***This story is a complete work of fiction centering on a sexual encounter between porn stud Keiran Lee and soccer king David Beckham.  It is common knowledge that both men are heterosexual, and this story in no way attempts to question either man's sexuality or preferences.  Readers should be 18 years of age or older.***

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David finished packing his things and prepared for the quick trip home. His new team, Paris Saint-Germain was in his native London for a friendly match, but unfortunately had just lost the game to Chelsea. Though as much as he loved the game, David actually didn't care. He was simply happy to be playing; and playing for a reputable team! Not many guys his age were able to say that, so that provided him any consolation he may have needed to remedy a loss on the pitch.

More exciting than anything else would be the fact that in less than an hour's time, he would be in his living room chatting and watching television with his family in their lavish London home. This would be the first time he would see them since he transferred to Paris. His sexy, superstar wife Victoria opted to forgo the move and instead chose to reestablish their home in David's native city.

The locker room was empty. David was usually one of the last ones to leave wherever they went. He enjoyed meditating and being anywhere near a pitch; it's where he felt most alive.

"David! Good! You're still here! I thought you left." It was Carlo Ancelotti, the manager for PSG. "We have a fan who wants to meet you. He has a club pass, but obviously he came a bit late. David, meet Keiran. Keiran, David."

"Hello mate," both men said, almost simultaneously.

"Wow, I can't believe it. I'm shaking hands and talking to David fucking Beckham," Keiran said in disbelief.

Unbeknownst to Keiran, David knew who he was too. David had a yearly subscription to Brazzers, the iconic porn company Keiran worked for. It gave him the release he needed when Victoria wasn't around to do it for him. Besides, watching porn and jacking off was a billion times better than seeking sex from some random fan, right?

"I'll leave you two gents to talk. David do you need anything," Mr. Ancelotti inquired?

"No, thank you sir. I"ll see you back in Paris," he responded.

Both men watched as the Paris manager walked out of the room. They were both silent. Each was surprised to be in the other's company, but neither knew exactly what to say or do.

"So, umm, shit I dunno mate, what should we talk about," Beckham said with a nervous laugh.

"I dunno. I guess I can't ask for a tour since this isn't your home stadium."

"Right, right."

"Um, how's your family mate," Keiran inquired.

"They're good, mate. Really, really good. I'm actually getting ready to go see them as soon as I leave here."


Again, there was silence. By now, both guys were a bit uncomfortable at not being able to maintain a natural conversation. But David had a solution.

"Hey, um, do want to go grab a beer with me? I know of a low-key place a few blocks from here. We won't be recognized."

"That sounds great," Keiran responded gleefully.


The beer definitely did the trick. They were both talking and laughing as if they had known each other for years. There were only a handful of people in the pub, all of whom were very respectful to David in keeping his privacy. That's why he enjoyed going there.

Both men had consumed five beers each. David was inebriated; after all, he was drinking on an empty stomach, not having eaten since before the match against Chelsea some hours beforehand. Keiran on the other hand was holding up quite well. Throwing beer back for him was almost second nature, unlike the more athletic David who rarely drank.

David looked at his watch. "Fuck, mate, I should've been home two hours ago! I better get going!"

"Right, mate. Let me take care of the tab," Keiran said.

"What, are you crazy? That's my job!"

"No, no, no. You don't sit and get wasted with fucking David Beckham and make him pay the tab," Keiran said handing his credit card to the bartender.

"Thanks mate."

As the lads headed outside, David dialed his driver to let him know to pick him up. As soon as he got off the phone, he shouted, "Aww, fuck!"

"What's wrong mate," Keiran asked.

"I left my fucking bag back in the locker room at the stadium. I gotta go pick it up."

"Well hell, I'll join you," Keiran offered.

The two lads began walking and made it back to the stadium a few minutes later. Without even planning it, they both went headed to the bathroom. Keiran pulled up to a urinal three places over from David and immediately began to piss. He closed his eyes, leaned his back, and let out a loud sigh of relief.

