Leo and Chris: Forever
Author/Email: Angel ( kindaskimpy@comcast.net ) & Will
Genre: SLASH
Fandom: Charmed
Pairing: Leo Wyatt/ Chris Wyatt
Rating: NC-17
Category: Romance/Erotica
Summary: Leo seeks Chris. Chris seeks forgiveness. They find love.
Disclaimer: None of this is true; at least not to my knowledge. I do not own these people/characters and certainly do not make them do the things I write about. By reading this, you relinquish any liability I may have.
 WARNING: This story involves consensual INCEST and homosexual relations.
Notes: I dedicate this to one of my favorite shows; Charmed.
Feedback: I would appreciate it more than words can express and will try my best to reply to all of it.


"Yup..." Chris said with a smile. "Now don't get mad at me... but I sort of kind of maybe went to the future a little bit."

"What?" Leo pulled his arms away from Chris. "Why did you do that? What if something had happened? A demon could have attacked you." Leo started looking Chris over for visible wounds.

"Ugh..." Chris sighed. "Nothing happened and I'm back and I'm okay."

Leo put his arms back around Chris. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to get all angry. I just worry about you, honey."

"I know but I'm okay... I'm better than okay... I won't go into details but let's just say we have nothing to worry about... except Wyatt... but he won't even begin to be a factor from what I saw until like 15 years from now."

"We don't have anything to worry about?" Leo stared, concerned at Chris' eyes. Not letting his feelings about Wyatt across his own. "You mean, we're all happy?"

"I'm not going to say... I think it's bad enough I know... but just.. worry about making each other happy and about raising our children like normal parents... who happen to have 7 kids... oops... shit."

"Of course we would make each other- seven?" Leo grinned and hugged Chris tightly. "Seven." Leo let himself think about it for a moment, and then shook his head, knowing he needed to forget that fact. "You're my top priority Christopher. Now and always."

Chris chuckled. "I know... and yes seven... and by something mom said in the future... I'm not sure we were done yet."

"Really? I mean, Chris we shouldn't be- are they all boys? Did you get to see them?" Leo bit his lip. "How's your mom in the future?" The elder was curious, hoping that Piper was in fact fine in the future, after his conversation with Patty.

"Stop worrying so much." Chris said to Leo as he caressed his husband’s arms around him. "I didn't see anyone but mom. I didn't want to stick around any longer than to find out what I wanted to know... seven.. damn Daddy... super sperm."

"Super us." Leo corrected his husband gently. "Now that you've seen the future...you still want to stay here, right?" The elder wasn't taking any chances, and kissed his husband passionately, breaking for air.

"Oh gosh daddy don't do that... like I wasn't dying for your cock inside me as it is...." Chris confessed. "I could be persuaded to stick around ya know... if someone keeps me pinned to the bed with a very massive tool."

Leo laughed, and ruffled Chris' hair, putting his arms back around his son to stop him from smacking him in retaliation. "As long as you want to be here, then I need you to be here."

"God damn it... do you want me to beg for it? Because everything you’re doing right now is only making me more bonkers for you... I guess I really am pregnant."

"Your grandmother thinks so." Leo grinned and let go of Chris. "You don't really want to, do you? With them in the house?"

"Them who? All I see is my gorgeous sexy handsome husband." Chris smiled innocently.

"Christopher." Leo gave his husband a look. "They're all here. Unless you can come up with somewhere... less exposed..."

"See you want it just as bad as me... there's always P3... that back room I used to sleep in."

"Your mom would kill us if she found out." Leo glanced up at the stairs. "So, no bragging." The elder grinned at his son.

"Maybe just a little bit." Chris held onto Leo as he orbed them to P3.

"None. Or you get none." Leo warned his son. He looked around, glad that no one was around. He shifted from foot to foot; ignoring the hard on he was getting from all the talk. "Promise."

"Ugh fine... but if you weren't the father of our seven children!" Chris chuckled.

Leo smirked and pulled Chris against his body. "You'd still do what I want." The elder teased his son before he kissed his lips.

