Title: Leo and Chris: Forever
Author/Email: Angel ( kindaskimpy@comcast.net) & Will
Genre: SLASH
Fandom: Charmed
Pairing: Leo Wyatt/ Chris Wyatt
Rating: NC-17
Category: Romance/Erotica
Summary: Leo seeks Chris. Chris seeks forgiveness. They find love.
Disclaimer: None of this is true; at least not to my knowledge. I do not own these people/characters and certainly do not make them do the things I write about. By reading this, you relinquish any liability I may have.
 WARNING: This story involves consensual INCEST and homosexual relations.
Notes: I dedicate this to one of my favorite shows; Charmed.
Feedback: I would appreciate it more than words can express and will try my best to reply to all of it.


"No he biased because he's sleeping with one." Piper said under her breath. She walked over to Paige, putting her arm around her sister.

Leo blushed, and stammered for a moment. "Um." He looked at Piper and Paige for help, but saw they weren't likely to do so. "How would you like to meet your great grandsons?" The elder asked Patty, hoping to divert attention from his scarlet-faced husband.

"Sure... I'd be more than happy to... as soon as Chris hands over the baby he's using to cover his face up." Patty said with a smile.

Chris slowly lowered the baby away from his face and handed him to Patty.

"Hey there little one... I'm your great grandma... and I'm sort of dead but that doesn't mean much in this family, you'll learn that."

Leo chuckled and walked over to Patty.

"Oh yeah. The relatives just keep coming back!" Piper said, a little ticked by just how many people did keep coming back to the manor.

"Patty, these are the cutest boys you will ever meet. Excluding Christopher of course." Leo turned quickly and winked at his husband.

And yet again, Chris was blushing.

"I see that... they take a lot after you Leo... blonde hair and all." Patty commented.

"Who knows it may darken." Leo smiled, and held his son a little tighter. "Wyatt had dark hair when he was born. But thank you for the compliment."

Piper pretended to gag, and clutched Paige's hand for support. "Sugar overload in five..."

"Oh I know... spontaneous cavities." Paige concurred.

"Jealous." Chris said and stuck his tongue out at them to which Paige replied with the same.

"Hey, don't teach our children that!" Leo admonished Paige and his husband. "They're already using magic, who knows what they'll get into."

Piper nodded her head. "He's right. Paige," Piper gave Paige a look. "Stop it."

"Oooh I love it when he chastises me..." Chris half-joked.

"Ugh you two are sick." Paige said. "I'm going to go change." And with that she walked away.

"Not sick... just in love..." Patty said to no one in particular as she played with one of her great grandchildren.

"Yeah. Ooookay. I will be up changing also, so mom," Piper watched her mother play with her grand child. "Come and get me whenever."

Leo watched Piper walk off, but didn't want to leave Chris or the children. "They're perfect. Aren't they?" Leo asked Patty, knowing he was more then biased. "Chris was amazing. A real trooper during the whole birth."

"He strikes me as a trooper... I don't know much about him but I see a lot of spunk in him... a lot like Piper." Patty commented.

Chris walked away, not wanting to hear any of the conversation.

Leo wondered where Chris was going, but didn't want to be rude and leave Patty by herself. ~Now would be one of those times when telepathy would be a good thing.~

"I should," Leo gave Patty a 'help me' look. "I have to go see what's going- he's probably scared. The shock is probably wearing off."

"That's true... he thought he'd lost his children." Patty told Leo. "Let's go to him." She started walking towards Chris, baby in hand. "Chris... are you going somewhere?"
Chris turned to face her, tear stained face now becoming visible.

"Honey?" Leo walked past Patty, catching up to Chris. "What's wrong? The babies are safe. In fact, this little guy here wants you to hold him, I know it." ~He's just scared.~ Leo kept repeating it to himself, trying to convince him of it.

Chris reached out for the baby, tears still freely falling as he avoided the glances of his grandmother and his husband. "Hey... you scared us a little bit... you and your brother... so let's make a deal... you guys don't use your powers on me and I won't summon Grams on you... sound good?" He gave a little chuckle but the tears would not stop.

It broke Leo's heart to see Chris crying. "They're safe. They are probably just hungry like you said." Leo put his arm around his husband's shoulder. "It's all right. Do you want to go up and spend some time with the boys?" Leo whispered in Chris' ear.

"Uh Leo..." Patty started as she watched Chris... specifically Chris' hands. They'd lit up much like a white lighter’s did when healing.

"What?" Leo turned to look at Patty, but was distracted by the glow. "Chris, what's wrong? Why are you healing- Are you healing him?" ~Did I miss something? He seemed okay. God, I missed something and my child was in pain. I didn't know.~

Chris looked up at Leo, his swollen eyes confused. "No... I don't heal... I can't... what's going on?"

"New power?" Patty tentatively posed.

