Title: Leo and Chris: Forever
Author/Email: Angel ( kindaskimpy@comcast.net ) & Will
Genre: SLASH
Fandom: Charmed
Pairing: Leo Wyatt/ Chris Wyatt
Rating: NC-17
Category: Romance/Erotica
Summary: Leo seeks Chris. Chris seeks forgiveness. They find love.
Disclaimer: None of this is true; at least not to my knowledge. I do not own these people/characters and certainly do not make them do the things I write about. By reading this, you relinquish any liability I may have.
 WARNING: This story involves consensual INCEST and homosexual relations.
Notes: I dedicate this to one of my favorite shows; Charmed.
Feedback: I would appreciate it more than words can express and will try my best to reply to all of it.


"Uh... grandma?" Chris asked unsure if this was real.

"In the flesh... well sort of... and please don't call me that. You make me feel old." Patty said with a smile.

"Um you're dead." Chris stepped from behind the book and made his way to Patty, embracing her in a hug.

"Good point." Patty hugged him back and was the first to release.

"So what's going on? What are you doing here? Isn't it grams that usually invites herself in times of need?" Chris asked her, leading her to the couch and sitting down side by side.

"Well she's busy so she sent me."

"Busy?" Chris raised an eyebrow.

"Oh all right... she still doesn't completely trust you..." Patty confessed.

"Yeah that sounds more like grams." Chris nodded.

Leo frowned and walked over to his husband and mother in law? Leo wasn't sure of the right word for it anymore. "Patty, she needs to trust her own grandson. Chris..." Leo looked down at Chris and was momentarily at a loss for words. "He would never hurt the girls." He looked at Patty. "Do you know where the boys are?"

"You know how she can be Leo... as for the boys, no I do not but I did hear Chris' threat earlier, thought I should come and see if I could help. I understand you two are worried sick out of your minds but it could be as simple as the girls taking them out for a stroll or the boys using their magic to orb somewhere... so we need to stay calm... especially you Chris... remember you're carrying another life in there." Patty patted Chris' stomach.

"Yes ma'am." Chris nodded and visibly relaxed.

"Good... that aside and before we move to anything else I want to congratulate you two. I think it's amazing that you've found each other and the miracle that you have created together is just... indescribable." Patty said, taking Chris' hands in hers.

Leo grinned; pleased to hear Chris was indeed pregnant again. But he quickly remembered their children were missing. "Thank you Patty." He'd been afraid that Patty might be mad at him, even though Piper was happy with Paige. "Do you think that I should orb to wherever Piper is, and see if she has the kids?"

"That'd be the fastest way." Patty nodded.

"What if they don't have the kids?" Chris said, cringing as the thought crossed his mind.

"One thing at a time." Patty grabbed his hand to comfort him.

Leo kissed Chris' forehead. "One step at a time." The elder smiled a thank you at Patty, and orbed out. He found himself in a back room at the P3, and tried not to laugh when he saw Piper and Paige. The two women were making out on Piper's desk. "I hope you don't plan on doing that in front of the kids." Leo interrupted, trying to hide his grin.

"What? Leo-what are you?" Piper wiped her lips, crossing her arms in front of her. "We wouldn't do that in front of the kids. Honestly! You act like-"

"We're totally responsible aunties... or grandma in Piper's case... ew you're a grandma... get off me grams!" Paige joked, enjoying it far too much.

Leo shook his head, and then took a look around. "So...they're not here then?" He tried to sound cryptic, not wanting them to think that he'd already lost the kids.

"Uh... you don't know where your children are?" Paige questioned then turned to Piper. "Now I know why you left him."

"That's not- you lost them!" Piper turned to Leo. "How could you lose them? They're babies. They can't crawl away."

Leo frowned. "Tease later, help me find the kids now. Chris is freaking out, and it's not good for the-" Leo rubbed the back of his neck. "Your mom is at the manor, keeping Chris calm. But we need to find the babies, Chris is about to have a cow."

"MOM?! You called our mom into this? Oh my ... Piper this is huge. Can we go say hi to mom first?" Paige scrunched her nose and asked.

"Yeah. Maybe seeing you guys will help Chris calm down." Leo resisted the urge to go check the club for his missing sons.

"Mom's here?" Piper swallowed, and looked over at Paige. "Why did you call her? Not that I'm not happy. You know I love- why did you call her? Never mind. Paige?" Piper held her hand out to the redhead, wanting to get home.

