Jake and the Never Land Pirates and all characters are the property of Disney and I make no claim to them. My little neighbor loves the show and so I figured I'd send him on an adventure. I'd like to think if this happened in real life, the real boy would enjoy it as much as his fictional doppelganger. Please don't read if you are uncomfortable with boys having sex with each other or getting spanked. If you are inspired to give me feedback, please send it to ivanwinter@hush.com

Jake and The Never Land Butt-Pirates

by Ivan Winter

The pool water was nice and cold and Matt was enjoying diving down and splashing about. It wasn't as much fun without his big brother Patrick to play with, but Patrick was off learning to play soccer. Mommy had wanted Matt to do it as well, but it turned out that you had to be at least seven like Patrick was and Matt was only six. How dumb! Matt could do anything that Patrick could; they were even the same height. Still, it was a hot day and instead of chasing a dumb ball around the field, Matt was splashing around in the pool, so it wasn't all bad. Mommy wasn't paying much attention to him. Oh, she was somewhere around outside working on her flowers, but Matt and Patrick were good enough swimmers, so she didn't have to baby them like she used to.

Matt stood on the steps, planning to get out and then cannonball back in. It wasn't the same without Patrick to compete against, but it was still kind of wild. He looked down at his wet briefs and wondered again why he had to wear them. He and Patrick always liked to skinny-dip; daddy didn't mind but mommy had gotten more and more mad about it as they got older. Why? He and Patrick saw each other naked all the time in the bath, so who cared? There was a fence around their yard, so it's not like all the neighbors could see in (and Matt really wouldn't have cared if they did, honestly). Feeling exasperated at his mother's prudishness, Matt rapidly stripped off his wet underpants and draped them over the handrail by the steps. He trotted to the deep end to jump in, his stubby penis jiggling as he went. Ah, that was much better! Swimming naked was just so much more fun! Mommy would just never get it, he supposed. He had jumped in about five times before he heard a sudden shout.

“MATHEW JOHNATHAN KITCHEN! WHAT are you doing running around NAKED???”

Matt turned towards his mother. “I'm just swimmin'!” he replied, exasperated.

“No, you are not! I've told you about this. No more swimming for you today. Go inside!”

“But Daddy said...”

“But Daddy said, nothing! I won't have you running around like a little savage. You're too old for that. Go inside, NOW!”

Matt wanted to say something smartmouthed, but he knew better. Daddy wouldn't be on his side if he did that. Defiantly leaving his towel and underpants by the pool, he stomped his way inside, taking a spiteful glee from the wet footprints he left on the wooden floor. He went to his and Patrick's bedroom, slamming the door as loud as he could and then sitting down on his bed. He was only damp at that point and the sheets did a good enough job of drying him off as he rolled his naked body around. He spotted the TV remote and clicked on the little set that sat on top of the dresser. Glancing at the time on the display, he saw it was nearly time for Jake and the Neverland Pirates to come on. Well, at least the afternoon wouldn't be a total loss. He lay face down on the bed, head at the foot end propped up on a pillow and waited for the show to start. The air was cool on his bare skin and he found it relaxing. Very, very relaxing....

Matt wasn't aware of closing his eyes, but when he opened them, his room was long gone and he was sitting on a beach. He had on a pair of shorts and an odd sort of shirt. And standing in front of him were two boys who he did not recognize. No, that wasn't true, he did recognize them. All of a sudden Matt remembered a time Daddy had showed him and Patrick a website where you could upload pictures of yourself and turn it into a cartoon. Matt thought he and Patrick looked funny as cartoon characters, but now he was looking at the reverse. This is what it looked like when a cartoon turned into a real boy.

“Jake?” he asked, incredulously.

“Ahoy, Matey!” the taller of the two boys said. “Want to join my pirate crew?”

Matt didn't even have to think about if. Of course he did. “Yeah!” he exclaimed in joy.

“Well if you want to join, you have to say the secret password,” Jake told him. Matt knew what it was before Jake even had a chance to prompt him.

“Yo-Ho-Ho!” he shouted, throwing his hands in the air.

“Yo-Ho-Ho!” Jake and Cubby repeated. Yes, the other boy was clearly Cubby. Just as short and plump as he seemed on the show. There was somebody missing, but Matt didn't much care about that. A green parrot was flying about and landed on Jake's shoulder.

“What do you think, Skully?” Jake asked the bird. “Does Matt look like good pirate material?”

“He looks like a good swab to me,” Skully said. “You chose well.”

“C'mon, Matt,” Jake said. “We were just about to go swimming. Yo-ho, let's go!” Jake and Cubby started trotting down the beach toward the ocean. Matt followed right behind. A pool was nice but it was nothing compared to the brilliant turquoise ocean before him.

“But wait,” he said as he caught up to them. “I don't have a swimsuit.”

“A swimsuit?” Jake laughed. “Who needs one of those? We sure don't!”

