Grand Finale


Henry brought Kyle and Peter some sheer white thongs to change into, and after donning a thong himself, he left the area. Santa picked up a long white velvet robe that was hanging on a hook and put it on with Peter and Kyle’s help.

“After that long ride, I’m hungry,” Santa said. “How about you two? Ready to eat?”

“Yeah,” Peter said. “I mean, yes, Sir.”

Santa walked up to Peter and kissed him, then Kyle. He smiled, flung the two of them over his shoulders, walked down the hall, and out of the room. When he finally put them back down on the floor they were in a large banquet hall.

“Wow,” Kyle said, pointing upward.

Peter looked up and saw the ceiling was a dome made entirely of clear ice. They could see the night sky above and the stars twinkling.

“Well, I think the cooks have outdone themselves yet again,” Santa said, waving his arm toward the left.

In the center of the room was a long, low table with furs on either side for people to sit or lounge on while they ate. Down the center of the table were a variety of delectable looking meat and pasta dishes, rice concoctions, and amazing looking desserts. There were colorful, towering cakes and luscious-looking pies, puddings, and other tempting delights.

While Kyle and Peter looked at the food, someone entered the room. The man, who looked about their age, was their height, and wearing a sheer red thong which exposed his perfect body for all to see. He had six pack abs and his body was toned and cut. His dark brown hair which was long in front, fell across his eyes, and he used his hand to push it back.

“You’re finally home!” He ran and jumped into Santa’s arms, then laughed like a little kid as Santa easily swung him around in the air.”

“Did you miss me, Nate?” Santa said.

“Oh, yes, Sir! And now we can eat! Ring the bell! Ring the bell!”

Santa walked to a corner of the room and pulled on a long rope that was there. The sound of a bell ringing could be heard.

“That’s beautiful,” Kyle said.

“It’s a bell made of crystal,” Nathan said.

Santa carried Nathan to the head of the table and sat down with Nathan in his lap. Footsteps could be heard and a multitude of elves dressed in red, green, and white sheer thongs came running into the room.

“Sit next to us, Kyle and Peter,” Santa said.

Kyle and Peter sat on either side of Santa who was kissing Nathan on the lips. There were enough plates and utensils laid out on the table for everyone. Peter looked more closely at Nathan, then spoke.

“You have no elf ears. Are you human like Kyle and me?”

“Y’up,” Nathan said. “I was a naughty boy too, and Santa came and got me.”

“You couldn’t have been as naughty as Peter,” Kyle said, then laughed.

“You’d be surprised,” Nathan said.

“He used to end his letters to me with ‘fuck you, Santa’,” Santa said.

“That was pretty bad,” Kyle said. “But it seems to have worked out for you in the end.”

“Oh, yeah,” Nathan said.

“Hang on,” Peter said, while grabbing a slice of meat off a platter and putting it on his plate before passing the platter to the elf seated next to him. “Santa said he had a spouse. Are you his spouse?”

“Yes, and so is everyone else here,” Nathan said. “We’re all married to Santa… and to each other—just one big happy family.”

Kyle and Peter looked at each other unsure of what to think. A chunky tan elf with curly black hair, who was carrying a large pitcher looked at Kyle then Peter and smiled as he poured Kyle some refreshment.

“You two will come to love it here and love us,” the elf said. “Don’t worry.”

Nathan kissed Santa deeply and rubbed his chest before standing up and speaking. “Let me fix you a plate, Santa, my love. You’ve had a busy night.”

Peter ate a piece of meat that he’d put on his plate. It melted in his mouth and he smiled contentedly.

“You like it?” a bald, pudgy elf who was standing next to Peter said.

“I like very much. It isn’t reindeer meat, is it?”

The pudgy elf just laughed and his belly shook. “No, it’s pork. We have cows too, down in the lower caverns. I’m the chef. Do either of you boys like to cook?”

“I do,” Peter said. “But, I’m nowhere near as good as you.”

“I’d love to learn to cook and help you in the kitchen,” Kyle said.

“That’s good, boys,” Santa said. He can really use the help of two strapping young men.”

Everyone ate their fill of food and desserts, then Kyle and Peter followed Santa and Nathan out of the room down a long cavernous passageway cut out of the rock mountain. It was lit by crystal chandeliers which held candles and hung from the ceiling. Nathan hugged Santa from behind, and put his arms around his large belly. He tugged off Santa’s robe and threw it on the floor.

Kyle and Peter watched Santa rip Nathan’s thong off. Nathan’s thick, erect cock sprang up at full attention. In one quick move, Santa lifted Nathan up and brought his ass down on his cock. In response, Nathan wrapped his legs around Santa and began moving his ass up and down on Santa’s big cock.

