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Joseph Gordon-Levitt
(Part 1)
By Sam Curtz

Joseph pumped harder on his swollen cock, sweat on his brow and across his upper lip, his right hand gripping tightly and forearm beginning to ache a little. His legs were beginning to buckle under him as his balls drew up tight in his scrotum and he could feel his sperm readying itself at the base of his cock. Harder he pulled, clenching his eyes, biting on his upper lip to stiffle a load groan.

And then he heard footsteps on the stairs. No, he thought. Not now! He continued to jack off, thankful he had locked his bedroom door. He stared at the computer screen in front of him and squeezed tighter on his rod. He had accessed a free gay site and was busily spanking his monkey as the picture re-loaded and changed every minute.

Still thrashing away, the footsteps were drawing near the top of the stairs. And then he sighed (almost too loudly) as his liquid cream squirted forward, splashing on the carpet. He stopped pulling himself off then, no time to relax, and pulled his pants back up just as a knock sounded on his door.

He threw a shirt down on top of his "mess" and opened his door. "Hey," said his mom. "I'm going to the mall. Your dad won't be home for another hour or two. Wanna tag along? We could stop at the book store and pick up that sci-fi novel you were talking about. It could prove valuable if you get the part in 3rd Planet From The Sun."

"It's ROCK, mom, not Planet. Um, yeah, okay. I've got nothing better to do." Actually, he had just finished the only thing he considered worth doing - jerking off!

"Okay. Be down stairs in five."

"Sure," he said, and closed his door again. Phew! That was close. And also not the first time he had been nearly caught. He looked across the room - Oh God! he thought to himself. The gay website! Did she see it?

Nah, he resolved. She would have said something, wouldn't she?

Downstairs, he pushed his shoulder-length brown hair back and drew a cap over his head, following his mom into the garage and getting in the passenger seat. On the motorway, his mother asked, "What were you doing, all cooped up in your room like that?"

"Nothing-" he hesitated. DID she see? "I-I was just surfing the net."

"On a day like this? You should be outside playing baseball or something, not stuck inside on a PC."

"I was checking the NBC website," he lied, hoping she hadn't seen that picture of the barely-legal boys in a 69-er position. "Looking for anything about 3rd Rock. There was nothing there, though." It all came so smoothly that she just HAD to believe him.

"Oh," she said, apparently convinced. He flashed his hazel-brown eyes at her - that worked all the time!

"I think John Lithgow has a part. I saw him at the studio when I went for my audition," Joey (as he was known to his friends) said.

"John who?"

"Lithgow. You know, from Raising Cain. It was on cable two weeks ago. About the guy with multiple personalities. He was the-"

"Weirdo," his mom finished with a slight laugh, then she returned her attention to the road.

Joey felt a surge of relief wash over him as he realised his mom knew nothing of the gay site he had logged on to. He had known about his sexual preference for some years now - almost from the time he first started jerking off, back when he was only eleven. He had often surfed the net with gay-porn in mind, and always jerked off to images of his friends in his mind, but he had never "slept" with another boy. there was a place down town that was reknowned to be a gay hang-out, but at his age he'd be considered too young, no doubt. So everything was in his head - at least that way he was safe from STD's that he had read about somewhere!

The trip to the mall was, for the most part, uneventful. but it killed some time. They picked up the sci-fi book he wanted, got a few groceries and a dress that was on sale (his mom couldn't resist it), and also stopped at the coffee shop for a cola. He thought it was unfair how he was never recognised about town - afterall, he had starred in some good movies. There was Changes, for one, and the series Dark Shadows. But he also thought it was cool, because he didn't know if he could handle all the attention! But now, someone was staring at him from across the coffee shop.

He stared back at the boy, intregued. Was he looking at him because he was slightly famous, or was it maybe because-

No, the feelings he had for other boys was his own. No one else felt like that.

But still, the boy stared. He was about twelve years old, had short fair hair and olive skin. From this distance, Joey couldn't make out his eye color, but he hoped he'd have a chance to get a closer look soon. He could feel a stirring deep in his groin and it needed some attention of its own! "I-I'm gonna go to the toilet," he told his mom.

