***This story is a complete work of fiction revolving around a sexual encounter between NBA star Klay Thompson and a fan. This story in no way attempts to question Klay's sexuality or preferences. Readers should be 18 years of age or older.***



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"Yeah, I'm on the 4th floor, just hop in the elevator and come on up," the text said. "The door is unlocked."


Camilo did as he was told. It felt weird just opening someone's door, but it was late at night and he didn't want to ring the doorbell and possibly wake anyone else that could've been there in the apartment, so he turned the knob and opened the door. Camilo had just his favorite basketball player the week before at the housewarming party of a mutual friend. Although he was a foreigner (half-Danish/half-Cuban) working in the US on an internship, he was still a huge basketball fan in two countries where the sport is by no means popular. They were the only "white" people at the party, and although like Klay, Camilo was half-black, yet he shared a similar skin color. They had hit it off at that party; so much so that Klay actually asked Camilo to join him at another house party the following night, and again for a private dinner in Sea Cliff, San Francisco. But still, Camilo didn't know Klay well enough to just completely let his guard down or know the basketball player's routine, preferences, etc..


"Heeeeyyy, come on in," Klay said to his guest. He was standing in front of the TV, completely shirtless playing a video game on his PlayStation.


"OMG," Camilo thought to himself. "His body looks so good!" He felt a little twitch in his pants.


Camilo entered further into the living room, not walking too fast so he could take in all of Klay's body. As he got closer, he got yet another surprise. Klay was wearing a pair of sweat pants, a size or two too big (and sitting too low on his waist), so Camilo could clearly make out a thick dark carpet of pubic hair. Klay wasn't wearing any underwear! The sight made Camilo's eyes bulge and mouth water.


"Welcome to my place," Klay said without taking his eyes off the game. "Make yourself at home."


Camilo sat down on the couch, still admiring Klay's body. He wasn't ripped nor overly muscular, but definitely well-toned. He had two average-sized pink nipples, and his torso was completely hairless except for a moderately light happy trail that descended down to a full blown bed of hair. All of his pubes weren't visible, but from what Camilo could see, it looked as though Klay had probably never trimmed or shaved his pubic hair...EVER! "Such a man," Camilo thought to himself.


Klay threw his hands over his head in defeat as he lost the game, revealing those infamous hairy armpits that Camilo had seen so many times on TV. He'd do anything to just have one good sniff. He didn't have an armpit fetish, but this wasn't just any armpit; this was Klay Thompson's armpit, and therefore it was a turn-on for Camilo.


"I'm being a bad host," Klay said in a tone that was more reflective of trying to be polite rather than genuine or remorseful. "You want something to drink?"


"No, I'm okay thanks."


"What'd you do today," Klay said, sitting down on the couch next to Camilo. Camilo was able to steal a quick glance of the top of Klay's butt crack as the tall basketballer sat down. Klay put his hand behind his head, and once again, Camilo was able to see his sexy hairy armpits up close.


"I just did some packing. I'm going to Denmark on Wednesday for two weeks."


"What?! You didn't tell me that," Klay said with a slight jump, a tone of surprise in his voice.


"Yeah, sorry. I'm a bit homesick. I miss my family and friends. I don't really have any friends here. No social life."


"What about me," Klay asked, somewhat jokingly, somewhat offended.


"You? Well..."


Camilo didn't know what to say. He definitely wasn't trying to offend his host. "He should know what I mean," he thought to himself.


"Well...yes you, but you have your friends already. And you're busy."


That was the best Camilo was able to come up with. Klay just stared at him blankly with that stoic, disinterested face that he was known so well for around the league and amongst the media. Camilo stared back before quickly realizing he couldn't outdo Klay, and cast his eyes down to the floor in embarrassment.


Klay smirked mischievously. "You want to watch a movie or something?"


"It doesn't matter to me. I don't want to mess up your routine or anything."


"I wouldn't have invited you over if I thought you would mess up my routine," Klay said in a matter-of-fact tone of voice. "You're only the second person that's not in my family or on the team that's been here."


Camilo wondered who the first person was as Klay got up and walked to the kitchen, pulling his sweatpants up to sit on his waist. Camilo stared after him, admiring his strong back.


"All I have is water, Gatorade, and juices. That's it," Klay yelled to his guest.


"Umm it's okay, I don't want anything."




