fuck yes, I needed this. Yeah."

He hid his face in his towel as I leaned forward and started pressing my palms lower in the muscles of his back. My fingers kneaded in circles and my hands slid all over his delicate skin. Massaging, wiggling, taking away all the tension. I placed my palms to his sides and moved them in circular motions, alternating the amount of pressure, and then I dug my fingers in his neck, repeating the same actions only with the tips. Occasionally Niall would let out an appreciative groan or purr. I was dying to just lean forward and kiss between his shoulder blades and down his spine because I know that that always sends shivers down his body. Once we get home,  I vowed.

"Liam," he said, "Come here, I wanna tell you something."

I was straddling his body and my crotch was thoughtfully placed above his ass. I bent down, almost flattening my body on his, but still careful to make it look like it's nothing because I mean stupid cameras could be anywhere. 

"I'm horny," he half whispered in my ear.

I didn't say anything, I went on with my massage and smirked to myself, that kid.

I leaned down again, "Niall, I wanna suck your cock."

He stirred beneath me and threw me a comical death glare.

"Great job, Liam. Now I have a boner," he said with peculiar nonchalance and I laughed.

I pretended to massage him for a while longer, waiting for my own hard on to go down at least a bit. While in my head I was, you know, humping him and reveling in his sweet scent and the taste of his skin. So that didn't help much.

A little bit later, after Louis had tried to drown me and Harry in the lake (Harry did take a few gulps of water), I was on my towel, breathing heavily at the deep blue sky above me, wet and starting to feel chilly. Next to me Harry buried his head in his towel and his curls spread out in a fan. Niall's laugh filled the air again and I raised my head to see Zayn lunging at him and knocking him over in the deep. A persistent fan we'd met on our way to the lake had pulled a sneaky move through the little forest and now Marty, a massive guy from the security, was trying to peacefully get her to stop taking pictures.

"Scoot," breathlessly said a dripping Zayn to Harry who rolled to the ashy sand. "Thanks."

Zayn ran his fingers through his hair and pushed it up in little spiky mountains. The muscles on his back moved when he shifted and he laid down just as Niall dropped to the towel on my left. His hair was sticking out in all directions and he was still grinning elatedly. My eyes slid down his slim body. I smiled at him and he smiled back.

"Look," Zayn pointed to the horizon.

I didn't see anything at first, but then I looked up and next to me, Niall let out a little `woah'. Clouds had arranged their soft, irregularly dark beings in a ragged pattern around the sun, mostly covering it. The sheaves of pale rays streamed down through the holes in the fluffy rags. They fell into the calm waters of the lake and alighted everything around, every speck of dust was visible. I half expected an otherworldly creature to descend from the skies in one of those clusters of majestic light beams.


That same night, which happened to be two days prior to our performance on The Ellen Show, Niall and I were frantically rushing through getting undressed and showering and conducting other evening rituals. We had to get up very early the next day, so sleep was desirable.

"Babe, I'm gonna tell the world about us on Thursday," I said. We were both in the bathroom - I was peeing and he was brushing his teeth. At some point a peculiar realization hit me - I no longer feel weird taking a piss with him in the room because he's seen my penis from upclose so many times now, hard or soft. "And before we discuss it, I want you to know that if you don't feel- if you don't think you want to do it yet, it's absolutely fine by me. I don't want you to be uncomfortable and, or pressured to do it in any way. If you decide you'd rather not reveal...well, your involvement, so to say, yet, I'm fine with it. I will just carry out what I've planned and not mention you," I carefully shook off and tucked everything back inside my boxers. "I don't want you to feel pressured to come out again."

He rinsed his toothbrush. 

"I would- I just, I don't know if I'm ready...yet," he said after drying off. He looked at me half apologetically.

I nodded. I really was fine with it. 

"It will be good to see people's reactions first because...Although that makes me sound like a coward. But Iam going to...tell them at some point, just...not yet."

