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Justice League


Chapter 3- Torture


I woke up to a pain so sharp it made my gasp in surprise. My arms were tied behind my back, and I realized I was suspended in the air by what seemed to be ropes attached to my wrists. It felt like both my arms were dislocated, as the weights tied around my feet pulled me down. I wanted to scream out in pain, but I feared that if I moved even to breathe the pain would tear out my arms. How long had I been here? For that matter how did I get tied up like this?

I remembered leaving Chloe to go with those men...and getting on their spacecraft...but then...I just don't remember. My mouth was dry from the gag they must have forced down my throat. It was pitch black and I couldn't see a thing, which in turn was causing me not to be able to breathe. If I thought I was panicking before, I'm definitely panicking now.

"HMRMP! HMRMP!" I tried to scream through the gag.

Though I quickly realized it was useless, I still had to try.

I was freaking out!

I was up shit's creak without a paddle. No one knew where I was...oh my God; no one knew where I was. I don't know where I'm at...I don't know who has me and I'm with them.

No one was going to save me...no one could...

I struggled anew with a fresh wave of panic flowing through me. The more I pulled, the more my arms felt like they were being pulled out of their sockets, till suddenly they were. I screamed until the pain became so painful I passed out...


-JLA Watchtower-



I search through the video monitors looking for any clue as to who these men were that took my...took Tristan...

There is nothing. I've spent hours looking through every detail, every inch of the area they were in...nothing.

"Did you find anything using your super vision Kal?" I asked.

"I'm sorry Bruce; there isn't anything to be found. These guys knew what they were doing, knew how to bypass the power grid, the monitors...this was done by someone who knows everything about us..." he hesitated.

"Waller! She wouldn't do this Kal, she wouldn't take him. She might threaten me using him, but she would never take him from me." I said.

"How can you be sure Bruce?" he asked.

I didn't trust anyone, especially not Waller. Though, she would never make a move like this against me...unless she was planning something big, then she would use him. She would save doing something like that for a special occasion, not after only just discovering he's my son.

"It's not her." I repeated.

"You trust her enough to take a chance with Tristan's life?" the tension in his voice rising.

"I have information on Amada Waller; we have an understanding of sorts. She wouldn't make a move like this, not now at least."

Don't make this personal Bruce...yes he's your son...yes they have him and could be doing God knows what to him...ok mental images not helping to keep my calm. Chloe walked up to where we were standing, lightly touching me gloved hand with her own. What had seemed an innocuous touch to the others carried a strong bond between Chloe and I. Somehow Chloe had wormed her way into my heart, gaining my trust, respect...love...I don't know when it happened but I was glad it had.

"I agree with Bruce, I don't believe it was Waller." She said.

"Of course you're going to agree with him. Fine, agree with him, I'm going to check on my own." Kal started to turn for the door, but I stood in front of him stopping him...

"Kal stop, you're being emotional, you're not thinking." I said.

"I'm being emotional? That's great coming from the Bat who's not showing any emotions, but then again what's new there. Oh yeah, he's your son! Yet again you can't even muster a grain of emotion...no...instead you just stand there all calm and rational telling me who hasn't taken Tristan, but not who has." With his fists on his hips, he leaned down to voice this rather loudly in my face.

"Did you even hear what you just said; does that sound like someone who should go knocking on Amanda Waller's door, showing her exactly what she fears...super powered scary men using their powers against her?" I stood my ground staring him in the eyes.

"Clark, cut it out. You are not helping anyone fighting with Bruce!" Chloe turned him to face her.

"What do you expect me to do Chloe; I'm not used to having my hands tied." Kal sighed.

"I know Clark, I know. Maybe when Dick wakes up he may be able to shed some light?" though she knew she was grasping at straws, Chloe still tried to be optimistic.

"I'm heading down to Gotham; let me know the second Dick wakes up." I said, having decided I needed to do what I do best, and pounding some information out of thugs.

"Where do you think you're going?" Kal asked angrily.

"It's two days Kal, I'm going to see if there is any word on the street." I answered.

Just then a nurse comes into the room, with a smile on her face.

"Nightwing has just woken up, and he's asking for you." She said.

We walked to his room, where Dick was messing with the wires attached to his chest.

"Down boy, you were hit pretty hard on the head." Chloe said.

"Is it true?" Dick asked looking at me.

I didn't have to ask what, to know that he was talking about Tristan being my son.

"Yes it is true." I answered.

"How? When? I mean...you have a son?" his voice filled with surprise and a hint of anger.

"Brazil. Nineteen years ago. Grace and I were...poisoned. Tristan is the outcome of that poison. Dick, I need to know if you can tell me anything about the men that took him?" hoping to change the subject.

"They took him? I can't tell you anything...the last thing I remember was hearing an explosion and then waking up here. I didn't see anything or anyone, I'm sorry." Dick shook his head dejectedly.

Damn, the only spark of hope was that Dick might have remembered something.

"Rumor on the street is the Bat has a son. Everyone is looking for Joker, since he seems to be the only one who knows who he is. Have you tried to find him, the Joker I mean?" Dick asked.

