[Disclaimer: The following work is entirely fictional, containing acts of sex between gay minors. It does not reflect on the sexual preference and antics of Joseph Gordon-Levitt (star of the much-acclaimed NBC show Third Rock From The Sun) nor does it claim to say he's gay (Though you can probably tell I'd like him to be!). If this type of genre is not to your liking (i.e. if it pisses you off) or you are under the legal age to read such stories in your country, close your eyes now or ask your parents to move to another country! Comments on the story to Sam Curtz
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
(Part 2)
By Sam Curtz

"Thank you for calling the Big Giant Head. Remember, we didn't make the head, we just make it big and giant." French Stewart looked up and said his next line. "Who's for ice-cream?"

"And cut!" the director shouted. "That's a wrap. Same time tomorrow guys." Then he dashed off in search of Bonnie Turner.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt climbed down off the roof set and walked towards his dressing room. Shay, the girl who played August, Tommy's girlfriend, caught up with him. "What are you doing tonight, Joey?"

"Nothin' much," he replied. "I've got some study to do. A big essay. French Revolution of all things!"

"Need any help?"

"Nah, I'll be fine," Joey said. Shay had been cracking onto him for nearly two months now, but he couldn't tell her he wasn't interested in her... or any girl for that matter. He left her by his dressing room door, watched her walk off and then he entered.

Inside, sitting at Joey's table, was Michael. It had been a little less than 7 months since the two of them met at the mall and performed that "ritual" of friendship. Almost 7 months and they tried to see each other as often as possible. On occasion, Michael would come down and watch Joey work. And then in the dressing room, they would do some "work" of their own.

"Hey," Joey said, by way of greeting. He began to unbutton his shirt.

"Hi," Michael answered. He reached down to his pants and unzipped them, dipping into his boxers and producing his semi-erect penis. "Wanna suck me, Joey?" He began to caress it, to fondle it, to pump it.

"Fuck yeah!" Joey said and he pulled his shirt off, revealing his lightly tanned torso. Then he knelt between Michael's legs and grasped his friend's now-throbbing dick in one hand while struggling to undo his own pants and take hold of his cock with his other hand. When he had it out, he began to work on it with a tight fist and he leaned in and took Michael in his mouth.

He had been waiting for this moment for hours, ever since 9:30am when he started filming. He even had to bluff a few lines earlier because his hard-on was so uncomfortable.

Michael's cock tasted sweet as usual. Joey loved taking it in his mouth. He lived for it. He caressed the shaft with his tongue and nibbled at the uncut head, encompassing his friend's dick with his lips and going down on it, then drawing back, then sliding down over it again, lips pressing tighter each time, creating a vacuum.

Michael spread his legs wide and grasped on to the sides of the chair as Joey took him, looking down at his actor-friend and watching his dick disappear into his mouth. It ached for relief. He needed to cum - he had cum for the first time three months ago in Joey's bedroom. They had been lying on the bed, doing a 69er that Joey had always talked about, when he felt strange. He was sucking on Joey, ready to take his cum, when all of a sudden he realized what was happening. He was about to tell Joey but had no time. He just had to thrust forward and explode into Joey's mouth. It wasn't much, but three months had done a lot to his lower regions. And now he was ready to explode again.

"Ahhhh, yeah," he breathed and clasped Joey's head in his hands, pushing his fingers through the long brown hair and forcing his head down harder onto his member. His grunting noises became more prominent and now even Joey was grunting with exertion as they both approached climax. But Joey stopped pumping on his rod to concentrate on satisfying Michael. He sucked harder and seconds later Michael's hips pushed forward, his penis buried deep in Joey's mouth and his salty cum gushed forth, his boyish seed spilling into Joey and slipping down his throat like honey.

Joey managed to collect some of it in his mouth and they both stood and embraced, arms tangling tightly around each other, Michael's hands running over the naked flesh of Joey's back. They kissed, with tongues, and Michael took his own cum in his mouth from Joey's and swallowed it. They continued to kiss and hug and Michael could feel Joey's erection pressing firmly against his crotch. He slid down to his knees and took Joey's penis in his mouth, returning the favor that had just been granted to him.

