***This story is a complete work of fiction revolving around a sexual encounter between Golden State Warriors stars Klay Thompson and Wardell "Steph" Curry. This story in no way attempts to question either man's sexuality or preferences.  Readers should be 18 years of age or older.***


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"Ahhhhh, that feels good," Klay thought to himself.  He had just pulled up at a urinal and began releasing all of the fine champagne he had consumed during the Warriors Victory Parade through Oakland hours earlier.  He looked down and watched as a powerful, thick stream of yellowish piss shot out from the tip of his bulbous glans.  He was wearing sweatpants, so he had to completely pull down the front of them in order to perform this necessary function.  He tilted his head back and closed his eyes, reflecting on all the fun and excitement he had experienced that day.  "I never want this day to end," he thought to himself.

As he felt he was nearing the end of his bladder relief, he lifted the front of his shirt, giving himself a fully exposed view of "little Klay."  His dick trickled out the last few drops.  He ran his fingers through his untamed bushy pubes before taking his slab in his right hand and shaking it violently.  Just as he was putting his meat back into his pants, he heard someone come into the bathroom.  They were talking on the phone.

"But Ayesha!" It was his friend, captain, and the man who just led his team to their first championship in 40 years, Steph Curry.  Klay moved over to the sink and began washing his hands as his friend entered. 

"But Ayesha, baby, I..." Klay looked in the mirror and watched his friend pace back and forth, clearly agitated.  Steph hadn't even noticed he was in there.

"Baby I promise I wasn't cheating!"

"Oh, this is interesting," Klay thought to himself. 

"Those were just some girls from the club we went to.  You know we were out partying the night we won!  I don't know any of those chicks.  You know I love you!"

Klay went over and began drying his hands on some paper towels.  He didn't want to interrupt his friend by activating the automatic dryer. 

"FUCK!" Steph yelled while making a swing-punch motion with his arm.  Ayesha had just hung up on him.

"Yo Steph, everything cool," Klay inquired, knowing it wasn't but trying to be friendly anyway. 

"She thinks I cheated on her!  The mother of my daughter thinks I would step out on her," Steph said, his voice beginning to crack and a tear rolling down his face.

"Woah, shi...damn, man, sorry to hear that," Klay said as he placed a supportive arm on his fellow Splash Brother's shoulder.  Steph covered his face with his hands, before turning and burying his head in his friend's chest and letting the tears flow.

"What the fu...," Klay thought to himself.  This was weird.  The only thing he knew how to do was give his friend a light supportive bear hug.  "It'll be alright, dude, I promise you.  Anything I can do to help reassure her?  I can talk to her and vouch for you," Klay said.  Steph remained silent.  His tears began to wet Klay's chest through his T-shirt.  The two remained standing there in the middle of the bathroom.

After what seemed like an eternity, Steph finally stopped crying and backed out of Klay's embrace.  His eyes and nose were red and puffy.  Klay just looked at him, not knowing what to say.

"Damn, what kinda cologne you wearin'," Steph inquired, wiping his nose with his hands.  "That shit smells good."

"Ha," Klay said with an awkward chuckle.  "Hugo Boss Sport."

"Nice."  Steph walked into a stall and grabbed some tissues to clean his face before washing up at the sink.  Save the sound of the water, an awkward silence followed.

"Uh, any plans for the day," Klay said to break the silence.

Steph shook his head.  "Nope.  None.  I was planning on taking Ayesha out to dinner tonight.  Shit, she might not even let me in the house tonight."

 "Damn, man.  Well, uh...you wanna go grab some lunch or something?  Kill some time?"

"You know what, that sounds like a plan to me.  Ayesha even took the car, so I'm stuck here," Steph said with a laugh.  "Maybe she'll be ready to talk to me in a few hours." 

The duo said their goodbyes and expressed gratitude to the employees at Oracle Arena and signed a few autographs for fans before hopping in Klay's white S500.  Bone Thugs-n-Harmony was blasting through the speakers. 

"Yeahhhhhh, this is exactly what I need to hear," Steph said with a wide grin.  Klay smiled back before turning the music down.  He drove back across the Bay Bridge into San Francisco to an Italian spot he loved to frequent.

"Aww, what?  Damn, they're closed," Klay said.  "Hmmm..." He began thinking aloud.

