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Junior Officers

Written by Adam

Ensign Erik Bengtsson was bored. George, his room mate and best friend through all four years at the Academy had been transported onboard the Enterprise less than an hour ago. Erik had wanted the Enterprise too, well practically everybody in the class of '67 had. The Enterprise had only been under the command of Captain James T. Kirk for a year but was already more or less legendary. Unfortunatly only a few of his classmates had been assigned to the Enterprise, like that really cute Russian guy, Chekov. Erik had fantisized a lot about Chekov, though he knew that Chekov was straight, just as George. Erik had fantisized about George too, ofcourse but he never made any moves on George, since he was perfectly content being just friends, except but that haden't stopped them from having had sex a few times.

Erik never bothered to hide the fact that he was gay. There wasn't any reason, hadn't been for at least couple of hundred years. He'd also heard about that it had been even more troublesome to be gay in a military organisation and that the army of one of the old nation states had even had a stupid policy called 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' which Erik didn't entirely understand how it worked or why it was there but what he knew about it he considered, well stupid. Starfleet, on the other hand followed one of the guiding principles of the Federation that everyone is accepted no matter colour, creed, species, sex, or sexual orientation, and therefore openness of one's sexual orientation was actually prefered to hiding it. It certainly made it easier for the others who were gay too to find each other for one thing. And also the ones who were curious to try it at least once like George had... and had come back for more. Though George insisted that his main interest was girls and that his emotional relationship to Erik was purelly one of friendship and nothing more, while the sex was just sex between two friends. Erik didn't mind. Actually he was just glad that such a hot guy as cadett George O'Neill wanted to have sex with him at all. And apparently it wasn't a secret either since George talked about it himself with his friends to explain how he felt that it was perfectly normal for a straight guy to have sex with another guy and not mean anything more than it was two friends helping each other get off. These discussions often took place in some bar with a lot of other cadets around and a lot of alcohol in their bloodstreams and this alcohol level made sure that the conversations never really were very serious and more often ended with everybody including Erik and Geoge laughing themselves silly than with a bar brawl.

At the Academy there had been plenty of gay guys to choose from and Erik and picked a few of them up too but there had never been much more than one night stands and a few that he'd done it two or three times with. But no boyfriend. He'd been single since before he went to the Academy... well actually Andreas and he had considered themselves a pair several months after Erik had moved to San Fransisco and the campus area on the Presidio. Andreas, and Erik had both grown up on the same street and gone to the same elementary and high school in Enköping, Sweden and both of them had discovered that they liked boys rather than girls when they reached puberty and more to the point the liked each other and so they had been a pair since age 12. But then at age 16 they started to grow apart. Erik had always dreamed of becoming a Starfleet Captain one day, a dream that Andreas unfortunatly didn't share, but Erik had persuaded Andreas to sign up for and go through the tests for Starfleet Academy together since he hoped that they could stay together through the Academy and hopefully get assigned to the same Starship, but he'd noticed that Andreas' heart just wasn't in it and that he didn't make any real effort to pass the tests and since he liked Andreas so much he couldn't force him either so when Andreas had been washed out of the tests they had hugged and kissed before they parted and Andreas went home. When Erik returned home after passing that round of tests he had learned that Andreas' father, a prominent scientist had gotten a new job on this colony, on a planet called Deneva and that the entire family would be moving with him only a few weeks before Erik was to begin his education at the Academy. They had promised each other that they would still remain a pair and keep constant contact through subspace communications but that didn't work out. A couple of months later Andreas had told him that he'd met this other kid, the same age as Erik and Andreas and that Andreas liked this other guy a lot and Erik was relieved since he too had had some doubts wether he could remain true to Andreas in spite of the distance and had decided to ask Andreas if they could be 'just friends' instead. And they did remain friends and kept communicating up until a few weeks before the graduation when apparently the colony had been struck by a strange epidemic of mass insanity. The Enterprise had resolved the situation eventually by exposing the entire surface of the planet with light at a certain wave length that killed the creatures that caused the insanity. Unfortunatly it had been too late for Andreas though, who'd apparently jumped off a building to end the pain that the creatures inflicted to get him to do what they wanted.

Erik turned over on the bed to lie on his back instead. He'd been told that there would be several hours before the Yamamoto would arrive here at Starbase 12 to pick up Erik and the three others assigned to it, and that would still be several hours before the bar would open. He didn't feel like reading and since all his stuff was already packed and shipped off to the transporter room there really was nothing to do except what he usually did when he was this lonely, which was to think back to that first time three years ago when George's curiosity had gotten the better of him.