He had stopped and pulled his shirt over his head. His black hair was blowing in the breeze as he draped it over a rock. His pants and underpants soon followed and then Jake was wearing nothing but his red headband and a jaunty smile. Matt noticed that Cubby was buck-naked as well; his little penis was even shorter than Matt's own. Not wanting to be the odd man out, Matt got out of his clothes in record time and piled his on top of Jake and Cubby's. Jake had a golden bronze tan except for his swimsuit area which was a lighter shade. Despite being in the sun most of the day, Cubby had no tan at all, reminding Matt of Patrick, who was equally pale. Matt's skin was closer to Jake's, probably because he had the same color hair, though his was styled in a buzz cut. Jake and Cubby ran into the sea and Matt followed. Soon the two of them were splashing, laughing and having a blast. Matt felt sorry that Patrick was not there to join in, but it was also nice having an adventure to himself.

“Where's Izzy?” Matt asked Cubby when the two of them stopped to take a breath while Jake was splashing up and down like a dolphin.

“Oh, Jake had Peter Pan take her home last time he came. He said she was too much Yo-Ho without the Yo.”

“What does that mean?” Matt asked.

“I d'know,” Cubby said, “But it sounded funny!”

The conversation ended as Jake came up and splashed them both in the face. They resumed their playful water-war with Skully flying above them, cheering them on. This would have gone on for quite a while if they had not been rudely interrupted.

“Ah! You pesky pirates seem to have left me something on the beach!” All three boys stopped and looked. There on the beach was a tall man with a short, fat one beside him. Matt knew who it was even before he saw the missing hand with its metal replacement.

“Captain Hook!” Jake said.

“What a lovely treasure,” Captain Hook said, holding up their bundle of clothes. “This is perfect to put in my treasure chest. Especially these.” He had their three pairs of underwear dangling off his hook.

“Those aren't yours!” Jake protested. “They belong to us. We just put them there to go swimming. What are we supposed to do without them? We can't just go around naked!”

“Finders, keepers!” Captain Hook taunted. “You pesky pirates will just have to get used to running around with your pipsqueak penises hanging out. Come Mr. Smee. Let's take these treasures back to Neverland.”

With that, Captain Hook and his sidekick were running away and jumped in a rowboat, rapidly leaving Pirate Island behind.

“Aw, coconuts!” Cubby said. “Jake, those are our only clothes! Now what are we going to do?”

“We'll just have to get them back!” Jake said with a determined tone of voice. “What do you say, Matt. You want to help us get our clothes back?”

“Of course,” Matt said. “He's got my clothes, too.”

“Great! Remember to keep an eye out for gold doubloons. Every time we solve a pirate problem, some will appear. I've got my sword,” he said, puling it out from behind a tree.

“I've got my map,” Cubby said. Matt wasn't sure where he'd been keeping the map since he was buck-naked, but he was now holding it in his hand. The two of them turned to look at him. He noticed something around his neck. A pouch.

“I've got my pixie dust,” he said, knowing that was what it had to be. “It can make us fly, but we can only use it in an emergency!”

“All right,” Jake said. “We're ready. Yo-ho, lets go!”

Matt followed them into the hideout and they climbed about their ship, Bucky. With the ship sailing itself out of their hidden waterfall entrance, they stood in on the prow of the ship and set sail from Pirate Island to Neverland. The warm tropical breeze was brisk on Matt's naked body and three little penises flapped in the wind. The other two broke out into song and Matt joined in.

Yo-ho mateys away
There'll be treasure and adventure today
Heave-ho here we go
Together as a team
With Jake and the Neverland pirates
And ME!

They quickly crossed the narrow stretch of water between Pirate Island and Neverland. Going ashore in their inflatable yellow dingy, they hopped out onto the beach and Cubby opened up his map.

“The map says to go that way,” he said, pointing toward the middle of the island. “That must be where old Hook went.”

“Come on!” Jake said. “Let's go get our clothes back from Captain Hook.”

They headed off down the sandy path, trotting along at a good pace. After a few minutes they were stopped by a deep gorge across the path.

“Aw, coconuts,” Cubby said. “This path leads to the Roaring River. How are we going to get over it?”

The river wasn't at all wide, but it the water was very fast and the banks were at least 15 feet high. Even if they could climb down those and back up, crossing the gushing water would be impossible without getting washed downstream.

“I know,” Jake said. “If we had a way to swing over the river, we could get to the other side. Do you see anything we could use to swing across?” Matt and Cubby looked, but it was Jake who spotted the solution.

“Hey, look at those vines,” he said, pointing to some thick, green vines dangling from the limbs of a tall tree that was overhanging the Roaring River. “Those look like they would work.”

The three boys went over and tested them. They seemed quite strong enough to take their weight.

“I'll go first,” Jake said. He took several steps back and then swung out over the river. He let go and landed on his feet on the other side. “Nothing to it!” he boasted.

