Author's Note:

One Direction are a British boy band who was formed a year ago on the X Factor. They finished third. The band's members are Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson. This is a fanfiction and I suggest you try finding out more about the guys if you don't know who they are, before reading this. Also, this is a fictional story that does not intend to say anything about the characters' sexuality and private lives in reality. Please keep in mind that English is not my first language. I wish to keep all rights on this story. If you want to reproduce any part of it, you must contact me for permission. Please, do understand that I put a lot of effort in this. For any comments and suggestions:


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I really didn't want to open my eyes, I wanted to remain in darkness till someone comes and magically takes the pain away. Preferably Niall. Yes, Niall, can you please rub my tummy, make the pain go away, snuggle up close and never leave my side?

The moment my eyelids lifted up, the wave of pain surged through me, settled heavily over my body -- a giant, sitting comfortably on me, his fist pressing low on my abdomen. I clenched my fists and sighed deeply. Damn you ambulance driver, do teleport me in the surgical room already.

"Liam," a loud and stern female voice spoke, and I lifted my gaze to see where it was coming from, "I am Doctor Sanchez and I work at the St. Martin hospital. We are fairly certain that your friend was right in his diagnosis, you probably have appendicitis. We are very close to the hospital, hold on."

Just as I was trying to decide whether Dr Sanchez is too serious for my taste, I felt a warm hand envelop mine. I looked down to see Louis' smiling face. He was sitting on some sort of a bench, as far as I could see, next to the gurney I was on. Oh, he looked nice. His hair was an absolute mess, he was wearing an old T-shirt and...shorts, yes, shorts.

"You look sexy." I smiled weakly, for a moment forgetting the pain.

Louis laughed and squeezed my hand, and my smile widened.

"You do too." he said, "I especially like the pattern on your boxers."

"Hey, what about me?"

"Hi, Zayn." I smiled at him too, before the little gremlin, that bastard, swung with his deadly hammer again.

I must have looked pretty bad because Zayn's face contorted and he bit on his lip.

"We're almost there, Liam, don't worry." the thin, wrinkly face of Dr Sanchez came into sight again. She turned to the guys, "Do you have a jacket of some sort to cover him till we get him inside, it's not a very warm night?"

Oh, look, I'm in just a T-shirt. The pain was almost bearable now, or perhaps I had gotten used to it. The vehicle came to a halt and the sound of the engine died down at almost the same time as the doors at my feet opened and cool air lifted up the mist from my mind. Zayn quickly unzipped his hoodie and gently threw it over my torso.

I smiled at him, feeling a bit better. I mean, the guys didn't seem worried, they were both smiling, even if a bit tiredly. Or perhaps that was just Louis and Zayn. I laughed to myself, thinking about how worried Niall probably was. I supposed he was on his way with Harry, people of the security and the management too even. I hoped I'd see him before going into surgery, I wanted to assure him things would be just fine.

A nurse, or at least a woman who looked like she might be a nurse, emerged from the hospital. She and Dr Sanchez pushed the gurney in the cool July air and in through the sliding doors, Zayn and Louis rushing close behind them. The emergency wasn't nearly as crowded and noisy as you might think. That weird smell of a hospital hit me immediately, just as the pain decided to come back a dozen times stronger. Dr Sanchez guided the gurney past sick people, bloody faces and painful moans to one of the side corridors and stopped in front of a closed door.

"Is Michaels here? The kid's famous, they're gonna want the best." Dr Sanchez turned to the nurse, a woman in her early 50s and rather on the fat side. Zayn stood awkwardly to the side.

"Michaels was here earlier, but he left. I think Clarke is inside." she replied while unbuckling the red belts keeping me strapped to the gurney.

"Really, I thought he was on leave!" Dr Sanchez seemed surprised.

"He was, today is his first day. Night, rather."

"Well, even better then. Liam, you will have to stand up now. Dr Clarke will see you and then we will have to do an X-ray."

I slowly sat up and let my legs dangle to the side of the gurney. Zayn was immediately at my side, supporting me. I sat like that for a moment. The mist was back, clouding everything. I stood up carefully. I didn't dare straighten up too much.

We entered the room where the smell of alcohol and needles was even stronger. A man in green clothes who had grayish hair and a nice face was sitting behind a desk and stood up as I came in, doubled up in two.