"Okay," she said, and he stood, walking towards the gents, passing the other boy's table on the way. As he walked by, he smiled at the boy and had enough time to notice that his eyes were startlingly green. The boy returned the smile, and Joey continued on to the toilets.

In side, he wondered just why the boy had been looking at him. He unzipped his pants and reached inside, pulling his flaccid penis out of his boxer short and standing before a urinal.

As his piss was in mid flow, the door to the toilets opened and his heart skipped a beat. Was it the boy? He dared not turn round, but he had to know. Slowly, he twisted his head a little to the right, his eyes glancing out the corner of his vision, and there, next to him, was the fair-haired boy.

He had taken the urinal beside Joey's, which Joey found odd for there were at least five or six others that were not being used - they were, in fact, the only two in the gents.

"Hi," the boy said as he pulled his penis out and began to urinate.

Joey wanted to catch a look at it but refrained. "Hey," he replied. He could feel himself going a little red in the face.

"Are you-" the boy began as he zipped up again and went to one of the sinks, pushing on the hot faucet.

"Joseph Gordon-Levitt," he awkwardly said, thrusting his hands under the electronic drier. He threw another smile at the boy and then looked at his hands, not wanting him to see his embarrassed face.

"Thought you were," the other guy said. "Cool. I'm Michael. Saw you on TV. What are you doing here?"

"I-" Joey tried. He was SO embarrassed. "I live not far from here."

"Oh," Michael said and he put his hands under the same drier as Joey. For a fleeting moment, their skin brushed together and Joey's dick begged for it to happen again. He wanted to pull his hands away, but didn't want to as well. He looked down at his groin. Oops!

Michael must have saw him glance downward, for he too looked, and said, "I hate it when that happens, don't you? Gotta get some relief for that as soon as possible!" he smiled.

"Um...yeah," Joey said, his face flushing more red than before. This guy was talking about jacking off!

There was a moment of awkward silence then, until Michael broke it by playfully pushing against Joey and laughing as the TV star almost lost his balance. Joey, having recovered quickly and pulling a defence- stance, pushed back and they were both laughing then.

Michael turned to the nearest sink and wet his hands under one of the faucets, then turned and splashed his fingers at Joey.

"Hey!" Joey said and he ducked out of the way of another onslaught. Michael tried again and Joey dodged around him, reaching the sink and doing as the other guy had done. He was enjoying himself now, having completely forgotten his previous embarrassment. Getting to the sink again, Michael soaked his hands once more and then drove a shoulder into Joey's chest, knocking him to the floor. He quickly sat on the long-haired boy and started rubbing his hands into his face, laughing hysterically as he did so.

"Hey!" joey said again, also laughing. his erection was huge now and was thankful that Michael wasn't facing the direction of it or he would have surely seen it bulging behind his pants.

Just then, the door opened and a middle-aged man walked in. He sighted the two boys on the floor and smiled. "Not the most hygenic place to be playing, is it, boys?" he said, then ducked into one of the stalls. Joey and Michael just looked at each other and started laughing again, harder and louder than before. They quickly stiffled it though, and Michael helped Joey to his feet.

"Well," Michael said, "gotta go."

"Yeah," replied Joey. "Me too."

"Maybe I'll see you again sometime. I'm here every day. My mom works here so I keep her company during the summer."


* * * * *

Joey was tired. But not too tired that he couldn't think of that boy from the mall. Michael seemed so nice. His olive skin, his bright green eyes, that light-colored hair... and facial features of the gods. His physique was neat, not bulky but not slim, and he was an inch or two smaller than Joey.

Turning onto his back, Joey felt his erection ache to get release. Almost subconsciously, he reached down and pushed his hand under the waist-line of his boxers, taking his dick in a tight grip. He shuffled the blanket down, then his boxers, and twisted until he was comfortable. Spreading his legs, he began to slowly pump on his hot rod, thoughts of Michael dancing through his head like the wind through poplar trees, churning up his emotions and desires like the contents of a churn on a farm. Images of Michael pushing a hand down Joey's shorts, of Joey slowly reaching out with his tongue and tasting Michael's lips, of the two of them together, grinding their groins against one another, of ripe butt-cheeks pressed against his face, of tasting Michael's penis, tasting his sweet skin...

