Title: Leo and Chris: Forever
Author/Email: Angel ( kindaskimpy@comcast.net ) & Will
Genre: SLASH
Fandom: Charmed
Pairing: Leo Wyatt/ Chris Wyatt
Rating: NC-17
Category: Romance/Erotica
Summary: Leo seeks Chris. Chris seeks forgiveness. They find love.
Disclaimer: None of this is true; at least not to my knowledge. I do not own these people/characters and certainly do not make them do the things I write about. By reading this, you relinquish any liability I may have.
 WARNING: This story involves consensual INCEST and homosexual relations.
Notes: I dedicate this to one of my favorite shows; Charmed.
Feedback: I would appreciate it more than words can express and will try my best to reply to all of it.


"I think that's a brilliant idea." Leo slowly made his way down Chris' body, kissing all of his skin as he did so. "But please feel free to let me know if you have another engagement."

"Can't think of a darn thing... besides I think the possibility of baby takes precedent... don't ya think?"

"Very much so." Leo kissed a toe on Chris's foot. "I believe you remember the position quite well, so if you please." Leo changed his mind after the words were out of his mouth. "Since last time we couldn't determine if you were in fact pregnant, I think we need to try it slightly differently. If you could get to your knees please?"

"Like I said... whatever you need." Chris sat up and rested on his knees.

"Hmm." Leo looked down at Chris. "I see you have some swelling, but I'll get to that after we check." Leo stared at his son for a moment longer. "If you could turn around, hold yourself up with your hands...I believe I might be able to get it better from this angle."

"Doctor knows best." Chris smiled and turned over, holding himself up on his hands and knees. "You sure this will work doc?"

"I'm not a doctor for nothing." Leo rubbed Chris's hips, scooting up to his husband. "I promise I'll exhaust myself finding out."

"Well that's great news... " Chris bent over, resting his face on his arms, his knees still holding up his bottom half and keeping his still freshly used hole open for Leo.

"Anything for my special patients." Leo grinned and grabbed a hold of himself. "Seriously, you can't be a good doctor if you don't listen to the patients and give them," Leo guided his cock to Chris' hole and pushed in. "What they need."

"Let me tell ya... doc... " Chris moaned. " You know exactly what I need ... and you know exactly how to give it to me... all that sperm inside me is proof positive."

"I'm just doing my job." Leo moaned out as he pumped into Chris. "That reminds me... I didn't cover my instrument again, do you mind? It doesn't bother you." Leo would have laughed if he could, but was too intent on making love too his son and their game.

"Oh I can't believe it slipped our minds... oh well... uh... nothing we can do now... we have to see the exam through... even it means you drown my insides with your sperm... all in the name of science of course."

"Science." Leo moaned out, thrusting into Chris harder. "Science can't be interrupted.... you're correct about that." Leo let his torso rest upon Chris' back, wanting the connection to his son. "Don't worry I've got many," Leo drove into Chris harder on the last word. "That will get the job done."

"Why Dr. Handsome, are you trying to get me pregnant?" Chris's body shook with every thrust and his sensitive hole quivered to never be left empty again.

"Maybe." Leo groaned out, holding Chris tightly with his hands. "Would you like that?" The elder continued to thrust into his lover, past stopping to tease his son. "For me to cum in you?" Leo groaned again at the mental image, fucking Chris even more energetically.

"FUCK YEAH!" Chris blurted out. "I mean... sperm is soothing and my insides are in need of soothing."

"Soothing? That's... a new one." Leo gripped Chris's hips harder and raised his torso up, so he was just on his knees. "You're going to be very...relaxed...when I'm through." Leo moaned fucked his lover hard, ignoring that there were other people in the house. "Your ass is going to so full of my seed." The elder promised.

"God... yes... that's what I want... to be full of you... " Chris moaned, panted and whimpered. He brought himself up and back so his back rested against Leo's chest.

"You are... Going to swell, you're going to be... so full." Leo groaned and rammed his cock into Chris. "The kid's going to be swimming.. in my cum." Leo ran a hand up Chris' chest, grabbing him by his shoulder and holding him.

Leo's words excited him and turned him on beyond belief. "Oh god you've got me so high... I love it when you talk to me like this baby.." Chris said in moans as he barely noticed he'd broken character. "I love to hear you take command... I love you..."

"I love you too." Leo moaned out, but tried to stay in character. "And my job... get to meet cute patients... and fuck them... until they're filled with my cum." The elder continued to moan as his balls tightened up. "Bend over now!" Leo let go of Chris's shoulder, and pushed him forward without waiting for a reply. 

Chris landed on his hand and he bent down to rest his head on the bed. "And you do your job so well Doc.”