Things were both slow and very fast after that. He made me lie down and examined my abdomen the way Louis had. Several times I leaned over the trash can in hopes to vomit. Yes, he concluded, it was appendicitis. He had warm hands and I learned he was going to be the one to perform the surgery.

Another nurse, a young man, probably not older than 25, took me next door and handed me a package with hospital pajamas inside. Zayn was just helping me change when the door opened and Niall, Harry and Louis came in along with Martha (Ms Gerald, remember her?). I realized I had been so engulfed by the dull ache that I hadn't noticed Louis' absence.

They took me to the X or whatever, which was only a few doors down the corridor, thankfully. The fat lady eating peanuts by the door quickly stood up and started fiddling around when Martha explained the situation to her in a low voice. The ache was getting worse and I was getting weaker. I shuffled around in a pair of hospital slippers, the angle between the upper part of my body and my legs very close to 90 degrees. Niall was always at my elbow, stroking my back, helping me move, even supporting me in the filthy bathroom when I had to pee in a cup. I wanted to hug him so bad for being so great, although I'm sure any of the boys would have done the same for me. But I loved him even more then -- for the fact that he was still in his pajama bottoms, for the troubled expression he wore at all times. And it was brotherly love, something nothing would ever take away from me.

By the time I entered the surgery room, my whole body was trembling, shaking in excruciating pain and exhaustion. I suppose people thought I was scared and they kept telling me not to be, that everything would be fine, and I just wanted to scream in their faces that I wasn't scared, that I just wanted to go into surgery already so they can take out my goddam appendix and stop the pain. I swear, I could claw it out myself.

The lads tried hugging me awkwardly before I went in, but their attempts weren't very successful. Inside, the fat lady handed me a transparent dress like thing to change into, and I did the best I can to change as fast as possible, not caring if anyone saw me naked at that moment.

Finally on the surgery table, I laid out flat, looking up at the still not on lights above my head, feeling exposed and vulnerable, but who cares, everything was blurry and blending in together. A nurse studied the veins on my left hand and tried inserting something. I closed my eyes, hoping to be overtaken by the effects of the drugs soon. Turns out the veins there aren't large enough, Just my luck. How I wanted to reach down and hold on to my belly!

She switched to probing at my right hand. The lights above my head went on, blinding me. I let sleep numb everything.


Dusk. No, dark, dark. Can I stand up? Can I support myself? No. Pain, sharp pain. Low, no discomfort. Sheets, legs move. Hoist. Careful, to the side. Pain, sharper pain. Slepsleepsleep.


Darkness and a soft humming were the first things that reached my exhausted mind. I opened my eyes. I was lying flat on my back and there was a sort of burning, no, ripping sensation low, close to my dick. Oh wait. Now I remember. The dull ache was gone, thank God!

I carefully, very carefully moved my head to the side, assuming that might be where someone would be standing if there was anyone in the room, since there was a wall to my right. Zayn was sitting in a chair, his arms hanging over the armrests, his head resting on his shoulder.

"Zayn," I tried, but discovered my throat was parched and could not utter a sound. I gathered whatever saliva I could find around the most hidden nooks of my burning mouth and swallowed. "Zayn.."

Ah, there we go. He stirred. His gorgeous eyes opened, and in the little light coming from the open door they shone. He had a cute confused expression for a second, not nearly as cute as Niall's when he wakes up, and then something in his gaze cleared up. He jumped up from his chair. For a second I was afraid he'd jump on the bed, but he seemed to realize I was in a fragile state and his movements softened and slowed. 

"Hi" he said simply, took my hand in his and smiled sheepishly.

I smiled back at him and struggled to keep my eyes open. He realized it must be hard for me to speak and hurriedly filled a plastic cup from the tall weird plastic drawer on the side of my bed with water. He tried bringing it to my lips, then pulled his hand back. He hesitated over me. Clumsily, but with great care he slipped his hand under my head and helped me take a few gulps of the water.

"The guys went downstairs to get coffee and something to eat. Martha's with them. Your parents are coming over tomorrow too. Well, today." he said and smiled a little shyly. Wait, shyly? Zayn?

"Mate, I'm alright. Very tired and sleepy, but alright." I said with a reassuring smile, as much as I could manage one.

The sexy stud bit his lip.

"Really? I wasn't worried before, but now, I mean...does it hurt, are you really okay..."

"Yes. I just want to get some sleep. But I will wait to see the guys."

