***This story is a complete work of fiction revolving around a sexual encounter involving model Justin Kim of America's Next Top Model fame. This story in no way attempts to question his sexuality or preferences.  Readers should be 18 years of age or older.***


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The white Mercedes S63 AMG pulled up in front of a dark, lavish mansion on the outskirts of Washington, DC. The driver turned off the engine and quickly got out to open the door for his young companion. The insanely handsome Torin stepped out the passenger side of the expensive coupe and followed his host up to the front oak wood double doors. He had been asked to be as silent as possible, as his host's parents would be asleep in their bedroom. He stepped inside and looked around in awe at the vast, open foyer. Even though it was nighttime and all the lights in the house were off, the moon shone brightly and lit up much of the interior. He made out a majestic spiral staircase in the center, which he was soon climbing as he followed behind his Korean host up to his bedroom.

Justin opened the door to his lavish bedroom at the end of the hallway and gently closed it behind him, careful not to wake his parents in their room down at the opposite end of the hall. He immediately grabbed Torin in a firm embrace and the two kissed passionately for what seemed like hours. They had both grown rock hard inside their pants, and Torin was gently, but noticeably grinding against his Korean mate's boner. Torin, who had only had sex a twice before, still considered himself a virgin, but he nonetheless knew what he needed to do and what was expected of him. His lack of experience was easily masked by the sensuality he displayed which he attributed as being inherent in all Italians. It was clear that he would be the passive partner, so he let his host take charge. Justin was an AMAZING kisser. His full lips and pink tongue did wonders for Torin. In defiance of all Asian stereotypes, he too was very sensual and passionate, and everything he did made his Italian companion weak at the knees.

The duo had met in the international student office at Georgetown University where Torin, a handsome boy of 19 years of age, was studying abroad from his native Italy. The 5 feet 10 inches, 145 pound olive-skinned, bluish-gray-eyed angel of pure Italian stock had immediately struck a chord with Justin, an equally handsome, and un-stereotypically masculine and muscular 6 feet 2 inches, 180 pound Korean. Justin, a recent graduate of the school, was back on campus to talk about his experience on the reality show, America's Next Top Model. To say that Torin was intrigued by Justin would be an understatement. He had never met or even seen an Asian person in-person. His native San Marino was racially homogenous, and although he heard there was a significant Asian student population on campus, for some reason, he had yet to run into any. Justin defied every stereotype Torin had ever heard or could've imagined about Asians. He was tall, muscular, masculine, and seductively handsome. His sharp jawline and plump, pink lips were among his defining features. And to top it off, he had pure, unadulterated swagger. He exuded confidence without arrogance, and was the life of the party everywhere he went.

Justin used his strength to bully Torin onto the bed. He pulled the boy bed's edge and looked him dead in his face, saying in the most seductive way possible, "I want to eat your pussy. Let me eat your pussy." Torin could do nothing but bite his lip. That was a good enough sign for the inebriated Justin to do as he pleased. He took off Torin's Hermes belt and lowered the boy's dark blue Dolce & Gabbana jeans, leaving him only in his black Calvin Klein briefs. The Korean buried his face in the teen's crotch. Torin was embarrassed that he was already sporting a full mast erection and precum had already wet the cotton of his underwear. His Korean companion obviously didn't mind though.

Justin picked Torin's legs up to scoot him closer to the edge of the bed, before taking the boy's underwear off. He pushed Torin back a little and without a word, he buried his face in the warmth of the most private part of Torin's body. The Italian shuddered and gasped as Justin's warm and wet tongue made its way across his lightly-haired opening. He moaned slightly.


"Shhhh, don't wake my parents," Justin said softly before returning to continue his oral assault on the Italian hole. Torin bit his lip to try to keep quiet.

"Fuck, your pussy tastes so good!" Justin licked the boy's perineum all the way up to the balls. He slipped a finger inside the warmth of the boy's hole, and Torin immediately clenched down on it.

"Damn, you're tight. Don't break my finger," Justin quietly joked. Torin leaned in for another kiss as his companion continued his gentle probe inside his opening.

"You want this Korean dick," Justin whispered.



"Yes, please."

"Say it like you mean it."

Torin gasped and moaned as Justin slipped a second finger inside him.

"Yes, please, I want it."

"Say it in Italian. Say, `I want your Korean dick, daddy.'"

"Umph, voglio tuo cazzo coreano papa!" Torin was now rocking his hips on Justin's fingers.

"Whose pussy is this?"

Torin didn't understand what he meant.

"Whose pussy is this? Is this my pussy?"


"Is this Italian pussy mine?"


"You mean, `Yes, daddy?'"

"Yes, daddy!"

"In Italian!"

"Si papa!"