Cubby went next and then it was Matt's turn. He tended to be pretty bold and was usually the one who goaded Patrick into doing things, but he had to admit that he was a little nervous. What if his hands slipped or if the vine broke? But he couldn't leave the others waiting. If Cubby could do it, so could he. He ran at the vines, grabbing hold and wrapping his leg around it as he swung into open air. Everything seemed to slow down; he was aware of the rushing water below him, the rough feel of the vine on his naked thigh and penis and the rapidly approaching bank. He let go and was pleased to land on solid ground as nimbly as Jake had done.

“Yo-ho, way to go!” Jake said. “And look, we found four gold doubloons. Let's grab 'em and go!”

Matt saw four gold coins suspended in the air and Jake palmed them before heading back down the path. They were half-way across the island when they found the next obstacle.

“It's Mosquito Marsh,” Cubby said with in a discouraged tone. “How are we going to get across? We're going to get all stung up by the mosquitoes. Especially since we're naked.”

Matt couldn't see any mosquitoes, but he could hear a steady drone and he knew that a swarm of insects must be hovering over the marsh. The moment they tried to cross, they would be attacked and every inch of their bodies would get stung up. That would never do. But, as it happened, he had an idea. His daddy had told him how he used to keep the mosquitoes away when he was a boy and didn't have any bug spray.

“If we could find some mud,” he said, “We could cover ourselves with it. Then the mosquitoes wouldn't be able to get us. If they tried, they'd only get a mouth full of dirt!”

“Good thinking, Matey!” Jake said. “Do you see any mud we can use?”

Cubby found it this time; a mud hole full of thick, brown mud. The three boys jumped in and coated themselves from head to toe, even their hair and faces. They got out and found that the sticky mud clung to their skin, giving them the layer of protection they needed. They followed a path of stones through the center of the marsh. The mosquitoes buzzed around, but none landed on them. Before too long, they had made it through the swamp and the mosquitoes were left behind. There was a clear pond and the three of them jumped in, washing themselves clean, from their hair to their muddy little pricks.

“Look,” Matt said, noticing some coins in the air in front of him. “We found five more gold doubloons! Let's grab 'em and go!”

As the boys continued on their way, Captain Hook was standing on a hill looking through his telescope. “Blathering bilgewater! Those pint-sized pirates are still coming,” he fumed.

“Well-well, now, Captain,” Mr. Smee stuttered. “You do have their clothes. You might just want to leave them their pants and just take the rest.”

“What! Give up a treasure? Never! These clothes will go in my treasure chest and I'll take them out every night and laugh at how Jake and his pesky pirates are having to run around Neverland naked as plucked popinjays! Sharky, Bones, I have a job for you two.”

The other two members of Captain Hook's crew appeared and he gave them some instructions. Mr. Smee just stood there wringing his hands. Captain Hook's plans never seemed to work out but he never stopped trying them, either.

A bit later, the three naked boys were approaching the shore. Cubby was looking over his map as he walked and didn't notice the thin line across the path until he tripped over it. There were three loud 'WHUMP!' sounds as three wicker cages fell from the branch above and landed on the sandy trail, trapping each boy inside one.

“Aw, coconuts!” Cubby said as Captain Hook and his pirates came out of the bushes in triumph.

“So, you scallywags, I've got you now! Are you going to stop chasing me and leave me along with my treasures?”

“No way, Captain Hook!” Jake said boldly. “Those clothes are ours! You didn't have any right to take them and we won't stop until we get them back!”

“I had a feeling you would say that,” Captain Hook sneered, “Well, I'm just going to have to change your mind!”

He waved with his hand and Sharky and Bones came up to Jake's cage. There was a door with an iron lock on it and one of them produced a set of keys and unlocked it, then reached in and dragged out Jake, each holding one arm tightly.

“Mr. Smee,” Captain Hook said, “My paddle hook, please!”

Mr. Smee opened up a case filled with alternate attachments to the captain's hand, stuttering all the while as he handed the requested one over. “Now-now-now, Captain. I don't think you should hurt the sea pups!”

“Huuuurt him?” Captain Hook purred. “I'm not going to hurt him! I'm just going to beat the barnacles off his bare behind!”

“You're a bully, Captain Hook!” Jake said bravely. “Do your worst, I don't care!”

Captain Hook sat on a rock and attached the paddle to his hook hand. Sharky and Bones placed the naked boy over his lap, on holding his arms and the other his legs. Jake was struggling to get up, but he was totally outmanned.

“And now, you pesky pirate!” Captain Hook said. “You are going to get the spanking all scurvy scallywags should get!”

Matt watched in horror as Captain Hook raised his hand and then went WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! on Jake's bare bottom with his wooden paddle. This just wasn't supposed to happen – Jake was always supposed to win! He could see Jake trying not to cry out, but some yelps were escaping anyway. His white bottom was turning as red as the cloth band around his head. And despite the steady rain of WHAP!s, Jake managed to keep the tears from flowing.

After about 20 hard spanks with the paddle, Captain Hook stopped. “Oh, blast it!” he said in disgust. “Not going to cry are you? Bah. I know the way to get you to do what I want. Put him back in his cage!”

