Chapter 2
                                   The Truth About Bobby

                                    An unexpected Offer

Patrick sat in his apartment drinking a bottle of beer. He couldn't believe that he had been laid off from his dream job at the gay teen group home. He felt even worse for the kids though, the city has money problems and decides that gay kids would do fine in any group home and now the kids would suffer. He heard the telephone ring and picked it up. "Hello" He couldn't believe it it was his cousin from Texas Peggy Hill.

Patrick was more in shock than anything else it had been 8 years since they had spoken. He knew the whole incident with Hank wasn't her fault and she probably disagreed with most of what he said. He wasn't really mad at her just disappointed. It seems that she was afraid of Hank and never stood up to him even though it was clear that she was the smarter of the 2. Infact he couldn't see how they ended up together. He put the receiver back to his ear and it sounded like Peggy was crying. Maybe the 2 had finally split up. If they had it was for the best she was really to go for her. "Peggy what's wrong".

Peggy told him everything about how Bobby had come out to them then how he had overheard them and try to run away. "Well I couldn't blame him those camps are pretty horrible places." "I don't know what to do Patrick that's why I called you? I need some advice how do I handle Hank, how do I handle Bobby?" "Peggy I'm sorry to tell you this but I'm not going to be able to help you over the Phone I know what kind of guy your husband is and it's going to take a lot of time and effort to turn him around on this one." Peggy started to cry again. "Listen I just got laid off from my job so I have some time. If you want I can come out there and help with this mess." "You would do that for me?" "Not for you for Bobby. This is a very delicate time and he needs help. Just give me a few days to get my things into storage. I will be down on Friday. I need to talk to you and Bobby alone before you guys confront Hank so keep him out of school on Friday." "Thank you thank you "Peggy cried hysterically. "Remember I'm not doing this for you I'm doing it for Bobby".

Patrick hung up the phone. "Poor Bobby" He thought he's got a redneck for a father and a weakling for a mother. I'm coming Bobby I'm coming. "

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