He studied my face. He abruptly started forward and pulled me into a tight and a little uncomfortable hug. The moment my body moved, pain shot through my groin and I winced, but didn't say anything. He held me to his body and I tried sneaking my arm around his back too. He planted a soft kiss on my forehead.

"I'm glad. I couldn't help but worry a little too." he said and smiled sheepishly again, and I realized I love him too, just like I love Niall, just like I love Harry and Louis.

He seemed to throw something around in his mouth.

"The doctor said you were minutes away from death, I can't even imagine-" he stopped and shook his head, and at that moment I still couldn't exactly comprehend what that meant.

I squeezed his hand. He settled back in his chair and we waited in comfortable silence. I got a lot of awkward hugs when the guys returned. They all seemed so happy to see me, and I was more than happy to see them too. Harry was still a little puzzled, Louis was just very happy and Niall was, most of all, relieved. I couldn't help but notice that his hug seemed to last the longest. I also couldn't help but nuzzle my cheek into his neck, inhale his sweet scent.

My baby wanted to stay with me for the night, but Harry shut everyone up and said he'd stay. I finally allowed myself to close my eyes again and sink into deep slumber.


The morning brought a pain in my neck and a still confused Harry staring dumbly at the nurse in the room.

"Good morning," the young man from the previous night said, "It's actually close to 1 pm. How are you feeling?"

I tried speaking, but discovered my mouth to be too dry again. I tried reaching up to the cup of water and on my left Harry finally decided to come to. He helped me drain the cup the same way Zayn did, while the nurse fumbled with the IV on the other side of my bed.

"I'm okay. I have a bit of a headache, but it could just be my neck. And I'm feeling a pain low on my abdomen. But I suppose that is normal." I said.

Harry watched our exchange.

"Yes, it is normal. It's where they cut you open and now you're stitched up. I'm gonna leave you a thermometer, if you could please help him take his temperature while I bring in the tray with things I need in order to change the plaster over the stitches." he turned to Harry.

Harry unbuttoned the shirt of my pajamas, but we realized it'd be too uncomfortable. Then he noticed the little remote on the drawer. Thank you, dear God, for putting me in a cool bed whose different parts can be regulated.

I was lying, sitting rather, with the upper part of my body comfortably resting on the now elevated at an angle top part of the bed, when the man I recognized as Dr. Clarke came in the room with a woman I vaguely remembered from last night and Dr. Sanchez.

"Good morning, Liam" he said and patted my leg just as the young nurse from before came in, "I hear you're doing good. Last night was tough for you, obviously. We did a good job though, I think, 15 minutes later and you'd `of been in a very bad situation." 

He scratched at his beard and read my file. He turned to me again with that soft smile of his.

"Everything seems to be normal. Greg," he pointed to the young nurse, "will change the plaster over your stitches. I actually put um..well, these buttons there with the stitches, so it will be easier to remove them once you're healed up."

Dr. Clarke checked the thermometer and said things were okay. I felt like a prince, really, so many people taking care of me while Harry stood to the side and listened carefully. Once we were alone in the room again, Greg, the nurse, removed the plaster from over the stitches to reveal the brownish-yellowish colored skin (from the iodine, I imagined). Oh, look, they've shaved my pubes completely. Harry observed the whole procedure of putting on a new, bigger plaster that I could even shower with, with great care. Greg also explained that I got different liquids going into my body through the IV and that I should drink lots of water. He explained how to use the commode from the bathroom if and when I felt the need to pee. 

My parents arrived a little later, worried beyond belief. Or at least Mum was. Dad seemed much more relaxed. They stayed for a little while. It was good seeing them, I hadn't gone home since the beginning of the tour which was more than two months ago. I had planned a visit after Spain, but that was quite ahead in the future.

Again, I must've looked pretty bad in bed, tubes going into my hand, sitting there awkwardly in a pair of old hospital pajamas. My mum teared up. I think there was something else though, and I did ask Harry about it when they left. I had convinced them there was no need for them to stay with me, I could take care of myself and I had the guys too.

"The doctor said I was 15 minutes away from serious complications." I said, speaking over the TV.

Harry turned to me and then looked down. He looked quite good in his faded jeans and dark polo shirt. There was nothing too special about his appearance, clearly he'd just quickly thrown something on. Oh, Harry, you heart stealer. 


