Title: Leo and Chris: Forever
Author/Email: Angel (kindaskimpy@comcast.net) & Will
Genre: SLASH
Fandom: Charmed
Pairing: Leo Wyatt/ Chris Wyatt
Rating: NC-17
Category: Romance/Erotica
Summary: Leo seeks Chris. Chris seeks forgiveness. They find love.
Disclaimer: None of this is true. I do not own these people/characters and certainly do not make them do the things I write about. By reading this, you relinquish any liability I may have. Charmed and it's characters are the property of Aaron Spelling and the WB.
WARNING: This story involves consensual INCEST and homosexual relations between fictional characters.
Notes: I dedicate this to one of my favorite shows; Charmed and to Brian Krause, who never ceases to amaze me.
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Special thanks:
All of you who have so faithfully written me about the story. It doesn't go unnoticed or unappreciated. It means a lot to me.


"What is it Chris?" Leo said, looking at his lover, knowing something had happened. "Is it the baby? Is Aidan okay? Are you okay?" Leo started checking his lover over.

"We're fine... really..." Chris liked hearing Leo name their baby already... it was adorable but the knowledge of Leo being hurt took precedent right now. "Field trip to the attic..." Chris said orbed them to the couch in the attic. "Okay you sit there where I can see you and I'll look through the book of shadows."

"Chris, what's going on?" Leo recognizing the movements. "I can help. Just because I’m not an elder, doesn't mean I can't help with demons, I still have my white lighter powers."

"Yes honey, I know... but I'm the one who had the premonition so I know what I'm looking for..." Chris said as he stood by the book, ruffling through its pages. "Aha! Oh he's a demon... not a warlock... oh well. Ryker. Upper level demon known for working with other magical creatures for a single purpose, usually acquiring more powers through the kill. He was once in line to the throne as the Source of all evil but a battle with the demon who would later become the Source prevented him from claiming his throne. He's been consumed with acquiring more powers ever since. His original powers include fireballs and energy balls but along the 500 years of his existence he's acquired a few more such as shape shifting and illusions among others. Although his powers are great, the biggest threat is his following... the many evil creatures that pledge loyalty to him. No known vanquishing potions."

"Was he in your premonition?" Leo felt stupid for asking such a question. "I mean who did he attack, was it Piper?" Leo walked over to Chris. "Maybe I can ask the elders if they know anything about this Ryker." The white lighter thought about it, hating to have to go back and ask them for help so soon, but not ready to give up his family.

"No no... I can do this... all I have to do is figure out what he's up to, who he's working with, why, and how to vanquish him. Piece of cake." Chris said and closed the book.

"Chris, I don't want you risking yourself." Leo said quietly. "At least let me go get Piper and Paige, they can help, and I can keep an eye on Piper just in case."

"No! You are not leaving my sight... besides I have plenty of options. I can summon whoever wrote this entry in the book... they obviously knew a lot about the demon. Or... the book says he was in line to be the Source so there must be some similarities there right? I can try the potion used to vanquish the Source. Yeah... summon him into a crystal trap and then get him with the potion. All I'd need is a summoning spell, the crystals, and the potion."

"You want to summon a demon that could have been the source?" Leo threw his hands up, exasperated by Chris's unusual behavior. "Why won't you let me get your aunts and your mom? You shouldn't be doing magic on your own; you could hurt yourself or the baby."

"The baby and I will be fine... you, however, cannot go off on your own." Chris said firmly, almost instantly regretting his tone. "Look honey... I promise I'll be extremely careful. I'll only summon the demon when I'm good and ready. I have plenty of time since what I saw doesn't happen until tonight."

"Chris." Leo ran his hand through his short hair. "I won't go off on my own, but you can't expect me to just sit here and let you do all the work. Let me be here when you summon the demon. I know you have a shield, but I don't want to take any chances."

"No... you can't be here... because he wasn't alone so I'm betting that when I summon him, his dark lighter friends won't be far behind. Your safest bet is to go up there when I summon him then mom and I can take care of him." Chris stated as he wrote down on a piece of paper what he'd need to make the Source vanquishing potion. "Wait... damn it! It took the power of three to vanquish the Source and even then, they had to draw power from the entire Halliwell line."

"See! I should be here. I can help." Leo put his hands on his hips, and tried to keep his voice calm. "Chris this is a bad idea, there's more then one bad guy, and the lead is up for source. I can't leave you like that. I'd be a horrible white lighter and even worse husband if I did."

