Title: Leo and Chris: Forever
Author/Email: Angel ( kindaskimpy@comcast.net ) & Will
Genre: SLASH
Fandom: Charmed
Pairing: Leo Wyatt/ Chris Wyatt
Rating: NC-17
Category: Romance/Erotica
Summary: Leo seeks Chris. Chris seeks forgiveness. They find love.
Disclaimer: None of this is true; at least not to my knowledge. I do not own these people/characters and certainly do not make them do the things I write about. By reading this, you relinquish any liability I may have.
 WARNING: This story involves consensual INCEST and homosexual relations.
Notes: I dedicate this to one of my favorite shows; Charmed.
Feedback: I would appreciate it more than words can express and will try my best to reply to all of it.


Leo couldn't help it and laughed. He drew back from Chris' neck and looked at his husband's eyes. "So we're playing games? How about the one when the dad falls in love with his son?" Leo joked with Chris. "At least give me a hint."

"We could play that one but I think it goes more like the son always being in love with the father and never being able to get enough... or something like that you know." Chris smiled.

"He always loved his son." Leo leaned back down and kissed a trail of kisses up Chris' neck to his chin. "Always, but I didn't so much know about you until you came back..." Leo nipped at Chris' chin. "And saved our family."

"And gave you a family... can't forget that little bit." Chris joked and chuckled. "It's the gift that keeps on giving." He said and placed his hand on his belly.

Leo grinned, and kissed Chris' cheek. "Thank you." The elder started lightly kissing Chris's lips and in-between kisses he whispered "thank you". ~He loves me so much. I'm incredibly lucky.~

"Thank you ... for letting your seed grow inside me, for letting me bear you children... for giving me a family."

Leo paused mid-kiss and looked at Chris, feeling the connection to his son grow clearer. He'd always known family was important to Chris, but his words caused Leo to feel more alive then ever. "Thank you for being my family." Leo cleared his throat trying to get rid of the huskiness. "I believe someone wanted to play a game. How about doctor?"

"Sounds like fun... specially since you were a doctor... now here's my dilemma doc... I think I might be pregnant..." Chris said with a smile and an innocent shrug.

"Yeah?" Leo got up and sat on the bed. "Hmm. Why do you think that? Men don't have babies. Can you give me few of your symptoms?" Leo looked over Chris's body, stroking his own cock as he did.

Chris bit back a moan as he watched his father's enormous shaft awaken. "Well it's just a feeling... I can't be sure... and my husband doesn't know but... I can feel something inside me... is there anything you can do, Dr. Handsome?"

Leo bit the inside of his cheek to keep from laughing at his name. "I can take a look. Though I think you should...Take precautions if you don't want to get pregnant." Leo stopped jerking himself off, and got up on his knees. "If you could kindly..." Leo touched Chris' knee, indicating he wanted him to make some room.

"Oh of course, doc... anything you need..." Chris spread his legs apart and brought his knees up. "I didn't use any protection doc, because ... well... it just feels too good to have my husband big fat thick long hard juicy monster cock rip into m y ass raw... feel his skin inside me... not some rubber..."

"Well you came to the right doctor." Leo made a show of looking for something. "I can't seem to find my instruments, but I have an idea." He ran his hand down Chris' thigh and moved between his son's legs. "It's not entirely conventional," Leo groaned and rubbed his cock against Chris' ass. "But I should be able to determine if you are pregnant." Leo spread Chris a little, and pressed his cock forward. "This might be a little uncomfortable, but it'll pass." He pushed his hips forward slowly sinking his cock into Chris' warm hole.

"Oooh doc... what a mighty big instrument you have..." Chris moaned. "What is it looking for Doctor?"

"I'm checking to see if you are pregnant." The words tumbled out of Leo's mouth, followed By a groan as he finally was all the way in. "It'll let me know, get a few different views of you, some might say." Leo pulled out and started to thrust in a steady manner. "I don't feel anything, but I'll keep checking. Any discomfort? because I can always warm it up some more."