Erik had been sitting at the desk in their room trying to read the text on Cochrane's discovery of warp propulsion for the text next day but his gaze kept shifting to the view through the window that showed a large part of downown San Fransisco and his mind wandered to those gay bars in Castro that he'd much rather visit for real rather than sit there and study. Then George had come into the room panting after having jogged around the compound and sat down on the lower bunk of the bunk bed which actually belonged to Erik but Erik didn't object, since he actually didn't mind. George pulled off the sweat shirt and kicked off his running shoes and sat their in only the sweat pants, socks and presumably a pair of underwear while his upper body was bare and the sweat glistened on his well toned abs and pecs. Erik tried once more to concentrate on the text instead of looking at George.

"Are you mad at me for something?" George had asked suddenly.

"What? No, why?" Erik had said.

"Well, normally when I sit here like this with my chest bare you always steal a few glances of me. The first few weeks I was bothered by that but since then my vanity has come to a point that I feel hurt now that you don't" George had said.

"Well we've got a test on this tomorrow and I've gotta learn it by then, but I'm already distracted enough and having trouble concentrating without you sitting there with your chest bare" Erik had said.

"I have to learn that too, we can help each other study later if you'll do something for me now" George had said.

"Pray tell, what would that be?" Erik had said jokingly since George asking something of Erik had been so rare that it was on the verge of being unique at that point... though they became a lot closer and later on... as friends nothing else.

"To begin with, tell me... what's it like?" George had said shrugging off Erik's use of 17th century English.

"What's what like? I don't understand the question... surely you're not asking me what it's like being gay, 'cause I've never been straight so I don't have a point of reference with which..." Erik had said but George had cut him off.

"Stop it, you sound like a Vulcan when you talk that way!" George had said throwing Erik's pillow at Erik.

"Have you got anything against Vulcans?" Erik had asked.

"No, their women are rather lovely in an ice box sort of a way... but a human talking in the same way as they do tend to sound rather... nerdy... talk normally, like Cadet Bengtsson, not Cadet Sovok!" George had said and this made Erik throw the pillow back hitting George in square in the face.

"Aye sir, cadet O'Neill... what is it you want to know then... more specified question this time, please!" Erik had said.

"What's it like... you know... with another guy" George had said making gestures with his hands that told Erik more than the words that George had spoken.

"Sex with another guy?... well I've never done it with a girl so I have nothing to compare it with... but before you throw my pillow at me again I'll try to answer more properly... it's the best thing in the universe, no doubt... especially if you do it with a guy you love" Erik had said.

"That I love? I don't love any guy and I don't think I ever will" George had said.

"I didn't mean you! I used the word in a generalised way meaning any or most gay guy, okay?" Erik had said.

"Yes, I know that you meant that, sorry. Just teasing... But if I understand you correctly you can't describe what it's like to... have sex with another guy, it has to be experienced first hand?" George had said.

"Yeah.... I guess that's what I'm saying though I haven't thought about it that way myself. Sorry that I couldn't be of more help" Erik had said.

"Well, that's what friends are for, isn't it? Helping each other I mean... and I consider you my best friend...." George had said.

"And I consider you my best friend too" Erik had said already suspecting where this might lead.

"So... if I... if I... should be curious to experience gay sex first hand... well, I'd like it to be my best friend... and hope you could consider it 'just helping a friend' without it meaning anything, that our friendship wouldn't change in any way... that we would be... as if it never happened... unless I should like it against all probability ofcourse, then we might consider turning it into something more" George had said getting more and more nervous the whole time.

"Wow... Er...you've been thinking about this a long time, haven't you?" Erik had said.

"Yes... the last month at least and most intensely during my run today... would you do what I just asked?" George had said.

"Yeah... sure... why not... just say when" Erik had said.

"When" George had said.

"Now? ... okay... sure" Erik had said.

"And since I don't know how to go about this at all, I think it would work best if you came over here and seduced me" George had said.

