Las Vegas

Zayn's got a new friend. We're generally very happy for him, but it gets a bit too noisy sometimes. It doesn't really come as a surprise, not at all. But I suppose I'm the only one whose suspicions about why he's getting it in with the same guy as often are somewhat close to the real reason. 

His name is Josh, like mr. drummer boy. He is young, passionate, very good at what he does and strikingly cheeky. His skin is much darker than Zayn's and his hair is very short and dark. Originally, he was supposed to help out our stylist, but he quickly proved himself to be brilliant at his own thing, so now he's in charge of our hair and make up. 

He and Zayn didn't really get along that well in the beginning. It would be a miracle if Zayn didn't snap at him at least once during the day. But Josh paid him no attention. He's pretty good at comebacks too. And just like that, one night when we were out, Josh with me Louis and Zayn, something happened, maybe vodka happened, maybe something else, don't ask me about alcohol, and they abruptly left together and in the morning Niall went to wake Zayn up and he said that a half-naked Josh had just been shamelessly leaving the room. 

They don't talk much during the day. I often catch Zayn throwing Josh frustrated or pissed glances. I know he must feel conflicted because...I don't even know where to start. Or rather, I can feel the reasons for his anger, but I can't quite explain them. I worry, a little. Although I know they're going to be fine.

I love Nialler. Our relationship is beyond fantastic. I love him.

Being on the road as much is kind of hard on our sex life. Niall always wants to just kick the guys out of the bus so we can have our privacy and moan as loudly as we'd like to. And we do that sometimes, but I wouldn't allow too much of it - it's not polite, you now. Still, we try to get as much cuddle time as we can in the narrow space of the bunks, and it usually gets steamy the first night we arrive at the next town and get our hotel rooms.

We (all five of us) thought about getting a new bus, or modifying this one, but we haven't discussed it in detail. Because, you know, what if things get...shitty all of a sudden (God forbid!) - who's going to sleep in the double bed? No, I'm sure neither of us is actually going to have a problem with it, but it's still tricky.

Arriving in Vegas was spectacular. We had the pleasure of doing that at night, and the first glimpse at the impossibly large, flashy buildings everywhere was breathtaking. You know, just like in the movies. 

Niall and I had the privilege of receiving one of the most scrumptious apartments in our sumptuous hotel. We were both all aaahs and oohhs upon entering and seeing the lovely built-in the floor jacuzzi right next to the massive panoramic windows overlooking the city. And the bed! Spacious and fluffy, with the finest black sheets. I was most ashamed of myself when the first thought that crossed my mind as I noticed them was about how hot my boy with his paler complexion will look lying there as I plow him. But then I half corrected myself - I'd make love to him, then watch the rising and falling of his chest and wonder how such beauty can exist. 

Then Louis discovered the wonder that our apartment was and he was all flamboyant about it, and Niall laughed a lot, but Louis did get his apartment with a jacuzzi, as did Harry and Zayn. As I learned later, Zayn had put the jacuzzi to good use that very night.

Niall insisted we try our jacuzzi as well. I don't think we'd been soaking in for more than five minutes when I felt my eyelids growing as heavy as corpses. The water was so warm and it felt more than pleasant enveloping my body, and not to mention the soft, rhythmic sound of it bubbling around. My boy's leg was brushing against mine and I looked and saw that he was leaning his head back and his eyes were closed. I got up clumsily, careful not to slip. He opened his eyes when I was right next to him and smiled and filled my heart with warmth. I cautiously dropped down near him. I found a comfortable spot and slided down until my chin was touching the surface of the water, my legs were on a seat opposite me and my head was resting on his chest. The subtle scent of his cologne played tricks on my senses. I moved my head left and right contentedly, I felt his hand reaching around  my torso.

"Love you," I heard him say faintly.

"Love you too, Niall," I said.

I must have fallen asleep because next thing I know, I'm sliding down, sinking into the water and my man's hands are tightening around my torso to hold me up. Niall showered first. He was out of the bathroom more than quickly, and when I was done too, he was already asleep. Sex was completely out of the question, as was anything else except for sleep. I pulled him to my chest and was asleep.


We were kind of reluctant at first when we were offered to cover The Climb. We wouldn't have to change up the lyrics, or anything of the song for that matter, but still it's...different. If problems arose, we were most likely to have no time to resolve them. We tried though, and here we are today.

Zayn started us off in a very specific, quiet, gradually gaining strength voice. I faintly heard the cheers coming from the audience as they recognized the song, and I was thankful that I had earpieces, as always, because then Louis picked up the next verse and weaved a well of emotion into the words. 

But I, I gotta keep tryin'
Gotta keep my head held high

Harry's two lines were sung in a spectacular manner, and I took a second to marvel his skills before stepping forward myself. I did my best to feel the song, the lyrics, so I can perform with as much emotion as Louis, as much confidence as Zayn and as much depth as Harry. 

There's always gonna be another mountain
I'm always gonna wanna make it move
Always gonna be an uphill battle
Sometimes I'm gonna have to lose

Ain't about how fast I get there
Ain't about what's waiting on the other side
It's the climb...

