Title: Leo and Chris: Forever
Author/Email: Angel (kindaskimpy@comcast.net ) & Will
Genre: SLASH
Fandom: Charmed
Pairing: Leo Wyatt/ Chris Wyatt
Rating: NC-17
Category: Romance/Erotica
Summary: Leo seeks Chris. Chris seeks forgiveness. They find love.
Disclaimer: None of this is true.
I do not own these people/characters and certainly do not make them do the things I write about.
By reading this, you relinquish any liability I may have.

 WARNING: This story involves consensual INCEST and homosexual relations between fictional characters portrayed by real actors.
Notes: I dedicate this to one of my favorite people, Brian Krause.
Feedback: I would appreciate it more than words can express and will try my best to reply to all of it.


What greater thing is there for two human souls that to feel that they are joined...
to strengthen each other...
to be at one with each other in silent unspeakable memories.

 ~ George Eliot


"No way. Our kids are going to be smart. They'll get scholarship offers from all the major schools." Leo said confidently. "Besides, if they don't go away to college, when are we ever supposed to get our house back?"

"Aw poor naive husband of mine... we'll never have our house back." Chris smiled innocently. "The door’s always going to be open to breakups, hard times, holidays... anything that causes them to want to run home to mummy and daddy." He said, his voice full of laughter.

Leo finished dressing, and smiled. "Yeah, it's going to be great. A real family that does normal things but is specially inclined." The elder walked back over near Chris, feeling close to his husband as they talked about the future.

"About that... baby... are we going to bind the kids' powers or have them keep them while they're children? My fear's we won't be able to handle it all."

Leo sat down on the bed, not sure how he felt about the matter. "I- I think that binding their powers has positive and negative points. I want our kids to have control over their powers, but I can see how having eight kids, all with powers would be hard to handle."

"Whatever we decide..." Chris walked over to Leo and straddled his lap, sitting down on it, facing his husband. "I'm sure it'll be what's best for the kids."

Leo put his arms around Chris. "Did we bind yours and Wyatt's powers when you were young?" The elder asked, wondering if Chris was speaking from experience.

"No... you couldn't. You needed the power of three to bind Wyatt's powers when he started to become a problem and the sisters couldn't agree on the issue. Binding my powers was never brought up... I was the quiet one... never caused any waves... never got any attention." Chris stated with as little emotion as he could.

Leo frowned, and pulled Chris to him. "I'm sorry I was such a bad dad to you." The elder kissed Chris' cheek, needing to sooth his husband. "I hope I never make you feel that way again."

"You weren't bad... you just... weren't there. Wyatt was rapidly becoming a problem so all the attention went to trying to control him or deal with him... meanwhile I grew up watching my brother hurt my parents." Chris closed his eyes to center himself before continuing. "Parents that, without knowing it, left me to raise myself."

"I didn't know you were in pain, or didn't stop to spend time with you. That makes me a bad parent." Leo said, looking at his husband's face. The elder felt bad for how he treated Chris. "You know that Piper and I love you very much. If we'd had a normal life... I'd like to say that I would have paid just as much attention to you, but I can't know that for sure. I do know, however, is that you are special to me. I may not know all about your life, but everything that I have learned about you, has made me love you more then anyone else I have loved. You're strong, loyal, compassionate...not everyone would risk their lives to fix their family."

"It wasn't only that... a big part of me wanted to meet the man I fell in love with before he got to busy to notice me... part of me wanted to feel you closer than twenty feet away... part of me wanted to see you smile which you didn't do in the future... most of all I wanted to touch you... wanted to feel the warmth of the skin of the man who has haunted my dreams since I was thirteen... the man who I used to fantasize about day and night. All those dreams of feeling your lips on mine... feeling your arms wrapped around me... feeling your cock deep inside me. I still remember that first night I dreamt you'd made me yours... I woke up and I felt open... like you'd opened me the night before."

Leo cleared his throat, trying not to think about what Chris must have looked like at thirteen. "I'll never be able to thank you enough for coming back. You saved our family, and have made me so happy." The elder kissed Chris' lips softly, not wanting to upset him.  "But most of all, you're happy, somehow, with me even though you've seen my worst." Leo said referring to the future. "I'm lucky you loved me enough to come back."

"No... I've known nothing else in my life other than loving you... I was born loving you... you can't thank me for that. My earliest memory is looking up at my daddy and being in awe. Some things never change huh?" Chris said, staring right into Leo's eyes.

"I hope not." Leo smiled, feeling good that Chris was sharing things with him. Even if they weren't all roses. "I love you, Chris. The only way it'll ever change is because it keeps growing each day. Only for you."

