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"Hi Klay."

"Yo, you busy tonight?"

"No, why?

"You wanna roll through and chill at the crib?"

Torin smiled. He knew exactly what Klay was asking.

"Netflix and chill," he asked, laughing.

"Fuck yeah," Klay responded with a slight laugh himself.

"Okay sure. When do you want me to come?"

"Right now, playboy!"

"Alright, I'm on my way."


Torin hung up the phone and got ready. He was excited, even though this had become almost routine by now. This was the fourth time Klay had asked him to come over and "chill." The 19-year old olive-skinned, bluish-gray-eyed Italian exchange student had been in the US since early summer and had met Klay on a random community basketball court in San Francisco shortly after the All-Star and NBA World Champion had returned from a trip to China in August. They had hit it off immediately, mostly because Klay loved Italy and his older brother had just moved there to play professional basketball. Since the sport wasn't especially popular there, he was also impressed that Torin knew the game.

Klay had invited him out to dinner and a few house parties where the kid could drink with no problems. It was at one of those house parties where a drunk and high Klay had asked Torin if he was gay. "Yes and no," was his response. He had been sexually active with several girls back in Italy, but he had also sucked off some of his male friends before too...and word on the street was, he was really good! He told Klay all of this and Klay just smiled and shook his head. Torin was never really interested in having penetrative sex with a guy, although he wouldn't think twice if Klay had asked him for his virginity.

The day after that party, Torin got his first text from Klay asking if he wanted to come over to his place. It was an extremely rare invitation, because from what Torin had heard, Klay never invited anyone over to his house unless they were family members or girls he was fucking. "Sure," he responded unhesitatingly, trying to control his excitement. Klay sent him his address and asked if he smoked. "Smoke what," he thought to himself. "Yes, I do," he replied. He actually didn't smoke cigarettes or anything else, but he just wanted to seem cool in Klay's eyes. "Cool, I got some bud we can roll up," was the message that immediately popped back up on his phone. "Oh shit," the young Italian thought to himself.

To cut the story short, Klay, who was high as a kite, casually asked Torin if he'd suck his dick, and the exchange student happily obliged. Klay was so impressed in his state of euphoria that he asked if they could make it a regular, casual thing: Torin would suck Klay's dick anytime the baller asked, nothing more, nothing less. No sex, no kissing, and Klay wouldn't reciprocate. But as "payment," Torin was allowed to tag along with Klay when he wanted, he'd treat him to dinner occasionally, and he'd supply him with weed if he ever wanted any. The latter he wasn't interested in, but Torin wasted no time taking Klay up on his other two offers.

Neither of them saw their relationship as being purely sexual in nature. In fact, they never even talked about sex. Both of them genuinely enjoyed the company of the other. The infamously private and introverted Klay quickly upgraded Torin into his extremely small circle of friends because the youngster had never taken advantage of him or crossed the line in asking him for something. Unlike the thousands of groupie chicks out there, Torin wasn't constantly taking selfies and posting them to social media, bragging about who he was hanging out with. Torin couldn't offer pussy, but his mouth was awesome, and that was a huge plus for the sexually frustrated Klay. And to top it all off, Torin was a guy's guy: nothing about him gave off that he "gay" or "bisexual," except maybe some of the clothes he wore; but that could be excused because he was European. Klay had no problem bringing Torin around his other friends, because he would jump in and immediately talk about sports and hot chicks he would fuck like the rest of them. What the two of them did in their private time was strictly between the two of them.

He slipped on a pair of gray shorts, boat shoes, and a black hoodie over a blue short-sleeved button-up shirt and made his way over to Klay's place. About 25 minutes later, he pulled up in front of Klay's house and sent a text letting him know he was there. "Cool, come on in," was the quick reply. Torin walked through the door and was immediately struck by the pungent smell of marijuana. Klay was sitting on the couch, shirtless, high as a kite.


"You wanna hit this," Klay asked, extending the blunt to his companion.

"No man, I'm good. The police had roadblocks set up, and I don't want to get stopped on my way home," Torin said as he took off his hoodie.

"More for me then," Klay said, and he immediately took another hit.