Erik walked over and sat down on the bunk bed beside George and at first just looked him deeply in the eyes. Then Erik gently put his right hand on George's left shoulder and caressed slightly before moving his hand to the back of George's neck and then pulled George's head closer until their lips met for a second and then Erik pulled back slightly and looked George in the eyes again to see his reaction. George looked slightly surprised but at the same time aroused... the surprise seemed to be that such a quick kiss from another guy could be as arousing. George made the next move as he persued Erik's retreating head until their lips met again in a pressing of lips that lasted slightly longer than the first one before George pulled back for a couple of seconds during which he seemed to make up his mind wether not he would go for 'the big one' and then he did. George moved back in and pressed his lips against Erik's and then opened his lips and pressed his tongue forward until it met Erik's lips which parted willingly and soon Erik's tongue met his and they started to entangle. Erik smiled within as his strategy of a small teasing kiss had worked once more as it always did... give the guy a slight taste and look him in the eyes and with Erik's deep and serious green eyes they always came back for more. As the kiss went on and on Erik moved his right arm round George's back and placed his left hand on George's chest and started caressing his pecs. Then George pulled back briefly to catch some breath and to talk.

"Wow! I thought kissing a guy would be different from kissing a girl somehow... but it isn't! It tastes just the same... I guess a kiss is a kiss no matter who you kiss" George said.

"What I've always suspected" Erik said and kissed George again.

This kiss lasted longer than the previous one discounting one brief interruption. As Erik started to kiss George he felt George pull his uniform shirt up until it was under his arms and then George's hands tarting to caress Erik's abs and pecs for a few moments before they started pulling at the uniform shirt again and Erik lifted his hands above his head and broke the kiss temporarily as George pulled the shirt off completely. When they resumed the kiss Erik pulled George closer until their bare chests met and this was like electricity to George who got even more aroused and his track trousers revealed a huge bulge of his hardening cock. Actually the sensation of another guy's skin against his own had pretty much the same effect on Erik but he was more used to it. Erik changed position to stand with one leg foot on the floor and put the support on the other side on the knee up on the bunk bed and then he leaned forward while still kissing George who then willingly let himself be laid down on his back and moved his legs up on the bed so he was lying properly on it and Erik lifted the other leg up and lay down on top of George. While Erik did this maneuver he also made another, more hazardous maneuver, he moved his hand downwards, feeling George's pecs and abs the whole way down to the track pants where he started feeling the hard bulge through the fabric. George wasn't the first 'straight' guy who'd approached Erik to try gay sex and every time the most sensitive part had been how they reacted when he touched their cocks... even when there were clothes between his hand and the guys cock. Some guys freaked and called the whole thing off at that point while others got even more interested and sometimes even realised that they really weren't that straight after all. Though the guys who balked at his touching their cocks usually were much more hesitant about the kissing and other stuff too. George got a bit hesitant at first and almost resisted Erik's attempt to get him to lie down but then George lay down volontarily, pulling Erik with him and also kissed harder. What surprised Erik slightly was the feel of George's free hand pressing against Erik's abs at first and then moved downward towards Erik's cock... this in itself wasn't that surprising, but rather the fact that George didn't just mimic Erik's caress of the bulge on the outside of the trousers but instead maneuvered itself inside Erik's trousers and underwear and started caressing Erik's cock directly. Erik stopped the tongue kissing and started kissing George's chin and neck and pecs until he reached George's left nipple and started licking and nibbling at it and George moaned with pleasure at this for a short while.

"You're moving the wrong way" George said suddenly.

"What?!" Erik said.

"You're moving downwards, but I want you to move up to sit over my chest so I can try sucking cock" George said.

"I suspected you might want to try that, but I thought I'd suck your cock first and then you could learn how to give a very good blow job by doing what I did" Erik said.

"I suspected that was what you had in mind, but I think I'd learn more by trying first and then you can do it to me to show me how it really should be done. Come on up here now" George said.

Erik shrugged and moved up to sit astride George's chest and allow George to pull Erik's trousers down as far as they would go so Erik's erect cock fell forward to stand almost straight out from Erik's body, pointing slightly upwards.

"Shit!" George said.

"No, that's what you'll find in the hole back here. That is my cock you see" Erik said and guided the index finger of George's left hand to his anus.

"That's not what I meant funny man... I meant; 'Shit, that's a huge cock!' ... I thought I was the only seventeen year old round here with eight inches of erect cock" George said and then after a moment's hesitation he took Erik's cock into his mouth and moved Erik's hip backwards and forwards.

"Okay, you've got the movement right... and you're not using your teeth, that's good too... but have you never considered why it's called 'sucking cock'? ... and you can use your tongue too, you know... ah, yes! Now, we're talking!" Erik said.