"Yeah." Leo was glad Chris' powers were growing, but he still couldn't get over the fact he hadn't known their child was hurt.

Chris' hands stopped glowing and he looked down at the smiling baby. "I don't think he needed healing, Dad... I just think he was my trigger."

"Makes sense..." Patty nodded. "Your power comes from your emotions."

Leo took a deep breath, relieved that his children weren't hurt. He kissed the side of Chris' head. "A new power. That's great. And you," Leo tickled his infant son's nose. "You are just full of surprises."

"Now I understand what mom says about being afraid Wyatt will orb to Tahiti every time he's sent to his room." Chris said in all honesty.

"You don't have to worry about that... there are spells and potions that can help... my mom used them on the girls... kept their powers in check." Patty offered

Leo kept his thoughts to himself, not wanting to say anything about spells. "Don't worry, we'll do what's best for them Chris. They won't want to orb to Tahiti."

"No just the kitchen..." He said, finally wiping his tears. "There's something I forgot to do earlier... can you keep an eye on the kids while I run upstairs for a bit?"

"Sure, babe." Leo took their son from Chris' arms.  "I love you, Christopher." The elder told his husband, trying to remember if he had done so already in the day.

"I love you too." Chris made his way up the stairs and into the attic. He hadn't forgotten the fact that he wanted to pay a small visit to the future... and now he was more determined than ever. He wanted to know if he was in fact going to have another baby... if Wyatt would turn evil... if his mom died... if he and Leo lasted... if their children are happy and safe. He searched through a box of potions that'd been put away... potions they thought they'd never use including the one they'd made to send him back to the future. Once he found it, he grabbed the chalk and began drawing the triquetra on an attic wall. ~This has to work. I have to make sure everything's going to be all right.~


Patty walked over to the foyer, baby in her arms and she sat. "It's amazing to watch you two... I don't think you realize just how much loves crosses between you unspoken."

Leo blushed, and walked over to where Patty was, taking a seat nearby her. "It's just how we feel about each other. Chris has let me see so much. Let me become who I am supposed to be."

"I see that. I also see the fear in his eyes. He fears it'll all end... he fears you'll leave him... he fears death... because your absence is his death."

"I'm not going to leave him." Leo said calmly, his words full of conviction and assuredness. "Christopher is my husband. These are our kids." he gestured to the baby in Patty's arms. "I have no reason to leave him. I'm happy."


Chris stepped through the portal, the "return" vial of potion in his hand. He was in front of the manor... everything looked the same... he didn't even know how far ahead he'd gone. He walked up the steps towards the front door.


"I'm glad you feel that way... but I recall a similar promise to my daughter." Patty decided to play devil's advocate, in protection of her grandson.

Leo looked down at the baby in his arms. "I loved Piper, I still love her. She gave me two beautiful boys." The elder let his son hold onto his finger. "But Piper and I both knew after awhile that we weren't meant for each other. That's why the elders tried so hard. Why demons and everything else strained our relationship. I'm not saying there is no blame on me, but Piper and I are both happy now. She's found her way, and I've found mine."

"I see what they see in you... you're a good man Leo. You're a great father... you're a great elder... I just ... need to look out for him you know. Because he doesn't think he needs to protect himself from you... and I do to a certain extent. I don't want to see a repeat of what happened when you became an elder. You put that before your family... who is to say you won't put something else before Chris?" Patty had to vent. She feared for Chris.


Chris knocked on the front door of the manor a few times but got no response. He tried the knob and not surprisingly, it was unlocked. He opened the door and walked in cautiously... not knowing what or who he'd find. He kept walking and heard sounds coming from the kitchen so that's where he went.


 "I learned from my mistakes. I'm not going to make the same mistake twice. Especially because it's Chris. He's a part of me. I saw how the world could have been. I saw how hurt and closed off he was when he first got here. My future self did that to him by not being around. I'm rectifying that mistake. Chris is my world. I'm finding a place for us, for our family. The elders aren't going to get a say. I was ready to give it up once, but Piper told me not to. Part of me didn't want to, but I was willing to. I'm going to do what’s best for Chris."


When he entered the kitchen he found a woman there, one he quickly recognized as his mother, though older. She turned to face him and smile. "Hey. What are you doing here?" She walked up to him and hugged him, which he warmly returned. "I thought you were going to pick up the boys from soccer practice."

"Uh yeah... Leo's taking care of it..."

"Aw so you decided to visit your old mom? Well I'm flattered. How's Leo by the way... haven't seen him since... you know." Piper said.

"Since what?" Chris had to ask.

"Since the fight he had with your brother. I'm telling you those two are just too much alike these days." Piper shook her head and finished wiping the counter.

"Yeah... you know them... where's Wyatt?"

"Oh who knows... he comes and goes as he pleases these days. I love him and all but he's starting to get to be too much for these old bones."

"What do you mean mom?" Chris asked as he took a seat on a stool.

