Title: Leo and Chris: Forever
Author/Email: Angel (kindaskimpy@comcast.net) & Will
Genre: SLASH
Fandom: Charmed
Pairing: Leo Wyatt/ Chris Wyatt
Rating: NC-17
Category: Romance/Erotica
Summary: Leo seeks Chris. Chris seeks forgiveness. They find love.
Disclaimer: None of this is true. I do not own these people/characters and certainly do not make them do the things I write about. By reading this, you relinquish any liability I may have. Charmed and it's characters are the property of Aaron Spelling and the WB.
WARNING: This story involves consensual INCEST and homosexual relations between fictional characters.
Notes: I dedicate this to one of my favorite shows; Charmed and to Brian Krause, who never ceases to amaze me.
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Leo smiled feeling them arrive back at the manor. Chris and he had a perfect two-week honeymoon. The elder tightened his grip on Chris's hand and their luggage.  He was so happy, that being back around others couldn't get him down. ~Though this does mean no more walking around in my skivvies. ~

Chris almost groaned in disappointment when they orbed in. The past two weeks had been heaven... being alone with Leo... all that time to explore each other... spend time together. He was about to say something when he heard his mother's voice.

"Chris... watch out!" Piper called out loudly.

It was then Chris saw the dark lighter whose arrow had just been fired from the crossbow and was headed his way but he didn't have time to react and move away.

Leo heard Piper shout, and turned to see a dark lighter. He threw an energy ball at the dark lighter. Belatedly, he realized what the witch had shouted. He turned and saw a shield enveloping Chris.....

"Holy... what is that?" Paige watched the scene unfold, not quite believing what she saw. The newly brunette again looked at the piled of ash that was the dark lighter, and cautiously stepped over toward Leo and Chris.

"Christopher?" Leo reached out cautiously, not sure what was happening, and not trying to reach through the shield. "Baby, are you okay?"

Chris stood there almost in a state of shock... silent... looking at himself and the shield that protected him as it disappeared.

"Chris honey..." Piper moved closer to them and stood right in front of Chris, a worried look on her face. "What was that?"

"I don't know..." Chris answered quietly.

"You mean it's not one of your powers?" Piper asked.

"No... I can move things with my mind and orb... like Paige... and I've astral projected a couple of times but no that was not me..." Chris said as he walked slowly toward the conservatory and sat down, still dazed and confused.

Leo followed Chris, and looked him over. ~No marks, no wounds, no blood. ~

"Oookay." Paige clapped her hands together, trying to get everyone out of their shock. "This completely ruins the welcome home dinner we had planned, no wait, it doesn't. Unless you count the fact that a dark lighter just tried to take Chris out."

Leo scowled at Paige, and tentatively put his hand on his husband's shoulder. "How did you do that?"

"I didn't... I really didn't..." Chris said as he looked back at his husband.

"Wait a minute... he’s right… maybe he didn’t… and this all looks familiar…" Piper walked over to where the dark lighter’s arrow lay on the floor and picked it up. "Let's try it again... see what happens... if you're not protected this time, Leo's right here to heal you."

"You're right... all right." Chris stood up. "Fire away."

"Paige, a little help here." Piper said, holding out the arrow to her sister.

Paige nodded, and held her hand out. "Arrow!" She redirected it at Chris, despite Leo's shout of protest. Her eyes widened as the shield appeared at the last second, protecting her nephew.

"That was dangerous! How could you do that?" Leo glared at Paige. "What if it hadn’t activated? I don't want to see him hurt." The elder then turned to Piper. "Why would you do that to your own son?" 

"Because I knew he'd be protected again." Piper answered with a knowing smile. "Just like I was when I was pregnant with Wyatt."

"What does that have to do with this?" Chris asked.

Leo looked at Piper, then back at Chris. "That's not possible." He couldn't help the momentary happiness that had risen with Piper's words, but he knew it wasn't a likely occurrence.

"Hello! You're an angel! You of all people should know anything's possible." Paige was a little taken a back by the news, but was happy for the most part.

