Title: Leo and Chris: Forever
Author/Email: Angel (kindaskimpy@comcast.net) & Will
Genre: SLASH
Fandom: Charmed
Pairing: Leo Wyatt/ Chris Wyatt
Rating: NC-17
Category: Romance/Erotica
Summary: Leo seeks Chris. Chris seeks forgiveness. They find love.
Disclaimer: None of this is true. I do not own these people/characters and certainly do not make them do the things I write about. By reading this, you relinquish any liability I may have. Charmed and it's characters are the property of Aaron Spelling and the WB.
WARNING: This story involves consensual INCEST and homosexual relations between fictional characters.
Notes: I dedicate this to one of my favorite shows; Charmed and to Brian Krause, who never ceases to amaze me.
Feedback: I would appreciate it more than words can express and will try my best to reply to all of it.


"What?! NO!" Chris snapped. "Sorry... I'm going to warm up the baby's bottle." He said and walked away.

Leo waited until Chris was gone from the room, having watched his husband walk off, then turned back to the other elder. "How do you need my help? My kids need me here. Or have you forgotten that in the future my oldest son goes evil?" Leo said roughly.

"We have not forgotten anything but there are bigger things at play here." The elder continued.

Chris quickly walked back to the living room. "No... excuse me... there is nothing bigger than my family. I'm sorry, Dad. I know this doesn't concern me... but I can't just... be quiet... especially after everything the elders have put us all through."

"Young man... no one disputes your family is of importance but Leo would do a better job at protecting you... the world you live in... up there with us."

"He's my husband... father of our children... I need him... they need him."

"I can't protect them if I am up there." Leo tried to keep the anger from his voice. "No, until you tell me why I am needed up there." The elder said the last sentence snidely. "I'm not going anywhere. The sisters can't protect themselves most times. I'm not leaving my children with them for no reason."

"Leo, we can't afford to have an elder out in the open... on earth... this threat is like nothing before Leo... we're not even sure it's evil. You put us all at risk by staying. You can keep watch over Chris and the sisters..."

"Don't forget the babies... the babies need their father." Chris interrupted the elder.

"You don't even know what it is." Leo resisted the urge to slam the other elder against the wall. "I know you think I'm not worth much. That I'm some fuck up, you don't get what I have going on down here. Or why I even want to be down here." Leo walked over to Chris, needing his husband's strength. "But I'm not going anywhere. I can protect my own. I have for years."

"Leo there is no gray area in this matter... either you're with us or against us. And if you are against us we may determine we need to protect ourselves from you too and take action to do that." The elder stated dryly.

"Don't you dare threaten him... you don't want to piss me off."

"Young man... this is none of your concern." The elder stated without even looking at Chris. "I could care less what sick relationship you have developed with your father... this is bigger than that."

Chris stood there flabbergasted. Unable to speak for lack of words.

Leo crossed over to the other elder and grabbed him by his robe. "You don't speak to my husband like that." Leo slammed the other elder up against the wall. "I will not help out anyone who hurts them!" He slammed the elder into the wall again. "Get out of here. You and the other elders made your decision before you even came here." Leo let the stunned elder slide to the floor, but stood in front of him, not giving him a clear shot of Chris.

"You've no idea what you've done, Leo... we can send your soul back down for recycling and you'll lose it all... even him." The elder said as he pointed at Chris and orbed out.

"Dad... I'm scared..."

"It's okay, Christopher." Inside Leo was afraid of the implied threat, but hid it from his husband. "They won't do it. If he was serious about the evil, he can't afford to lose us." The elder walked back over to his lover and held him. "I won't let them."

"I can't lose you... I just found you..." Chris held on tightly to Leo. "I love you so much... so so much..."

"I love you too, Christopher. More then anyone." Leo ran his hand through his lover's hair. "You won't lose me. I'm not going to leave you or our perfect boys alone."

"Speaking of which... one of them is hungry... I need to go feed him..." Chris wiped his eyes and looked into Leo's deep beautiful eyes. "I love you, daddy..." He kissed Leo's lips tenderly.