"I hate that you know me so well." Chris said then continued to kiss Leo passionately... with all the love and desire his body could convey.

Leo let his hands roam, feeling up his son's body.  He pulled back from their kiss. "You love it." The elder ran his hands down Chris' back, down to his ass, pulling his son against his crotch. "I'm glad that you're happy honey."

"You could make me even happier right now and you know it." Chris said huskily.

"Who am I to deny you, what makes you happy?" Leo grinned. "Do what you want. I'd hate to be the one to make you sad."

"Hmm... what makes me happy is you... you and your thick raging hard on ripping into my little ass... you getting me pregnant... you cumming inside me... " Chris said in huskier tones than usual. "You want that too don't ya? Me carrying your baby? Your big fat cock fucking me? Huh?"

"Has that ever been a problem with me?" Leo squeezed Chris' firm behind, pushing his hips into Chris. ~He says he doesn’t know me. Damn I want to just push him down and... control. I need to get some control back.~

"Right now I know what you want... you want to control me... want to fuck the shit out of me... but you're not doing anything about it... what's up with that? Gone soft on me old man?" Chris knew what he was doing was working. Leo thrived on control and ownership and this would bring it out in him.

"Going soft?" Leo grabbed Chris' hand and put it over the hard bulge of his crotch. "Does it feel like it to you?" Leo stared his son down, his thin veil of control gone. Chris knew who he was and what he needed, how he needed to be.

"That little thing... oh come on now... you don't actually think you can do some damage with that do you?"

"That's not what you said a few hours ago." Leo taunted back. "Over there." Leo pushed Chris firmly away from him. "Get undressed."

~Now this is my man!~ "Yes daddy." Chris quickly got undressed under his father's stern gaze.

Leo gave Chris a look, but didn't elaborate as to what it was about. "Get on your old bed." As he spoke, Leo unbuckled his pants, toeing off his shoes.

"On my back?" Chris asked in a whisper.

"For now." Leo said gruffly, he pulled his shirt over his head. "Come on, move it!" He bent down and pulled his socks off, leaving him in his unbuttoned pants.

"Yes daddy," Chris did as told and lay on his back on his bed waiting, legs spread like a bitch.

Leo ran his hand over his stomach, playing with the edge of his pants. "I like that. Whenever you say something to me, call me that. Understand?" Leo walked over to the bed, quickly climbing on and straddling his son's feet.

"Yes daddy." Chris eagerly nodded.

Leo licked his lips. "You had a good idea coming here to the club, means no one can hear you. Which means we don't have to be quiet. Do you understand?" Leo leaned down, his body hovering inches above Chris' skin. He wanted very badly to just kiss his son, but waited as patiently as he could.

"Yes daddy." Chris nodded.

The elder smirked and leaned down the rest of the way, kissing his son's knee. He made a path up Chris' body, teasing his son for his comments. ~Small. I'm going to have you screaming something else in a few minutes.~

Chris bit his lip in anticipation, the look on Leo's face, saying everything he needed to know and it was going to be amazing... he could tell... Leo was riled up now.

Leo slowly made his way further up Chris' body, stopping to bite softly at his son's torso. Leo lay in between his son's legs rocking against him as he proceeded to kiss his way up again.

"Mmm... daddy..." Chris moaned loudly. He shuts his eyes tightly and bit his bottom lip hard.

"Still believe what you said earlier?" Leo asked his son, looking him in the eyes. The elder was completely still, his body begging him to just give in and sleep with his husband already. "Or do I still need to convince you?"

"I'm still doubtful... daddy." Chris said in his best attempt to sound honest.

Leo raised his eyebrows. "Yeah?" The elder sat back on the balls of his feet. "I'll make a believer out of you." Leo unzipped his pants, holding back a groan of relief, and shifted so he could get his pants off. Then he pulled down his boxers, taking them off. "I'm going to have you screaming for it." Leo promised as he got back up, kneeling over his son.

"I don't believe that... you're not beg material, daddy." Chris said and waited for the reaction.