Camilo rolled his eyes and got up and walked towards the kitchen. He naturally wasn't a loud talker and definitely hated yelling, especially at this time of night.


"I said I don't want anything, I'm okay."

Klay opened a Gatorade for himself. He tilted his head back and started drinking. Camilo took the opportunity to sneak a quick glance at his lower torso. His pants had fallen again, revealing that dark, hairy patch of pubes. Camilo began to imagine this beautiful body on top of his, keeping him warm and hearing his heart beat. He imagined intoxicating himself in Klay's masculine body scent. He caught himself just before Klay finished drinking; he chugged down about 3/4 of the bottle in one breath!

The two went back to the living room as Klay flipped through Netflix. He had already watched pretty much everything on there already, so he just switched back to TV and flipped to HBO. "Fast & Furious 6" was on.


"So tell me you, what do you like to do in your free time," Klay asked. Camilo was starting to become slightly annoyed because once again, his tone of voice was so disinterested. It was almost as if he was asking because he was forced but didn't really want to nor care what the answer was.


"Umm...I...maybe it sounds stupid, but I like to people watch. I think that's interesting."

Klay made a "WTF" face. Camilo was embarrassed. He liked Klay...a lot. But his facial expressions and staring was also starting to become a bit too much, especially because he didn't know him well enough to understand his personality or sense of humor.


"I like philosophy too," Camilo continued to break the awkward silence. "And traveling. Basically, anything to do with culture. Oh and reading. What about you?"


"Hmm, that's nice. Me? I just like playing ball and video games. If I can play ball and have video games for the rest of my life, I'd be all set. I don't need anything else."


Camilo likewise made a "WTF" face.


"What about having a family or something? Don't you want a Klay, Jr.?"


"Ha! Klay, Jr., that's funny. Maybe someday, but not anytime in the near future. If it happens, it happens. If not, I wouldn't be upset. Girls are too much drama. I can get the same pleasure beating my dick by myself without all the extra shit."


Camilo got the big eyes. Now things were getting interesting, and he was starting to become aroused.


"Umm, I don't think that's the same feeling as sex, though."


"It's not, but the end result is the same and I don't have to deal with any drama, so I'm good."


"Hmm," Camilo said aloud. "When's the last time you had a girlfriend?"


"Psssh, girlfriend?! Man, I don't even know what that word means anymore. It's been a couple of years. Like two or something."


Camilo was shocked but happy. But just because Klay didn't have a girlfriend didn't mean he hadn't had sex in two years.


"Well, I'm sure there are of lot of people that would like to be in your company or be in a relationship with you," Camilo said.


He had thought these words out carefully. He could've easily said "a lot of girls" but he specifically chose the gender-neutral "people." And he was throwing a hint, although a heavily veiled one, by saying "that would like to be in your company."


"What about you, are you seeing anyone," Klay asked.


"No." Camilo's reply was short and curt.


"Why not? When's the last time you were in a relationship?"


"Umm...I'm embarrassed to say. It's been many years. The last was in 10th grade."


"Tenth grade? And how old did you say you were, again?"


"I'm 20. Please don't laugh."


"WTF," Klay thought to himself.


"Why has it been so long? Are you secretly crazy and not telling me?" Klay laughed, and so did Camilo. For the first time since Camilo had arrived, Klay's demeanor had lightened, a welcome change for his visitor who was starting to become slightly uncomfortable.


"No, I'm not crazy. At least I don't think I am. It's just...um, I don't think I have found any special person. I don't want to just be in a relationship just to say that I'm in one. Maybe I sound stupid, but I hope that makes sense."


"No, it does. I feel you," Klay said. A long pause followed.


"Well if you don't mind me asking, what was your last relationship like," Klay asked to break the silence.


"OMG," Camilo thought to himself! His last relationship was with a guy! He could go about this one of two ways. Either he could be honest and tell Klay that it was with a guy and risk getting kicked out (which he didn't want to because he really did like being in Klay's company, as weird as he was), or he could change the gender and give him facts about the relationship but just say it was with a girl. Camilo took his chances.


"Umm, well..." Camilo started.


Klay stared.


"My last relationship...in high school...was with a guy."

There wasn't any change in facial expression from Klay. It was still blank. Camilo stared back, unsure if Klay was about to reach out and punch him or if he wanted him to continue. He could hear his own heart beating.


