Title: Leo and Chris: Forever
Author/Email: Angel (kindaskimpy@comcast.net) & Will
Genre: SLASH
Fandom: Charmed
Pairing: Leo Wyatt/ Chris Wyatt
Rating: NC-17
Category: Romance/Erotica
Summary: Leo seeks Chris. Chris seeks forgiveness. They find love.
Disclaimer: None of this is true. I do not own these people/characters and certainly do not make them do the things I write about. By reading this, you relinquish any liability I may have. Charmed and it's characters are the property of Aaron Spelling and the WB.
WARNING: This story involves consensual INCEST and homosexual relations between fictional characters.
Notes: I dedicate this to one of my favorite shows; Charmed and to Brian Krause, who never ceases to amaze me.
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Special thanks:
All of you who have so faithfully written me about the story. It doesn't go unnoticed or unappreciated. It means a lot to me.


"That's not what I meant... although hotel room, here we come!" Chris smirked. "But I meant with us... when our honeymoon's over... where do we live? What about the elders? What will they say? How will you being an elder affect us?"

Leo waited to answer the questions until they were in their hotel room. Once inside, Leo shut the door, and unbuttoned the top three buttons of his shirt before sitting down. "Well I have some thoughts on those questions, but I didn't want to make any decision without your say." The elder said, smiling at Chris. "There are a few options. I could give up being an elder, become a white lighter again. Or I could quit entirely. And until we decide which of those two, we could stay with Piper. She said it was okay." Leo stopped talking, wanting to give Chris a chance to weigh in.

"I'm not asking you to quit... I know how much you love helping people. It's who you are... you're an angel without the wings and I want you to do whatever you feel you should do... I just ask that you make a little room for me." Chris said sincerely, sitting down next to Leo. "As for living at the manor... I guess we can do that temporarily but it'd be weird for me... having mom right there... but again, your choice."

"It would be just until I could figure out how to get us set up." Leo smiled and winked at Chris. "I don't want to share you." The elder looked at Chris, realizing something about his husband's words. "No Chris, it's our choice. We're a team now. Do you not want to live at the manor, because I can figure out a way for us to get set up in an apartment? I could be a handyman." Leo felt guilty, he wanted to stay close to Wyatt, and had forgotten that Chris might to want to live in the manor. ~It doesn't matter, I could still visit Wyatt often, but what's really important is keeping my Christopher happy. ~

~It'd be selfish of me to deny him access to Wyatt... I can't make him do that. I won't do that... I'll just suck it up and shut up. ~ "It's fine... the manor's great. Definitely big enough." Chris said and pulled together the best smile he could. "I just want to be with you."

"I promise it would only be until I found us the best place." Leo grinned, and moved his chair over so he could be closer to Chris. "I'm going to make this all work. I love you so much, Christopher. I'd do anything for us." Leo grinned. "What type of place do you want? Do we want a dog, or another type of pet? I mean we would only have it for a little while, because I wouldn't want our kids around big animals until they were older." Leo stopped, realizing he was babbling, but he couldn't help it. It was like now that they were married, he felt like he could tell Chris all the little things he wanted.

"All right I..." Chris was about to say something but instantly forgot as soon as Leo started rambling about their future... it made him happy to hear it... especially about the kids. "Kids?" Chris smiled big.

"Well, yeah. I always wanted a large family." Leo admitted with a blush. "Piper, she was always back and forth on the subject. She never wanted more then three though. The whole 'charmed ones' thing." Leo said quietly, feeling a little sad but excited all at once. "I've never told anyone that. But I want a big family. Do you?" ~Please let him say that he does. ~

Chris could not have been more ecstatic than he was at that very moment. He'd always dreamed of a huge family of his own. "Are you kidding me?!" He said a little too loudly. "Sorry... of course I'd love a big family! Oh my god... yes!"

"Yeah?" Leo was grinning once again, much like most of the day, and put his hand on his husband's knee. "What else? Where do you want to live? I always pictured a big house, but we wouldn't really need one, well until the kids."

"Well..." Chris was very enthusiastic as he spoke. "I had this friend when I was growing up and they had this beautiful two story home near a cliff that overlooked a private beach... but that doesn't have to be it... I'd just always pictured a big family in a spacious two story home with a big yard for the kids and the pets... that's what I've always wanted."

"That sounds wonderful, Chris." Leo leaned over and kissed his husband's cheek. "You, me, kids. A big two story house, nice yard. Sounds like heaven." Leo continued to kiss Chris's neck, the whole idea of them having a family exciting him in more then just one way.