George continued sucking Erik's cock that way for quite a while and Erik moaned higher and higher from the pleasure that the blow job was giving him.

"George, I'm about to cum, so you should take my cock out of your mouth unless you really want to take my load in your mouth... " Erik moaned but George just sucked a little harder and then Erik couldn't hold back any more and shot his load inside George's mouth which he swallowed willingly.

"Boy, that was great!" George said after taking Erik's cock out of his mouth.

"You liked that? I didn't think any straight guy liked the taste of cum... I don't even like it that much myself... Or are you beginning to realise that you're not straight after all?" Erik said.

"Well I liked it... and I think I'm still straight and that a guy can enjoy sex with another guy even if he is straight" George said.

"If you say so" Erik said and then crawled backwards and pulled down George's track pants as George lifted his ass of the bed to allow Erik to do that.

Erik then proceeded to pull off George his pants and socks completly. George then sat up and pulled down Erik's uniform trousers and pulled them off completly too and the socks that Erik was wearing so they were both naked. Then Erik moved down on George's cock and started licking up it's shaft and then played around with the tip of his tongue on the glans before he too the whole of George's huge and thick cock in his mouth and started moving up and down on it while sucking and licking.

"Ofcourse I know I shouldn't use my teeth... A few girls have tried giving me blow jobs in the past and they never realise that they should keep their teeth away... but then knowing what I like and don't like about getting a blowjob I was in a position to know what I shouldn't do when giving a blow job... but you've taught me that it's more to it than that and right now you're giving a much better blow job than the girls ever did... I suppose it's true what I heard that nobody knows how to please a guy than another guy... I'm about to cum now, so if you don't like the taste of cum as you said..." George said between moans of pleasure.

Erik didn't take George's cock out of his mouth but instead he took the load and swallowed it.

"There's a special feeling being allowed to shoot your load in another's mouth and since you granted me that I felt I should do the same to you" Erik said afterwards.

"Thanks... yes, it felt good coming inside your mouth... " George said and then looked as though he wanted to ask something of Erik but didn't really dare ask it.

"You seem to want something..." Erik said.

"I think... maybe I'd like you to.... I wan't to try being..." George said.

"Ensign Bengtsson to the transporter room. Ensign Bengtsson to the transporter room" the voice on the inter comm said and Erik woke up from his reverie and stopped jacking himself off. He wiped off the precum that had run onto his hand by rubbing against his abs and then he pulled up the uniform trousers and got off the bed and walked over to the desk where the comm device was.

"Ensign Bengtsson here. I'm on my way" Erik said and left the room that had been his and George's for tha last few weeks after they graduated from the Academy and were transported here where they were to wait for the ships that they had been assigned to.

As Erik walked through the corridors and rode on the turbolift he thought about what the voice on the intercom had said. Ensign Bengtsson... he couldn't quite get used to that thought yet after having been Cadet Bengtsson for four years at the Academy. Ofcourse he'd been an Ensign ever since he graduated from the Academy as had the others but he still couldn't get used to it.

"Here's Ensign Bengtsson now Sir. Finally! What kept you? Were you jacking off to some memory of O'Neill again?" Ensign Roberts said in his usual bully fashion. Erik ignored him and just walked up and stood on the one empty space on the transporter pad.

"Hurry up a little, the Yamamoto is waiting for us to get onboard so it can set course back to it's patrol area" Ensign Tsu said with one of her looks that said 'Why do you have to be gay. I want you!'.

"I know, I'm sorry!" Erik said answering only her words while ignoring the look.

There were to other officers standing at the back, both with the rank Lieutenant Commander. Erik recognised them as the ones who'd transported down from the Enterprise just before George were to beam aboard. Apparently these officers had finished their tours of duty on the Enterprise and were transferring onboard the Yamamoto.

"Sorry Sir. I'm ready now, Sir" Erik said to the lieutenant that manned the transporter console.

"USS Yamamoto, this is Starbase 12. Six to beam onboard" the Lieutenant said.

"Starbase 12 we're ready to recieve the new officers" a voice said from the communicator in the console.

"Energising" The Lieutenant said.

Colours appeared in front of Erik's eyes and the world faded out temporarily and then faded back in and with colours and all and he and the others now stood in a completly different transporter room with a different officer behind the console and beside him stood Captain Hirogawa with a slight smile on his lips.

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