Leo ignored his own feelings, and backed away from Chris. "Let's go feed him then, son." The elder cleared his throat and turned towards the stairs, not wanting Chris to see him.

Chris watched Leo move away from him and it physically hurt. He could tell his father was hurt and shaken but wasn't sure if he could even help. He slowly followed up the stairs until they reached their room. "Dad... we're going to be fine... we've been through worse... just know that I'm here okay? We're married... you don't have to take this on by yourself."

"Christopher, I'm not worried about that...much." Leo brought his hands to Chris's face and cupped it. "Nothing's going to come between us." Leo let go and walked into the room before Chris, glad that Chris hadn't noticed his erection. ~How sick am I, that I liked seeing him cry? Those pouting lips and those eyes... they kill me.~ Leo opened up the closest doors and stood behind them, trying to get some control over his body.

Chris walked over to the bassinet but found baby Chris asleep. "I guess you were sleepy... not hungry." He set the bottle down nearby and walked over to his father. "Daddy... what's up?" He happened to look down and noticed the huge bulge threatening to break the zipper on Leo's shorts. "Oh... I see what's up... I love it when that's up."

"Chris... you're upset." Leo closed his eyes and tried to think about Phoebe, that always left him cold. " We should talk. I don't want you to be afraid. Just give me a few minutes."

"I'll give you a lot more than that, daddy." Chris dropped to his knees rapidly, finding himself at eyelevel with the bulge. He reached out and unzipped Leo, freeing his monster from its confines. It wasn't even two seconds later that the entire length was buried deep in Chris' hungry mouth.

Leo kept his eyes closed, knowing he wouldn't be able to say no if he looked down "Baby, please. We n-need to talk. You don't have to-" Leo brought his hands up to Chris's head ~Oh god, think about Phoebe.~  The elder started to caress his husband's head. "Christopher, stop."

Chris refused his father's half hearted request and kept sucking up and down the immense shaft furiously... knowing full well what his father needed right now was to forget... to release his rage and energy physically ... but in a non harmful way. Chris moaned around the shaft as he generously coated it with saliva.

Leo leaned back, falling gently against the hanging clothes. "Christopher, I'm sorry baby. I swear we'll talk until morning." The elder continued to run his hands through his lover's hair. "Just keep sucking, Christopher. Daddy needs it."

Chris knew it... he was nothing if not in tune with Leo's needs by now. "As you wish, daddy... just don't come... I want you to come inside me." Chris slowly wrapped his hot silky lips around Leo's cock head again, sucking gingerly on it at first... stroking the base of Leo's huge shaft at the same time.

"That's it baby." Leo moaned as Chris's hand moved up and down. "Use your tongue, Christopher. Want to feel that hot tongue of yours all over me." The elder arched his back, wanting to thrust his hips and come in Chris's warm receptive mouth. But he didn't, instead he rubbed the back of his husband's neck. "Sooo good. That's my boy."

Chris then pulled Leo's cock out of his mouth and kissed the cock head and then licked down the sensitive underside of his cock. Soon after deciding to lick and suck on Leo's big balls while stroking his cock long and slowly.

Leo let go off Chris's head and grabbed at the clothes in the closet. "Baby, you need to stop." He bunched up the handfuls of clothes tighter. "Your talented mouth is going to have me coming before I even get a chance at your-" Leo stopped and looked down at his husband. "Do you want to, I know we-" Leo couldn't help it and thrust forward a little bit, thinking about how sexy Chris looked between his legs.

Chris smirked and looked up at Leo, locking eyes with him and then suddenly slips farther down on his cock, swallowing it up to the root and burying his nose in Leo's pubes, smelling his manly musk. He began humming a tune around his father's member; sending delicious vibrations up and down Leo's huge pole then suddenly pulled completely off... "You're right daddy... you haven't even gotten a chance at my..." Chris stood. "Here's your chance... take me."

Leo licked his lips, and straightened up. All his playfulness lost once he heard Chris's tone. "Go get on the bed." The elder kissed his husband passionately for incentive, and then pulled back. "Now, Christopher." Leo started to pull his shirt off, undressing fully.