"Yeah!" Leo shouted out, slamming into Chris one last time. The elder let loose, cumming in Chris, draping his body over his son. "Going to swell." Leo moaned not moving an inch.

Chris couldn't move... not that he'd try to but he had no strength to move... he felt full... complete and whole. "Oh my... there are no words..." He subconsciously squeezed around Leo's softening member inside him... his body's way of keeping it there.

Leo grinned, satisfied that he'd kept his promise about exhaustion. "No moving. Don't want any of my sperm to drip out." The elder pushed his hips into Chris for effect. "Wouldn't want to waste it would you?"

"I love the way you think." Chris smiled into the pillow. "Mostly because they're my thoughts exactly."

"Doctors have to be close to their patients." Leo kissed Chris' back. "Extremely close." He wanted to stay in Chris forever, but knew that was impossible, so he pulled out. "No moving." The elder reminded his son. "Or I'll paddle your ass."

"Don't tempt me." Chris made a slight shift as if he was going to move but settled down unto the bed, not wanting to waste a single drop.

"Good boy." Leo teased and lay out next to Chris. "I'll paddle you tomorrow night." The elder said jokingly. He laid still and stared up at the ceiling as his heart calmed down.

"Things are too quiet... not that I mind... but the boys should have been up by now for their next feeding... mind checking on them for me, Daddy?" Chris asked, following his orders and not moving.

"No problem, Christopher." Leo got up and stretched, making his way to the bassinets. He looked down and stopped. ~Where are they?!~ Leo looked around the room, and then crossed over to the door of the room quickly, opening it and yelling out for the sister. He got no answer and looked back at Chris. ~Shit.~

"Uh what's going on?" Chris sat up in bed, alarmed.

"They're not in there." Leo stalked over to the closet and started pulling clothes out for them. "And Piper didn't say anything..."

Chris immediately got up and ran to the bassinets. "Oh my god... oh my god... but they were right here... who could take them without us seeing or hearing... oh my god..." Chris walked back to Leo and grabbed his clothes, quickly dressing. "This is so not good... what if it's like... a demon... " By this point Chris was on the verge of hyperventilating.

"Calm down." Leo pulled his own clothes on. "It's not a demon, they couldn't have gotten past us. It was probably Piper and Paige wanting to give us some alone time." Leo zipped his pants up and reached out for Chris' hand.  "We would have felt if they were in trouble, and we didn't." Inside Leo was just as scared as Chris, but knew he had to be the rational one.

"I think we were busy feeling other things... oh... my god... our babies..." Tears formed behind Chris' eyes and they soon began to fall freely. "They're so small and innocent... defenseless..." He used the back of his palm to wipe his tears. "If they harm one hair on either of my sons' heads I will rip the motherfucker to pieces, limb by limb, with my bare hands!" Chris stormed out of the room, quickly heading for the attic.

"Chris! Honey!" Leo sighed and orbed to the attic, knowing that was were Chris would go. "I swear to you, if Piper and Paige don't have my sons, I'll let him go loose on whomever did!" Leo yelled up at the ceiling, knowing how the elders like to fuck with his life. He took a few breaths, and calmed down, knowing he couldn't let Chris murder anyone.

"Scrying crystals... scrying crystals... WHERE THE FUCK ARE THE SCRYING CRYSTALS?!" Just as Chris finished yelling those words, a small chest orbed to his hand, containing the scrying crystals inside. "Thank you. Map!" He called out and a map appeared on the table before him. "Okay now... where are you guys? Come out now before you give daddy a heart attack." He waved the crystal above the map over and over, the crystal continuously stopping in different locations, even the inactive crystals he wasn't using were now pointing to areas on their own. "This is useless... it keeps leading me to evil all over the city... I'm not looking for all the evil in the city... I'm only looking for the evil that has my sons." Just then the book of shadows opened by itself. Chris looked back at the book, dropped the crystal and walked to it.

"What does it say?"  Leo walked over to his husband and rubbed his back reassuringly. He wasn't used to the book just opening up, usually he was the one who did it. ~Maybe he powers are growing?~ Leo would point that out to Chris later, but concentrated on his lover. "Does it have a spell you can use?"

"I don't know... this is the summoning spell... the one the girls always use to summon grams... think she's the one that did this?"

"Maybe." ~I hope so.~ Leo hugged Chris from behind. "Do the spell, maybe it will work." ~Why didn't I ask Piper more questions about that spell?~

"Okay... here goes nothing... Hear these words, hear my cry... spirit from the other side... come to me, I summon thee... cross now the great divide." The last word had barely been spoken and a swirl of bright lights appeared, revealing Patty Halliwell.


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