"And..." Klay said, waiting for more details.


Camilo relaxed and breathed a sigh of relief. Klay smirked, knowing Camilo was probably expecting a different reaction.


"Well, I was in 10th grade and the guy was in 12th grade about to graduate. It was my first year at a new school in this small town in Denmark. The guy's family were the richest people in town. I was really shy, but he used to always try to get me to go places with him, so I finally went with him to a dance we had at school. Everyone in my town was very white, and since I'm half-black, he always used to talk about how he wanted to `taste chocolate' or have a black boyfriend. That's all he ever used to say to me, racial stuff like that. I honestly don't think he was racist; he never treated me bad. I just think maybe he thought I would be flattered.


"Hmm, that's interesting," Klay said, rubbing his chin in thought. "Have you ever been with a girl before?"


"Yes, that guy was my only `boyfriend' although I don't really consider him as that. We were just friends for about 6 months until he graduated. I had 3 different girlfriends before then, but none of them were serious. Just kid love, I guess."


"What do you mean you were `just friends,'" Klay asked inquisitively.


"Umm, well we just hung out together. He never officially asked me to be his boyfriend, but we literally spent every day together, Sunday to Sunday, up until he graduated."


"So did you guys ever have sex," Klay asked bluntly.


Camilo was shocked. He never talked about sex even with his closest friends, let alone some guy (granted, an NBA player) he met just a week prior. Klay on the other hand didn't see anything wrong with the question. After all, they were both adults, right? Why sugarcoat talk of sex?


"No, never. He wanted to and used to ask me all the time, but I didn't like him in that sense."


"What do you mean?"


"It's stupid maybe, but I didn't want to just give myself to someone if I didn't like them."


"Hmmm," Klay said. "No, I know what you mean. I've only had sex with three people, one in high school, and two in college. My body is my temple and I'm not gonna mess it up to be with just anyone."


Camilo liked what Klay was saying. A lot!


"So what type of girls do you like," Camilo asked.


"All types, doesn't really matter. I'm an ass man, gotta have a nice ass," Klay said, animating the shape of a nice, big ass with his hands. "I can work with pretty much anything else. Not that much into fat chicks though."


Camilo nodded. "Damn, if only I were a girl," he thought to himself.


"And you, what type of guys do you like? Well, girls too I guess since you said you've had girlfriends?"


"I don't really have a preference either, no type. I guess just as long we get along, everything else will kind of fall into place. I hope that makes sense."

"Umm, yes and no," Klay said. "You're an interesting fellow."


Camilo didn't know how to take that, so he just stared at the TV. Was that a compliment or a slight? There was a long pause. It seemed like several minutes had passed before Klay finally broke the silence.


"So what do you think about me?"


Camilo stared. "What do you mean?"


"I mean whatever you think I mean."


Klay never ceased to amaze, confuse, or make uncomfortable. Camilo kept staring, blankly. What was Klay getting at?


Klay smiled. "Dude, I mean like, how am I compared to your last boyfriend? Like would I be your type?"


Camilo's eyes widened. He was shocked...again. "Fuck yeah, you're my type" he thought to himself! Klay was more than his type. Klay was bae!


"Yes. You are," Camilo said, trying to keep from blushing and smiling too broadly.


"Cool," Klay nodded and stared at the TV.


"Why do you ask," Camilo asked.


"Because. I was just curious to know," Klay said nonchalantly while shrugging.


His response was kind of a letdown. Camilo was hoping it would build up to something, and he was getting excited. But then he came to his senses. Was he stupid? Klay was in the NBA. And 100% straight. What hope was there for the two of them to be together? He became depressed.


"Well, maybe I should go," he said solemnly.


"What?! Why?!" Klay asked, surprised and finally showing some emotion.


Camilo didn't know what to say, so he just sat and stared at the floor. He couldn't say, "Because you're making me horny but breaking my heart because I know we'll never be together."


Klay leaned over, took Camilo's chin in his hand, turned his face, and kissed him softly on the lips. Camilo was in shock but didn't move. What just happened?


Klay leaned over again and kissed him, this time for longer and staring deeply into his eyes. Camilo felt like his soul was being raped.


Camilo took ahold of Klay's face and kissed him back hard. Klay smiled.