Lowering the microphone, I found myself smiling widely. This isn't the first time that performing this song gets me as full of life. Then it was Niall's turn and I bit my lip harshly because his voice was as majestic as ever and the subtle raspiness to it, that familiar Horan note...ah, I could burst out of love for him, and the explosion would give life to the most astonishing creatures of the universe and the most incredible scenery of rainbows and the greenest meadows. 

The struggles I'm facing
The chances I'm taking
Sometimes might knock me down
But no, I'm not breaking

I may not know it
But these are the moments that
I'm gonna remember most, yeah
Just gotta keep going

I couldn't stop staring at him, the way he moved, his incredibly strong presence on stage...Harry perfected his two lines and we all sang the chorus together. This was the sixth or seventh time we were performing the song and throughout the shows to come I gradually came to love performing it. 

It was me who had the scary pleasure of hitting the high notes of all 'It's the cli-i-i-imb's and the second one was the hardest, and the one I, in my opinion, did the best at. Again, I lowered the microphone, I took a deep breath and, when I opened my eyes, I heard:

"That's my boyfriend right there!

I looked to my right in dismay, the screams and wails from the audience erupting with even greater power, and I saw Niall, my man, my love, throwing me a smile and then turning to look ahead. I broke out in the widest of happy grins, pterodactyls waltzed and smashed into the walls of my stomach. We reached Harry's part of the song and I hurried across the stage, followed by Louis' grin, but reminded myself to be a bit more restraint. Niall was throwing me sideways smiles, I threw my arms around him and pulled him into my embrace, a little too...possessively maybe. He patted my back wit the hand he held his microphone in. For the shortest of moments he nuzzled my neck. I wanted to kiss him right then and there because I knew he wanted that. He'd been unintentionally dropping hints about it, but he was too kind to ask. I am still gathering courage. I just doesn't feel right, or...I feel uncomfortable if someone's watching. But I'm going try - for him - in time.


Jess arrived the day before the show. I greeted her as warmly as I could, we all did, although I don't know how I feel about her after all she's been putting Harry through. Something about her had changed, that I can say without doubt, she was trying to be kinder, but in a sincere way. Harry was happy to see her, I could tell. But I didn't see much of either of them after that, so I can't say whether things were going well. They were intent on spending as much time alone as possible, for various reasons, I imagine.

After the concert the four of us, without Harry, decided we'd visit a casino because, well, you know. Several other people accompanied us. It was kind of fun, nothing too special, but the atmosphere was great. We didn't gamble a lot or anything, we only tried this or that, and then moved on to a club. Niall was full of joy and energy. Needless to say, dancing is not our thing, but the feeling of his body moving against mine in such a crowded place was quite thrilling. 

It was at that club that Zayn shared his impressions of the jacuzzi in his room. He said that if you use generous amounts of lube and hold on tightly, it's a unique feeling. He advised me to explore the settings of the massage thingies. 

Then Niall was very tipsy and he rubbed against me some more, so we returned to the hotel. He capered into the apartment while I beamed at his ass. We ripped each other's clothes in the hall of the apartment. He worked on getting the jacuzzi ready, and I searched for lube. Strangely, we didn't kiss too much, he had me sit at the edge of the tub with my legs in the water and he enjoyed himself licking up the length of my dick until I asked him to stop. We watched over the dazzling city and the beautiful night, me lined up behind him, as I took no time to play with him and entered him straight away. I patiently waited until he got accustomed to the feeling of my member in there and then began fucking him. Niall readjusted himself a little and twisted around to press his salty lips to mine. His tongue was invasive and violent which made the kiss incredibly hot and prompted my hips to move in a wild rhythm. My pelvis smacked against his skin in sync with his muffled moans, around us water splashed everywhere. I hugged him tighter and placed one hand on his where it was furiously jacking his cock, my other hand going to his nipples. His head fell back on my shoulder and remained there until we changed our position. 

That night my man rode me for the first time. I kind of feel bad about putting him in a position which may be perceived as submissive, but he seemed enjoy all of it. Zayn's words turned out to be completely true. Niall bounced in my lap as powerful jets of water massaged different parts of our bodies and took us closer and closer to our orgasms. 

"If I could have a dick in my mouth right now..." Niall mumbled at the ceiling at one point, his eyes closed, his expression strained, "Zayn's dick..."

I stopped my thrusts and gaped at him, beyond baffled.


"Keep going, keep going..." Niall moved around. 

And that was the first time that I almost got a heart attack seeing a side of Niall I never knew existed. 

He came first and rested his head on my chest as I groaned and grunted, feeling my orgasm barely eluding me. I was about to cry out in frustration when Niall reached down and started massaging my balls without a warning. 

I didn't think we'd have the time or the strength for anything more, but my expectations were wrong. Nestled beneath the black sheets, my boy looked even more beautiful that I'd imagined. An angelic smile had landed on his lips. Every beautiful detail about his body stood out at the contrast with the black surrounding him. I looked at him from different angles, and I tried different lighting. Leaving only the three small built in the ceiling lights worked the best. Shades fell across his face in a mesmerizing composition and gave his jawline an incredible masculinity. It just happened, just like that. From a kiss.

This time we made love, so slowly and tenderly.