Buenos Aires

"It's too hot."

"I thought the window, or, the window...I mean, the door to the balcony was open."

"It's not."

"...Why? I told you to leave it open last night."


"I didn't."

Niall didn't reply. I heard him shifting and I assumed he'd fallen asleep again. Light was streaming into the room, thank God I'd remembered to at least close the lighter curtains. Forcing my eyes open, I turned my head a few centimeters and felt for the air conditioning remote. A small bead of sweat trickled down my temple. It took me a great deal of effort to adjust the temperature. I can't even recall putting the remote control back on the nightstand before turning to face my man and succumbing to slumber.

Some time later I woke up feeling a bit cold. Niall's hand was pulling the sheet up to cover my bare torso. His countenance was one of peaceful content. I smiled drowsily and closed my eyes again before turning to lie on my back. Everything was soft and nice. My morning wood was pressed flat against my pelvis. 

"What's the time?"



"Should we get up?"

I didn't receive an answer to that one and soon felt myself drifting off too. The air conditioner buzzed softly. So did my cock. Kind of. Gentle waves of cool air caressed the drops of sweat on my forehead. Niall was on his back too, a hand draped over his eyes.

"You know what I realized?"


"The other night in Sydney...when you went out, you didn't give me a goodnight kiss when you came back. Drunkard."

"I'm sorry. I love you."


"What do I wear today?"

"You look hot whatever you wear."

I felt for his hand between our bodies and squeezed it. My fingers explored the texture of his palm. The ridges and creases of his soft skin, the few rough patches...one on his forefinger...one on the meatiest part of his plam...one at the edge of his thumb.

"You're Liam Payne. That's...that sums it up. I remember when we went to that place...I don't remember its name, but you know, when we booked the whole salon...the night before-"

"Yea, I remember."

"I remember that you wore...you wore navy blue trousers, very...tight. And a white shirt, a white button-down one..." he coughed lightly. I was amazed at how well he remembered everything, and he wasn't done yet. He spoke softly, in a sleepy voice, "You had several buttons on the shirt open. You were...wow! I had a semi the whole night...Or, or that time you wore that royal blue cardigan on a white shirt. The one with the deep V. Was that on my birthday? I love it, you should wear it more often...It like...you know, it- it hugs your body perfectly..."

I squeezed his hand again, beyond flattered, beyond warmed. So he does notice. The time passed. A cloud of breezy tranquility enveloped us, the blissful sensation marred only by the buzz in my dick. My hand found it's way under Niall's sheet.

"You hard?"

"A little," he shifted. "Wanna do something?"

My fingers were on the waistband of his boxer-briefs and soon they closed around his shaft. For a second I forgot that he's circumcised and felt to pull his foreskin back. My man's palm worked on my cock through the cloth.

"Pull down your boxers," he said.

Without removing my hand from around his length, I started lowering the waistband ever so slowly, revealing my erection centimeter by centimeter. In my grip his cock jumped, I bit my lip and took pleasure in how big and mighty my own dick looked; my hand kept pumping, squeezing, turning.

For some time we lied there, a hand around the other's dick, pleasuring skillfully; tingling chased away any vestige of drowsiness. Until I straightened up, shoulders pressed against the headboard of the massive bed, cock coated with lube and standing proud in anticipation. That is when Niall lowered himself onto it and instead of going slow, took it all at once. By the time his skin was pressed against my pelvis, my face had acquired a most desperate look; my mouth was frozen in a silent scream and my brow was creased, and then my man let his head fall on my shoulder. He kept it there until the fireworks in my body faded away along with the pain in his bum, and then he started moving. He rode me slow, loving and sensual, then fast and hot and satisfying to the point where my chest was sprayed with sperm and the creamy fluid was dribbling out of his hole and down the base of my member. I remember hitting my head hard against the headboard. What I found most fascinating was the fact that I was the one looking up at him now, seeing his face twist and his mouth fall open, letting out a stream of grunts, whimpers and moans, accompanied by the occassional curse, when he was not kissing me; his hair was only slightly ruffled and the way the muscles on his chest flexed drove me insane. 