"Mmm... feels just about right Doc... although in the name of science, you should do whatever is needed." Chris's words were breathy and filled with delirious lust. "You should be able to feel my husband's sperm... he usually deposits a lot of it in me... and I love it... love having his cum inside me."

"I had noticed something of the sort." Leo grunted, enjoying their little game. "There is a lot of it, I didn't even need any gel for my instrument." Leo leaned down and whispered in Chris' ear. "You just might be pregnant if he's always dumping this much in your tight ass." The elder was close to losing it, and sped up his thrusts. "Almost through, just a few... more... minutes."

"Oh... I didn't realize the exam would have an ending..." Chris moaned loudly and clenched his ass tightly. "Doc... your tool is not sheathed... what will happen?"

"I'm afraid I forgot..." Leo grinned and twisted his hips a little, stroking in and out harder and harder. "To do that... But you seem to... have no qualms about that." Leo moaned, closing his eyes at the exquisite tightness of his lover. "Though I'm afraid...if you weren’t pregnant before.. you will be now." Leo slammed into Chris one last time and came, groaning as he did.

Chris groaned loudly and grabbed onto Leo fiercely. "God yes... put it all in me..."

"Don't worry, it is." Leo gasped out as he emptied himself into Chris. "You're husband might...not be to happy though." Leo caught himself by his arms, bracing them against the bed.

"Or... he might just put some in me... make sure I have more him than you inside me..." Chris smiled. "Anyone ever tell ya you're an excellent doctor?"

"I get that a lot." Leo smirked and pulled out from Chris, sitting back down on the bed. "That's up to your husband, but feel free to make an appointment anytime. You're such a refreshing change from my usual patients." Leo let his eyes roam over Chris's body.

"Now I feel special... I'm glad to hear you don't use your special instrument on all your patients." Chris smirked.

"You are special." Leo cleared his throat, having broken from the game for a moment. "I mean not everyone comes to me with a situation like yours, I had to get creative."

"And that you did... quite successfully... although I don't think we got any results from the exam this time... all you found was tight wet heat... maybe I'll schedule a follow up visit... think I should doc?" Chris asked as he ran a hand up and down Leo's arm.

"Most definitely." Leo crawled over to Chris, and looked down at him. "Maybe next time I'll have the right instruments with me. Though I wouldn't mind improvising again."

"You got to work with what you have... that's what I always say... it seems to encourage my husband quite often." Chris wrapped his arms around Leo's broad back and caressed him. "It's a shame I'm married... you're awfully cute."

"What he doesn't know..." Leo kissed Chris' lips. "Won't hurt him. Besides I could always use some eye candy around here. So let me know."

"Well I guess there'd be no harm in it... I do have to be here for that follow up anyway... what was that for again." Chris feigned temporary amnesia. "Ah yes... pregnancy... gotta see whether I'm pregnant or not... my husband needs to know."

"Of course." Leo started kissing Chris' neck. "He should be the first person to know. I'll make sure I'm available to you whenever." Leo let his hands roam over Chris' body, making his way down.

"Gives a whole new meaning to house call doc..." Chris chuckled. "Though I must warn you... you will have to provide definite results in the follow up or else he'd get suspicious of the new handsome doctor."

"No problem. I'm a doctor." Leo shifted down, kissing Chris' chest, his hand playing on his son's lower abdomen. "I have many resources at my disposal. It shouldn't be a problem making sure your pregnant." Leo leered at Chris.

"Oh I'm sure you'll have no problem accomplishing that... I mean reaching definitive results of course... I guess we can schedule a follow up for whenever you can squeeze in... I mean... at your earliest convenience, Dr. Handsome." Chris ran a hand through Leo's hair as he spoke.

"I'm always ready." Leo licked Chris' nipple then continued kissing his son's chest. "Always on call, always up... for anything." He trailed his fingers through the coarse hairs surrounding Chris's cock.

"Dedicated to your craft I see... well Doc what do you say to having another looksie at the baby chute?"


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