"I was just thinking...I mean, last night Zayn said that basically means I was 15 minutes away from death." I was staring at Harry's interlocked fingers thoughtfully. 

"Yes." Harry said, "But you're here, not in the morgue." 

Now I know why Zayn was so emotional all of a sudden. That stud. I am alive, when I could be dead. Gone, poof, forever. Well, perhaps not exactly gone. I still haven't figured out what I think of Afterlife and that shit. I looked my body over. Suddenly everything was so real, vivid, so...there. I exist. This room exists. Harry exosts. But most importantly, I exist in this room with Harry when I could be a cold, lifeless body in a metal drawer three floors underground, never again being able to touch, feel, love, spend incredibly special time with Niall. Never reaching my fourties, my fifties, my sixties, never seeing the world in 60 years, never going sky diving, never having kids, never crying from laughter or happiness again. Never telling Niall how I feel about him.


"Finally they let us in!" a familiar cute voice said rather loudly, ripping me away from the light confused dreams I was having during my nap. 

"Shh, you idiot, he was sleeping!" Harry leapt from his chair.

He took the gigantic bouquet of flowers from Niall's hands along with a bag, and the apologetic face of my flawless leprechaun showed up.

"Well, he's awake now..." he said much more quietly and gave way to Louis who was also carrying a few full bags. "Sorry."

I smiled sleepily.

"That's fine. Hi to both of you." 

"Hi, Liam" Louis smiled. 

"What the hell are you all carrying?!" I said, sitting up a little.

The lads placed the bags on the ledge of the window and started taking stuff out. 

"Well," Niall started, holding up pajama bottoms and an old, threadbare button up shirt, "I had packed you pajamas and stuff, along with several bottles of water and other stuff, but Louis said we'd better bring you stuff to keep you from getting too bored, so we packed a few bags with books and your iPod and magazines and your laptop and few DVDs too. And these beautiful flowers as well, I picked them out personally!"

Louis gave Harry a hug and then settled in the only chair in the room. 

"You mean I packed books and his laptop and other shit, you were too busy looking through his Playboy stack." he said smugly and Harry laughed.

"Oh, right, I don't know who was so busy wanking when we had to go to the store. I'm gonna go get more chairs." he strutted out of the room and I stared after his hot ass without being afraid of Harry and Louis suspecting anything since they were too busy tickling each other. 

Niall brought in a few extra chairs.

"You wanna change into these?" he held up the clothes he'd left at my feet. "I figured we'd get a button down shirt cause it'd be more comfortable if they need to take your temperature, or.." 

"Yeah, sure. But you gotta help me, I really can't move around too much." I carefully lifted the covers off my body. 

Niall helped me sit up and take off the top.

"That's a pretty big bed, man." Louis observed.

"I know right, a cow would fit without a problem..." I said while inserting my arms in the sleeves of the shirt and Niall laughed. 

"I didn't pack underwear though, I thought it might uncomfortable since you got stitches and shit..." he said a little worriedly. 

"That's fine, I'll be going commando for a long time." I finished buttoning my shirt and moved on to carefully lifting up my butt to pull down my pants.

I winced as a burning sensation ripped through my abdomen.

"Yea buddy.." called Harry unenthusiastically. 

"Oh! I see Liam's wee wee!" Louis whistled. 

Niall laughed adorably again while tugging on the legs of the pajama bottoms. 

"Is that an attempt at a penis joke I sense, Louisford?" I said.

"Louisford. Are you kidding me?"

I shrugged lamely. The bottoms Niall brought were just loose enough. 

"Thank you" I smiled to him.

"You're welcome" he smiled back a little too warmly and my heart skipped a beat again. 

Harry and Louis stayed for a few more hours, till around 7, watching TV while I napped, got my medicine changed, then napped again. I didn't ask about Zayn,  Iwas already feeling bad enough to take up so much of their time. Niall closed the door behind them just as the last few sunrays drained out of the room behind the closed blinds, leaving me with a cold, yet somehow cozy feeling. He switched on the small lamp on the wall above the drawer. 

"How are you feeling?" he asked and sat down in the closest chair.

"I'm okay, rested indeed. I may need to pee soon though, so you'll have to help me to the bathroom." 

"Oh, no, no, you can't get up, what about the IV? We'll use that thing...the commode, Harry explained how to use it." he lectured. 

I smiled in both apologetically in my embarrassment. 