Sharky and Bones locked Jake back in and Matt noticed that Jake defiantly refused to rub his clearly burning bottom. Matt didn't think he'd be anywhere near as brave as Jake was being. And then his heart sunk as he heard Captain Hook's next words.

“Bring me one of the other pipsqueaks,” he said. “I have a feeling Jake might care a bit more when it's one of his little pesky pirates getting paddled.”

Matt gulped. Did that mean that HE was going to get spanked by Captain Hook? There was no way he wouldn't cry like a baby if that happened and being shamed in front of Jake would be almost as bad as the actual spanking. Almost. He'd been spanked with his daddy's hand many times and even a few times with a hairbrush, but never with anything as wicked as Captain Hook's paddle!

He was relieved when the two henchmen came for Cubby instead of him and then he was ashamed of his relief. And besides, he realized that he was likely to be next, anyway. Captain Hook was clearly having too much fun spanking his adversaries to stop. He had to think; there must be a solution to this jam, there always was! If only they could get out of the cages, then he could douse them all with pixie dust and they could fly away. This was clearly an emergency. But it would do them no good to fly if they were still in cages. He looked over to where Sharky and Bones had taken poor Cubby. He had been placed over Captain Hook's knee, but he was small enough that Captain Hook was able to hold him with one hand.

“Oh-oh, Captain, that's an awful small sea pup,” Smee was saying. “Don't-don't you think the hairbrush hook would be better?”

“Oh, bother it, Smee!” Captain Hook complained. “All right, give me the hairbrush one.”

Cubby's reprieve was only temporary as Captain Hook was quickly switching implements, but Matt noticed something. Bones had dropped the ring of keys in the sand.

“Skully,” Matt whispered to the distressed parrot, who was fluttering about helplessly. “See those keys? Can you go and grab them for us?”

“Oh, smart thinking!” Skully said and flapped over with purpose. Sharky and Bones were distracted because Cubby's time was up and Captain Hook started going SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! on his plump, bare bottom. Poor Cubby reacted the same way Matt knew he would have. He kicked his little legs and started to howl. Tears burst from his eyes and started to flow downward.

“This will teach you pesky pirates to try and purloin my treasure!” Captain Hook said. Jake was just about to say something when Matt caught his eye and discreetly pointed towards Skully, flying back with the keys in his claw. He dropped them in Jake's palm and in a trice he opened his cage and tossed the keys to Matt. For a half moment, Matt was worried that he wouldn't catch them, but his fingers managed to wrap around the ring and he shoved one of the keys in the lock and opened it. Thank goodness he got the right one on the first go. He opened his pouch of pixie dust and sprinkled it over himself and Jake. Standing up and holding their arms out straight, they lifted off the ground. Matt had never flown in his life but he found he could do it easily.

The others were totally focused on the scene playing out on Captain Hook's lap. Sharky and Bones were watching with savage delight and Mr. Smee was wringing his hands, mumbling that perhaps Cubby had been spanked hard enough already and that Captain Hook might want to think about stopping now. Captain Hook, however, showed no signs of letting up. Cubby's bare bottom was now as red as Jake's had been and he was howling and squirming with every spank, but he was being shown no mercy.

Jake flew into him at full speed, knocking him off the rock and dislodging Cubby. Matt quickly sprinkled the plump boy as well and told him to fly. Even while still crying, Cubby managed to get airborne, flying with both hands rubbing his blistered bare bottom and still dripping tears. Matt looked to see where Captain Hook was – he didn't want to find the man grabbing one of his ankles and dragging him down to face the spanking he'd just escaped. But it didn't seem as if he was in any danger; Jake's push had send him rolling down a slope and he was headed right for a creek. He landed with a splash.

“Blast it!” he said. “You puny pirates! You just wait until I...”

He stopped and went white. For a moment Matt had no idea what had made him shut up and then he heard the tell-tale sound. Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock. Big round eyes appeared on the surface of the water, right next to Captain Hook.

“Looks like you're the one in trouble now, Captain Hook!” Jake said. Sure enough, Tick-Tock Croc reared out of the water and swung his tail around, hitting Captain Hook right on his backside.

“OWWWWW!” Captain Hook shrieked, as he was knocked over. Tick-Tock Croc brought his thick, meaty tail down over and over on Captain Hook.

“Miiisssttteerrrrr. Smeeeeeee!” Captain Hook blubbered. “Saaavvvveee meeeeee!”

“Well-well, I-I really don't know how to do that, Captain,” Mr. Smee said. “Just try and run away.”

Captain Hook kept trying to get up, but each time he got to to his hands and knees, Tock-Tock Croc would knock him right back down with a WHACK! from his tail. Jake took advantage of this and flew down, retrieving the bundle of clothes from where Captain Hook had put them. Four more coins appeared and Cubby stopped rubbing his bottom long enough to grab them.

