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                                The Truth About Bobby
                                     Chapter 1

                                 Family Desperation

Bobby Hill stood with his ear pressed against his door listening to his parents argue as he had once again been sent to his room.

"Peggy what the hell are we going to do? You think the boy could actually bee ugh you know queer? I mean maybe it's like the time he started chasing the mailman? You know he tends to go through these crazy fazes."

"Somehow I don't think so Hank. He just seemed so sincere and serious when he told us. I just have a feeling on this one."

"Well it would make sense I mean he's almost 14 and hasn't shown the slightest interest in girls. Hell when I was his age I was nee deep in girls. This one time I went behind the school dumpster with Cindy Smith and." Peggy gave Hank her angry look and he stopped talking. Hank sat down on the sofa.

"Peggy I just don't think I can accept this! What about those camps the ones that claim to turn gay kids strait shouldn't we give that a try?"

" No! I've seen reports on those camps and I am not sending my little Bobby there!"

"Dammit Peggy the boy just stood in front of us and told us he's a queer you want him to grow up to be like one of those New York freaks with purple hair? Bobby may not be very athletic or interested in propane but dammit he's not goona be queer! Now I'm going to bed and in the morning I'm calling one of those camps." Hank put his hands on Peggy's Shoulders. "It's for the best"

Bobby took his ear away from the door and rummaged over to his closet. He got his book bag out and emptied all the books onto the floor. He put several days' worth of clean clothes as well as all the food he had stored in his room into the bag. He went over to the safe in his closet unlocking it and took all the money he had made from mowing lawns that summer out and put it in his wallet. He took his wallet but left his phone knowing the police would be able to use it to track him. He took one last look at his bedroom saying his final goodbyes before hoping out the window to leave forever.

Peggy lifted her head out of her hands and got up from the kitchen table. She didn't exactly like the idea of Bobby being gay either but she still loved him and didn't want Hank sending him off to some awful camp. "Well I better go check on Bobby" she thought. She opened Bobby's door and saw him just about to jump out of his window. She rushed across the room and grabbed his shoulder.

"Well where do you think you are going young man?"

"Listen mom I love you guys but I aint going to no strait camp and I'll do whatever I have to."

Peggy sat Bobby down on the bed than walked across the room and closed the door. "Listen Bobby I'm not too happy about recent events but you are my son and I still love you. If you feel this strongly about it ill talk to your father and ill make sure you don't end up at strait camp." Peggy pulled Bobby into a big hug. She could feel Bobby hugging her back extra tightly and crying. She started rubbing his back and laid him down on his bed. "Now go to sleep Bobby everything will be alright."

Peggy walked back into the kitchen sitting down at the table again."What was she going to do? She knew Hank wouldn't listen to her or Bobby. When he got one of his ideas in his head." Then she thought about her cousin. She had a Gay cousin who lived in New York. He had visited once 8 years ago but when Hank found out he was gay he said some pretty insulting things then kicked him out. She thought about that day. After the way Hank had treated him there was no way he was going to help her. They hadn't even spoken in over 8 years. Then she thought about Bobby climbing out his window and how desperate he was right now and figured it was worth a shot.

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