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It was an eruption of shock as McManus stood at the tower and told everyone that Kareem Said had been shot dead in the visitor's room earlier. The Muslims were grieving for their fallen leader and the other prisoners were in an uproar over the unnecessary murder. Ryan O'Reily remained in his seat in the quad as McManus finished giving what details he could about what happened. Other inmates were yelling and screaming for revenge, but he remained quiet and in his head.

Said was among one of the better men in Oz and that was why so many inmates were upset over his unnecessary murder. O'Reily had never been enemies with him---but they had not been friends either. For the most part, both had remained on neutral ground with each other. His death was uncalled for. Things in Oz were deteriorating by the minute. Now more than ever, he had to keep his eyes peeled and his ears opened because things were getting out of control. The warden had lost control of Oz.

He remembered another piece of news and wondered if the Latino had heard it as well. Alvarez was standing outside the door of his pod and most of the inmates remained rowdy, even after McManus had finished addressing them. It was a risk he had to take so O'Reily got up from the table and made his way upstairs to where Alvarez was. Most of the other inmates were too busy talking amongst themselves or still worked up about Said's death to even notice or care about him.

"Hey, Alvarez," he greeted. "You got a minute?"

"In or out?" the Latino asked.

"In," O'Reily said and they both entered the pod for some privacy.

"Shame about Said. I can't believe that shit, man."

"Yeah---that's what I wanted to talk about. We got to be more careful from now on, loco."

Alvarez looked at him and said, "Times are changing in Oz. All these bodies in only weeks. What I want to know is how the fuck does someone get in here with a goddamn gun, you know?"

"I got no fucking clue. I'm worried about you and me, though. No one can touch Cyril in death row right now."

"We got to watch out for each other more now. Tell me about it," he said as he thought. "I hear what you're saying."

"Watch your back, Miguel," O'Reily said, more out of concern for him than the partnership. "Keep your guard up and your instincts sharp. Let some of that loco back out if you have to."

"These motherfuckers in here know better than to fuck with me. I got you though. Go quick---before someone takes real notice of us here."

"Yeah. You heard about Morales?"

"Got his ankles sliced up like deli meat," Alvarez said. "Watch out for yourself, vÝbora. I got your back."

"Yeah. You too."

He easily slipped out of Alvarez's pod without too much suspicion and walked back down the stairs to go to his pod. Most of the inmates had settled down within the hour and he remained on his bed thinking about what his next move with Cyril should be. Zelman should be on his way soon to discuss what options they had left in his case. Something had to be done to get Cyril away from the electric chair.

The justice system had failed him once again as he was listening to a newscast in Em City. Jaz Hoyt was being removed from death row because of his psychiatric state. His sentence was overturned by the state and O'Reily was angry as he went to the interview room to meet with Cyril's lawyer. It was all so unfair. He sat down and listened for as much as he could stomach about the thought and procedure that had went into Hoyt's overturned sentence. It was enough.

"This is bullshit!" he yelled out to the lawyer. "How come fucking Hoyt gets off and Cyril doesn't?"

"Well, from a pure legal standpoint, the circumstances of each case are very different."

"So you're telling me that from the eyes of the law, Jaz Hoyt's life is worth preserving and my brother's isn't?" he tried to contain his rage as he said.

"Afraid so, Ryan," Zelman said.


"Unless our latest appeal is accepted by the court, Cyril dies---two weeks from Thursday."


Nothing was working. If that fucking biker Hoyt was able to get off death row, then Cyril should have been spared as well. The hack took him to the cafeteria because rehearsals had already begun. He was in no mood to be there, but his mother was there so that made him feel a little better about going. O'Reily did not like this day at all so far---it had been nothing but shit and more shit. When he was let into the cafeteria, practice was already well under way.

"`This castle hath a pleasant seat: the air, Nimbly and sweetly recommends itself, Unto our gently senses.'" Redding read in his raggedy voice.