"And that makes me happy." Chris kissed Leo's cheek quickly, then chuckled as a memory returned to him. "One day... I must have been around 15... I discovered the joys of sex toys... I'd seen a catalog for dildos and stuff from a friend but finally I decided I'd try one. I got my hands on a ten-inch penis shaped dildo... found an old army picture of you... locked myself in my room and spent hours pretending that dildo was your cock fucking me."

Leo smiled, and did his best not to laugh. "Yeah? I hope you didn't get caught by anyone." The elder couldn't help but try to imagine the scene, ignoring the excitement in his pants. "That'd be horrible to have to explain."

"Oh then I'd better skip the next part of the story..." Chris blushed and smiled a little bit.

"Please don't, I want to know." Leo brought his hand up to Chris' face, brushing some of the hair off his brow. "I want to know what happens."

"I did get caught..." Chris confessed. "I had put away your picture and the toy but then you came home... you looked dirty, sexy... hopped into the shower. I saw you'd left the door open just a tiny bit and I couldn't help myself... I looked in and saw you undress..." Chris was now blushing. "It was then I saw just how gorgeous you are... and how big... how the toy didn't compare... made my hole open... I ran into my room and began fucking myself with the toy... imagining it was you again... coming back because you couldn't get enough. I was so dazed by my fantasy I didn't even notice you'd come into my room and saw me writhing on the bed with my legs spread... big dildo thrusting in and out of my little hole... whimpering and moaning your name while begging you to fuck me. You walked back out and closed the door. I never saw you but I knew you saw me... you dropped your towel in my room."

Leo's eyes were wide. "I caught you?" Leo was surprised, having thought it had been Phoebe or Piper. "I must have been shocked." Leo thought about it for a moment, getting turned on by the idea. "I mean shocked in a good way. Since you're my Chris. Did I ever say anything about it?" The elder asked curious as to whether or not his future self would admit to liking Chris.

Chris shook his head. "Nope. You did leave your door open when you took a shower from then on... I think you liked that you drove me wild and enjoyed torturing me like that... letting me see the cock I craved but never giving it to me."

~I sound like a jerk in the future.~ Leo hugged Chris. "Well, the future me was stupid, didn't know how good he had it."

"Didn't know he could have fucked me every single day... shoved that big dick up my tiny hole and been met with tight... wet... hot... pleasure.... someone who wanted it there as much as he wanted to keep it there." Chris said sensually.

"I must have gotten retarded in my old age." Leo joked, trying to keep from getting too excited. ~No, no, it won't do to strip him out of the clothes we just put on.~

"Don't you know you're a rare breed of man... you get better with age daddy... looked hotter... bigger... thicker... harder..." Chris bit his bottom lip and smirked. "You knew the power you had over me and you exercised it often... always a few extra touches... or glances... or even jerking off in the shower... you knew I'd beg to have you in me and you were waiting for me to come begging... but fear of rejection held me back... from worshipping you like you deserve."

Leo groaned at Chris' words, the love and adoration in them turning him on. " Baby, I love you. I'm sure he did too, how couldn't he? You're so amazing, and loving. Incredibly sexy..." Leo looked at Chris' lips, wanting to kiss him again.

Chris leaned even closer to Leo, his lips literally a couple of centimeters from those of his father. "I love you too. Always have... you were the fuel behind those long sleepless nights I'd spend touching myself wishing it was you... fucking myself with that big dildo picturing it was your huge cock ripping into me over and over again... claiming property... all yours."

"Chris..." Leo brushed his lips against his son's. "You're making me...we're never going to get back to the manor if you keep talking like this." Leo pointed out gently as his hands dropped to his husband's hips.

Chris rubbed his nose against his husband's. "I suppose we could stop... no use in talking about those days... the days you wouldn't touch me yet somehow I'd end up on my bed with my legs in the air and big 10 inch pole shoved deep inside me instead of the real thing while I moaned over and over and pleaded with the gods that you'd please just take my ass which always belonged to you."

Leo moved his hands down Chris' hips, then around to cop a feel of his son's ass. "So it's always been me? No one else has ever made love with you?" The elder asked curiously, beginning to nibble on Chris' neck.

"You're asking if anyone else has ever been inside me... fucked me... shoved their cock inside this tight hole?" Chris smirked. "Of course not... why would I let anyone touch me like that? No one can ever compare... and I don't ever want them to... because this tight hole was made by you and for your cock only."