"He's nowhere to be found, and he isn't leaving any clues. I'm going into Gotham to see what I can find out, something has to turn up." I slammed my fist into the wall.

"We will find him Bruce, I promise." Chloe said.

I lightly ran my finger down her face, before disappearing out the door.

I will find you Tristan, and woe to the ones that took you when I do.



-A hidden location-


I must have been in and out of consciousness for days, though I couldn't be sure. Still waking up to find myself hanging, the pain in my shoulders had become unbearable. My throat was raw from all the yelling I had done while I struggled to get free. I was sure I was suffering sensory deprivation, as I began to hallucinate and hear noises.

I couldn't understand why they would leave me here, who would leave me here. I could feel that my pants were wet, as I must have urinated in them from being tied up so long. My stomach hurt painfully with gut wrenching pangs of hunger.

I wanted out, but I was trapped. No way to communicate, no way to set myself free. The strain on me mentally was as strong as the strain on me physically.

Bastards! I shouted in my head, as I yet again struggled uselessly. Tears streamed down my cheeks, born of frustration on my hopeless situation. Maybe if the Batman had taught me how to free myself out of this, I wouldn't be having a problem right now. Stupid. Big. Black. Bat...

I couldn't really blame him; I've never given him the chance to be much of anything to me.

In and out of consciousness for what seemed like weeks, though could have easily been days I was stuck in my own private version of hell.

The sound of a door opening sent me into a blind panicked, as I could hear but not see. The noise so loud after the long imposed silence that I began to whimper as I desperately tried to free myself.

"Settle down boy, settle down. I'm not going to hurt you...yet." A deep gravely male voice with a Spanish accent said.

I could feel someone's hands on my face, removing the blindfold that had been covering my eyes. I squeezed my eyes shut as the pain from the light threatened to split my head apart. He removed the gag from my mouth, causing my lungs to burn as I gulped up much needed air.

"It will take some time for your eyes to adjust, which they probably won't do since you've been down here for well over a week and a half. Though I'm sure it will be quite painful, rather like little needles being driven into your eyes. That is the whole point of torture, the pain. I've come to have a little talk with you; I have some questions for you to answer. Do you think you're up for the task?" he asked.

I worked my tongue in my mouth trying to create some spit, my tongue felt like sandpaper. I tried to talk, but it came out sounding like a croak.

"Ah, where are my manners? You can't see it...well see anything at all...but we have an IV inserted into your arm, keep your body hydrated. Though, I'm pretty sure you're dying for a real drink. We can do that now, if you'd like that is?" I nodded frantically wanting a drink.

"Before you agree, maybe you'd like to know what we're going to give to you, and how we're going to give it. It's a simple matter really, a form of water torture. Often the victim has their mouth forced or wedged open, the nose closed with pincers and a funnel or strip of cloth forced down the throat. The victim has to drink all the water, or other liquids such as bile or urine, poured into the funnel to avoid drowning. The stomach fills until near bursting and is sometimes beaten until the victim vomits and the torture begins again." sounding almost apologetic as he explained.

This couldn't be happening to me...The noises were too much. Everything was so loud, to the point of painful. After not hearing anything for a week and a half, every noise seemed multiplied. A week and a half, I can't believe this. They've had me for a week and a half and no one has found me? He's supposed to be the world's greatest detective. How the hell can he not know where I am?

"Please...please...why..." my voice hoarse as I tried desperately to speak.

"Because I can, that is why. I want some information, and I'm going to make sure you give it to me. I was hired to break into the big tower in the sky, and find and bring you to my boss. Don't worry; he doesn't know where we are or what I'm doing to you. We have a long time together, before the boss is ready to see you. Something about a date in a pit or some sort. My questions are personal, things I need to know. One thing I'm really good at is the art of torture, and well I'm going to enjoy taking out some revenge on a certain Bat, using his little son. After I've tortured you into complete submission, I'm going to ask you some questions and you'll only be too happy to answer them." I could feel his breath on my face as he spoke.

To show me just how much he meant his words, he grabbed me by my dick and pulled down hard. I screamed which in turn caused me to begin a fit of coughing, none of which helped my shoulders from the pain of being pulled down. I was in a world gone insane, and he was the master of my pain.

"Please...what do you...(cough)...want...know..." I struggled to get out between coughing fits.

"Young people, so impatient...you want to get to the end, rather than enjoying the journey. No my boy, you will go through the torture until you're ready to do and say everything I ask. Until you are begging to tell me all your secrets, until there is nothing about you that I don't know. Did you know there isn't anything more exquisite, as the look on a person's face when they're in pain? I'm going to teach you the art of torture, till I become acquainted intimately with every part of your body. Now, I'm sure you're thirsty. Boy's, let's get him down from there."

Tears streamed down my face, as I realized the hopelessness of the situation I was in. He was another madman in a world I was learning was filled with madman.

As they laid me down on the hard cold ground, my arms began to throb from being released from their bonds. They tied me down spread eagle after stripping off my clothes, after which they shoved what felt like a rag down my throat. I struggled uselessly against the ropes that tied me down.