There is no one else that could make me feel this glorious. Sex with no one else will ever feel as mindblowing as it does with Niall. And there's no one else I'd rather be with because no one could ever hold a candle to the love Niall gives me, to the way I love him. 

And I told him that, and when I did, he turned away from me for a second, then buried his glistening eyes in the nape of my neck. Later, he told me that this is what he thinks about when his father's words and hatred infiltrate his mind and flood it with doubts. The sublime moments and our smiles and whispers of pure love are his anchor.


Zayn and Louis, the partners in crime, the quiet one and the mischievous one, have an extraordinary relationship. They're both very special to each other. 

Although...okay, yes, we must say that the boys had a special relationship in general. They all clicked with each other in different ways, and that click was something quite exceptional.

Every once in a while they'd have a movie night, just the two of them. Once or twice a month, sometimes more frequently - it all depended on the band's schedule. Sometimes one of the lads would join them, Harry most often, but usually it was just the two of them. They cherished those movie nights, and weren't shy about showing it. Not that anything too big would happen during their time together, not usually. It was fun, took their minds off of everything, had them grinning, content in the other's presence. Zayn and Louis clicked in a special way.

Being on tour made it difficult for them to have their movie nights as often and it just happened that they hadn't organized one in more than a month. The free time they had in Australia was taken up by other activities, but the day off in Buenos Aires and the rainy evening presented the perfect opportunity. Niall, Harry and Liam  went out together, and a little later, just when Zayn and Louis returned with a few DVDs, Liam was back in his and Niall's room alone. 

Louis' room, which was next to Liam and Niall's, was where the movie night took place. They ordered room service and while waiting for it went out on the balcony, where the rain was light but persistent. The cool air was pleasant on their scarcely clothed bodies. The soft wind sprinkled Zayn's skin when he stepped forward and he closed his eyes and enjoyed it. On his balcony, Liam was sitting in a comfortable chair with his computer in his lap. 

"You think I can hit that car over there, if I gathered enough spit? And mucus, of course," Louis turned to Zayn.

"Mucus?" Liam asked incredulously.

"Nooo, way too far, you won't make it," Zayn leaned over the railing.

Liam stood up and followed Zayn's example. 

"Try that, that statue, the stone lion thing over there," he pointed to a stone figure a few meters from the hotel's front steps. 

In the light from the street lamps, the wheezing by cars and the hotel's lobby, it was hard not to spot what Liam was talking about. It's a universal truth that Louis is good at everything he does. He made a series of harsh sounds and a moment later he'd hit the target.


"Woo, that was good! Okay, let me try, let me try," Liam said just when there was a knocking on the door to Louis' room and the Tommo went inside to get roomservice.

Zayn stood with his hands in his pockets and an amused smile as Liam started coughing, moving his jaw and making sounds similar to the ones Lou made before. He did that for some time and Zayn allowed himself a quick glance down from the tight-fitting blue t-shirt underneath the hoodie to the black shorts and dark socks. Liam finally spit out, but half of what came out of his mouth hit him back in the face. He stared at the ground in shame with a growing smile. And Zayn, Zayn was laughing his ass off, his vibrant laugh ringing all around and spurring on Liam's chuckle.

"What's so funny?" Louis yelled from inside the room. "Everything's here, Zayn, come in cause your ice cream is starting to melt!"

Liam was grinning adorably.

"I'll be right in!" Zayn said when his laughter died down, then turned to Liam, "You want to join us for movie night?"

"No, no, I'm fine, it's your thing, I'll wait for Niall to come back," Liam waved a hand in response.

Zayn nodded, "Alright, have fun."

He stepped inside with a small smile on his face.

"Close the door," Louis called, setting the popcorn on the small coffee table in front of the surprisingly large couch.

Zayn moved slowly, sustaining that one-sided smile. He lightly traced his fingers across the back of an armchair and carefully settled down next to Louis.

"What are we watching first?" he asked.

"I put 21 Jump Street in the player. But I want to ask you something first."