Niall walked out of the room and bent down to rummage through his suitcase. Seeing all the apprehension he didn't even try to hide cross his face, I cursed at the world again, for putting my boy in a situation where he is scared to openly say he loves someone.

"You're not a coward, I understand your reasons. Like I said, it's fine," I stood behind him.

"You always do," he threw me a quick smile over his shoulder. Within seconds he was somewhere very deep under the blankets covering the double bed in the hotel room.

I dropped to the floor, raised my legs to the bed and did my evening session of sit ups. 

"You done yet?" my love called drowsily at some point between 30 and 35.

"A few more."

"Alright," he paused. "I wanna snuggle up already."

Going against my own rules, I rushed through the final few sit ups and stretched quickly. Then I slipped under the covers as well and found myself face to face with his drooping eyes and lazy smile. I moved in closer to him and took his hand from his hip. His other one was under his pillow.

"I wish we'd do this more often," I said.


His hand was so warm. I took note of every little rough patch on his palm. I slid my gaze across the beautiful features of his face. Content filled my whole being and brought peace along with it.

"Just lying like this. I wish we had the time to just lie like this, facing each other, so I can admire you and your beauty," I said.

He smiled, then shrugged. 

"Well, we do now," he said.

His eyes were closing and soon he gave me a goodnight kiss and turned on his back, draping my arm across his chest. I was happy.


I woke up sweaty, breathless and so completely confused. It felt as if something was weighing down on my chest and I just couldn't open my eyes. I checked my phone and my suspicion was right - we'd only been sleeping for an hour or so. Niall was not in bed with me. I struggled to make sense of what was happening, but for the first five minutes I just couldn't because something kept pulling my eyes shut and dragging me into torturous, sticky slumber. 

The room was completely dark because we'd pulled the heavy curtains closed, but bright yellow light was coming from the little corridor. I had thrown the blanket off my body a long time ago. I was staring at the ceiling, enjoying the cool air when I realized that the shower was running and that I have that bad, bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I got up and reassured myself that this type of a feeling is usually wrong. I put on my flip flops and walked to the bathroom. 

"Nialler?" I opened the door.

"Yeah, I'm here," came his reply.

"What's wrong? It's a little past midnight."

His shadow moved on the other side of the glass shower door.

"I woke up because it was so hot in the room and I was all sweaty, so I thought I'd take a quick shower."

"Yeah, it is hot in the room. I'll open a window. Are you gonna be finished soon?"

"I'll soak up for a little longer. Go ahead and go to sleep, don't wait for me."


I hovered at the door. An idea had just popped into my mind. 

"Can I join you?" I asked tentatively. I had no idea as to how he'd react and what his response would be because I wasn't doubting that he'd turn down my request if he didn't like it. As I've already pointed out, showering, shower time is something very special to both of us. It's very private. It's that time of the day when you're completely alone with your thoughts. You can reflect on so many things, daydream until your skin gets all wrinkled. And you're just trying to wash all worries away, find a bit of comfort. Or you're re-living something nice that happened. Letting all the memories stream freely, appreciating every detail with sincerity you wouldn't allow if there were people around. Or you're jerking off. Because that's great too.

Niall poked his head through the shower doors. For a second he regarded me thoughtfully and I felt self conscious. I would never feel that way if it was someone else. 

"You can, yeah," he finally said. "But take off your boxers. If you want."

I discarded my underwear and took a few timid steps forward. He was still watching me. Again I felt big and strong, but I didn't let that show. I was semi-hard and Niall noticed.

"Sorry. I don't mean for this to be sexual," I halted.

My man didn't say anything, so I stepped forward again and then he moved and I stepped into the shower too. The water was cool, but not unpleasant. We were way past the point of being all awkward and cringey and nervous about this. We're just much closer than that. That's why we were being slow and dramatic, unintentionally. We were both trying to be impulsive, and I know I struggled much more than he did.