"You know what movie I got?" he got up suddenly. 


He laughed.

"I bought Stand By Me. We can watch it tonight, if you want. I mean, I don't think it would be too hard on you, right?" his face acquired a troubled expression again. 

"No, I don't think so. We should ask the nurse though. "

An hour and four cups of water later (the lads had brought me my favorite cup) I had successfully peed, barely able to keep myself from getting a boner and highly embarrassed by the whole situation, and was lying (half sitting up, you know how it is) with my laptop in my lap and Niall my side. 

"You should tweet that you're fine first though" Niall said while opening the DVD box. 

"They got wi fi here?!"

"Oh, come on, we're famous, of course they got Wi Fi." 

"Awww, #getwellsoonliam is trending!" 

"Yup, Harry was kind enough to start it while you were sleeping and I contributed too." he said and smiled a satisfied smile to himself. 

thnks for the support guys, feeling mch better now, gonna watch a movie with @NiallOfficial

with a picture of me giving my best smile in bed. See, I'm even trying to fix my spelling.

"Give me the disc." I said, readjusting the laptop on my legs, "You okay there? I don't think you'll be able to see too well."

Niall placed the box on the drawer behind him and got closer.

"No, I'm fine." 

I looked over at him and shook my head. 

"Oh, just climb in here."

I'm way too stupid, you know that?

"I can't get in there, the bed's not big enough, you need to be comfortable..." he said fumbling with the computer.

Or perhaps it's a good idea. 

"Come on. Besides, my...the wound hurts too much when I have the computer here." I scooted to the side and lifted the small railing to keep me from falling off. 

My gorgeous boy grumbled something, took off his shoes, straightened the ultra sexy shirt over his sweatpants and carefully climbed into my bed. I placed the laptop on his legs and smiled cheesily, nudging him. 

"You better turn off the light, youu!"

He gave a comically weird stare. 

"This is so gay."

We sat in almost complete darkness, the computer illuminating our faces. Niall seemd quite excited to finally show me the movie, and I was excited because he was excited. He sat completely still thorugh most of the movie. The warmth of his body, the feel of his hip pressed to mine filled my world, stirred the butterflies in my stomach. He was completely engrossed with the movie. The close proximity of our bodies, the magical atmosphere didn't seem to be affecting.

You idiot, what the fuck were you thinking again. He's your best fucking friend, of course he'd be so worried, so tending. And really, really, Liam, you allowed yourself to think he might feel the same for you. You of all people! What are the fucking odds of another member of a band of five people to be gay or bisexual?! You know this is highly improbable, if not impossible, Liam. You are better than this. He'll never be more than your best friend, and the sole fact that he IS your best friend, Niall Horan of all people, should keep you happy for the rest of your life, you fucker. 

I sank in pity and desperation. Fuck this shit, just fuck this shit. What have I ever done to deserve this. And why the hell am I being such a pussy about it. 

"You okay? If you're not feeling okay we'll stop the movie, so you can rest." Niall suddenly turned to me and touched my forehead. 

"I'm okay, I just need to shift from time to time or the stitches make it...itchy..." see, he does care. 

He smiled faintly. He threw his strong arm around my shoulders. I would never find anyone who'll make me as happy as this flawless boy does. He twists everything around everything in a matter of seconds. 
I turned my attention to the screen where a young Will Wheaton was buying Cokes, immersing myself in the past, in a world that was so dangerous, ruthless and sad, yet somehow rich in tranquility, security and a friendship so pure and wonderful. 
I laughed when they had leeches all over their bodies and Niall laughed along with me when Gordie found one in his underwear. Oh, the story with the pie! Oh, and when they were trodding along the rails, singing to Lollipop in the delightfully peaceful atmosphere of the forest and the sumer day! And when Chris and Gordie talked, when they had cross the bridge as fast as possible (and I was clenching my fists next to Niall's strained body), when they found the body and defended their right over it...I was smiling blissfully through tears when the movie ended and `Stand By Me' played. 

A nurse came in and changed my medicine again. Soon I was sleepy and the thoughts about how bloody incredible the move was started swirling confusedly in my head. I turned to Niall and smiled dreamily. 

"Thank you for being here with me." 

He smiled back, a dazzling, heart melting smile. I longed to kiss it off his face, but that familiar, friendly darkness enveloped me before the thought had time to blossom.