Torin glazed over Klay's body. He was only wearing a pair of black cotton sweats. He got horny seeing the basketballer's naked torso. Surprisingly, this was the first time he'd seen Klay without a shirt. All the times they'd played basketball together, Klay always wore at least a compression shirt, and when Torin serviced him, he'd always worn a T-shirt or hoodie. He wasn't particularly muscular or toned, but he had a nice body, even though he desperately needed a tan. Two medium-sized pinkish-red nipples stuck out against the rest of his white flesh, and a light happy trail ran from his navel down into the sweats. Klay sat and stared at the TV, which was on mute for some reason.


"What'd you do today," Torin asked, breaking the silence with his handsomely accented English.

"I played ball with Draymond (Green) and some of his friends. Played some video games too. That's about it. It's been a chill day."

Torin wanted to ask why Klay hadn't invited him, but to be honest, he didn't really care because he had been busy earlier in the day anyway.

"You know, Draymond talked about you today," Klay said, somewhat mumbling.

"Really? What'd he say?"

Klay laughed. "It was some fucked up shit."

"What? What do you mean?"

"Well, for some gay ass reason, one of his friends asked if he absolutely had to fuck another guy, who would it be."

Torin stared at his friend with furrowed brows, waiting for him to finish.

"And...and he straight up just said, `I'd fuck Klay's little Italian friend. I'd fuck the shit out that lil' boy."


Klay burst out laughing. Torin awkwardly followed suit. Torin didn't find Draymond attractive in the slightest, and as a result, he definitely wouldn't let him fuck him. But, he imagined the baller was probably sporting a nice package, and although he wouldn't go out of his way to put his lips around it, if the opportunity ever casually presented itself, he wouldn't turn it down.

There was an awkward silence. Torin usually waited for Klay to initiate their trysts, but for some reason, he seemed more dazed or mentally preoccupied this time, so Torin got up from the love seat he was sitting on and went and sat next to Klay. He rubbed his right hand up and down his naked torso, and planted his plump pink lips on the baller's right nipple. Torin's hand traced Klay's happy trail down into his pants, running slowly through his insanely bushy pubes until he reached the base of his cock, where he took the baller's heavy scrotum in his hand. He continued, tracing his fingers along the underside of his shaft until they reached the bulbous head.


"Can you get my dick wet," Klay asked casually, in his usual disinterested tone-of-voice that nevertheless aroused Torin.


Torin placed himself between Klay's long legs and buried his face into the cotton hiding Klay's man-piece. He inhaled deeply, but softly. He placed his hands on either side of Klay's waist and began to pull the sweatpants down. Klay lifted himself off the couch to help get them all the way off. He was still limp, which was also a first, because normally Klay was rock hard before he pulled his pants down. The young college student studied Klay's member. Interestingly, despite being 6 feet 7 inches tall and 220 pounds, Klay's dick wasn't proportional or enormously big. At just under 6 inches limp and 8.5 inches hard, it was still impressive, but probably smaller than what most would expect for a guy his size. For the 5 feet 10 inches, 145 pound Torin, this was more than enough. He buried his face in Klay's bushy pubes and inhaled the musky natural scent of raw masculinity. He had always wanted to ask why Klay didn't trim or shave, but that topic would have to be saved for another time. Torin ran his finger along the light brown circumcision about an inch from his glans.

Klay suddenly began touching his dick and simulated jerking himself off. "Come on dude, what'chu waiting for?" he asked, impatiently. Torin looked up and his beautiful bluish-gray eyes met Klay's half-closed/half-opened stoned eyes. He moved Klay's hand out the way, took the cock in his hands, and planted a soft kiss on the tip before gently licking the piss slit and then engulfing the whole thing in his mouth.


"Fuuuuucccccckkkkk," Klay moaned softly.


Torin began sucking, and immediately, he felt Klay's dick jump as the blood began pumping his glorious erection. In less than a minute, Klay was sporting a full-mast fuck stick. Torin licked the underside of the hard dick before swallowing all 8.5 inches again in one swift motion. His nose rested deeply embedded in Klay's musky pubes, while he could feel Klay's heartbeat vibrating in his mouth. How intimate! He pulled himself off it, this time focusing only on the big head. Once again, he licked and licked away at Klay's piss slit, and he immediately began tasting the basketballer's precum. He put the glans in his mouth and rotated his tongue around it while using his hands to jack the long shaft.

