GH Revenge:

Jared Sees Jason

(This story is purely fictional and does in any way suggest or imply the true sexuality of the actors or actresses who portray the characters mentioned, or any personal knowledge of their personal lives.)

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July 17th, 2007. It had been six months exactly since his brother was murdered in cold blood. As he walked the streets of this small town by the water, it was strange but he could almost feel the spirit of his brother. As if he was still alive and well and he was going to bump into him at any moment.

Jared Ward finally arrived on the docks that occupied the warehouses which were mostly co-owned by Mobster Sonny Corrinthois and partner Jason Morgan. One of the warehouses they owned, as he understood, was the crime scene of his brother's date with death. Yes his brother was Justice Ward. And yes he came seeking revenge on behalf of his brother who could no longer do it for himself. And he had the tools he needed to accomplish his mission and then some.

Jared, like his brother also knew his way around the courtroom. He had just graduated law school with top honors and had come to Port Charles to get the information he needed to bring Sonny and Jason down, and whoever else was responsible for the murder of his brother and tuned the other way. He wasn't a fool though, he was anything but. He knew that Jason and Sonny wouldn't just volunteer information freely. He had to find an "in" and then defeat them. He knew he was going to be here a while but he had to get started somehow. Jared wasn't overly worried though. He knew that he always got what he wanted...with a price that usually began and ended with sex. Jared could seduce with the best of them and for good reason. He was young, intelligent, and hott. He worked out at least four times a week which gave him his amazing physique of a body. Although every girl wanted him, his talent was seducing men. Even the straightest of men stood no chance against Jared and he knew Jason, Sonny, and whoever else tried to get in his way would be no different.

Suddenly Jared heard footsteps. What he saw was someone in a leather coat, and blue jeans coming in the distance followed by two guys who appeared to be his bodyguards. This was obviously Jason Morgan, Jared knew from the way his big brother described him in letters home. Jared quickly hid behind a wall where he could see the action but could not be seen himself.

"I don't care what the problem is guys. This problem has been going on for way to long and it needs to be fixed." The rugged bad boy barked to his men.

He continued to elaborate on, but Jared didn't hear a word that he said. He was too busy staring at him. Although the leather jacket was zipped up because of the cold weather, what Jared could see was how his blue jeans hugged his beautiful, sexy ass. Jared knew that someone with such a hott ass had to have a hott body to go a long with it. He also begin to watch Jason form his words, the passion that he spoke with and the way his sexy mouth moved was so sexy to Jared. Unfortuately for him, Jason stopped talking.

"Yes boss." the first body guard answered. He was hott too. You could tell even through his trench coat that he worked out. Jared would love to get into trouble and have no problem allowing him to manhandle him.

"Yes Jason...I mean boss" the second body guard answered. He was more cute than hott. But sexy none the less. It was odd but the two of them looked as though they could be brothers.

Damn it. Jared could have been given exactly what he needed to do Jason in...or at least a good lead but would never know because he let his lusty attractions get the best of him.

"What are you two still standing here for?" Jason asked? "Go"

The two bodyguards quickly scurried away. Jared knew he wasn't going to get what he needed out of Jason today and he probably had no one to blame for it but himself. He began to turn and leave but the wood under his feet betrayed him as it produced an unmistakable squeak that gave his presence away.

Jason turned towards the noise and asked in a very serious but sexy tone.

"Who's there?"

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