Leo reached out and smacked Chris on his thigh. "You're going to be saying otherwise." The elder sat back on the bed, leaning back on his elbows, deciding to do something else. “Get on your knees and start sucking, Christopher."

~Gladly.~ "Yes daddy." Chris sat up leaned over, quickly taking his father's engorged manhood in his mouth entirely.

Leo groaned, and clutched at the sheets underneath them. "Suck my cock, son. You love it, I know you do. You've got all of it in your hot little mouth, sucking like- You want it in you. Ramming my cock in your small ass. Don't you?"

"Mmm hmm" Chris hummed around Leo's fat prick while sucking like a hoover.

Leo grinned, staring down at Chris' head. "You want to swallow my cum just as much as you want me to fill you with it. When we get into our new place, I'm going to leave the boys with sitters for the day." Leo groaned and thrust his hips. "And you're going to suck me all day. Sound good? My cock, your mouth, load after load of my cum coursing down your throat..."

Chris pulled off Leo's cock because he definitely had to yes to that. "Fuck yeah I want that. I will hold you to that daddy." He quickly went back to sucking vigorously on the shaft.

The elder chuckled and pushed himself up with his hands. "Stop, Christopher." Leo said in a terse voice, all traces of humor gone from his face.

Chris instantly stopped at his father's request. "Yes daddy." He sat on the balls of his feet.

"Do you want me to fuck you? You want my big, hard..." Leo glanced down at his own son. "Thick cock. Don't you? Cumming in your ass, my seed in you, making you pregnant. You want it, beg me for it, Christopher."

"Please daddy... I'm begging here. Shove that big cock in my tiny hole. Please... I need you to fuck me so hard... and cum deep in my ass... make me pregnant... have your seed in me." Chris begged sweetly.

"Be happy to son." Leo sat up, and pushed hi son down. He looked at Chris lying still for a moment, remembering it for nights when he had to listen to the other elders babble on. He spread Chris' legs and scooted close, the head of his cock rubbing against Chris' hole.

"Told ya, you would beg." With that said, Leo shoved his cock into his son.

"FUCK!" Chris practically screamed. " That's it. Fuck me raw daddy!"

Leo slammed into his lover, fucking Chris hard as the boy wanted. "I don't think...you want it..." Leo groaned as he body met Chris'. "I can't... not with this... small cock."

"Not small... not small.... fucking huge daddy... you're so fucking big daddy.... fuck me yes!" Chris screamed in delirious pleasure.

Leo almost stopped fucking as he heard Chris say the words he'd been waiting for. "I'll screw you...raw...leave you gaping...wanting my cock... back in you." The elder moaned out as he fucked his son harder, forcing his cock as far as it would go, his balls smacking against Chris' skin.

 "Fuck yes... uh... oh god yes... fuck me... with that fucking huge pole daddy... rip me... fucking rip me!" Chris began feeling that delicious pain he'd been yearning for... it'd been a while since Leo had used this much force on him and he loved it.

"Since you begged... so nicely." Leo grunted out. "You won't be able... to sit... for a week." The elder promised, he slammed into Chris harder, the pleasure of it driving him to be more rough with Chris then he usually would be. "Hard enough?" The elder didn't wait for an answer, and fucked his son harder, wanting to hear the boy again.

"You're to answer...me." Leo reminded Chris as he fucked his son. The elder couldn't wait until they got their own place, and could do whatever they pleased. Leo stopped thrusting, his cock buried in Chris' ass. "What'd you say, boy?" Leo tightened his hold on Chris’s hips, fighting the urge to start screwing his son again.

Chris groaned loudly in disappointment when his father's movements stopped. "Please... please don't stop... fuck me... never stop fucking me."

Leo pulled out, his head in Chris' ass. "Good answer." The elder thrust back in slowly, letting his son feel every inch of his cock. "Love you." Leo couldn't resist saying before he started slamming into the tight hole again. "Such a good husband...letting me fuck you whenever." Leo groaned and leaned forward kissing Chris' back. "Bet you'd let me... do it in anywhere I wanted..."

"You know me too well..." Chris' moans were loud and frequent. He loved the way his body felt when being taken like this by his husband.

