Title: Leo and Chris: Forever
Author/Email: Angel (kindaskimpy@comcast.net ) & Will
Genre: SLASH
Fandom: Charmed
Pairing: Leo Wyatt/ Chris Wyatt
Rating: NC-17
Category: Romance/Erotica
Summary: Leo seeks Chris. Chris seeks forgiveness. They find love.
Disclaimer: None of this is true.
I do not own these people/characters and certainly do not make them do the things I write about.
By reading this, you relinquish any liability I may have.
 WARNING: This story involves consensual INCEST and homosexual relations between fictional characters portrayed by real actors.
Notes: I dedicate this to one of my favorite people, Brian Krause.
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For one human being to love another that is perhaps the most difficult of our tasks;
the ultimate, the last test and proof; the work for which all other work is but preparation.
       ~ Rainer Maria Rilke


"I was just trying to protect my family...I didn't know you were a part of it." Leo kissed Chris' lips. "I never would have done that if I'd known." Leo wanted to cuddle more intimately with Chris, but didn't move around, not wanting to accidentally hurt his son. "You're only allowed temporary visits to the future... no permanent ones."

"Might be against the rules but you should come with me sometime..." Chris mused, running his hands up and down Leo's broad back.

"It probably is, but watch them try and stop me." Leo softly kissed Chris lips to stop him from saying anything. "I want to be wherever you are, and I'd love to see our future together sometime."

"Bet you could show Wyatt how to respect his father." Chris said aloud, quickly causing his mind to drift and plenty of naughty thoughts run through his head.

"I could also knock some sense into the future me." Leo said, his temper rising whenever he thought about what a bad father he'd been. "I'd show the both of them the right way to be, how to treat you."

~I'm not sure he knows what I meant and that's okay.~ "Oooh I love it when you get like that, Dad." Chris said and kissed his cheek.

Leo calmed a little bit when Chris kissed him. "You do your best to get me upset in bed, I know baby." Leo allowed himself to chuckle. "No one's ever brought out that side of me. No one's been important enough to."

"It's not enough to love each other... we have to show it and prove it every single day... that's what keeps the fire burning and what makes us... a forever thing." Chris spoke from his heart, emotion evident in his voice.

~How could I not see how perfect he was before?~ Leo braced himself with one arm and brought the other to Chris' cheek. "We're forever I know it. I won't let us fall apart."

"I won't let you let us fall apart." ~Oh come on Chris... get that image out of your head... no no no.. not a hard on.... think if something nasty... Phoebe in a bathing suit... damn it... stop thinking of your husband screwing your brother into submission!!~

Leo smiled and was about to say something when he noticed Chris shifting under him. "Baby," Leo said worried. "Baby, are you okay? Should I move off of you?" The elder started to get up; afraid he was hurting his husband.

"Oh god no... no baby. I was just in daydream world... you know me." Chris smiled wide. "It's the Halliwell in me." He said and laughed.

Leo sighed, relieved he wasn't hurting Chris, and settled back down against his lover. Leo frowned when he felt something poking at his stomach. "Chris?" Leo looked down between their bodies, then back at up Chris. "What were you thinking about?" Leo grinned at his husband and kissed his nose.

Chris didn't like lying to his husband, so he wouldn't start now. He'd just be vague. "The future, honey."

"Yeah?" Leo smiled and flexed his hips, still inside his lover. "Thinking up new ways to get me all riled up?" Leo couldn't believe his husband could get any cuter, but he always managed to surprise him with something new.

Chris sucked in a breath when he felt Leo move inside him. "And I think you like seeing me going nuts for you... it's so easy baby."

"And to answer your question... I might have been thinking of new ways to rile you up in the future... but that's always the case."

"So that's what you were thinking about, me nutting- excuse me going nutty over you in someway? I hope it was a good nuts, because in this family it could mean something else." Leo smiled and lightly pushed his hips against Chris' again.

"Damn you." Chris groaned with Leo's movement. "At least in my head was good." ~Wyatt may have been in pain squealing for forgiveness but I certainly enjoyed it~

Leo continued to slowly rock against his son. "It must have been good, if you got-" Leo bit his lip, trying not to laugh. "If you got excited thinking about it. Let me guess. We were making another baby. Or I was showing you just how much I love you?"