Leo bit at Chris' skin harder, then pulled back as he realized what he'd done. "So I'm the only person ever..." Leo couldn't deny it anymore; his cock was rock hard, any chance of backing out a fading memory. "You're such a good son, not being with anyone else even though future me was a jerk."

"Wyatt caught me once too... begging for you... pleading for your cock to rip me open... tried to use it against me. He wanted to fuck me raw. Never got to." Chris admitted.

Leo got a little jealous; knowing someone else had wanted his husband. "He did what?" The elder pulled back and stared at Chris. "How'd you keep him from..." The elder blushed, but used Chris' term. "Fucking you raw?"

"Insulted his ego... told him he was puny compared to you and his dick was tiny compared to yours. Worked like a charm... sure he got angry but that was the point... so angry he didn't want to fuck me into the mattress and make me forget about you... that's what he said he wanted to do."

Leo didn't know if he should be mad, on the one hand it hadn't actually happened yet. And secondly, there was no way that could happen now that he and Chris were married. "You're so smart. Tricking him to leave you alone, you're pure genius, baby." Leo kissed Christopher soundly, letting off some of his anger in the kiss with his son.

"Mmm... I love that you get protective and jealous... it's sweet.... and sexy." Chris said with a big grin on his face. It was the little things that let him know how much Leo cared and after all those years of being Leo's in daydreams... it'd finally come true.

"You're my husband, my baby...of course I'd get jealous." Leo kissed along Chris' jaw line. "You're so special and lovely..." Leo picked Chris up off his lap and set him on the bed. "Sexy and hot..." The elder climbed on the bed and began to nibble on Chris' ear. ~Mine.~

"You think very highly of me..." Chris said with a smile. "Hope I can live up baby."

"You've already surpassed it all." Leo said, not caring that he sounded like a dolt. Chris was everything he'd ever wanted from a lover. But their connection was something deeper than Leo had ever dreamed of. He trailed kisses down Chris' neck, slowly making his way down since he wanted to show his how much he meant. "You make me feel loved. Like I can't do anything wrong."

"Rest assured, you can do plenty wrong." Chris lightly chuckled. "Thing is I love you and crave you and yearn for you despite those things."

"You make it seem so simple." Leo pulled back after placing a final kiss on Chris' chest. "Like all we have to do is just trust our feelings, and it'll be okay. Makes me feel like..." Leo reached out and lovingly touched Chris' cheek. "You've shown me how love is supposed to be."

"Here's a wee bit secret..." Chris brought Leo down and he spoke softly into his ear. "That's why we work baby... I blindly follow my heart, you fill all the potholes on the way... which in turn teaches me to look for potholes and I teach you to jump in heart first."

Leo cleared his throat, Chris' words making him thinking other things. He pushed those naughty thoughts to the sides, and hugged his husband tightly. "You're a good teacher, baby, I've never been happier. My life is so good, and it's because of you."

Chris saw the quick flash ion his feather's eyes and smirked. He couldn't let it pass. "You know, dear husband of mine, I'm not opposed to you leading with other things."

"What kind of other things?" Leo sat back on his feet, looking at his husband. Genuinely interested in what Chris might have to say.

"Oh I don't know..." Chris said in mock innocence while he sat up. "There's leading with an iron fist but we wouldn't want you to do that. There's leading with your heart but we established that what I do. So I guess you could always lead with... I don't know... something you've mastered control of..." Chris slowly inched closer. "Oh yes... I think we found it." Chris looked down at his own hand, which was slowly creeping into his father's pants.

"Ah." Leo closed his eyes, and wanted to laugh. He was always so serious, and Chris was slowly getting him to be less so. "I've mastered control... of that..." Leo moaned as Chris' hand brushed against his cock. "I can do that." The elder opened his eyes and saw his son bent over, staring at the bulge in his pants.

"You think you can do that? Why don't you..." Chris paused briefly for effect while he unzipped his husband. "Prove it to me.. 'cause I think it sounds like a delicious idea." H e said and slowly licked his lips.

Leo raised an eyebrow at Chris, and got up off the bed. He pushed his pants down along with his boxers, leaving his shirt on. "You want me to lead..." He grinned and got back into bed, and started kissing Chris' cheek as he rubbed his husband's chest with the other hand.

"That is, of course, if you think you can... daddy." Chris bit his bottom lip and did his best to flutter his eyelashes innocently.