"`This guest of summer, The temple-haunting martlet---'" Busmalis began to reply.

"All right, that's it. Rehearsal's over," Alvarez called from the table in front of the stage.

"But I didn't even---" Busmalis said.

"Tomorrow, three o'clock," he said back.

"It's okay---we'll get to it. Thank you," Fitzgerald told him.

"Things humming, ma?" O'Reily came over to her and said.

"Oh, Ryan---well, not exactly. We haven't found anybody to replace Schibetta in the lead and Ryan, I need to talk to you, but I---I don't know where to start."

"Just start."

"Right," she said. "Jahfree Neema is coming to Oz."

"Hey, ma, I mean, seriously," he said because he had no idea what that meant to him.

"I---I know the man. Well, at least, I knew him. He---he was the one that convinced me to join the peace movement. He was the one that---"

"He's the one that got you to leave dad and abandon me, right?"

"That's one way of putting it," Fitzgerald said. "You have to understand---he was very passionate about his beliefs. He's a very charismatic man, and---"

"Did you fuck him?" O'Reily asked her but already knew the answer. "You did."

"Ryan. Look, we're both adults here. You know what it was like living with your father. It was very repressive and Jahfree helped me to free myself, and I'm telling you this because I want you to know that he changed my life for the better."


"I'm just asking you to be open with him," that's all," his mother said.

"Yeah---can't wait to meet him. Maybe I'll call him Uncle Jahfree," the Irishman sarcastically replied and walked away.

They all returned to Em City and he was there, settling into his pod. O'Reily stood outside his pod and leaned against the door as he studied the man his mother had left him for so many years ago. Meaney was talking to him but he did not care in the least as to what the grunt had to say. O'Reily started to walk across the quad and Meaney followed him. He got outside Neema's pod and stopped.

"Later, man" he said and Meaney took the hint and disappeared and he went into the pod. "Hey, how's it hanging there, bud?"

"Do I know you?" Neema turned around and said.

"Indirectly. Suzanne Fitzgerald, she's my mom."

"So? Get out of my cell."

"She just asked me to come down here and try to, you know---" O'Reily said with an attitude.

"Get out of my cell, white boy," he said back.


He walked out of the pod and did not bother to look back as he crossed the quad. The fucker was so arrogant and looked like he was going to be a problem. O'Reily was in no mood to talk to him in the first place---he had only done it for his mother. He brushed off the initial encounter and got ready to go to the gym to lift some weights. He did not care if Neema and his mother had a past together. If the man got in his way, he was going to be taken down.

In the gym, he was on the bench lifting weights as he saw Alvarez on the other side hitting the punching bag. His muscular arms were dripping with sweat and he looked intense as he beat up on the bag. The man was so passionate in everything he did. O'Reily watched as Neema went to another weight bench and began lifting the iron there. He laid back down on his own bench and lifted the weights more as he thought about Cyril. His brother liked to box and hit the bag as well. Fitzgerald walked in and he noticed her.

"Hey," he waved to his mother.

She waved back but shifted her attention to Neema and he immediately left his bench and walked over to her. Both he and Alvarez were looking as he got closer to Fitzgerald and used one of his fingers to caress her face. O'Reily wanted to go over there and pull his mother away, but restrained himself as he continued to look. They hadn't seen each other in years so he gave them the moment. The Irishman did not like it one bit, though but remained to himself to let her have her time, uninterrupted. His and Alvarez's eyes caught each other's briefly.


Alvarez waited in the visitor's room for his visitor. He felt a little anxious but knew he was going to get some answers today. It was eating him alive that Maritza still had not cared to write or visit him---she had to be fucking someone. He had come up with his friend Reynaldo back in the neighborhood so he knew he could trust him. Alvarez got up and hugged the other man when he entered the visiting room. It was so good to see someone from the old neighborhood.

"Yo. I'm so glad came," he said when they broke apart and sat down.

