Title: Leo and Chris: Forever
Author/Email: Angel (kindaskimpy@comcast.net) & Will
Genre: SLASH
Fandom: Charmed
Pairing: Leo Wyatt/ Chris Wyatt
Rating: NC-17
Category: Romance/Erotica
Summary: Leo seeks Chris. Chris seeks forgiveness. They find love.
Disclaimer: None of this is true. I do not own these people/characters and certainly do not make them do the things I write about. By reading this, you relinquish any liability I may have. Charmed and it's characters are the property of Aaron Spelling and the WB.
WARNING: This story involves consensual INCEST and homosexual relations between fictional characters.
Notes: I dedicate this to one of my favorite shows; Charmed and to Brian Krause, who never ceases to amaze me.
Feedback: I would appreciate it more than words can express and will try my best to reply to all of it.

Special Note:
Again, thank you all for taking he time to write me. It means a lot. I'm so glad you're enjoying the story as much as I am enjoying writing it. Your feedback motivates me to write more, So far I've posted about 110 pages of writing in these 16 chapters but believe it or not I continue to write and to this day I have 265 pages written with no sign of slowing down. So there's Leo and Chris (and a couple of other favorites coming later on) for quite a while. B e sure to drop me a line to tell me what you think that way I'll know how fast or slow to update and suggestions I may incorporate into the future.


Chris rested his head back against the fluffy pillow of his own comfortable bed... it had been quite a long and painful day but the payoff was nothing short of a miracle in the form of two heavenly gifts made by the love he and Leo shared.

"Chris just rest... you heard what she said... we don't know if you're in the clear yet..." Piper said as she sat next to him on the bed. "You did great..." She smiled. "Can't believe I'm a grandma."

"I just want to see my little boys again before calling it a day... please?" Chris asked.

Leo was still a little worried about Chris, but he seemed so happy, so Leo didn't say anything. He sat next to the bed and tried not to grin at the thought of getting to bring the boys to Chris. "I think that's a great idea, baby. But sleep afterwards." Leo gently reminded before going to get the boys from the bassinets.

Chris smiled at having gotten his way.

"You always do." Paige said, surprising Chris. "Yes I can read your mind."

Carefully holding their children, Leo put their older baby in Chris's arms. "Do you feel up to holding them at the same time?" Leo asked, not wanting to upset Chris.

"If you help me, baby." He answered Leo.

Leo smiled, and climbed into bed with Chris. He put their other son in Chris's arms, but laid against Chris, just incase so the baby couldn't fall. "They're so perfect. Thank you for my perfect children Christopher." The white lighter kissed Chris's cheek, ignoring Paige's fake barfing sounds.

Piper lead Paige out of the room quietly to give the new parents some much needed time alone.

"No... thank you." Chris stared at their children with a smile on his face. "Hey there little guys... it's me... just from the outside... I know I'm not much to look at but your dad over there makes up for it, huh? Yeah he's a hottie. Don't tell him though... he's unaware."

"Chris." Leo said, as he gave his son a look. "You know you're beautiful. A major hottie." Leo teased, trying to use Chris's lingo. "Boys, don't listen, your other daddy just needs sleep."

"No boys... it's not sleep that I need..." Chris raised an eyebrow at Leo with a sexy smirk. "But we'll let you believe that until you're older."

"Hey, none of that for awhile. You're supposed to be resting. Beside, the boys will be in here with us..." Leo said, a little embarrassed by the thought.

"How long is a while? I have needs you know... you do too... maybe you should put the babies back before we continue this conversation." Chris chuckled a little. "Good night my darlings... don't wake us in the middle of the night unless one of you is ready for college."

Leo laughed and picked the boys back up. "We can talk, but there's not going to be any acting of the talking." The white lighter carefully settled the babies in their bassinets, before returning to the bed. "You know long nights of hot, you and me are going to be a thing of the past until these little guys are at college right?"

"WHAT?!?" Chris attempted to sit up in anger but was stopped short by his lack of energy. "Baby... tell me you're kidding. I know I'll be weak for a little bit but I don't want us to lose sight of the fact that we're lovers just because we're parents... I'd like us to multi-task... a lot." Chris laughed.

"Uh..." Leo paused, wondering when exactly Piper was going to talk with him like he had told her to. "Babies they eat every few hours. Unless you are wanting to make love, then feed our children, then go back to making love..."