"This reminds me of a recent conversation we had earlier." Leo chuckled and nipped Chris' earlobe before pulling back and yanking Chris' shirt of hastily. "I think I've got us covered." He paused for a moment, taking in the toned chest of his lover, then pushed his son back so he was laying down on the bed. Leo leaned over his husband, staring in his eyes. "Hot." The elder kissed Chris' lips, neck, chest, stopping at his stomach. "Sexy." Leo said, purposely using his words from before. "You make me so hard, all day, everyday." Leo took his son's hand and put it on his cock. Then the elder started to undo Chris' pants.

"So I do... would you look at that." Chris stared at his father's cock intently, not blinking for a quite a bit. "Still is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen."

"I know you are." Leo said, teasing his husband. He succeeded in getting his husband's pants undone, and slowly pulled them down his son's hips as far as he could in his current position. "I love you, Christopher." The elder regretfully pulled his son's hand off his cock, and got up so he could pull the rest of his son's clothes off.

Chris sat up in bed again and smirked at his father. Leo was turned on but this wasn't enough... he had to be on the verge of sexual insanity... a real mad man... and Chris knew just how to do it. "Now daddy... hope you don't mind..." He didn't finish that sentence for he had bent over and swallowed Leo's entire immense shaft.

Leo groaned, feeling that warm silky mouth suck on him. "Chris, Chrissss that feels good." The elder ran a hand through Chris' hair, absentmindedly encouraging his son. "But I wanna make love with you." Leo looked down at his son, and realized what he was doing and pulled his hand away, angry at himself. "Chris stop."

Chris let his husband's cock slip from his mouth with a smile. "What is it daddy?" He spoke in a soft voice. "What do you want to do to me?"

Chris' soft words turned him on even more, and Leo pushed his son back onto the bed. "I wanna be in you." He moved so he was lying on his husband. "I wanna be with you forever. The only person to ever know you like that."

Chris smiled. It was working. Leo was getting there quickly but not quite yet. "Is that so? Hmmm... I don't know. I don't believe it."

"What?" Leo had been about to kiss Chris, but he pulled back, staring at his husband. "You don't believe it?" The elder saw the smile on his son's face and calmed down. ~He's just playing. Damn I almost lost it- that little twerp!~ Leo let his hands run up and down's Chris' sides. "You don't believe I want to be in you?" Leo pushed his hips forward, his dick rubbing against Chris'. "I've got a major piece of evidence that says otherwise." Leo stopped his hands and pulled Chris's legs up, holding his son firmly.

"And what, pray tell, are you going to do with that evidence?" Chris asked and bit his bottom lip.

"I'm going to persuade you with it." Leo nipped at Chris' skin, settling himself more firmly in-between his son's legs. "I'm going to make you see the error of that belief, have you begging for me to...go on... with my evidence so you can know the truth." Leo almost laughed, but kept up the pretense of the game. He bit Chris' skin leaving a red mark before moving his dick to Chris' tight hole and plunging in slowly.

Chris instantly gasped in delight at the sweet penetration of that huge long thick hard instrument pushing him apart, making him feel like he'd rip at any movement." Daddy..." He whimpered.

Leo smirked, pleased with himself. "Christopher." the elder said, teasing his son. He pulled out slowly then slammed back into his son. His breath faltering at the pleasure of the act. "Am I proving my case?" Leo had to bit his lip to keep from laughing.

"Not..." Chris had to stop mid sentence as his body shook from pleasure and a whimpered gasp escaped his lips. "... quite."

 "No?" Leo stopped, leaving his cock deep in his lover's ass. "I guess I'll just have to use a different strategy to prove my evidence." The elder pulled Chris’s legs up over his shoulders, enjoying the extra contact, and resumed his thrusting.

"Oh... my... god... fuck fuck fuck fuck...." Chris's head thrashed from side to side and moans were as frequent as gasps now. "Nothing.... yet."

Leo dimly heard his husbands' words, and remembered what he was supposed to be doing, not get caught up in his own pleasure. "Damn. Do you think I should try another strategy?" Leo forced the words out, and slammed into his lover harder, it getting tough to remember that they were just playing.

Chris stared deep into Leo's eyes, forcing his eyes not to shut tightly every time his body shook or he whimpered in delicious pleasure. ~I need you to fuck me raw... rip into me with no reservation... make sure the only way I leave this bed in your arms because I can't walk... rip me a new one.~

"Chris..." Leo slowed his thrusts, waiting for Chris to respond to him. He didn't know what to do. On the one hand he did want to do what Chris wanted, but that meant being more rough then he wanted. The elder continued to fuck his son in the more sedate pace, trying to convince himself that it was right to not hurt Chris. But as he looked into Chris' eyes again all he could think about was how Wyatt, his own son, had come on to Chris. The very thought angered him, and Leo stopped thrusting realizing that Chris probably needed him to be rough. All his life he'd dreamed of the one man he couldn't have, who teased him mercilessly it seemed. Decision made, Leo leaned up and softly kissed Chris and told him he loved him, and then closed his eyes. He wasn't sure he wanted to see Chris's face if he was too hard... Leo started thrusting hard into his lover, each thrust more forceful then the last.