"It's good to see you, too," his friend replied. "You look a shitload better than you did the last time I was here."

"You know, I hit a couple potholes, you know? I'm cruising now, man---seventy miles an hour with the fucking top down, you know. Speaking of which, how's my car?"

"I don't know, bro."

"What you mean you don't know?" Alvarez questioned. "When I got convicted, I gave you the keys---told you to treat her like a lady."

"I did, man. I fine-tuned her, polished her up, but---"


"Maritza gets out of Parker's, bro, and she sells it," Reynaldo said.

"What?" he angrily asked.

"She said the car was the cause of all her grief, so."

"She didn't tell me nothing about selling the car. You see her lately?" Alvarez continued to probe because he had to know.

"Oh, yeah. I mean, all the time. I mean, we live right across the street from each other, remember?"

"Right. I got to ask you something. I need you to tell me the truth, okay. Is she fucking anyone?"

"Oh, geez, Miguel, man I---" he stumbled over his words.

The Latino grabbed his forearm and lowly said, "Yo, bro---bro, I can feel it, man, okay? I know she is. Now, we've been like brothers, man, a long time---I ain't ever lied about nothing. You know, I need to know. Tell me, okay? Who's the guy?"

"I don't---I don't think you---" Reynaldo nervously said.

"Bro, tell me, who's the guy?"

"Me. It's me," he said and Alvarez immediately retracted his hand and got up from the table. "Look, I'm sorry, Miguel. Man, I got no excuses, bro. What happened---it just happened."

"You cocksucker." the Latino said and was so close to him.

"You going to hit me---go ahead. Hit me, come on," Reynaldo said without getting up because he knew he deserved it.

"Eres puto muerto."

"Okay, Alvarez, time's up," the hack said and came over to the table. "Let's go."

He did not bother to look back because that friendship was dead now. The man meant nothing to him because he had betrayed him. He knew Maritza was fucking around, but with his best friend. It was fucking unforgivable. He had said it but he did not mean it. It was a first instinct that had carried him through most his life so far, but Alvarez resisted the urge to kill the man. He had resisted the urge to resort to violence to solve his problems. That was a change inside him. He noticed it when he was walking back.

McManus had seen him enter Em City and go straight to his pod and had become worried that something was wrong so he had followed him into the pod. Alvarez had needed some type of release and talking was his only outlet at the moment, so he told McManus about what was going on with him. It was too short notice to get away with O'Reily to talk to him, so the unit manager had to suffice for now. He just spoke what came to his mind.

"Now that I know the truth about Maritza, in a fucked up way, I feel better, you know?" he said as McManus stood at the door and listened. "I mean, just the not knowing was totally eating me alive. I'm surprised about two things. I haven't cried, and I didn't pound the shit out of Reynaldo. That's a good thing, right? I mean, everything happens for the best, right? I wanted to kill him---but I didn't. So, I don't know. I'm making progress."

He sighed and looked up at McManus, who had a small smile on his face and nodded. They spoke for a little while longer before McManus left him alone to be with his thoughts. Alvarez felt a little better, but the betrayal by the both of them burned into his skin. He had maintained control of himself though, and he was proud of that. When Reynaldo had told him what was really going on, it was like his love for Maritza had died on the spot. She had stole and sold his car, but she was not going to steal his heart---not anymore.

Knowing was better than having his mind running wild as to what she was up to. And, in a way, he did not blame her for trying to move on and get her life together, but the way she did it was what hurt the most. A man that had been like a brother him and a woman he loved and lost a child with had both betrayed him together. Alvarez knew he was going to get over it quickly because his suspicions had been confirmed. He was not going to let his guard down because Oz was rapidly changing.

Alvarez was sitting by himself during dinner and was picking at his mashed potatoes as he thought about the day he had, but was still mindful of his surroundings. O'Reily was too busy in the kitchen and now was not the time or the place for them to be talking. He did not feel hungry and actually wanted to go back to his pod---to be by himself. Someone walked up to him and knocked him out of his mind.