Joey moaned with excitement. His dick throbbed as Michael's hot, moist lips consumed it. It felt so good, so right. He needed to cum and the best place to do that was in Michael's mouth. He pushed his hips forward in time with Michael's sucking and held the younger boy's head as he forced his six inches into his mouth and exploded, shooting cum from himself with a force he could only reach with Michael - much better than his own fist.

When they were done, when Michael had swallowed all of Joey's sperm and they had tidied themselves up again, Joey called a taxi to take them home. Outside Michael's house, Joey said, `Why don't you come over tonight? We can watch a video or something.'

`Okay,' Michael replied and waved him off. In the taxi, Joey began to feel himself, hoping the cab driver didn't notice.

* * *

Joey slotted the video cassette into the VCR and rewound it. His mom looked up from the book she had been reading and said, `Why don't you rewind cassettes when you've finished watching them instead of leaving it till the next time you decide to see it?'

Joey shrugged and said nothing. When the tape was done, he took it out and inserted another to rewind it.

`What time's Michael coming over?' Joey's mom asked. Joey shrugged again and took the video tapes up to his room.

The room was a mess, clothes and books splayed across the floor. He kicked them into a corner to clear some space, and then sat down on his bed, pressing play on the remote control of his stereo to start the CD, and then he lay back, hands behind his head, to wait for Michael.

The fourth track on the CD had just about finished when a knock came to his door. He opened his eyes and called, `Come in,' but made no attempt at getting up from the bed.

The door opened and Michael came in. Closing the door behind him, he sprang onto the bed and flopped down on top of Joey. Before either had a chance to speak, their lips were locked together in a passionate kiss, tongues darting into each other's mouth to explore territory they already knew. Michael was already grinding his hips against Joey and Joey could feel his friend's cock bulging and in obvious need of exercise. When their kiss broke, Joey gasped and said, `Hello.'

Michael smiled and said, `I've had a hard-on since I left my house.'

Joey reached down and gently squeezed Michael's groin. `Come on,' he said, `let's go watch some movies.'

`You weren't serious about that, were you? I thought you just wanted me to come over so we could... you know!' He pushed his hips against Joey again to illustrate what he thought he was there for.

`Yeah, I was serious. We can do-' he pushed his hips upwards `-that later.'


Downstairs, they settled on the couch in the living-room and Joey's mom went upstairs out of their way. Joey pushed the first of the videos into the VCR and came back to sit beside Michael, the lights dimmed, the curtains drawn, and then he pressed play on the remote.

`Mister Sandman, won't you bring me a dream. Make him the sweetest that I've ever seen,' came from the television. It was HALLOWEEN II Joey had chosen to watch.

`Ever seen it?' he asked, then added, `Oh shit, you're Michael! You're Michael Myers! Shit!'

Michael made a stabbing action towards Joey's crotch, a zombified look on his face. Then said, `No, I've only ever seen the first one.' He crept closer to Joey and rested his head against his shoulder. `You'll have to protect me from it!'

`Hey!' Joey said. `I'll have to protect myself from you!' They both laughed and then turned their attention to the movie. During it, they did not realize that they were holding hands and stroking their thumbs together.

At the end of it, they managed a brief kiss just before Joey's mom came into the room and asked if they wanted anything to drink. They said no, said they were going to watch another movie, and so she went back up stairs.

During the second video, THE GOOD SON, Michael had wormed his hand down into Joey's pants and was stroking his erect penis. `God, I wouldn't mind having him for a night,' Michael said, referring to Elijah Wood who was acting in the movie.

`Hmmm,' was all Joey said, enjoying the feel of Michael's hand around his swollen tool. He too had often fantasized about Elijah Wood. He wondered how easy it would be to get in touch with him, now that Joey was a `star' as well. Then he thought, What would I say to him if we did meet? Hey Elijah, can I suck your cock? Life doesn't work like that, so Elijah would have to remain in their fantasies.