"I've never been with a guy before, but maybe you can show me a thing or to," Klay said.


"But...I'm...a virgin," Camilo said. "There isn't anything I can show you."


"Well in that case, we can learn together," Klay said matter-of-factly.


The basketballer leaned in with his face just an inch or so away from Camilo's and stared deep into his guest's brown eyes. Camilo could feel Klay breathing on him.


"You have the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen."


Camilo blushed. "Thanks."


"Soooo...what do you want to do? You want to play around a little bit," Klay asked.


Camilo instantly became hard. Biting his lip, he said, "Yes, if you want to."


Klay stood up and reached his hand out to Camilo. He grabbed it and followed Klay as he led him into his bedroom. Camilo was somewhat surprised at how upscale the bedroom was. Of course, Klay was a super millionaire, but he was also a young bachelor, so for some reason, Camilo wasn't expecting much. Instead, he noticed that Klay's room was spotless. There was a big, California king-size bed raised on two steps in the middle of the room with a huge flat screen TV mounted on the wall above a fireplace. It was all he could make out. Before he knew it, he was sitting on the bed and Klay was leaning in front of him, kissing his lips and neck.

Camilo wasn't experienced at all, so he let Klay do all the work and followed his lead. He simply rubbed Klay's broad naked shoulders and caressed his chest. "He smells so good," the young man thought to himself.

Before long, Klay stood up and stood Camilo up in front of him. The basketball player towered over him, so Camilo had to crank his neck to look up and meet Klay's lips. Klay was becoming a bit more aggressive, rubbing Camilo's ass through his pants and giving it a few firm but playful squeezes. Klay knew what he wanted and didn't want to wait too long.

Camilo also knew what he wanted. He wanted to grab Klay's dick, but he didn't want to rush things, so he followed suit and rubbed Klay's ass.


"Whoaaa, uh..." Klay stopped suddenly. Camilo stopped abruptly and stared. Had he done something wrong?


"I'm sorry...umm...what did I do?" Camilo asked, his voice concerned.


"Nothing man, you're good. I was just trippin," the NBA player said with a smile. Camilo smiled back.


Klay continued where he left off, kissing Camilo's lips, neck, and ears, only this time removing his t-shirt in the process.


"I see you! Look at you sportin' a six-pack," Klay said jokingly with a playful light slap to Camilo's stomach.


"I work out," the young man said with a slight laugh.


Klay sucked on Camilo's neck, and it made his knees weak. He had to bite his bottom lip to keep himself from making noise.


"Ooh," Camilo let out a slight gasp mixed with a moan. Klay ignored it and kept sucking for a few more seconds before using his size to push his guest back onto his bed. Camilo sat on the edge of the bed and Klay crouched down between his legs and began sucking on his nipples.


Camilo didn't know what to do with his hands so he put both of them on the side of Klay's head and leaned down to kiss his temple. "Your hair smells sooo good," he thought to himself.


Klay was sucking hard on Camilo's nipples; it was as though he were desperately trying to suck out some milk like a baby does at its mother's breast. Once again without interrupting his process, Klay used his weight and pushed Camilo onto his back on the bed. The baller straddled him. "He's huge," Camilo thought to himself. It was true, Klay really did look like a giant towering over him.


"You good," Klay asked his guest. Camilo nodded.


Klay went down for another passionate kiss. It was weird: Klay had never been much into kissing, but there was something about Camilo that made him want to kiss nonstop. After a few minutes, Klay stopped and began to pull Camilo's pants down.


"I must be doing a good job," Klay said with a smile as he pointed at Camilo's bulge. The young man was embarrassed. But it didn't last for long, for Klay pulled his underwear off and Camilo was completely naked, save his socks, on Klay Thompson's bed.


Klay didn't ask any questions, nor did he ask for permission. He simply spread Camilo's legs and began to lick around the young Danish-Cuban's hairless opening. Camilo clenched his toes and the bed sheets with his fingers. He bit down hard on his lip. "This feels fucking amazing," he thought to himself.


"Boy your pussy tastes good," Klay thought to himself. He kept spreading Camilo's pink anus with his fingers, the same way a guy spreads a girl's pussy when he's eating it. Klay firmed his tongue and stuck it as far inside the young man as he could.