"You Alvarez, right?" the Nazi Cutler looked down at him and said.

"Who wants to know?" he asked as he stared back up, slightly annoyed.

"Cutler. We haven't had the pleasure," Cutler said and sat down across from him. "I got a proposition for you."

"Why would you think I'd be interested in any of your propositions?"

"It's a sweet deal, and you have the type of skills I need to get a job done," he said. "They're almost legendary in this pisshole."

"That don't mean shit to me. Not interested," Alvarez shortly replied and was definitely not hungry anymore.

"Kill White. In return, I'll take out your friend from the visitor's room," the Nazi went on anyway.

"How the fuck you know about that?" the Latino asked and remembered what White had done for him.

"Was in there with you earlier. We have a deal?"

"If I wanted him dead, I'd do it myself. I got nothing against White. No deal."

"Think about it. That dicksucker is with your woman. It's probably been going on much longer than he told you," Cutler said, trying to be convincing. "She's supposed to be yours. Hell, I only married my wife so I could get some ass whenever I wanted it."

"Get the fuck away from me, man," Alvarez said dismissively. "I got no interest in your words."

Towards the end of dinnertime, he had managed to pass word to O'Reily of a meeting tomorrow in the storage room by Solitary. They had business to discuss to keep them ahead of the game. Above that, he just wanted to see the Irishman and talk to him. Talking to McManus had provided some type of relief, but Alvarez was still hurting inside by what had happened. The note had passed smoothly and now everyone was in Em City and preparing for lights out. Morales getting his ankle tendons sliced could prove to be a problem for them---for him.

They ran into each other the next morning and had decided the best time to meet was after rehearsals. There was no time to talk in rehearsals because the production date of the play was coming closer and everyone was busy with their parts or creating the set. Alvarez headed away from cafeteria as soon as they were let out for the day and headed to where he had to be. He was sure that O'Reily was already there because he had left practice early for the plan to work. It was becoming trickier to evade the hacks.

"What's up?" O'Reily asked when he came in. "Hey---you wanted to talk?"

"What's the deal with the new guy? I saw the way you were looking at him in the gym the other day."

"Neema? He's a fucking piece of shit. He and my mom used to fuck back in the day."

"That's the reason for the look, then," Alvarez said as he moved more into the small room.

"What do you mean?"

"Unless I'm missing something, you're not black."

"He took my mom away from me when I was a kid. I went to introduce myself and the bastard blew me off. Fuck him," he said.

"And besides, judging by your dick, you're definitely not black, vÝbora."

"Ay, fuck you, motherfucker!" O'Reily defensively and angrily said. "It's only a little smaller than yours. My dick's big enough to get the job done, asshole!"

The Latino moved closer to him and said, "Relax, papa. I was only kidding."

"This what you called me here for---to make fun of my dick size?"

"No. You know anything about what happened to Morales? No one saying's shit. I assume the hacks are involved."

"I think so, too. I haven't heard shit either---just that he got his ankles cut up. He'll be laid up for a while. Who's going to lead now---Guerra?"

"Word is Urbano. I don't give two shits about El Norte. Just wanted to know who did the deed to Morales," Alvarez said.

"Urbano's with Pancamo, though. He's not Latino."

"Don't know and don't care."

"What did Cutler want? I saw you two talking at dinner yesterday," O'Reily said.

"The fucking Nazi wanted me to airhole White."

"What for?"

"Some stupid shit not even worth talking about."

He was closing in on O'Reily as they spoke about Morales and the likelihood of Urbano heading up El Norte. He knew nothing about it, but the Latino gang was not as powerful and respected as it once used to be. El Norte was rapidly losing all its credibility inside Oz because of mismanagement and lack of respect. Alvarez did not care because he knew he was not going back there again. They were his kind, but had never treated him as a respected member of the gang. This was the beginning of their downfall and he was not going to do a thing to prevent it.

