How does one stay cool during a football match?

By standing close to the fan!

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Oh dear God, the Netherlands was playing in the Euro 2008 quarter finals after three wins out of three games. Not a single person out there not thinking that Holland would win this year's tournament. They would be playing Russia in the Quarter Final and some of the team members were a little more than nervous.

Same was the case in the Russia camp, where for the first time since the old USSR, the Russian national team had made it this far. Young Roman Pavlyuchenko was lying in his bed, having a wonderful dream. He was standing in the Vienna National stadium, lifting the Euro 2008 trophy. He was quickly awakened though for training as Russia was trying to upset the Dutch.

The night before the game Roman couldn't sleep. He was rolling around in his bed, and in the end he decided to go for a walk as he did not want to wake his roommate. Roman was shaking. What the hell did he have to do to get rid of these nerves? As he looked up he saw a nightclub full of people dancing the night away. A sea full of orange, clearly showing that the club was full of Dutch supporters. Just as he turned away, he saw two familiar faces coming out of the club. It was Rafael van der Vaart and Ruud van Nistelrooy. Roman felt his heart beat a little faster. How many times didn't he watch Ruud play and score for Manchester United? How many times didn't he wank his seven inch cock thinking of Rafael when he first started playing for Ajax? Both of them looked so fucking hot as they walked further away into the night. What made him do this, Roman will never know, but he decided to follow them. He could hear them speaking but didn't understand a word. They walked for what seemed like hours when Ruud suddenly grabbed Rafael and pulled him in a dark alley between a bakery and a clothing store. The screams and chants of the supporters made it almost impossible for Roman to follow them without being seen, but he wasn't going to miss this for anything. He found the perfect spot, behind a few rubbish bins, and sank to his knees. What he saw made his cock rock hard. Ruud and Rafael were kissing furiously. Ruud had his hands all over Rafael's spiky hair and Rafael was sort of returning the favour by rubbing his hands all over Ruud bare stomach underneath the shirt that he was wearing. Roman knew exacly what Ruud van Nistelrooy was hiding underneath that shirt. He began to fondle his hard Russian cock, being totally turned on by what these two sexy Dutch masters was doing to eachother. Rafael pulled away from the kiss, and took off his shirt. Roman had never seen Rafael van der Vaart shirtless before and rubbed his cock even harder. Rafael pinched his nipples as if a sign for Ruud, who immediately began to suck on them. Rafael let out a groan that could easily be overheard by the chanting fans. Ruud kissed Rafael again, this time allowing Rafael to take off Ruud's shirt. Roman couldn't stand it any longer. The view of both these guys shirtless was simply too hot. The unbuckled his belt and quickly took off his trousers. Checking that there was indeed no person that could see him, he lowered his underwear aswell and started stroking that seven inch Russian dick that was soaking wet thanks to being kept in its cage for way too long.

Rafael was licking his way down that awesome rock hard abs that belonged to Ruud. He knew what the man from Madrid was packing before he literally tore the clothes from Ruud's body. The huge eleven inch dick slapped him in the face while exciting a load moan from Ruud. Rafael took the huge shaft in his hands and licked it from the bottom of Ruud's balls until the entire length had been covered with his saliva. Roman started to stroke his dick faster, and he was starting to pant as his actions on his dick aswell as Rafael sucking Ruud's huge cock was turning him on sencelessly. Ruud pulled his cock from Rafael's mouth and took the younger man's pants off. They were both naked and Ruud smiled that Rafael was commando. They embraced once more, before Ruud pointed at Rafael to lie on the ground. Roman stood up, being unable to see and he started to imagine that he was sitting on that eight inch cock of Rafael that was now standing proud and erect in the Swiss air. Ruud gently straddled Rafael and kissed him again while lowering his ass onto Rafael's cock. The two began to fuck fast, leaving poor Roman to milk his cock dry by what he saw. He reached behind him and stuck his finger into his ass and by doing that, almost sent himself over the edge, as his cock was dangerously throbbing. It was bloodred and standing erect with the pre-cum oozing from his piss slit. Rafael moaned as Ruud rode his cock faster and faster while Ruud was jerking his own cock above Rafael's face. Roman couldn't keep his cum in his balls any longer and he shot three mighty loads of creamy cum onto the rubbish bin infront of him. Another two shots followed and even more cum dribbled out of the slit as Roman had his most powerful orgasm to date. Ruud groaned as he lifted himself off Rafael's cock and pushed his cock in Rafael's mouth. Rafael sucked Ruud's cock and stimulated his balls until a huge glob of cum struck his throat. There was simply too much to swallow and the rest he rubbed all over Ruud's stomach. Rafael turned Ruud over so that he was on the top and grinded his spent cock on Ruud's stomach, all while stimulating his cock with Ruud's cum. Rafael cried out due to pleasure as his cock shot five loads onto Ruud's stomach.

Roman decided to get out of there was fast as he could before he was seen. He very much looked forward to the match.