The black haired boy took the bowl of ice cream in his lap and eyed Louis curiously.

"I meant to ask you about it earlier, but I thought I might be wrong or...or if I wasn't, I thought it may be temporary and you just need time, but...But I see that things haven't changed..." Zayn was now scooping a spoonful with a cocked eyebrow. "None of us ever learned what exactly happened between you and Liam, Liam hasn't said a word to me or Harry, and you haven't either, but you still seem to-- Wait! Wait, hear me out. I'm not trying to be nosy, okay, not this time! I just have a feeling that you two haven't worked things out. Or at least you still have...something to say, I don't know, you just seem somehow reserved  when you're with him."

Zayn slammed the bowl of ice cream on the table and stood up. He went over to the window, for a lack of better place and just stood there. No.

"Come on, mate. I'm seriously just...trying to help. I'm dead serious. You and Liam were, I mean...you don't seem to be back to the way you were before. I don't think he's the one who's changed his attitude..."

Zayn was lost in a turmoil. Louis was a place of twisted comfort that sometimes pulled his strings in ways he didn't like. And this, this was way too...close to Zayn's heart. How could he ever begin to explain the mixture of lust, admiration, affection, embarrassment...how could he ever bring himself to speak of how difficult it is to refrain from...from going back to the way he was because, because it's not right.

"We spent the night together back in Spain. And then..."

"Then he and Niall got together."

"Yeah. And...I thought that was fine, but I guess..." Zayn shrugged, his back turned to Louis, "a part of me didn't agree. And it was very difficult, but it got better with time, at least partially."

"Can we not talk across the room?"

Zayn walked back to the sofa slowly.

"We talked about it once, it was even harder before that. He said he...he too feels something beyond, beyond what we did in Spain, but he's getting over it. And he's been...his normal self, with me, since then. But..." he shrugged. Fortunately, he wasn't looking at Louis or the slightly smug understanding nods would have steered the evening in a different direction.

"But you have to hold back. Why? What's...stopping you from going back to normal?"

"Because! Are you-- How can I not hold back?! I can't--" Zayn twisted in his seat.

Louis regarded him.

"You're making yourself suffer unnecessarily. Liam doesn't hold back. He doesn't have a problem with showing his affection for you, although it's probably hard on him if, I mean, since he said he feels something for you too," he moved closer, resting his elbows on his thighs. 

Zayn was silent. He looked at Louis for the first time, briefly, chewing on the inside of his lip, letting a bit of hope in.

"I'm pretty sure Niall doesn't mind at all either...Come on, man, we've been together for more than 2 years now, we're as close as five lads can be, Niall loves you too, in his own way, same goes for me and Harry...I'm not sure this is adding to my point, but..." Lou saw a twinkle in Zayn's eyes. "I realize that...it's much more difficult for you to open up sometimes, but still..." Zayn tensed up briefly. "You're too hard on yourself. And Liam is oblivious to that."

"He is."

Zayn's deep breathing was the only thing that penetrated the silence for some time.

"Don't hold back. Don't hide your affection for him. I don't know if Josh is giving you what you need, I hope is, but things will eventually settle down. The first step towards that is going back to normal with Liam because I can see how much you miss him and how much it's torturing you."

It's Louis' piercing forwardness that makes Zayn slam the doors sometimes, but other times it's not that hard to ignore it. 

"Come on, man."

Zayn nodded slowly.

"I'll try," he muttered to the carpet, nodding slowly.

And as the evening progressed, a smile that had nothing to do with the genius of 21 Jump Street widened ever so slowly. When the popcorn that Louis was devouring and the ice cream were gone, room service arrived at their door with nachos and the DVDs in the player changed. Tears of laughter and loud hoots once more strengthened that extraordinary bond between the two boys just as much as the conversation that began the night did.


Life is hard. Almost as hard as Liam's dick is after we've been to the gym together. But I'm coping, I'm definitely coping with the help of my carefree personality and Liam. I never thought I'd rely on someone to hold me up the way Liam does sometimes when I need it, but...I don't mind.