Alvarez did not know why he was being this aggressive with O'Reily, but their faces and bodies were so close together now. Maybe he needed some form of closeness after Reynaldo's confession in the visiting room yesterday. He was done with Maritza and had to move on and think about himself. She clearly was only thinking about herself. He looked at O'Reily---the man always got a fierce but somewhat cute look on his face when he felt he was being threatened. There was no threat here, however.

"You want to back up there, loco," the Irishman said when he felt his back to the wall. "I know it's a small room, but we still have enough space in here not to be this close to each other."

"You want to come and make me?" Alvarez smirked but then got a little somber. "I found out what's going on with Maritza."

"Fucking around?"

"With my goddamn best friend. We came up together in the neighborhood. He was like my damn brother."

"That's fucked up, Miguel. She came to see you?"

"He did. Fuck him---fuck them both!" he resentfully said.

"At least you know now."

"The bitch sold my car too. She was doing all this shit behind my back."

O'Reily looked him directly in his eyes and said, "Hey, you all right?"

"Yeah---yeah. I'm going to miss my fucking car more than that lying bitch."

"I bet. You talk about that thing nonstop---"

Alvarez silenced him by crushing their lips together. He needed this closeness to make him feel alive. Maritza's betrayal had taken more away from him than he was willing to admit. There was so much history there and he really loved and cared for her. They had lost a child and, instead of it bonding them further, it had only driven them apart. He needed O'Reily's lips to make him feel good. Their lips kept clashing as he moved one of his hands under the Irishman's shirt and rested it against the warm skin of his stomach.

"Miguel---wait," he said. "I don't think this is a good idea. Not right now---"

"I need this. I know I'm being completely vulnerable right now, you know, but I fucking need this. I don't care if you have something over me," Alvarez said with those soulful eyes of his. "Don't say no. Don't say no."

"I wouldn't use it against you, loco," O'Reily truthfully said. "Remember what I did."

"Yeah. I think it's time I returned."

He did not have a chance to respond before his lips were taken again and the smooth hand on his stomach roamed up to his chest and around to his back. Alvarez's kisses started to change into deeper and more passionate ones as his hand continued to explore the bare skin under his shirt. It all was too good to fight back or resist in any way. The Latino was obviously skilled at making his partner feel wanted and needed. O'Reily felt weak in his knees and hated himself for it.

Alvarez knew he had to forget about Maritza and this was the quickest way to do so in Oz. He also wanted to touch the man again---be close to him. Now that he was free, there was nothing stopping him from moving forward and continuing on with his life. For more than the past year, O'Reily had been there for him---they had been there for each other. They had watched each other's backs and shared personal thoughts about themselves that did not normally happen in Oz---if ever. O'Reily had been there for him more than Maritza.

Their bodies wanted the attention and touches---no matter how confusing or wrong they thought it was. Both tongues massaged one another's while both the Irishman's hand went under his shirt to feel the hard muscles of his stomach and chest. Alvarez groaned in his mouth as he felt his skin being touched and his dick was growing harder in his pants. He cupped O'Reily's dick in between his jeans and felt the other man tense up a little, but eventually relax into the touch.

Both his hands came together and went for O'Reily's button. It held up no resistance as the initial barrier was removed and the zipper easily slid down. There was no time to think about it and Alvarez knew he was rushing into things. His hormones were driving him now. He had to feel good and he wanted to be with O'Reily. He wanted to be close again. He slowly peeled the shirt from the Irishman's body and got rid of his own as well. Alvarez was not going to over think it and ruin the moment they found themselves in.

"Damn, vÝbora---I see you've been hitting the gym," he smiled as he checked out the other man's naked upper body. "You'll be cut up like me in no time."

"Got a lot of stress to work off," he replied. "You sure this is what you want to do?"