But at some point Niall smiled his small radiant smile. I let out a tiny loving sigh. Isn't it funny that we had already made love, but hadn't showered together until that day? We kissed. It was simple and wonderful. I finally gathered the courage to place my hands on his wet waist and torso. His found their way to my own waist. I kissed his cheek and his neck and then we were done with the kissing.

"You didn't sound much like yourself when I first came in." I said, still holding him. I tried to make it sound like a mere suggestion.

"I had a...I had a bad dream. One of these very...very jumbled up ones, you know? Not like scary, but still kind of creepy," he sounded almost professional.

"You okay now?"


I asked him if I could soap up his hair and he said yes. He turned around and I carefully lathered the blond locks. I even included a bit of scalp massaging. I felt closer to him than ever. We were back to the usual banter. 

"Liam! You got soap in my eye!"

"I did? Sorry! Sorry, here, wash it out. Sorry. Does it hurt too much?"

"I'm dying here, Liam, how could you do this to me!"

He was cracking up already, but I had actually believed him. I dug my fingers in his ribs and his laughter bounced off the tilled walls and he begged me to stop and I did.

"I think I actually have shampoo in my eyes now," he said when his laughter had almost subsided.

"That's what you get, mmmhmmm."

That sent him into another fit of giggles as he subjected his pretty face to the stream of now much warmer water. I was getting a bit cold, so I moved in and hugged him to my body. 

"I wanna soap you up too," he said, washing the shampoo out of his hair with effort because of my embrace.

"I'm sleepy."

"Can I?"

"Yeah, I would love that."

The feeling of his hands sliding all around my body was almost orgasmic, literally. He did my chest first, paying excruciating attention to my nipples. He had me raise my arms and he soaped up my sides. My back, even the tips of my fingers. His eyes were filled with soft determination and admiration too. I haven't ever felt so loved as I did that night in the shower with Niall. 

By the time my boy reached my knees, I was rock hard, and when he tried to do my hair, I swatted his hand away. I jerked our dicks together while he kissed me and nibbled on my neck. And as the lukewarm water splashed on our bodies and as heat and prickling pleasure coursed through me, from head to toe, I began feeling utterly exhausted every now and then, and I often leaned on my man, perhaps wishing we were in bed instead of here. The position we were in was a tad bit uncomfortable because of the height difference, but it all ended with orgasms that had us holding onto each other and shouldering the wall for balance. 

And then we dried each other off and we were so cute to each other. I wanted to carry Niall to bed, but he said that he's not feeling very princessy today. He opened a window and then came over to my side of the bed. He bent down. His goodnight kiss, because one was in order again, was so tender that I could have melted. We slept with only the lightest of sheets covering us. 

- 2 -

Martha was very reluctant when I told her all about my plans. Our argument went for over half an hour, and I only won because Louis joined me. My ideas were stripped of some of their epicness, but I was okay with making such a sacrifice. Martha agreed to take care of talking to whomever needed to be contacted.

Our entrance was amazing, with confetti and applause erupting from everywhere around the studio. The first tones filled the air and gradually everyone except for me grew quiet. I grasped the microphone with care and sang the lyrics everybody knew. The light from the projectors poured over me intimately. I felt a few tiny drops of sweat form on the back of my neck. The indescribable feeling of purposefulness and fulfillment throbbed in my chest and I basked in it as Harry stepped forward.

"One Direction! Please, sit down, yes... " Ellen welcomed us to the center of the studio and showed us to two red sofas after we'd finished our performance to a thunder of applause. One sofa was slightly larger than the other, but both were placed at an angle, so that whoever sat there faced both Ellen and the audience. "I know you often get only one couch for all five of you and I wanted you to feel comfortable in my studio, so I made sure there's plenty of space for everyone. Even for me, if I decide to join you."

Jesus, they were so soft and fluffy, the couches! You just sit down and you are embraced, engulfed by a sea of fluffiness. I'd definitely want to have sex on a couch like this one.

"Thank you, guys, for that amazing performance. I really, now I understand why some people are so...crazy about you," she crossed her legs and turned to us. "I'm gonna go right ahead and ask you this, so we can move on to the more interesting topics. Who has a girlfriend and who doesn't?" the audience cheered on as always, "Everybody- everybody seems to be wondering that because of the rumors that have been going around."