As soon as the movie was over, Michael leaned in and kissed Joey, then asked, `Ready to get naked?' Joey smiled and they went upstairs.

In Joey's room, Michael instantly unzipped his jeans and dipped in for his throbbing cock. He pushed his jeans down and kicked them off, then pulled his shirt off and stood there in his boxer shorts, dick in hand.

Joey approached him and took hold of the younger boy's penis, leaning in to kiss Michael. He thought Michael was a good kisser, but he had little experience of kissing other boys so couldn't say for sure. His tongue felt divine in Joey's mouth, felt like it should be there forever. Joey needed it to be there for ever.

Michael moaned at Joey's touch. He loved being touched by him, and especially now that he was able to cum. It made it even better. `Fuck me, Joey,' he whispered, leaning in and sniffing the sweet scent of Joey's cologne. `I want you to fuck me.'

He kissed the soft flesh of Joey's neck and Joey rolled his head. Michael's lips were so soft. `Yeah,' Joey said softly, nodding, letting Michael's velvety kisses seep into his skin, into his blood-stream, letting him take over his senses.

Together they knelt, their lips meeting in a ravenously hungry melding of souls, their members throbbing, aching for each other. Joey breathed heavily, loudly. They had never done this before, often talked about it, joked about it, but never actually done it. Michael broke the kiss, looked into Joey's eyes, smiled, and turned.

Joey was thirsty for this, wanted this more than he could have imagined possible. He reached under his bed and pulled out a tube of Vaseline that he had kept for such a time - never actually believing it would come - and unscrewed the cap. As he squeezed some onto his swollen penis and began to rub it in, covering himself in a cold wetness, he looked at Michael's perfectly rounded ass, unblemished, creamy white, begging for penetration, and he smiled. He was finally going to take him, finally going to fuck Michael, to ram his cock up his ass and explode his juices in him. He went forward and closed his eyes.

Michael grunted and stifled a cry. It was hurting, stinging, but he wanted this as much as he knew Joey wanted it. And it did feel good. Boy did it feel good!

Joey pushed, pushed harder, harder still. He could feel his skin pulling back as he entered the tight orifice, could feel his head popping in, his shaft sliding in after it. He eased until he was completely in, all six inches, complete engulfed by Michael's body. They were together, they had morphed, they had become as one. And he could not help but smile.

`Yes, Joey. Do it. Fuck me,' Michael whispered, totally aware that Joey's mom was somewhere in the next room or the next. He knew it and Joey knew it, and they both got off on that fact - that they could be caught at any minute, that Joey's mom could walk in and find them on the floor like this, her son inside another boy, her son... gay.

Joey gripped Michael's hips, his palms moist with sweat, and pushed into the thirteen-year-old. He pushed and pulled and pushed, and for several minutes he knew divinity, immortality, could take this universe and hold it in his hands. He thrust forward and eased backward, thrust and eased, pushed and pulled, sweat forming above his lip and on his brow. And shortly, he went forward and pushed with all his worth, erupting into Michael's ass, sperm gushing forth ferociously, his hot member feeling like it exploded. And he laughed, he laughed out loud, his body aching, shivering from the labor, sweating like never before.

He withdrew and fell back, stomach and chest heaving, shirt sticking to him, hair dampened to his head. Michael turned and smiled, crept up over Joey and kissed him, massaged his chest and undid his shirt, his hands running over Joey's soft skin, fingertips touching erect nipples. Joey licked his lips. `That was...' he began, but could find no words to describe it.

They kissed again and Michael rubbed his crotch against Joey, teasing his friend as well as himself.

After a minute, when Joey had composed himself, he sat up and looked directly into Michael's wide, green eyes. `Now it's your turn,' he said, handing over the tube of Vaseline.

*** End of part TWO ... Part THREE to follow ***