"I need to be close to you, Ryan. You're the only person I trust in Oz. I couldn't be doing this with anyone else," Alvarez said and kissed him. "I want to."

"I don't know. I'm not a---"

"Fuck that label! Be here---with me."

They kissed again and, of course, his body responded to the Latino's warm touches and advances. Once again, his mind had betrayed him, but his body was enveloped in a cocoon of pleasure and satisfaction. O'Reily stopped arguing and went with it as he felt kisses on his neck and chest and stomach. Alvarez was sucking on his skin everywhere he had kissed and it felt too good to refuse. He rested on his knees and kissed around his bellybutton.

Alvarez was hesitant to be in this position because he had never been there before. If his father or grandfather saw him like this, he would have been dead on the spot. No one knew about them, though---and no one ever was. He hooked his fingers against the sides of O'Reily's jeans and pulled them down to where his knees started. The boxers came down too and his dick popped out and was already leaking precum. The Irishman really was not that small and Alvarez immediately knew he was not going to be able to take it all in his mouth.

Never in his life would he have thought that he would willingly be in a position like this but that was his reality now. Alvarez reached out his hand, grabbed onto O'Reily's dick, and stroked it a few times as the man moaned above him. It was now so he moved closer and put his lips on the head and began sucking. He treated the head like a blow pop and sucked and licked on it as if he was enjoying that distinct cherry flavor. This flavor was salty and a bit tart, though.

He slowly worked up the courage to take more of O'Reily into his mouth while his free hand played with his balls. It was not an entirely unpleasant situation to be in as the Latino sucked and licked the head and first few inches on his dick. Moans and small curses were escaping his lips as he was being pleasured. O'Reily's body was shaking and jerking for more---he must have been doing something right. Alvarez licked the circumcised underside of his dickhead and that elicited more soft cursing and body convulsions.

"Christ, Alvarez, don't stop!" he said with the pleasure dripping from his voice.

"Didn't plan to."

"You're better at this than I was."

"Guess I was paying more attention when girls were sucking me off than you were," the sexy Latino said and laughed. "Come down here."


"We could both feel good at the same time."

O'Reily had a confused look on his face but knew what the words meant. Alvarez shot back up and pressed his clothed crotch against the other man's naked one. He guided O'Reily's hands to his crotch so that he could feel what was there and undress him. While their lips were together again, the Irishman fumbled with the button but eventually pulled everything down and below Alvarez's hips. They each flipped off their shoes and got out of the rest of their clothes to be fully naked in front of one another.

"You look even better like this, Irish," the Latino said in that slinky voice of his as he took in the sight before him.

"You're not so bad yourself, loco," he replied. "Guess I can't deny how fucking turned on I am. It's all right there."

Alvarez moved close to his ear and whispered, "Me too, papa. Don't worry---I won't tell anyone."

"You'd be dead if you fucking did."

They kissed again as hands roamed all over naked bodies and craving flesh to try to create the most pleasurable sensations possible. Alvarez pulled him down to the ground and spread some of their discarded clothing so that they could lie down on. He rested his back against the clothes and brought O'Reily over to him so that his body was on top of his. Tongues explored mouths as their hips grinded into one another's and the sensitive skin of their dicks begged for more attention. He squeezed the Irishman's ass in his palms and felt him tense up immediately at the touch.

"What are you doing?" O'Reily stopped the kiss and asked.

"Nothing---relax," he calmly said. "You got a nice ass, vÝbora."

"Oh fuck! Don't say that shit."

"Why? I'm not going to fuck you. I remember our arrangement," Alvarez looked up at him and said.

"Fucking Keller! He said that same shit to me the last time I went to see my brother. That fag is always checking out my ass. I can't think about him when I'm doing this. He's a fucking creep," O'Reily said.

"Keller's a scumfuck. He's forgotten. Kiss me."