A smile crept onto his face when he'd heard Leo compliment him on what a great husband he was. It played into his fears from childhood about being loved and accepted by his father. He loved that he could make Leo happy... that he was enough... despite not being Wyatt. It pleased him to be a good son... a good husband... a good lover to his Dad.

"I better know you best." Leo smirked and leaned down, kissing Chris' skin again. "Like how you know..." Leo moaned as he slowed down, wanting to make sure Chris knew he wasn't being serious with his comments from before. "Like you know me." He kissed a line of open mouth kisses along Chris' spine. "Always give me what I want." Leo said, referring to their family and sons.

"Its... it's what I want too... oh fuck..." Chris pushed back to meet every single one of Leo's hard thrusts, knowing full well his body could never get enough.... also knowing this would buy him a couple of days of not being able to walk and laying in bed but that only brought more opportunities for fun with Daddy.

"That's why we're perfect." Leo thrust into Chris with stronger plunges of his hips, wanting to make his son know that no one could love him better. Leo closed his eyes, losing himself in Chris' firm behind, and how their bodies went together seamlessly.

"You fuck me so good... so hard..." Chris kept pushing back to every thrust, wanting to feel his father even deeper in him. "Fuck you're huge daddy... I love it..."

Leo would have chuckled, but couldn't. Instead he opened his eyes, their depths lightened at his son's words. "And you're so tight." Leo shoved into Chris, forcing his cock as deep as he could. "Best lover ever." Leo added seriously as he groaned at the sensation of his husband's body.

In the midst of one of Leo's thrusts, Chris brought a hand up and gestured into the air, freezing Leo in mid-thrust. He smiled and pushed himself all the way back on his father's huge cock and moaned. Leo looked so damn good... muscles flexed, sweat pouring down his chest, eyes glistening with pure love and unbridled lust. After a minute Chris gestured again and unfroze Leo.

~Damn, he likes doing that.~ Leo grinned crookedly getting an evil idea he'd just have to remember for next time. "Spaz." The elder called out lovingly as he fucked Chris roughly. "Should stop... but I can't." Leo moaned, feeling his balls tighten up. And for a moment he almost wanted Chris to freeze him. "Gonna cum." Leo warned, his thrusting turning more frantic with each push.

Chris let out a sound that was a combination between a grunt, a moan, a whimper, and a chuckle rolled into one. He froze the entire room and moved forward, letting Leo's huge cock escape his hole with a loud pop. He turned around and faced Leo, going down to his cock and quickly sucking it into his mouth before unfreezing the room.

"What-" Leo couldn't stop his body, though he was surprised by the change, and put an arm on Chris' head. "Baby." Leo groaned as he came, his cock emptying into his lover's very warm and talented mouth.

Chris sucked hard on the shaft as he began drinking the tasty seed he was being offered. His lips locked around the large member in a vice grip as he drank down greedily every last drop.

"Next time...ask." The elder choked out as he let go of Chris' head. He wasn't mad, he had just been looking forward to pumping Chris full of his sperm. He shook the thoughts off and smiled down at Chris. "Did you have a pacifier fixation?" Leo wondered aloud as Chris continued to lick him.

"Here's a little secret... " Chris said when he finally pulled off Leo's cock. He wiped the side of his mouth with the back of his hand to catch some escaping saliva. "I knew you wanted your sperm in my ass... you still do... I can see it in your eyes... dying to pump me full of that hot cum... so now you'll have to fuck me again... 'cause we both know you don't leave your desires unfulfilled... do you, daddy? Aren't you just angry... disappointed..." Chris got really close to Leo's ear and licked the shell. "Ticked... that I don't have one of your loads in me? Can't you just see that hot cock of yours spewing that delicious cum... filling my little ass... for you... my tiny hole... making it yours... only yours... forever yours."

"Angry?" Leo tried to hide his mirth at hearing Chris' words. "Absolutely." He looked seriously at his son, hardening his face into a glare. "But after your little stunt...." Leo paused for effect, and also because he was about to laugh. "I want to watch you." The elder sat down on the bed, stroking himself. "Why don't you go for a ride." Leo said harshly, pretending like it wasn't a suggestion.