"Oh my g..." Camilo said panting. "Stop, you're killing me," he pleaded. But Klay ignored him. He kept licking. And licking. And licking. After a few minutes, he slipped his large middle finger inside and immediately began fingering his prey.


Camilo clenched down on the finger, trying to get used to the size. Klay had long, thick fingers and although he was looser and well lubed from Klay's saliva, it still took some time getting used to. Klay licked his guest's perineum, again, the same way a guy would try to eat a pussy while he's fingering it. He slipped another finger inside the virginal opening and Camilo moaned aloud.


"Klay," he said panting. But his host ignored him. He was leaking precum all over his stomach, and Klay's long, deep, slow thrusts with his fingers were about to send him into orgasmic euphoria. Camilo had to stop him before he came prematurely. The young man lifted himself off the bed, Klay's two fingers still inside him. He reached down, grabbed Klay's wrist, signaling the basketballer to stop. But he looked into his eyes and kissed him passionately for reassurance.


Klay stood up sporting a prominent bulge in his too-big sweatpants. Camilo wasted no time pulling them down and freeing "little Klay." Little Klay wasn't so little; he was easily 9 inches long and 6 inches thick. There was a light pinkish-brown circumcision scar about 2 inches from the tip of his cock. Although he was fully hard, Klay's balls still hung pretty low, and Camilo took them both into his hands, giving them a playful squeeze. Unlike the pubic region above his cock, Klay's balls were completely shaved. Camilo looked up at the basketball player for permission to put this most beautiful piece of masculinity into his mouth. Klay stared back down at him, his face blank and expressionless as usual.

Camilo took the heavy cock, and after kissing the tip and licking the piss slit, slowly wrapped his mouth around Klay's manhood. The basketball player shuttered slightly and let out a soft moan. Camilo had never done this before, but wanted to go slow and be gentle. He had heard many stories about someone's teeth making contact with the shaft and the jaws beginning to hurt after sucking a while. He couldn't get much into his mouth; that'd be crazy if someone could deep throat this piece of meat, but nevertheless, it was enough. Klay enjoyed the warmth and wetness of his guest's mouth. He gently thrust his hips in and out Camilo's mouth in rhythmic motion.

Just as he had heard, his jaws began to hurt, so Camilo backed off the slab that was Klay Thompson. The coolness of the air hitting his dick sent a slight shiver throughout Klay's body as he adjusted from the warmth of Camilo's mouth. Camilo stuck his face in Klay's carpet of pubic hair and inhaled. There was a faint smell of sweat mixed with Klay's natural body scent. Camilo moved around and began licking Klay's shaft before moving onto his balls, taking one at a time and then both of them together in his mouth. Klay let out a soft moan.

Camilo got up and engaged Klay in a long, passionate kiss. Klay was quite aggressive and forced his tongue down Camilo's mouth, licking and jousting away at the younger man's tongue. Camilo grabbed ahold of Klay's waist and shifted his body and pushed him onto the bed without breaking the kiss. He straddled Klay and for the first time, both of their cocks making contact with one another. Camilo's jumped. After a few more seconds of kissing, Camilo broke away.


"Can I lick you," Camilo asked.


Klay stared back incredulously. "Lick what," he thought. "And why are you asking me?" Camilo seemed to read Klay's facial expression."


"Your butt. Can I lick your butt," he asked shyly.


Klay blushed slightly. "Ooohhhhh," he thought to himself. He had never had that done to him before. And although he just let a guy suck his dick for the first time, Klay still believed that getting your ass licked was "gayer" than getting your dick sucked.


"Woah, I dunno about that man," he said hesitantly, raising himself up off the bed and scratching his head shyly.


"Why not," Camilo asked inquisitively. He actually found it quite annoying. Just a few minutes earlier, Klay had his tongue deep inside his hole; why was he suddenly hesitant to reciprocation?


"Damn. Well," Klay said, searching for an answer. "I don't know how I feel about that."


Camilo stared blankly back at Klay.


"I take some serious shits, dudes."




"What do you mean? You clean yourself, don't you? And you take showers," Camilo asked.


"Ha, yeah of course. I just...ah, none of this is making any sense. Fuck it, I'll let you eat my ass," Klay said, finally yielding to his guest's request.


Camilo beamed.


"It's my first time, so don't be too rough with me," Klay said half-jokingly, half-serious. "And please don't finger me or stick anything in my ass. I really don't wanna do that right now," Klay said more sternly.