"Well yeah, but you can't just. Guys don't have babies!"

"Okay anyone want to fill me in on what's going on?" Chris asked, kind of frustrated.

"Sure... right after another little test... so you've got Prue and Paige's powers... do you have any firepower?" Piper asked her son.

"Well right before I came back to the past I got your freezing power and the explosive one too... but those are very new... I can't control them."

"Wait..." Piper paused for a second. "You can orb; you have telekinesis... you can astral project... freeze time and blow things up? That's not fair!"

"Want to talk about not fair? Wyatt in the future has all three of the charmed ones’ powers and then some." Chris replied.

"Yeah?" Leo grinned proud of his children's powers before realizing they had an issue at hand. "Chris it's not about how many powers you have. It's about how you use them. So whatever powers you do or don't have don't matter, it's your intentions." The elder hugged Chris. "Though I am glad you know how to use your powers."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Cut the mushy stuff, and let's get back to the good part. So how did you end up, preggers, Chris? I'm thinking Leo's got some pretty spec-" Paige stopped talking when she saw Piper get a jealous look on her face. "So you haven’t mastered freezing or blowing up, eh?" 

"PREGNANT?!?! WHAT?! Who said I.... oh my god..." Chris was in full freak out mode. Sure he'd wished for it but never ever thought it'd actually happen.

"Chris, you have to calm down." Piper said calmly.

"Calm down? CALM DOWN?!"

"Yeah... besides, it's just a theory. Paige is jumping the gun..." Piper paused to give Paige a look. "Your firepower should be affected by the baby inside you since the baby is mostly white lighter and white lighters are pacifists...if indeed there is a baby inside you... so we need you to try to blow something up."

"I told you... I can't..."

"Yes you can... Leo, talk to him." Piper said stepped back.

"Chris, honey, try to blow Paige up."


Leo rolled his eyes. "Chris, baby. If there's a chance...isn't it better knowing?" Seeing that Chris was still freaked, Leo knelt down in front of his husband, placing his hands on this son's knees and rubbed gently. "When Piper was pregnant with Wyatt... she was immune to danger because every time she was in danger, Wyatt would put up a shield. It was impenetrable." Leo tried to look Chris in the eyes. "Baby, I thought these past two weeks were bliss, but if you, we... please try to blow something up."

Chris took a deep calming breath and closed his eyes for a minute. "All right... it’s gonna suck having an ex-whitelighter husband. It’s like marrying a psychiatrist." He said as he opened his eyes. "How do you do it, mom?"

"Focus... will it... and of course, aim." Piper answered him.

"Okay... here goes nothing." Chris faced a vase of flowers on the table nearby and gestured to it only to see fireworks appear above it. "See? Can't do it."

"Actually... you CAN... the baby's just not letting you right now which is what I wanted to see. When I was pregnant with Wyatt... he didn't like it when I blew things up so instead he decided to turn my best offensive power into flowers or fireworks or orbs... whatever he found pretty and entertaining. I'm willing to bet that's the same thing that's happening to you."

"So I am... oh lord..." Chris stumbled back and sat down again. "But how... I... um... okay... so pregnant huh?" A big smile appeared on his face as he looked at Leo. "Pregnant." He repeated. "With our child... and indestructible... now that's what I call a welcome home gift!"

"Now this doesn't mean you can go around tempting fate because you can't die... what it does mean is that you're going to have to cut back on the demon hunting." Piper said firmly.

"What? Why?" Chris asked, unwilling to accept he'd be some kind of invalid.

"Stress, of any kind, during a pregnancy... not good."

"Daddy!" Chris whined.

"Your mom's right." Leo hugged Chris, smiling brightly. ~Oh god we're pregnant. How great is that? ~ "And I won't let you risk yourself either. You can help with potions and reading, but no frontline battling for you."

"Sweet! Another baby for me to-" Paige looked around seeing who was paying attention to her. "I mean, Chris, it's no problem. You need to be taking care of my little niece or nephew. Or is it step, or removed?"

