Jonathan Beckett

by Phoenix Rafael

Copyright 2010.

Disclaimer: If it is illegal to read this where you are, then don't read it. This story is completely fictional, and based off the TV series Quantum Leap. Any similarities to any persons or events, past or present is purely coincidental. This story contains homosexual themes, along with a sci-fi/fantasy storyline. Quantum Leap is copyright by NBC.

October, 2010

Chapter #2 - Revelations

Late one night Ian and Donna get a call. John has broken into a US military base, and steps into the quantum leap accelerator, in an attempt to save his father. His only guide on the mission is his lover, Ian who relents and helps John as he leaps from life to life, trying to find the man he's never met.

John was sitting next to Liam's hospital bed, and the police were investigating. But so far it had been as if it really happened 19 years ago. The police had ruled it a suicide in the kitchen of Dr. Sam and Donna Beckett.

Sam's cell phone rang and he answered. "Beckett." He was trying to play the role, even if he really was seriously confused. This wasn't anything he was used to. Where was his 3D TV and his TiVO?

From what Gooshie told him on the phone, the babysitter had called. John had been born earlier that day, well quite early something like 1:05 am, and Donna insisted on going 'to work'. But he knew history was changed, as his own father hadn't been there on his actual day of birth, even afterwords but for an hour or two.

Liam started to wake up. "Where am I?" The boy was groggy.

"The hospital. You were shot. The police will want to ask you a few questions" John explained.

"Um, thanks Dr. Beckett."

John seemed to have prevented Liam's death, so why hadn't he leaped yet?

"Ziggy is still trying to figure out why you haven't leaped, John" Ian said, startling John a little.

"Are you okay, Dr. Beckett?" Liam asked and then quietly said, "Who is the man next to you?"

John blinked, "What man, Liam?"

Liam gulped, "The one who spoke about someone named Ziggy." Liam pointed squarely at Ian. Apparently people who's brainwaves matched that of the leaper could see the holographic observer, along with some children, and animals.

"I'm Ian" Ian introduced.

Liam smiled a little. "That's my little brother's name."

"I know" Ian replied. Oh yeah, this was awkward. They couldn't tell Liam that Ian was his brother.

A few days later, Liam had been released from the hospital and was resting in the Beckett's hospital room. He was resting quietly while Ian had left to check with Ziggy on why John hadn't lept yet.

They saved the day, right?

Donna brought in a tray with some food and drink for Ian. John whom she saw as Sam and her had talked long about what to do about Liam. They decided to adopt him if they could. Then John fed... himself, or his newborn self.

John smiled as he held the newborn. His baby self was sleeping peacefully. He wondered if some sort of temporal law was violated by him leaping into his own life, but what did he know. He wasn't the expert, nor could he remember much of anything. Darned swiss-cheesed memory.

Ian returned, but rather than interrupt John with the baby, he remained quiet. He smiled a little, "I'm sorry, John."

"Why are you sorry?" John asked quietly, mellowed as he held the baby.

"I understand why family is so important to you." Ian replied. "I'm glad that when you get home you'll have an older brother, and I'll get to see my brother."

John smiled, "I'm happy about that too. Make sure to give Liam a big hug for me there. I'll be home when I'm home. I gotta find Dad first."

Then there was a knock on the door, and the two looked over. "Come in, Liam."

Liam looked scared, but came in and sat next to John on the sofa. "Dr. Beckett, why am I gay?"

John smiled to Liam, "Call me Sam. Dr. Beckett makes me feel old." He knew his father would say something like that. "As for why, no one is really sure. Some people think it's because of your biology. As in the way you were born."

Liam just nodded a little. He noticed the newborn. "I hope I'm not in the way, Dr.... Sam."

John turned a little and looked at Liam. "You're not in the way, son. In fact, Donna and I are going to adopt you when we're able to. First the state has to do their thing."

Liam just nodded and John put his arm around the teen.

Ian blinked, "Get ready John, it's time."

With that the blue light enveloped John and he leaped out of that life.

John blinked and looked around. He looked in the mirror, he was in a bathroom. Looking back at him was a woman in her 60's. "Aw fuck!"