There was a nice coating of warm, Italian saliva covering all 8.5 inches, but nevertheless, Torin spat twice on the dick before he began sucking again. Klay put his left hand on the back of Torin's head and gently began face fucking his young companion. The gurgling and gagging sounds exiting the mouth of his friend only excited the stoned baller more, so he began pumping even harder. Klay forced his entire baby maker down Torin's throat again, as he held the back of the Italian's head with a nice firm grip, preventing him from moving. After a couple seconds, he let go, and Torin gasped for air as multiple strands of spit formed an unbroken link from his mouth to Klay's hard dick. His jaws needed a break, so he began licking and gently sucking on Klay's balls, which Klay said was his favorite part of a blowjob. In stark contrast with his hairy pubes, Klay's balls were completely shaved; not a single strand of hair was visible against the light pink skin of his sack.


"Put both of them in your mouth," he commanded, as he held his scrotum and forced it inside Torin's mouth.


Torin gently sucked them before expelling them with an audible "plop" sound. Several times he licked from the balls all the way to the tip of Klay's glans, before continuing his oral assault on the hard dick.


"Wait a minute," Torin said as he moved to stand up. "Fuck my face," he ordered Klay, as he positioned himself on the couch and directed Klay to stand up over him.

Klay did as he was told, switching back and forth between slow and fast thrusts. His scrotum repeatedly slapped Torin's chin and throat, forcing the student to hold them in one hand so they didn't distract him. Klay gasped as Torin latched on and deep throated him again.


"OH MY FUCKIN...FUCK," Klay moaned.


Torin pushed against Klay's thighs, signaling for the baller to pull himself out his friend's mouth. He need a break.


"How does that feel?"

"Fuck, man. Like heaven, as usual" Klay said, as he sat down next to Torin and took one final hit of his blunt, which he had been holding in his right hand the entire time.


Silence followed, but Klay slowly jerked his dick to ensure he stayed hard during this interim. Torin wanted to try something new, but didn't know how Klay would receive it. They had never done it before, and it was past their "nothing less, nothing more" than a blowjob agreement. "What the hell," Torin thought to himself. "Klay's high anyway." He summoned up the courage.


"Have you ever had your ass licked before," Torin asked.

Klay paused and slowly turned his head towards Torin before staring him in the face. His look was a mix of "What are you getting at," "Why would you ask me that," and "Fuck no," all in one. Torin returned the stare and asked again.

"Has any girl ever eaten your ass?"


"Why not," Torin inquired, completely ignoring Klay's yelling.

"BECAUSE! I don't do gay shit."

"Wait, what," Torin thought to himself. He didn't know if Klay was being serious or joking. He needed clarification.

"What do you mean," he asked, moving Klay's hand off his dick and slowly jacking it with both of his.

"I don't need anyone playing with my ass. There's nothing exciting back there. EXIT ONLY!"

Torin's facial expression did all the talking.

"Dude, I take massive dumps all the time. I'm not gonna make some chick eat my asshole. Besides none has ever asked or volunteered."

"Okay, well, I want to be the first," Torin said, as he placed himself once again between Klay's legs and stuffed his softening dick back in his mouth.

"Fuck, I dunno, man. I dunno if I'm down for that," Klay said casually as he thrust his head back on the couch in ecstasy and left a soft moan escape his lips.

"Come on," Torin said, taking charge. Without even asking, he managed to position Klay in such a way that his ass was hanging off the edge of the couch. He pushed Klay's long legs back into his torso, and without even thinking twice, began licking the basketballer's hairy perineum and pink hole.

"OH MYYYYYY," Klay screamed, clenching his hole and toes at the tickling sensation.


"You taste good," Torin said in a half-mocking, half-reassuring tone. Klay was definitely musky, but Torin found the natural scent euphoric. The pink hole kept winking as Torin ran his tongue around and across it. The thick, dark hair surrounding the opening and crack was matted against Klay's white butt cheeks as a result of all the saliva. This was actually Torin's first time giving a rimjob, and who better to perform it on than an NBA player like Klay?!

Torin stopped and pulled Klay's ass apart with his hands. He stared at this most private part of every man's body. A reflex caused Klay's hole to wink at him yet again, and Torin's mind immediately went to imagining the speed with which it contracted when Klay climaxed. "Damn," he said to himself. He buried his face back in Klay's ass, before licking nonstop from his hole to the tip of his glans, followed immediately by deepthroating.