"Like I'm going to oppose to that... " Chris came closer. "But not a position conducive to keep sperm in there, baby."

Leo couldn't help it and laughed. "No it's not. But it's what I want." The elder leaned over and kissed his husband softly. "Lay down, honey." It wasn't the position; it was Chris being happy that mattered to Leo.

"No one can keep a good angel down... or at least his dick." Chris joked and grabbed Leo's cock. "I love that you can't get enough of me... 'cause I can't get enough of you... that explains all the future children."

"Tell me again how many we have." Leo said huskily, kissing Chris' neck. He leaned forward slowly, steadily pushing Chris down on the mattress. "I need to know how long we get to keep having sex all the time." Leo said, half joking.

"Let's just say... that heavenly sperm of yours keeps me pregnant for the next ten years..." Chris whispered. "Sounds like a lot of fucking this little hole... hmm yum."

"Sounds perfect." Leo whispered in between kisses to Chris' neck. He let his hands run up and down Chris' arms. "We'll both be sexually happy, if not insane because of all the children." Leo smirked, and pushed himself up on his arms.

Chris brought his hands to Leo's arms and caressed from his firm forearms o his muscular biceps and back down. "We sound blissfully happy in the future... not to mention domesticated... and now that you mention it... you must have just fucked me cause my ass was feeling it when I went to the future."

"I don't doubt it." Leo said smirking, lightly pushing his hips against Chris. "But then again it could just be because you want me back in you..." Leo kissed his husband, think that he didn't care if it was the truth or not, he just wanted back in his son's firm ass.

"That's also true... who wouldn’t want that hot... hard... thick... long... juicy cock pumping into them, making them see stars and beg for more and more until you feel that rush of that warm seed being deposited deep inside... don't you want to do that daddy?" Chris gave Leo his best innocent face.

"Manipulator." Leo said with a smile. He nudged Chris' legs further apart with his own. "I love it though." Leo said, just in case his son took the words the wrong way. He reached down between them, stroking Chris a few times before grabbing his own cock. "I do want it." He pushed the head of his cock into Chris, biting his lower lip as he pushed further in. "Sometimes I think that I'll hurt you, but that's not true. You're just right. You're ass is so snug on my dick..." Leo stopped talking, closing his eyes as he sunk further into his husband. "Perfect fit."

A satisfied moan escaped Chris' lips as he closed his eyes. "That's because I was made for you... you made me remember?"

"One of the few truly good things I ever did." Leo said with a kiss to Chris' neck. The elder thrust in and out of his lover, enjoying how their scents mingled. "Second best, the first being marrying you."

~Smartest thing I ever did.~ Leo absently thought as Chris blew away all the best kisses he'd ever received. Reluctantly he pulled back, panting as he did so. "I'd have to, be a moron to not be with you."

 "Or straight... same thing huh?" Chris smiled followed by a surprised gasp as Leo's cock reached his deepest spot.

"You could turn straight guys." Leo said cockily. "Your adorable hair, cute smile." Leo leaned down to Chris' ear. "Not to mention your mouth." The elder thrust extra hard, wanting to make Chris gasp again. "I get a hard on just thinking about your lips around my cock." Leo confessed to his husband.

"Oh fuck." Chris couldn't formulate a coherent thought even if he tried, which he wasn't trying. "Stay... in ... me... keep fucking me... leave that cock in me." He pushed against Leo just as he thrust in and again that secret spot only his father's huge cock could hit was hit and yet another gasp escaped his lips. "Fuck... fuck... fuck... fuck... oh yeah... fuck fuck..." Chris was lost in the world his mind had created. A world in which he could see that thick shaft pop open his little hole over and over again and he'd never have to feel empty again.

Leo grunted with each thrust, his mind to far gone to think about responding to his husband's words. Leo slammed into his son harder, feeling his hips meeting him thrust for thrust. ~Tight. So so so tight, and mine.~ Leo thought, his actions driven by instinct.

