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The following story has no connection to the real world, and will never happen. It is total FICTION.

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The Euro 2008 tournament was over and Russia had indeed been eliminated by Spain, losing 3-0. A whole new experience and season was waiting for the players of the beautiful game. Still there was one person who could not forget what he had witnessed in Switzerland. Roman Pavluychenko was still struggling with what he saw in that alley in Geneve. He couldn't stop thinking that he got off by watching Ruud van Nistelrooy and Rafael van der Vaart fuck the night away. What was more; Roman enjoyed watching them so much, he creamed himself on the rubbish bins, from where he had watched them from.

Poor Roman had been having dreams of this since it happened. He was horny that night, but it was only after the incident that he thought about what he actually did. He got off on two guys that were FUCKING! As the Russian team was about to return home the following day, Roman didn't want to see anyone, he was too scared that he might see a guy that was hot and get a boner in public. This was serious.

He turned on the TV only to see a re-run of a Real Madrid game of earliar in the season. As he got comfortible, he saw Ruud. Shit, he forgot that Ruud played for them. He switched the TV off. He closed his eyes and saw the whole episode infront of him. Ruud sitting on Rafael's eight inch cock while moaning as Rafael sucked on Ruud's massive eleven inch cock. He always knew that Ruud was big, but the sight of his streams of white, footballer cum was too much. Roman gasped and looked down. He had cum in his boxers without fucking touching himself. He looked at the cum running down his legs. Before he could stop himself, he caught it in his hands and ate his own cum. It was kinda saulty, but Roman knew that it was his unique taste.

Because of Russia's great achievement by reaching the semi final for the first time, there was a final party to be held to celebrate. Roman almost choked when he heard that it would be held at the same club where he saw Ruud and Roman that night. Still, this was for the team, and he did score three goals, so he had every reason to celebrate and enjoy the night. As the party really got hot and loud, Roman saw his team mate, Andrei Arshavin walking over to him.

"Roman, you're just sitting here, what's wrong?"

"Nothing, im having a good time."

"Good time my ass; I can see something is bothering you."

Roman really wasn't in the mood for this and he stood up and went outside. He was breathing in the air deeply. This was got to stop.

"Ola! What's going on in there?"

Roman turned around and looked straight into the eyes of David Villa, who played for Spain and Valencia. This is what Roman was shit scared of. Here was this motherfucking sexy guy and he could feel his seven inch Russian cock starting to get bigger by the second.

"Oh, we're having a party for the team, we return to Russia tomorrow. Sorry about the defeat, but we do what we have to do."

"No prob, you were the better team. Wanna get a drink?"

"No, tell me what is bothering you. I kicked your ass in the game, at least I can do is help you," David said with a smile. David suggested that they go back to the hotel where Team Russia was staying, since everyone was at the party, there would be no one to bother them. As they came to Roman's room, he unlocked the door and poured each of them a whiskey. David sat on the bed and waited for Roman to speak. What Roman didn't know, was that when he took his shirt off after the semi final, David was watching his every move. Ever since Roman scored against them in the frist game, he was been attracted to the sexy Russian. This was perfect. But David being the good guy he is, he really wanted to help Roman with whatever was bothering him. After that...who knows.

Roman took a sip from his drink and then stared into space. Could he really tell David all this? He had to talk to someone! David put down his drink and put his arm around Roman.

"Come on, Roman! Talk to me."

"Well...you know before we played the Netherlands, I was taking a walk the night before and then I saw...I saw Ruud van Nistelrooy and Rafael van der Vaart coming out of the same club that out party was held tonight. David, don't hate me but...forgive me but...those two are just so...sexy, I...I mean..."

"Don't worry. I think those two are sexy as fuck aswell. Go on."

Roman turned at looked at David sharply.

"Go on, what happened then?" David asked.

"Well, I sort of followed them. They suddenly stopped in the middle of the road when they went to the back of an alley. Then they started to...God...they kissed, sucked and fucked eachother."

David's six inch cock was geared up the moment he had heard that. His cock was ready and willing to go! Fuck, the mere thought of those two sexy Dutch footballers, naked and havning sex...

Slowly he put his hand on Roman's knee and softly rubbed it.

"And then?" he David asked Roman. "What exactly did they do?"

Roman was gasping for breath feeling David put his hand on his knee, but he focused on answering the question.

"They were feeling eachother up and rubbing eachother's stomachs and they were moaning and...oh shit!

Roman stopped talking as he felt David feeling his stomach underneath his shirt. He felt David's hands rubbing all over his six pack and his nipples. Then David stood up and took Roman's shirt off.

"Did you say that they were feeling eachother up?"

Roman wanted to answer back but he was stopped as David rubbed his arms and his back. Roman sighed; it was just like he always wanted this. As David took his own shirt off, Roman's eyes closed slightly as he was taking in David's beautiful body. His chest and stomach muscles were rock solid and were simply just...perfect.

"Go on with the story,"David whispered in Roman's ear. Suddenly Roman was more talkitive than before.

"They kissed and then they..."

Once more he was stopped as David's lips found his. They kissed passionately as David once more put his hands around the sexy Russian.

"What (kiss) about (kiss) the story? (kiss)" Roman asked.

"Fuck the story, we're doins our own version," David whispered as he kissed Roman's hair. Roman rubbed David's back as he felt kisses planted all over his chest. Roman tugged at David's pants as he could feel the Spanish's rock hard cock underneath. David stood up and started taking his pants off. Roman pushed his hands away and took it off himself. He leaned in and kissed the steel hard cock hidden behind the briefs. Roman then pulled the material off and then engulfed David's cock. The taste was heavenly and he continued to suck and slurp up all the tasty pre cum that the Valencia star had to produce. Roman was really going to town on the hard cock that was turning a bright red as the feelings of Roman sucking his cock got too much. David took Roman's face away from his cock and ordered Roman to lie on his back. David stood infront of Roman as he started to wank his cock at a great speed while Roman's mouth was hanging open, just waiting to receive some Spanish cum. David groaned and fondled his cockhead to give it some appreciation. Roman leaned in the lick that great red cockhead that was just waiting to explode. David stroked his cock one more time and then the floodgates were opening and streams of white cum were flying over Roman's sexy body. David had to lie down as his cock was on fire. Roman didn't waist any time to lie on David's body and started to kiss him. When David was breathing normally again, Roman decided that he was going to give this Spaniad some Russian sausage! Slowly he started to slide his thick seven inch cock against David's virgin hole. David groaned for more.

Put that thing in me! Make me feel you, sexy boy!"

Roman did just that as he slowly slided his cock into David's ass. Inch by inch David pressed more down onto Roman's cock. Once Roman was in, he gently started to rock into David's body while kissing him.

"Im okay, man. Fuck me now!"

"Your wish is my command!"

"Oh, motherfucker! Oh shit yeah, right there! Fuck me!"

David never felt this good as his ass was stiffed full of Roman's Russian prick. Roman pushed in quicker and quicker and as his cock felt like it was being ripped off his body, shit it was so fucking hard. He pounded David's ass and shuddered as the emotion of orgasm hit the Russian like lightning.

"You sexy fuck!" Roman screamed as he spilled his globs of cum into David's former virgin ass. Roman pulled out and immediately he was attacked by David who sucked all the juices and cum off the Russian's cock.

After a while of resting, they heard footsteps and Roman quickly locked the door. It was too late. Someone had already seen them...

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