Title: Leo and Chris: Charmed Forever
Author/Email: Angel ( kindaskimpy@comcast.net) & Will
Genre: SLASH
Pairing: Leo Wyatt/ Chris Wyatt
Rating: NC-17
Category: Romance/Erotica
Summary: Leo seeks Chris. Chris seeks forgiveness. They find love.
Disclaimer: None of this is true; at least not to my knowledge. I do not own these people/characters and certainly do not make them do the things I write about. By reading this, you relinquish any liability I may have.
 WARNING: This story involves consensual INCEST and homosexual relations.
Notes: I dedicate this to one of my favorite shows; Charmed.
Feedback: I would appreciate it more than words can express and will try my best to reply to all of it.

Chris paced back and forth. Shaking. Worried. Excited. Every emotion imaginable raced through his veins. He wondered if he was even walking anymore. He couldn't feel his feet as they touched the floor anymore. Was he floating? Floating on the idea of what was about to happen? With the feelings of empowerment and joy and terror that hung over him like a cloud? He didn't know. All he knew was that his life would begin to change. For better or for worse. Nothing would be the same anymore. He had just yelled at Leo... his father... for abandoning him; which he technically hadn't done yet... but he would. He saw the anger in Leo's eyes; a fiery passion he'd never seen before and he knew he'd come to find him eventually and then the shit would hit the fan. He sighed and sat down as he stared off into the horizon. He was at their "spot", atop the San Francisco Bay Bridge, replaying the events of mere minutes ago in his mind.

Leo made his way to the other version of himself. ~He just let that little brat talk to him like that! What is wrong with him?!~ Dressed in black leather pants and a deep purple skin tight t-shirt, Leo called out to the soft version of himself. "Hey." The elder turned around, and Leo stopped, taking the moment to admire himself. "That was really a show. Letting him talk down to you like that. Are you always so lax with the boy?" Leo leaned back against the door way, watching how the uptight version of himself reacted.

Chris fidgeted with his fingers as butterflies crept into his stomach and his nerves threatened to get the best of him. Why should he be scared? It was Leo... his dad... and come on let's face it... Leo's a bit of a ... wimp. Even the angriest Leo wouldn't hurt his own son... would he? No... NO! Leo wouldn't. Chris stood... this time firmer on his feet and orbed out to find his father. The first place on his search... "Up there."

"What do you expect me to do? Kill him? He's my son. I love him and he's just angry with me... justifiably so... apparently I'm not exactly Mr. Mom in the future." Leo shot back at his other half. It's true that Chris could have gotten his point across without that many choice words and without calling him an insensitive self absorbed asshole but... wait maybe leather Leo was right. Wait... "Leather Leo"? ... Nah there had to be something else he could call his darker half... oh well... leather Leo for now.

"You don't kill him." Leo smirked and rubbing his jaw. "You teach him to respect you." He pushed himself off the doorway, all the while staring at the lighter Leo. "You're not Mr. Mom, and you shouldn't be. You should be his Dad, telling him what to do, right from wrong. But you're never going to get that kind of respect from him. You don't stand up to him. He's testing you." Leo walked over to the alternate him, stepping into his personal space. "It's all about your attitude. I say you go and make him apologize."

"How?" The elder asked his darker half. "I mean... I can just waltz into his life and start playing daddy after apparently having neglected him for so long. Look I appreciate the help... if that's what this is... but I think Chris and I can resolve this ourselves. We'll just sit down and talk it out. You know... lay it all out in the open. Then, and only then, can he learn to forgive me and move on... so we can build the kind of relationship I'd like to have with my sons... an open and trusting one."

~What the hell kind of crap is he talking? ~ Leo sneered at the foolish thoughts of his other half. "You're kidding right?" Leo pushed the elder into the chair. "You don't talk. You don't ask him. You have to make him respect you." Disgusted, Leo shook his head. "You command his respect. Show him who the one in charge is." Seeing the blank look, Leo sighed. "We're out of here. Come on, where is he? That's where we are going. I'll show you what to do."

"Wait ... what? No... I'm not letting you anywhere near my son." Leo emphatically shook his head. "You'll only set us back... make him hate me more."

"I'm not going to make this worse. I'm you!" Leo resisted the urge to hit something, and pulled the alternate Leo up from his chair. "I can make him listen to you. Don't you want that?"  The dark dressed Leo held the other tight in his arms, not bruising, just trying to get him to see reason.
Dark Leo leaned in and placed his mouth close to light Leo's ear. "Don't you want to see him smile when he sees you?"