"Oooh... we could name our first baby Leo... because let's face it... boys are better." Chris chuckled. All this talk of a family together and Leo's soft kisses made him long for that dream sooner. "Then we'd watch little Leo go off to school while his baby brothers are still home... then they'd all be in school... and they'd look out for each other..."

"Of course. Our boys would know you stick up for family." Leo smiled against Chris's neck, speaking the words around the slightly salty skin. "They'd know all about how important family is. And about helping out others." Kissing his way to his husband's mouth, Leo playfully kissed all around his son's mouth. "I want that with you Christopher. Kids, our kids."

"I want that too... more than anything." Chris kissed Leo's lips tenderly once and smiled. "I really really want that."

~I wish I could give that to him. ~ Leo returned the soft kiss with one of his own; bring his hand up to Chris's thigh. "We're going to be so happy together." Leo playfully rubbed Chris's thigh. "With so much in common, and our love, there's no way we can't get what we want."

"Yeah..." Chris bowed his head. His spirit dropped as reality sank in. He could dream of that all he wanted but the bottom line remained that it wouldn't happen. ~Great Chris... what a freaking dumbass I am. ~

"Chris, baby? What's wrong?" Leo cupped his husband's face and looked into those eyes that made him lose track of his thoughts. "Tell me."

"Daddy... truth is... we can dream of that all we want but the bottom line still remains that it won't happen for us. I love you so much... I want us to have a family... I bet this is where you wish you stayed with her." Chris admitted solemnly.

"No." Leo said softly, and hugged Chris. "No, baby, I meant what I said. I only want you. I promised myself to you for the rest of our lives tonight. I meant it." Leo kissed Chris's cheek. "It doesn't matter we can still have a big family. We can adopt." Leo was trying to be positive, wanting Chris to be happy.

Chris sighed. "Yeah we can adopt... and there a lot of kids who need homes but it's not the same you know? Knowing what it's like to have something our love made... something you and me..." He had to stop mid-sentence or else he'd break down. This hit him hard seeing as he was practically an only child growing up... Wyatt being evil and all.

"Our love will help raise them though." Leo tried to point out. Inside he was disappointed to about the children, but he needed to be there for Chris. "Baby, I could have a woman and all the kids, but it wouldn't mean anything because you weren't the one sharing it all with me. I love you Chris, and this is only a little set back, okay?"

"It's not little daddy. I want to have our baby... that's not little... that's our future... or love... your seed inside me. It's life. Just not our life and it's not FAIR!" Chris stood up, exasperated.

"I know it's not fair, Chris." Leo said, leaning back in his chair. ~We didn't even make it two hours without getting into a fight. ~ "I want that. I want to make children with you, but you're right it's not possible. Leo tried to think of something, anything that would make Chris feel better. "Baby, how can I make this better?"

Chris was beyond upset but he owed it to Leo to compose himself. It wasn't Leo's fault they couldn't have a baby. "Just...” He turned to face his husband. "Make love to me all night."

Leo stood up and took Chris's hand, and sat down on the bed, pulling Chris down too. He started to kiss his husband, moving his hands over his son's cloth covered chest. "If I could, I would." Leo said next to Chris's ear. "But I can make love to you all night." The elder pulled off his son's shirt, wanting to make Chris feel good.

Chris closed his eyes and let Leo take over. He wanted forget just upset he was at that moment. He wanted to get lost in the pleasure and his never ending desire for his "daddy."

"I love you Christopher." The elder gently kissed his husband, moving forward so Chris would lie down. He pressed his tongue past Chris's lips, trying to get Chris to respond to the kiss. Leo let his weight rest against his son, his right hand on the brunette's hip, rubbing up to Chris's ribs, then back to his narrow hips. ~I love you baby, I'm so sorry I can't give you what you want.~ Leo tried to show his feelings with his actions, moving against his son's so Christopher might see how much he felt.

Chris never tired of hearing his name escape Leo's lips and he definitely never tired of Leo's caresses on his skin. His eyes remained closed as he lay back on the bed and moaned lightly in response to feeling his husband rub against him in that delicious way he did.
Leo let his hands search out the buttons to Chris’s pants, feeling his husband respond to his actions. The elder made quick work of the buttons and zipper, all the while kissing Chris’s neck, and whispering how much he loved and needed his lover. Leo crawled backwards, kissing Chris’s chest, stomach and waistline as he moved down, he slowly pulled his husband’s pants and underwear off, pressing a kiss to the tip of Chris’s shaft as he moved up and off the bed. He held still, the dress pants in his hands, and stared at Chris, memorizing his lover.