"How many girls have you fucked with this thing," Torin asked, as he jacked Klay's member with his hands.

"Like ten."

"TEN?! I was expecting more!"

"Haha, nope, not everyone gets the D from me," Klay said with his eyes still closed in bliss.


It took every fiber in his being not to stick a finger inside Klay's warm, tight, virginal hole, but he didn't want to cross the line and overstep his boundaries. Getting rimmed was a new experience for both of them, so he would just have to enjoy this and save another act for another time. Torin was rock hard himself and could feel himself leaking precum inside his black Versace briefs, but he had never masturbated while sucking Klay. Again, he didn't want to cross the line by pulling his own dick out and jacking it while sucking his friend. About ten more minutes passed before Klay had had enough and was finally ready to release.


"I'm gonna cum...I'm gonna cum," Klay said. He began breathing heavily as his body contorted and caused him to arch his back.

"Yeah come on, give me that nut. GIVE ME THAT NUT," Torin said, using slang he picked up from Klay the last time they did this.


He quickly alternated back and forth between sucking Klay's glans and jacking his dick vigorously. As if it were possible, he felt Klay's dick get even stiffer, signaling him to jack faster as Klay let out a loud moan and eight powerful volleys of thick, baby making fluid shot out from the tip of his glans.


"FUUUUU...AARRRGGGG," Klay exclaimed.


Torin put the cum-covered dick back in his mouth and gently sucked it, even deep throating again. He swallowed the bitter remnants of the cum that remained on the dick, leaving it perfectly clean and glistening as Klay signaled for him to stop because it had become too sensitive. When Torin looked down, his left forearm and knee were covered in cum. A small bit even managed to land on his left ear. He got up and went to Klay's kitchen to get some paper towels to clean himself off. While he was in there, he helped himself and took a bottle of water from his host's fridge and drank it. By the time he went back to the living room, Klay was sitting hunched over, his head staring down at the floor and both arms resting on either of his legs. He had his toes curled up.


"Are you good," Torin asked.

"Yep," was the somewhat muffled response.

Torin sat back down next to him, but not before picking Klay's black sweats up off the ground and handing them back to the owner.

"Thanks," Klay said without raising his head.

"Oh, you know what? There's one thing else I want to do," Torin exclaimed as he raced to Klay's bathroom and came back with six squares of toilet paper. Klay finally looked up.

"What's that for?"

"Let me wipe you."


"Let me wipe your ass. I just cleaned your ass for you, so let me wipe you," he said with a devilish smirk.

"You've gotta be fucking kidding me," Klay said incredulously.


Torin stood up and gently pushed Klay back into the sofa before ordering him to raise his legs again. The baller offered no resistance, doing as he was told and taking a leg in either hand. Torin folded the tissue paper and wiped the remnants of his saliva from Klay's already clean pink opening. When he was done, he planted a gentle kiss on the hole.


"Oh my god, you're too much," Klay said, shaking his head. "You done? Can I put my pants back on?"

"Yes of course." Torin watched as Klay covered his nakedness and adjusted the dick he had just sucked dry back inside the warmth of the black sweatpants. As Klay was bending to sit back down, he playfully slapped his ass.

"So how was your first time getting rimmed?"

"Crazy. It tickled, but felt kinda good too."

"Would you do it again?"

"I dunno. Maybe. At least you knew what you were doing."

"That was actually my first time doing it."

"Really? You could've fooled me!"

The duo sat and chatted for another thirty minutes before Torin said he needed to get going. Klay walked him to the door.

"Yo, thanks again for coming through. I know it was short notice, but..."

"No problem. You're my friend," Torin smiled.

Klay simply nodded, clearly still high but obviously sleepy as well.

"I have one more question for you though."

"What," Klay asked.

"When you and your friends were talking about which guys you would fuck earlier today, who did you say?"

"I knew you were gonna ask me that," Klay said, cracking a light smile.

Torin smiled and waited for his answer.

"I said you. I told Draymond he would have to fight me to take you away from me."

And with that, Klay gave Torin a playful push out the door and closed it behind him.



-The End-


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