"If only the Bat could see his son now, laying here naked before the world. Soon enough, he will know true suffering. Now, to the fun at hand...since you were complaining of being thirsty, we are going to solve your problem. Remember boy, you must swallow all of what we give you or you will choke. I promise you if you choke, it will not stop us from giving you more. It will really just be painful for you when you choke. My boys have a whole day's worth of urine to give you, and if you know what's good for you, you will drink it all." He said as he slapped me hard against the face, laughing the whole time.

I had to swallow back the bile that threatened to come up. I struggled all the harder, to no avail. That's when the first drops hit my face and it began. My mouth was filled with hot liquid, as my nose was plugged. With no choice but to swallow or choke, I began to swallow earnestly. The laughter of the men in the room sickened me, causing my anger to well up inside me. I choked as my anger caused me to forget to swallow, my chest felt like my lungs were filling with their urine. I had to calm myself and focus on the task of swallowing.

I could feel my stomach distend, as it was filled past capacity. My bladder was sending out sharp pains, as the pressure was at its max. The head of my cock throbbed in pain as I let lose a stream of my own piss all over my body.

"Make sure you get that on camera boys, look at the way he's adding his piss to the mix." He said as he continued to stand above me.

I couldn't think about the humiliation I was feeling, or the pain in the various parts of my body, or the defeat of knowing I was trapped with madmen, or the fact that no one knew where I was or would ever be able to find me. Instead I had to focus all my energy on swallowing as quickly as possible so I wouldn't choke.

"The most important question I'm going to ask you is who the Batman is, and when the time comes you're going to answer me or suffer the consequences." He laughed evilly.

Who was the Batman really?

I wanted to scream I don't know...I don't know...but I had to continue to swallow or I would choke and die.

Would that be such a bad thing?

No it wouldn't...I stopped swallowing and began to choke. Savoring the feeling of choking, hoping death would take me at any moment.

All went black...finally...



-Home of Amanda Waller-


As Amanda entered her home she ran through her security check list as she did every night. One could never be too sure when they were in her line of work. After going through her entire home, she ended with her bedroom. Taking off her shoes, she began to take off her clothes and putting them away. Walking into the bathroom she turned the water on filling the tub with hot bath water, so she could unwind from the long day of protecting the United States. As the tub was filling up, Amanda turned on her radio to her favorite Slow Jams station. She poured herself a glass of wine, and made her way back to her bathroom. She lit candles before turning the light off and stepping into the tub.

She sighed contentedly, as she took a sip of her wine and relaxed herself in the tub.

`This is the perfect way to end the day...nothing could be better than a bath' she thought to herself.

"Waller!" his deep resonating voice came out of the darkness.

Amanda opened her eyes scanning the darkness looking for the only one capable of breaking into her place, and not being discovered. Amanda remained calm, as the Batman moved out of the shadows and into the light of the candles she had lit.

"Does the billionaire playboy not see enough woman naked in his tub, that he has to come to see me in mine?" she asked calmly as if his presents was no real bother to her.

"Where is he?" he asked, his eyes never leaving hers.

Always the perfect gentleman isn't he? Amanda thought to herself, as she noticed his eyes stayed focus on hers.

"I won't insult you and ask who, but I'm quite shocked the great Batman hasn't yet found his own son." Her voice filled with mocking.

"I don't have the patients for games Waller, if you know something you need to tell me." He demanded.

"The Batman needs my help; it must be my lucky day. What will you give me if I were to help you?" Amanda watched him intently, looking for any twitch, anything that would show the true depth of his emotions.

"What do you know?" his voice betraying nothing.

"I know many things, much like I know who you really are. I don't know who took your son, but I do know what country they are in. Just tell me how much that information is worth to you, and we will see if I agree." Amanda was exhilarated knowing she had the bat by the balls.

"You would barter the life of a young boy, for personal gain?" outraged he growled and moved closer toward her so they were face to face.

Amanda did not back down, though she knew he could kill her anytime he wanted to she knew he never would.

"I didn't take him, I don't have him, and I don't even know where he is. I had nothing to do with this, which I'm sure you know or you would have been at my doors a month ago when he was first taken. You've beat up every criminal and still no one has been able to tell you anything. The Joker isn't involved, though you haven't been able to find him either. But really the Joker is just one in a long list of Batman's enemies, isn't he? With not a clue to be found, you could never run out of enemies that may be holding your son. Torturing...raping..." she taunted, until he reached out and choked her with one hand.

"Don't push me Amanda; I've passed my limit on sanity after the first week. It's been one month and I haven't found a single clue to where he is being kept. Tell me what you want to know, and if I can answer it I will." His voice filled with defeat as he released her.

Amanda wanted nothing more than to shout out with joy at the power she now wielded over him, but she suddenly found herself feeling like she won by default. She hadn't brought Batman down to his knees; she wasn't responsible for taking his son out from under his nose. She hadn't done anything so much as catch the right person at the right time and found out information that benefited her. This wasn't the way she wanted to grab Batman by the balls...not like this...

"A week ago my men were on a mission in Brazil. They were lucky enough to catch one of the...hmm...criminal elements. During the...mmm...interrogation process, he mentioned something about being there because he had a lead on where the Batman's son was being kept. Turns out he was being paid ten thousand dollars to find your son. This isn't the first time I've heard about this either. All of your enemies are willing to pay top dollar to find your son, so they can get to you. Anyway, when he was first caught he kept shouting `but I was so close...so close...five minutes from having it all!!'." Amanda rubbed her throat as she explained.