"Do you got any food back at your crib," Steph inquired.

"Yeah, I have a few things," Klay responded.

"Well how `bout we go there.  I can cook something.  Besides, I haven't seen your new spot yet."

"Yeah," Klay said with a nod, his hand rubbing his chin.  "Yeah, sure, okay that sounds like a plan."  He drove the short distance back to his condo.

"Dammmnnnnnn, this view is sick," Steph said.  "Yours is ten times better than mine."

"Yeah, that's a big reason why I bought it.  You can't beat this view."

After giving him a tour of his place, Klay led Steph into the kitchen, where they went through the fridge and cabinets to figure out what they were gonna eat.  It was quickly decided that Steph would make a chicken risotto.  The teammates bullshitted and talked about a lot of trivial stuff like their thoughts on the day's parade, their favorite and most stressful moments of the playoffs, and what they had plans on doing that summer.  Time flew by, and before either of them knew it, the food was ready.  It was informal...and a bit impromptu...so they ate their dinner at the island in the kitchen and continued their trivial talk. 

As they finished and began cleaning up, Steph's tone and mood changed. 

"Okay real talk, between you and me, I got my dick sucked by one of those tramps at the club," Steph said.  Klay got the big eyes.  He was shocked.  Steph?!  Out of everyone on the team, he was the last person anyone would've suspected of cheating.  He always portrayed this happy, perfect family image.  He was always talking about religion and faith.  What?  How?  Why?  Klay waited for him to continue, not knowing what to say. 

"You know Ayesha's pregnant, and she ain't been givin' up no ass.  I haven't gotten my dick wet in like over a month."

"Damn," Klay thought to himself.

"I know I was wrong.  I take full responsibility for that.  I shouldn't have cheated.  But come on man, we won the championship!  WE FUCKIN' WON!  And she ain't wanna celebrate with me?  Come on, get outta here."  Steph started shaking his head. 

"Geez.  So what do you plan to do," Klay asked.

"I don't even know.  I'm sure it'll all be cool if I just give her some time and space.  She better not be on no bullshit, though."

"Well, you can chill and hang out here whenever you need to," Klay said.

"Thanks bruh, I appreciate it," Steph said, giving his teammate a dap handshake and friendly hug. 

"You got any movies," Steph inquired.

"I have Netflix.  I haven't checked that out in a while, but I'm sure there's some new stuff on there."

"Bruh," Steph said.  "Not those types of movies.  I mean moo-vieesss.  Adult.  Porn."

"Ohhh," Klay said, blushing.  "Hmm, well..."

"Come on, bruh, stop being so uptight.  It's me, Steph.  Your boy!  I just told you I cheated on my wife!  Ain't nobody gon' give a fuck if you be jackin' yo dick to some porn.  Hell, who doesn't?!"

It was still weird for Klay.  Although he had come out of his shell a lot over the past year, everyone on the team still knew he was the quiet, introverted type.  Very rarely did he discuss non-basketball-related stuff with anyone. 

"Haha, you're right," Klay said with an awkward laugh.  Let me go get my computer. 

Klay retrieved his MacBook Pro and connected it to the 50" TV he had mounted on the wall in his living room. 

"You can go through these," Klay said.

"Dammmmnnnn, haha, my boy Klay got like 100 pornos on the laptop!  Fuckin' hilarious!"

Klay blushed again.  "Uh, you want something to drink?"

"Yeah, you got any of that Cuervo?"

"Of course, that's my favorite!"  Klay went back into the kitchen and started pouring the drinks, leaving his MVP guest to sift through the adult movie collection he had saved on his computer.  When he walked back into the living room, he damn near had a heart attack.

"Damn Klay, you made a movie?!  Haha!  So many secrets to you, boy, I tell you!"

To Klay's surprise, Steph had clicked on one of the many home movies he had made with his ex-girlfriend.  This particular one was one of the last they had made in a New York City hotel over the All-Star break.  His ex-girlfriend was filming Klay strip with her phone. Klay honestly didn't know what to say.  He sat the drinks down on the table and just sat on the couch next to Steph, completely embarrassed. 

"You know what, now that I think about it, you do got the biggest dick on the team," Steph said, still amused at the video he was watching.  Klay remained silent.  "Why don't you shave yo dick, though?  You know we be clownin' you!  Like, `damn, Klay got a dick `fro!'  You have a legit jungle on top of your dick, dude."