David, who was having a harder time letting his stream loose, peeked out the corner of his eye and watched as a thick, steady stream of urine flowed from the pornstar's cock. Luckily for him, there were no dividers between the toilets, so he was offered an amazing site. Keiran was hung like a horse, even when he was limp. He had his foreskin retracted, so David was able to see the shiny pink glans that formed the head of the famous cock that had brought pleasure to thousands of women.

It wasn't until Keiran had finished and was busy shaking the rest of the piss from his huge willy that David realized he had gone completely erect. It definitely wouldn't be able to expel all the beer he had drank in this state!

Keiran zipped up and noticed David was looking at his crotch. And he noticed David had a hard on. The football legend quickly turned his head and pretended to be finished by putting his hard cock back in his jeans. But he wasn't fooling anyone; Keiran had already caught him looking.

The lads walked silently out of the toilets and back into the locker room, as David went to collect his bag. Keiran walked up behind him.

"You want to see my cock? Up close," he whispered in the older Englishman's ear, making his knees weak.

Without even waiting for a response, Keiran unzipped his pants and pulled out his thick English tool.

"Fuck," David said under his breath. He bit his lip to keep himself from beaming a huge smile of excitement.

"Go ahead, touch it," Keiran said. He pushed his hips forward so that his cock brushed up against David's hand.

The football star nervously extended his hand and gripped the meaty flesh. Keiran's cock felt thick, but also soft and squishy in his hand. He gently tugged it.

As David was looking down and staring at the cock in his hand, Keiran was staring back at him, breathing heavily through parted lips. He gently grabbed David's chin and moved it so that both their faces were looking at each other. Without saying a word, he went in for a kiss. David didn't object. The footballer's knees buckled at the sensuality of the kiss, sending him tumbling to the floor. Keiran's lips were full and salty. He loved the heat that emanated from them and went into his own mouth.

The pornstar offered a hand to the footballer to help him get back up; but not all the way up.

"Suck it," Keiran said. His tone was soft, but at the same time, assertive.

Becks did as he was told and put the warm flesh in his mouth after rolling Keiran's foreskin back. He sucked gently on the glans, which made Keiran squeal in pleasure. He took more and more into his mouth, inch by inch, until he had conquered a little over a third of the thick cock, at which point he began to back off the manmeat. He was definitely an amateur, and Keiran knew it. In fact, this blowjob, if you could even call it that, completely sucked (pun intended). But Keiran didn't care. This was historic. How many guys on the planet could say they got their cock sucked by David Beckham?!

The footballer continued to suck robotically until Keiran called it quits. He wanted to see how far David would let him go. He helped David stand to his feet and began to undress him, with absolutely no hesitation from the football star. David was stark naked in a matter of seconds, and Keiran bent him over one of the benches in front of the locker before mercilessly burying his face in between David's cheeks.

The unexpected rimjob made David squeal and flinch, but Keiran's strong arm pushed him back into place. Keiran could still smell the soap lingering around David's asshole, even though he had showered hours before. The pornstar furiously licked away at David's pink opening in the exact same manner he had licked hundreds of female clitorises. It wasn't long before Keiran had his tongue inside David's opening. If it were long enough, Keiran would have loved to fuck David's prostate with his tongue.

Without warning, Keiran inserted two fingers inside Becks. The footballer winced in pain as his sphincter continued to adjust to this new pressure. Unapologetically, Keiran said, "You'll get used to it." After a few minutes, the hard clinching on his fingers subsided and Keiran began to work his fingers in and out of the male hole. He mixed his technique up, taking slow, careful strokes one minute, and furiously fast strokes the next. He fingers were in a fight against David's prostate, which responded to the pounding by releasing copious amounts of seminal fluid from his cock. Seeing all the precum made Keiran nervous that Becks was going to burst too quickly, so he pulled his fingers out, and in one swift motion, picked David up and inserted his cock into his newly fingered asshole, all while walking until David's back pressed up against the cold wall, preventing him from escaping.