"Oh Christopher don't give me that. You know exactly what I mean. His obsession with the craft. It's becoming unhealthy... like all he cares about is power."

~Oh no... not again.~ "Right." Chris nodded. "Want me to talk to him?"

"Oh god no... that didn't go well the last time or do you not remember? You seem different today... " Piper began noticing, staring at Chris oddly.

"What do you mean?" He asked nervously.

"Well for starters you look... young... and tired..."


Meanwhile back in the present, Patty decided she'd give it a rest. "All right... if you say so."

"I do. You'll never know how sorry I am. That I hurt her that badly..." Leo pulled his finger away from his child. "I won't do the same to Chris." Silence hung between the two people for a few moments. "So, what was Grams doing?"

"Well she... just... well she doesn't approve of Chris staying in our time... much less of being with you." Patty confessed.


At that moment, the phone rang and Piper reached for it, saving Chris from having to explain his youthful appearance. "Hello?" She said into the receiver. "Oh yeah, he's here Leo. Hold on." She handed the phone to Chris. "It's your father."


"She... it takes time for her to come around to the way things are." Leo said slowly, not letting his anger show. ~This is just like what happened when she saw that we'd had a boy. That woman is so stubborn some times.~

"As long as Chris wants to stay. I'm not letting him leave. It's not hurting anything by him being here."

"I agree... but she didn't change while she was alive and she certainly won't after being dead." Patty stated.


"Hello?" Chris spoke into the phone.

"Did you forget to pick up the boys from soccer practice?" Leo asked, somewhat angry.

"Sort of... yeah... sorry?"

"Sorry?" Leo asked incredulously. "Chris! We'd agreed you were going to pick them up today so I could work on the Schmidt case."

"Schmidt case?" Chris was lost ... beyond lost.

"Yes... remember the woman who came into social services... husband beating their kids up... you know sometimes I think you don't listen to me."

"No no... I listen... I'm just a bit off today... either way what's the big deal... you pick up our sons." Chris began to fight back.

"It is a big deal because now not only am I not going to make it back to work on time but I have to pick up the twins from soccer practice;  I have to pick up Brian from band practice then take Drew and Michael to the doctor's. Chris I'm only one man... "

Now Chris felt horrible, despite the fact that he couldn't have known all this. ~Damn 5 kids~ "Sorry, daddy."

"Daddy? Jeez you are off today... you haven't called me that since... well I can't remember... anyway you are in charge of the bake sale next week at Brian, Drew and Michael's school... I'll take care of everything today but you so owe me... oh and please for the love of god don't forget that Marc and Hayden get back from their field trip late tonight so you need to pick them up from school. Okay well I'll see you at home." Leo was about to hang up but he never did without telling his husband he loved him and this would be no exception. Chris might be a little forgetful and flaky but was still and always would be the love of his life. "Baby, I love you." And with that, Leo hung up.

"Yeah... uh... Seven kids?" Chris looked at the phone incredulously.

"I told ya to stop at five but noooooooooo... 'Daddy's happy'... 'Daddy wants kids'... 'Daddy's so big'... ugh... men." Piper scoffed.

Chris couldn't help but laugh. "Yeah that sounds like me. So... how's Paige... how's Phoebe?"

"Paige is busy at Magic School... you know how it is... and Phoebe... well... things aren't going well with her husband but like she said, it's none of my business." Piper shrugged.

"She said that? What a bitch!"

"Hey!" Piper grabbed a dishtowel and swatted Chris with it. "That's your aunt you're talking about. A little more respect."

"Sorry..." Chris apologized. "Uh mom do you mind if I have a quick look at the book?"

"Help yourself. It's where it always is."

"Thanks." Chris orbed up to the attic to find it neatly arranged, clean, and very Piper-ish. It was time to go home... he didn't need to know anymore. He took the chalk and potion from his pocket and got to work. Minutes later he was back in the present attic, dusty and messy. Ah home sweet home. He walked down the stairs to find his grandmother and his husband talking and he just could conceal his immense room-lighting grin. "I love you." He said as he gave Leo a quick peck on the check.

Leo smiled, surprised by the kiss. "Ditto, babe." He looked to the quiet baby in his arms. "Want him back?"

"Of course.. but I think what he wants is his bed... he's asleep... they both are. All that orbing must have tired the out." Chris said, still not able to wipe away his smile. His future was bright and he couldn't be happier.

"Let’s go put them to bed then." Leo stood up, and looked over at Patty. "Want to help us put them in their bassinets?"

"Sure." Patty answered quickly.

"Actually I have something I have to talk to Leo about... do you mind putting the boys to bed grandma?"

"Not at all... here give him to me..." She took the other baby from Leo. "If you guys need me, I'll be upstairs.

"Thanks grandma."

"What is it Chris? Did something happen while you were taking care of that thing?" Leo put his arms around his husband, curious.


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