"Why the fuck is he talking about this," Klay thought to himself.  "Haha, well, umm...I'm old fashioned, I guess," was all he could bring himself to say.  "Just like keeping it natural,"

"How big is yo dick anyway," Steph inquired. 

"Umm, like 6.5 inches."

"And hard?"

"Like 9.5."

"Dammmmmmnnnnnn, son!  That's like a baseball bat!  I know you be out there killin' these hoes, bustin' the ass and pussy open and everything!" 

"Haha yep, I guess."

"What do you like more, pussy or ass," Steph asked his teammate.  

"Whew, man, that's a tough one.  I don't know, I can't really decide.  I mean, of course the pussy is good cuz it's so wet and squishy, but the ass is good too cuz it's tight as hell."

"You wanna know something?  I ain't never done anal before," Steph said.

Was Klay supposed to be surprised?  This whole conversation was weird and totally unexpected.  His poker face remained.  Steph didn't even seem to notice as he kept talking.

"Yep, Ayesha hasn't let me in the booty...yet.  I'mma get in there someday, though."

"Hmmmmm," Klay said. 

Steph downed his Jose Cuervo in one go and asked for another.  When Klay came back, Steph had taken his pants off and was sitting on his couch with a full erection. 

"Yo, uhhhh," Klay started.

"Come on, Klay, we're boys.  Don't do me like that," Steph started.  An awkward silence followed.

"You know what, how about we see who can nut the fastest," Steph said as he downed his second glass of the Cuervo.

Klay was in shock.  Okay, "what the actual fuck," he thought.  What was Steph doing? 

"Come on, playboy, let me see this dick," Steph said, reaching over and trying to pull down Klay's pants.

"Woah, come on now, Steph, you're just drunk," Klay said, protesting his friend's advances.

"I had two glasses of CuervoAin't nobody drunk," Steph said.  "You ain't gon' let yo boy see yo dick up close and personal?"

Klay sat still like stone.  He didn't know how to go about handling this.  After all, this was his team captain, the NBA's MVP.  This was Steph Curry, one of the most popular guys in all of basketball.  A married man.  A father!  And yet here he was, making Klay uncomfortable in his own house. 

As he was attempting to process all of this nonsense, Steph had gotten up and straddled his pants-less bare ass on Klay's lap.  He whispered in his ear.

"I just want you to make me feel good, daddy.  Can you please do that?"  The MVP began sucking his teammates neck and rocking his hips.  Klay brought his hands up and placed them on Steph's waist.  His dick started to grow. 

"Ah shit, your dick feels so hard," Steph said seductively.  He got off Klay, moved down between his legs, and slowly pulled down his sweatpants.  He buried his face in Klay's gray boxer briefs, licking the outline of Klay's growing cock trapped just beneath the fabric.  Klay tilted his head back, trying to reconcile his conflicting emotions of excitement and confusion. 

Steph pulled the boxer briefs down and wasted no time putting Klay's erection his mouth.  Klay was thick.  His dick was a man's dick.  In one swift motion, Steph had deep throated all 9.5 inches, his nose breathing in the intoxicating musk of Klay's pubic jungle. 

"Oooohhhh, shhhiiii...fuccckkkkkk," Klay said in approval of the pleasure he was receiving from his team captain.  Steph kept sucking away while playing with Klay's golf ball-sized nuts.  "I can't believe this is happening," Klay said to himself aloud.

Steph completely removed Klay's pants and underwear from around his ankles and lifted the taller man's legs, pushing them into his chest.  He motioned his teammate to scoot closer to the edge of the couch so he'd have better access.  This position left the most private part of Klay's body completely exposed.  Once again, Steph wasted no time and buried his face in Klay's ass.  It was raunchy.  He was pretty musky, with prevailing faint traces of the smell of poop and sweat as a result of having been outside sitting and walking around in the hot sun all day.  The MVP didn't care. 

"I'mma eat yo ass just like I eat my baby's clit," Steph said in between his oral assaults on Klay's hole.  "I'mma eat yo ass like a muthafuckin' cupcake!"

"You a virgin, my dude," Steph inquired.

"Hell yeah," Klay said with bated breath, his head still tilted back on the sofa and eyes clenched shut.  "My ass is for shitting only.  Exit only."