"I won't, I promise," Camilo said, trying to hide the jubilation and fireworks that were going off inside his mind.


Klay rolled over onto his stomach, and for the first time, Camilo saw his host's beautiful, masculine ass. Although he was half-black, Klay definitely had a "white boy booty." There was a hump, but it was flat for the most part. He had a slightly hairy butt with straight, fine hair distributed nicely on both cheeks. Camilo took one cheek in each hand and massaged them gently before spreading them. He came face-to-face with Klay's light pink hole. Camilo wasted no time and lowered his face towards it, inhaling Klay's personal scent as he inched closer and closer with his target. He was slightly musky, and for obvious reasons, but Camilo found it intoxicating.


"You smell good," Camilo said aloud. Klay laughed and his hole clenched.


"Ugh, thanks I guess," the basketballer said.


Camilo continued and began licking at Klay's opening. Klay's body jumped slightly.


"Damn, that tickles," he said, somewhat embarrassed.


Camilo ignored him and continued about his business. His licked away at the pink opening, while Klay continued to clench his toes...and hole...as he got used to the feeling.


"How does it feel being the first person to eat Klay Thompson's ass," Klay asked, his voice slightly muffled due to the fact that he had his face partially buried in a pillow. Camilo broke his silence.


"It feels good. It tastes good. I'm honored. How does it feel for you," Camilo asked.


"That shit feels good, dude. Where the hell did you learn to do that shit?"


"Movies, I guess," Camilo said.




Camilo went back to his business and licked around Klay's hole for a few minutes before the basketballer got up.


"You gon' let me hit now," Klay asked. Camilo didn't understand the terminology, but didn't say anything. He let his facial expression talk for him.


"You're a funny dude," Klay said as he leaned in to kiss Camilo again, tasting his own ass on the younger man's tongue. He grabbed and held his guest firmly by the waist, staring deep into his eyes.


"I want you to give me your virginity," Klay whispered before gently biting Camilo's ear. The words almost made the young man faint, but he recollected himself quickly and nodded his approval. Klay kissed him again before gently pushing him onto the bed. In the heat of the moment, Camilo had not even asked if Klay had condoms; Klay certainly wasn't gonna risk ruining this heated moment because he actually didn't have any.


Klay towered over Camilo in the missionary position, and lined his large member up with the virginal opening. Obviously, neither of them had had gay sex before, but Klay at least knew what to expect for Camilo.


"It's gonna hurt a little bit. I'm gonna be gentle, but you need to relax and trust me," Klay said compassionately, yet seriously. "You need to get used to the feeling, so I'll go slow but I'm not gonna pull out." Camilo just nodded his approval. Klay could definitely take charge.


Klay licked his index and middle finger and rubbed them on Camilo's opening. He lined his massive member up with the hole, and gently pushed himself in. Camilo practically went into shock. It was definitely painful. He bit his lip and closed his eyes tightly. Klay pushed himself inside the warm, tight hole further and further, inch by inch. A tear escaped Camilo's right eye. Klay noticed.


"Just relax, baby," Klay said reassuringly. "I promise it'll feel better soon. Gotta loosen you up a little bit. You're tight as hell."


None of this brought any relief to Camilo, but of course, he knew Klay wasn't trying to hurt him. After a couple minutes...which seemed like an hour...Camilo's body did loosen up and relax. It was still painful, but he also experienced some pleasure as well. The tip of Klay's dick hit his prostate repeatedly, sending copious amounts of precum flowing out of his erection. His eyes were closed tightly, but he could feel Klay staring at him.


"Look at me," Klay whispered in his ear. Camilo opened his eyes and met Klay's. The basketballer smiled.


"You're so fucking beautiful." Camilo smiled back at the compliment. "Wanna switch positions?" Camilo nodded, and Klay withdrew from the warmth of the young man's hole. Without asking, and much to Klay's surprise, Camilo took the basketball player's cock in his mouth, cleaning and re-lubricating it with his mouth.