It was a pleasure he had never experienced before. David was moaning, almost crying, like his wife did when he gave it to her. Although they were alone, Keiran didn't want to risk anyone walking in, so he muffled David's cries with kisses. Keiran was pumping David quite slowly so that the older man could get adjusted to his cock, but the kisses were aggressive and full of saliva. Their tongues battled each other and often missed, sending them licking across part of the other man's face or neck.

Before long, Keiran pulled out and ordered David to his knees.

"Suck my cock! Yeah that's at, how do you like the taste of your own ass?"

Keiran's language was filthy, but David liked it. It's what kept him hard. He sucked away at Keiran's cock, still in his clumsy, amateur way, but he at least tried.

Keiran pulled his cock from David's mouth and pushed him on his back onto the bench in front of the locker. As soon as David lifted his legs to grant Keiran access to his hole, Keiran rammed his thick English phallus back inside the footballer's hole.

"Fuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkkkk," David screamed! "Fuck my hole, man! Please just keep fucking me! Don't stop!"

David was crying now. They were tears of joy. Never in his life had he thought about having sex with another man, but now that he had experienced this, how would he be able to go without?! Having sex only with Victoria wouldn't be good enough anymore.

Keiran answered David's pleas and ruthlessly assaulted his asshole. He too was getting lots of pleasure, as David's hole was tight. He liked the warmth and moisture of the footballer's hole. If he could, he would stay buried inside forever.

After several minutes, the pounding had become too much for David. Both his hole and balls tightened, as he pumped out load after load of watery cum all over his flat torso. He screamed loudest as his hole tightened over Keiran's cock, which was still pushing in and out without mercy.

Keiran knew he too was close to climaxing. "How do you want my cum," he asked David through panting breaths. David was intoxicated from the pleasure, and couldn't even speak. It was as if he had died. No response meant "cum inside me," to Keiran, and that's exactly what he did. The pornstar continued to pump the tight hole until the first wave of cum leaked out, after which he let the juices flow and his thick, creamy cum coated the inside of David's deflowered hole. Keiran found himself screaming at the top of his lungs, too, as the cum traveled from deep inside his testicles out body.

As with most men, the refractory period quickly set in, and Keiran pulled his quickly deflating cock from David's ass. The footballer's hole was left gaping open, and Keiran could even see some of his man juice deep inside Beck's body. He stuck three fingers in the hole and finger fucked it for a few minutes. David's asshole was completely worn out. It was swollen and slightly red from the brutal pounding it had just endured for thirty minutes. Keiran pulled his fingers out and wiped the cum residue on David's inner thighs.

"Push my cum out," he ordered the footballer.

David had regained consciousness and did as he was told. The cum began flowing freely, and the unique feeling made Becks clench his opening a few times. Before long, there was a small puddle of now runny, but still snow white, ejaculate falling off the bench and onto the floor.

Keiran got up and quickly dressed himself. He reminded Becks to do the same. "You've gotta get home to your family, mate," he said nonchalantly as if nothing had just happened.

David sat up on the bench and began to reflect on what had just happened. Keiran had left by now, whistling as he made his exit without a goodbye or anything. The pornstar had literally just changed his life. He wanted to get fucked again. He needed to get fucked again.

Becks wiped the sweat and fluids off his body and dressed himself. He began walking out the locker room before stopping in his tracks as he saw his driver peeking out from behind one of the lockers.

"How long have you been here," Becks inquired nervously.

"Oh, I um...uh...just a few minutes. You weren't at the pub where you told me to meet you, so I figured I'd come here to see if maybe you forgot something."

"Did you see anything," the footballer asked nervously.

"Yes. Yes I did. I saw you get your asshole destroyed by Keiran Lee.

David was speechless.

"But sir, rest assured that it is our secret. Now that I know you've given your ass up to another man, I can fuck you as much as I want with my own cock with the threat of blackmail!"

-The End-

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