Faster he began to pull, head forcing back into his pillow, groin thrust forward, heels digging into the mattress, and he came, sperm blasting forward onto his lightly-tanned stomach and chest. Then he relaxed. Yes, he thought, maybe he would go see Michael again.

Slowly, then, he drifted off to sleep and dreamed about his new friend, dreamed about what the two of them could do together. Perhaps soon he would have a release for all his desires.

He awoke the following morning with that customary hard-on. He wanted to hold it, to exercise it again, but wanted to save it for Michael... if Michael would have it. All through breakfast he squirmed in his seat, trying to hide his boner. He could not get Michael out of his mind at all. It seemed impossible. He just had to see him again today. But getting to the mall was a problem.

"Mom," he said with a mouthful of cereal. "I saw another book I'd like at the mall, yesterday. I have the money for it."

"Why do you want another? You haven't even read the first yet."

"I know," he said. "But there was only one copy left yesterday and I'd really like to get it. Could you drive me there?"

"Well," she stalled, "I was going to go to Sara's today. The mall is on the way. But I'd have to leave you there for ann hour. Maybe more. Is that okay?"

Perfect! he thought. "Um, yeah. I'll find something to do. Check out some girls or something..." His mother laughed. "When can we go?" he asked her.

"How does an hour sound? Does that give you enough time to shower and dress?"

"Yeah," he said, and dashed off to his room.

When he was finally at the mall, he said goodbye to his mom and headed straight for the coffee shop. He took a deep breath and walked in through the doors. As he had hoped, Michael was there. He was presently leaning over the counter talking to his mom, wearing a pair of tight shorts and a shirt, his butt-cheeks looking so inviting. Joey approached.

As he did, Michael turned and saw him. "Hey! Didn't think you'd be back so soon." Joey smiled awkwardly in front of Michael's mom. "Mom," Michael said, "This is Joseph." He refused to tell her of his new friend's status.

The woman reached over the counter and shook his hand. "Joey," he said. "I hate people calling me Joseph."

"Joseph--" Michael sneered under his breath. Joey nudged him playfully and they giggled.

"You guys want some cola? On the house," said Michael's mom.

The two boys looked at each other, then at her, and said in unison, "Yep."

"Grab a seat. I'll bring them over."

Michael was roughly two years younger than Joey, but Joey didn't care. He was a really nice guy and wasn't asking dumb questions about the silverscreen all the time. When they had finished their drinks, they bid farewell to Michael's mom and went to roam the mall. They walked close together, their arms rubbing against one another fom time to time, but neither of them seemed to care. For Joey it was Heaven.

"You got a girlfriend?" Michael asked Joey as he bit into a Hershey Bar he purchased from one of the stores. It was a naf question, but the only one he could think of.

"No," Joey told him. He was beginning to get some hot feelings in his pants. "You?"

Michael shook his head, staring into Joey's eyes for what seemed like an eternity. After a pause, Michael said, "Have you--" then he changed his mind. "Nah, forget it."

"What? Have I what?" Joey urged. those hot pangs were becoming formed urges. Michael's face was so sweet. He really wanted to kiss him.

"Um... Have you... ever done anything... with another boy?" The last was mumbled but Joey managed to hear it.

Joey's hormones were raging. Was Michael coming on to him? Yes, damn it, it was obvious! He looked down at the younger boy's tight shorts and noticed a neat bulge in them. Then he looked back at his face and smiled knowingly.

"Come on," Michael said, dropping his candy wrapper on the floor and walking off in the opposite direction.

"Where to?"

"You'll see..."

Michael led Joey to the public toilets and they discreetly went in. It was empty, thankfully. Michael quickly turned to Joey and began to push at the waistband of his shorts. "What d'you wanna do?" he asked.

"Huh?" Joey said, a little confused.

"You know -- What d'you wanna DO? Just looking? Or touching too?"