Justin withdrew his fingers, and Torin immediately clenched hard, closing his hole back to its normal size and adjusting to the emptiness he now felt inside. Justin immediately brought his fingers to his nose and inhaled deeply. Torin's natural scent was intoxicating. The young Italian watched as his companion immediately stuck both fingers in his mouth and cleaned them with his tongue. Once they were clean, he stuck them in Torin's mouth and commanded him to clean them again. As Torin sucked on Justin's fingers, Justin unbuttoned his shirt, revealing his completely hairless yellow washboard abs and brownish-pink nipples.

Torin instinctively rubbed his hands over Justin's naked torso and played with his nipples. He stopped sucking on the Korean man's fingers and immediately wrapped his plump Italian lips around the rock hard nipples. Justin let out a soft moan and tilted his head back. Torin licked his way from the left nipple all the way up his chest and neck until his lips once again met Justin's. As they kissed passionately, Torin used his hands to undo Justin's belt and pants. In no time, they were off, and Torin too was faced with a bulge stretching a pair of gray boxer briefs. Torin pulled them down, freeing the bulge and seeing for the first time in person an Asian cock. At 7 inches, it stuck out like a mast from the big tuft of fine, straight black pubic hair at its base. It wasn't huge, or even proportional with the rest of his Justin's muscular body, but it was still nice. The brown foreskin had completely retracted, leaving a bright pink glans glistening in the moonlight shining brightly through each of the three bedroom windows. As horny as Torin was, he probably wouldn't have cared if it was only 4 inches. Justin had swagger and amazing game. Based off the way he talked, walked, and carried himself, the young Italian was confident that Justin would know how to use his tool and leave him more than satisfied once finished. Besides, he was barely deflowered himself. How much would enjoy a 9-inch cock?!

Without being instructed, Torin put his fat lips around the Korean fuck stick. He moved his face closer and closer to Justin's torso, and before he knew it, he was inhaling the scent emanating from the fine black pubic hair; Torin had every inch of his Korean friend in his mouth! Justin grit his teeth, trying his hardest not to make too much noise. Little Torin was doing wonders with his mouth. The Korean grabbed the back of the Italian's head and slowly moved his hips forward and backwards, pumping himself in and out of the warm mouth.


"FUUUCCCCCKKKK, that feels good," Justin whispered.


Torin gagged more than a few times. He placed his hands on either of Justin huge, hairless muscular thighs, signaling him to stop. He took both of the walnut-sized balls in mouth and sucked on them before pushing them out with an audible "plop." He licked the underside of the dick and sucked exclusively on the sensitive pink head which caused Justin's knees to buckle underneath him, and he fell on the bed. The younger Italian used that as an opportunity to return the favorite and eat Justin's asshole. He pushed Justin back on the bed and pushed his muscular legs back into his chest. Before beginning his oral assault on the Korean hole, Torin sucked each of Justin's big toes which were beautifully well-maintained. He then positioned himself in between Justin's legs and took a moment to inspect his friend's ass. Justin definitely had a nice ass. His cheeks were hairless, but there was a decent amount of the same fine black pubic hair surrounding his pinkish-brown colored hole. Justin looked at him in exasperation, waiting for him to continue.

He inched closer and closer, sniffing as he moved to take in Justin's most private scent, which could only have been fresher if he had just stepped out of the shower. Justin moaned ever so softly as Torin's tongue circled around and across this sacred part of his body. Once again, he grabbed the back of his companion's head and forced it further, as if it were possible, into his crack. Justin's manly smell was intoxicating enough, as it was, but just the mere thought of being privileged enough to be invited to eat his ass was enough to send Torin over the edge. He grabbed his own cock and begin to jerk it slowly. On the very first tug as his olive foreskin rolled over his own glans, he could feel a copious amount of precum exit the tip of his cock. Torin moaned. He could stay in this position forever. But Justin couldn't. He signaled for Torin to stop, and got up and went to his dresser. Torin watched the muscles in Justin's naked yellow back move as he shuffled around in the top drawer.

"Ah ha! Got it," Justin exclaimed in whispered excitement, as he showed Torin a condom. He ripped the casing and immediately slid it on. He pulled out a small bottle of lubricant and jacked it all over the condom. He amused Torin by making his dick jump and bounce playfully on its own.

The Korean top climbed back on the bed and used his body weight to pin Torin down into the warmth of its covers. The two kissed passionately.


"You ready for this, baby," Justin whispered in Torin's ear. The boy nodded.

"But first!" Torin interrupted Justin as he got up to change positions. "Can I lick your ass one last time?" Justin let out a laugh.

"Ha, of course, I won't say no to that."

"Sit on my face."


Justin didn't hesitate to do as he was told, and placed his beautifully sculpted ass over Torin's face. Torin watched as the cheeks spread apart the closer they got to his face, revealing just what the young Italian wanted to see. He wasted no time and began another oral assault on Justin's Korean asshole, and the Asian top moaned in pleasure.

"Dude, you're gonna make me bust," Justin said, standing up again less than a minute after sitting on Torin's face. "I don't want to bust now. I wanna get this dick inside that pussy," he said, playfully shaking his dick with one hand. Torin smiled. "Come here," Justin commanded.

