Kiss My Ass, Santa

Chapter 2

Santa in all his Glory


“Who the hell are you?” Peter said, walking defiantly up to Santa.

“My name is Santa and I’m here to kiss your ass right before I fuck it.”

“What the heck?” Kyle said.

“Two for Santa tonight, I have been a good man. Thanks, Nathan, baby. Now you two are gonna be good li’l boys for me.”

“Who’s Nathan?”

“He’s my partner back in the North Pole. He was a naughty boy too until I got a hold of him. He heard you had an attitude about me, Peter, and told me I should come pay you and your boyfriend a visit.”

“Well, what happened to Mrs. Santa? Did she run off like my Mom did?”

“She died years ago, now I have a male spouse.”

“You have some nerve coming here,” Peter said. “My dad told me that my mom ran off with Santa and that’s why he’d get drunk every Christmas.”

“It sounds like your dad was a naught boy, but he’s none of my concern right now.”

“What is your concern?” Kyle said.

“My boots are wet and dirty. I need two boys to come lick them clean.”

Peter turned to Kyle and spoke in a whisper.

“This guy is fucking nuts.”

“I think he’s hot, Peter, and look at him. He’s at least six foot two and built like a freakin’ ox.” He walked to Santa, bent down and began licking his left boot, the smell of wet leather filling his nostrils.

Santa pointed toward Peter and then his right boot, with a commanding motion which Peter felt compelled to obey.

“That’s right, you get Santa’s boots clean.” He slowly started undoing his thick, black, leather belt.

Once Santa had his belt off, he doubled it and ran it over the top of Kyle’s bare ass. Kyle groaned, the leather was cold and wet on his ass.

“No, you don’t need the belt, Kyle. You’re on my good boy list. Stand up.”

“Yes” Kyle said, standing.

“Yes, Sir,” Santa said.

“Yes, Sir,” Kyle said, standing.

Peter started to stand, but felt Santa’s gloved hand on his back pushing him down.

“I didn’t tell you to get up, naught boy. Kyle, take my coat off for me.”

“Yes, Sir,” Kyle said.

Kyle slowly unbuttoned Santa’s soft, fur trimmed red velvet coat and let it fall to the floor. He gasped at the sight in front of him. Santa had a buff upper chest and a round, but firm belly. Straight white hair covered his chest, but two huge, pink, half-dollar sized nipples peeked out from the hair. Santa reached up and tugged hard on his nipples making them even more erect. It was hard work for Kyle not to drool at what he was seeing.

“Suck on Santa’s nipples, boy,” Santa said, pushing Kyle’s head into his chest.

Kyle began sucking and chewing on Santa’s left nipple.

“Harder, boy, don’t be afraid to chew and bite hard on them.”

Kyle did as he was told, enjoying every second of it. It was now Peter’s turn and Santa once again ran his black belt across his boy’s ass.

“Get that ass higher in the air, boy.”

Peter did so and was rewarded with the hard sting of Santa’s belt. He wanted to cry out, but held it in. Santa hit him again, and then again.

“I don’t like it when my boys are quiet.”

With the next smack of the belt, Peter cried out. Santa smacked him again and Peter cried out again.

“Who’s my naughty boy?” Santa said.

“I am, Sir,” Peter said, in a low voice.

“I don’t hear anything, so I must be mistaken about having a naughty boy here.” Santa withdrew his belt from Peter’s ass.

“I’m a naughty boy, Sir!” Peter said.

A naughty boy?” Santa said.

“I’m your naughty boy, Sir!” Peter said.

His response was rewarded with several hard whacks from the belt. What had begun as a hard sting on Peter’s ass had grown warm and while it still stung and hurt it also gave him a sensation of pure bliss which filled his entire body and warmed him from head to toe.

“Enough. I’m not here for your enjoyment!” Santa said in a commanding voice before pushing Peter back. “Get up on your knees and undo my pants, naughty boy”

Peter got on his knees, reached in front of him and pulled down Santa’s red velvet pants. The minute he did, Santa’s rock hard twelve inch cock popped out from in front of a bush of snow white pubic hair.

“Suck it,” Santa said.

“Yes, Sir,” Peter said.

Looking at Santa’s hard, pale cock with its thick veins was making Peter get rock hard himself. His hand went to his own cock, but Santa slapped it away. Peter then began licking the thick cock in front of him, tracing its veins with his tongue.

“Mmm,” Peter said, as his tongue traced along the head of Santa’s cock, before he took it into his mouth.

Santa moved Kyle to his other nipple and then began thrusting hard and fast into Peter’s mouth. He then began passionately kissing Kyle.

Kyle liked how Santa’s beard felt against his smooth face. Santas mouth tasted like Peppermint so did his tongue. All Kyle could think about was Santa, and how he was making him crazy with lust.

The hard thrusting of Santa’s cock almost gagged Peter, but he was determined to prove he was up to the task. Besides, Santa’s cock tasted cool, clean and good. He wanted to make him cum so he could taste it.

Taking off his gloves, Santa then pushed Kyle gently downward until he was even with Peter. Kyle looked at his friend who smiled back, then he saw why he was smiling. He quickly joined Peter sucking on Santa’s cock. The two couldn’t contain their groans as Santa moved his cock from one to the other. When he started groaning, he let them both suck on his cock, keeping it between them.

“I’m ready to blow, boys. Get ready for your reward, and don’t let one drop hit the floor.”

“Yes, Sir,” Kyle and Peter said in unison.

The two felt Santa start to tremble and he let out a hearty ho, ho, ho. Splashes of hot cum started shooting out of cock and all over his hungry boys who lapped it all up.

“Don’t waste the cum that’s on your faces,” Santa said, pushing his boys’ faces together so they could lick the cum off each other. “Nice—now kiss one another.”

The two did so, caught up in a frenzied passion.

“Peppermint! His cum tasted like peppermint,” Kyle said, laying back on the floor where he was joined by Peter.

“Don’t lay down yet,” Santa said. “Get my boots off so I can kiss Peter’s ass and then fuck it.

To be continued


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