Chris couldn't possibly be any more turned on than when he saw his father turn into this... this purely sexual being who brought him to ecstasy with a look and a smirk. Chris discarded his own shirts and pants as he made his way to the bed, never losing sight of the man before him... the beauty that is the man who owned him wholly. He crawled on the bed, eyes still locked on Leo. "Come get me, daddy."

Leo took his time climbing onto the bed, his eyes taking in Chris's form all over again. ~Can't get enough of him.~ The elder got behind his son, and grabbed his bottom. "Mine." Leo muttered as he bent over and kissed Chris's back.

"Yours." Chris echoed in sentiment. "All yours." He bit his bottom lip in anticipation and to conceal a moan that threatened to escape when Leo touched him. "If we keep going like this... mm... you're going to have me pregnant again in no time..." Chris half joked.

Leo tapped Chris's ass with his hand. "So what? I might want that. Want you to have more children, carry my baby again." Leo scooted up close to Chris, his thighs against the back of his son's muscular ones. "You're my husband, and my son." Leo thrust his cock between his son's legs, brushing against his cock. "What if I say you had to?" Leo pulled back and guided his shaft to Chris's opening, but not pushing.

"I'd more than happily do it, daddy... I'd love nothing more than to give you the family you always dreamed of." Chris said softly... meekly... in sweet whispers and whimpered moans.

"I love you, Christopher." Leo pressed into his husband slowly. "You'd let me have you knocked up all the time. Turn me on all the time seeing you carrying our children, or just by smiling." Leo groaned as he bottomed out. "My boy. You were made for me baby."

"Oh god yes!" Chris could barely control the way his body reacted to Leo. The way Leo was talking, the things he was saying... his cock inside him... it all drove him wild and he'd do anything to keep this man inside him. "Daddy... fuck me please... get me knocked up again with your sperm... Daddy please... I'm yours."

"Is that what my...Christopher wants?" Leo started to pull out slowly, driving Chris and himself insane. He thrust back in just as slowly, closing his eyes as Chris took him in. "My tight... hot body...baby boy." Leo leaned over and kissed Chris's neck, bringing his hands to his husband's hips. "You want that?"

"Yes... please daddy..." Chris pleaded out of need... desire... desperation and a part of him knew it turned Leo on to have this much control... just like it turned him on that Leo had this much control. "I want to have your baby."

Leo thrust harder into his son. "Babies." He licked and kissed Chris's neck as he fucked his husband. "You'd know... I'd always be there." The elder reached down and rubbed Chris's shaft. "I'd always come..." He blew his breath against his son's ear. "Come home to you."

Chris could barely stand the extreme pleasure. His body felt the ecstasy of having Leo in him and his mind felt the delirious joy of Leo's words to him. "And I'll always be ... home for you... to come to... cum in...... god yes daddy."

~Home.~ The one word kept playing in his head as he stroked Chris's dick. "My home." Leo thrust harder, trying not to be too rough with Chris. He sped up, feeling his balls tighten. "My baby boy.... Daddy's little husband..." Leo couldn't hold back anymore. Chris' sweet words and even tighter ass were about to make him blow. "Come for me..." The elder thrust into his lover as far as he could, and started cumming inside Chris' hot body.

As if on command, Chris let go... released... and it felt so good. He could have sworn he blacked when he did but then again he felt his insides filled... he felt full and warm and he knew the seed had been deposited.

"That's my boy." Leo panted, holding himself up with his arms. "My perfect baby." His hand had come on it, but he didn't bother to wipe it off as he tried not to move. ~Just wait until I can move, that mess is going to be gone.~

Chris definitely couldn't move... he didn't want to anyway. He felt his father's seed seeping into him deeper and deeper. "Mmm..." He moaned. "I think we got it daddy."

"Got it?" Leo unconsciously thrust his hips against his son's ass. "I've got it, got you...so lucky to have you." The elder didn't want to leave his home, but wanted to see Chris's eyes. They still needed to talk about his worries.

Chris moaned instinctively. "You could always... come inside me again..." He began tightening his walls around Leo's cock, bringing him back to life. "If you wanted to be sure..." He clenched tightly around Leo's monster again.