"Not anymore it's not!" And in one swift motion, Steph had stuck two fingers inside the pink of Klay's wet, saliva-lubricated opening.

"Fuccccckkkkk," Klay moaned.  He clenched down hard on Steph's fingers trying to get used to the feel. 

"Damn playboy, don't break my fingers," Steph said.  He licked Klay's pink, hairless balls again as he began pumping his fingers in and out of Klay's hole.  He jerked his friend's cock forward, and a tablespoon-sized amount of clear precum came flowing out from his masculine piss-slit.  Steph licked the slit and sucked on Klay's bulbous glans. 

After a few minutes, Steph slipped a third finger inside Klay's hole, sending the 6'7" man into convulsions.  His body shook as Steph hit his prostate over and over again with his ceaseless fingering. 

"Fuck, Steph, I..."

"You're about to get fucked tonight, that's what you're about to do," Steph said in a commanding voice.  Klay kept panting.  Steph stood up without removing his fingers from the warmth of Klay's anal orifice, and said to Klay with a commanding voice, "Look in my eyes you pasty white, bitch!"  Klay's eyes bolted open and his head shot forward, coming only an inch or two away from Steph's.  Steph stared deep into his eyes.  Klay stared back, although he was intimidated.

"Boy, I thought you were fine since the day you joined the team.  I want this ass.  You gon' give it up to me?"

Klay didn't know what to say, so he just stared back at his MVP's face.

"Oh, so you're just gon' sit there and look dumb?  Do I have to repeat myself?"

Klay shook his head.  "Do you...you...got...do you have any condoms," Klay asked, his voice shaking.

"CONDOMS?!  I'm a married man, what the fuck I look like walking around with some condoms?!  I'm only fuckin' Ayesha and if you're a virgin like you say you are, we should be good, right?  RIGHT?!"

Klay nodded. 

Unexpectedly, Steph shoved his tongue down Klay's throat, his fingers still gently wiggling around in Klay's hole.  Klay choked and gagged.

"Oh so you gon' choke in my mouth," Steph said.  His tone was becoming increasingly aggressive.  "Here, well gag on this!"  Steph pulled his three fingers from the warmth of Klay's man-stink and shoved them in his mouth-stink. 

"Yeah, gag on this.  GAG ON THIS!  You taste your ass?  You like how that tastes?!  You like the taste of your funky, dirty ass? Yeah, suck on these fingers.  SUCK ON `EM!"

Klay did as he was told, a tear escaping from his eye.  He couldn't believe what was happening.  How crazy was this scene?  Here he was sitting on his own couch, naked legs in the air, with his favorite teammate's fingers in his mouth.  He was trying to process it all, when he suddenly felt pressure on his anus.  Steph was pushing the head of his 7.5 inch golden-brown circumcised dick inside his teammates ass.

"Whooooooo, yeah, you're a virgin," Steph said with a laugh.

"Ow, ah, ow."  Klay winced in pain.

"SHUT UP," Steph barked!  "Stop acting like a lil' bitch!  You better take this dick!   If you make another sound I'mma nut in yo ass.  You gon' have my muthafuckin' baby!  Haha!" By now, Steph was drunk and acting crazy.  He had pushed all 7.5 inches inside Klay.  His tightly curled reddish-brown pubes were resting on Klay's shaved taint.  Steph just stood there, allowing Klay's anal contractions to massage his dick without him having to do any work. 

"You good, my dude," Steph asked his friend.

"This shit hurts," Klay said through gritted teeth, wincing in pain.

"You'll be aight.  You'll get used to it.  Now you know how it feels when you be goin' around stickin' yo dick in these hoes without mercy!"

Obviously that brought no consolation to Klay, who, still to his disbelief, had just been deflowered by the legendary Steph Curry.  His breathing was still hard, and the sound of his heart beating was audible in the silence of his condo. 

"I'mma give you another minute to get used to the feel of my dick before I destroy this hole, playboy!"

"Steph, what the fuck, dude?  Why you gotta be so rough," Klay said, still wincing.

Steph ignored him and took that as a signal that he could start his assault on Klay's anus.  He slowly pulled himself out, just past the tip of his glans, before pushing himself in. 