We all kinda chuckled, but I was panicking a bit because this was not how we'd planned it with Ellen's tean and I was afraid things wouldn't take the right direction, so I can land my plane full of surprises.

"I have a girlfriend, we have been together for some time now," said Louis and gaily settled back in his seat.

"I have a girlfriend too," that was Harry.

"Yes, I know about you Harry, and I hear you had- you and your girlfriend, Jessica, right? I heard you kind of had some disagreements? Is that true?" Ellen asked.

Harry shifted in his seat, but his face didn't take the usual half amused expression it usually does at such questions.

"I would say that...we are fine now. But...we've learned to keep things away from the public eyes, kind of, so I'm not going to say much past that."

Ellen nodded.

"What about the rest of you? Niall? Zayn?"

"I'm single," said Zayn in his quiet way and turned to look at Niall. I could feel that Harry and Louis were barely keeping themselves from doing the same. There wasn't supposed to be anything out of the ordinary with Niall's reaction.

"I don't have a girlfriend either," there was not a waver of his voice, not a trace of discomfort.

"And you, Liam? Come on, I wanna move on already," Ellen haughtily shuffled the cards in her hands.

I allowed a moment of amusing suspense. Niall was looking at me.

"I'm not single either. And I've prepared something for the...occasion," I got up from my seat and smiled at Ellen. "If it's fine with you."

She looked surprised, but Ellen has her ways of making the best of every situation, especially ones like this one.

"Of course, of course. What can I say..." she spread her arms and shrugged at the audience.

The boys were watching me with curiosity. Niall maintained his cool countenance. My stomach was doing somersaults, but I'm not sure why. I wasn't worried. Perhaps it was a form of excitement. I took a deep breath and smiled broadly and confidently while taking my place behind the microphone. I had planned this for so long, I wrote and rewrote every detail in my head. But at some point I realized that this is of no use and I strove to chase away the expectations. Que sera, sera, Niall said to me once. A long time ago. But I remember everything cause I luv him.

I have to be very careful.

The music began flowing from the instruments behind me. I threw him a last glance and the cheering audience a full of confidence smile. Then I closed my eyes and started singing, striving to keep the image of his slightly puzzled face, sexily disheveled hair and open collar floating in front of me.

His eyes, his eyes
Make the stars look like they're not shining

I tried picturing his eyes, his mesmerizing blue eyes, the eyes that enthralled me so often to the point where I was left speechless and breathless. But for some reason I couldn't call forth that image. I wonder what the audience's reaction is. I can't hear a single thing over the music. What if their...what if they react badly? I began panicking.

His hair, his hair
Falls perfectly without him trying

And it really does, doesn't it? Always. No matter if he's just woken up, or gotten out of the shower, or if he's been working out, or if we've been having sex. It's just perfect, perfectly soft, perfectly blond, perfectly messy.

He's so beautiful
And I tell him every day

I put a lot of emphasis on `every day' because I do. Every morning, the same way he does. He forgets sometimes, but that's okay. I never forget though, to remind him of how beautiful he is.

I know, I know,
When I compliment him, he won't believe me
It's so, it's so,
Sad to think that he don't see what I see
So every time he asks me do I look okay
I say 

When I see your face
There's not a thing that I would change
Cause you're amazing
Just the way you are

I reminded myself to keep my eyes closed despite the immense desire to open them and see my boy's expression and sing this to him. Profess my undying love once again. I felt tears well up behind my eyelids as I started on the next stanza.

And when you smile
The whole world stands and stares for a while

Cause you're amazing
Just the way you are 

I paused for a moment longer than I was supposed to. I needed to compose myself a bit because the song was having an unexpected effect on me. I knew the cameras were zooming in on me, so when I opened my eyes, I looked at the audience and I smiled as confidently as I could, then braced myself for what was coming.