Leo rolled his eyes and motioned for Piper to grab Paige. "Chris, we have to protect the baby. I didn't let Piper do any fighting, so I can't let you either."

"Paige... let's just go scry for evil or something... come on... they need some time alone." Piper grabbed Paige's arm as she dragged her out of the conservatory and towards the stairs to go up to the attic.

"I don't understand why though. I'm going to be safe... the baby's protecting me, Dad." Chris argued his case. "Besides, I have a couple of powers that Piper didn't. Like orbing. I can orb out if I get in trouble."

"But being attacked, it's stressful." Leo got up and sat down next to Chris. "Babies need a safe environment. They can't handle stress or smoke, or other harmful things, because it interferes with their growing." Leo put his arm around Chris. "You know how you panicked just now? Well the baby did too. They can't handle that."

Chris took a deep breath and exhaled. "I know you're right... I just really don't want to think of myself as a cripple. Oh god what are we going to do? I mean don't get me wrong... I couldn't be happier..." He smiled brightly. "This is what I wanted more than anything, daddy... but... well... I can't see a doctor..."

"You're right." Leo sat quietly for a moment trying to think of something. "We could get a witch midwife? Or we could use a scryer? I mean you wouldn't be getting a medical check up, but they could probably see if the baby was okay. This isn't the first pregnancy this family's had. I think as long as we change a few things, we should be able to get through this." Leo kissed Chris's cheek.

"I know we will... we're together, aren't we?" Chris asked rhetorically with a smile. "Can you believe it? A baby! I'm so happy... you make me so happy!" He leaned in and closed the distance between them with a brief, tender kiss on the lips. "Baby names! We need baby names... and a nursery... and baby proofing the house... and a house of our own... oh boy."

"Or girl." Leo smiled, and hugged Chris again. "This is so great. I'm going to be a father again!" Leo couldn't help the huge grin on his face, and stood up. "You're right. I need to go find us a place. And a job, I need a job." ~And go get rid of my powers. ~

Leo kept his thoughts to himself and turned back to Chris. "So you want a house. And identities, maybe a car or two."

"Dad... I told you. Whatever you decide is fine with me. I know this a lot to ask of you, which is why I'm not asking. I married you because I love and trust you and always will... I trust you to do what is best for us... and us includes you, daddy."

"I know it does." The elder sat back down besides Chris. "Okay, I'll get everything in order, you just stay non-stressed. That means stay away from your mother." Leo smiled crookedly so Chris would know he was joking. "A baby." Leo reached out, hesitating, not sure if Chris would want to be touched. ~Piper hated people touching her. ~

Chris grabbed Leo's hand and kissed it then placed it on his flat tummy and smiled. "Our baby." He said.

"Our baby." Leo repeated, and kissed Chris's forehead. "What kind of names do we want? Do you have a thing for 'P' names? Or what?"

"I have a thing for you..." Chris said with a chuckle. "But you already knew that. As far as baby names... hmm... we could get one of those baby names books that have lots and lots of names... and while we're at it we should get 'What To Expect When You're Expecting' and 'Parenting for Dummies'... that last one's for me."

"You're not a dummy, baby. But I'll get you books. P-people get into books, it's a good way to find and relate to the changes that happen." Leo ignored the small thrill that'd gone up his spine when he'd heard Chris's words. "I promise I'm going to make sure you have everything."

"Ooh... not good... uh oh..." Chris grabbed his stomach. "Ow ow ow..." Just then he burped orbs and the pain was gone. "What the hell was that?"


Leo orbed to the manor, and looked around for Chris. He'd just gotten back from the elders, and they'd decided what was going to happen.  He was now a white lighter, but had no charges for a determined amount of time. Apparently the elders didn’t favor it when people turned them down.

"Chris!" Leo called out, wanting to see his husband.

Chris emerged from the kitchen, a bucket of take-out fried chicken in one hand and a drumstick in the other. "What? Who died?"