"Fuck daddy... you know just how to work me..." Chris moaned. ~No... you were screwing my big bad thinks he's a bad ass disrespectful brother and making him scream like a bitch... no biggie.~

"I'm glad, I love that I can affect you so much." Leo groaned, wanting to really fuck his husband, but not doing so. "But you still haven't told me, baby. Let me know what it was. I'd do anything you wanted. Anything to see you happy." Leo kissed Chris' neck, tenderly sucking and nipping at the skin in-between kisses.

"I AM happy. Couldn't be any happier... I'm lying in a bed with my husband on me and in me and I'm full of his sperm. Happy happy happy." Chris spoke the truth, he was happy... truly happy but it had nothing to do with where his mind took him.

"I'm happy too, baby." Leo stopped kissing his son and looked at his eyes. "If that' what you were thinking about, you must be happy all the time."

Chris couldn't help but laugh. It was all true. "How well you know me... it's true."  ~I feel bad about keeping things from him. I love him... just don't know what'd he'd think if he knew.~

"You laughing at me?" Leo smiled and thrust a little harder; closing his eyes at the insanely slow torture it was putting himself through. Once he was sure he wasn't going to do anything rash Leo opened his eyes. "You should dream about it more often then. I like seeing you happy."

A moan left Chris's lips as he felt his father's cock push the huge load of sperm even deeper into him. "Oh no... dreaming about this could only be hazardous to my health... over stimulation you know." ~Damn did I say that out loud? Good one Chris... he's going to get mad if he figures you out.~

"Hmm?" Leo had been caught up in Chris' eyes, trying to choose a color good enough for their description. "Dreaming...So you saying you weren't dreaming about me making love to you?"

"Who said that? Psh." Chris chuckled nervously. `Damn It!~

"Nuh uh." Leo smiled, realizing that Chris had been daydreaming about something else. "You said it, baby. Tell me what about. What got you so hard?" Leo pushed himself up to one arm and reached down between them, fondling his husband.

"No fair... that... cheating daddy." Chris moaned, instinctively tightening around Leo's monster cock, surrounding it in tight wet heat.

"Then you should tell me so I don't have to be bad." Leo said as he wrapped his hand around Chris' cock. "Remember, you're the one guiding me." The elder smiled and stroked his husband, getting turned on as Chris reacted to his actions.

~He's going to be mad!~ "Daddy... daddy... just... please... fine I'll tell you... on two conditions..."

"What are your conditions?" Leo stroked his fist up and down his son's cock a littler faster, teasing his husband. "As long as I don't have to stop." The elder joked, and started to lightly thrust into his lover again, needing more concentration to pay attention to his lover.

"One... you don't get mad and yell at me... and two... you shoot another huge load in me right now... I can feel you've been on the verge of another one for a few minutes now... should be easy."

"Okay." Leo agreed, the terms harmless.

"Well ... ... ... a mental picture... of you... screwing my evil big brother from the future's brains out, making him scream like a little girl for you may have popped into my head." Chris closed his eyes and braced for impact.

Leo stopped his thrusting and stroking, surprised at Chris' answer. "Not what I imagined." The elder wasn't angry, but he wasn't exactly okay with it either. He wasn't upset with Chris; he figured that his husband would enjoy watching the brother who tormented him get fucked hard. "So you like picturing me..." Leo started stroking Chris' cock again. "Fuck you're brother for all the bad things he did to you?"

"No... no... just a random thought. Please pay it no mind." Chris knew his father didn't like hearing that. "Let's forget I said it okay?"

Leo ignored Chris' words. "You want me to show him what he's missing..." The elder thrust into his lover, remembering his promise to Chris. "Let him see what you get whenever you want." Leo leaned and whispered in Chris' ear. "To make him pay for all the stuff he did to you. Make him a good boy?"

Chris couldn't deny Leo's words painted pictures in his head that excited him tremendously; his moans showed that, but he wasn't about to have his husband do something for his sake. "No daddy..." He said in a whimper. "It was... a stupid random thought."