Leo cleared his throat, trying to ignore how Chris's muscles were making him hard all over again. "No. We're supposed to be..." The elder brought his hand up to brush his hair back from his head, but stopped as he saw the cum on it. "God, baby." Leo licked his hand clean. "You taste so good. Do you want to? You want me to cum in you again?"

"I think you know what my answer is, Mr. Wyatt... you've always had a knack for knowing what I want." Chris purred seductively.

"Oooh... someone's lost his knack... allow me to help remind you." Chris purposely tightened around Leo and pushed back against him.

"Lost my knack?" Leo thrust against Chris. "I oughta take you over my knee." The elder brought his hands up to Chris's hips, holding him tightly. "But you'd enjoy that too much I think." The elder thrust again, teasing his son with slow but forceful strokes.

"You know me... so... well... mmph..." Chris got off his arms and sat up, his back resting against Leo's strong check. ~Let's try a little something...~ He brought his hands in front of him and gestured emphatically, freezing the room and Leo. Chris smiled brightly at his accomplishment and got back down on his arms... pushing himself back and forth on Leo's shaft. He knew the effect wouldn't last forever but it was still fun.

Leo noticed the new position and had to grin. ~So creative.~ "You used your powers on me..." The elder moved his hands down from Chris's hips down to his thighs. "All you had to do was ask, son." Leo rubbed Chris's thighs and resumed thrusting in and out of Chris. "Or should I take this as a clue that I need more experience?"

"Oh god no... you're so good... I can't get enough of you..." Chris moaned loudly. "The proof is in... mmm.. that I... freeze you... to have you... even longer..." Chris emphasized his words with thrusts back to meet his father's cock sliding in and out of him.

"I'll take that... as a good thing then." Leo managed to get out as he pushed harder, wanting Chris to be exhaustively sated after they finished this time around. "I want to be in you all the time. If there weren't laws..." The elder brought a hand up to Chris's cock and started stroking it. "I'd be fucking you all the time."

"Laws? I'm completely unaware of them." Chris said with a chuckle which was cut short by a gasp and a whimperful moan. "Mmm."

"Oh yeah, lots of laws." The elder kissed Chris' shoulder, and stroked Chris faster. "You should know em." Leo couldn't help it and started thrusting faster into Chris. "SInce there's now way I'm letting you..." He nipped playful at the skin on Chris's shoulder. "Go back to the future."

"Future? My future's with you." ~Although a little visit wouldn't hurt... just to see how things turn out... how many kids we have... what happens to Wyatt.~ Chris' mischievous mind wouldn't stop reeling from the possibilities. Now he was dying to see what the future held for them. One little harmless spell while Leo is busy doing something else wouldn't hurt right? He was snapped back to reality by his father's thick member hitting his spot repeatedly... causing him to see stars... well not so much stars... just lots of little Leos.

"No doubt... about that." Leo brought his other hand up and started playing with Chris's balls as he pumped his shaft. "My Christopher." Leo ignored his own body's response to Chris's tight bottom, wanting for them to make love as long as possible. "My boy."

~Maybe we have three more boys... or more... or~ Chris train of thought kept getting caught off by Leo's masterful thrusts but he didn't mind at all. He froze the room again and moved forward, his father's frozen manhood slipping from him entirely which caused him to groan in disappointment. He turned over to lay on his back... his favorite position because of the intimacy it created between them... no room between them... no way to distinguish where one ended and the other one began. He unfroze Leo and smiled up at him. "Down here daddy... this is how we make a baby."

"Is it?" Leo chuckled and lay down next to Chris. "I thought it was when lovers fucked in the bath tub." The elder smiled and kissed the smooth plane of Chris's chest. "But okay, if it's like this..." The elder got up to his knees and pushed Chris's knees up to his chest, almost impatient to get his dick back into Chris. "I guess we'll just make love like this all the time, so I can always have you pregnant. You looked so sexy with my baby growing in you."

"You think so? I never felt closer to you than when I had your babies growing inside of me daddy." Chris wrapped his arms around Leo’s broad back and caressed him lovingly "I love you daddy."