He pushed the thought out of his mind and they started kissing and rubbing on each other again. O'Reily quickly shifted his body around and licked the tip of Alvarez's dick before he put it in his mouth and began sucking. Groans were heard for a few moments before Alvarez started sucking his dick so that they were both orally pleasuring each other.

O'Reily used the Latino's guide earlier to suck without his teeth getting in the way and he was getting better at it. His body was caught up in the bliss of being touched and forgetting for moments that they were prisoners. This was what it was all about and he knew Alvarez felt the same things too. His head moved up and down as he touched the inside of Alvarez's thighs and played with his balls all at the same time.

Alvarez licked on his head and took more in his mouth as he moaned from the pleasure he was receiving. The Irishman had gotten better than the first time and he never wanted it to end but he felt himself getting close. The touching and sensuality of it all kept him entranced and wanting more. O'Reily's touch kept him on edge and he selfishly tried to grab it all and keep it to himself. He wanted the pleasure to stay between them.

"Uh---I'm close, Ryan," he said.

"Me too," O'Reily breathed out.

"Come here."

Their lips and tongues played together while they jacked each other off. Bodies were pressed so close to one another's and muscles glistened and flexed themselves as pleasure ran through their bodies. O'Reily kissed back hard while his hand squeezed and traveled up and down Alvarez's shaft to bring him release. Extreme gratification overtook his body as it shook and cum blasted out of his dick and landed on his stomach and thighs.

"Uh---fuck!" O'Reily groaned out. "Uh-huh---yeah!"

"Keep going," Alvarez said to him. "I'm close."

The Irishman moved their lips closer again and tightened his grip around Alvarez's shaft as he continued to jack him off to get him to release his pent up sexual frustration. He moved even closer to that tight body and rubbed one hand all over his pecs and abs while the other one furiously pumped his dick. Alvarez grumbled inside his mouth and came moments later under the touching and kissing. He made this cute face when he came and his eyes were still closed because he was reveling in it all.

"Uh---that feels so good," he said as O'Reily was kissing his chin and jaw line.

"Damn. I never thought I'd be like this---ever."

"Me either. How things have changed, huh?" Alvarez said when he opened his eyes. "Do you like it?"

O'Reily looked at him and wavered, but answered, "Yeah. Does that make me a fag?"

"I told you---no labels. Fuck that shit! It feels good, and---and I don't want to stop."

"You're not going to call me `baby' or anything, are you? Because---that'd just be weird."

The Latino laughed and replied, "Nah---not if you don't want me to. That'd be fucking overkill."

"I really don't, loco. We have to go. Let's clean up."

They got up from the floor and he sorted out their clothes while O'Reily went to get something to clean off their stomachs with. He did not want to leave, but no one could ever find out what was happening between them so they had to get back before anyone realized that they both were missing at the same time. Alvarez cleaned himself off as best he could---his skin was still sticky, and put his clothes back on. O'Reily followed too and they were both dressed shortly after getting off the floor.

Alvarez scratched his head and said, "So, uh, do we need to do something about Keller?"

"Nah. He's more annoying than he is anything else. Keller will shoot himself in the foot eventually---he always does. We got nothing to worry about."

"I wasn't the worried one. You were freaking out because he was checking out your ass."

"Hey---you jealous?" O'Reily asked as he moved closer to him. "You are, aren't you?"

"Shit. To be honest, yeah---a little."

"You falling for me, Alvarez?"

"You fucking wish, vÝbora!" the Latino caught himself and said.

"You better not be. I'll kill you if you do."

"So damn full of yourself. You ain't got to worry about that shit happening. I'm out."

Alvarez left the storage room behind and quickly made his way back to Em City to make sure he was seen. His body was still tingling from his orgasm and he needed a shower badly because the skin on his stomach and thighs were sticky and felt uncomfortable as his clothes chafed against him. Both he and O'Reily were becoming more open to the idea of being together in an intimate way. Maybe there was more to be explored---Alvarez knew he wanted more. Maybe he was starting to fall for the slick, double-talking Irishman.