"Need you." Chris whimpered lightly from the bed as his eyes opened partially when he'd felt Leo's weight leave the bed and his warmth slip away.
Leo moved back up the bed, coming to rest on his lover’s thighs, kneeling as he pulled Chris up. The elder held Chris to him. "I need you too, love." Leo pulled Chris’s shirt up and over the brunette’s body, taking care not to hurt his son. He moved forward, so Chris was once again resting on his back, and Leo lay with him, a hand on the boy’s brow, moving through the dark hair. "I’ll always need you." He started kissing Chris’s face, letting his weight rest on Chris as he unbuttoned and pulled off his own shirt, not wanting to end his connection with Chris at all.

~I can't give you what you want... I know you'll leave me...~ "Please daddy..." Chris pleaded even though he didn't specify what he wanted. He knew Leo would know... Leo always knew.

"I love you so much, I feel like I have to be inside you at all times, no matter what the situation is." Leo blushed, but kissed Christopher’s neck, unbuckling his pants and belt and pushing them down his hips, kicking them off. He groaned, the relief from having his pants off, spurring him to move faster. "Always baby." Leo moved his legs so they were in-between Chris’s, spreading his lover. He lay with Chris, kissing him as he moved his body against his husband’s, trying to forget that no matter how much he loved Chris that he couldn’t give him a child. Leo finally realized what Chris meant, and kissed his son softly, lingering at his lips for a few moments. The elder grabbed himself, shifting so he could put himself at his son’s entrance. Another wave of sadness rushed over him and Leo pushed into Chris, trying to push away the thoughts.

"Aaahh... yes..." Chris groaned and writhed as his body arched off the bed at the delicious sensation of being filled again by Leo. The sensation of having his insides stretch to fit and mold Leo's manhood inside him was exquisite and he'd never get enough. The day would come when he'd have to have enough... Leo would leave him... because he couldn't give him the big family he dreamed of.

The elder listened to each moan and gasp from his lover, determined to keep his promise to Chris about causing him to forget. Leo moved in and out of Chris, slow but hard, wanting Chris to be thinking about his body, and nothing else. "Love you." He thrust in to his husband. "Always baby." He pulled out slowly, kissing Chris’s chest. "I’m going to-" The elder thrust hard into his lover, biting at Chris’s skin. "Make up for what I did to you." Pulling out slowly again after finishing his sentence. Leo told Chris his dreams and plans, continuing to make love to his husband at the same pace, needing and wanting for it to last.

Chris's body writhed and responded to every single one of Leo's thrusts but his mind was still focused on the fact that he'd never have his dream come true or eve worse... make his husband's dream come true. He wrapped his arms around Leo's back and let tears fall as his husband made love to him... not tears of joy... but tears of pain... of not being good enough.

He’d been talking and making love to Chris for ten minutes, and the slow pace was driving him insane. He sped up his thrusts and continued to talk, not wanting to just drop the connection he had started with Chris. Leo told Chris about how wonderful he felt. The elder shared everything that ran through his head, his love, promises, how much he loved being with Chris…. All of it. He needed the tears to stop; he needed to know he was enough for his husband.

~When I think... about that stupid witch who was able to conceive with that spell... it kills me! It's not fair she could conceive an evil child and we can't bring to life our love... as our bodies intertwine... let desires cross the line... and as your heart beats with mine... make our wishes come to life... yeah a lot of good that'll do me. ~ Chris tried to get it all out of his mind... he didn't need this right now. The love of his life was making love to him and he was focusing on that? He should have been grateful for these moments they shared.

Leo started moving hard into Chris, sensing his husband's feelings. The elder pressed and thrust into his son and lover as hard as he could, wanting to drive away all the dark thoughts. He stopped speaking, focusing on loving his husband with all of his effort and strength. ~Love you baby, love you so much. Need us. ~ Leo could feel his orgasm approaching and his doubled his efforts fucking his lover for all he was worth.

For a minute Chris had forgotten what he was hopelessly wishing for with his father's rather pleasurable movements. The sensations clouded his thoughts and all he could see was Leo.... and happy Leo... and more Leo.

Leo caught Chris's eye, and lost it. He thrust into his lover, coming harder then he ever had. The elder came and came, his mind blanking unable to focus on anything other then his Christopher's eyes.

Chris' eyes locked with Leo as his seed was spilled deep inside and all Chris could feel was all of Leo in him... Leo's love... he could see his dreams, his fears, his love, his desires... all of it in those eyes and Chris loved everything he saw.

