Johnny and Hadji
Chapter 1
By: Joseph Saren

Standard Disclaimer: This story is not for the consumption of persons under the age of 18 or however old you have to be to read things like this. It is assumed in reading this material that you are over the legal age in whatever country you are in and that material that includes sex between consenting males does not offend you. Also, the characters of Johnny Quest, Hadji, Race Bannon, and Dr. Benton Quest, as well as Jessie are trademarks of and copyright Hanna-Barbera Productions. Beyond that, enjoy.

Johnny walked slowly down the street looking in a few of the store windows as he passed. As he reached the town square he sat down on the stone bench recalling the happenings of early this morning:

He had been in Quest world searching through the net looking for a book that Hadji wanted for his 18th birthday the next week. Johnny's mind was wandering thinking about Hadji when a picture of him only in his underwear came up. Johnny lingered there on the picture for a few minutes allowing himself to take in every slight curve of his friend's dark, beautiful skin. He stopped himself suddenly, horrified that seeing his friend as he had many times was affecting him so much.

He came back to reality looking at the ground thinking of Hadji. He thought to himself, "How cold I be having theses feeling for my best friend and brother?" "Am….."

Suddenly from behind him a car pulls up and Hadji hangs out the window. "My friend, where have you been?" "Just walkin' around thinking." "Would you like to talk about it Johnny? "No thanks Hadj." "Very well, your father has sent me to find you. We have been summoned to Washington D.C. by the president himself. Your father and Race have already left. You and I are to follow and meet them at the hotel." "Ok, cool Hadj. We need to head back the compound and let me get some stuff." "Sure, Johnny. Hop in and let's get going."

Johnny climbed in the passenger side of the van and glanced over at his friend whom he was now falling in love with. Johnny leaned back in the seat and closed his eyes thinking of how he was going to deal with all this and fell asleep.

Hadji looked over at his friend who was more like a brother to him and thought to himself, "He's so cute when he's sleeping." Hadji turned into the long winding drive that leads up to the house. As he pulled up the house he shook Johnny's hand and woke him up slowly. "Johnny we're home." "Thanks Hadj."

Climbing out of the van Johnny glanced over at Hadji and could clearly see that Hadji was hiding a very large erection under his tan shorts. Johnny smiled to himself wondering if Hadji was having the same feelings for him. Johnny walked over the cliff and looked out to see and saw the approaching storm.

"Hey Hadj! That looks a lot like a Hurricane, what do you think?" Hadji walked up beside his friend and looked wearily at the dark horizon. "Yes, it definitely looks like a bad storm." Johnny ran toward the lighthouse with Hadji right on his heels. As Johnny entered the he summoned the computer online and called his father in the jet. Hadji stood beside Johnny as Dr. Quest appeared on the wall screen.

"What is it boys?" came Benton's voice over the link. Johnny walked over to the terminal and punched up the weather schematic and fed it to the screen on the jet. "This." Benton studied the weather read out. It looks like that is going to be one heck of a storm. "Boys do you want to risk trying to get down here or would you rather just stay at the compound?" Johnny looked at Hadji and nodded. "We'll just stay here Dad." "Ok, but you two be careful." With that Benton's image was erased from the screen replaced by the Quest World logo.

Johnny walked over to Hadji and looked him in the eyes and kissed him gently on the lips. "I love you Hadji."

Hadji jumped slightly as Johnny's lips made contact with his. "Oh…I love you too Johnny. I've loved you for so long." Hadji leaned forward returned the tender kiss that he had received. Johnny wrapped his arms around Hadji and drew him close as he moved his tongue into Hadji's mouth. There tongues battled with the fierceness of the wind outside.

Johnny broke the kiss and kissed down his neck. "Oh Hadji, I've waited so long to do this." Johnny slowly opened the tunic that Hadji was wearing and ran his tongue around his left nipple in his mouth and sucked on it lovingly. Hadji gasped and ran his fingers through Johnny's golden hair. Johnny licked across his chest sand over to his right nipple and began to suck on it like a baby to a mother's breast.

Hadji reached down with his hand and pulled Johnny back up to full height and kissed him softly on the lips moving his elegant tongue into Johnny's mouth like a snake. Johnny slowly slid his hands down Hadji's back and into his pants. Hadji sighed as Johnny massaged his bottom.

Hadji took Johnny's hand and looked into his eyes and said, "Johnny, lets go into the house before the storm gets really bad." "Ok." Hadji opened the door and saw that the storm was already very fierce. Johnny took Hadji's hand and led him out into the storm. Walking through the rain Johnny stopped and faced Hadji and kissed him passionately there in the rain and wind. There soaking wet bodies slowly moved together as they kissed. Johnny kissed down Hadji's wet chest until he was at the base of Hadji's pants. Johnny slowly unbuttoned them and let them fall around his ankle revealing that Hadji hadn't been wearing any underpants. Johnny slowly reached out and took the seven-inch cock of his best friend and now lover in his hand and jacked him off slowly. Hadji moaned loudly, "Oh Johnny!"

Suddenly lightning struck one of the huge pines near the house and it came down blocking the road. Johnny quickly picked Hadji up in his arms and carried him into the house. As Johnny laid Hadji down on the sofa he took Hadji's hard cock into his mouth and began to move his mouth over the dark brown skin. Hadji flung his head back with his eyes closed. Oh, yes Johnny yes! Johnny sucked harder hearing Hadji scream and ran is tongue down the shaft of his dick and took his balls into his mouth and sucked on each of his balls. Hadji's turban fell from atop his head and let his beautiful black hair show as Johnny continued to bob his head up and down on Hadji's lap.

Hadji grabbed the back of Johnny's head and began to face fuck him faster and faster. Johnny pulled back to only where the head of Hadji's cock is in his mouth as he feels is swell and shoot Hadji's hot cum deep into the back of his throat. Johnny swished it around in his mouth, loving the taste more than anything else he's ever eaten. Johnny got up slowly and kissed Hadji passionately sharing the taste of his own cum with him.

Johnny smiles at Hadji and kissed his chest lightly. "Thanks for the snack Hadj." Hadji smiles at him, "Always Johnny." Johnny took Hadji's hand and led him up stairs into the large bathroom that he and Johnny shared. Johnny walked over to the large spa tub and turned on the water. Johnny walked over to Hadji and knelt before him untying his shoes and pulling his socks off. Johnny stood up and kissed Hadji passionately. "I love you Hadji." "I love you too Johnny." Hadji leaned over kissed Johnny's neck gently and pulled Johnny's black t-shirt over his head and kissed down his smooth white chest and dark golden nipples. Hadji ran his hand down Johnny's stomach as he kissed Johnny and unbuttoned Johnny's pants and pulled them down slowly. Hadji grabbed Johnny's cock through his boxers and began to jack him off slowly. "Oh my God Hadji."

Johnny stepped over into the hot tub and turned the warm water off as Hadji stepped into the hot water and got on his knees in the hot water and took Johnny's six inch long cock into his mouth and began to suck him off slowly. Johnny leaned back over Hadji and kissed down his spine and leaned back against the wall his eyes closed. Johnny placed his hands on Hadji's head and began to push in and out of Hadji's mouth. Johnny leaned back against the all and moaned as he shot 5 spurts of boy cum down Hadji's throat.

Johnny sank down into the water and held Hadji in his arms as they kissed each other. "Hadji, why do you think this hasn't happened before?" "I don't know Johnny, I've been wanting too for a long time but I thought you didn't." "I just realized it this morning." "Really?" "Yeah, really." Hadji laid his head on Johnny's chest and called for the computer to play some soft music. Hadji fell asleep with Johnny holding him in his arms.

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