"Hmmm... how can I do this without the power of three? Got it! If I remember correctly... I read in the history books that there's supposed to be a spell in the book of shadows to increase your power... I think it said Prue used it. So maybe if I draw power from the Halliwell line, the baby, mom, and I.... it'll be enough." Chris thought aloud as he completely ignored Leo. "Of course there's a chance that it won't work but that's a risk I'll have to take."

Just then Piper walked into the attic. "Hey... what are you guys doing up here?"

"Trying to figure out how to vanquish someone as powerful as the Source." Chris simply stated.

"What?! The Source is back?"

"No mom... you guys vanquished him already... but there's this demon that was supposed to be the Source but didn't quite make it and now he's after Dad for some reason." Chris said as he paced back and forth.

"Oh yeah.... muuuuch better." Piper said sarcastically.

"What? That makes no sense. Why would a demon be after me?" Leo shook his head, and walked over to Chris. "Are you sure you saw it right?" Leo looked over at Piper, realizing she could be his ally to stop Chris. "Piper, Chris wants to face this powerful demon alone; the demon has back up too.  Tell him, he can't. That it's completely unsafe."

"Chris, your father's right. You can't put that much stress on yourself and the baby... not to mention that it almost killed us to face the Source." Piper told Chris.

"But this isn't the Source."

"Chris... no." Piper said a lot firmer.

"Thank you." Leo said to Piper. "Your mother thinks it’s a bad idea too. So let's sit and think of another way, a safer way. You said we have until tonight." Leo gave Chris a look, wanting to help persuade his lover.

Chris sighed loudly in defeat. "Fine... you win."

"Good... now first thing's first... what'd you see?" Piper asked her son.

"Ryker... in the manor. He wasn't alone though... there were two dark lighters with him and they wounded Dad and took him while I slept." Chris explained to her and tried not to let the vision of it replaying in his mind affect him.

"Why would they take me?" Leo frowned and moved a little bit closer to Chris, not wanting to be taken away from his lover. "Okay, we need ideas. I can't be the reason for it; there are tons of white lighters.  Maybe they're going after the charmed ones?" Leo looked to Piper. "We need Paige here, just in case."

"I agree... we do need Paige... I also agree that it doesn't make sense they'd go after Leo. Maybe they're trying to lure us out... one of us or all of us... but why. Wait... could they already know about the baby?"

"Even if they do... 1. Why would they want my baby? And 2. I'm only a few weeks along... the baby isn't due for months." Chris dispelled her fears.

"True... but then why?"

"Power." Leo said. "Demons want it, or they want to control it." Leo started pacing. "They could be after Wyatt, or Chris. Or you, Phoebe and Paige." Leo was starting to feel like the odd man out. ~I gave up my powers; I could have protected them with the powers... No, don't think like that. I can help without powers. ~

"Your Dad is leverage as far as demons are concerned. He's Wyatt's and your father as well as your husband and our white lighter... you can't get more connected than that. They've got to know that if there's anyone we'd do anything for, it's Leo." Piper said to Chris as she walked closer to him. "When you think about it, this Ryker is just like most demons before him... we have power, he wants it."

"Well he's not getting anywhere near my husband." Chris said sternly. "Followers or not... he's just a demon."

"Let me be bait." Leo ignored the looks he was getting. "We use me as bait, then when they're close enough, Piper, Phoebe and Paige can vanquish them, with your help, honey."

"No! We will not use the love of my life as bait!" Chris immediately spoke up.

"Chris..." Piper started.


"Baby, this is a good plan. And you can always get someone to heal me if something happens. I have no intention of getting hurt though." Leo smiled and tried to look as confident as he could. "Because I know my Christopher will be there. Kicking any demon who tries to hurt me." Leo looked over at Piper and gave her a look, the motioned towards the door.

"No... no no no no!"

Piper crept out of the attic without getting noticed by Chris. She was going to go fill in Paige as to what was happening.

"Dad, we don't have anyone to heal you... unless... well I guess we could switch powers and that would give you my powers to defend yourself... but no... we're not using you as bait."

"Chris, this is the easiest and safest way for us to take on the demons." Leo stood in front of Chris, his hands on his hips. "I won't have you be in any unnecessary danger! Now, you can summon an elder to take care of me IF anything happens, but I'm not going to let anything happen. I promise."

"No summoning elders... don't trust them... no offense. All right... we'll switch powers so I can heal but you better be careful and if ANYTHING at all happens we're switching powers back and I'll kick some demon ass. Got it?"