Speaking of gym and working out, there we were, seated in the hotel restaurant after a good hour, hour and a half, I don't know exactly, in the gym. Hair still wet from the shower, freshly shaved, both of us. Joking back and forth about my strength. Liam doesn't think I can beat him if we were to arm wrestle, but I think he's not giving me enough credit. I let him believe what he wants though, his ego needs a bit of polishing every now and then. You have to be nice to people and act in a way that will make them comfortable, and you have to find the people who make you comfortable.

I was up to pour myself juice from a bar with different drinks available when Zayn walked in the restaurant with Louis close behind, looking sleepy but content.

"Good morning, Ian," he said, walking by where Liam was sitting.

"Mornin', Wayne," Liam replied almost automatically and I smiled.

Zayn stopped and I could see him smiling big time. He turned around, grabbed Liam's head roughly and brought his chiseled face closer to give him a great kiss on the cheek. Liam appeared a bit startled in an adorable way, while Zayn proceeded in my direction with that massive grin. The whole moment was immensely heart-warming.

"No kiss for me?" I taunted when we passed by each other, me with two cups in my hands.

"Kisses for everyone," Zayn laughed. I stopped and carefully tilted my head and put my cheek forward for him to kiss.

Good stuff.

"I see you worked things out," I commented, setting the cups down on the table.

"Mmm?" Liam was, of course, clueless. In the chair next to him Louis chuckled. "What?"

"Loueh, Liam thinks he can beat me at arm-wrestling."

"Well, he's certainly done it enough times before..."

"Eyy, no one has any faith in me!" 

"You're gonna have to prove yourself, buddy," Louis nodded. "I'll be your referee as soon as you're finished."


"What do I get if I win though?" I asked.

Louis shrugged. I chewed for some time, savoring the taste of those perfect sausages. I motioned for Liam to lean across the table.

"Whoever loses gets fucked tonight after the show," I half-whispered in his ear.

"Oohhh, sounds like a lot will be at stake," Louis said and we, including the just settling down in a chair Zayn, gave him a weird look.

I could see my words had made Liam uncomfortable. Good. He turned back to me and raised his eyebrows questioningly. A moment later a slight, hesitant smile appeared on his lips. I shrugged and finished the last of my toast. He was hoping that I was joking and he was trying to tell himself I had no chance at beating him, but he knows not to doubt me when I look this serious. Oh yea.

"You're serious about this?" he asked.


And so when Liam finished his painfully healthy breakfast and the waiter cleared out the table between us, Louis stood up and came over to us. With a grin on my face I put my elbow on the table and offered my hand to Liam who did the same. His hand was warm and familiar. My Liam. Staring into those mesmerizing brown eyes, same ones that have been captivating my soul every day since the first day I saw him, I gripped his large hand tightly and prepared to win.

"You can't hold on to the table and you can't do stuff with your legs under the table and you can't distract each other in any way. Keep your arms as straight as you can with all the sexual tension between you right now," Louis is a great lad, he knows how to do this. "Okay. Ready? Three..two..one..go!"

It was not easy, not at all. I saw his face flush and I felt the same happening to mine. He managed to prevail for a few seconds, my arm was at an angle when I put all my strength into it. I was afraid my wrist or something else was going to snap, or that I was going to dislocate my shoulder while Louis tweeted pictures of us, but I'm a strong lad. And soon the tables turned. He was surprised, and I was too. Who cares if I lose, I'm most likely getting fucked anyways. Now though..

I'm not sure what did the trick - am I really that strong and mighty? Man. Or was he just too surprised? Whatever it was, I'm pretty certain Liam didn't lose on purpose. He was trying to look unphased by what awaited him, but he gave up on the pretense on the way to the venue. He would never back out of the agreement, so I held his hand. 

I shook off the smug feelings before the show where I was myself. We killed it in front of 21 thousand people. The thrill was glorious and overwhelming. We briefly stopped by a bar where I made Liam have a few light drinks.

Wonderfully ripped body tense on the bed, eyes framed by wrinkles of fake happiness. I sat down on the edge of the bed and smiled at his nervousness. 