"Oh don't give me that... I know exactly how often our children are going to eat. Babe... I know that they're going to require a truckload of our time and energy but we owe that same devotion to each other... I don't want to end up and old married couple that can't even remember what they mean to each other... just what they're children mean to them. I think we can do both... don't you, honey?" Chris asked, intertwining his fingers with Leo's.

"Of course I do." Leo hurriedly reassured his husband. "I do. I was just... trying to be supportive. Last time... well...” Leo trailed off, but smiled at Chris. "Baby, we can be together as often as you want. I love you, I could never stop."

"I love you too... but what were you going to say, honey?" Chris asked.

"It doesn't matter Chris." The white lighter kissed his husband's cheek. "Are you feeling tired yet?"

"Not tired... I lack energy but strangely not tired... it's like I can't switch off. It's been quite the day..." Chris lazily ran a hand up and down Leo's arms... caressing them tenderly.

"Not tired? My man of endless energy." Leo teased Chris. "How can I help? Would you like me to read to you?" Leo kissed Chris's neck softly.

Chris snuggled even closer to Leo, still caressing his arm. "I love your arms..." Chris said as if he hadn't heard Leo question... entranced and enamored by his husband. "... and your legs. I love your legs."

"And I love you, everything about you." Leo said, kissing Chris's cheek. "Your cute little pouts, your chest...all of you."

"Thank you for loving me so much... thank you for making all my dreams come true... thank you in advance for snapping the hell out of it and making love to me." Chris laughed.

"Uh." Leo stopped kissing Chris. "It's always love between us even when it hot, hard, and loud sex, baby." The white lighter swallowed, and looked at his husband. "Are you sure?"

"I need to feel you inside me... deep inside me... stretching me... molding my body to fit you perfectly because I was made for you. I need you to come inside me... I need to have your seed in me baby."

Leo jumped up from the bed, having been aroused by Chris's erotic words. "You'll tell me if you want to stop?" The white lighter said as he yanked his pants off. Once he was disrobed he got back into bed. "Please, promise me."

"I promise." Chris said with a slight nod. "Now please... make me yours."

Leo pulled back the covers and gently pulled Chris's boxers down, being careful with his lover. He tossed the boxers behind him and remembered the babies were in the room. He wanted to stop, but he couldn't stop now, not when Chris wanted him, and looked so hot. "I love you Chris." He pushed his husband's legs up, so he had room. Leo wiped the head of his cock, rubbing the liquid that had formed around the head. He eased up to Chris and gently thrust a little bit, spreading his lover out, going slow just incase.

Chris groaned and instantly smiled at the familiar sensation of being filled so completely, stretched so deliciously, and owned so exclusively. "All... I want you all inside me... need to have your seed in me."

Leo bit his lip so he wouldn't slam into Chris. Instead, he pulled out a little bit and then thrust in some more. He continued in that slow pace until he was all the way inside Chris. "I need you so much Chris. Um baby, you’re so tight." Leo couldn't stay still any longer and started up a slow rhythm.

Chris tightened purposely around Leo's cock... concentrating on feeling every single thick inch slide in and out of him expertly. "Yours baby... all yours."

“Stop that, Christopher." Leo said half heartedly, as he continued to pump in and out of his husband. "Don't say that, I'm barely hanging on as is."

"It's true though baby..." Chris moaned. "Feel that tight heat around your big cock? That's yours baby... forever... all yours." Chris wouldn't admit it to him but it was fun torturing Leo.

Leo started thrusting harder, Chris's words exciting him. "Mine." The white lighter mumbled as he worked himself into his lover's body.

Chris smiled and chuckled although the chuckle was cut short by a deep moan... caused by the welcomed intrusion into his body over and over again.

The white lighter could feel it coming, and moved his hand to Chris’s cock. "Baby, do you.." Leo stroked his husband's cock, wishing he could taste it. "Is this good?" He tried to ask, not wanting to hurt his Christopher.

"Oh god yes..." Chris answered in a guttural sound that could only be described as pure and delirious pleasure in vocal form.

Spurred on by Chris's words, Leo moved harder, holding off coming until his husband did. He pumped Chris, needing, and wanting to see him blow. "Come for me. I want to taste you, take you in my mouth. Feel it down my throat." Leo couldn't stand it and pushed into Chris as hard as he could.

Leo's words echoed through his head as the pleasure inside him built to a maddening frenzy. Chris clenched incredibly tight around Leo's cock and let go... releasing his orgasm like it was the first time in his life he'd ever experienced this.