"Where was he caught?" Batman asked.

"Rio De Janeiro, right next to the Cristo, that's all I know. If you don't mind, my water is getting cold I'd like to get out now." Amanda said pointing at the door.

"What is it you want in return for this information?" he with his back to her.

"Return the favor some time and we will call it even." Amanda climbed out of the tub unabashed and reached for her towel.

"I won't forget this Amanda." Batman said before disappearing into the shadows.

`The bat is now indebted to me...fortune truly does favor the bold' Amanda smiled to herself.

-The Batcave-


Using the information Amanda had given him, Batman used his computer to find any leads he could. After leaving Amanda, Batman had patrolled his streets, before coming to the batcave to work with what Amanda had given him. He had been down there all night long, and he was no closer to knowing anything more than Rio de Janeiro. He heard the elevator coming down, and knew it either had to be Alfred or Tim. When an arm wrapped around his neck, and he felt soft lips pressed to his mouth, he was happy to discover he had been wrong...it was Chloe.

"I missed you last night, Bruce." She said leaning in for one more kiss.

"Waller gave me a location, now I'm just trying to find a lead. I'm sorry, I missed you to." He captured her lips for a more passionate kiss.

"Wow...what was I taking about?" Chloe blushed.

"Remind me to do that the next time you get mad at me." He teased.

Chloe handed Bruce a brown paper wrapped box. Bruce took the box and gave her a confused look.

"What's this?" he asked.

"It was left with commissioner Gordan, Dick dropped it off when he came to check in on you." She smiled.

"Check in on me? Just why would I need Checking up on?" his voice sounding more like the Bat talking.

"He's worried about you, we all are. You've been working on this twenty-four hours a day Bruce, your only one man. Maybe if you would just get some..." she hesitated.

"Sleep? Chloe how can I stop looking for him, he's my son? Chloe, you know I already had a soft spot for him before I found out who he was. When I found out the truth...well...a part of me was scared sure...but another part of me was so excited. Me Bruce Wayne aka the Batman a father, who would have thought? I know I didn't think I would ever be a dad, not while batman was still needed. Now that's all changed, I have a chance to be a father to my own flesh and blood. I...just want the chance." Bruce put his head in his hands and sighed heavily.

"Then we will just have to keep going till we find him, and make sure you have that chance." Chloe said holding his face up to look at the sincerity in her eyes.

"Thank you." He said.

"You never have to thank me, I love you Bruce, and there is nothing I wouldn't do for you. Now for the tough love...I don't know what's going on between Clark and you, but you need to put a stop to it. He's your best friend, and he wants to help." She scolded.

"I'm not mad at him, he's mad at me. He has issues he needs to deal with, and there is nothing I can do about that." Bruce said irritably.

"Bruce, you had the nerve to warn him to keep his distance from Tristan, when it was you who asked them to help him. Does that make any sense to you, because it doesn't make any sense to me? We're talking about Clark here, why would you ever say something like that to him?" she asked folding her arms.

"You don't see the way Tristan stares at him...I just don't want Tristan to be hurt." Bruce practically growled.

"Oh...I get it. You're jealous of their relationship, so you're taking it out on Clark?"

"I'm not jealous! Why would I be jealous of Superman? Why should I be jealous of the time they get to spend together, or the understanding looks they give one another, or the way they start laughing at the same things. No, I'm not jealous and I have no reason to be now do I?" he said sarcastically.

"Bruce, you're his father...nothing can take away the bond of a parent. Clark only did what you asked him to do, and quite frankly you should be thrilled that Tristan took a liking to him. He's the best friend a person could have, ever...Next to me that is. Bruce, everything is going to work out. We will get Tristan home, and you two will start to build a relationship, and everything will be perfect." She sat in his lap kissing him again.

"If I have you to kiss me like that every day, then I'm sure everything will be great." I said while I kissed her deeply.

I opened the box and discovered a DVD inside, so I put it into the bat computer to take a look. To my utter horror, it was a DVD of Tristan being tortured. I had to force back the bile that rose in my throat, as I watched him hanging with his arms pulled behind his back. I watched as they beat him senseless, using different objects. I watched as they used rough skewers of wood or bone dipped in boiling sulfur. A number of skewers were slowly driven into the flesh under Tristan's toenails. The boiling oil served two purposes both burning the incredibly sensitive flesh and lubricating the needle so that the torturer could freely explore wide surface area beneath the toenail. When enough of the skewers had been driven home to pry the nail loose from its bed, the nail was torn out at the root with a pair of pliers. They did this with each one of his toes and each one of his fingernails. I watched as he struggled with his bonds, as he tried to scream through the gag forced in his mouth.

Chloe had turned away from the screen at some point, not being able to stand watching. I watched the DVD over and over again; studying every angle, every detail till I had it memorized looking for any kind of clue. Though I was sure a part of me watched it again so I would remember every detail, and be able to inflict it tenfold on the ones who did this to Tristan.