The Korean instructed his Italian friend to lay on his back at the top of the bed. Torin got himself comfortable and lifted his legs as he had been told to do so. He watched Justin crawl between them and the top portion of his body rested on his own. The two were once again staring each other in the face.


"Just tell me if it hurts," Justin said before planting a reassuring kiss on Torin's lips. The boy nodded.


Torin felt pressure as his young hole expanded to accept Justin's Korean dick. It was, indeed, painful but not overly so. He closed his eyes and let his mind wrap around everything that was happening. He, a small-town Italian boy, was being fucked by the nicest, most handsome guy he had ever seen. And an Asian, on top of that! Who would've thought! He certainly didn't.


"You good," his host inquired.


"Good. You feel good, too." Justin gave a sly smile, and Torin immediately moved in to kiss him.


The boy wrapped his arms in a firm embrace around Justin's naked back, and Justin slowly began moving his hips. Torin's near-virgin hole had an amazing grip, a tightness he had never experienced before, and all Justin could do was close his eyes and enjoy it. Torin stared up at his host intently, mesmerized, if not entranced, by this Korean god. When Justin opened his eyes again, Torin was staring back at him. Justin too was mesmerized as the moonlight made Torin's beautiful eyes sparkle in its light. He leaned in and passionately kissed the boy's full lips. Their tongues wrestled inside each other's mouths.

Justin increased his speed and Torin, who had by now fully adjusted to the cock plowing his young hole, was rocking along to his counterpart's thrusts. Justin would pull himself all the way out before thrusting himself back inside. The tight, warm pink hole firmly grasped his baby maker each time, sending shivers down the Korean man's spine. For added affect, Torin would bear down and clench the cock with his hole as tight as he could, drawing Justin ever more closely to that point of no return. The Korean man pulled out and ordered Torin to ride him. Before climbing off of him, he passionately licked and kissed the boy's young hole which was sitting slight agape. Torin reflexively moaned loudly, but Justin did nothing to try to silence him this time. They were clearly both in pure, passionate lust with one another.

The young Italian straddled his master and began moving his hips. They looked deeply in each other's eyes. Torin reached for Justin's hands and locked their fingers with one another. Precum was flowing freely out of his uncut cock onto Justin's hard, yellow abs. Justin had never seen anyone leak so much. He briefly thought about how he'd have to wash the inevitable stains that would dot his expensive royal blue sheets the next morning. Torin lay down on top of Justin, their chests resting against one another. He could hear Justin's heart beating calmly inside the man's chest. "I like you...a lot," he said softly in the older man's ear, causing the recipient to smile and bring him in for another kiss. He took Torin in a bear hold and began to fuck the young boy furiously. Torin, who was caught off guard, began moaning and panting excitedly, but luckily caught himself and sucked on Justin's neck to silence his whimpers. As he sniffed the fresh, clean scent of the Italian's hair, Justin whispered, "Your pussy feels so good, boy. I've never felt pussy this good."

Without warning and somehow managing to keep his dick from slipping out, Justin maneuvered both of their bodies on their sides, and he began angrily fucking Torin sideways. The entire time, he was whispering passionate, seductive things in the boy's ear. Torin didn't like this position though, as he wanted to see Justin's face, and asked the man if they could switch back to missionary. Justin agreed and put the boy back on his back before mounting him. As soon as Justin's Korean beef was back inside him, Torin began angrily jacking his dick, and in less than a minute knew he was about to cum. He tried to wiggle away from Justin, consciously afraid that it'd be much too painful to have his tight hole contract during ejaculation while it was stretched by a Korean dick. But Justin's body weight was immovable, and without warning, Torin's dick exploded, sending multiple powerful volleys of creamy, white Italian milk all over his torso. The rapid, firm grips his anal contractions made on Justin's hard dick also sent the top over the edge, and without withdrawing his manhood, Justin exploded inside the condom that was snug tight inside Torin's ass. He grunted as his body jerked angrily. Torin, who was beginning to come down from the high of his climax, rubbed his soft hands all over Justin's smooth torso and chest, offering him reassurance and gratitude for a job well done. The Korean man collapsed on top of the boy, panting heavily. Torin wrapped his arms around Justin and planted soft kisses on the man's chiseled cheeks. Justin's full weight was on him and he was heavy, but Torin had never felt so good in his young life, and he never felt as protected as he did underneath his muscular Asian friend.

Torin could feel Justin's dick soften inside him before quickly slipping out. He moaned as it did and clenched his abused hole closed. He felt so empty inside. As he pondered over and replayed all of the events that had just taken place, his train of thought was interrupted by the light sound of Justin's soft, but audible breathing. The Korean man had fallen asleep on top of his young Italian companion. Torin planted another soft kiss on the man's cheek before drifting himself off to sleep at the soft humdrum of Justin's breathing and heartbeat.


-The End-

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