 Chris grabbed onto Leo's forearms and caressed him... needing to touch him... fell him... not only inside him but also on him... all over him. ~My daddy~

~Lucky. I'm so lucky.~ Chris' touching was like getting a brand new sense, but much better then taste or smell. It made Leo feel needed, and cherished. He fucked his son faster, wanting to give Chris everything he wanted, starting with what the boy seemed to crave. He started moaning Chris' name, feeling his orgasm approaching.

"Daddy ... please.." Chris begged and pleaded although he didn't know what he was begging for. This was just the power Leo held over him... and not just when making love... but always. "Daddy..." He said it again, this time in more a whimper. "Daddy please... need you daddy."

Leo groaned hearing Chris call him daddy. He didn't know what it was, it was just the way that Chris said it, and it turned him on like nothing and no one before. "Don't worry, baby." Leo promised, pumping in and out of his husband. "Daddy wouldn't let you down." Leo fucked Chris deeply, his balls hitting Chris with his thrusts. The elder stiffened, shoving his cock as deep as he could into his son's hole and exploded. He held his body tightly above Chris' as his cum shot into his lover.

"That's it daddy... shoot it all in me... I know that's what you like daddy." Chris tightened around Leo, squeezing his sperm out of his husband cock and into his body.

 The elder tried to push in further as Chris words reached his burning ears. He bit his lip, thinking he was going to pass out any moment from the feeling of Chris around his cock. "Take it." Leo grunted, clenching his ass, straining to get even deeper in his son as he continued to cum.

Chris knew Leo was satisfied... at least for now... and that made him happy, to know Leo was happy too. "If this is the key to a happy marriage, I think we won' have a problem.”

Leo grinned, slowly relaxing. "Not ever." The elder hugged Chris as best he could while laying on him. "I'll always give you what you want, honey." Leo promised, lazily kissing Chris' cheek.

"That should be easy... all I want is you, old man." Chris said with a smile. "Think our children are going to make faces and say 'ew' when we kiss in front of them?"

"No. They can't speak yet." Leo said with a grin.

"Oh and thank the stars for that... way too early to deal with teenage back talk." Chris said in mock dramatics. "Anyone gets fresh with me and I swear they're being punished and sent to the underworld." He laughed at that.

Leo chuckled contentedly. "Just wait, you'll be trying to get them to say 'dada' soon enough." The elder teased his husband.

"Something tells me that's going to be you." Chris knew that for a fact. Wyatt's first word was "momma" because Leo wasn't around... he knew this time around Leo wouldn't miss a thing.

"It'll be the both of us." Leo smiled and kissed his son's cheek.  "I want for the both of us to share all the great moments."

"We will." Chris snuggled close to Leo. "I promise you that. Speaking of which, we may want to head back to the manor before they come looking."

"Good point." Leo kissed Chris' cheek, and then regretfully pulled away from his son to get their clothes. "It won't be too much longer until we can run around naked." Leo wiggled his eyebrows at Chris, teasing his son. He gathered their clothes, and tossed his husband's to him.

"You keep saying that." Chris said as he began getting dressed. "I can hardly wait."

"That's because I'm going to make it happen." The elder said confidently, also dressing. "We need some place of our own, you were right when you said we shouldn't be living at the manor."

"Honey I'm always right... you should know that by now." Chris said in a light chuckle. "That house isn't big enough for all of us... and I don't mean just physically."

"I know." One more then one occasion there had been awkwardness between the four adults in the house. "Especially if we're going to be having...oh say, twenty kids." Leo exaggerated, wanting to see Chris laugh again. It made him feel important and loved when Chris was happy.

"Fifteen tops." Chris said in mid-laugh. "Vanquishing demons and fighting evil is going to have to be penciled in between summer camp and soccer practice."

"Summer camp..." Leo laughed, but pleased with the idea of taking their kids to camp. "We'd keep some place in business for ten years or so."

"I'm telling ya babe..." Chris finished tying his shoes. "At this rate, we're going to have to pick our favorite child and that one will get to go to college." He laughed.

To be continued...

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