"Fucccccckkkkk," they both said in unison.  "How the fuck are you so fucking tight?!  Tighter than Ayesha's pussy!"

Steph pulled out completely and watched Klay's hole wink at him.  He spread Klay's manly ass cheeks apart, and spat a glob of spit onto the freshly de-virginized hole.  He took two fingers and rubbed his self-lube all over the hole before inserting them and stretching Klay's hole as wide as it would go.  He crouched down between the man's legs and stuck his nose up against the opening.  He took a whiff and was immediately intoxicated by the smell of Klay's bowels.  He licked around the orifice a few times before sticking his manhood back inside. 

As painful as it was, Klay began sensing a little pleasure.  Steph's girth had his anus stretched, but his dick was also long enough to hit his prostate, causing him to gain an erection.  Surprisingly, he was starting to catch feelings for his teammate.  Steph had his eyes closed and was clearly in another world as he pushed himself in and pulled himself out of KlayKlay just stared at him an amazement.  "What a guy," he confusingly thought to himself.  The room was silent. 

After another two minutes, Klay felt Steph's dick get harder...as if that were even possible...and the speed of his pounding increased.  He knew Steph was close to reaching his climax, and as he wasn't completely enjoying this experience, he did whatever he could to help his friend reach it quicker so he could be relieved of the discomfort.  He bared down and clenched.  The tightness of his sphincter sent the 2015 NBA MVP over the edge.  Steph pulled out just in time and released multiple powerful volleys of thick, milky white cum all over Klay's stomach and sofa.  He grunted, but not too loudly.  When his spasms and contractions ended, he shook the rest of the cum from his dick and laughed.

"Haha, wow, what the fuck.  Can't believe we just did that," he said as he pulled up his pants.  "Damn Klay, you're something else, I tell you." Klay laid motionless on the couch, drenched in his friends runny, slimy cum as he still tried to process it all.  He wanted to say something but didn't know what to say.

"I'mma see what Ayesha's up to," Steph said, picking up his cell phone and walking into the kitchen while holding his pants up with his free hand.

"What the fuck," Klay thought to himself.  He sat up and watched cum roll off the sides of his stomach onto his expensive sofa.

"Yeah...huh...yeah, baby, you know that.  Just let me explain it to you.  I'mma be straightforward and let you know whatever it is you wanna know."  Klay listened intently to his friend's conversation.  "Will you let me take you for dinner?  Come on, I wanna take you for dinner.  We can talk it over there.  Huh?  Yeah.  Aight, cool.  Love you, girl."

Steph walked back into the living room.  Klay stared at him, but he had his eyes glued to his phone.  "Klayyyyyy, homie," he said in a calm, friendly voice as if he had just seen Klay for the first time that day and not taken his virginity on his couch just minutes earlier.  "Ayesha finally got her damn act together.  Now I gotta figure out what I'm gonna tell this girl when I see her tonight.  Oh, you good?"  Steph finally looked up and met the eyes of his friend who was staring blankly at him.

Klay shook his head.  He wanted an explanation.  But he was to be disappointed.  Steph wasn't gonna talk about it.  There was nothing to talk about.

"Alright, well I'm gonna go.  I'mma catch a taxi back home."  Steph started towards the door.

"Wha...seriously Steph?  You're just gonna play me like that?"  Now he knew how he made all those girls feel when he'd fuck them and just leave right afterwards without a word.  Steph turned back towards him, put his index finger up to his mouth, and blew a silent "shhhhh" in his direction.  For added effect, he gave a mischievous smile and wink, before opening the door and walking out. 


Klay had just stepped out the shower in his master bathroom and dried himself off.  He spent nearly 30 minutes in there, most of which was just trying to process everything that had happened earlier that afternoon.  He walked over to his dresser and picked up his phone.  There was a message from Steph:

"I won't say anything to anyone and I trust that you won't either.  You're my homie.  Enjoy your summer.  We the champs!  Splash Bros. forever!"

Klay couldn't help but smile.  He was frustrated and wanted...needed...answers.  But hey, what harm was there if what had happened between him and Steph stayed between him and Steph.  In a way, he was honored he got to be one of a just a handful of people to feel Steph's dick inside of them.  And in another, he guessed that if he was going to let another man slob on his dick, who better than Steph?  It was what it was.  Oh, what a helluva day it was!


-The End-


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