"Liam," I began, "if it's that much of a problem for you, we won't do it. I honestly don't insist." 

His smile disappeared and he gazed at me hopefully, contemplating I suppose. My hand was on his belly and I soothingly moved it around.

"But I've thought it through and I'm ready to do it for you because I know you must want to--" he shrugged and I blushed at the correct implication. "So...I wanna do it for you."

I nodded a few times and then leaned in to kiss him. 

"I was actually thinking about it right before the show, when we were changing." Liam started telling me about how he reasoned that he should, after all, do it with a slight smile, but all I could do was watch the way his lips moved when he talked. He has this adorable way of sticking them out with every other sound he pronounces, I've never see anyone talk the way he does. It's a huge turn on.

And in the next moment, as Liam went on with his tale, I had a wonderful epiphany. A remarkable surge of energy and...awareness. I stared at Liam and the way his lips moved and the way his smile split his gorgeous face, his eyes moved from my face to somewhere else in the room - and I realized...he is human. He exists, the way I do, and he functions the way I do, and in his mind he sees things the way I do, his thoughts flow the way mine do...

I put my hand on the side of his face and felt my smile broadening, my thumb rubbed his smooth cheek. A warm blueish wave of amusement at the confusion in his eyes coalesced with the powerful surges of...was it happiness? Ineffable surges of energy, yes, coursed all through my body because of whatever astonishing thing just happened to me. The thrilling sensation of getting a rare glimpse at the might of life...Most probably fueled by the strength of my feelings for him. I couldn't love him more than that, or so I thought in those magical moments.

"What? Your eyes turned all glassy again, what's wrong?" Liam was still smiling, uncomfortably. I didn't know what to say, "This is one of those moments when for the life of me I couldn't figure out what goes through your head, Niall."

I beamed. I leaned down and kissed him hard.

"Just...one of those moments," I said. 

Silence enveloped us. My hand was now on his chest, feeling it rising and falling.

"Well. Should we?" I said.

Liam suddenly propped himself up on an elbow and pressed his lips to mine. His fingers were in my hair, sending pleasurable shivers down my spine. I climbed up on the bed and straddled him, deepening the kiss while taking off my already unbuttoned shirt. As we kissed and dry-humped each other, Liam was on top of me for some time, but, to my surprise, he let me take over soon. I suckled on the tip of his dick while lubing him up, but preferred his distraction strategy and shoved my tongue down his throat when the first finger popped in. 

I must admit, it was more difficult than I imagined it'd be. He couldn't seem to relax no matter what I tried, but he managed to take two fingers and I figured it'd be enough. He asked me to do it with him lying on his front, with a pillow underneath his crotch. I was feeling increasingly worse about it, but something inside of me told me that his reluctance wasn't all that big. 

Looooord Jesus, I had forgotten how good it felt to have your cock inside of soemone's body! Liam was painfully tight and I almost passed out from the effort it took not to cum when I was a good 4 or 5 centimeters inside. He was pressing his head in the pillow. I rubbed soothing circles on his back; more of my dick disappeared in his ass. Remembering how the First Time had gone for me, I leaned closer to him and whispered reassuring words. I closed my eyes, my vision was getting blurred. Then I felt my pelvis touch him. 

I took him slow, prolonging my own bliss, my own daze caused by that crippling, all-enveloping heat around my member. With some thrusts I thought it almost cut off my circulation. Under me Liam was still tense, but when I changed my angle he started making short grunts and I sped up, figuring I'd found his prostate. I showered his neck and the side of his face with kisses when I could. My hand found his and our fingers interlocked. I had put everything under control and was ready to let the sensual side of out love-making hit me with full force and let me tell you, it was overwhelming.  

Feeling close to passing out again, I pulled out when I felt him shift uncomfortably and I jacked myself off on his chest. My manly shouts echoed around the room, and so did Liam's gasps and grunts when he finished in my mouth. 

A hero, a true hero, Liam smiled exhaustedly and motioned for me to kiss him. Who knows, maybe he liked it.

My Liam.