"You're always sexy to me."  Leo thrust into Chris, unable to deny himself anymore. The elder grunted as he moved deeper into his husband and bottomed out, all of his cock in Chris's ass. "But it turned me on all the time to know you had my children in you." Leo pulled out slowly, until just his head was in. "Made me love you more. Though I didn't think it was possible." The elder slammed into Chris roughly, their talk of babies turning him on more then usual.

"Hmm..." Chris noticed just how Leo was reacting to all this and he decided to push his father even further into his ecstasy. "And just think daddy... you're making another one now... I'll be pregnant again soon... have your seed create life inside me..."

"Wasn't that the point...of this position?" Leo didn't really want an answer, enjoying hearing Chris's voice too much to end their haltering conversation. "To get you...pregnant again....Cum and cum until there's no way...that you're not?" Leo kissed Chris's neck sloppily, needing the taste of his son's skin on his lips. The elder thrust into his lover his eyes closed in pleasure.

"It sure is... to keep you in me... at all times... give you that big family.. you dream of... build our future together..." Chris' hands wandered from Leo's back to his biceps to his forearms... lightly touching and lovingly feeling every inch of his skin.

"She never knew...when she was pregnant." Leo grunted as Chris touched him so softly. "Always had to find out from someone else." The elder had thought it weird at the time, but  knew now that it was just part of Piper's personality, to not consider such things. "Least we'll know when.. it happened this time." Leo opened his eyes and looked at Chris. "Love you." The elder could feel his release coming up on him as he made love to his son. "Want you all crazy and pregnant... all the time baby."

Chris smiled at his husband and kissed his neck... his kisses turning to nibbles and nibbles turning into sucks. "Do it daddy... make me pregnant again... put it in me daddy."
Leo's eyes closed again as Chris sucked on his skin. "God baby, I'm so..." The elder thrust into Chris as deep as he could, his balls tightening. "Fuck! Christopher!" Leo called out as he came in his son, pumping his cum deeply into Chris's tight ass. "Oh yeah, mmm...tummy gonna look hot." The elder mumbled as he continued to cum.

"Oh fuck yeah!" Chris shut his eyes tightly and wrapped his arms around Leo. He felt his father's seed fill him and he felt whole. There was no doubt in his mind he was pregnant now... and he'd prove it just as soon as he got his hands on the book of shadows and looked into the future.

Leo kissed any skin close enough to his mouth. He was too drained to find Chris' lips. ~So good. Meant to be.~ The elder felt his strength coming back to him and he nipped at Chris's skin. "How's it feel to be pregnant?" Leo was already wondering if they'd have more boys, or if their child was going to be a girl this time around.

Chris just smiled, knowing that his eyes said it all... and quite loudly too. "You gonna be as overprotective of me this time around as you were before?"

"I'll try not to be." Leo pushed himself up by his arms and kissed Chris's lips. "But I probably will be. I can't help it." Leo kissed Chris's lips again as his hips pressed down into Chris. "I love you too much to not worry. Though I promise to be better about it."

"Kinda secretly turned me on to see you that way... you weren't just my lover... you became my protector... that was hot... my big strong dad no one would dare mess with." Chris blushed admitting this.

"Does that mean I don’t have to try and be less protective?" Leo asked Chris as he pulled out, groaning at the sensation. "Cuz I can dig that." Leo grinned and lay back down next to his son.

Chris chuckled. "Yeah that's what it means... also means you can have your way with me whenever, wherever, however you want."

"Now you're just teasing me." Leo teased Christopher, then kissed his lips. "I'd have you bent over almost every surface of the house if that were true, son." The elder let his hand touch Chris's biceps, enjoying their solidness.

"It is true daddy..." Chris brought one of Leo's hands to his lips. "Anytime... anywhere..." His hands caressed Leo's forearm as he sucked the middle finger into his mouth.

"I'm going to remind you of that." Leo closed his eyes, trying to remember what he was going to say. "So going to remind you of that the next time you decide to get playful. You're a tease, but you're my tease." Leo quieted down, watching Chris suck his finger.

Chris removed the finger from his mouth. "I'm so glad we got that straightened out... now excuse me for a second while I check on the boys... you stay there... I'll be back."