"How can they do that to him, he's only a kid?" Chloe asked between tears.

"He's the Batman's son; they're taking everything out on him that they would like to do to me." I said.

"Bruce, we have to find him. He's going to be so messed up from this; it has been over a month. No one could withstand that much torture over that much time." Chloe panicked.

"He'll have given up hope of being rescued by now; I've got to get to him. I have a lead in Brazil, and I need to leave now." I said, going to suit up.

"I'm so sorry Bruce...I'm so sorry..." her voice filled with pain.

"I know Chloe...I know...I'll get him back, if it's the last thing I ever do."

"Bruce, you have to tell Clark. He can help you better than anyone, please." She begged.

"Chloe, I work better alone." I said.

"Bruce, put your feelings aside and think only of Tristan. Clark can help in ways no other person can, and you know that." She argued.

"I would never put Tristan at risk, I will leave no stone unturned."

"Great Bruce, just great, I'll do it myself. I'll let Clark know where you are going, and send him there." She said as she angrily packed her stuff away.

"Don't you dare Chloe; this is my son, my problem. I will deal with this my way."

"Is that an order Batman, because last time I checked I was the boss of me?" She shouted.

{Watchtower, one for transport on my location, Now!} Chloe spoke into her com.

"Chloe! Chloe, don't do this!" I shouted, but she was already gone.

Damn it...


-Above the Daily Planet-


Diana had asked Kal to meet him above the Daily Planet after work, though he didn't know why. He hoped there was news about Tristan; he'd been stressed since they had taken him. He couldn't believe how much he missed seeing Tristan's infectious smile, or his perfect comedic timing. He couldn't believe how easy it was to be around him, to open himself up to him. It might have started out a favor to Bruce, but the relationship between him and Tristan had become something altogether more.

He remembered the night Tristan asked him to stay, but had told him no. He wished now he had said yes, and quickly banished the thought. That was the whole reason Bruce and him were not talking; because Bruce was worried Kal would take advantage of his kid.

`Here I go thinking of Tristan, after arguing with the bat that I would never do something like that. Great Scott, somebody help me!' Kal thought to himself.

Diana came floating down to the roof of the Daily Planet, where Kal have been waiting. She embraced him tightly before letting him go.

"Not that I mind the hug, but is something wrong?" Kal asked.

"There hasn't been any word Kal, I'm sorry. I gave you the hug first because I don't think you're going to let me when I'm finished saying what I have to say." Diana said cryptically.

`Oh great, here it comes...' Kal thought as he folded his arms and waited for her to begin.

"Kal, we've been friends a long time..." she began.

"This doesn't bode well, just tell me Diana?"

"Kal, I want you to know I will never judge you. I am here as your friend, someone you can trust and talk to. Kal, you broke up with Lois...you spend all your time, or you used to spend all your time with Tristan...I know about the fight with Bruce and you, and what exactly it's about...Kal...this is so hard...I know you have feelings for Tristan and I think he's the reason Lois and you broke up." Diana fidgeted as she struggled for words.

Kal's face displayed a wide range of emotions, fear, anxiety, panic, relief, more panic...

"What are you talking about, Diana? Lois and I broke up for other reasons, Tristan not being one of them. Why would you think this?" he denied.

"Kal, I know you. I understand what it's like to be different from everyone else. To have to remember not to shake hands so hard or you'll break it. Or to be able to dodge bullets, or race trains. To find someone you can be around without having to worry about breaking them. If you're not worrying about those things, then you would be able to just relax and be yourself. Tristan allows you to be yourself, his smile alone is infectious. I don't blame you for wanting to have something that special..." Diana worked to make him see she was on his side.

Kal turned away from her, allowing her words to sink in.

`She's right on every account, every single one. Tristan, his smile is infectious. It's so easy to be around him, in every way.' He thought to himself.

"What do you want me to say Diana?" she could hear the defeat in his voice.

"I want you to say you can trust me. I want you to tell me how your feeling, what you are feeling. I want you to be honest with me, but most of all with yourself." She said, as she slid her hand down the side of his face.

"What do you want me to tell you Diana? That everything you said was true. That I don't understand these feelings I'm having for Tristan, but I'm not willing to find out either. He's a minor, first off. Secondly, and most importantly, he's Bruce's son. I ended it with Lois because after meeting Tristan...after I felt that pull...that attraction...it was so mind blowing. I never knew you could feel that instant connection, the way I felt it with Tristan. The spark, the intense connection, whatever you want to call it, I never felt it from Lana or Lois the way I feel it for Tristan. How could I stay with Lois knowing I've been missing so much more than I ever imagined possible, that until Tristan came along I never knew what I was missing. Do you want me to tell you that I can't have what I want, no what I need...because I would lose my best friend if I tried to make a move on his son. Is that what you want me to say Diana?" Kal broke down.

Diana grabbed him into a fierce hug, and just held him comfortingly. He trembled in her arms after finally being able to say out loud all that had been bottled up inside. Diana was relieved that he trusted her enough to finally confide in her, what she had known all along.

"I'm so sorry Kal; I truly am...but thank you so much for trusting me. I am always here for you, no matter what." She said releasing him.