The elder involuntarily closed his eyes as a tiny moan escaped his lips. The breath against his ear and the husky tone had for some reason excited him but he quickly shook away any of those feelings. "All right..." Leo conceded at the image of Chris embracing him in a tight hug with a big smile. He wanted more than nothing to be able to hold his son.

Chris had no luck finding his father so he orbed back to the bridge. Maybe this is what he needed... more time... to think his feelings through... figure out how he wanted to deal with this... with him.

~Always works. ~ Leo grinned. "Okay, on to see the boy then." ~I'm going to have to teach both of them, but it'll be worth it. I look damn good. ~ Leo pulled back from alternate Leo's ear, with a light slap on his back. "It'll be something you can always look back on and smile."

Leo shrugged. "All right... come on... he's at the bridge... I can sense him." Leo grabbed his darker self's hand and orbed out.

He saw the boy, and smirked, the boy was pouting. "Now, follow my lead. And try to keep your emotions in check." The dark dressed Leo walked forward. "Hello Chris. You're father and I have something to say."

Chris looked up from where he sat to this... leather wearing... edgier version of his father and then over at his dad who seemed a little lost. "Uh... okay."

"Now we both know you love your dad." Leo held his hand up before Chris could say anything to the contrary. "You can speak after I'm finished." The dark dressed Leo walked over to Chris, putting a hand on his shoulder. "It wouldn't matter to you if he was a stay at home daddy or not if you didn't love him. But I think you owe him an apology. He hasn't done anything but try to help you, and all you've done is give him shit." Leo shot a look at the light version of himself. "You need to make amends." He gave Leo a look wanting him to say something.

Elder Leo couldn't make up his mind on what to say. He had said he'd go along with this but was heart broken at the obvious pain in Chris' demeanor. "I'd... like for us to get past this."

Chris immediately stood up. "Look I don't know what the hell you two are up to but leave me out of it. I'm fine as I am. I didn't need you up until this point; I certainly don't need you now." Chris began to orb away.

"Leo, stop him, or orb with him." Dark Leo called out, keeping his hand on Chris's shoulder. "You can't keep letting him control the situation. Be a man." Dark Leo called out harshly.

Leo grabbed Chris and forced him to materialize back. "Chris... I..."

"Excuse me... hands off please..." Chris said as he shrugged off his father's hands. "Let me go."

Dark Leo stepped back, and watched the scene unfold. "Stay strong Leo. You're his father, no matter what." Dark Leo folded his hands against his chest, getting turned on watching himself with the young man. "You're the one in control. Now tell him what to do."

The Elder closed his eyes for a second to collect his thoughts and gather his strength before opening them again to meet Chris'. "Bottom line... you're not going anywhere. I'm your father... I say what goes and what doesn't and right now I say you shut up and listen to me."

The edgy tone in Leo's voice and the darkening color in his eyes scared Chris a bit. This wasn't the Leo he'd studied about or the Leo he'd known in the future... this wasn't his father... he had no father. "Bite me." Chris pushed Leo back and orbed out in a swirl of light to the attic in the manor.

Dark Leo scowled and walked over to the other version of himself. "It's okay. You were doing well." Dark Leo put a hand on Leo's arm. "Follow him. Now isn't the time to stop, if you do, you will just confirm all his thoughts that you don't care about him. And if worst comes to worst, I'll step in."

"No... I'm not going. I was right to think this would make things worse... he flat out despises me now. I got to give him time to cool down." Elder Leo said to his darker self and sat down.

"You're wrong. If you don't go now, you will lose him forever." Dark Leo grabbed Leo behind the head, making it so the elder was looking at him. "You will lose him." He was momentarily distracted by he hurt look on his face, knowing he hadn't made such a look in ages. "He's doesn't despise you. Can't you see it? He wants you! He wants your love; everything he says is an opposite of what he wants. Go to him."

"And what do I do when I get there? Let him slam a door in my face?" Elder Leo wanted to believe that Chris was only longing for his affection and displaying it this way but his fears got the best of him.

"You don't let him do that. You tell him exactly what he is allowed to do. Set perimeters and boundaries." Dark Leo let his hands play in the short hair of Leo's. "You give him what he wants. You command his respect. In anyway. He wants you to show him you love him."
"All right but you're coming with me..." Elder Leo grabbed onto Dark Leo's shirt and they orbed into the attic.

“Oh for crying out loud... leave me alone already!!" Chris yelled, frustrated, from where he sat on the old couch.

~Damn, he looks good sitting like that. ~ Dark Leo hoped the light version of himself wasn't going to back down.  "That's not what he wants. He wants your love Leo. He wants to ask you for forgiveness. And you are going to make him earn it."