Chris tried not to utter a sound as to not make Leo stop but he couldn't help that some painful whimpers, a few gasps and even some screams escaped. He grabbed onto Leo's strong arms for dear life. He knew this would be good for them... Leo would get to let out everything he held inside… Chris would get to push all those thoughts of rejection away... but most of all, he wanted this... rough, hard, pain. He needed this now.

Each yell tugged at Leo's heart but he didn't stop, couldn't stop. He could feel Chris' arms on him, but they weren't pushing him away, so Leo continued to screw his son. He haltingly spoke of how good it felt to Chris. To be in him so far, to not hold back. He spoke to Chris, not sure if his son could even hear him. Leo ignored the loud protestation coming from the bed, not wanting to give the pleasure he felt from fucking his husband so hard.

"That's ... it... Daddy..." Chris gasped out as he ran his hands lovingly up and down Leo's forearms, a contrast to the bed shaking hard thrusting Leo was doing. "Fuck me... FUCK!!! So hard.... I bleed."

Leo almost stopped, hoping Chris was just saying that and wasn't really hurt. "Baby.." The elder tightened his grip on Chris' legs, getting a better more stable position on his husband. Leo did as his son asked and thrust harder, the sound of their skin meeting the only thing Leo let himself listen to. "Baby... so good...tight." Leo grunted in-between breaths, "never like this...so deep." Leo knew he was going to cum soon, and was relieved but at the same time sad.

"Do it daddy.... AH SHIT!! Fuck... do it... release it all in me." Chris wasn't talking about Leo's sperm.

"No one could ever..." Leo moaned, spurred on by his husband's words. "Fuck you like I could." The elder could fell his orgasm building up and let go of the last restraints he'd been holding onto. "Not him. He's not good enough." He couldn't speak, his thoughts all centered on fucking his son into the bed.  The elder slammed into his lover as hard as he could, his cum gushing out to fill Chris as Leo rammed his cock as far as he could into his son.

"AAAAAH FUUCK!" Chris could not contain that last scream as he pushed his head back, pressing into the mattress as a means of controlling his body. "Fuck..." He gasped out. He was in pain... badly... but he'd never experience such euphoria... such pleasure... such bliss as he did just now when Leo fucked him.

Leo heard the loud yell, but didn't pull out. He wanted all his seed to empty out into Chris, where it should be. He reflexively thrust a few times in Chris' hot hole, the thought turning him on. "Baby." Leo slowly let go of Chris' legs, wanting to hold his son.

Chris slowly opened his eyes as his panting slowed down and he slowly began to regain his normal breathing. "Hey..." His voice was hoarse. "How ya feeling.... no no no... don't pull out... it'll hurt more... let the muscles relax a bit."

Leo nodded, and carefully lay down on his son, trying to keep his weight off Chris with his arm supporting him. "I..." Leo didn't know how to explain it. "Like this huge weight's been lifted. Like I... showed you, gave you all I had." The elder looked down at his husband, noting his husband's breathing that was slightly harder then his own. He searched his son's face for any regrets. "Are you okay?"

"I was made to handle anything you could give me... I'm fine." Chris smiled genuinely. "Don't you dare feel guilty about this... I wanted you... NEEDED you to do this for me. I needed you inside me like this daddy."

"I think I needed it too." Leo whispered, just realizing that with everyone else he'd always held back because he didn't want to hurt them. "We're perfect for each other." Leo kissed Chris' sweaty skin, enjoying their closeness. "You're mine." He felt unsure about saying it, the words made him sound primitive, like he was claiming Chris or something.

"Yes I am." Chris reassured him. "I am yours. And I love hearing... I love feeling... I love it... and love you. You know where to come to let it all out baby... or put it all in... however you want to say it." Chris chuckled.

Leo chuckled. "I'll always show you and tell you how much I love you." The elder slowly lowered himself onto Chris, and put his arms around his son. "I need you. You’re the most important person ever to me."

"I'm not going anywhere baby." Chris whispered softly. "Guess those days of trying to convince the elders to send me back are over for you, huh Dad?" Chris chuckled.

To be continued...