"It wasn't stupid, son." Leo started to thrust into Chris harder, matching the rhythm he had going with his hand. "You want to show him. Want him to see...that you have the better life...have loved ones...Show him just why you turned him down when he caught you." Leo groaned and pushed his hips more forcefully into his husband's tight ass.

Chris could no longer verbally respond. He was lost in his thoughts of Leo fucking Wyatt and lost in his body's sensations of Leo thrusting into him again, moving around all that sperm.

"I'd be punishing him, fucking him so hard..." Leo watched his son's face, not wanting to be too rough. "But it'd be love with you. You loving me enough...to let me fuck you with my hard cock." Leo couldn't help it and started thrusting faster into his husband. "Without any restraint...but it'd be punishment for Wyatt...Ramming into his as he said he was sorry for everything...sorry for taunting you..." Leo bit Chris' shoulder, trying not to cum.

Chris moaned and groaned loudly as Leo continued his passionate assault on his already sore hole. "I'm so sensitive inside daddy... I can feel every inch... every vein... and all that sperm... all your sperm in me daddy."

Leo moaned Chris' name, and moved harder, both his hand and his hips. "I'd do that for you. To make you happy." The elder stiffened and shoved his cock into Chris. "Do you want me to? Cover him, fill him with my seed?" Leo couldn't stand it anymore and pushed his cock even more in Chris, wanting his son to feel the new load of sperm he was about to shoot. "Do you?" The elder kissed Chris' shoulder and came.

"Yes... oh god yes... I want to see you shoot it in him... let him know who made him... who the real power is!"

Leo breathed heavily, but continued to stroke his son. "My boys, my precious boys...I'd fuck him so hard. I'd make him raw, not able to sit...for weeks. Then make him watch as I made love to you...Let him see how a real man handles a cock...like mine."

"Yes yes yes!" Chris hissed, cumming almost instantly. "Oh shit." He clenched and unclenched around Leo, feeling all of Leo's loads in him... four in a day... whew!

Leo shuddered, and kissed Chris as the boy orgasmed. "You're so beautiful, baby." Leo softly let his hand play with Chris' balls. "You look so carefree when you cum all over my hand...did you like hearing how I'd reprimand your brother?"

"Yes... amazing you how to push all the right buttons." Chris said, his breathing soon returning to normal.

"You know mine." Leo said simply, believing it was their bond that let them know. "That wasn't something you just thought up was it?" The elder asked, not angry at all, just curious. He pulled his hand from Chris and brought it up near his mouth and wiped the cum onto Chris' shoulder. "I'm not angry, I just want to know." Leo then leaned down and licked the cum from his son's shoulder.

"It popped in my head when we mentioned going to the future... he's always the first thing that pops in my head when I think about the future."

Leo smiled and kissed his husband's neck. "Not me?" Leo teased his son. "I can see that, baby. He's your brother and your tormentor...do you..." Leo let the question trail off, not wanting to suggest something Chris didn't want.

"Do I what? What do you want to know?" Chris asked, trying not to sound serious.

"Is that something... not that I'm not happy with you. I am. I love you. But...do you-want me to punish him...like that?" Leo tried not to blush, not even sure if he could ever touch Wyatt like that.

"Dad, you should know all I want is for us to be happy... so it doesn't matter what I want... it's what we want." Chris said as to make Leo comfortable.

"Making you happy makes me happy." Leo let his head rest against Chris' shoulder. "Be honest. Would you want me to do that?"

"Maybe." Chris remained reluctant to admit it... guilt and his father's uncomfortableness stopping him.

Leo thought about it for a minute, his hand running up and down Chris' arm. "It wouldn't be because I want him, it would be a punishment." The elder said slowly, not wanting to make Chris think he wanted Wyatt. "I hate that I was so bad to you, and that I let him get away with what Wyatt did to you. I should be the man who makes his sons see right from wrong."

Chris remained silent, only nodding his head in agreement.

"He deserves to be punished for how he treated you." Leo said softly, and kissed his son's cheek. "I'm not like that future me you grew up with...I do what's right for my kids." The elder hoped he hadn't upset Chris.

"I know you do... if I didn't think so, we wouldn't have children." Chris said honestly. "You're an excellent father."