Oh, his lips, his lips
I could kiss them all day if he'd let me
His laugh, his laugh
He loves it and I think it's so sexy
He's so beautiful
And I tell him every day

My wonderful man, I hope he's liking this. I kept imagining his amazing smiling face and I had goosebumps all over. Perhaps he would let me kiss him all day. I want him to see my feelings, everything about them, and I want him to know just how much he means to me, and to know he's the impossibly beautiful and irresistibly charming. I need him to see that I couldn't be more in love with him. How can that even be put into words?

I will never stop marveling at how big of an effect music can have on you. I was trembling (not visibly, I hoped) and floods were rapidly crossing the distance in my eyes.

And just like that the song was over. Everything went silent and for a minute I kept my eyes closed, allowing myself another moment in the incredible experience. I had completely forgotten I was expecting a reaction from...everyone, and the sudden roar of applause startled me. In a daze, I saw that not everyone was applauding me, but some people were starting to get on their feet. I smiled happily and started for the sofas, feeling so shaky, as if my whole body was made of jelly. People were still cheering, I waved, I was used to waving, and I kept smiling. I didn't even know if I felt free yet, like I'd expected to feel, but the deep knowledge that I'd just lived through something remarkable was pressing down on my lungs.

I was halfway across the studio, and I had only thrown the boys a brief glance, not even daring to stop my gaze on Niall. I smiled down at the pointed tips of my shoes, but I noticed someone was walking towards me and when I raised my eyes I saw that it was a flushed Niall. I stopped dead in my tracks (I've always wanted to use this expression). He walked briskly and then I took a few steps forward too and he buried his face in my chest and I threw my arms around him. The memory of that feeling of home is so vivid in my mind. Someone shouted `oh my god!', Niall hugged me even tighter. I was so happy, so proud. 

I didn't want to let go, and the cheering dragged on. Over Niall's shoulder, I saw the boys watching with proud smiles, especially Louis, and Ellen mirroring their faces. Thank you, I said in his ear. My boy loosened his embrace and when I looked into his face, he was glowing. He kept his arm on my back, I kept mine across his shoulders. We were about to sit down when Harry stood up and Louis and Zayn did too and we all hugged.

"I don't know what to say, why wasn't I informed that this would happen?" Ellen started when we were all settled again and we just smiled in response, "I think this was one of the most exciting things that's ever happened on the show."

"Certainly very exciting for us too," Louis said.

"I could see! So, I...I'm not even sure how to approach this, wow! Let's see if I got this right: Liam, you publicly announced that you're not single, and then you sang this for your...the object of your affections, from which we learned that it's actually a guy, right?" I nodded. "Alright, and then...then Niall came and you- you hugged. Is he, is Niall who we're talking about here?"

"Yeah. I am," Niall said, still grinning madly and blushing.

The audience erupted again. I placed my hand over Niall's for a second. Then I realized that there was nothing stopping me now and the realization was so liberating that my breath caught in my throat. Niall interlocked his fingers with mine, and kept them like that for a few minutes.

"And you guys knew?" Ellen asked, turning to the boys who all nodded and murmured we did, we did. " I still don't know what to say. Except maybe, thank you for choosing to do this here, on my show, and...I want to congratulate you for being so brave as to publicly disclose your relationship. Although I suppose one shouldn't need...courage to express their love for someone else."

I squeezed Niall's hand because her words were exactly what I'd been thinking all along. The audience cheered.

"We're very proud," Zayn said and nodded, sustaining his thoughtful smirk.

"We are very proud of them, and we're very happy too," Harry added.

" everything I heard about the bromances that were actually romances, that's what your fans say and I was actually meaning to ask you about it, it wasn't  all..fantasy, huh?"

- 3 -

"Hey, guys, hey! Haven't done this in a long time," I said to the camera of my laptop and waved, "Which I apologize for. But things have been...we've been busy. I have a special guest though. Where are you, come on in. Come on, they are all waiting for you to make your grand entrance."