"Yeah." Leo said distractedly, picturing Chris sucking him off. "The boys...Yeah." Leo rolled over onto his back,  closing his eyes as he let the images his mind created assault his senses.

Chris got up and walked over to the babies' bassinettes. They lay peacefully sleeping and he silently thanked the gods for giving them such quiet children. He returned to the bed and drank in the sight of his gorgeous father laying there dazed. He looked up from the muscular legs to the masterful cock to his strong torso and his angelic face. Chris silently crawled between Leo's legs until he was at level with the momentarily dormant monster that was his father's manhood. He knew this was probably the best time to have the conversation he'd been avoiding for a while. He grabbed a hold of the shaft and licked it a few times then continued staring at it... kissing... licking... playing with it... like a child with a toy as he spoke... "Daddy... when are we moving out?"

"Soon." Leo moaned out at the feeling of Chris's mouth on him. "I was looking at places. Trying to find a place nice enough." Leo opened his eyes and watched Chris. "There's a few, but I was waiting until you were up to taking a look at them."

"You should probably narrow it down to a couple and then we can all go... you..." Chris licked the shaft up and down once... "me..." He sucked the head into his mouth then released it... "and the babies..." He deep throated the gigantic pole without so much as a flinch.

"You want to take them out?" Leo looked over to the bassinets, liking the idea. "That'll be..." Chris's actions made him look back at his husband. "Fucking- fantastic. Pick it out as a family." Leo reached out and caressed Chris's hair.

"Mmm... I knew you'd love the idea... almost as much as I love sucking your cock... " Chris sucked his father's manhood back into his mouth quickly.

Leo mumbled something in the affirmative, too caught up in Chris's actions to speak. The elder thrust his hips slightly, and tightened his grip on Chris. "Soon."  Leo went stiff as his orgasm  raced through his veins, clutching Chris's head close.

Chris drank from him eagerly... not wasting a single drop. "Mmm... so, soon huh?" He wiped the side of his mouth with the back of his palm. "Can hardly wait. I'm sure they are just as anxious." Chris said, referring to the children.

"Yeah." Leo laid back against the bed, catching his breath. "I'll find it." The elder tilted his head to the side and smiled at his husband. "Come here?" Leo asked as he raised himself up on his elbows to see Chris better.

Chris smiled and moved up on the bed, snuggled right up next to his husband. "Do you have any idea how much I love you? I do... a lot."

"Hopefully as much as I do." Leo teased his son, and got more comfortable on the bed, putting an arm around him. "I know you love me, they're proof of it." He nodded his head towards the bassinets. "And," Leo stroked his hand down along Chris's arms to his stomach. "this one here does too."

The touch tickled Chris and he chuckled lightly. "That's right... another one on the way... what do you think it'll be... boy or girl? I know what I want it to be."

"I don't know." Leo let his hand rest on Chris' stomach. "I'm just happy we can have kids. What do you want it to be?" Leo watched Chris' face, thinking about how cute Chris' hair looked all rumpled.

"Oh I'm not telling... oh god the morning sickness... and the mood swings, power fluctuations, increased libido... Oh well, it's the second time around... I can handle it all better right?" Chris didn't believe it but having his husband seed grow inside him made it all worth it.

"You'll know how your body's gonna be this time around. That'll help with all the anxiousness you had the first time around, so in that way it'll be better." Leo leaned into Chris and kissed his lips, moving his hand back around his son's waist. " I'll be with you all the way through it, son."

"If the last pregnancy is any indication is any indication of how this one will go, you'll have to be! I mean with the twins I never left your side... I was like gum you can't scrape off your shoes!" Chris said and laughed.

"What's so wrong with that. I liked that." Leo grinned and rolled over on top of Chris. "You're my Christopher, I wouldn't have it any other way."

"Mmm... yes, sir... Daddy sir." Chris smirked and bit his bottom lip.

Leo chuckled. "Sir? Are we playing Army?" The elder teased his son. Leo leaned down and rubbed his nose along Chris's neck, nibbling at the skin there.

"No that was last night, General Wyatt, sir... today is up to you." Chris said in whimpered breathy tones.


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