Klay laid on his back and put his arms behind his head and relaxed on the pillow. He closed his eyes. Camilo kept licking up and down the big pole like it was ice cream on a hot summer day. He licked around the hairless balls again before taking each of Klay's long legs in his arms and pushing them back into his chest. Camilo crouched down and continued his oral assault on Klay's hairy hole. Klay was sweating slightly, and the beads around his man-stink created a slightly musky smell that sent Camilo into euphoric bliss. All kinds of dirty images crossed his mind as he licked away; he remembered Klay saying that he took "serious shits" and imagined Klay panting and straining to relieve the pressure built up inside this tight hole. Camilo wanted to fuck him right then and there. He wanted to take his young dick and push it inside Klay and fuck him hard. But who knew, maybe he would get that chance at some other point in the future.

Klay was still relaxing and enjoying the pleasure Camilo was giving him. If it weren't for his clenched toes and the occasional clenching of his hole, Camilo would've thought his NBA host was asleep. The young man moved his attention down to Klay's feet and took the big toe of his left foot into his mouth. Surprisingly, Klay had beautiful feet. No blemishes, callouses, corns...nothing; he took really good care of them. There was a slight stench between his toes, but Camilo didn't mind. He wanted to smell Klay's natural scent.


"Man that feels good," Klay said. "But your ass feels better."


Camilo stopped and straddled Klay, lining his big cock up with his recently deflowered hole. He slowly sat down on the big pole, wincing in pain as he got used to the stretched feeling again.


"Fuuucccckkkk," Klay moaned. "I swear your ass is better than any chick I've fucked."


"I guess that's a compliment," Camilo thought to himself.


Camilo began to move slowly up and down on the thick slab of meat. For the very first time, Klay touched Camilo's cock and started playing with his guest's foreskin.


"I've never seen an uncut dick in person before," Klay said.


Camilo didn't respond. Klay started moving his hips to get Camilo to move a little bit faster. He took hold of Camilo's waist and used his strength to push the man further down onto his cock. Camilo swore in Danish. He laid his head down on Klay's chest, signaling his surrender and allowing his host to take control again. Klay sped up his thrusts in and out of his guest's tight hole. Camilo listened to Klay's heart beating before taking a nipple in his mouth.

Klay picked Camilo up without his dick slipping from his hole, stood up on his bed, and fucked him in the air. Finally, this was pure heaven and pleasure for Camilo, who was panting with bated breath, "That feels so good." Klay grunted as Camilo clenched the tightness of his hole every couple of seconds on the thick shaft, sending the basketballer closer to orgasm.

After another minute or so, Klay laid Camilo on his back on the bed, and returned to the missionary position. His pounding was much quicker now, and at one point, Camilo felt him slow down and push every single inch of his manhood into his stuffed holed, Klay's thick pubic carpet tickling his hairless perineum. Camilo screamed in pleasure.

Klay stuck his tongue in his mouth again, and beads of sweat fell onto Camilo's face. He took Camilo's arms and pinned them down above his head on the pillow with one of his. He slowed down his speed to long, deep strokes.


"You wanna have my baby," Klay asked in the most seductive voice. It was too much for Camilo, who whined and wriggled, before ejaculating 7 thick spurts of cum completely hands-free all over his stomach. Camilo's pulsating hole sent Klay over the edge as well, causing him to release 11 thick, powerful volleys of cum deep inside Camilo's bowels. Klay buried his face in the pillow next to his guest's right ear and screamed, the pillow muffling most of it. His sweaty chest met Camilo's, and Camilo wrapped his arms around his back in a sensual embrace and listened to Klay's bated breath and rapid heartbeat.

It was all too much to process for the Camilo. He just lost his virginity to Klay Thompson, one of the best stars in NBA basketball. Not only did he lose his virginity to him, he just let the man release his babies inside of him. He had never experienced love before, but this felt like love. He wanted to tell Klay he loved him, but knew that would be stupid and probably ruin the best experience he had ever had in his young life.

He felt Klay's dick soften and slip from his wet opening. Some of the juices Klay had deposited deep inside Camilo spilled out onto his white sheets, making a yellowish-white puddle. Camilo felt so empty inside. Klay finally raised himself off Camilo, smiled a big toothy smile, and flexed his muscles. Camilo was in love with his host's masculinity. He couldn't imagine anyone else doing something like that.


"Wheewwww, man!" Klay said, still smiling. "That was fuckin' awesome!"


Camilo smiled back, and then raised himself to kiss Klay. The two kissed for what seemed like a couple minutes, before Klay broke it.