Leo smiled and headed over to Chris. "No one died, I'm just back. And I had to see my baby boy." Leo leaned in and kissed Chris's cheek.

"Oh... good... this chicken, however, is not." Chris made a disgusted face, threw the drumstick in the bucket and set the bucket down. "This is so not fair... I'm hungry all the time but can't keep anything down."

"What about like a shake?" Leo suggested, trying not to make a face at Chris tossing the chicken back in the bucket. "Those are smooth on your stomach because they're milk."

"Mmm..." Chris considered it for a second but soon his stomach and the baby disagreed. "Nope, no shake... anyway... what happened? How'd it go with the elders?"

"Oh." Leo straightened his shirt, and smiled. ~So I can't always know what he needs. ~

"I am no longer an elder." Leo said, knowing Chris would be happy. "But I've been sort of suspended from being a white lighter too.”

"Oh honey... I'm sorry?" Chris said, almost questioning it. He knew just how much helping people was a part of Leo. "But I have some news that might perk you up."

"What is it?" Leo asked. It wasn't so much that he was disappointed. He was happy, he'd get to spend time with Chris, be there through it all like he hadn't been with Wyatt. 

"Well I have narrowed down the list of possible baby names... but even more importantly... I can blow things up! No fireworks! Watch." Chris faced a row of empty bottles he'd set by the front door earlier for target practice and gestured emphatically, releasing his power... only the bottles were unharmed. The front door, however, was shattered to pieces. "Oops... okay so the aiming still needs some work."

Leo bit his lip, and patted Chris on the back. "At least you can defend yourself, if need be."  ~I'll get some wood for that tomorrow. ~

"What names?" Leo said, wanting to redirect Chris's attention from the door.

"Let the object of objection become but a dream as I cause the seen to be unseen." Chris said with ease and soon orbs surrounded the mess he'd caused, restoring the door to its previous unharmed state. "Figured I shouldn't make ya clean up after me... anyway baby names... well... if we decide to go with P names I have 3 girl names and 3 boy names... and if we decide to 86 the P names I have 7 boy names and 3 girl names. Wanna hear 'em?"

"Of course I want to hear them." Leo smiled and relaxed nest to Chris. "By the way, thank you for that. Though I hope you let me fix some of the things, otherwise I have no use for my tool belt."

"Oh we'll find a use for the belt." Chris grabbed Leo's hand and led him into the living room and sat down on the couch. "P boy names I'm considering are: Parker, Perry and Peyton. P girl names on the table are: Patricia, Penelope, and Piper. Like I said, I'm also considering non-P names. Like: Aidan, Ethan, Caleb, Dylan, Hayden, Ryan, Matthew and Leo. Those are for the boys, obviously. For the girls I have: Riley, Samantha, and Hailey."

"Those are all really good." Leo thought about it for a minute. "I like: Peyton, Penelope, Aidan, Hayden, Riley and Samantha. Not that I didn't like mine or your mom's names, I just liked those best."

"Yeah I knew you would." Chris smiled. "Ooh and how can I forget?! I think I discovered one of the baby's powers today because it sure as heck isn’t mine."

"Really?" Leo grinned excited by the news. "What is it? I mean you have some pretty great powers, how do you know it's not your own powers expanding?"

"Well because my powers don't include premonitions... and I got a premonition!" Chris said excitedly, with a big smile. "I mean, granted, it was only about a vase Paige would later knock over... but still... premonition!"

"I have a little premonition getter in there?" Leo put his hand on Chris's stomach. "Oh that's so cool." Leo leaned in and kissed Chris softly. "I can't believe I missed it."

"Oh honey don't worry... there will probably be more... besides you didn't miss much. I don't do that freaky hiccup thing Phoebe does." Chris chuckled and placed his hand over Leo's on his stomach, triggering another premonition.... this one not so harmless. He saw a warlock in the manor. The warlock wasn't alone though... there were two dark lighters with him and they wounded Leo and took him while Chris slept. "Uh oh."


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