"Thank you Diana, I truly feel as if a load has been lifted. It's nice to be able to talk about what I'm feeling, but all of it is a moot point since Tristan isn't here. Diana, he's been gone so long now. We've been around the block; we know that no one takes someone for this long without a ransom. If this much time has passed it can only mean one thing..." Diana put her finger to his lips to stop him from talking.

"Don't say it Kal, we must have hope. There is always hope. There could be any number of reasons why they haven't tried to ransom Tristan. We know he's alive because he's Batman's son, which means Tristan is priceless to them." Diana argued.

"You're right, Diana. It just makes it worse knowing that he's out there and their doing god knows what to him, waiting for the right moment to use him against Batman. All this power and I can't even find one special boy, and save him from this nightmare." Kal said, Frustration radiating out of him.

{Watchtower to Superman and Wonder Woman, come in please?} Both their ear coms went off at the same time.

{We're here Watchtower.} Diana answered.

{Batman received a DVD with Tristan on it that I think you should see.}

{Two for transport, on our location, now.} Kal said immediately.



-A Hidden Location-


I remember having a nightmare because there was no way all that pain could have been real. I thrashed around in the bed, mumbling Kal's name. I just needed to feel safe, though I don't know why that would be so important to me right now.

"Kal? Kal?" I mumbled as I tossed and turned.

"Shh, baby, I'm right here. You're okay, I've got you." Kal said wrapping his arms around me and spooning me.

"I'm so glad you're here Kal." I said grabbing his arm and pulling it tightly to my chest.

"I'm not going anywhere Tristan, I promise you that much." He said as he lightly kissed the back of my head.

"Why can't you just stay the night Kal?" I asked.

"We've talked about that already Tristan." He said as he became rigid behind me.

"No we didn't talk, you talked and I listened. You can't hide behind Batman forever, sooner or later you're going to have to come out and face the world. We can keep this a secret; I don't care as long as I get to have you. Please Kal?" I begged as I turned to him and pouted.

"Tristan that's cheating, you know you can't make that face with me that's not fair." He grinned cupping my face.

"Kal, I'm not a virgin. So if you're worried about stealing my virtue, the Joker already did that." I tried to tease, but he began grinding his teeth at the memory of what happened to me.

"That is so not funny Tristan, nor is it true. You never gave your virtue away willingly, so that means you still have it." He said touching the tip of my nose.

"That's mighty kind of you sir, so give me back my virtue. Although, if you're waiting for me to offer it up, for you to actually take it, then consider it offered. I want this inside me Kal, and I want it now." I said as I grabbed his cock through his tights.

"Tristan...I..." he moaned softly as I slid my hand up and down the length of his shaft.

"You want me as bad as I want you, stop fighting it Kal." I whispered into his ear as I took his earlobe into my mouth.

Kal moaned as I continued to work his cock through his tights, while kissing the length of his neck before capturing his lips between mine. He slightly hesitated as if debating if he should just give in. I just needed to give a little more incentive to make him want to stay. While still kissing his bee stung lips, I climbed onto his lap and began grinding his cock on my tight ass.

"That's just playing dirty Tristan." Kal said as he finally gave in and started kissing me back.

I smiled innocently, before he pulled me in for another mind blowing kiss. I could have me some Kal twenty-four seven, and still not have it be enough. This man can kiss!!! I pulled his shirt free, as Kal groped my ass pulling me back and forth over his hard man meat. He raised his hands above his head, allowing me to pull his shirt off. The sight of his bare muscled chest caused my heart to skip a beat. This man was built like a brick house; kind of like that guy that played in the moive The Immortal's...what's his name? Henry Cavill, I think, or something close to it.

I ran my hands up and down the length of his long torso, feeling every line, every curve. I brought my hands to his nipples and took them in my fingers, lightly pinching them. I looked up to see he was watching me with a rapture like gaze, his bee stung lips lightly parted, his hands still sliding me back and forth over his cock. He was breathtaking, more perfect than anyone had a right to be.

I smiled at him, before leaning in to kiss him again. I made my way down his neck, kissing, sometimes licking, and definitely nibbling on him as well. He moaned as I kissed my way down to his nipples before sliding my tongue all around them. While sucking on one, I was pinching the other.

My cock ached as my ass tingled from his constant grinding. I wanted more; I needed to taste his cock. I wanted to feast on all things Superman. I tried desperately to move but he kept a vice grip on my ass cheeks. So I resorted to pouting before he reluctantly let go. I kneeled down in front of him and slowly pulled his tights down. He stared at me the whole time, his eyes never leaving my face. Maybe he was waiting to see any sign of protest, or even waiting to see if I would say stop, but I hate to break the news to him, that was never going to happen.

He lifted his ass slightly off the bed, so I was easily able to take his tights off. Kal's hard cock slammed against his belly as it came free. I couldn't believe how big he was, or how much fun I was going to have with this prime A Superman meat!

The corner of his mouth moved as he smirked, having been happy with the look he saw on my face as I seen his cock in all its beauty for the first time. I took his cock in my hand; realizing one was not going to be enough. I jacked him up and down a couple of times, before taking a closer look at his large mushroom head. I took his low hanging balls into my hand, as I began stroking him with my other hand.