Niall mumbled something and closed the door and jumped on the bed next to me. 

"Hello!" he waved too.

I fumbled with the cord of the computer.

"So um...oh, wow, we already have five thousand people! Five thousand and a hundred, wow! I can only imagine, I mean, I know some of you guys are in different time zones and it's probably very late or very early for you, so...thank you! Niall, thank our wonderful fans." I elbowed him.

"Thank you, guys. Liam's bossing me around again."

The feed at the side of where I could see us on the screen was a blur, going faster than you could imagine because the internet connection was excellent and it didn't freeze at all. For a while, I was going to ignore them. Although I wasn't sure what to do instead.

"I think Liam doesn't know what to say, but I don't either," Niall remarked at the camera. "Look at his birthmark, look. It's getting bigger, I've noticed."

He poked me with his finger and I slapped his hand.

"Shush, I know what to say. I always know what to say. I was trying to read what people are saying," I headbutted his shoulder and he pretended to be in agony. "No music today, sorry, guys. We will have to head out in...well, we have some time, but not as much as we usually do for twitcams. Sorry. So I hear you enjoyed our guest performance at Ellen's Show? We read a lot of nice things."

We really did, I wasn't going to lie. Immediately after we finished performing our new single and made our exit, Martha grumpily pointed out the trending topics on Twitter. NIAM IS REALLY REAL, #NiamComingOutSex, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, #1DonEllen were all things that had made it to the worldwide TTs and I was delighted to see that most comments were nice and supportive. Of course, the whole thing had obviously sparked the interest of a lot of critics, haters, religious organisations, as well as concerned parents too, but I, for one, didn't care. Of course we'd have to face tons of nasty comments and multifarious interviewers who'd like to question our judgement, and of course the management is going to have us limit our display of affection. But it's all out in the open now. The feeling is almost as great as learning I stood a chance with Niall was. 

I had no clue how to thank my gorgeous Irishman, how to tell him just how proud of him I was. I hugged him for so long after the show and during the car ride. I have to plan something very special for him, soon. 

"Yeah, thanks for that, you've all been very supportive, thank you!" Niall chimed in.

In the feed to the side of the stream I caught glimpses of things like "how long have you been boyfriends, tell us everything, KISS".

"So I guess this topic is...inevitable, right? Yeah, we're very happy together," I said, smiled a big smile and threw my arm across his shoulders. He smiled too, a bit uncomfortably, but I think I was the only one who could read that on his face. 

"Hi to New Zealand, hi," he waved.

"We can't kiss, guys, I'm sorry. We're shy. We can't do that."

I took off my socks for a lack of anything better to do.

"What are you doing after the VMAs, - what are we doing after the VMAs?" Niall read out loud, "We have the tour, of course. But the VMAs are a huge deal for us. We're starting the tour here, in the States, in Dallas. Dallas is where the first show is, right?" he turned to me. His accent was turning me on on an almost overwhelming level and I stared at his lips for a short second.

"Yes, Dallas is the first date. And yeah, being invited to the VMAs is absolutely amazing, we feel so honored. As you already know, we've been nominated in the category for- oh, look who's here."

Louis strolled in our room jauntily and climbed on the bed behind us.

"Hello!" he waved and smiled.

"Hi, Louis. We were just talking about the VMAs," I said and patted his head.

"Yeah, what were you saying?"

"We were saying that it's a huge honor and we're thrilled that we'll be attending such a ceremony," Niall replied.

"It's true. It's a- it's a massive honor. You got yourselves quite a lot of viewers, going over thirty-five thousand. You must be very entertaining," Louis said and then we were quiet for a while. Niall got up and walked over to the bathroom, "Harry and Zayn are sleeping, in case you are wondering. They're resting for a bit cause we wanna go partey later and we did that last night too and now they were tired."

"Naughty boys," I shook my head, not minding the innuendos.

Having Louis there was fun. He's always fun. While we talked and stared at the screen, Niall undressed. He put on sweatpants, but remained shirtless. Suddenly,  I was hit by a pillow that caused me to spill the can I was holding.