Leo hugged Chris tightly. "You're a great dad too." The elder tilted his head back so he could look at Chris' face. "I'd do it. Punish him. He shouldn't think he could go around doing whatever he pleases."

"He does though..." Chris informed Leo. "If we're going to go to future, there are a few things you should know..."

"Like what?" Leo asked shifting so he could brush his fingers along Chris' bangs. He absently wondered if it was okay for him to pull out, but didn't ask since he didn't want to.

"A lot of things must have changed from the future that I came from... I know that in part from my visit a while ago... even though this last visit was only about 12 years into the future and I came from about 20 years in the future... but either way... just in case ... the future where I came from... Mom... mom is dead... she dies when I'm 14. Shortly after, Phoebe dies and Paige remains alive only to die when I was 19... in a confrontation with Wyatt. It was an accident ... but she died at his hand none the less."

Leo sucked in a quick breath, his head pounding. "He killed them?" The elder felt tears come to his eyes, but blinked until they receded. "I let him do that?"

"No... he didn't kill them. Mom died trying to protect Wyatt and I from a demon... only the demon was too strong for her alone. After mom died, Phoebe and Paige were devastated... Phoebe walked around like zombie... not caring about her life... which is what got her killed. She fought off a thief trying to steal her car... he shot her..." Chris had to pause. This was all driving too much emotion back and his eyes welled up. "Paige died when she confronted Wyatt regarding his misuse of power and his dropping out of Magic School... he fired up an energy ball only to scare her but a warlock used the opportunity and flung the fireball her way... he killed the warlock but the damage was done."

Leo hugged Chris tightly, needing a few moments to process every thing he'd been told. ~How did he turn evil? Why didn't I stop him?~ Leo kissed Chris's shoulder. "I'm so sorry you had to go through all that, baby. I won't let that happen this time." The elder wondered if Wyatt was any different in the new future. "The future you went back to... is it any better?"

"Actually yes... things seem to be better. Wyatt was 14 in this future I just went to and according to mom he was misbehaving but nothing like when he was 14 in my future... by that time in my future, he was secretly orbing doing to the underworld to build a following... all without the charmed ones' knowledge of course. We've changed the future a lot... still got some work to go though." Chris admitted with a sigh... his dark side wishing he could neglect the bigger picture and just focus on his own and Leo's happiness.

"And no one noticed you were twenty and not twelve?" Leo frowned, thinking maybe something was up. "Or when we got married did that change it?" Leo was glad Chris said the future was better, but confused. "It doesn't matter. We have to go back. If he's still... everyone could still end up being hurt if we don't punish him."

"When I visited the future mom mentioned I looked younger... which suggests to me that I never returned to my future... I stayed in this time and grew older in this time... so in the future I visited I would have been 34... if I had gone back to my future instead of staying here with you, I would have been like 10 and a half in the future I visited." Chris explained.

"Okay." Leo nodded, it making sense to him. "Did I look around the same age as you?" Elders and white lighters didn't age; he had to use magic to age, and wondered if he did so with Chris. "So... we just be careful. I can always kiss you around everyone so they can't see your face." Leo suggested with a grin.

"I don't know baby... I didn't get to see you... probably for the best because you would have figured me out fast and how do I explain to future Leo that I've taken over future Chris' life?" Chris laughed lightly.

"You say you came back and showed me what it meant to be loved." Leo joked. "You could have handled him, just out and flash those eyes at him.... he would heave melted just like I do." The elder kissed his husband.

"Aw you flatter me... and that'll get you everything you want baby." Chris smiled. "I only had a few minutes so not a good idea to see you in the future... would have jumped your bones right there."

Leo laughed at the idea. "Yeah, but then you could have seen all the new things I surely must have picked up." The elder playfully flicked his lover's bangs. "So... if we just kept Wyatt facing away from me...he wouldn't know if I was that time's Leo or not."

"I think the shock of seeing me alive... and anywhere near you will override your youth... he probably thinks I died in this time if he hasn't sent anyone else after me."

"That would explain a lot of things. We probably made the others swear not tell. There's likely a spell of some sort blocking him from finding you if he ever tried." Leo mused as he thought it out. "I wouldn't ever let him hurt again."