I looked up into his eyes, his eyes that were still fixed on my face, and smiled before sticking my tongue out to capture the clear liquid that formed on the tip of his dick. I moaned in satisfaction as I tasted his sweet juice, as he moaned with the feel of my tongue sliding around the tip of his mushroom shaped head.

"Are you sure about this Tristan?" he asked me right as I went to take his cock in my mouth.

"The fact that you would stop me right before I brought you pleasure, just to ask if I was okay, is the reason I know I'm ready to do this with you." I said, before taking his cock into my mouth.

He moaned my name, as his eyes rolled around in his head. I took the tip into my mouth and swirled my tongue all around the crown. Taking as much of his cock deep into my throat, I gagged as I tried to take it all the way down. That didn't stop me from the fun of trying, so I continued to gag swallowing up and down on his cock. His ran his hands through my long hair pulling me down hard on his cock and holding my head there. I played with his nut sack, as I continued to gag on his cock but he still wouldn't let me up for air.

"That's it Tristan, I love the feel of your throat vibrating on my cock as you gag. You have such a talented mouth, if I would have known we would have done this the first time I saw you." He said as he brought my face up so he could kiss me.

As we both enjoyed sharing the taste of Superman's dick, he quickly spun us around laying me on my back with him above me. Straddling my chest, he held my hands above the bed board while ramming his cock in and out of my mouth. Our eyes locked together the whole time his cock slid in and out of my mouth.

"You look so good with my cock in your mouth Tristan; I could stay like this all day. You're a hungry boy aren't you, working my cock like that." He said as he rammed his cock harder.

Faster than a speeding bullet he had both of our clothes off, and inspected every inch of my body. He kissed my neck, my chest, my abs, my thighs, and my armpits. He licked the length of cock before taking it into his warm mouth. I moaned in pleasure, as he became a blur of speed super sucking my cock.

"Keep that up and I'll be shooting a load before the good stuff begins." I said breathlessly.

He rolled me over onto my belly and spread my legs apart. He slapped my ass cheeks causing the two large mounds to shake back and forth. He spread them apart and dove straight for my puckering hole, licking and spitting before sliding a finger in. He worked my hole with his fingers in between licking and spitting.

I moaned with the pleasure he was sending up and down my spine, but my body still ached to feel his alien cock inside me.

"Please Superman, I need you inside me." I begged.

"You want this?" he asked, as he slid the tip of his cock along the crack of my ass.

"Yes please, I need you badly. I want that large cock inside me; I need you to fill me up. Please fuck me Superman, I want to feel every inch of you inside me." I pleaded.

"You going to be Superman's little whore?" he asked still teasing my hole.

"Yes Superman, I'll be your little whore...I'll do anything...please fill me up with your huge cock." I pushed my ass against his cock as I begged him to fuck me.

"I'm going to give it to you good Tristan. I'm going to give you what only I can, my long hot super cock." He said before sliding the tip of his cock in.

I moved my ass in a circular motion, as he had one hand on my back the other on my ass his he slowly pushed his cock all the way in. We both moaned out in pleasure as he filled me with his long shaft. He began moving in and out with slow deliberate strokes, before moving a little faster.

I met each of his forward thrusts, with a backward thrust. Grabbing my hips, he pulled me till I was on my knees and began pounding his cock into me. He grabbed onto my shoulders as he rammed his cock in and out of my hole faster than he would have been able to with a regular person. Grabbing my head he turned my face back towards his and began kissing me as he continued to work my ass with his bone.

Keeping himself inside me, he floated into the air before lying down on his back. With me on top I began to ride the bucking bronco below me. The look of ecstasy on his face let me know that he'd never been able to have sex without worrying about hurting the other person and that this time he was going to truly allow himself to enjoy the pleasure.

I wasn't going to disappoint him, that's for sure. Raising myself a little above him, he began to thrust his cock up into me, his pelvis slapping my ass causing a smacking sound. I didn't dare touch my hard cock because I knew I would explode the second I did. I wanted this to last as long as it possibly would, though I couldn't be sure I would last another two seconds.

He flipped me onto my back pressing the full weight of his body against mine. Kissing me, he continued to slide in and out of my ass, as my legs wrapped around his waist. He moved like a jack rabbit in and out of my hole, as I begged him to fuck me harder.

"I'm going to use your sweet ass everyday Tristan. I'm going to plow superspunk into your hole till its oozing out of you. I'm going to fuck you in the bathroom, in the locker room or any other place I get a hard on. You have the sweetest ass I've ever tasted, and now it belongs to me." He practically growled.

"It's your ass to take any time or anywhere. Fuck me hard Superman, I want you to ram your cock inside me and blow your huge load. I want to feel you dripping out of me, please Superman I need your love juice." I begged.

Lifting my legs up he began to move his pelvis really fast, ramming his hard cock all the way in before coming back out. My body glistened with sweat, as I thrashed below him. Each thrust hitting my g-spot deep inside me promising to send me over the edge without even touching myself.

"Get ready Tristan, cause with this load you will forever be marked as mine." He roared.