"Erm..." Joey was lost for words. He had dreamed of being with this boy the night before, and had dreamed of being with another boy for years. And now that it was happening, the only thing he could think was, What if we get caught? But his body was telling him to get a grip -- of both his senses and something else!!

Michael, without another word, pushed his shorts and briefs down to his ankles and stood there, waiting. His penis was about 5" long, standing up hard, his hairless testicles dangling nicely below it and looking like they just needed to be touched. "You wanna go into one of the cubicles or something?" he asked.

"Um, yeah," Joey said. Michael hopped into the cubicle nearest him, his shorts still around his ankles, and Joey cautiously followed. Inside, they closed the door and locked it. Joey stared at Michael's dick lustfully.

"You can touch it if you want to," Michael said brashly.

Slowly, Joey reached out, looking from the boy's crotch to his face to his crotch again, and his fingers brushed the silky shaft. Michael moaned and smiled and Joey did it again, this time taking it in his hand. It was warm and throbbed under the skin. With his other hand, Joey reached out and cupped Michael's balls and they retracted under his touch. Michael looked to be in Heaven.

"Aren't you gonna get your's out?" Michael soon asked, as Joey was pulling on his rod.

"Um, yeah," Joey said and stopping touching Michael for a moment while he undid his pants and pushed them down. He sighed at the release of his swollen member and instantly Michael had it in his hand. He seemed like such a pro, like he had done this with so many other boys before. He squeezed, pulled, pumped, did all the things that made Joey feel good, feel like he was going to explode...

Together, they carressed each other, masterbating with one hand and fondling balls and ass cheeks with the other. Michael's skin was so smooth, not a pubic hair to be found, whereas Joey had already begun puberty and had a neat patch of hair just above his dick.

After a few minutes of sheer ecstasy on Joey's behalf, Michael stopped. Joey looked at him, wondering why, and the younger boy only smiled widely. He knelt down in front of Joey and reached out with a hand for the penis that dangled by his face. As the recognition of what was about to happen struck Joey, his whole body ached for the release of his juices. Michael leaned forward, closed his eyes and opened his mouth, taking the head of Joey's cock past his moist lips andclamping down on it. Ever-so-slowly, he moved his mouth back and forth over the shaft of his friend's rod and urged Joey into a climax - the first climax he would have with another guy and one that he hoped would not be the last.

Almost instinctively, he placed his hands on Michael's head, acting like a guide, and began to thrust his hips in time with Michael's sweet sucking. He remembered this pose from one of the gay sites he had visited on the net and had always dreamed of trying it out. He needed to release his load now but didn't know if Michael would take his cum or not. But there was no time for debate as he was drawing ever closer. "Ahhh," he breathed, as Michael reached up and clasped his butt cheeks, kneeding them with an urgency, touching his crack and his hot anal opening. He pushed and the tip of his forefinger went in. "Oh, yeah..." And then, Joey sighed as his anus clenched around Michael's finger, his eyes tightened and lips stretched and every single muscle in his body contracted. He shot forth his cum with almighty force, gasping with each flux, moaning inbetween. And Michael did take it. He swollowed all of it and slurped at the shaft for any that he missed.

Joey gasped, sweat on his upper lip, and sighed heavily. "Oh, man. That was awesome!" His legs buckled under him and he sank to his knees.

Michael stood immediately and thrust his cock forward."Take it," he urged. Gently he pulled on it, getting it into it's full splendor. Joey did not hesitate. He wanted to know what it tasted like, wanted to have Michael's sperm in his mouth - if Michael could produce any. He opened his mouth and went forward.

He swollowed the first tastes and loved it. He never wanted to stop sucking. It was excellent. Michael pushed his hands through Joey's long hair and gripped, motioning his head back and forth as he needed it. Soon he experienced an orgasm. He thrust forward and held tightly to Joey's head, gasping as he did, needing this explosion more than anything in the world. "Yeah..."

It was weird, Joey thought. michael had no cum, but he didn't mind. Just so long as he had his dick in his mouth, Joey didn't care. He never wanted to stop.

But Michael pulled back and smiled down at Joey and they knew in that instant that they would be friends for life. They had experienced something most guys never do together, something that they would share for years to cum.