Reaching down, Santa grabbed Nathan’s ass and spread it wide with his cock still in it. He then looked at Peter and spoke.

“Stick your dick in there alongside mine. I want to see my two naughty boys fucking.”

“Yes, Sir,” Peter said, taking off his thong and putting his hard cock in Nathan’s ass.

“Oh, God!” Nathan said. “Yeah, that feels so good.”

“Eat my ass, Kyle,” Santa said.

Kyle got behind Santa, spread Santa’s ass with his hands, then began licking. It was so hot and tasted so minty good that he began hungrily chewing on it.

The four were moaning loudly and their echoes filled the room. Sounds of other people moaning soon filled the air.

“Time for bed, boys,” Santa said.

Peter pulled out of Nathan, and gave Kyle a hand up from where he was crouched behind Santa. They kissed passionately before following Santa and Nathan.

“Wow, he hasn’t even pulled out of Nathan,” Kyle said, watching Nathan bouncing up and down on Santa’s cock as Santa walked forward.

“You’re the man, Santa, Sir!” Peter said.

Santa laughed as he turned left at the dead end.

“Oh, my God!” Kyle said, looking into the room in front of him.

“Holy shit,” Peter said.

The enormous cavern in front of them had piles and piles of furs covering the floor forming a soft plush bed. On the far side was a huge fireplace which warmed the entire space. As cozy as the room felt and looked, that’s not what had caught Peter and Kyle’s attention.

On top of the furs were the elves from the banquet room. They were all naked and engaged in an orgy.

“Come in!” Several of the elves shouted.

“We all sleep together every night,” Nathan said to Kyle and Peter.

“Come on, boys,” Santa said, finding a place in the center of the furs, with Nathan still riding his cock. “Get back inside him, Peter. You too, Kyle.” Kyle looked confused so he gave him instructions. “Lay down facing me and scooch up with your legs to either side of mine, so his ass can come down on both our cocks at once. Peter can stick his dick in on top, or in between ours.”

They did as Santa said, with Peter sliding his cock on top of Santa’s cock. Nathan moaned loudly as he slid up and down on all three cocks.

The pudgy chef elf from earlier went up to the group, turned Peter’s head, and slid his small but erect cock into Peter’s mouth. Peter sucked on it without removing his cock from Nathan’s ass.

‘Go ahead and make chef a happy elf, Peter,” Santa said.

Peter slid out of Nathan and turned his full attention to chef elf. He began sucking and chewing on the elf’s meaty chest and nipples, then kissed him sloppily.

Santa had rolled over and was kissing Kyle, using his tongue forcefully against Kyle’s tongue, while squeezing and twisting Kyle’s nipples. An Asian elf joined them and the three kissed and ran their hands along each other’s bodies. Kyle began sucking on the elf’s uncut cock with Santa beside him.

“Cherry… his dick tastes like cherry—mmm,” Kyle said, then looked at Santa and smiled.

“You think that’s something,” Peter said, then sucked on chef elf’s cock and the cock of a black elf that was next to chef. “These dicks taste like vanilla and chocolate. You gotta try ‘em, Kyle.”

“Go ahead and taste, but come back in a while and bring Peter with you,” Santa said, before kissing the Asian elf.

Kyle moved next to Peter and smiled before Peter pulled him down next to him. The two began hungrily sucking on the ebony cock and white cock while playing with the elves’s nipples.

“I gotta taste their cum,” Peter said.

“Me too,” Kyle said.

“We want to taste yours too,” The black elf said.

They all turned their bodies so Peter and Kyle could alternate sucking on the elves’s cocks while the elves sucked on theirs.

The elves started breathing heavily and moaning before shooting loads of hot cum into Peter and Kyle’s mouths. Peter and Kyle lapped up the thick cum, licked it off each other’s faces, and shared the creamy ejaculate between one another. They then went back to Santa.

Three elves were sitting on Santa’s chest while he sucked on their cocks at the same time. Nathan was lying below, sucking on Santa’s cock with a cute, smiling blond elf sucked on his cock. A skinny elf and a fat one fucked his ass.

Peter lifted Santa’ ass slightly, began licking it, then waved Kyle over. The two slipped both their tongues into Santa’s now fiery hot asshole and began licking it. Their tongues licked each other as they explored Santa’s tight hole.

Kyle and Peter moaned in unison while each got fucked by an elf as they continued eating Santa’s ass. Two more elves got under Kyle and Peter and began sucking their cocks. They all came in unison.

When everything was finally over, Santa pulled Nathan on top of him and Peter and Kyle to either side of him. He hugged them all tightly.

“Good night one and all,” Santa said. “May you all sleep tight and dream sweet dreams. Till we wake and do it all again.”


The End

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