“Yo-ho, let's go!” Jake said. The two others flew after him. Bare bottoms over Neverland; two hot red and one still pale white. They got back to their boat and soon Bucky had sailed them back to their hideout at Pirate Island.

“Great teamwork, crew!” Jake said. “We got our clothes back. Now, let's put our gold doubloons in our team chest.”

Skully flew over and activated the hidden lever that revealed their chest. Jake, Cubby and Matt marched around it, still buck-naked and singing.

Way hey, well done crew

Everybody knew just what to do

Way hey, with help from you

It's time to count our gold doubloons!

They spread the coins out and counted together. “One-two-three-four-five-six-seven-eight-nine-ten-eleven-twelve-thirteen! For solving pirate problems, we got thirteen gold doubloons!”

They put them in the chest and then went back into their hideout and climbed aboard Bucky.

“So, Matt,” Jake said to him as they went into the captain's cabin, “You were really helpful today. Do you want to be a permanent member of my crew?”

“I'd love to, Jake,” Matt said, “But...”

“But what?”

“But I'd miss my brother,” he admitted. “And my daddy. And my mommy.”

“Oh, you don't have to be there all the time!” Jake said. “Just when you want to go on adventures with us. And when we want to get back at mean 'ole Captain Hook.”

“Really? I can come whenever I want?”

“Sure, Matey! See, I can give you one of these special gold doubloons. Then, whenever you hold it, all you have to do is say the pirate password and you'll be here with us. But,” he added. “If you want to be one of my special pirates, you have to go through our secret initiation!”

“Yeah,” Cubby said. “And it's a secret so you can't tell ANYBODY about it.”

Matt liked secrets. He and Patrick sometimes did things and then kept them secret from their parents. And sometimes Daddy told him secrets that he wasn't supposed to tell Mommy. He was really good at keeping them. And he really wanted to know what Jake's secret initiation would be. He eagerly agreed, though he was also a bit nervous. Secret clubs were serious things and he new the initiation would be more than just saying a secret password like Yo-Ho-Ho.

“Okay,” Jake said after Matt gave his agreement. “Come over here. Because the first thing we have to do is spank you!”

“Spank me?” Matt asked. He hadn't really expected that!

“Sure! Me and Cubby got it from nasty old Captain Hook, so it's only fair that you get spanked, too. 'course we're only going to use our hands, but still, you gotta get spanked if you wanna be one of the crew!”

It did make perfect boyish sense to Matt, so he went over to Jake. Jake sat down on the edge of one of the beds and patted his knee with a slightly wicked grin. The whole thing was giving Matt a really weird feeling in his stomach. He lay down over Jake's bare leg, his stubby little penis poking against the bigger boy's thigh. Cubby came up next to him and put his hand on Matt's bottom.

“You ready, Matt?” Jake asked.

“Guess so,” Matt said. No point putting it off. And he really didn't think the other boys would actually hurt him. Not much, anyway.

Cubby started things off, giggling as his hand when SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! on Matt's naked butt. His spanks were rapid-fire, but really didn't hurt. Perhaps a bit of sting because of the volume, but it was almost...pleasant, in weird way. After a few dozen spanks, Cubby stepped back.

“Your turn, Jake,” he said. Matt felt a few more butterflies flutter around in his stomach. Jake was a big boy; Matt instinctively knew that his spanks would be more effective than Cubby's were. There would be no point to this if this didn't sting somewhat. There was this really strange feeling of anticipation and he shifted a bit on Jake's knee, accidentally wiggling his bottom just a little as he did so.

Jake didn't give him any warning, just started going SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! on his bottom. Yes, Matt was certainly feeling those! Well, he'd just have to take them. He knew it was nothing like what Jake and Cubby had gotten from Captain Hook (or what he sometimes got from his Daddy for that matter). Jake didn't spank as fast as Cubby did; he spaced them out, carefully smacking different areas on Matt's plump bottom. He could feel the heat rising, though, as blood rushed to his rounded cheeks.

Jake slowed down the spanks even more. They were still just as firm, but now it seemed to just be maintaining the level of sting back there, not making it worse. The really funny thing was that Matt realized that it almost felt...good. It certainly was making him all tingly inside. The weird/good feelings seemed to spread from his bottom all though his middle, even to his front. He was suddenly very aware of the intense feelings of his penis rubbing on Jake's leg.

“Six more, Matt!” Jake said and Matt tensed. Of course, these would be the hardest. SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!! SPANK!!

Jake rubbed his stinging cheeks for a bit and then Matt hopped up. Jake was smiling at him in approval. Matt wondered if that meant he had passed the initiation but then he remembered that Jake had said that the spanking would be 'first'. There must be more to come. What would they do to him next?

“I see you have your sword out,” Jake said, grinning even wider. Matt was confused; sword? He didn't have a sword. Then he saw where Jake was looking. His stubby penis had lengthened and was now sticking out at right angles to his body. Sometimes that happened when Patrick and he were fooling around with each other in the tub or when he rubbed against his pillow, but he was totally embarrassed for Jake to see him in that state. He wanted to cover himself but he was afraid that they wouldn't let him be a pirate if he did that.