"I took the spell in the book of shadows from the future so he wouldn't be able to send anyone else back or come back himself but he's powerful and has powerful allies... if good magic doesn't help him, dark magic will... so I'm pretty sure if he really wanted to, he'd figure a way to come back... there's a reason why he doesn't... if there's one thing about Wyatt I know is that he doesn't do things without being two steps ahead of himself. He's either up to something... or he doesn't hate me as much in this future... " Chris thought out loud. "Either way... doesn't worry me. I'm not alone anymore."

"I hope it's the second one." Leo hated the idea of his eldest son hating Chris. But Leo wouldn't let Wyatt hurt Chris, even if he was only just turning evil. "We would never let him hurt you, we know better now." Leo said confidently. "Still it sounds like he needs a shove to get his ass in gear, and back to good."

“Or maybe a gear shoved in his ass..." Chris said and immediately started laughing. "Ah... sorry... had to take it."

Leo shook his head, trying not to laugh. "It's okay baby, you're entitled after everything."

"Baby... we can change him though ... starting from now. When you and I move out, let's have him over a lot and when we take the kids out, let's bring him with us... make him feel a part of something bigger than him... a family."

Leo nodded, happy to hear that Chris wanted Wyatt to spend time with them. "Of course. He needs to know our love. I don't want him to feel abandoned." And errant thought occurred to Leo. "What about Piper? I mean if she goes with us...will Wyatt think that we're getting back together? Or will it hurt him more?" Leo know it was a little stupid to worry about such things at that exact moment in time...but he felt like he could talk to Chris about everything.

"I think we need to separate mom and dad in his mind... but still have him see a mom and a dad. It's not going to help if she comes with us whenever we have him. It'll just confuse him so when he's with us it should be just us and when he's with her it should be just her but to avoid having him think we can't all be together we should all do stuff together but not at the manor which he will associate with Piper and not at our place which he will associate with us. Gradually with time we won't have to do that anymore and he'll be okay. Jeez I sound like a shrink." Chris laughed at himself and his psychobabble rambling. "I was majoring in psych in college before coming to the past... it gets the best of me sometimes and makes me ramble."

"It makes you sound brainy.." Leo grinned. "It's sexy." The elder hadn't known his son had been a psychology major, and felt kind of proud that despite it all Chris had his act together. "You're right though. It makes perfect sense." Leo hugged Chris again, his head against his husband's shoulder. He was a little sad that he and Piper wouldn't be able to do stuff together with Wyatt for a while, but thought of all the fun things he and Chris could do with Wyatt. "You can do all the things with him that brothers should do." The elder said, already planning a trip to the park for the five of them.

"No I'm the wicked stepmother now." Chris said, his voice full of laughter. "I just got to make sure he grows up loving me... not writing spells to do stuff to me like he did when we were younger."

Leo lifted his head. "He didn't?" Leo groaned, and shook his head. "I hope you wrote some spells to get even with him."

"Nah... I wasn't very big on the whole personal gain thing." Chris admitted.

"Aww, baby. I'm sorry. Tell me I punished him some of the time at least?" Leo ran a hand through Chris' hair, feeling as though he had to let Chris know he understood his pain.

Chris chuckled lightly and nodded his head. "Yes you did... had the magic talk with him several times too. He'd freeze you though and you wouldn't even know it."

"Hmm. At least I know I have to watch out for all my boys freezing me." Leo laughed softly.  "You got it from your mother I know it." The elder teased his husband. "Don't ever tell your mother I told you this, she'd kill me, but when we first got together she would freeze me while we were," Leo coughed. "In the middle of 'matters'. After that though she would just blow me up during fights." He chuckled but then stopped realizing what he said. "Don't get any ideas from that."

"Aw shucks... she gets to have all the fun." Chris said jokingly. "All right. Maybe we should get out of bed so we can pay the future a little visit, eh? So here's plan... we check on the boys... make sure grandma and great grandma are doing okay with them, we drop by the future to say hi and we're back before dinner!"