I growled menacingly, "Wanker!" I tried getting the liquid off my forearm. 

"Liam said a bad word." Louis was resting his chin on his hands. "Hi, Germany."

The something very important happened. Niall pointed his finger right at me and then down at his crotch. Well, I got the message.

"We'll have to wrap it up here, guys, unfortunately. We wanna get ready. This has been great, and thank you for being so supportive and awesome. Bye! Thank you for being here with us! Say goodbye, Loueh."

Louis said goodbye and waved at the camera and Niall shouted his `bye' too. As soon as I had closed all applications, I tackled Niall and brought him to the bed, and soon Louis was out of our room. I dug my fingers into his ribs, declaring the renewal of this war, and he started pushing me and squirming and laughing so adorably that I started laughing too. He beat at my hands, but I was relentless. Soon he was out of breath and he begged me to stop, so I did. What a fool I was. He immediately crawled away and with a single leap had me on my back. He straddled my waist and laughed mischievously. 

Now I was the one writhing and trying to get away. Tickling is one of the most horrible tortures one could be subjected to, but my torturer was so hot that I almost didn't mind. Lucky for me, the evil leprechaun was finding this hilarious as well, so he wasn't as focused on the task. I managed to get hold of his arms and started throwing him off of me when he said "No, stop!" and I did. His laughed died down and he stared at me with a smile. I remembered to look down and, oh what a surprise, his boner was proudly pushing on his pants. 

Niall leaned down and began kissing my neck, a bit clumsily, if I have to be honest. Still, shivers shook my whole body, especially when he got to my Adam's apple. He wasn't so clumsy anymore. He let his tongue lick right around where I knew my birthmark is and I fought off the urge to shove him away and protect my neck, giving him even more access instead. My dick was throbbing within the constraints of my trousers. I was at his mercy.

He continued kissing my neck, then moved to my lips. I invited his tongue inside, and he once again proved what an amazing kisser he is, making me all hot and light headed, and feeling a pressing need to take off my shirt and all other clothes along with it. Soon he helped me with that and had me moaning when he turned his attention to my chest. When he reached my happy trail, however, I felt too close to an orgasm, so I rolled us over and didn't even stop to look in his eyes which is so very untypical for me, but who even cares, I was horny as hell. 

I went straight for his nipples and from then for his sweatpants. There I paused. He wasn't wearing any underwear. I pulled the waistband and gently released it lower. The reddish head of his gorgeous dick was trapped poking out of his sweats. One of the hottest sights. Ever. I rubbed his glans with a finger, looking up at him. He had the sexiest dirty smirk clouding his face. 

I just couldn't proceed at such a slower pace. I'm sure he forgave me almost immediately after I pulled his sweats down and off his legs. Lightly tugging on his member, I played with his lovely balls, rolling them in my mouth and sucking on them. When I finally got enough of them, I turned to his dick. He stared down at me with a lustful gleam in his eye. I gripped the shaft and the tip of my tongue made contact with the tip of his dick. It moved from one side to the other in a painfully slow manner. My tastebuds had time to enjoy every bit of the salty sensation. He was whimpering.

"Liam! Stop, stop, Liam, stop, I'm cumming!" his accent was so thick.

My tongue drew several circles around his glans and then I teased his piss slit with the tip. He was pressing his head into the pillow and groaning and panting. I took his whole length in my mouth, right down my throat, my own member was leaking profusely. I didn't even get a chance to taste the hot spurts. His grunts were filling my world.

We made love afterwards. We had to take a break so that I didn't cum right away. This time I remembered to put a pillow under him, so his bum was slightly elevated. The angle was even better and we kissed so much, and my body was tingling all over from the sensations of my dick sliding in and out of his tightness. He came for the second time, and I covered his chest in a massive load. When I cleaned him up and pulled up the thin sheet over his body, he resembled an angel. 

We did go out that night after a nice nap, and he was kind of limping again.