Leo stroked in and out, his eyes still caught by his husbands, coming more as Chris's muscles flexed against him. ~Chris, Chris, Chris, Chris.~ The name sounded in his mind and he cried it out driving himself as deep as he could, finally dropping onto Chris's body as his orgasm subsided.

Chris was emotionally drained but he felt better than ever for some reason. He felt whole and complete like he did whenever Leo made love to him but this time something was different.

"Love you Chris." Leo placed lazy kisses on his husband's chest and neck, not moving farther then he had to for the next few minutes. "Mine." He brushed his hands against Chris's body, not wanting to stop touching his lover, even though he was momentarily tired.

"Love you too." Chris confessed easily. "That was amazing... you are amazing daddy. I love you so much."

"Love you Christopher." Leo lifted his head so he could look at his son, and grinned. "It was pretty amazing, wasn't it?" He held Chris, and rolled them over so he wasn't lying on Chris. Not wanting to be too much weight for his son.

"It was..." Chris said with a beaming smile. "But it doesn't surprise me. It's us. It's you and I... meant to be you know..." Chris moved so he was on top of Leo, straddling his hips, sitting comfortably above his manhood. "I love you, Mr. Wyatt."

"I love you too, Mr. Wyatt." ~The honeymoon, confessing your love every ten seconds....how I've missed it~ Leo moved his hands so they covered Chris's, and held them. "What else can I do to make this night more special, baby boy?"  He had a few ideas, but wanted this night to be for Chris.

"Don't you realize that being with you is special? I love you so much daddy." Chris smiled. "Look... I get Goosebumps at the mere mention of my name from your lips... or you calling me 'baby boy' ... all I need is you for the rest of my life."

"You liked that?" Leo had liked it very much, thinking about just how many ways he was connected to the person in front of him. "You have me for the rest of your life Christopher. I want to spend all the time I have with you Christopher. My sweet little baby boy." Leo said, teasing his lover with the names.

"You keep doing that I may be forced to never allow you to leave this room." Chris joked as he leaned over and sucked gently at a spot on Leo's chest.

"Keep doing what, baby boy?" Leo ran his hand down Chris's back. "All I was doing was telling you how much I loved you Christopher. So much. Love my Christopher till the end." Leo said, keeping his voice calm.

Chris moved his lips over to one of Leo's nipples and gently sucked on it before letting go. "Mm... you're so fucking sexy... you know what you do to me don't you?"

"I believe I do, Christopher." Leo grinned and grabbed Chris's hips, pushing them against him a little. "I can feel it... You're love I mean." Leo smirked and brought one of his hands to Chris's shaft. "Does my baby boy need some attention?"

"You know what I need..." Chris leaned close to Leo's ear and licked it slowly. "...Daddy... hmm? I need you... inside me...again... forever."

"I don't know. I think you need some help here." Leo stroked Chris's shaft, slowly pumping it as he continued. "But if you want I think I could be persuaded."

"That's good because... I'm a very persuasive person... especially when it comes to that which I love more than anything in life..." Chris paused and smile. "That happens to be you, old man."

"That's Leo, or Daddy to you, son." Leo smirked, just playing around with Chris, having an evil after thought Leo spoke again. "Though if you do persuade me well, I could let you call me something else." He said to his husband.

"Hmm... like Mr. Wyatt? Or Master? No no wait... your favorite is Daddy isn't it?" Chris began rubbing his ass on Leo's crotch. "Because... that's what you are... you're my daddy... my big, strong, handsome, perfect Daddy."

"I'm all those things. But you're right." Leo moved his hand faster on Chris's length, getting extremely turned on by his son's words. "Is that what you want to call me baby boy? Do you want to call me Daddy, Christopher as I make love to you? Pushing you down into the mattress as I make you feel so good with my..." Leo stopped talking and grinned at his son.

"Oooh you're getting good at that... daddy..." Chris smirked and let out a small moan. "Good to see I bring out the lover in you."

"Good to see that I make you feel so good, Christopher. I love how far we've come." Leo grinned and couldn't help but shift his hips, wanting more contact with Chris. "Besides I have to keep up with you. Don't want to be the only one not with the sexy talking."

"You do the 'sexy talking' so well... you do everything so well. I'm the one that may have to worry about keeping up with you." Chris continued to push back and rub against his husband's cock.

"No baby boy. We're learning from each other." Leo moved his hand up and down Chris, bringing his other hand to Chris's face, and stroking the brunette's cheekbone lovingly. "My Christopher." He moved his hands down Chris's body, to his son's hips, and helped them move against one another.


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