Leo smirked and kissed his husband one last time. "Sounds like a plan, baby." The elder carefully got up, making sure not to hurt his lover, and saw their pile of clothes on the floor. "I bet they're having a blast with them." Leo picked up the clothes and handed Chris' to his husband, pulling his own clothes back on. "Maybe this time we'll stay in them longer than ten minutes."

"That's only a possibility." Chris sat up in the bed slowly, noticeably in pain, and began dressing. "Clothes are no fun anyway. I need easy access to things when I'm... hungry."

Leo snickered, and sat down next to Chris, his own pants still not buttoned. "I could always start going commando." The elder felt some guilt for having been so rough with Chris, but reminded himself that they'd both wanted it. "Do you...can I help you?"

"What did I say to you? No feeling guilty. I loved every inch of it... I mean minute of it... minute." Chris corrected himself with a grin then tried to get up but failed. "Little help..."

"I loved it too." He said to Chris, and then hugged him so he could help him get up easier. Once they were on their feet Leo stood still. "Should I...Do you want me to carry you? I'm not offering because I feel guilty."

"I can walk..." Chris attempted walking and succeeded, though with a bit of limping. "See? If anyone asks... I fell and hurt myself."

"Gotcha. You fell." Leo walked over to Chris, and pulled one of his husband's hands into his own. "Let's go check on our kids."

"Let's go." And with that Chris orbed out with Leo, rematerializing in their room, by the babies's bassinets. A quick visual survey revealed them soundly asleep.

“Welcome back.”

“Grandma, you scared the crap out of me!” Chris said in a loud whisper.

Leo, who'd been looking at their sons, turned to Chris. "Huh?" He turned again and this time saw Patty. "Thanks for watching the boys for us." Leo whispered.

“It was no problem at all… those babies are the most well behaved babies I've ever seen! Oh before I forget, Piper and Paige are at Magic School trying to solve some issue with Wyatt at the nursery. It's no big deal, they just seem to have misplaced his registration… anyway they said they'd be back and not to worry, the kids are fine with me.. well I added that part… they however trusted my powers a little less and surrounded us in a crystal cage.” Patty said and pointed to one of the flashing crystals.

“We trust you grandma… you just can never be too safe… this way we can all breathe easier.”

“I know honey. I remember how I was with the girls.” Patty nodded.

“About your expertise on protecting children…” Chris started but was cut off.

“You want me to watch them longer, don't you?”

Chris simply nodded with a smile.

"There's something Chris and I need to take care of, so if you wouldn't mind..." Leo smiled at Patty. "It would only be for thirty minutes tops."

"May I ask where you boys are going or is it top secret?" Patty asked with a smile.

Chris turned to Leo for help.

"It's uh..." Leo looked down at the ground, hoping to bluff Patty. "You know...we just need to work some of our issues out..."

"Issues?" Patty asked, bewildered at the term. "I didn't realize... never mind... I'll watch them. If you boys ever need to talk to someone..."

"Thanks, grandma. We know." Chris hugged her quickly. "Okay..." He said to Leo. "Let's go." He grabbed Leo's hand and they orbed out of the crystal cage and up to the attic.
"Smooth, Mr. Elder."

"Hey, she agreed to watch them." Leo smiled. "We'll just tell her we got everything worked out when we get back." The elder walked over to the book. "Do you need to look up the spell or anything?"

"Nope." Chris shook his head. "Don't need it." He searched on the shelf through some potions until he found the rest of the left overs of the potion they were going to use to send him to the future. "Got the potion. I'll cast a spell right before entering the portal for our protection... just in case..." He threw the potion at the triquetra he'd drawn earlier on the attic wall and the portal opened. "We move through time; And now depart; But will return; To where we start." Chris finished saying the spell and the portal glowed brighter for an instant. "Just a little guarantee that we'll be able to return... ready when you are."

"You are so smart." Leo praised his son, and took his hand with his own. "One three?" The elder was a little anxious that they were going to the future, but knew that he and Chris would be fine in the end.

"Okay..." Chris couldn't deny the butterflies that invaded his stomach. He felt nervous for a million reasons but the biggest was... he feared no change had been made to the future... even after all their hard work.

"One." Leo ignored his own nervousness, feeling his husband's. "Two." The elder squeezed his hand once to let Chris know he was there. "Three!"

To be continued...
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