He trust harder, and I could see the look on his face as his balls tightened and he began to moan loudly as we were both brought over the edge. As I moaned my cock shot the first spray of jiz shooting up, landing in my already opened mouth. Another landed in my mouth before the next hit my chin, neck and chest. My body trembled as I released little droplets letting me know my orgasm was done. A few more thrust and Superman collapsed on top of me, before we lay there panting.

Basking in the amazing sex we just shared I realized I never wanted the moment to end. That this was truly a perfect moment, and if it ended the mean cruel world would take this blissful feeling away.

"You turn boys!" superman said.

I didn't understand, who was he talking to? What's their turn? I opened my eyes to see other superheroes walking into our bedroom. Flash, Atom, Green Lantern, Hawk Man and Green Arrow to name a few. I panicked looking at each one sliding down their pants, and fondling their manhood.

"I thought you said I was yours, that no one else could have me?" I questioned superman.

"You are mine. My property to do with as I please, and well, my friends being pleased is me being pleased. Now get to work whore, and service my men." He spat.

As I struggled under him, I realized I was chained up. Then the memories came back hauntingly. I realized where I really was, and what was going on around me. I tried to scream but I couldn't find my voice, and remembered how I had hurt my throat again screaming when they pulled out each of my finger nails and toenails. I had screamed so much that I began coughing violently, causing blood to be spit up. I hadn't been able to make a noise since.

That bastard had been raping me, while I was hallucinating that it was Superman. My mind was trying to protect me by sending me off into a fantasy, instead of dealing with the reality I was stuck in.

As one man filmed the other men moved in around me, some spitting on me, others smacking their cocks against my face. One man standing in front of me turned around and bent down so that his ass was pointed at my face. He then spread his cheeks before releasing a never ending fart in my face. I began gaging from the stench as the men began laughing at me.

One by one they mounted me like a breeding mule, and left their loads buried deep inside me. Tears streamed down my face as I took what they did to me, unable to defend myself as the raped me while I was chained up.

I thought back to the fantasy with Superman and began to replay it over again in my head, sending my mind to some place safe as I waited for them to finish using my body. My hands and feet throbbed with the pain of having my nails torn out. My ass hurt from the pain inflicted by those that raped me.

More tears of helplessness threatened to drown me. I let my mind wonder back to Superman, and the feeling of safety in his arms.





Diana and I had watch the DVD of Tristan being tortured when Diana rested her hand on top of mine, that's when I realized I had completely squeezed the arm of the chair. I suppose I was lucky that was all I'd done. I'd never been so angry before, never wanted nothing more than to sear the flesh off the bastards that were doing these...things to him.

"Do you see anything Clark?" Chloe asked.

"Yeah, a bunch of sick garbage doing vile things to a poor innocent kid." I growled.

"Clark, I know this is hard. It's difficult for all of us to watch, but you can use your abilities to look for any evidence. We have to focus on finding a way to get to him, and rescue him from these animals." Chloe chided.

"I've been looking Chloe. I've watched this entire thing and there isn't one little clue. These guys know what they're doing; they're covering up their tracks perfectly. Where is Batman?" I asked.

"He's following a lead to Brazil." Chloe fidgeted.

"What kind of clue? Talk to me Chloe?" I demanded.

"Amanda Waller caught a man in Brazil, and it turns out he was five minutes away from capturing Tristan. Batman is there now looking for him." Chloe said but hesitated.

"Chloe, tell me all of it. Where is Batman at exactly?" I demanded.

"Clark...I'm so going to regret this later. Rio De Janeiro, right next to the Cristo, that's all she told him." Chloe answered.

"Rio De Janeiro! I'm going to hunt these bastards down, and giving them a beating the likes of which even Darkside has never seen." I said standing up from my chair.

"Clark, find Tristan and bring him home, don't lose yourself doing something you can never take back. Just help Bruce bring him home, that's all that matters." Chloe pleaded.

"I'm going with you; the three of us will leave no stone unturned until we find him, and bring him home." Diana said.

"Clark, you and Bruce need to remember that traumatic events such as rape, sexual assault, torture, aside from the obvious physical traumas, have profound long-term psychological effects on all the victims. Including, denial, helplessness, dislike of sex, anger, self-blame, anxiety, shame, nightmares, fear, depression, flashbacks, guilt, rationalization, mood-swings, numbness, promiscuity, loneliness, social anxiety, and difficulty trusting oneself or others, difficulty concentrating. But never forget, family and friends experience emotional scarring as well, including a strong desire for revenge. Don't lose yourself, or allow your best friend to lose himself giving into that desire for revenge. You won't help Tristan through this if either of you seek revenge. Just remember who you are, who you both are, and bring him home where we can help him, bring him home so we can all help each other through this." Chloe begged, I hugged her tight to me and kissed her on the forehead.

"Thank you Chloe for always bringing me back from the brink of insanity when I'm close to losing myself to the dark side, thank you for always having the courage to say and do the hard things when we've lost our way so as to bring us back and save ourselves. I love you." I said hugging her again before Diana and I made our way out of the room.

It was time to bring Tristan home, if it was the last thing any of us ever did.


End Chapter-


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