But then Jake stood up and Matt saw that he was in the same state. Well, not really the same as Jake's penis was a good bit bigger than Matt's. But it was just as stiff and pointy. “Time for a sword fight, Matey!” Jake said, as he stood in front of Matt with his hands on his hips.

At first Matt was confused, but then Jake swiveled his hips and his hard penis smacked against Matt's own engorged member. Matt squealed in delight and swung his boy-sized erection back at Jake's. The room was filled with the sound of giggling boys and the dull thud of impacting penises. Cubby came over and added his own little hard-on to the mix. Jake was taller than the two of them and had to bend his knees to cross swords, but Matt and Cubby were perfect dueling partners. They did this for about five minutes before collapsing on the bed in fits of laughter. Matt had never known you could have just this much FUN with your penis! He'd have to show Patrick this game.

Their laughter dissolved into giggles and then their breathing slowed. Matt was going to ask what was next when Jake sat up next to him. Looking Matt squarely in the eye, he reached over and wrapped his hand around Matt's steel-hard penis. Given what they had just done, Matt didn't object to this familiarity, but Jake's aggressive actions were a little intimidating. He wasn't just holding Matt's penis, he was gently pumping it up and down and this was making his legs feel like rubber. He got the idea that even if he asked Jake to stop, he wouldn't. Not that he wanted him to stop; not at all.

“Do me, too,” Jake said, shifting his body so that his bald boy cock was right next to Matt's right hand. Feeling like he was in a trance, Matt did as he was told, grasping Jake's throbbing prick around the base. It felt so hot in his fingers as he started to tug on it. Jake gave a high-pitched groan.

“Let me have a go, Jake,” Cubby said. Jake let go of Matt and Cubby's hand replaced his. The plump boy gently squeezed Matt's wrinkled little scrotum; not enough to hurt, just enough to send a new surge of feeling through the boy's naked body. Then Cubby was working his magic on Matt's penis like Jake had. After a couple of minutes of playing with Jake, Matt realized Cubby should have a turn and he transferred his attention to the other boy's plump little cock. They silently grinned at each other as they stroked each other's bald dicks. Jake was rubbing his hands over Matt's spanked bottom, squeezing his plump cheeks and even spreading them apart.

“Think he's ready for the next part of the initiation?” Jake asked Cubby.

“Yep. I bet he is!” Matt was very curious and a little worried about what would be coming next. Whatever it was would certainly be an escalation and he'd never even imagined doing what they had already done together. Jake had him roll over and face him.

“I want you to put this in your mouth,” Jake said, holding his hard penis out with his thumb and forefinger at the base. “And then suck on it.”

Matt looked into Jake's eyes. Was he serious? Did he really expect Matt to do that or was he just teasing him? There was no hint of guile in Jake's expression, only his ever-present smile. Clearly, this was something he wanted Matt do to. Did Matt want to be one of the Neverland Pirates badly enough to put another boy's penis in his mouth? Actually, two penises as he'd almost certainly have to do it with Cubby as well.

“Don't worry,” Jake said. “We'll do it to you as well.”

That changed Matt's perceptive. If Jake was prepared to do it, it couldn't be so bad. It might even be fun like the other things they had done. After all, before this Matt would have never imagined that getting spanked, even in play, could be fun. But what really made up his mind was how...naughty it seemed! To put another boy's penis in his mouth? He could just imagine how shocked his mother would be to see it. She didn't like him swimming naked, so how much more freaked out would she be if he sucked Jake and Cubby's penises! Besides, they'd been swimming in the water not long ago, it's not like any of them were dirty or anything. With his mind made up, he scooted over to Jake and took hold of his penis again.

He looked down at it. The plump cockhead with it's little hole at the end. How exactly was he supposed to do this? Cubby came up next to him and made an 'O' with his mouth, putting his lips over his teeth.

“Like this,” he said, inserting one of his fingers in his mouth and moving his lips up and down on it. Ah, like a candy-cane! Matt could do that. He opened his mouth wide and took about half of Jake's penis inside. Jake made a satisfied purr as Matt wrapped his lips around it and gave a good suck. Now that he had started, Matt found there was nothing objectionable about it at all. It still seemed deliciously naughty, though. He wondered what Patrick would do if Matt tried it on him one night.

With Cubby giving him the occasional pointer, Matt bobbed up and down on Jake's cock. He got used to it very quickly and was able to swallow it down to the base. He was in no hurry to stop, but then Cubby said that it was his turn, so he let go of Jack and moved his head over to where the plump boy was laying on his back with his legs spread. Because Cubby's hard-on was only half the size of Jake's, he had no trouble getting it all in his mouth on the first go. He was even able to suck on Cubby's balls when he was asked to. Knowing that the other boys would soon reciprocate made him want to do it even more; anything he did for them, they'd do back to him! Matt wondered what it would feel like to have his balls sucked on. What else would Jake do to him?