"Wait wait... is Grams here too?" Paige asked Leo. "She doesn't like Chris... I don't imagine she'd be much help."

"No, Grams was... busy. She sent your mom instead." Leo smiled, please by the one bright point in the whole situation. "I'll see you at the manor." Leo orbed back to the attic, hoping Chris was doing all right with Patty.

"Okay... let's go, I guess... " Paige reached out for Piper's hand.

"Thank you very much." Piper held Paige's hand. "About damn time." She muttered under her breath.

Leo rematerialized and saw Chris and Patty. "How are things going? Did you settle down some, sweetie?" The elder asked his husband, not sure how Chris was going to react when he heard that Piper and Paige didn't have the babies.

"I heard that." Paige said before orbing out and rematerializing in the attic.

"The kids aren't with them?" Chris' voice was shaky and self control evident in it. He was trying to control his emotions and keep calm... for his sake and the future baby, if in fact he was pregnant again.

"No honey, I'm sorry." Leo walked over to His son, seeing Paige and Piper show up. "But your mom and aunt are going to help us. Okay, baby?"

"Yeah we're right here Chris... and we're going to find them." Paige walked closer to them. "Mom... hey... what are you doing?"

"Hey girls...." Patty said, keeping her tone demure and calm, not sounding excited to not upset Chris, he didn't need that.

Piper didn't know who to go to. She wanted to hug her mom, but her son needed her. "Hey mom." The brunette headed over to the trio, but at the last second hugged Chris instead of her mom, trusting that her mom would understand. "Don't worry. We'll find them."

"Thanks mom... I hope so... "Chris said in a hushed tone.

"Okay what do we know so far?" Paige asked, walking over to the book of shadows and seeing that it was open to the summoning spell.

"Well I scryed but all that came up was evil... all over the city." Chris answered.

"Figures." Paige flipped through a couple of pages, not knowing what she was looking for. "Leo, can you sense them?"

"Uh." ~Why didn't I think of that?~ Leo smiled in apology. "I can try."

Piper rolled her eyes and just barely managed not to slap her ex. "Hop to it then." The witch said, making shooing motions with her hands.

Leo looked at Chris, wondering if it would be a good thing to leave him at the moment. "Okay, but you can't let Paige poke me when I'm doing so." Leo warned Piper. The elder stood up, walking over to the window, trying to get more of a natural connection going to clear his head.

"Oh come on... just a little? No? Fine!" Paige turned away from Piper in mock anger and watched Leo do his thing. He looked peaceful... serene.

Chris couldn't control his anxiousness. His nails didn't leave his mouth as he watched his husband in deep concentration. ~Please let this work... please~

Piper watched Leo, having seen the scene a few times. ~If he doesn't find them, he's not getting near Wyatt for a month.~

Leo went past the feelings off his loved ones around them, distracted by Patty's feelings for a moment, and focused in on his sons. What he felt surprised him. Leo opened his eyes, and turned to look at Chris. "They’re in the house. The kitchen."

The last word had barely been uttered and Paige and Chris simultaneously orbed down to the kitchen in search of the babies.

"Now there's a handy power..." Patty said. "Good job Leo."

"Thanks." Leo blushed, feeling stupid for not having thought of it himself.

"You didn't even check out the house?!" Piper stood up and walked over to Leo. "You interrupted Paige's and mine-" Piper looked at her mother, remembering the ghost was still with them. "How could you not check the house?" Piper slapped Leo on his arm.

"Hey! We panicked." Leo tried to explain, rubbing his arm. "Are you coming?" The elder grinned, and orbed out.

"Were you trying to give me a heart attack? Is that what you were trying to do?" Chris asked the giggling baby in his arms.

"They are awfully cute... you sure they're yours?" Paige said, hugging the other baby close to her.

"Haha... very funny." Chris didn't even look at her, just glad the scare was over.

Leo orbed in, and sighed in relief when he saw Paige and Chris with the babies. He took his son from Paige, ignoring the dirty look he got for doing so. "See honey, I told you we would find them."

"He left me up there." Piper muttered, as she went down the staircase. "He just left, and orbed away! Men!" She hurried up and jogged the distance to the kitchen, stopping as she saw the kids were safe.

"I happen to think men are great, especially mine." Chris said with a smile, as he got closer to Leo.

"You're biased because you are one of them." Paige stated and crossed her arms across her chest.

"And I love cock." Chris added.

"Excuse me?" Patty asked, walking into the kitchen.

Chris was redder than a tomato at that point and tried to hide it by covering his face with the baby.


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