"I gotta piss," he said, getting off the bed and walking to the bathroom inside his room. Camilo hurried after him, watching the basketballer's ass jiggle as he walked.


"Can I watch you," he inquired half-shyly?


"Watch what," Klay asked.


"Watch you pee."


Klay laughed and blushed. "Ha, sure I guess."


Camilo sat up on the sink counter and watched as Klay hovered over the toilet and let the urine flow from his manhood. It was a thick, clear stream of piss, so violent that Camilo could feel drops splashing on his legs. Klay leaned over and kissed Camilo again as he was pissing. "How romantic," Camilo thought to himself sarcastically. Klay broke the kiss to violently shake the remnants of piss from his dick. He smirked at Camilo.


"How was this dick," he asked, still shaking it.


Camilo beamed. "It was good...it was awesome. It was better than awesome. You know how to use it," he smiled.


"You're not a virgin no more," Klay said with a playful slap to Camilo's face.


"Sooo...you wanna chill with me tonight," Klay asked. His guest wasted no time nodding his agreement.


"Cool. Well, uh, you wanna take a shower?"


"Yes, please. I need to clean your babies off of me," Camilo said jokingly.


"Eyyyy," Klay said with a laugh. "Man, if you were a girl, I'd have to start figuring out child support arrangements."


The duo laughed as Klay turned on the water in the shower and invited his guest to step in with him right behind. They rubbed each other down and took turns rinsing the soap off their bodies. Klay even let Camilo put soap on his ass and insert his finger, just past the nail, to clean his insides. Of course, a few kisses were exchanged. After about 10 minutes, they stepped out and the cold air shocked their bodies. Klay gave his guest a towel, and offered him one of his Warriors basketball t-shirts.


"Damn, it's 2 am," Klay said. "I'd order some food, but I don't know what's open."


"Oh, I'm not hungry," Camilo said. "Not hungry for food, that is, but definitely hungry for your dick again," he thought to himself.


After cleaning the cum stain that had spilled from Camilo's ass earlier, Klay invited his guest to lie down in the bed next to him. He flipped on the TV to the NBATV channel of course. Some highlights of the Bulls-Spurs game was on. The two watched in silence.


"Can I ask you something," Camilo said, breaking the silence after about 5 minutes.


"Yep," Klay said in his signature monotone voice, his eyes not leaving the TV.


"Have you ever experimented or done anything with another guy before?"


Klay looked away from the TV and stared blankly at Camilo. At this point, Camilo was unphased and stared back, waiting for an answer. He had just had sex with this man, and there was nothing Klay could do to intimidate or make him uncomfortable anymore.


"Hmm, well...I got my dick sucked a couple of times by some dudes before. That was back in college though."






Silence again. Klay didn't want to elaborate.


"Well...what made you want to experiment with me," Camilo asked.


"I dunno. You seemed cool...different. Seemed like you'd be down for it."


"So you've been curious, then?"


"Maybe. Yes and no."


Camilo was starting to get annoyed again. "Please work with me, Klay," he wanted to say aloud. "Don't make me have to fight to get information out of you."


"What do you mean," Camilo asked.


"Well, it wasn't a pressing matter for me. But I just said if the opportunity came up with the right guy, a guy who I didn't think was a bitch or drama queen and would go around telling everybody, then I'd give it a try just to see what it's like."


Camilo smiled. At least Klay thought well of him.


"Well, how was it being with a guy? Any difference from being with a girl?"


Klay put his hand back on his chin and thought silently for a couple of seconds.


"You were definitely tighter than any girl I've been with. I'm not sure if that's because you're a virgin or not, though, but yeah. Girls are wetter obviously, but that was pretty much the only difference. You definitely got a nice grip. I thought I was gonna bust a nut as soon as I put my dick inside you," Klay said with a laugh.


"Could you see yourself doing it with another guy," Camilo asked.


"Hmmm, maybe. I wouldn't go out looking for it though. You've satisfied my curiosity."


Camilo was satisfied, and silently sat back against the headboard and watched the TV. Klay fell asleep shortly afterward, and Camilo watched his naked back expand and contract as he breathed in and out in blissful sleep. He took the remote and switched off the TV before snuggling up to Klay's back underneath the sheets. He planted a soft kiss on host's back and whispered, "I love you, Klay."




-The End-




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