"Honey, leave the kicking ass to Phoebe if you can? I don't want you or the baby hurt."  Leo took Chris's hand in his own. "Please, for me?"

"I've already yielded control, powers... now you want me to sit it out completely? Dad I'm not a cripple. I'm just... carrying a little something extra... which isn't even noticeable yet... is it?" Chris touched his stomach. Maybe he had grown a size or two.

"I'm not saying sit out. I'm just asking as a last resort. I don't want you hurt, anymore then you want me hurt, baby." Leo reached out with his free hand, touching Chris' hand on his stomach. "It's not noticeable. You look great. I just want to keep you looking great, no cuts or bruises to detract from your handsome looks." Leo smiled and leaned in to kiss Chris's cheek.

"Playing into my vanity... nice." Chris said with a smile. "All right... let's get this over with." Chris walked back over to the book of shadows and opened it, quickly finding what he was looking for. "Here goes nothing... What's mine is yours, what's yours is mine; let our powers cross the line. I offer up my gift to share... switch our powers through the air."

Leo felt relieved that Chris was going to take precautions, also the fact that Chris had healing powers made him feel a lot better incase any of the charmed ones got hurt. The influx of powers was strange, not used to having a few of Chris' powers. "Are you okay?" Leo looked Chris over, hoping the exchange hadn't hurt his husband.

"Yeah... the bigger question is are you okay?" Chris asked. "Try the powers out. You're going to have to know how to control them... especially the firepower."

"Not a problem. One of my powers as an elder was energy bolts." Leo gave Chris a grin. "I'll be good, baby." The white lighter looked around the room, for something that wasn't too valuable. His eyes stopped on a pillow. ~Okay, how'd Piper do this? ~ Taking a breath, Leo pushed his hands out in front of his body, and accidental blew up the pillow and the chair it was on.

“All righty then..." Chris rushed to Leo's side and pushed his husband's hands down. "We should probably keep those babies down until you have full control. That chair's definitely not going to be bothering you anymore though. My power works best with anger... focused anger... so if you get angry and focus it onto an object or demon... they're pretty much going beddy bye bye."

"Good to know." Leo kept his hands down, not wanting to accidentally do anything to Chris. "Does that work for all of your powers?" Leo asked, making sure.

"Well you know my power comes from my emotions so anger can trigger all my powers but different emotions work best for different powers... you'll figure it out." Chris said, confident that his husband would figure it out.

"Okay... she's up to speed." Piper said, walking into the attic with Paige.

Leo nodded and kept his hands down. "We're set here. I just have one question. What do I do without my orbing? That's how I was planning on getting them to come after me."

"Babe..." Chris started, holding back a chuckle. "You can still orb. You have my powers... and I can orb."

"Oh yeah." Leo shook his head. "Sorry, I got a little caught up trying to figure out the other powers. Sorry baby."

Paige chuckled about to say something, when Piper elbowed her. "Ow."

"When we switch back powers, you'll need to say the spell since I'm not a witch anymore... you are."

"Smart... very smart." Piper said. "The power switching I mean."

"Thank you. One last thing though... babe... how do I heal?" Chris asked Leo.

"I get a mental picture of how everything’s supposed to be, and then I concentrate on the energy pushing it out through my hands, to the wound." Leo said, describing the process for his lover. "If it starts to feel like too much, just focus on the feeling."

"Okay... and I can't heal self inflicted wounds right? I think I read that somewhere."

Piper shook her head and smiled. "Chris, sweetie... I love you and all but you know more about the craft than Paige does and Missy Paige knows a lot... she went through a whole witchcraft supremacy quest when she quit being a social worker."

"Yeah I remember reading about that." Chris said then laughed, realizing just how much he'd said those words today. "Well in preparing to come back to the past, I read up as much as I could on the power of three and white lighters... that's why I know so much. I needed to be ready to answer your questions before becoming your white lighter... but Dad's the real expert."

"Chris, I'm not an expert." Leo folded his hands over his chest. "Can we get back to the issue at hand? There's an evil demon planning on hurting you guys? Remember that?"

"Hold your pants on, buster. This is bonding time. And I like it, my nephew was opening up, and I think we should talk and share."

"Are you serious? There's a demon on its way to steal your powers, and you want to bond?"

Chris chuckled. "It's all right... we can talk later. You guys better get on this demon's case before Dad blows it."

"I thought that was a good thing."

"MOM!" Chris exclaimed surprised. "You've been hanging around Phoebe too much."


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