Speaking of Jake, Matt was aware that he was moving on the bed, but he was focused on Cubby's penis, so didn't pay much attention. Even when Jake started to gently spread his bare legs apart, he really didn't think about it. Jake was playing with his bottom again; well, that was okay. Matt liked the way Jake squeezed his cheeks and pulled them apart. He wouldn't even mind if Jake gave him a few more spanks and was tempted to say so. But before he could suggest it, he felt something cold and slippery being spread between his cheeks.

“What's...what's that?” he asked. Whatever it was, Jake was even rubbing it over his butthole!

“Pixie cream,” Jake said. “Peter Pan gave it to us.”

“What does that do?” he asked.

“You'll see. It feels good, I promise.”

Matt trusted Jake completely, but even that was tested when he found Jake easing his finger up his butthole! “Ahhhh!” he said as his hands squeezed Cubby's thighs. Why was Jake putting his finger up there? Nobody had done anything like that since mommy had taken his temperature back there a few years ago.

“You don't want me to stop, do you?” Jake said. It wasn't a question, it sounded more like a boast. Where the pixie cream has been pushed up inside him, he found that he was feeling really warm and tingly. Jake was right, he didn't want him to stop! It seemed awfully embarrassing to say so, though. Somehow he felt that he wasn't supposed to like this, but there was no question that he did. He liked it a LOT!

“Now I'm going to make you a pirate,” Jake said. He removed his finger and Matt was tempted to object, but he understood that something more was coming. Jake crawled up between his legs and then lay down on top of him. And then Matt realized what he was going to replace his finger with. Something a bit longer and a good big thicker. He felt it even now, pressed between his slippery cheeks. Jake was poking at him, trying to get aimed right. Matt had stopped sucking Cubby for the moment, waiting for the imminent penetration that he knew he was about to experience.

“Ah, that's it,” Jake said and Matt could feel his penis press against his lubricated boy hole. He couldn't help himself.

“Do it, Jake,” he said. “Stick it in me.”

“You got it, Matey!” Jake said and Matt felt him take hold of his hips and pull forward. The pixie cream eased the passage, but there was no mistaking the feel of Jake's hard penis as it dilated his anus and pushed its way inside. Matt gasped as waves of intense feeling radiated out from his back door.

“Yo-ho-ho!” Jake crowed as he drove himself all the way in, sinking deep inside Matt's little body. Matt wished there was a mirror; he'd love to see what he looked like with Jake on top of him and his penis sticking up his bottom!

“Don't forget about me, Matt,” Cubby said and so he started sucking again. He wasn't expecting Jake to do anything besides lay on top of him, but then he felt him pulling back. Was he going to take it out already? Matt didn't want him to do that; it felt good back there.

He didn't have to worry; Jake only went part of the way out and then shoved it back in, sending new waves of pleasure through Matt. Now Matt understood what Jake wanted to do as the bigger boy started rhythmically using his bottom. He found the intense feelings made him want to suck Cubby even more. Once again he pictured how shocked his mother would be to see him like this; buck-naked with two strange boys who were also naked. One with his penis in Matt's mouth and the other with his penis in his bottom! Oh, she'd probably just faint on the spot! He wondered what Daddy would say and then wondered if Daddy had ever done anything like this as a boy. Somehow, Matt wouldn't be surprised to find out that Daddy had.

Cubby was panting really hard and then he suddenly cried out, holding Matt's head and pressing his face to his crotch. “You had one?” Jake asked, his head just over Matt's shoulder.

“Yep! A really good one, too.”

“Come on, then. Let's give Matt one, too!”

Matt didn't know what having 'one' was, but he certainly knew he wanted to find out. Jake wrapped his arms around Matt's middle and rolled the two of them onto their sides, his hard dick staying inside Matt's bottom the whole time. Now that his bald penis was exposed, Cubby put his head down to it and Matt felt Cubby's lips wrap around it. Wow, no wonder the other boys liked it so much! He couldn't wait to teach this to Patrick. Now he was getting tingly feelings from both sides and it was driving him crazy. Jake was starting to pump inside him faster. The electric waves increased, washing over him. He would be hard pressed to say who was making him feel better; it was almost as if the feelings were merged, but if he had to choose, Jake's thrusting penis felt just a bit better than Cubby's sucking mouth.

“I feel funny!” he cried out. He couldn't help it; he had to express himself, he'd never felt this way. It was like he was about to fall off of a cliff.

“You're about to have one,” Jake told him. “And so am I!”

Matt could hear the slap-slap-slap of Jake pounding against his bottom and then something erupted from deep inside. He couldn't tell it the feeling was coming from his penis, from his little balls or from his bottom. Maybe it was coming from all of them, this incredible, electric rushing of pleasure. He was aware of Jake holding him tightly and then thrusting deep and hard. Jake cried out as well, holding still against him, his penis in as far as it could go.