"Yeah, oh god." Leo worked his husband's cock as he came deep in his ass. The white lighter groaned, the tension leaving him as he filled Chris up. Slowly caught his breath, and looked up at Chris. "You're so good." Leo brought his hand to his mouth and cleaned it up, unconsciously thrusting his hips as he sucked his lover's cum.

Chris moaned at Leo's thrust, which caught him by surprise. "You're not so bad yourself, baby."

Leo finished cleaning his hand and wiped his saliva-wet hand against the bed. "Only for you, Christopher." The white lighter pulled out of his husband, and leaned forward kissing his way up Chris's stomach. "Taste so good. Love you so much."

"Love ya too... aren't you glad you listened to me? We made love and the world didn't come to an end... the babies are sleeping and now we get to sleep... for a minute or two." Chris chuckled.

"I am." Leo slid up and rested against Chris's body. "You were right baby. Sleep with me till the boys wake us up?" Leo put an arm around Chris.

“Of course." Chris' eye gave him away. They looked tired and weak but blissfully happy. He looked over toward the bassinets and smiled. "Good night my little angels."

Leo was holding one of the boys, and Chris was holding their other son. "We have to name them. We can't go around distinguishing between them by what color the blanket is." Leo sat down next to Chris. "We talked a little before. But let's decide now, all right Christopher?"

Chris smiled, looking up at his husband. "Yes, sir. Do you want to go with any of the names we were talking about or do you have something else in mind? I recall you liked Peyton, Aidan, Hayden and Riley."

"Just one name. But I know you wouldn't go for it." Leo smiled wistfully, carefully cradling the baby in his arms. "He looks just like you did." The elder couldn't believe how lucky he was, and leaned over to kiss Chris. "Which two do you like best?"

"Dad... what name do you think I wouldn't go for? Come on... you can tell me." Chris stared into Leo's eyes as he held the sleeping child in his arms.

"Chris." Leo smiled at his husband. "I know it's your name, but he looks just like you. I know it's stupid. Peyton is a great name, he could be a Peyton."

"We could have a little Chris..." He smirked and almost giggled. "Besides, you know what I look like as a baby more than I do right? But that means I get my choice of name for the other baby and you know what I'm going to choose."

"Aidan?" Leo kissed Christopher and then the sleeping baby he was holding. "They are so perfect. Thank you for giving me these beautiful children, Christopher."

"No, thank you for making every single one of my dreams come true..." Chris said sincerely. He stood up and walked slowly over to the bassinet where he put the baby down and covered him then kissed his forehead. "Sleep well... Aidan James Wyatt."

"Our dreams. They are our dreams now, baby." Leo held his newborn son, still awake, and went over to Chris. "What's this little guys middle name?"

Chris looked at the baby with a smile. "How about Peyton? Christopher Peyton Wyatt... sounds nice doesn't it?"

"Sounds great. A big name for a boy that takes after his father." Leo grinned at Chris. "You have great taste, Christopher."

"Of course I do... I chose you didn't I?" Chris leaned over and covered Leo's lips with his own, soon after hearing the baby in Leo's arms fussing. "All right... all right... we'll stop... but you've got to get used to it little guy."

Leo thought about pouting, but knew that wouldn't stop the newborn from fussing. "Maybe he's hungry?" ~Didn't stop Wyatt from interrupting Piper and I every chance he got. And now I have two sons....~ Leo grinned and rocked Chris in his arms. "Are you hungry little man?"

"I'll go warm him up a bottle..." Chris caressed his son's head before walking off. As he walked down the stairs the smile on his face never faded. He couldn't have been happier.. he had the love of his life with him and the two new loves of their lives completed their union. The only qualm in his mind was their living situation. They were still at the manor and despite his mother's talks... he didn't want to raise the babies here... in "demon central" as Paige called it. As he reached the living room, he stopped dead in his tracks. "Uh... daddy... I think someone's here to see you..." He called out.

~Great.~ Leo held his son close, kissing his sweet little forehead and laying him in the bassinet by his brother. The elder orbed downstairs to Chris. "What do you want?" Leo asked the elder, angry that his time with his family had been interrupted.

"We need your help." The elder said. "We sense something looming in the horizon and it's fast approaching. We need to be ready for it... Elders... witches... white lighters... charmed ones. We need you back up there, Leo."


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