Elder Leo walked up to Chris, encouraged by his darker half, and picked up the young man, grabbing him by his shirt. "Enough is enough! Now you listen to me... I love you... I love you more than you'll ever know and I am sorry that for whatever reason, I turn out to be an asshole but you can change that... change me... and you're wasting your chance on hatred."

"Dad... I uh... Umm...” Chris stuttered as he tried to form a coherent thought but failed terribly.

"Listen to him boy. He's offering everything you've ever wanted from him." ~I'll make sure you both get it. ~ "Don't be a fool Chris." Dark Leo was proud of Leo; his leather pants getting tighter at the sight of the elder grabbed the boy.

"Are you going to hear me out or not?" Elder Leo asked his son and when he received a nod, he put Chris down on the couch again and sat beside him. Leo leaned over and placed a kiss on Chris's cheek, eliciting a smile from Chris and one of his very own. "I want us to have the kind of relationship you want us to have... I want to be the kind of father you dreamed of being... what can I do?"

"Love me." Chris answered in a whisper.

~Ah, hell yeah. ~ Dark Leo grinned. "Give him what he wants Leo. But only after he's apologized for what he said earlier."  Dark Leo looked at Chris, taking in the boy's smile. "He needs to know he can't talk to you like that." He stepped closer, not entering their space, but coming closer so Chris could see he wasn't playing.  "I think you need to apologize to you father. You need to do something better with your mouth then cuss. Earn his forgiveness. Show him you're sorry Chris."

"Dad I love you..." Chris said and looked into his father's eyes. "I do... and I'm sorry. You have no idea how sorry about what I said earlier. You're amazing. If I'm ever half the man you are, I can consider myself a good person. Truth is I look up to you... you've been through so much and have survived it all, dad. You've come out a stronger man and I'm proud to call you my father."

Elder Leo embraced his son in a tight hug and kissed his forehead. "Thank you son..." He was on the verge of tears... and felt Chris' tears fall on him.

"Now there's no question about it. Only your son could say something like that." Dark Leo rolled his eyes. "As touching as this all really is," He resisted the urge to add 'and it's not'. "You still need to apologize, Chris." Dark Leo looked to his softer side. "And you need to let him know who is boss."

"What do you mean? I just apologized. Dad's what's he talking about?" Chris asked, taking his father's hand in his and linking their fingers.

Leo looked at the bad alternate of himself, not sure what he was talking about. "What are you talking about?"  Leo felt happy that Chris was holding his hand. Chris hadn't even been talking to him, and now he was holding his hand.

"You need to show him who's in control. Otherwise he's going to throw a tantrum every time things don't go his way. He'll always hold you being a bad father over his head." Dark Leo walked over and sat down on the couch arm beside Leo. "Chris, stand up."

Chris reluctantly released his father's hand and did as instructed and stood from the couch, looking down at both halves of his gorgeous father. He'd never quite noticed what an attractive man Leo was. "Okay... what's the point of me standing up?"

"Leo, move to the center of the couch." He waited until the elder complied. "Now, Chris, you've caused your father pain. Lots of it. Kneel down in front of him." Dark Leo's smile grew larger when he saw Leo's eyes widen. ~You know what I'm talking about, don't you Leo? ~

Chris looked at his dad, confused, but he wasn't going to back out now. They'd come this far and had finally mended or had begun to mend their relationship and Chris was willing to do ANYTHING to make sure Leo remained in his life. He knelt down and made his way in front of his father.

"You know Leo; I'm starting to think everything is going to turn out just how you wanted." Dark Leo chuckled.

"I don't know what you are talking about." Leo's gaze switched back and forth; the dark version of himself chuckling, with a knowing grin, and Chris between his legs. "Chris, whatever he says… I'll love you no matter what."

"Yes, yes, we know. You love him, he loves you, now…. Can we get to the forgiveness?" Dark Leo looked at Chris. "You caused him terrible pain, Chris. But you can take it away. Unzip his pants, and this time, SHOW him how sorry you are."

"Daddy..." Chris was unsure why he'd called Leo that but it came out before he had thought it. "Is this what you want from me? Will you forgive me... will you stay... in my life if I do this?"

Leo had groaned when Chris called him daddy, the word causing his shaft to get harder. "I'll forgive you no matter what Chris. You don't-"

"Yes he does." Dark Leo cut in. "He needs to know that you are the one who controls things. Now Chris, I think you were about to do something?" He saw the small bit of hesitation on the boy's face. "He wants you, boy. Check him. His pants are quite a statement on their own." He said, referring to the goody two shoe's version of a pants tent.


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