The feeling crested and then started to recede like a wave on the beach. Matt was panting. His mind was blown; he'd never imagined feeling anything like that. It faded to a sort of pleasant glow and he relaxed his body. He felt Jake pull his penis back and out of his deflowered butthole. He was sorry to feel it go, but he knew that Jake must have 'had one' too and that he needed to rest as well.

“Now you're one of us, Matt,” Jake said. “You're a Neverland Pirate.”

“Yo-ho-ho!” Matt exclaimed. He couldn't say why he felt like shouting, he just did.

“Yo-ho-ho!” Jake and Cubby echoed. The three boys lay next to each other, resting and cooling down a bit. After a bit, Jake got up and took down a small wooden box from a shelf on the wall. He opened it and handed Matt a shiny gold coin. Matt saw that it had an image of Peter Pan stamped on the front and a silhouette of Neverland on the back.

“When you want to go home,” Jake explained, “You just hold this in your hand and say 'Home.' And when you want to come back, well, you just hold it and say 'Yo-ho-ho.'”

Matt held out his hand and took the coin. If even felt magic in his hand and he closed his fingers around it. “Hey, Jake?” he asked.

“What, Matey?”

“Can I have another one? For my brother Patrick? He's only a year older than me and I know he'd love coming on adventures with us.”

“We can always use another crew member, right Cubby?” Jake said. He reached back into the box and took out another coin.

“This will work one time,” he said. “He can come with you on our next adventure. And if he likes it and he's pirate material, he can join up, too. But remember; he'll have to go through the initiation just like you did. And it's a secret, so you can't tell him about it before.”

Matt smiled, a bit of a wicked grin, actually. He pictured Patrick naked over Jake's knee, getting spanked. And since he was now one of the pirates, he'd get to spank him, too! He imagined Patrick sucking all of their penises. And then Jake would stick it in him and Matt would get a chance to suck him, too. Oh, no, he wasn't going to tell Patrick what was in store for him. He'd let him find out the same way he had. And he knew that Patrick would like it just as much as he had. Oh, this was going to be so much fun!

Matt wasn't sure how much time had passed, but he figured he'd better be getting back home. Perhaps Patrick was back from his dumb soccer by now.

“Bye for now, Jake and Cubby,” he said. “And you too, Skully.” The parrot had been watching all the action from a perch on a rafter with a bemused smile. “I'll be back soon. Me 'n Patrick.”

Holding his coin, he whispered 'home' and then everything went spinny.

He opened his eyes. He was laying on his bed. The TV was still on, but Jake and the Neverland Pirates was just ending. He must have fallen asleep. What a dream! He could remember it all and it was so weird. Did he really dream about Jake putting his penis up his bottom? How did he even think of that to dream about it. He heard a car pull up; that must be Patrick and Daddy. He better put some pants on if he was going to go out and see them. He scurried up off his bed and grabbed a pair of briefs and shorts from the top of his dresser. As he pulled them on, he saw something out of the corner of his eye. Something glinting in the afternoon light that was spilling in the window. What was that?

Indulging his boyish curiosity, he went over and picked it up. It was...a gold coin. With Peter Pan on it. And this wasn't some plastic toy coin like you might find in a cereal box, this was solid metal. Could it be...had all those things actually happened to him? No, if it was real, there would be another coin. Patrick must have had this coin and Matt had seen it and dreamed about it. But where would Patrick get a coin like this? Matt suddenly grabbed his pillow and threw it across the room. Laying on the end of the bed where he pillow had been was the other coin. That's when Matt knew for sure it had all been real. Now that he thought about it, he could even feel a phantom feeling in his bottom where Jake had stuck his penis inside him.

Matt smiled and dropped the two coins into his pocket. He'd have to find a good hiding place for them; Mommy and Daddy would want to know where they came from if they ever saw them and they'd never believe the truth. Patrick would help him find a safe spot, he was good with things like that. He ran down the hallway and tackled Daddy as he came in the door. Patrick was all excited about his soccer and was babbling to Matt about it. He listened politely, now that he'd had something exciting to do, he wasn't jealous of Patrick anymore.

Mommy and Daddy were conferring. She was saying she needed to go run some errands and then go to the grocery store, so he'd need to watch the boys. He nodded and then she got in the van and drove off.

“Can we go swimming, Daddy?” Patrick asked.

“Sure thing, Bud,” Daddy said. “Sounds like a good idea.” The three of them went into the back yard to the pool.

“Hey, Daddy,” Patrick said as they got there. “Can I swim naked?”

“You know what?” Daddy said, “If you boys want to swim naked, go right ahead. Just don't tell your mother.”

“Yay!” Matt and Patrick both shouted. Clothes went flying and soon two naked boys were jumping into the pool, splashing and laughing. Daddy went in wearing his trunks and took turns throwing them into the deep end. Matt realized that this was just as much fun as playing around with Jake and Cubby. Good thing he didn't have to choose; he couldn't wait until tomorrow when he could take Patrick with him. Yo-ho-ho!